500 shots for half an hour and this is not the limit!

Today I would like to dedicate the transfer to the Turkish gun Streamer. We have never dealt with Turkish issues. weaponsbecause, in my opinion, it was not reliable enough. However, one of our previous programs, where we shot a Streamer pistol with five hundred rounds, turned out there in 19 minutes, showed that the gun is quite reliable. Recommend for self-defense can be. That's precisely why today's program will be devoted only to "Streamer".

The gun is manufactured in Turkey by the company "Target Technologies". Unfortunately, the main material produced by this gun is not steel, but an alloy called TsAM - zinc, aluminum, magnesium. Why is this gun made of alloy instead of steel? Everything is very simple. In fact, according to European laws, it is prohibited to manufacture non-military weapons from materials from which combat materials are made. Another plus, which should not be forgotten, which is very important when producing any products from alloys: a significantly lower product cost. Therefore, this gun in retail now costs 10 with a small thousand rubles.

Naturally, like all self-defense pistols, it works on the principle of a free shutter. When fired, the bullet flies forward, the sleeve pushes the bolt back, the bolt rolls back, the spent cartridge is extracted, and the trigger is simultaneously cocked. After that, in the return stroke, send a new cartridge from the magazine, and the pistol is ready for the next shot. Like most pistols, double-action firing mechanism: allows you to fire a shot, both with self-cocking and pre-cocking. This is a big plus has always been in the weapon of self-defense, because it can be carried with a cartridge in the chamber.

Pistols are made in various colors. There is such a glossy black version, there is a black matte. And there is a nickel version with a lining on the handle made of plastic, made under a tree. The gun is very pretty. In hand, not to say that it is very comfortable, but also not to say that it is disgusting. Plus the gun is very, very compact. We can compare, for example, its PM-shaped - it is less. We can compare with the most compact pistol - it is PSM, they are almost the same in length, PSM in height, well, a little bit less, literally just a little bit, well, the thickness of Streamer is also greater.

Why did this gun get so fat? Because he has a two-row store. The store intervenes with 14 cartridges, which is very good for such a compact pistol. A pistol shop, it has a somewhat non-standard look. People accustomed to normal weapons, it will seem that this shop needs to be inserted into the gun just like that, because, as a rule, in all stores a larger ledge is made in front. In this case, the Turks made the projection of the heel of the store back to close the cavities, which could be visible if the heel were shorter. Absolutely not a critical moment, because a person, of course, gets used to everything.

In principle, the gun works on almost any ammo. Allows you to use as the weakest ammunition for training, there 30 joules, and self-defense ammunition "magnum", or a slaughter plus - is 80 and more joules. For comfortable shooting and shooting without delays with more powerful cartridges, replace the return spring.

A little weird look at the shutter. Those. he is like a casing that closes the trunk. On the one hand, it is a minus. It's impossible to distort him quickly like this. On the other hand, this is a big plus. Much better cooling at the trunk. What we saw, again, at the shooting, when after the 500 shots, you could easily take the gun by the barrel.

Another feature of Streamer for me is rather negative than positive - it is an open pull trigger. This is bad because dirt can get stuck here, sand can get stuck here. It may also be in your pocket, for example, if we wear something hard, a piece of a match, for example, get caught up in a craving, and we will not be able to fire a shot while removing this pistol.

Very nice in this gun looks muzzle. There is no narrowing in it. In principle, it looks very similar to an ordinary 9 pistol mm.

The pistol controls are one-sided only. The fuse, slide latch and magazine ejection button can only be controlled by the thumb of the right hand. This is a minus for left-handers, of course.

Pretty soft trigger mechanism from him. The self-cocking shot does not pose any problems at all, a very soft, smooth ride, but still quite long.

In around the Streamer 2 sales year, there were already three such global upgrades to this gun. On the first batches of pistols there was no pre-platoon. When the cartridge was in the chamber, and the trigger is lowered, so if in this position it falls and the hammer hits, there are different situations in life, then a shot will occur. Then the Turkish company added a so-called preliminary cock platoon. You sent the cartridge into the chamber, pulled the trigger - in this position a shot may still occur. Next you need to slightly take the hens back, and we see that he took his position a little cocked. He does not touch the drummer, as it does not hit the shot does not happen. In the pistols “Streamer-2014”, which have already gone to the counter, they are even more modernized and shot from the cartridge in the chamber and with the trigger lowered is no longer possible.

Also, changes were made and the material of the manufacture of the gun. The “Streamer” of the 2014 series is made of a more rigid alloy that can withstand much greater loads, one-time. But he has another drawback: he is a bit more fragile. There was a slight problem with the Streamer, especially the former, the poor quality of manufacture of the chamber. Therefore, the sleeve a little bit clouded clouded and not extracted. Of course, all this is corrected. But the modern pistols, which are now going to Russia, called “Streamer-2014”, no longer exist. Owning the same "Streamer" 1014 series is better to gently polish the chamber slightly polished.

Disassembly of the gun is very, very simple. We cock the chickens, combine the rice, it is described in the instructions. Then we take the slide latch and remove, as usual, with the usual movement of the bolt. Here we see the shutter itself, which has very thin walls and does not have an external casing, which is bad, of course, for rigidity, but good for heat dissipation from the barrel. The barrel is made integral from the frame. This is done all in a single mold. Inside the trunk is a liner, that is, a tube with teeth, which are made of steel. The main load, the maximum pressure peak at the departure of the bullet of their cartridge, takes on all the same steel, not alloy. The trigger mechanism is also made mainly from TsAMA, but on the trigger, as we see, there is a steel insert. When hitting the hammer in the gate, again, the steel takes on the main load. Drummer naturally steel.

In principle, this is my personal opinion, after shooting this pistol and after I twisted it tightly in my hands, you can recommend it for self-defense. The only thing that all owners need to remember is that to shoot out of it with powerful cartridges on a weak spring regularly is very, very not good. Bring may sometime later at any time. Therefore, let us define, its main task is self-defense, not babakhen.
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  1. dred
    31 December 2011 17: 11
    Not bad at all for a gun.

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