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Day of Special Forces of the Armed Forces of Russia

Every year October 24 in Russia celebrates the Day of the special forces of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. This holiday is very young. His appearance in the calendar of holiday dates is directly related to the 549-m presidential decree signed by 31 in May 2006. The decree determined the list of professional holidays and memorable days in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

The very same 24 date of October as the Day of the Special Forces of the Armed Forces of the RF Armed Forces is associated with such an event as the signing by the Military Minister of the USSR, Marshal of the Soviet Union Alexander Mikhailovich Vasilevsky, a secret directive to create special forces for operations in the rear of a potential (potential) enemy. The directive aimed to form from more than 5,5 thousands of people of 46-special personnel. According to the letter of the directive, it was necessary to report on the results of the formation to the 1 of May 1951 of the year. As you can see, the frames were set very rigid.

However, the tightness of the time frame did not prevent the creation of the required number of army special forces units, which by 1951 had been formed in all Soviet military districts without any exception. Special-purpose companies appeared on fleets Soviet Union to improve the combat capability of naval units and formations.

The need to create special forces in the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union was primarily associated with the emergence and activities of NATO. After all, the Vasilevsky directive itself was born literally several months after a number of western states (Belgium, Britain, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the USA and France) announced the creation of the North Atlantic military bloc. The Soviet leadership, conscious of the fact that the military alliance to the west of the USSR’s borders is not created with the best of intentions, decides to begin work aimed at creating its own system of resistance. What the opposition to the USSR and NATO first, then the Warsaw Pact countries and NATO resulted in as a result, is well known to all, but this, as they say, is completely different история.

Of course, there is no reason to believe that until 1950 of the year (that is, until the appearance of the secret directive of Marshal of the USSR A.M. Vasilevsky) there was not a single soldier in our country who performed those tasks that the representative of the special forces cohort of the Armed Forces was intended to perform. So, back in the distant 1916 year, the so-called OMBON was created as part of the troops of the Russian Empire. Interpretation of this abbreviation is as follows: A separate special purpose marine brigade. The composition of the brigade special purpose included, as follows from the very name, naval officers. And ever since the domestic army special forces began its long journey, which were both their triumphs, and very tragic events.

The servicemen of the special units of the Armed Forces of the USSR and the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation took part in combat operations during various conflicts. A special page in the history of army special forces, of course, is connected with the fulfillment of internationalist duty in the Republic of Afghanistan. The limited contingent of Soviet troops in the territory of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan (Democratic Republic of Afghanistan) included various units and formations of special forces, including units providing combat service, which include, for example, the 19 engineering battalion or the 2088 separate battalion lashing. The units of the army special forces in Afghanistan are, first and foremost, of course, the formation of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces.

The units of the army special forces showed themselves in the course of both Chechen campaigns, when sometimes they had to confront the enemy forces, which were many times larger than the units of the Special Forces of the RF Armed Forces.

The main feature of special-purpose units is their relatively small composition, with each fighter having not only excellent military training in all respects, but also special psychological qualities: determination, initiative, ability to operate effectively in a team.

Day of Special Forces of the Armed Forces of Russia

Today, the recruitment of special forces is made from professional military personnel. The role here was played by the reduction of the service life on conscription, and the increase in the number of contract servicemen in the Russian army.

The modern special forces fighter of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is a person who is fluent in various types weapons, understands the nuances of the mine-explosive business, effectively uses optical-electronic devices in order to observe the enemy. For some time now, special forces have been learning how to use unmanned aerial vehicles, which allow reconnaissance of combat positions and infrastructure of the enemy.

Press office The Ministry of Defense gives an additional characterization to servicemen of units of the Russian Special Forces:

The personnel of special-purpose units carry out landing from airplanes and helicopters, including parachute jumps on the water, at night, from great heights with oxygen instruments and gliding along the horizon, followed by exit to the object.

Special attention in the combat training spetsnaz paid to physical training. Each of them is fluent in methods of throwing piercing and cutting objects, as well as hand-to-hand combat, which is based on elements of the national combat sambo and other effective martial arts, in particular, karate and jiu-jitsu.

Due to the high level of combat proficiency and equipment, there are no impossible combat missions for special units.

Special Forces units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are actively rearming. So for the year in the Central Military District special forces received 24 armored car "Tiger-M SPN", having a fifth class of ballistic protection in the frontal projection and the third class - in the stern and side projections.

Special forces soldiers have increased training. In particular, literally on the eve of their professional holiday, the special purpose units of the Southern Military District were involved in special tactical exercises held in the Krasnodar Territory.

From the message of the press service of the Southern Military District about the course of the exercise:
During the exercise, the crews of the Mi-8AMTSh transport and combat helicopters of the South Military District air base conducted a covert transfer and disembarkation of a tactical air assault force to the specified area.

After the landing by landing method, the servicemen of the special forces units in full gear made an 10-kilometer-long march across rough terrain to the area of ​​the counter-terrorist operation.

According to the plan of the exercise, the town, consisting of 10 houses and infrastructure, was seized by a conditional illegal armed group (IDF) with a total population of about 30. In order to free the hostages, the assault detachments blocked the town and destroyed the militants.

Before the start of active operations, a reconnaissance of the area was carried out using an unmanned aerial vehicle. Special Forces also worked reconnaissance and search actions, as a result of which data were obtained about the enemy.

In order to create an environment as close as possible to the combat, during the storming of positions of the conditional illegal armed formations, Im-100М imitation mines and smoke were used.

The servicemen worked out the procedure for the destruction of the gangs in the forest, actions in the rear, the organization of ambushes and observation posts in the conditions of the use of sabotage and reconnaissance groups by the enemy.

About 300 military personnel took part in the special tactical exercise, up to 30 units of weapons and military equipment were involved.

“Military Review” congratulates servicemen and veterans of the later divisions of the Special Forces of the RF Armed Forces (USSR) on their professional holiday!
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  1. Name
    Name 24 October 2015 06: 30 New
    1. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 24 October 2015 06: 31 New
      Happy Brothers! Well, for the special forces! drinks
      1. kimyth1
        kimyth1 24 October 2015 06: 41 New
        we will not forget such heroes !!! Happy holiday special!
        1. igorka357
          igorka357 24 October 2015 13: 32 New
          And also by their first and last names! Colonel Bocharov, a participant in the storming of the school in Beslan, was considered dead, survived despite a terrible gunshot wound! For the health of all the living and for the peace of all those who died, although there is no peace for our wars and in heaven .. they and special forces there Of God!
      2. INVESTOR
        INVESTOR 24 October 2015 08: 39 New
        Happy Holidays.

        1. asar
          asar 24 October 2015 09: 25 New
          Thank you, Dmitry!
          I appeal to the Forum users - the third toast, guys, remember the brothers!
          We pulled our own, and buried at home, land to them in fluff!
          It's just that our SPN does not abandon its own, Never and Nowhere!
          1. asar
            asar 24 October 2015 10: 56 New
            The third - standing, not clinking glasses and silently! Just remember ...
            1. Alena Frolovna
              Alena Frolovna 24 October 2015 13: 13 New

              Dedicated to special forces

              When he drank, he raised a toast.
              Not for love ... not for luck ...
              For those guys that - in full growth!
              Although they could have been otherwise ...

              For those who exhale, inhale
              Take off like hell out of a snuffbox!
              And, swallowing a sniper bullet, -
              ALREADY saved someone from death!

              For those who shot back,
              Having managed to whisper: "Die, lousy ..."
              For those who are not today ...
              For those who survived, remained a miracle ...

              For those that are cut off at point blank range,
              Firing, the trunks held ...
              Bye kids through the yard
              They fled from the school of fire!

              For those who could - but failed,
              Having fallen, trust the vest ...
              For those who were looking for a sight,
              Taking another's death for it!

              For those who knew what was going on!
              For those who knew - and did it!
              ... For those who no longer pour ...
              Will not meet the dawn with a sweet

              And I won’t press my daughter to my heart ...
              And she won't look at her old mother ...
              For those whom year
              A friend ... of those remaining ... will remember.

              For those somewhere among us ...
              And we, frankly, do not know them ...
              For the officers! For special forces!
              For those that remember in sorrow!

              * * *
              When I drank ... But now - I don’t drink ...
              And I want to cry, believe me ...
              About those who gave their lives,
              To save others from death!

              Alexander Ivanov
              1. igorka357
                igorka357 24 October 2015 13: 35 New
                For the soul straight verse .. sorry only one can put a plus!
              2. Dryuya2
                Dryuya2 24 October 2015 15: 38 New
                Quote: Alena Frolovna
                Dedicated to special forces

                defense min clip
                Posted on: 23 Oct 2015
                In the most difficult and non-standard situations, special forces soldiers demonstrate the highest level of professional training, fortitude and personal courage in solving critical tasks.

              3. asar
                asar 24 October 2015 17: 24 New
                Good poems, Thank you Alena!
                Also there is a "nest egg" mine and others!
                Somehow I’ll write, I hope!

                It is a pity that once a plus can be put!
      3. Cat man null
        Cat man null 25 October 2015 02: 01 New
        Quote: MIKHAN
        Happy Brothers! Well, for the special forces! drinks

        Mikhan, thanks .. recalled))))
    2. prosto_rgb
      prosto_rgb 24 October 2015 07: 55 New
      Well this one ...
      So Congratulations !!! soldier
      Happy holiday. good
      For special forces! drinks
      1. Nevsky_ZU
        Nevsky_ZU 24 October 2015 08: 16 New
        A good selection:
        1. Arh
          Arh 24 October 2015 08: 31 New
          For Special Forces !!! I wish you perfect professionalism !!!
          1. ZU-23
            ZU-23 24 October 2015 09: 05 New
            Happy Specialists !!!
          2. asar
            asar 24 October 2015 10: 49 New
            Thank you brother!
    3. Persistent
      Persistent 24 October 2015 09: 10 New
      Happy Holidays !!!

      ... At the wedding of the colonel of special services, guests demanding a ransom for the bride, shot a sniper. laughing
  2. san4i
    san4i 24 October 2015 06: 31 New
    Happy Holidays! drinks
    1. blizart
      blizart 24 October 2015 16: 37 New
      Russian specialists, congratulate Kazakh colleagues! Come on for us, come on for you!
      1. asar
        asar 24 October 2015 17: 14 New
        Thank you brother! And the Kazakhs were "across the river !, for a long time it was!
        But I don’t think everyone has "cheated"!
        Brotherhood, as it was, it remains so!
        Hi "Jambu" (sniper from God + demoman), if you look!
        1. Sling cutter
          Sling cutter 24 October 2015 17: 27 New
          WITH A HOLIDAY, SPECIAL !!! soldier drinks
        2. The comment was deleted.
  3. azbukin77
    azbukin77 24 October 2015 06: 33 New
    Good luck, health and all the best! Happy holiday fighters of the Special Forces of the Armed Forces of RUSSIA! ! !
  4. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 24 October 2015 06: 39 New
    The main feature of special-purpose units is their relatively small composition, with each fighter having not only excellent military training in all respects, but also special psychological qualities: determination, initiative, ability to operate effectively in a team.
    Happy Holidays to you guys. Let us remember those who are no longer dreams, drink for those who are!
  5. Ilnarturk
    Ilnarturk 24 October 2015 06: 40 New
    Thank you for being!!! Health to you !!!
    1. Tatyana
      Tatyana 24 October 2015 07: 08 New
      And also beautiful BRIDES to you, WIFE devoted to you and many fellow CHILDREN in the family! love
      1. asar
        asar 24 October 2015 09: 55 New
        Tatyana! Good all!
        You're right!
        Our wives Health and All, All!
        Those who are waiting for us, for weeks, months!
        You beloved!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  6. yuriy55
    yuriy55 24 October 2015 06: 45 New
    I congratulate you!
  7. Watchdog
    Watchdog 24 October 2015 07: 00 New
    Congratulations on the holiday of all polite green men! Happy holiday guys! May God grant you health, and see your loved ones more often! soldier
  8. Aleksandr72
    Aleksandr72 24 October 2015 07: 07 New
    Happy holiday to all special forces soldiers !!! (do not take the photo for a hint lol )
    1. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 24 October 2015 07: 28 New
      I love this picture ... Especially after the appearance of "polite"! The capture of the Crimea, it was a world-wide masterpiece! Once again, men, take care of yourself and Russia!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. WUA 518
      WUA 518 24 October 2015 08: 04 New
      Quote: Aleksandr72
      do not take a photo for a hint)

      Well, what a normal hint, especially Saturday laughing Happy holiday Guys, health and military luck!
      1. Aleksandr72
        Aleksandr72 24 October 2015 09: 06 New
        Well, what a normal hint,

        Actually, I was referring to a “vodka with fat”. repeat hi
        1. WUA 518
          WUA 518 24 October 2015 09: 38 New
          Quote: Aleksandr72
          Actually, I was referring to a “vodka with fat”.

  9. grandfather erofei
    grandfather erofei 24 October 2015 07: 09 New
    Thanks guys! Good Health, Power and Peace!)
  10. screw cutter
    screw cutter 24 October 2015 07: 32 New
    Happy holidays to you guys, strength and good luck! For Special Forces!
  11. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 24 October 2015 07: 36 New
    Involved with the holiday !!!! Good Service Brothers!
  12. Kuzyakin15
    Kuzyakin15 24 October 2015 07: 39 New
    All special forces operating and in reserve, with a HOLIDAY! All the best to you in life and Always good luck!
    (I do not intend to write ex)
    Health to all of you!
  13. bronik
    bronik 24 October 2015 07: 43 New
    For these guys it’s worth not just a “drink”, but a DRINK! Happy holiday!
  14. Reptiloid
    Reptiloid 24 October 2015 07: 47 New
    For Special Forces !! Guys Happy Holidays !!! From all my heart I wish you and your loved ones Excellent Health !!
    MAD_SERGANT 24 October 2015 07: 49 New
    HOLIDAY, BROTHERS !!!! May each of you return home !!!
  16. Baloo
    Baloo 24 October 2015 07: 49 New
    Liberasyatina is wandering around, how would they perpetuate the memory of Nemtsov’s walk on the bridge. am
    And why does not anyone move to perpetuate the memory of the dead special forces? which only streets are not in our cities: big, small. red, green, technical, chemical, etc. The memory of fighters who died during execution must be immortalized in the names of streets, squares, schools. There should be a sign that briefly indicates what the feat was. The “Pepsi” generation that grew up during the collapse of the USSR on which examples was formed as individuals, remember? Thanks to GDP and its team, Russia has risen to its full height from a knee-elbow position. This generation, the generation of the 2000s, we must not miss.

    I congratulate the special forces on the holiday, good luck to everyone, health, patience, stars on uniform, love, more children, better apartments. Be happy, live long!
    1. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 24 October 2015 08: 05 New
      Quote: Balu
      And why does not anyone move to perpetuate the memory of the dead special forces?

      They are nevertheless, few of them for obvious reasons .. hi

      and one more thing ...

      Eternal memory to the fallen heroes ..!
      1. igorka357
        igorka357 24 October 2015 13: 40 New
        At the first, it was done with the image of Dmitry Razumovsky, the man was ... just a seasoned hero ... the memory of you Dima and your little brothers will live for centuries .. !!!
  17. Very old
    Very old 24 October 2015 07: 52 New
    Quote: bronik
    For these guys it’s worth not just a “drink”, but a DRINK! Happy holiday!

    That's how it is - I’m going to the refrigerator, I get out the foggy ...
    And with bronik_om - FOR Special Forces!
    We always hoped for YOU, people in bronics
  18. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 24 October 2015 08: 11 New
    Happy holiday, you guys ... soldier Good luck and simple military luck ... And always come back soldier hi
  19. parafoiler
    parafoiler 24 October 2015 08: 15 New
    Happy holiday, brothers !!!
  20. moskowit
    moskowit 24 October 2015 08: 22 New
    Happy Real Men! Health! 100 percent complete!
  21. asar
    asar 24 October 2015 08: 31 New
    Happy Holidays! drinks soldier good
    Everyone involved - will return to the base, home!
    Today, drinking is not a sin!
    Happy Holiday!
  22. Name
    Name 24 October 2015 08: 40 New
    Do you know ALL WHO Goudarev, and SPECIALISTI can’t, unfortunately, list with SPECIALS, but
  23. avt
    avt 24 October 2015 08: 42 New
    Happy Holiday!
  24. By001261
    By001261 24 October 2015 08: 57 New
    HOLIDAY, BROTHERS !!!! May each of you return home healthy and unharmed !!!
  25. MATROSKIN-53
    MATROSKIN-53 24 October 2015 09: 11 New
    Happy Holidays guys! May God protect you!
  26. erased
    erased 24 October 2015 09: 13 New
    Happy holiday, intelligence!
  27. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 24 October 2015 09: 38 New
    Everyday special forces of Russia! God bless you!
    1. asar
      asar 24 October 2015 10: 32 New
      Well, for the special forces, we will! drinks
      As I recall "across the river" ... Eh, b ... b! How many of his guys lost there! One Panjshir took away so many!
      Earth to them!
  28. Apsit
    Apsit 24 October 2015 09: 58 New
    Happy holidays to you guys! You and your rear. Let your rear be reliable as the State Bank.
  29. alexvdv78
    alexvdv78 24 October 2015 10: 02 New
    Happy holiday, brothers! To all who served, who serves! 282 OOSpN 14 OBrSpN. 97-99gg.
  30. drags33
    drags33 24 October 2015 10: 11 New
    I have great respect for special forces. Happy holidays to you guys !!! Keep and protect the country, and may God protect you !!!
  31. BLOND
    BLOND 24 October 2015 10: 24 New
    “Military Review” congratulates servicemen and veterans of the later divisions of the Special Forces of the RF Armed Forces (USSR) on their professional holiday!

    We join in the congratulations!

    "The main reason for the creation of special forces in the USSR was the creation of mobile nuclear attack forces in NATO countries."

    "The concept for the creation of special forces arose in the United States in 1960 after riots broke out around the country caused by the actions of anti-government forces.

    What entailed big losses among entrepreneurs and government agencies ... "
  32. Egevich
    Egevich 24 October 2015 10: 35 New
    the essence of the main combat use of the special forces was poached along with the product, which was placed in the RD-54 ... since when they did not use the special forces - both as anti-terror and as army intelligence, etc. etc.
    well - we will live! Happy holiday!
    1. Hleb
      Hleb 24 October 2015 12: 52 New
      was poher along with product, which was placed in the RD-54.

      what is it about?
    2. Beerdoc
      Beerdoc 24 October 2015 13: 03 New
      That's for sure). He did not fit in the school. There was a special wearable case. After transportation of a mass-dimensional layout, I was lying at the doorstep of some grandmother, on a sheet of iron at the gate, the coolest place, at +35 (averaged), and I chose between my wishes: to die or puke. But the product is worthy).
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Hleb
        Hleb 24 October 2015 13: 24 New
        What did you wear so that today special forces are not special forces for you? one says he wore it in the taxiway, the second one says exactly, but he didn’t fit in the taxiway ...))
        in general, by the way, conversations of specialists about long exits with taxiways are interesting))
        1. Beerdoc
          Beerdoc 24 October 2015 14: 14 New
          In vain you are a troll to delete your comment. Return pliiiz-let your tricks be clear. You have epaulets in the picture, and on my shoulders. That makes a big difference. If you are not a bearded singer with Eurovision, feel free to: material to the studio. As for the paratrooper's satchel, I’ll say one thing: for many, this is a psychological beacon when he realized his formation as a man and the transition from “sofa hamsters with epaulettes from pictures” to a real effort for the Homeland.
          1. Hleb
            Hleb 24 October 2015 14: 22 New
            good to smear, there are my kamenty above, answer, if able. you are real specialists, so explain to us the trolls
            1. Beerdoc
              Beerdoc 24 October 2015 14: 50 New
              good to smear- there are mine kamenty above
              Commentary (fr. Commentaire <lat. Commentārius notes, notes; interpretation) - 1) explanations to the text; 2) reasoning, remarks about something; 3) on the Internet - to the post (message).
              I have a daughter after medical, more competent than you. Maybe older))).
              Regards, COP.
              1. Hleb
                Hleb 24 October 2015 14: 55 New
                yes I understand, I understand wink
  33. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 24 October 2015 11: 02 New
    "However, the tight time frame did not prevent the creation of the required number of units of the army special forces, which by 1951 were formed in all, without any exception, the Soviet military districts"

    But what about the OSNAZ, which was created before the Second World War?
    1. uizik
      uizik 24 October 2015 13: 41 New
      OSNAZ GRU was established on November 13, 1918. This is an official date. And so, Admiral S.O. Makarov used radio intelligence methods in the Russo-Japanese war in 1904. "October 24, 1950 is considered the day of the creation of special forces in the GRU structure of the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces. All other special forces were created later. The original tasks of the Special Operations Directorate of the GRU were not quite like that like now. HAPPY SPECIAL !!!
  34. Horst78
    Horst78 24 October 2015 11: 23 New
    In 95 at the graduation, the teacher presented a book about banditry in 80 / 90 in the USSR. There about the police, but on the last page the phrase just took my soul. "You pity us only when they kill us." In my opinion, this concerns all employees, and I am glad that our world has changed and now the SERVICE is held in high esteem. Good luck to everyone and happy holiday.
  35. Roy
    Roy 24 October 2015 11: 29 New
    Glory to the heroes of special forces - in all corners of the world they are defending the interests of our great Motherland!
  36. Nikita Gromov
    Nikita Gromov 24 October 2015 11: 35 New
    Enemies remember more than once
    What does our special forces mean in business!
  37. Taygerus
    Taygerus 24 October 2015 11: 50 New
    Happy holiday, health, good luck, strength and luck!
  38. Marshal 32
    Marshal 32 24 October 2015 12: 00 New
    Happy Holidays !!!
  39. Beerdoc
    Beerdoc 24 October 2015 12: 36 New
    Congratulations to all the "brothers" from among those who came to this site. There is a legitimate reason), which has already been "washed" in life, except for the 23rd and Ilyusha, and also border guards and vvshki, yes, the percentage of availability is high. All with a holiday, without CALLS). One wish: LET'S RETURN HOME, EVERYTHING!
  40. Asadullah
    Asadullah 24 October 2015 14: 46 New
    For all the boys, a little old humor, guess who it looks like! laughing

    Surgical Department and Surgeons

    1) this is a world-famous surgeon. Invited exclusively to the most complex operations. Arrives in the hospital within 1-2 hours (at this time he manages to practice doing just such an operation on a mannequin). He walks around the department to the admiring glances of the staff, goes into the operating room, pushes other surgeons intently, takes a scalpel and makes two precise incisions. After that, indifferently throws: “You can sew up” and leaves. All medical journals immediately begin to collect information about this operation and all surgeons agree that this operation will be included in all surgery textbooks and in the medical encyclopedia.

    2) very rarely work in their department. Most often, they secretly penetrate into a neighboring hospital and there, dressed as local doctors, quietly operating a patient. At the same time, the doctors of a foreign hospital rack their brains for a long time, who did the operation to this patient. Everyone swears that there were no strangers in the department, and in 20 minutes it’s unrealistic to make such a complicated operation. After a few years, it turns out that no one actually did the operation for the patient, the scar from the operation was false, and the real goal of illegal doctors was to talk with the head of the department, who had just recently escaped to the same hospital and now works there as a consultant.

    3) these are full-time surgeons. They do absolutely all operations in the department. They can stay on the operating table for days and do not require money for processing. They don’t read medical journals, they don’t go to conferences because they have long known and know everything. Despite everything, the head doctor constantly insists that they are loafers and loafers and tries to avoid their encouragement in any form. Patients in the ward tell terrible stories about forgotten instruments being operated on, about infection of patients during the operation with exotic infections, and about how they excised a benign tumor instead of a malignant tumor. Relatives of patients agree that doctors always operate drunk in the insole, without the necessary diagnosis, and most often healthy people.

    4) this is the medical staff of the department - nurses, orderlies, etc. Almost everything doctors can do already, but nobody lets them into the operating room for a cannon shot. Despite this, everyone keeps the treasured scalpel "just in case" and dreams that he will prove himself on occasion and will finally receive a doctor’s diploma. When the case is presented, the diploma is given a diploma, a pat on the shoulder and they are immediately transferred to another department, far from surgery - away from sin.

    Continued below.
  41. Asadullah
    Asadullah 24 October 2015 14: 46 New
    5) This is an emergency surgeon on duty. He leaves urgently to the patient, organizes everything necessary for the operation on the spot, and shouts for a long time to the mobile head of the department that if the most professional team of surgeons does not arrive in five minutes, he will carry out the operation himself. Despite the decisiveness in his voice, he does not begin the operation in an hour, not in two. This is because he was taught bitter experience when the patient died in his arms, while he performed coronary artery bypass grafting of appendicitis. He still wonders what his mistake was. He is inclined to think that enemies and envious people slipped him a dull scalpel.

    6) frostbitten surgeons. Do any operations in any conditions with improvised means. Even on the street. Even in the field, having only a piece of glass with him. Accustomed to do operations in unsanitary conditions and any statements about the need to comply with sanitation are contemptuously grinning. They have long been convinced in practice that microbes do not exist at all, and all diseases - from flu to AIDS can only be cured surgically.

    7) ordinary ordinary doctors in a hospital. They believe that they are also surgeons, they just do not have a scalpel. In conversations with women, it is often stated that they are surgeons, but then they cut themselves off - after all, this is a terrible secret. Often, having settled down in the trash at some feast, they begin to sob, remembering the deceased surgeons whom they personally knew and who they were like brothers, as well as patients whom they lost on the operating table (the anesthesilologist is to blame, of course!). Hearing the song "Why are you sad, brother-surgeon" make a stone face and hardly hold back tears, but in the end, the stingy male tear still treacherously rolls down an unshaven cheek ...

    Correct answer:
    1) Alpha
    2) Pennant
    3) ROSN UFSB by region
    4) SPV BB (as already mentioned)
    5) PLR / GBR OMON and other combat cells along the line of the IOB (or is it an FSB now?)
    6) OMSN / SOBR
    7) Airborne, MP and other reconnaissance ...
    1. Beerdoc
      Beerdoc 24 October 2015 15: 02 New
      + 100500 From the heart. Amused. Not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. That's right, to be honest. Thank you, sir. (Ringing shot glasses overs).
    2. Disant
      Disant 25 October 2015 03: 48 New
      ! I do not understand - the army units of the Special Forces are out of competition?
      something one-sided humor ...
      1. Asadullah
        Asadullah 25 October 2015 11: 17 New
        smile This is all number seven. I myself am number seven. Excluding b / d times, everything is fair. Emergency service, today does not give the right to apply a "scalpel". And in the Soviet, not everyone, reports to Afghanistan remained 99% unclaimed. So, like you know, you know how to, and apply ... so who is lucky. From that a lot that decided personal relationships. You know, by pull, risk your health and life. But the main thing is not this, but the choice of the way, it allows you to become a "surgeon" at the call of the heart, where is the supplies, your will. And there you look that it’s not an army holiday, everything is yours.))) So no offense, brother.
  42. The comment was deleted.
  43. Dart2027
    Dart2027 24 October 2015 14: 49 New
    Six foreign operations of GRU special forces
  44. Aandrewsir
    Aandrewsir 24 October 2015 17: 31 New
    Happy holiday brothers! Let the enemy shake like an aspen leaf !!!
  45. dvina71
    dvina71 24 October 2015 19: 26 New
    Well .. well .. In my life I knew several dreamers, unfortunately only one thing I know by specialization .. yes and I talked to him very tightly)))
    Thank you all very much .. great guys and a lot of me. The 19-year-old obtus was taught .. and how to put an opponent out for 15min with one hit))), and the right attitude to life as such.
  46. siberalt
    siberalt 24 October 2015 20: 20 New
    Quote: name

    "Zhi" and "shi"! are written through "And." Second grade elementary school. Something like this hi
  47. SlavaP
    SlavaP 24 October 2015 22: 06 New
    Happy Holidays, Fighters! Many victories to you!
  48. razved
    razved 24 October 2015 22: 24 New
    Everyone who was HOLIDAY !!! To all those who are currently active in Congratulation I will add the wish to always return alive and healthy !!! To everyone who has not returned - ETERNAL MEMORY !!!!
  49. luxprofi
    luxprofi 24 October 2015 23: 17 New
    Special Forces Congratulations. Everyone except OMSDON them. Dzerzhinsky. 1993 year. The shooting of the White House. Shame on the bastards in the maroon berets.
    1. Buffalo
      Buffalo 26 October 2015 11: 22 New
      Yes, they weren’t alone then, shaming their banners and getting stained with the blood of their compatriots. There the tankers were noted.
  50. family
    family tree 25 October 2015 02: 45 New
    God give you, boyars, and they will return to all those who walk, return at their feet, may He cover youdrinks
    Easy option repeat

    The last verse, exactly about you belay