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Vasily Fedorovich Vishnyakov - military pilot

Vasily Fedorovich Vishnyakov (January 24 1889 - April 12 1947) - Russian aviator, military pilot. He became the first Russian pilot, awarded four Georgiev.

Received primary education at home. He graduated from the parish school. November 13.11.1910, 3 - entered service in the 21.04.1911rd aeronautical company. XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX - was sent to the Officer School aviation Air department fleet "For training in the repair of airplanes." 1912 - Graduated from the Sevastopol Military Aviation School. (November 22 passed the exam for the title of “pilot.”) (Personal number in the Kachintsev base 4195.) Since January 25.01.1913, 6 - pilot of the aviation detachment of the 12.11.1913th aeronautical company. 09.01.1915/11.04.1915/32 - was transferred to the Osovetsky fortress aviation detachment. From 25.05.1915/12/1 - in the Vladivostok Fortress Aviation Unit. Since 3/1916/15.09.1917 - in the 17.03.1917nd corps aviation detachment. Since May 1918, 1919 - the junior officer of the detachment. Transferred by an observer pilot to the 5th Aviation Division. For military distinctions he was promoted to ensign. [1921], January 2, 2, also for military distinction, promoted to "military pilot." On September 1923, 1 - second lieutenant. 15.04.1924/17/02.12.1924 a German plane shot down. Since 1925 in the Red Army. Since 1935 - pilot of the 1932th aviation detachment of fighters of the RKKVVF. Since 1935 - a military pilot of the 12nd aviation detachment of fighters of the 1947nd aviation squadron of the RKKVVF. As of 5,2 - the commander of the XNUMXst aviation detachment of fighters of the same squadron. From XNUMX - the commander of the XNUMXth separate reconnaissance aviation detachment. XNUMX/XNUMX/XNUMX dismissed from his post and dismissed on indefinite leave. XNUMX - XNUMX Service in the RKKVVF. XNUMX-XNUMX - Last place of service: Lecturer for the construction and repair of aircraft in one of the Moscow military schools. After leaving, he lived in his native village. He organized the collective farm and became its first chairman, then the village council. Died (killed by bandits) April XNUMX, XNUMX. He was buried in the village of Zhadro, on the shore of Lake Zhadry, East of the village of Podlipye (Sorokino) XNUMX km. Opochetsk district, Pskov region.

01. In the gondola "Farman" Ensign Vishnyakov Vasily Fedorovich and Count Bobrinsky

02. In the gondola "Farman" in the front seat of the ensign Vishnyakov Vasily Fedorovich, in the back Zmunchillo. (“Farman” No. 5)

03. A passenger car of the brand Pierce-Arrow, in the front seat the commander of the XXII KAO captain Ilyin

04. Vishnyakov Vasily Fedorovich - pilot of 32-th KAO

05. Ensign Vishnyakov Vasily, below friend-Porch Medel M.I. - Observer 32 KAO

Vasily Fedorovich Vishnyakov - military pilot

06. Unloading "Farman"

07. Group of military pilots and observers of the VIIth Division, XXXII, XV Kao. Spring 1917

08. Without a signature

09. Commander 7 Division and George Knight

10. XXXII KAO. St. George Parade Raevsky A.E.

11. XXXII KAO. The whole team after rewarding George crosses. Autumn 1915

12. 15 December 1915

13. 8 November 1915

14. Vishnyakov V.F. - pilot 32 KAO

15. Recharging tapes on the platform of the station in Odessa. Vishnyakov V.F. - Pilot 32-th KAO on the platform of railway. Odessa station in the circle of an observer 32-th KAO Lieutenant Medel M.I. and sisters of mercy

16. Vishnyakov V.F. in the company of friends (here it is the extreme right). From left to right: Petrov, Medel, Ilyin, Vishnyakov

17. Vishnyakov V.F. in friends company. Group of military pilots and observers VII DIVISION, XXXII, XV. "Spring 1917 32-th KAO"

18. Vishnyakov V.F. with a friend and sisters of mercy on one of the train stations

19. Vishnyakov V.F. with the sisters of mercy on one of the field airfields. In glasses Raevsky Alexander Evgenevich, who with the beginning of the First World War as part of the 32 corps aviation squad fought on the South-Western Front

20. Vishnyakov Vasily Fedorovich with two George

21. Odessa, autumn 1915. At the table, from left to right, Zmunchilo, Livotov, Leith. Ellis, Zayonchikovsky, M. Edel (Medel), M. Medel, Rajevsky, Vishnyakov, Ilyin, Asik Ilyin, Petrov, Verminsky

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 1 November 2015 07: 05
    Thank you, very interesting photos.
  2. Vend
    Vend 1 November 2015 10: 57
    I wonder if there is a monument to Vasily Fedorovich Vishnyakov?
  3. Roy
    Roy 1 November 2015 11: 47
    Glory to our Russian aviator heroes!
  4. Georg Shep
    Georg Shep 1 November 2015 11: 48
    Worthy son of his homeland.
  5. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 3 November 2015 07: 09
    Killed where? In Ukraine, Bandera?
  6. please
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    great satya !!!!!!! Photos are incomparable !!!