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Our memory. Air Force Museum in Monino. Part of 2


The second part of our story, as planned, is devoted to the exhibition of the museum under the open sky.

Strategic bomber Myasishchev "3M"

B-25. Lend-lease.

Be-12 "Seagull" - anti-submarine amphibian (flying boat)

Record aircraft E-166. OKB Mikoyan.

Il-28 front-line bomber

Ka-18 multipurpose helicopter

Ka-xnumx. Anti-submarine ship-based helicopter.

Ka-26 multipurpose helicopter

La 250 experimental aircraft

Lee-xnumx. Transport aircraft "Workhorse" of the Great Patriotic

M-17. High-altitude jet subsonic aircraft

M-50. Supersonic strategic bomber OKB Myasishchev

Mi-xnumx. Multipurpose helicopter

Mi-xnumx. Search and rescue option

Command and control center based on Mi-6 helicopter

Mi-6 helicopter. Fire option

Mi-xnumx. The heaviest helicopter in stories helicopter

Mi-Xnumha. Attack helicopter

Mi-Xnumx. Attack helicopter

Mi-xnumx. Heavy transport helicopter

MiG-9. Fighter

MiG-XNUMHUTY. Training Fighter

MiG-17. Fighter

MiG-17PM. Fighter

MiG-21PPS. Fighter

MiG-25. Interceptor fighter

Mig-Xnumx. Operational Intelligence Aircraft and Bomber

MiG-27. Fighter bomber

MiG-29. Fighter

MiG-31. Interceptor fighter

Pe-xnumx. Dive bomber. The only working copy. Still being filmed in movies. In the flight is not sent, but the launch of engines, taxiing - quite

Su-Xnumb. Fighter bomber

Su-7BL - wheel-ski modification of the aircraft

Su-Xnumx. Fighter-bomber. The first Soviet aircraft with a variable geometry wing

Su-Xnumx. Front bomber

Su-Xnumx. Stormtrooper

Su-7 / Su-26. Experimental model on the ski chassis

Su-Xnumx. Fighter

T-4. Shock bomber bomber Sukhoi Design Bureau. Amazing machine

T-6-1. Experimental attack aircraft of the Sukhoi Design Bureau

Tu-4, aka B-29. Bomber

Tu-16 - heavy multi-purpose jet aircraft. Available in various modifications.

Tu-16K. Long-range missile bomber

TU-22. Distant supersonic bomber, was intended to replace the Tu-16

Tu-Xnumx. The name is similar, the planes are completely different. Long-range supersonic bomber with variable wing geometry

TU-95. Strategic bomber bomber

TU-128. Long Range Interceptor

UAV Tu-141 "Swift"

EPOS. Experimental manned orbital aircraft, part of the Spiral system

Yak-xnumx. Fighter

Yak-xnumx. Helicopter

Yak-xnumx. Interceptor fighter

Yak-xnumr. Altitude scout

Yak-xnumx. Interceptor fighter

Yak-xnumx. Multipurpose aircraft. It was produced in the modifications of the front bomber, interceptor, reconnaissance aircraft, EW aircraft

Yak-36 - Soviet carrier-based attack aircraft, the prototype of the first in the USSR production aircraft vertical takeoff and landing of the Yak-38

Yak-xnumx. Deck attack aircraft, the first in the USSR serial aircraft vertical takeoff and landing

Yak-xnumx. Russian combat training aircraft, light attack aircraft

Yak-xnumx. Multi-purpose supersonic all-weather vertical / short take-off and landing deck aircraft

Here is a tour turned out. Yes, Monino is not as comfortable as in Kubinka, but no less impressions. And to lovers aviation - generally expanse. To assemble planes and helicopters for more than 100 years of aviation is impressive.
Photos used:
Roman Skomorokhov, Roman Krivov
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  1. La-5
    La-5 9 October 2015 06: 33 New
    The author you have a mistake in the description of the photo MiG-23, signed as MiG-25RB.
    1. Bongo
      Bongo 9 October 2015 14: 17 New
      Quote: La-5
      The author you have a mistake in the description of the photo MiG-23, signed as MiG-25RB.

      This photo is also a mistake request This is not an interceptor, but a reconnaissance version of the Yak-27P. With all due respect, but in tanks Roman understands better than in aviation.
  2. qwert
    qwert 9 October 2015 07: 06 New
    Under the open sky in the suburbs, and this is not Nevada.
    Here, of course, enthusiasts will not be able to cope completely. We need a normal state subsidy to maintain the exposure in an appropriate state.
    1. svd-xnumx
      svd-xnumx 9 October 2015 15: 48 New
      Under the open sky in the suburbs, and this is not Nevada.
      It can be seen, in comparison with the previous photo report, that some of the exhibits were painted, but the work is still not a big edge.
  3. sergant89
    sergant89 9 October 2015 07: 45 New
    + Author to you, someday I’ll get there anyway.
  4. mosquit
    mosquit 9 October 2015 08: 20 New
    Not enough indoor space in Monino, history will rot sad .
  5. Arktidianets
    Arktidianets 9 October 2015 08: 33 New
    Thank you work, only errors are in the descriptions for the photo
  6. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 9 October 2015 08: 50 New
    Great selection!
    Only, as already indicated above, some inscriptions need to be corrected.
    Not the MiG-17PM, but the MiG-19P, not the Su-27, but the T-10-1 (the first prototype, with a revival wing and a completely different shape of the engine nacelles and the rear of the fuselage)
    1. UVB
      UVB 9 October 2015 11: 48 New
      To inaccuracies, we can add that the largest helicopter had the name B-12, and the Mi-12 was not officially assigned. But these are trifles, thanks to the author for the tour. By the way, you will visit our aviation museum in Lugansk, there is also something to see.
    2. UVB
      UVB 9 October 2015 12: 11 New
      Inaccuracies can be added, the name of the Mi-12 was not assigned to the helicopter, since it did not go into the series, officially it was a B-12. By the way, you will be in LUGANSK, visit our aviation museum, there is also something to see. View of the collection on a satellite map from Yandex:
  7. miv110
    miv110 9 October 2015 08: 53 New
    Some inaccuracy of the author. The photo is not the MiG-17 pm, but the MiG-19 (two big differences).
    1. miv110
      miv110 9 October 2015 09: 15 New
      For comparison, a picture in profile.
  8. Rokossovsky
    Rokossovsky 9 October 2015 09: 50 New
    Roman, thank you for your series of articles on the Mona Museum! Although I was there twice, but after the publication there was a great desire to visit there again! Fortunately, they live in a local district center. If only good weather to wait ... hi
  9. Andrewgross
    Andrewgross 9 October 2015 09: 52 New
    I will add: in the penultimate photo, not "Yak-130, Russian combat training aircraft, light attack aircraft", but Yak-130D, demonstration aircraft, prototype. "D" does not mean "distant", but "demonstrator".
  10. Mula
    Mula 9 October 2015 11: 24 New
    Was in 12, it's just super! But my heart bleeds when I see that the state has driven a bolt on such a thing! Shoals of the sea: from the lack of signs to the museum, to the inability to look at individual distances at close range. And civilians and transport workers could make an entrance to the cabin and inspect the cabin. And the museum staff has a low bow to their dedicated work in maintaining this collection in a less decent form!
  11. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 9 October 2015 12: 02 New
    Another clarification, the Yak-25R is just a tactical scout. High-altitude is the Yak-25RV (it has a straight wing of large elongation, similar to the American U-2). EMNIP, in Monino, he should be too.
  12. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 9 October 2015 13: 38 New
    Here it is:
  13. Taoist
    Taoist 9 October 2015 14: 05 New
    Yak 38 onboard 37 ... My onboard was 39 ;-)
  14. Professor
    Professor 9 October 2015 20: 24 New
    Great article. I especially liked the T-4 ahead of its time. good
    1. Buffalo
      Buffalo 10 October 2015 18: 23 New
      I personally observed the T-4, on the western outskirts of the Tushino Engineering Plant, under a fence, somewhere in 87, right here, behind workshop No. 28:

      Local locksmiths cut the skin into pieces and made titanium shovels from them. And then they sold at a profit for themselves.
      It still bugs me, with the memory of such barbarism. But it’s not their fault ... And those who did not manage ready-made planes in a businesslike way and who touched all, which was literally worth its weight in gold (more precisely, more expensive than gold), all were sent to scrap.
  15. Buffalo
    Buffalo 9 October 2015 23: 17 New
    Thanks to the author.
    I met a lot of my old friends. laughing
  16. Filxnumx
    Filxnumx 10 October 2015 02: 34 New
    And where did the BBA-14 divide? Or just not photographed? It is nice to see that the exposure is still growing. But still, the author really understands tanks better. In the photo of the Tu-95, the top shot is the Tu-95MS, the missile carrier, but below the Tu-95M is a clean bomber