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Salt of the land of Syria

The United Nations Refugee Commission issued an update on the number of refugees from Syria. The data in the course of his speech was presented by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. According to the UN Secretary General, the committee’s specialists, having assessed it, established that the number of Syrian citizens who left the country in recent years exceeded 4 a million people. The site of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees indicates the following number of immigrants from Syria: 4 million 185 thousand.

If we take into account the fact that by the time the bloody Syrian conflict began, about 21 million people lived in the country, it turns out that almost every fifth Syrian has become a refugee.

The UN Secretary-General provided information on which countries have the largest flows of Syrian immigrants. For obvious reasons, these are mainly neighboring states with Syria.

The real champion in admitting Syrian refugees is Turkey. Since the beginning of the conflict, more than 2 millions of Syrian citizens have moved to this country, the overwhelming majority of whom remain in Turkish territory today.

The second place in terms of the number of refugees accepted on its territory is occupied by Lebanon. Indicates the number in 1,078 million. This is almost a quarter of the population of Lebanon itself!

In the top three - Jordan. Almost 630 of thousands of refugees moved here from Syria.

However, not all Syrians who fled the war to the same Jordan or Turkey remain in these countries. After passing through the Turkish refugee camps, more than 200 thousands of people from Syria went in search of happiness to the countries of the European Union. More than a hundred thousand went to Europe through Lebanon.

The statistics of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees shows that since 2011, in the European Union countries, more than half a million Syrian citizens (507 thousand people) have applied for asylum.

Against the background of the continuing mass exodus of the Syrians from a country in flames of armed conflict, a new trend began to be observed. Citizens of Syria belonging to the most diverse ethnic groups (Arabs, Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians, Syrian Turkmen) rush to the western (coastal) province of Lattakia - not to leave it through the main port of the country, but to Latakia stay. The main reason, according to the same settlers, is that here are Russians.

In Latakia, with the support of the Russian mission, specialized centers are being established to accommodate refugees, and humanitarian aid delivered from the Russian Federation is distributed. In the end, in Latakia, Russian forces are concentrated, which participate in the air support of the Syrian government army offensive, and the Syrian immigrants from other Syrian territories arriving in this province (governorate) are perceived as one of the security guarantees.

The immigrants arrive in Latakia from Aleppo, Homs, northeastern provinces of Syria, where militants still have great influence, and where dozens of localities are under total control of terrorist groups - the so-called Islamic State or Dzhebhat al-Nusra.

Attention is drawn to the fact that these people declare their full support for the actions of Russia in Syria. Moreover, it is especially important that representatives of the most diverse ethnic groups and religions speak about this. If the Western propaganda machine is trying to present Russia's intervention in the conflict in Syria as "power support for the Alawite (Shiite Islam) in the war against the Sunnis," the majority in Syria, then at the accommodation centers of immigrants in Latakia, words of gratitude to Russia are expressed as Alawites, so are the Sunnis. And they express it for the simple reason that Russia does not divide terrorists into “good” and “bad”, “moderate” and “radical.” Russia, knowing firsthand what terrorism is, is directing its efforts towards the destruction of the infection sponsored by third forces. The West is still trying to declare that, they say, “there are constructive democratic forces among the militants,” but the absurdity of these statements is becoming more and more obvious. And the fact that separately taken forces in the USA or in “democratic” Saudi Arabia and Qatar are accustomed to the model of feeding terrorists of all stripes does not mean that the Syrians themselves are ready to accept the situation on the same principles.

Terrorism is an evil that has no religious principles, although the representatives of the terror machine themselves, cutting off the heads of their co-religionists and carrying out terrorist acts in mosques, are trying to prove the opposite in an absurd way. We are supposedly for faith, for the purity of Islam. Of course, of course ... Apparently, it is for the sake of this “cleanliness” that the militants grind the fates of millions of Muslims who lose their homes, health, and often life.

However, any war once ends, and today it is quite possible to ask the question of what is the future of Syria after the liberation of this country from the terrorist octopus? It is difficult to give an unequivocal answer to this question, but with a great deal of confidence we can say that the society itself in Syria after the terrible conflict will undergo cardinal changes.

Firstly, for people who have been tried and continue to try to share and play off with each other, simply, by definition, there is no choice but to follow the path of rallying, regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation. Of course, local mass media, heads of religious groups, should play their role here, if, of course, the main goal is to preserve the country without further transforming it into a Libyan variant with an ongoing inter-clan struggle.

Secondly, if you can put it that way, the very ideological backbone of the new Syria may well be precisely those of its citizens who did not leave the borders of Syria and remained with the hope of restoring peace. These are people who have decided to resist the terrorist threat to the end, often sacrificing themselves for the sake of the unity of the country in which they were born, grew, studied, worked, and which foreign ideologists of global chaos decided to cut into their own patterns. Of course, it is impossible to condemn those who, fleeing from the war, were forced to seek good luck in the same European Union, but there is an opinion that they will hardly be able to become the backbone of the government in the near future. The backbone of Syrian statehood today is precisely those who remained in the country, who were forced to weapon, to resist the terrorist plague, and who, after defeating it, is ready to change the military camouflage of the Syrian militiamen to civilian clothing — to return to their profession in order to begin the restoration of the unconquered Syria. The salt of the land of Syria is about them.

How long it takes to return to Syria those who sort of decided to escape from the war in Turkey, Germany, Sweden and other countries - is a separate question. As a separate question, and with what ideology, these people are ready to return (if at all) to their homeland.
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  1. dojjdik
    dojjdik 19 October 2015 06: 52 New
    but where were you before this hemunpan or just saw the sight of a helpless child? and where was your UN when the Ishilovites were poisoned by the Syrians
    1. Geisenberg
      Geisenberg 19 October 2015 12: 32 New
      Quote: dojjdik
      but where were you before this hemunpan or just saw the sight of a helpless child? and where was your UN when the Ishilovites were poisoned by the Syrians

      What do you want from a talking head? He will say what they write in the report. He even learns his schedule after it is made up to him.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 19 October 2015 07: 29 New
    Firstly, people whom external forces have tried and continue to try to divide and pit against each other, simply by definition have no other choice but to follow the path of unity, regardless of ethnic and religious affiliation.

    External forces are, in my opinion, primarily the Anglo-Saxons of the United States with its manic idea of ​​exclusivity ....

    and they establish their dominance in the world just by dividing and pitting the peoples of the world .....

    a typical example of UKRAINE .... I never thought that UKRAINE and RUSSIA would be on opposite sides of the barricades.

    PAN GI MOON is an obedient tool of the US State Department and he will never go against the US ....
    which is very clearly seen in his activities at the UN ..... this person has never condemned US crimes.
    1. Russian Uzbek
      Russian Uzbek 19 October 2015 11: 43 New
      "" "PAN GI-MOON is an obedient tool of the US State Department and he will never go against the US ....
      which is very clear from his activities in the UN ..... this person has never condemned the crimes of the United States ""
      so 80% of the UN is allocated to the United States! who pays and orders, as they say ...
    2. Will
      Will 19 October 2015 11: 59 New
      As long as someone’s interests on the earth, and not the general rules of coexistence, rule everything will continue. How to teach each of those who consider themselves human beings to leave their own egoism within their own body, because even within the family egoism is unacceptable?
  3. Vladimir 1964
    Vladimir 1964 19 October 2015 13: 49 New
    Alexei, a very interesting article in terms of popularity, and the original, from this side of the Syrian war there are few publications. In general, I liked it. yes good hi
  4. Peacemaker
    Peacemaker 19 October 2015 20: 23 New
    Russia is an example of how people of different faiths and nations coexist in peace and harmony. This is a single people who won the Great Patriotic War. God grant that the Syrians take this as an example and together with the help of Russia can make their home peaceful and prosperous .... God grant.
  5. Anisim1977
    Anisim1977 19 October 2015 21: 54 New
    Russia does not need to become like the UN and other talkers.
    Already now it is necessary to carry tanks together with tractors and excavators. Not only military trucks, but also peaceful Gazelles, GAZ, KamAZ, Urals, Lada, Buses, various special equipment.
    And do not give alms - but provide an unlimited ruble loan for 25 years at 1-4% maximum. Give through VEB, and VEB their Central Bank for the same period at 0,25%. And the Central Bank stupidly print them - thereby aligning the situation with the ratio money supply to the economy, which is now about 50% only. And it will not cause any inflation - Russia will be given economic growth, and Syria will quickly recover the country.
    With bombs alone, you won’t put the country on its feet. America had a Marshal’s plan for Europe — we need Putin’s plan for Syria, Iraq and Lebanon to restore the region economically, while growing its own GDP due to its growth and consumption. But loans — exclusively ruble — make us worse than the United States.
  6. traveler
    traveler 19 October 2015 22: 26 New
    people whom external forces have tried and continue to try to divide and pit with each other, simply by definition have no choice but to follow the path of unity, regardless of ethnic and religious affiliation.

    is it by what such definition?
    if before the war they quietly did not like each other, now they simply hate each other.
    There are 3 ways out of the situation:
    1) to clear Syria of the Sunnis (Asad-Iran-Russia option);
    2) to clear Syria of the Alawites and other religious minorities (Arab-Turkish version);
    3) divide the territory and organize an exchange of population under the supervision of the United Nations (a reasonable option)
    1. Disant
      Disant 20 October 2015 00: 48 New
      make sure that you are not accidentally exchanged under supervision when you don’t need to.
      what is this first option - where is it "in the Russian version" - it is necessary to clear Syria of Sunnis.? Excuse me, you have an inflamed brain, and I think they will soon come for you. Either 02 or 03
      what you stir up - wrote the same - world peace, follow the path of unity.