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Iraq is considering options for international cooperation in the fight against the "Islamic State"

The representative of the Prime Minister of Iraq, Saad Al-Hudaysi, said in an interview with the RIA journalistNews”That the Iraqi authorities are considering various options for international cooperation to combat the Islamic State terrorist group (IG).

In a similar way, he commented on the statement made by the head of the militia of Iraq, Hadi Al-Ameri, during a press conference on Monday, that Baghdad is considering the possibility of cooperation with the Russian Federation.

“To date, we have not seen any serious efforts to combat IS. This lack of a serious approach by the international coalition forced us to change tactics. Russia took the fight against the IG very seriously, "quotes the words of al-Ameri RIA "News".

At the same time, the assistant to the head of the people's militia, Muen al-Kazimi, said that the militia would welcome aviation strikes of the Russian Federation on the IG.

“We hope to see how Russian military planes will bomb IS positions and headquarters in Iraq and all their supply routes to Syria. We will fiercely welcome such actions of Russians against ISIS in Iraq, ”said al-Kazimi.

“The people's militia is part of the structure of the country's security agencies and obeys orders of the head of the general staff, including orders relating to cooperation in the areas of security and military cooperation with any state; it is in accordance with national interests, and if it is needed for fighting against the IS. The government makes decisions in the interests of the state, assessing the need for security cooperation with various states, ”said the representative of the Iraqi Prime Minister.

On Monday, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that he had no data on Iraq’s appeal to the Russian Federation with a request to provide military assistance in the fight against the Islamic State terrorist group.
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  1. sever.56
    sever.56 7 October 2015 12: 15
    And why not show the Americans in Iraq how to beat ISIS, if their authorities turn to Russia for military assistance, in the form of air strikes?
    The effective destruction of ISIS wherever they exist will raise Russia's authority in the Middle East to an incredible height. And respect for the force used for a just cause is worth a lot.
    And let the West scratch their turnips and understand that talking to Russia from a position of strength is a futile affair.
    1. Genych
      Genych 7 October 2015 12: 16
      And why not show the Americans and Iraq

      What does the Americans have to do with it?
      As for Iraq, the official appeal and I think for ours will not rust.
      1. vovanpain
        vovanpain 7 October 2015 12: 23
        It’s necessary to peel the terror everywhere so that they do not crawl like cockroaches through the cracks, there is no hope for this mattress coalition at all and the mattresses will be enormous
      2. Sid.74
        Sid.74 7 October 2015 12: 27
        Ha... laughing Brzezinski: "Obama must respond to the Russian Federation by military means, if Moscow does not stop destroying american assets"

        Every century
        On the beast of the terrible
        There is a
        Once, wolfhound winked
        And further...Al-arabiya: "There is indeed a Chinese ship in Latakia, on a visit." And in the Mediterranean there is the presence of the PRC.

        New "red line". Wall sign "US Influence"
        Fox News: Putin "with the smile of the Cheshire cat" creates a new world order.

        CBS: frame from the American radar. Our (yellow) locked US Air Force (green) near the Turkish border (white line)

        1. Vitaly Anisimov
          Vitaly Anisimov 7 October 2015 13: 10
          “To date, we have not seen any serious efforts to combat IS. This lack of a serious approach by the international coalition forced us to change tactics. Russia took the fight against IS very seriously, "

          The key phrase ... But Russia is no longer the USSR (when "aid" was scattered to the right and to the left, just to build "socialism" ... You will have to fight the Iraqis, and we will help you win (just so that not like yours and ours ..) It's time to start working together and don't rely on Allah! hi
        2. diz1975
          diz1975 7 October 2015 15: 24
          Our (yellow) is not enough. There are a lot of greens. And they are already nervous. Well, this is not the first time for us. We are strong in spirit, truth and victory are behind us.
    2. 341712
      341712 7 October 2015 13: 04
      Quote: sever.56
      The effective destruction of ISIS wherever they exist will raise Russia's authority in the Middle East to an incredible height

      And the cost of a barrel of oil, too ...
    3. hydrox
      hydrox 7 October 2015 13: 06
      Quote: sever.56
      And respect for the force used for a just cause is worth a lot.

      Here you are right: it’s very expensive for Russia, even if you count only the most accurate ammunition
      Ours, of course, are several times cheaper, but still more expensive than 100 thousand rubles / pc., And for a flight, each bomber consumes them from 2 to four (depending on weight).
      Oh, it's time for the Syrians to put Mstu or Acacia together with the MLRS ...
      By the way, under these howitzers there are adjustable shells - it will be much cheaper.
      1. tongilguk
        tongilguk 7 October 2015 15: 08
        A year or two ago, Vladimir Vladimirovich instructed to upgrade our military equipment and weapons by 80%. I do not want to lie, but it seems by 2018. And if we have a more perfect replacement for these shells, then now we see one of the ways of updating.
        1. Darwin
          Darwin 7 October 2015 18: 06
          Proper disposal of ammunition
  2. shinobi
    shinobi 7 October 2015 12: 15
    Your desire is understandable and feasible by us. Let’s agree, I think.
    1. Tra-ta-ta
      Tra-ta-ta 7 October 2015 12: 26
      .. calmly! Oil should not go up quickly ..!
  3. Cap-3 USSR
    Cap-3 USSR 7 October 2015 12: 16
    It would be necessary to help.
    It is desirable to press on all sides, so that it does not creep.
  4. KazakPatrol
    KazakPatrol 7 October 2015 12: 18
    On the issue of moderate opposition in Syria

    "As a well-known journalist of the leading publication of the exclusive and democratic West, having asked permission from the editorial office, he called the General Staff of the Russian Ministry of Defense with the question:

    - How do you distinguish between ordinary terrorists and moderate ones during the bombing in Syria?

    The girl switched me to the duty officer, who very politely explained:

    - Even before the start of the military operation in Syria, a decisive decision was made at the General Staff of the Russian Defense Ministry. The essence of this decision is our traditional desire for Russia to strictly abide by the principles of legality and justice. So now, all of our ammunition is divided into two categories: ordinary and moderate. Against ordinary terrorists, we use exclusively conventional ammunition. And against moderate terrorists, we use exclusively moderate ammunition. So don’t worry, we take into account the moderation of some of the terrorists and treat them fairly.

    After these words, it became much easier for me. But I still clarified:

    “Do you really use mild ammunition against moderate terrorists, is that true ?!”

    The interlocutor replied:

    - The word of the Russian officer!

    I felt very good. To bring final clarity, I asked:

    - Tell me, how much do your conventional ammunition differ from the moderate ones?

    - Our conventional ammunition differs from moderate ammunition, exactly as much as ordinary terrorists in Syria, differ from moderate terrorists: they are painted with a different paint, in lighter and more moderate colors - the officer answered and hung up. "
    1. Dimon-chik-79
      Dimon-chik-79 7 October 2015 12: 24
      Exactly! 5 points! laughing this is jokes of the month
    2. Alexnder
      Alexnder 7 October 2015 12: 28
      Five points!!!
  5. V.ic
    V.ic 7 October 2015 12: 18
    Is the American satellite hoping for Russian help? It is gratifying!
  6. Yuriy Nikolayevich
    Yuriy Nikolayevich 7 October 2015 12: 20
    Daily Mirror: Terrible special forces will clean Syria from Assad’s enemies
    According to the Daily Mirror, Moscow sent special forces to Syria. According to the British tabloid, after the application of Russian air strikes, these "extremely aggressive" commandos and paratroopers will have to deal with the Syrian rebels.

    Russia has sent its special forces to Syria to support Assad and destroy his opposition, the Daily Mirror claims. According to the British tabloid, Moscow is going to deploy special forces and the 7th Guards Airborne Assault (Mountain) Division.

    “Terrible special forces and a secret battalion of paratroopers Vladimir Putin hid in a state torn by war. They are preparing to launch an offensive against moderate rebel units fighting the regime, including the pro-Western Syrian Free Army, ”the publication says.

    As noted in the article, these Russian units are "some of the most staunch and secretive fighters." During the Chechen war, they accumulated a deep hatred of the Islamists: "They brutally avenged local jihadist militants, punishing them for the atrocities perpetrated against Russian soldiers and civilians."

    Meanwhile, a military source told the publication that the Russian marines located in Syria are only involved in the protection of air bases. But the "extremely aggressive and highly trained" commandos and paratroopers have another task - to clean the area from opposition forces after Russian air strikes.

    “They are not as responsible as the British and American special forces. They are here for one purpose - to destroy anyone who threatens Assad. In any way. And thanks to this, they will strengthen Russia's position in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, ”said an anonymous expert.

    Although Moscow announces the destruction of the “Islamic State” as its mission, its planes bomb mainly the positions of the rebels, the publication emphasizes. Among some of the goals of Russian aviation were even groups trained by the CIA and supported by MI6.

    In response to Russian air strikes against Assad’s opponents, the Americans promised to intensify the attack on the IS. At the same time, the clergy of Saudi Arabia called on all Muslim countries to support the “holy war” with Syria, its Iranian and Russian supporters.
  7. Shooting
    Shooting 7 October 2015 12: 27
    Something seems to me that ISIS is just a horror story invented and created by America. Of course, armed and reckless, but a horror story. Much more dangerous for the region is just the so-called moderate people who are funded and trained, and most importantly, sent by America. Isil is a cover that would be so to speak with whom to fight (for the public) and to send troops insolently. But moderate (I'm not talking about those four allegedly trained Basmachi by the Pentagon (direct money laundering), but those who are financed by the CIA and a hedgehog with them (no one will report on this money) -Eeo is America’s real power in this region to her they manage, and ISIS is used. Something like that, it seems to me. Therefore, they scream as if they were not finished.
    1. Berthan
      Berthan 7 October 2015 12: 45
      Moderate, unmeasured - everything will be crushed ...
  8. EvgNik
    EvgNik 7 October 2015 12: 27
    With the help of Russia and on the basis of this assistance, a new coalition is formed that is really interested in the destruction of ISIS. The countries of the Middle East are beginning to understand that Western assistance in the fight against terrorists is a fiction. And it pleases. It's time for the Yankees home.
  9. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 7 October 2015 12: 32
    Iraq will ask, then Afghanistan. And we will show everyone that Russian weapons are not rusty, and are quite competitive ...
    1. hydrox
      hydrox 7 October 2015 13: 14
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Iraq will ask, then Afghanistan.

      Moscow’s statement of Iraq is already being considered, yesterday the same statement came from Afghanistan.
      Gentlemen, guys, Russia will not have enough precision munitions at all !!!
  10. roskot
    roskot 7 October 2015 12: 39
    “We hope to see how Russian military aircraft bomb the IS positions and headquarters in Iraq and all their supply routes to Syria.

    We will consider the application when the time comes.
  11. alex-cn
    alex-cn 7 October 2015 12: 41
    ISIS is an international "organization" and it must be pressed seriously and by the whole world.
  12. gomer
    gomer 7 October 2015 13: 07
    Drive them from everywhere. Jackals have no place either in Syria or in Iraq.
  13. figter
    figter 7 October 2015 13: 38
    It is desirable for Iraq now to give a cry for the re-establishment of Saddam Hussein's army, to declare amnesty for former officers with the right to continue serving, then ISIS would decrease both quantitatively and qualitatively. We need a strong ground grouping, which needs to be assisted with weapons. It is ineffective to deliver airstrikes without intelligent coordinated actions by the ground group. Whatever one may say, today's armies of Iraq and Syria cannot be called "modern".