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Ionosphere war

Ionosphere war

Last summer, when I still could not disperse, I was able to scatter over Moscow, and the forest fires did not even think to die out, various “experts” and “experts” appeared, who, they argued, knew the reason for the heat. And the reason for this - the villainous intentions of the Americans, entrenched in Alaska and affecting the weather with the help of the complex HAARP. Balancing on the verge of conspiracy, these same experts argued that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) really had nothing to do with aurora borealis, etc. It does not have, but its real goal is climate control for military purposes.

It is possible to understand these citizens - HAARP is classified in full: not every scientist involved in the ionosphere has access to information from the complex. In addition, according to some estimates, the radiation power of HAARP antennas exceeds the figure in 3,5 MW, quite frankly, this is a lot. So the version of the military mission of the complex had the right to appear.

Interestingly, 2010 was not the first year, when American researchers were responsible for weather problems. At the start of 2000, a group of deputies of the Russian State Duma blamed HAARP for floods in Europe. Moreover, it was not only statements that did not end there - after negotiations, consultations, etc. Deputies sent a request to President V. Putin demanding to initiate an investigation into HAARP at the UN level. However, the paper did not go further than the presidential administration, which only added fuel to the conspiracy fire. At the same time, the Deputy Commander of the Space Forces, General V. Popovkin, sent a letter to the State Duma stating the possibility of catastrophic consequences on a planetary scale in the case of inaccurate and incorrect treatment of the upper atmosphere.

In 2008, the book by Y. Bobylov “Genetic bomb. Secret scenarios of high-tech bioterrorism. In it, the author claims that the December 26 earthquake of December 2006 did not happen by itself, for objective seismological reasons, but because of the impact of the same HAARP system. In addition to the impact on climate, Bobylev blamed the complex from Alaska for the ability to jam radio communications, disrupt electronic equipment, and cause accidents on communications. Also in the book there are allegations regarding the ability of HAARP to work as a psychotronic weapons. Already scary, huh? But this is not all the "sins" of HAARP. According to Venezuelan President W. Chávez, the earthquakes in Sichuan 2008 of the year and in Haiti in 2010 also did not happen by the will of nature.

If you succumb to panic and believe the above-mentioned citizens, you can get hysterical on the topic “we will all be washed away by showers and shaken by earthquakes, but we will not be able to answer anything!”. However, if you look at the foreign press, you can conclude that Russia has something to respond to the threats of HAARP.

The location of HAARP stations in the world.
США/Аляска 62°23’29.66”N, 145°06’58.47”W
National MST Radar Facility NMRF Andra Pradesh, India 13 ° 27'26.68 ”N, 79 ° 10'30.74” E
Jicamarca Radio Observatory Lima, Peru 11 ° 57'6 ”S, 76 ° 52'27” W
Jindalee Operational Radar Network JORN Long Reach, Australia 23 ° 24′S, 143 ° 48′E
Leonora, Australia 28 ° 19'02.5608 ”S, 122 ° 50'36.4416” E
Laverton, West Australia 28 ° 19'36.29 ”S, 122 ° 0'18.84” E 23 ° 39
Tromso Norway 69 ° 39'07? N
018 ° 57'12? E
Sura Facility HAARP Like Facility 56 ° 7'9.70 ”N, 46 ° 2'3.66” E 56 ° 08′N, 46 ° 06'E ...

Perhaps the most famous whistleblower of the Russian climate weapon is the American meteorologist S. Stevens. It all began with his statements about the nature of Hurricane Katrina. According to Stevens, New Orleans was flooded during the tests of a Russian military climate complex. And in proof of his words, he cited some interference on short waves, which, he claims, are evidence of the existence of this complex itself. Without giving the masses a chance to recover, Stevens gave out another terrible and secret information: the Russians learned how to make storms back in 1976, and in the last years of the Soviet Union the technology sold at least a dozen different countries and organizations. It would seem that the typical words of a fighter against the “red threat”, but Stevens’s statements are particularly piqued by the fact that the words of a meteorologist were quoted in the Post Gazette that Russia was to blame for Katrina. At the same time, Fox News, again in an interview with Stevens, writes that some Japanese mafia is to blame, which is taking revenge for Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Fearfully? Scary interesting.

More interestingly, Stevens is not the first. As early as the second half of the 80s in the States, the topic of the unnatural origin of drought in California for the 85-91 began to be exaggerated. The yellow and not very hard press confirmed that a certain installation called “Russian Woodpecker” created disturbances in the atmosphere and did not allow the moist air to reach the east coast of the United States. Woodpecker some complex called because of the characteristic signal, which resembled the sound of a bird. Of course, the signal is unusual, and could mean anything. But for some unknown reason, even in 80-x, when the complications of relations between the superpowers were not even foreseen, there were people who tried to raise the banner of the notorious J. McCarthy. For example, a certain character from the US Department of Defense wrote "" Russian Woodpecker "- the most powerful source of electromagnetic radiation! 40 megawatts, 10 pulses per second! Moreover, it affects our psyche! The signal comes from the USSR and permeates the whole of America. He is caught by wires of electric networks, and through them the signal penetrates our homes! ” I just want to ask, “Russians are coming, I see them!” He didn’t shout?

The US Federal Communications Commission in 1988 also became interested in "Woodpecker" and launched an investigation. Of course, not a single country that has a transmitter of enormous power will spread about it, or even classify it. The Soviet Union was no exception, and the Communications Commission was forced to seek help from the CIA. The guys from Langley shared the materials: "The Woodpecker" was not a red threat, but a red defense. According to the native Soviet classification, "Woodpecker" was called 5H32 "Duga" and was located near Chernobyl (the object Chernobyl-2). The Duga was a trans-horizon radar for early tracking of intercontinental missile launches. With the power, that character from the Pentagon was mistaken - “Doug” consumed “everything” 10 MW, respectively, the radiation power was even less. But the dimensions of the radar antennas compensated for the "lack" of power. Thus, the low frequency phased antenna array “Arcs” has dimensions of about 150x400 meters, and the high frequency one and a half times less. However, after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, Dugu was conserved, and then the main components were removed and sent to a similar facility in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

ZGRLS "Duga"

"Russian woodpecker" remained only in the form of metal structures, however, legends about its psychotronic power go down the back streets of the States so far. On the territory of the former Soviet Union, such stories became more or less widespread only after the release of the computer game STALKER, in which there are distantly similar to the “Dugu” designs of the radar, which has the nickname “Brainser”.

Let's go back to HAARP. This complex incorporates 180 antennas (rectangle 12х15) located on an area of ​​about 13 hectares, several lidars, magnetometers and a computer complex. All of this equipment receives electricity from one gas power station and six diesel generators. HAARP emitters can operate at 2,7-10 MHz, however, due to the fact that some civil frequencies fall into this range, scientists are forced to use only small frequency bands in their studies. The main method of research: "pumping" a certain layer of the atmosphere with the help of electromagnetic radiation and the subsequent observation of the result.

Interestingly, HAARP was not originally created as a research complex. During the Cold War, superpowers faced the challenge of ensuring reliable communications with submarines. Physicists from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory suggested keeping in touch at ultra-low frequencies, less prone to fading than others. Later, there was an idea to use so-called radio waves for amplification. electrojet - charged streams in the ionosphere. According to the original idea, HAARP was supposed to create these flows and communicate with the boats. However, the complex began to build only in the beginning of 90-x, when the geopolitical situation has changed dramatically. As a result, the military purpose of the system was postponed indefinitely, and the complex was given to scientists for “free use”, albeit under the supervision of the military.

Perhaps it is these facts from the biography of HAARP that provoke various conspiracy theories around the system. At least, regarding the European complexes EISCAT and SPEAR (both located in Norway), which were originally created as purely scientific, conspiracy rumors do not go. But the complex "Sura", located in the Nizhny Novgorod region sometimes falls into different conspiracy theories, of course, in the West. It is possible that exactly “Suru” was meant by Stevens. But who knows what he wanted to say.

Complex "Sura"

The Sura complex is slightly smaller than HAARP: 300 field on 300 meters with 144 dipole antennas and three 250 kW transmitters. The system can emit waves in the 4,5-9,3 MHz band. "Sura" can warm the atmosphere to altitudes of about 300 kilometers. Employees of the complex call it “pamper ionosphere”. Administratively, “Sura” belongs to the Nizhny Novgorod Research Institute of Radio Physics, although earlier, before the collapse of the USSR, the military also participated in the project. The latter wanted a super-weapon capable of incapacitating enemy vehicles on the other side of the planet. On this occasion, research was carried out on the possibility of creating a "mirror" in the ionosphere, which was supposed to reflect an electromagnetic pulse and send it to the heads of the enemy. Another fantastic project is the creation of a “lens” above the enemy, which collects, amplifies cosmic radiation and focuses it on the enemy. The third method of military use of the complexes, similar to "Sura", was to transfer energy to any point on the planet along a kind of electromagnetic energy harness. But studies of the atmosphere showed one of its features: even to create a light breeze, it is required to “cram” into the atmosphere such amount of energy that is enough to supply a rather big city in a few days. And this is not counting the expenditure of energy on "mirrors", "lenses" and other atmospheric miracles.

Moreover, both Sura and HAARP have directional antennas: because of this, even with an increase in the radiation power by orders of magnitude, it will be possible to break the connection only at a relatively short distance from the antennas. In addition, there have long been much more efficient, cheap and cost-effective electronic warfare systems.

So at the moment both systems can only cause the northern lights, and moreover, they quickly disappear after the emitters stop working. This, of course, is beautiful, but the aurora does not and is not foreseen for practical application, and even more so for the military. Yes, the Convention "On the prohibition of military or any other hostile use of environmental impact" 1978, no one has yet been canceled.

And yet the question remains: why in the past few years have natural “troubles” become more frequent? Occam's razor leaves only the version of the interaction of the magnetic fields of the Earth and the Sun, as well as the intensification of the latter’s activity.

HAARP. Climatic weapon (uncircumcised version)

In the United States, under the cover of a global missile defense project, carried out under a comprehensive study program of radiofrequency impacts on the HAARP ionosphere, the development of plasma weapons has become. In accordance with it, in Alaska, at the Gakon test site, a powerful radar complex was built - a huge antenna field covering an area of ​​13 hectares. The antennas directed to zenith will allow focusing the pulses of short-wave radiation on separate sections of the ionosphere and warm them up to the formation of a temperature plasma. The power of its radiation is many times higher than that of the sun.
In fact, HAARP is a colossal microwave oven, whose radiation can be focused anywhere in the world, thereby causing various natural disasters (floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, heat, etc.), as well as various man-made disasters (disturb radio communications in large areas, worsen the accuracy of satellite navigation, “blinding radars”, create accidents in power grids, on gas and oil pipelines of entire regions, etc.), affect people's consciousness and psyche.
The film describes the types of climate weapons and their use, their developments in the USSR and the USA, the HAARP complex, natural disasters, the impact on human consciousness, the causes of abnormal heat and fires in the summer of 2010 in Russia.


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  1. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 10 November 2011 11: 34
    Although I understand little about this issue, but joking with nature, it seems to me that you can break firewood. Well, it is better to confront the enemy with such weapons with an opposing one than with a similar one.
    1. His
      His 10 November 2011 11: 36
      You can play with nature
    2. Glenn witcher
      Glenn witcher 11 November 2011 18: 35
      So far, humanity does not have such energies to "joke" somehow sensitively.
  2. Anatoly
    Anatoly 10 November 2011 14: 55
    He worked in Yakutia, near the village of Peledui. I was very surprised when I saw a beautiful asphalt road to the forest. When there were almost no roads in the entire village, one primer. Locals said that the road leads to a secret military unit. for monitoring seismic bursts. And the equipment that was taken during construction should not be subject to any fluctuations. So they made the perfect road. Perhaps this is ... - climate weapons.
    ... a double edged sword.
    1. zczczc
      zczczc 10 November 2011 17: 59
      Anatoly, the only difference is that we "possibly have", but they "have and are most likely intended for this."
      1. Anatoly
        Anatoly 10 November 2011 20: 10
        The USSR was full of secrets ...
        1. zczczc
          zczczc 11 November 2011 04: 21
          Anatoly, The USSR with modern Russia, alas, is not necessary to compare :(
  3. Tyumen
    Tyumen 10 November 2011 18: 42
    I read that at HAARP Tesla's ideas are being developed.
    Article for Volkhov. smile
  4. Joker
    Joker 10 November 2011 18: 55
    Finish it out, these are not jokes at all, something will go wrong and the end of all humanity.
    ZEBRASH 10 November 2011 20: 30
    The author writes as if he knows most about this. Who knows, maybe HAARP is really a climate weapon? You never know. The truth is unlikely to find out ...
    1. kesa1111
      kesa1111 12 November 2011 00: 55
      Theoretically, the description of the Fukushima events is similar (at least externally) ... Zhirinovsky advises the Japanese to forget about the Kuril Islands:
  6. dred
    dred 11 November 2011 16: 50
    Climatic weapons are not new.
  7. miland
    miland 15 November 2011 12: 59
    Good article! Especially interesting movie! It is unfortunate that the traitors sold a lot of research and development abroad. I don’t know if we can once again become the first in research and development, but I really hope so!
  8. zabinski
    zabinski 14 July 2012 16: 36

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    Obama-PTAAG ... in Alaska dug in on several hectares of antennas to create a torsion field for heating the core of "Earth" ... where a thermonuclear reaction is taking place. ... On Nibiru, such installations are used to heat up the plasma in order to use the decay of uranium atoms - in the jet propulsion by a "comet" through space from various volcanoes. Then the length of the comet's tail can reach a million Earth kilometers. ... And the imperialist Obama used HAARP to create an earthquake in the Asia-Pacific region last year when Japan was hit. ... And, it can easily heat up the directed plasma under one or several nearby volcanoes ... it can use HAARP as a climatic weapon ... accounting for those hidden by continents.

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  12. Honory
    Honory 14 November 2014 20: 05
    It is unlikely that the Americans will want to joke with the climate. Let them also live on the planet.