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The leader of a large group of militants eliminated during the Syrian army offensive in the area of ​​Aleppo

Today, in the Syrian province of Aleppo, as a result of the offensive of the Syrian armed forces, dozens of militants were liquidated, among whom was the leader of one of the groups called by the Western media “rebels”. We are talking about a man named Nasif Ismail, who led the group "Kataib" ("al-Nur al-Din al-Zinki"), according to some sources, sponsored by the United States to confront Bashar Asad. Reports about it "BBC Russian Service".

Recall that the Western media continue to call "rebels" or "moderate opposition" those who took weapon into the hands, to wreak havoc in the country, following the directives of foreign patrons.

The group, the leader of which was Nasif Ismail, is known for the fact that it is under its control that the most recent city of the country Aleppo has been located. In 2013, the militants of this “moderate” group received American anti-tank missile systems (from Saudi Arabia), which in turn was written by the British press in the article “Guide to the Syrian Opposition”.

The leader of a large group of militants eliminated during the Syrian army offensive in the area of ​​Aleppo

If initially the “moderates” from “Al-Nur al-Din al-Zinki” positioned themselves as a political force working exclusively for the change of power in Syria without any contact with the ISIL militants, last year it became known about the transition (after appropriate preparation Western instructors) well-armed and equipped representatives of the formation on the side of the igilovtsev in the area of ​​the same Aleppo - the city, which the Syrian government army continues to storm today.
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  1. Vadim237
    Vadim237 19 October 2015 20: 16
    In 2013, they received anti-tank systems from Saudi Arabia.
    1. vovanpain
      vovanpain 19 October 2015 20: 25
      There and the way to the mattress's barmaley, let the striped puppet be fried in hell in a frying pan. Our young people are feathered.
      1. Penetrator
        Penetrator 19 October 2015 21: 19
        Quote: vovanpain
        ... let in hell a striped puppet is fried in a pan

        Well, why? Cauldrons and pans are for Christian sinners. And let the shabby Ukrainian gurus from Leningradka please and sweeten with fake vodka. What is shahid, such is paradise.
      2. Interface
        Interface 19 October 2015 21: 31
        Why is there a white Taliban flag on the logo in the upper left corner? They are in Afghanistan like ...

        Isis is black.
      3. Major Yurik
        Major Yurik 19 October 2015 21: 35
        Petyun, there is a good reason to send the old Yarosh to Yankesovskoe boiler allowance under the guise of "moderate Bandera". Dinner with friend McCain, though before he dies, is guaranteed! negative
    2. Dembel77
      Dembel77 19 October 2015 20: 28
      We are talking about a man named Nasif Ismail, who led the Kataib group (al-Nur al-Din al-Zinki), according to some reports sponsored by the United States to confront Bashar al-Assad.
      Imagine how Americans swear!
      1. Asadullah
        Asadullah 19 October 2015 20: 57
        Imagine how Americans swear!

        Rather, Qatar swears. With the death of each field commander, a puffy office book flies into oblivion with him, without which someone requires unpaid money and who forgets his paid obligations. Inshallah, but you have to pay the money again .....
    3. Persistent
      Persistent 19 October 2015 20: 57
      Regarding the "salute" of the Caspian flotilla .... laughing
      1. st25310
        st25310 19 October 2015 21: 26
        Right! I also did this recently and was delighted!
      2. Persistent
        Persistent 19 October 2015 21: 56
        With a nuclear charge which is lighter, "Caliber" is up to 5000 km. overcome ...
        1. just exp
          just exp 19 October 2015 22: 15
          not caliber but X-101/102
      3. Socialism 2.0
        Socialism 2.0 19 October 2015 22: 08
        accordion. So on populist button accordions generals on this site also become.
      4. PN
        PN 19 October 2015 22: 08
        It is necessary to draw from Kaliningrad soldier
      5. Phantom Revolution
        Phantom Revolution 20 October 2015 07: 12
        Regarding the "salute" of the Caspian flotilla .... laughing

        Well, the area is a bit larger.
      6. The comment was deleted.
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. zennon
      zennon 19 October 2015 23: 38
      Quote: Vadim237
      In 2013, they received anti-tank systems from Saudi Arabia.

      Yes. BGM-71 TOW.
    6. katalonec2014
      katalonec2014 20 October 2015 04: 56
      Unfortunately, there was infa in the press, the militants of the three groups received a large batch of Tou anti-tank weapons, as well as mortar mines, the other groups got several installations, which they are actually unhappy with.
      Looks like this is the coalition's contribution to the fight against international terrorism. Cattle, just cattle.
      1. Walking
        Walking 20 October 2015 08: 03
        To the nail, all this Syrian opposition, both moderate and not moderate, could be rolled out so that they could no longer think.
  2. Vladimyrych
    Vladimyrych 19 October 2015 20: 17
    Dog canine death. Let the worms feed.
    Vadim237 Yes, they still had TOW in warehouses in Iraq. What year was that? In my opinion, another 2012.
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 19 October 2015 22: 16
      This complex was not supplied to the Iraqi army, but 14000 TOW 2 missiles and several hundred launchers were delivered to Saudi Arabia in large quantities.
  3. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 19 October 2015 20: 19
    If a bearded man with a weapon is against the government, then he is a terrorist. And whether he is brown or pink speckled is his own business. For the moderate opposition, the Aerospace Forces have "moderate ammunition" - well, for example - pink.
    1. Viktor.N.Aleksandrov.
      Viktor.N.Aleksandrov. 19 October 2015 20: 23
      Whatever ammunition is used, the main thing is that a good terrorist is a dead terrorist! And the more of these will be, the better.
    2. Kent0001
      Kent0001 19 October 2015 21: 20
      I support. We can paint our ammunition in any color.
  4. roskot
    roskot 19 October 2015 20: 20
    Again, to Allah, work has increased. Although what sort of there, do not look - ISIS.
  5. ssn18
    ssn18 19 October 2015 20: 23
    Well, as they say, what they fought for and ran into.
    When these little bearded woods learn to turn on the brain, how long they are hammered. It was possible to draw the right conclusions. Or they, like their teachers, are stars and stripes, about which W. Churchill said: "Americans will make the right decision when they try all the others."
  6. yan 2015
    yan 2015 19 October 2015 20: 29
    please announce the entire list. (c)
    1. jjj
      jjj 19 October 2015 22: 27
      There are no applications for the distillery and meat processing plant today
      1. Karayakupovo
        Karayakupovo 20 October 2015 02: 16
        Their only quarry. Sandy. Preferably under.
  7. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 19 October 2015 20: 30
    Quote: roskot
    Again, to Allah, work has increased. Although what sort of there, do not look - ISIS.

    Do you think he cares?
  8. Served once
    Served once 19 October 2015 20: 30
    It is unlikely that we will miss him ...
  9. Siga77
    Siga77 19 October 2015 20: 31
    They urinate the state uplifters. I would not be surprised if the mattresses are preparing a major provocation with the hands of the obsessed Ishilov’s ear-jacks. Also, I will not be surprised if the mattresses themselves will suffer from them. That those are possessed, that these ...
  10. Thronekeeper
    Thronekeeper 19 October 2015 20: 34
    Well, moderate terror was completely tempered. Judging by the article, the Syrians did not consider its moderation when the tank OFS was planted.
    Waiting for the tantrums of the Westerners.
  11. Monos
    Monos 19 October 2015 20: 40
    In general, I think that the "moderates" should be extinguished first. If ISIS ends, but the "moderate" remain, we will get a sickly headache. The "moderates" are the germ of fanatic terrorists.
    1. 2s1122
      2s1122 19 October 2015 21: 35
      You are right to start with the moderate, the West is too worried about them. Another thing is the Kurds, they should impoverish their efforts in the future with the Syrian government.
  12. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 19 October 2015 20: 40
    Well, fine. Coordination is broken, now they will begin to sniff under different banners, if anyone has time.
  13. Petrof
    Petrof 19 October 2015 20: 42
    Ukrainian airlines ask Rosaviation to allow flights over Russia in winter
    Carriers cite long-standing family and socio-economic ties between citizens of the two countries

    just amazed at Ukrainians (to put it mildly)
    if not softly, the classic from Lavrov comes to mind laughing
    1. The comment was deleted.
  14. gammipapa
    gammipapa 19 October 2015 20: 46
    Well, now he’s bastard in the next world, the guri believes.
    Interestingly pressed Assad's army of American weapons? they obviously need it now.
  15. Riperbahn
    Riperbahn 19 October 2015 20: 47
    Figach all of them - sorted out in the next world. No one is interested in which terrorist group this bearded man belonged to during his lifetime. And to which Allah or Iblis he will go after death - all at all ...!
  16. samarin1969
    samarin1969 19 October 2015 20: 51
    Optimistic ... soon Poltorak will go to Assad for an internship in the ATO ... I hope he overwhelms him wink
    ALEA IACTA EST 19 October 2015 20: 55
    Go to the infernal pan! am
  18. Aandrewsir
    Aandrewsir 19 October 2015 20: 55
    A good bandit is a dead bandit! Whatever he is, this bandit may be. Moderate, "a little bandit", "his son of a bitch", "enemy of my enemies" ... He's bad!
  19. propolsky
    propolsky 19 October 2015 20: 57
    Well, probably not completely moderate, which means a terrorist!
  20. Rusich1980
    Rusich1980 19 October 2015 21: 01
    They sent to a shaitan ... There is a way for a murderer and a monster ...
  21. NEXUS
    NEXUS 19 October 2015 21: 20
    Shaitan is harvesting his crop ... let this geek be fried
  22. Anisim1977
    Anisim1977 19 October 2015 21: 38
    What amazes me most is that they still want to go to ISIS. As shown today, an assistant electric locomotive driver who was about to carry out a terrorist attack and leave for ISIS.
    Russia doesn’t start wars - it ends them. And without the ability to save and accumulate BK - ISIS, it won’t get a lot. To store a warehouse - you need a lot of trucks, and bombing - one bomb. And you can’t get a lot of bomb without ammunition.
    1. KnightRider
      KnightRider 19 October 2015 21: 55
      Quote: Anisim1977
      Russia does not start wars - it ends them

      I agree +++ good
      According to the article - there they (the terrorists) and the road (to hell).
      By the way, the arrangement of our (our!) Khmeimim air base in Syria does not stop: here is a separate parking lot for the Su-30SM link! (otherwise everyone complained that the planes were on takeoff) soldier
      1. KnightRider
        KnightRider 19 October 2015 21: 57
        Quote: KnightRider
        here is a separate parking for the Su-30SM link!

      2. Just BB
        Just BB 20 October 2015 06: 04
        If you have installed bumpers - it somehow still does not "pull" to the parking lot. They stand like on a parade am - in a row and wing to wing (one line from DShK fool ).
        When will the rake be removed from the road to the barn?
  23. wk
    wk 19 October 2015 21: 47
    I remember during the first and second Chechen companies they will show the killed militant and condemn ..... Basayev’s right hand ... they will also show the other hand, now Khattaba .... and so for 10 years .... they had hands (especially right ) like the Indian God ... now any killed Chushkar is given out as the leader ... it seems our media have not forgotten the experience .... only it has little to do with reality!
    1. 33 Watcher
      33 Watcher 20 October 2015 02: 53
      So you take into account that over the 10 bloody years, considerable experience has been gained. In vain, is there so much somersaulting in the Caucasus ..? Well, who is there to whom it relates, we don’t know.
      The offensive is on, and thank God, then we will understand whose arms and legs there ...
      1. wk
        wk 20 October 2015 22: 56
        Quote: Observer 33
        The offensive is on, and thank God, then we will understand whose arms and legs there ...

        As far as we know, the offensive was choking, in many directions there were counterattacks and the retreat of Assad's troops ..... a real war is not to play "tanks"!
  24. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 19 October 2015 22: 06
    Quote: wk
    Now any killed Chushkar is given out as the leader .... it is felt that our media have not forgotten the experience .... only it has little to do with reality!

    And maybe radio intercepts are not done in vain, you don't think about it! You cannot compare Chechnya and Syria in preparation - our command has prepared thoroughly and the results are already there! And now ISIS will begin to repaint itself as "moderate" and not without the help of the SGA, in order to then sit down with their help at the negotiating table. And this means a platform will be created for further terrorist struggle, but after the alleged reconciliation. Therefore, they must be hammered to the end, although it is not easy and the losses will be in the SAR soldier especially in cities.
  25. Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 19 October 2015 22: 50
    30 hungry huries (furies ??). I don’t even know ... Maybe it’s better in a frying pan ... yeah .... :)
  26. Turkir
    Turkir 19 October 2015 23: 12
    Oh, they’d rather take Aleppo.
    Syrian troops entered the northern part of the city today.
  27. atamankko
    atamankko 19 October 2015 23: 14
    When the last fanatic flayer will die ...
  28. Zomanus
    Zomanus 20 October 2015 00: 14
    This garbage is there for a long time. For the Arabs love to fight.
    So there will always be clashes.
    Well, I think that we will thoroughly clean the warehouses with air bombs during this company.
    And not only with bombs ...
  29. Rus62
    Rus62 20 October 2015 04: 26
    Then piss off!