Strategic bombers at Engels Air Base

Dmitry Chistoprudov writes chistoprudov: From the very beginning, the trip did not work out. Plans and activities overlapped one another and did not want to be evenly distributed. There was a feeling that you just had to abandon this venture. But damn, I really wanted to go to the air base, where heavy bombers were stationed aviation shelves! I had to sacrifice my plans and miserably squeeze them into a tight time frame ...
And it was worth it. It was my best press tour to a military base, maybe not from photographs, but according to impressions - for sure!

Together with two Sasha (russos and triptotheworld), having bought at some terrible grocery store, at the first hour of the night we left Moscow and went to Saratov. It rained for a long time. After Penza, when it became light, we had doubts that today, in general, someone would take off ...
Alternately changing rudders with russos, by 10 in the morning we had already crossed the Volga and entered Engels. Here our tests ended - there was not a single cloud in the sky, it was warm, and somewhere far away we could hear the pleasant rumbling of the most powerful turboprop engines in the world ...

We were the first bloggers who came to this airbase. We, as the press, were first introduced to the commander of the aviation base, Colonel Kostyunin Dmitry Leonidovich.
- Guys, interview, ask questions, what you have.
We looked at each other, shrugged.
- Yes, we would quickly look at the aircraft ...
The commander smiled knowingly and wished us luck. Later we saw him on the Il-78 tanker - Dmitry Leonidovich also takes part in training flights.

2. The Tu-95, the mobile powerplant and the Opel Astra, on which we arrived, moved along the platform and taxiing.

3. Tu-95s - a turboprop strategic bomber-bomber, the fastest propeller aircraft, which became one of the symbols of the Cold War. The only one in the world adopted and serially produced a turboprop bomber. Designed to hit cruise missiles of important objects in the rear of the enemy at any time of day and in all weather conditions.

4. 30 July 2010 set a world record of non-stop flight for airplanes of this class, while during this time bombers flew about 30 thousands of kilometers over three oceans, having refueled four times in the air.

5. The Tu-95MS, which is the backbone of Russia's strategic aviation, is the carrier of X-55 cruise missiles.

6. Each engine has two coaxial metal four-bladed screws.

7. In the tail of the aircraft is the commander of the firing system - a double-barreled aircraft gun GSH-23. The effective range of cartridges caliber 23x115 mm - 2 km.


9. In continuation of the traditions begun in the domestic aviation in the 30s, some aircraft are given their own names. Tu-160 is named in honor of the Heroes of the Soviet Union and people directly associated with Long-Range Aviation, Tu-95MS - in honor of the cities.

10. Preparation of the aircraft for departure.

11. Cabin Tu-95.

12. The crew of the 7 man is located in two pressure cabins. Ejection seats for crew members are not provided. If necessary, emergency escape of the aircraft is carried out through the access hatches.


14. Tu-95 went to a series with the engines NK-12, which are still the most powerful turboprop engines in the world. Coaxial screws with variable pitch have a diameter of 5,6 meter - this is larger than the diameter of a standard single-track tunnel of the Moscow metro.

15. The high power of the engine (15000 HP) and the design of the propellers cause its unprecedented noise - the Tu-95 is one of the noisiest aircraft in the world and is even detected by submersible sonar systems, but this is not critical for nuclear missile strikes.





20. Unlike 90-s, when military aircraft flew mostly sporadically, now at the Engels air base training flights are 2 – 3 once a week.

21. We got on a flight shift, during which take-offs and landings, refueling in the air TU-160 and TU-95MS from the aircraft IL-78, and also carried out training flights on a long route over the territory of Russia.

Strategic bombers at Engels Air Base

22. The first to take off the weather reconnaissance bomber. It flies over the airfield area within 300 km.

23. Preparing for departure Tu-95. A pleasant hum of turboprop engines spreads over the airfield. Included nasal searchlights are designed to scare away frightened birds, which take two lights for the eyes of a predator.



26. When such a car takes off, flying tens of meters away from you, there appears such a childish and sincere delight that you want to scream and jump for joy. A photograph of this can not be transferred.

27. IL-78 is preparing for takeoff. Currently it is the only specialized type of fuel tanker aircraft in service with the Russian Air Force.



30. It's amazing that such a big fly flies, and it also takes on board up to 90 tons of cargo!


32. The highlight of the program is a supersonic strategic bomber-bomber with a variable sweep wing Tu-160.


Aircraft flight characteristics:
- Maximum speed at height: 2230 km / h
- Cruising speed: 917 km / h
- Maximum flight range without refueling: 13950 km
- Combat radius: 6000 km
- Flight duration: 25 h
- Practical ceiling: 15000 m
- Rate of climb: 4400 m / min

35. The aircraft is equipped with the 4 engine NK-32 - two-circuit turbojet three-shaft engines with a common afterburner. Total afterburner power over 100 000 l. with.

36. Russian pilots have called this plane "white swan" for its reliability, beauty and grace. The Americans gave him a different name - "Black Jack" - for its invulnerability to air defense systems and the ability to deliver a sudden blow.

37. 1984 of the year produced 35 aircraft. The cost of one unit is about 7,5 billion rubles.

38. With incomplete loading, the aircraft easily takes off without a boost.

39. White Swan!

40. Tu-160 is the largest in stories military aircraft supersonic aircraft and aircraft with variable geometry of the wing, the most powerful and heaviest combat aircraft in the world, has the largest among bombers maximum take-off weight and combat load.


42. After the planes took to the air and set off for training flights on a long route with dozaparvka in the air (for example, to the North Pole or distant Siberia), we went to the local canteen for refueling.

43. The best war canteen I have ever been to! Lunch costs 110 rubles.

44. After lunch we went to the Museum of Long-Range Aviation.




48. Toward evening, the first aircraft began to return.



51. The normal take-off mass is comparable to the take-off mass of the 9 71-619K trams.

52. After each flight, the technical crew meets the flight crew and receives instructions for working on the aircraft. Maybe something needs to be corrected or urgently eliminated, because these planes are complex aviation systems, stuffed with radio electronics. In preparing the aircraft for departure involved up to 30 people ground specialists.

53. Sometimes air patrol flights are performed in neutral airspace. In such cases, our aircraft are often accompanied by NATO interceptor fighters. The air squadron commander Alexander Khabarov says that sometimes alien planes get too close (“lie on the wing”), then our pilots turn on the afterburner, leaving for supersound, and the bomber flies away from the fighters. NATO pilots are very upset, because their fighters have additional fuel tanks installed and they cannot go to supersonic and keep up with the White Swan.





58. Return Tu-95.





63. When the sun set over the horizon, we sat down in our Astra and on the night went back to Moscow.

64. Two photos from the air parade in Moscow in 2010 year.

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  1. rnb1983
    10 November 2011 09: 55
    Good luck to you guys !!!!
  2. +6
    10 November 2011 11: 26
    When such a car takes off, flying tens of meters away from you, there appears such a childish and sincere delight that you want to scream and jump for joy. A photograph of this can not be transferred.
    I would very much like to experience these feelings! wink
    1. +5
      10 November 2011 14: 54
      Impressions are not very pleasant. This is my hometown, once in my youth, back in the Soviet Union, we went fishing in the night (the Saratovka river flows through ravines just under the cut of the airport’s GDP) and fell into a night flight with a fool. The 95th Tu-shki came off the strip right above us, 30-40 meters high, with spotlights burning, such a rumble that presses into the ground and the teeth begin to vibrate finely. In a word, fishing didn’t happen that night ... Actually, yes, recently they began to fly more, in the winter I often hunt for bunnies near the airfield, so that everything is in front of our eyes ...
  3. His
    10 November 2011 11: 29
    Everything is good, but there are problems - noise must be reduced, engines in Russia do not produce. Everything flies thanks to merits from the Soviet Union
    1. +3
      10 November 2011 15: 04
      something needs to be decided with the engines, a contract should be given for something that will block the cost of the small series.

      beautiful birds!
  4. +4
    10 November 2011 12: 40
    Beauties! Unfortunately of the last century .... Will our designers surprise us at the beginning of this century so that our children look at airplanes like WE?
  5. +4
    10 November 2011 12: 49
    There are always problems.
    But this does not cancel the main point of the report.
    THEY are flying and they are FLYING, not sitting on the ground. In addition, these are really powerful and beautiful cars created by our grandfathers and fathers.
    There is something to be proud of.
    Clear skies men!
  6. dimarm74
    10 November 2011 14: 06
    Cool ... impressive! Respect and respect to the author !!!
  7. +2
    10 November 2011 15: 03
    Thank you for this report. At the sight of such handsome men, it’s breathtaking.
    I recall youth and everything related to aviation. THANKS. Have a nice flight.
  8. Tyumen
    10 November 2011 19: 05
    The last two photos - we are waiting for the same with the rest of the world capitals. smile
  9. +1
    10 November 2011 19: 23
    And I served there men, the lyrical mood "attacked." Only, and the base commander for training flights? But in general, I am proud that I served in the Air Force ADD. And in the office of the head of the base was. smile
  10. NickitaDembelnulsa
    11 December 2011 13: 39
    You look at this beauty and think: We live boys! ...