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Russian Yak-130: “horror film” that NATO should be afraid of (“The National Interest”, USA)

Russian Yak-130: “horror film” that NATO should be afraid of (“The National Interest”, USA)

In the world of Russian combat aircraft, the best cars created by Moscow, such as the Su-35 and T-50 of the Sukhoi company, attract the most attention.

But the Yak-130, developed in the Yakovlev Design Bureau, being a less effective two-seater training aircraft, still attracts the gaze of people. Because it is not just a training aircraft. "Mitten," as Western intelligence agents called this twin-engined car, today justifies its reputation as a true multi-role fighter.

When the Air Force wants to maximize its combat potential, a training aircraft, even if equipped with jet engines, can hardly claim to be the number one candidate.

But today's multi-purpose combat-training aircraft represent a very viable and fairly economical alternative to conventional fighters - even those that appeared on the other side of the iron curtain.

As with many other post-Soviet military projects, a lot of time passed before the pilots were able to get into the cockpit of the Yak-130. However, today this aircraft is increasingly used in the most modern flight schools and centers of the Russian Air Force.

In addition, the Kremlin began to deliver this car to Belarus, which is a close military ally of Moscow. Earlier, Russia delivered a lot of these cars to Algeria, which has long been buying Russian-made military aircraft.

The Yak-130 has three suspension points under each wing. This means that its combat load reaches three tons, and it can carry air-to-air, air-to-surface missiles, precision-guided aerial bombs, free-fall bombs, unguided missiles, cannon containers and outboard fuel tanks on board.

At the end of the wing there are two more attachment points for air-to-air missiles and passive interference devices, which knock the enemy’s missile with a thermal homing system off the combat course. But that's not all. Under the fuselage of the Yak-130, you can mount a powerful 23-millimeter cannon.

Recent photos show the next stage of improvement of this aircraft to the level of a real combat vehicle. On the "Yaks" with Russian identification marks visible characteristic "bump" in the bow of the cabin. This may be a laser rangefinder LD-130 with a camera designed to identify targets and increase the accuracy of on-board armament.

Another option in the improvement of the Yak-130 - a bar for refueling in the air, which will increase the combat radius of action when performing offensive tasks.

Fully armed and refueled the Yak-130 weighs 10 300 kilograms. This is just over half the maximum take-off mass of the F-16, which is the main multi-role fighter of the US Air Force and many American allies.

If two two hundred kilogram bombs, a cannon and a pair of fuel tanks are suspended on the Yak-130, its maximum combat radius will be almost 700 kilometers. This is a very solid figure compared with the F-16, which with two 900-kilogram bombs, two AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles and a pair of outboard fuel tanks will have a radius of 1 350 kilometers.

Subsonic Yak-130 belongs to the family of aircraft, which are called combat training. Such machines enable trainees to become familiar with advanced equipment and technologies before they sit at the helm of a real combat fighter.

The United States Air Force, for its part, wants to purchase 350 new training aircraft in return for the hopelessly outdated T-38 Talon. In the air force, this multibillion-dollar program was named TX.

But the Yak-130, unlike the usual training aircraft, is also combat and can make real combat missions.

For the air forces of small countries, such as Belarus, the Yak-130 is a low-budget combat vehicle, in the absence of which they would have to purchase expensive multi-role fighters. Having abandoned the Su-27 fighters due to the high cost and got rid of the Su-24 attack aircraft, Belarus fell into a position where she urgently needed to strengthen her combat fleet aviation.

Small and agile, but capable of inflicting painful blows, the Yak-130 is also very useful in counter-guerrilla and asymmetric wars.

After the Vietnam War, training aircraft found their niche by performing combat missions in counterinsurgency and counterguerrilla operations. Algeria, which has long been leading a military campaign against Islamic extremists, is very interested in this.

As part of the Yak-130 Algerian Air Force, the Sukhoi’s heavier vehicles complement and interact with the upgraded Mi-24 attack helicopters.

Yak-130 was developed in the Yakovlev Design Bureau, which once occupied a leading position in the creation of fighters. In 2008, this design bureau was bought by the Irkut corporation, in connection with which the production of the aircraft was moved to the east of Russia.

Work on the creation of a new training aircraft for the Russian Air Force (then it was the Soviet air force) began in the 1990 year, and by the middle of the 90's Yak-130 began to compete with the MiG-AT OKB Mikoyan. In April, the 1996 of the year the prototype Yak-130 began flight tests, but the Kremlin only in the 2002 year preferred this machine, abandoning the MiG-AT.

In the first decade of the new century, Russia built four prototypes of the Yak-130.

The Russian Air Force in 2005 placed the first order for 12 of such aircraft. They began to enter service at the beginning of 2010. The following year, the Russian Air Force ordered another 55 Yak-130.

Producers have so far delivered all the machines ordered, and now they are used at the aerodromes of two training aviation centers. Design Bureau. Yakovlev creates a dozen more planes in a simplified version for demonstration flights.

The next customer may be the Russian Navy, intending to use the Yak-130 to train pilots of carrier-based aviation at the recently created coastal training base. The future of the Yak-130 in Russia seems promising, because before the 2020 year, the Ministry of Defense wants to get at least another 150 of such machines.

The AI-222-25 turbojet engine is produced in Russia, but is the result of cooperation with the Ukrainian company Progress. When Russia in February 2014 invaded the Crimea, Ukraine stopped military cooperation with the Kremlin.

It is not clear whether this decision will affect the production of the engine.

Irkut is actively courting potential foreign customers. The first was Algeria. In the 2000s, cooperation between the two countries went through a difficult period of great turbulence, as Moscow promised newer aircraft to Algeria than it actually delivered. However, the "Yaks" were very successful acquisition.

The first aircraft from the party in 16 machines arrived in Algeria at the end of 2011. Like the Algerian Su-30MKA fighters, the small Yak-130 are equipped with custom made western cab instruments.

An attempt to sell the Yak-130 of Libya failed when this country was mired in a civil war. And another war - in Syria - nullified the plans for the supply of "Jacob" to Damascus. But since relations between Moscow and the West continue to deteriorate, the Kremlin declares that deliveries of the Yak-130 to Syria may resume.

Belarus bought four Yak-130 at the end of 2012, and shipments began in April, 2015. Irkut hopes that Bangladesh will become the next Mitten buyer. Planned deliveries of 16 aircraft should begin next year.

Bangladesh does not have a shortage of training aircraft, and it is possible that the Yak-130 will be designed for counter-insurgency struggle - or it will perform both training and combat functions.

Most of the countries considering the acquisition of the Yak-130 want to see in it not only a training aircraft, but also a light fighting vehicle designed, among other things, for counterinsurgency. Among such countries are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Uruguay and Vietnam.

The Yak-130 has proven itself to be a combat training vehicle with useful qualities for conducting anti-guerrilla wars such as those that the United States Air Force fought in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

In no case will the USA buy Yak-130 for its TX program. But the Air Force can take advantage of another opportunity.

Italian M-346 Master is the same Yak-130, but under a different name. It is very similar to the Russian combat training machine thanks to the cooperation between the OKB Design Bureau. Yakovlev and the Italian company Aermacchi, which they carried out in the early 1990-x.

Aermacchi slightly reduced the Yak-130, put on it a new digital electrodynamic control system and a modern cockpit with displays. By the end of 1990, the Russian and Italian partners had split up, but the resulting M-346 owes a lot to the product of the Yakovlev Bureau.

The Russian company received many millions of dollars for the drawings of the aircraft, which it handed over to Aermacchi. Today, M-346 is participating in the competition and is one of the contenders for filling the niche of training aircraft of the US Air Force.

At best, he has the odds of an outsider, especially now that General Dynamics’s former US partner, General Dynamics, has abandoned the Italian glider. However, M-346, proposed by America under the name T-100, found buyers in Singapore, Poland and Israel.

The most significant moment is probably that Israel decided to give preference to M-346 in order to train the pilots on the F-35 Lightning II. Italy will also train future F-35 Lightning II pilots on M-346. In fact, they have the same requirements that the United States Air Force set out in its program TX.

There is a certain amount of irony in this. It is not excluded that the Russian and American pilots who are destined to fly on fifth-generation T-50 and F-35 aircraft will learn almost on the same machine.
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    CARLSON 11 September 2015 14: 48 New
    If we (Russia) are in a dark place (sanctions), leaning against a warm wall (GDP, import substitution), then we are still wow (the whole world is shaking, for some reason)
    1. Darkmor
      Darkmor 11 September 2015 15: 06 New
      Well, the Yak-130 is a product developed even before the sanctions.
      Rather, the depreciation of the ruble made this aircraft cheaper in dollar terms, which attracted attention to it.

      Well, as correctly noted in the article, the plane has its own unique niche - a light attack aircraft for the counterguerrilla struggle. As far as I know, there are no machines of this class in the world, or they are all very outdated.
      He has less fuel than a full-fledged attack aircraft. It is cheaper to maintain. Of course, it is not as effective as a real attack aircraft, neither in survivability, nor in armament - but against partisan detachments this is enough.
      It can be used as a scout, and even to control the coastal zone from pirates. And all this goes as a bonus to the training plane.
      1. zyablik.olga
        zyablik.olga 12 September 2015 14: 11 New
        Quote: Darkmor

        Well, as correctly noted in the article, the plane has its own unique niche - a light attack aircraft for the counterguerrilla struggle. As far as I know, there are no machines of this class in the world, or they are all very outdated.

        Really? no Please read: "Modern counter-guerrilla aircraft."
    2. vodolaz
      vodolaz 12 September 2015 01: 34 New
      A good aircraft for your goals and needs: you can train, but you can also fight, and to do this alternately and not very expensive. I don’t think that it will be compared precisely with military aircraft, but it will definitely occupy its niche.
    MIKHAN 11 September 2015 14: 49 New
    For some reason, I immediately liked this “bird” beautiful, educational, and at the same time it can turn into a formidable attack aircraft, inconspicuous, tenacious!
    1. dyksi
      dyksi 11 September 2015 14: 55 New
      Which attack plane and which is tenacious? A light drummer is one thing, but it is not suitable for attack, it is too unprotected and very expensive.
      1. MIKHAN
        MIKHAN 11 September 2015 15: 54 New
        Quote: dyksi
        Which attack plane and which is tenacious? A light drummer is one thing, but it is not suitable for attack, it is too unprotected and very expensive.

        I will not argue, but I like him and he has a great prospect for sure .... hi
  3. dyksi
    dyksi 11 September 2015 14: 50 New
    Interestingly, 150 aircraft, this is what niche they will occupy, since for training aircraft this is too big a figure. You could probably order the MO 150 MiG-35, they are much more needed than our Air Force. We clamp the most powerful fighter and order cars for which there is not even a niche for use. Some kind of mess
    1. Mareman Vasilich
      Mareman Vasilich 11 September 2015 15: 17 New
      Yes, the MiG-35 is just handsome.
    2. Darkmor
      Darkmor 11 September 2015 15: 18 New
      Quote: dyksi
      as for training aircraft this is too big a figure.

      How many military districts do we have? How many aviation groups are there in each? How many training aircraft are needed for each connection to provide a flight training schedule? And when you consider that pilots need to work out actions as part of a link?

      Quote: dyksi
      You could probably order the MO 150 MiG-35

      No. You could order about 30 mig-35. These aircraft have too different price tags.
      1. dyksi
        dyksi 11 September 2015 17: 33 New
        Actually, by and large, the MiG-35 needs to be ordered three four hundred, not a dozen, because such a fighter should be the main one, which in terms of cost-effectiveness has no equal, neither abroad, nor ours. He is two to three times cheaper than Sushka, and as a fighter stronger.
        1. Darkmor
          Darkmor 11 September 2015 23: 47 New
          So no one argues that the Mig-35 is an excellent fighter.
          But Yaks were bought as training aircraft. The instant, it seems, also has a training modification, but it is more expensive, both at the price of a car and at the price of a flight hour. Moreover, much more expensive.

          There is no choice, as such - to buy Migi or buy Yaki.
          In any case, you will have to buy a fleet of training aircraft, and in any case, you will have to buy new fighters.
          The Moscow Region decided that in the first place it was necessary to attend to training, and in the second, it was more economical and cheaper to take YACs to the training aircraft fleet. And at least in numbers they are right.
          On the same YAKs it will be possible to prepare pilots for MIGs, which can always be bought later.
          I don’t see any sense in buying combat aircraft without a training base. They can and will fly, but the real benefit in battle will be reduced by 2–3 times due to poor pilot training.
    3. S-17
      S-17 11 September 2015 15: 38 New
      In MO forgot to ask a specialist. Urgently rectify the situation, write a complaint!
      1. dyksi
        dyksi 11 September 2015 17: 29 New
        This is indicated by experts and pilots, as well as the Air Force Commander-in-Chief, does this suit you? First you read what innovations have been made to this aircraft, it is capable of performing the functions of heavy fighters and at practically the same ranges, they are preparing for testing of the RB-DB and suspended target designation containers, and even the Su-35 does not. With all this, it is two, three times cheaper, even with AFAR. Before being malicious, read the information for a start. By the way, the candidacy of Sergey Korotkov, who promoted the latest MiG developments, will be proposed for the post of the KLA General Designer on September 18-19, and this state practically cost nothing, unlike Sushki and Yakov, which took tens of billions of green. Even the fifth generation develops with its own money, so learn how to create the best fighters without removing the last pants from the country.
        1. Svetoch
          Svetoch 12 September 2015 07: 23 New
          Why are you so bent on the fact that a moment is better than drying and generally beautiful? In this, it seems no one is arguing with you. They try to convey to you that the Yak-130 like a training plane superior to Migi and Drying. Precisely as a training. That is, cadets will be able to perform on these planes, in any situation and economy, more sorties, more hours in flight. hi Or do you deny the obvious truth that Mig, no matter how good he is, without a trained pilot is a target and danger to people on earth? hi
    4. Arikkhab
      Arikkhab 12 September 2015 12: 36 New
      Can you plan to increase the number of flight schools?
  4. Sergey K.
    Sergey K. 11 September 2015 14: 53 New
    When Russia invaded Crimea in February 2014, Ukraine ceased military cooperation with the Kremlin.

    It is immediately clear that the author is from behind a hillock, since it was more correct to say that she didn’t invade but reunited
    1. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 11 September 2015 14: 56 New
      Well, it depends on which side of the hill you look .. laughing
      1. Down House
        Down House 11 September 2015 15: 53 New
        Well, it depends on how much a famous president drank today!
    2. kartalovkolya
      kartalovkolya 11 September 2015 16: 02 New
      Yes, he is not from behind, but from a hillock and from three letters!
    3. Black Colonel
      Black Colonel 11 September 2015 17: 35 New
      Torn off the tongue. I put a minus to the author for this. K ... l star-striped. am
  5. Aleksandr1959
    Aleksandr1959 11 September 2015 14: 55 New
    Once upon a time in the USSR, tests were carried out on the bombing of two "hundred parts" with the L-39.
    The Chinese also made a clone of the Yak-130 with a Ukrainian engine. L-15
    Going to make it supersonic.
    1. dyksi
      dyksi 11 September 2015 15: 00 New
      To make a machine supersonic, you need forced engines for not, but this is a return to R&D, strengthening the airframe (its strength characteristics), which entails an increase in the mass of the aircraft, a sharp increase in price, any meaning is lost.
      1. Aleksandr1959
        Aleksandr1959 11 September 2015 15: 53 New
        And the Chinese were going to put an engine with an afterburner.
        The Chinese supersonic combat trainer Hongdu L-15 is equipped with two AI-222-25F engines developed by the Zaporizhzhya ICD Progress named after A. G. Ivchenko and produced in Ukraine at the Motor Sich plant. In total, until 2015, China will receive 250 such engines from Ukraine.

        But the most interesting thing is different. Ukraine is considering the possibility of equipping the country's air forces with these aircraft, which will be produced under license in Ukraine

        It is assumed that gliders to planes will be delivered from China, and engines and a part of avionics, including an onboard radar, will be installed in Ukraine itself.
        Another Ukrainian dream. wassat
      2. Black Colonel
        Black Colonel 11 September 2015 17: 38 New
        Aerodynamics also need to be altered to supersonic - wing thickness, front-rear angles, etc. And this is another plane. But is it necessary?
        1. Aleksandr1959
          Aleksandr1959 11 September 2015 18: 15 New
          Do you need it?

          The Chinese apparently need.
          ... experts note the fact that the Korean T-50 and Chinese LJ-10 have a maximum speed of more than Mach 1,4, while the creators of the Yak-130 intentionally refused to use a power plant with afterburners: a Russian aircraft can overcome speed sound, but it is not intended for long flights at supersonic speed. In an interview with Aviation and Time magazine, Arkady Gurtovoy, who is the deputy general director of the Yakovlev Design Bureau, noted that “in the process of preparing new pilots and the combat operation of a light combat training aircraft, supersonic speed plays a very insignificant role,” therefore, to reduce the cost of the aircraft it was decided to limit its maximum speed to 1050 km / h.

          According to Arkady Gurtovy, Beijing deliberately “sped up” its LJ-10 at the request of the military, who wanted to see him as a full-fledged combat aircraft, but this approach is difficult to be considered reasonable. In any case, based on the Russian Yak-130, if necessary, you can also create a supersonic aircraft. This was stated not only by the representative of the Yakovlev Design Bureau, but also by the representatives of the Irkut Aircraft Building Corporation.

  6. pavelty
    pavelty 11 September 2015 14: 55 New
    150 - it’s not much, now it’s delivered to the RF Ministry of Defense, something in the region of 50 units, and pilots need to be taught, more and better, Why else there’s a hundred Yak-130 at different aerodromes
  7. vkl-47
    vkl-47 11 September 2015 14: 55 New
    Beautiful plane
  8. katalonec2014
    katalonec2014 11 September 2015 14: 59 New
    A beautiful plane, and if pressed it can fight.
    1. Down House
      Down House 11 September 2015 15: 30 New
      If you press it, you can put nails under the tanks, the main thing in this matter is the effectiveness of pressing.
  9. The comment was deleted.
  10. engineer74
    engineer74 11 September 2015 15: 07 New
    It is unclear whether this decision will affect the production of the engine.
    - Do not wait !!!
    (Even after the first Maidan, the localization of production in Russia began, now we do it ourselves)
  11. Down House
    Down House 11 September 2015 15: 20 New
    I’ll ask the patriots not to be especially happy, the training plane, and NATO, scaring the citizens of the “free” world, will quickly buy it into the “competitors” and modify the combat ones!
    1. 33 Watcher
      33 Watcher 11 September 2015 18: 06 New
      USA, I heard they started to develop such a machine, namely EDUCATIONAL, with several nodes of the suspension ...
      1. Down House
        Down House 11 September 2015 18: 15 New
        Let them develop, usually following the results of their "development" they have only the next couple of tens or hundreds of lard disappears.
  12. Engineer
    Engineer 11 September 2015 15: 23 New
    To write that the M-346 "is the same Yak-130, but under a different name" - to show his amateurism. Glider yes (although our glider later changed), but different engines and absolutely different avionics. Namely, it makes it possible for the Yak-130 to simulate flights on different machines. Comparison with the F-16 generally does not go to any gate. The Yak-130 is subsonic and therefore cannot be competed with the F-16. In general, NATO is ridiculous to frighten a training aircraft. Unless the Baltic states, but I-16 is enough for them. It is also not worth considering it as an airplane for guerrilla warfare: it is expensive, it is an upscale modern training complex. Using it as an attack aircraft against the Papuans is not rational, and not effective. It is not armored, it has weak engines for the attack aircraft, and why does the attack aircraft need such maneuverability? Fouling of an aircraft with combat systems leads to an increase in mass or other equipment has to be removed. Here modularity helps. But you can’t put an armored capsule on it. The combat capabilities of a training aircraft are good, but they will always be worse than a specialized aircraft.
    1. Darkmor
      Darkmor 11 September 2015 15: 58 New
      Quote: Engineer
      It is expensive, it is an upscale modern educational complex.

      Dear, regarding what?
      Say, for the Yak-130, based on the price of the contract with Bangladesh, the cost is about $ 14 million apiece (or maybe less. Because there is still a bunch of ground-based simulators in the kit)
      And the cost of the Su-25t attack aircraft is approximately $ 16 million (though again, based on the total price of the contracts)
      The cost of Mig-35 is approximately 45-55 million dollars.
    2. Tusv
      Tusv 11 September 2015 21: 53 New
      Quote: Engineer
      In general, NATO is ridiculous to frighten a training aircraft.

      I agree with all the points, except for this. One of the best training desks in the world, prepares some of the best aces in the world.
      Let us recall how the elite of the Air Defense Forces in Korea and Vietnam dashed whale whales as schoolchildren, and in Vietnam phantoms soaked a generation lower before the flying chisel (MIG-21)
      So Yak scarecrow for NATO and very serious
    3. Aleksandr1959
      Aleksandr1959 11 September 2015 23: 43 New
      But you can’t put an armored capsule on it. The combat capabilities of a training aircraft are good, but they will always be worse than a specialized aircraft.

      And here you are absolutely right. Combat survivability. and even more so, the pilot's survival in the face of at least MANPADS will be at least an order of magnitude worse than that of the Su-25. It makes no sense to block the garden. At one time there was an idea to put into service an easily reproducible attack aircraft (LVSH). Push him over the hill to fight all sorts of partisans and other illegal armed groups. What exotic have not seen enough in the technical proposals. But the USSR collapsed ... there was no money, and most likely the experience of military operations in Chechnya put an end to this idea.
      Somewhere in the VO articles was about this. In my opinion, the article was called Doomsday Stormtrooper.
      The only possible use besides the school desk, in my opinion, is the fight against enemy helicopters.
  13. afrikanez
    afrikanez 11 September 2015 15: 23 New
    When Russia invaded Crimea in February 2014
    I’m wondering, the author of the article didn’t get anything wrong. In my opinion, Crimea itself asked Russia and held a referendum on this issue. So that the author does not need to say so!
    1. A-Sim
      A-Sim 11 September 2015 16: 00 New
      Posted by Thomas Newdick

      They see so ...
      1. Revolver
        Revolver 11 September 2015 17: 55 New
        Quote: A-Sim
        Posted by Thomas Newdick

        They see so ...

        And if you try to translate this surname New dick into Russian, it will turn out New ... oh, right now they’ll ban me, so I won’t give you the exact translation, Google will help. laughing
  14. Zaurbek
    Zaurbek 11 September 2015 15: 52 New
    Aircraft modern, breo with open architecture. Add modern ATGMs at 10-15km and an all-day aiming system. Here you have a modern attack aircraft, and will be able to fight with helicopters. He has high combat readiness and low cost of flight hours. For different poor countries, you can release a version with a radar and engines with afterburner.
  15. iouris
    iouris 11 September 2015 15: 54 New
    This publication looks like a continuation of publications about the MiG-21. General technique: some kind of “complimentary” statement is pulled out of context and sometimes controversial facts are strung on this “axis”. An inexperienced reader immediately forgets about F-16s -15, -22, and -35.
    In addition, my question about import substitution was "removed." SSJ and Yak-130 - almost "foreign cars".
    In the "parallel world" there are analogues of the Yak-130.
    1. Down House
      Down House 11 September 2015 16: 10 New
      SSJ is a civilian aircraft and should be a “foreign car” because it was originally created for export and flights abroad, because the Russian domestic flights market does not need as many such aircraft as necessary to recoup production.
      And the fact that many domestic suppliers refused to work according to foreign standards and certificates is their problem, not Sukhoi.
      1. iouris
        iouris 12 September 2015 16: 49 New
        Certification is the essence of a technological barrier that can be overcome only by purchasing technology in the United States or by developing your own. What happens to the industry of a less developed country after the transition to "international (USA) standards" can be seen in the "domestic economy" and the example of the former Ukraine. “Domestic suppliers” were destroyed by such nonsense without proper funding.
  16. ia-ai00
    ia-ai00 11 September 2015 16: 05 New
    Oh, what a BEAUTY, this Yak-130, is just a "toy" !, and let it be a "horror" for enemies! yes
  17. pavelty
    pavelty 11 September 2015 16: 07 New
    Quote: Aleksandr1959
    Going to make it supersonic.

    Already made engines with an afterburner, unlike those that are on the Yak.
    Maximum speed 1,6M
  18. Alex Nick
    Alex Nick 11 September 2015 16: 11 New
    Training may be good. But the t-50 will not work out of it. Chasing drugs, that’s it, but in the war I don’t see him. And do not stick the name of the fighter on him. What? Do pilots really?
  19. K-50
    K-50 11 September 2015 16: 28 New
    When Russia invaded Crimea in February 2014, Ukraine ceased military cooperation with the Kremlin.
    Not INTRUSED !!!, but returned !!! am
    Completely different concepts. But these gentlemen foreigners do not understand, stupid-sss! laughing
  20. Makarov
    Makarov 11 September 2015 17: 28 New
    a very, very good device, but it can only work with good support and only as part of groups ... the modern warfare does not yet predispose to such actions ... although everything is possible
    1. MIKHAN
      MIKHAN 11 September 2015 17: 48 New
      Quote: Makarov
      a very, very good device, but it can only work with good support and only as part of groups ... the modern warfare does not yet predispose to such actions ... although everything is possible

      The fact of the matter is that everything is possible ... hi
  21. Mowgli
    Mowgli 11 September 2015 17: 40 New
    Quote: iouris
    During the war, A.S. Yakovlev was the People's Commissar.

    Not certainly in that way.
    From January 11, 1940 to 1946 he was Deputy People's Commissar of the aviation industry for new technology

    But not from "Designer Notes":
    Under the leadership of Yakovlev, OKB 115 produced over 200 types and modifications of aircraft, including more than 100 serial ones. Since 1932, OKB aircraft have been continuously in large-scale production and operation. Over 70 years, 70 Yak aircraft were built. During World War II, 000 Yak aircraft were built for the front. On planes of Yakovlev Design Bureau 40 world records were set.

    So be that as it may, Yakovlev made a huge contribution to the development of Soviet aviation.
    1. iouris
      iouris 12 September 2015 18: 22 New
      The question arises, as A.S. Yakovlev, who was able to survive in that situation of denunciation and squabble.
      And another related question: why doesn’t anyone remember the “red count” Rudolfo Bartini, who in 1943 reported to Lavrenty Beria the design of his aircraft at a maximum speed of 2500 km / h (!!). And he was not shot, but there was a war going on. By the way, the Beriev Design Bureau could well be the name of Bartini, who bequeathed to open all his notes 300 years after his death, and which our "domestic aircraft designers" headed by the Minister tried to "take away" according to Russian tradition ... That's who made a really serious contribution to the development of aviation, including domestic.
      By the way, it was Bartini who formulated the principle that is important today: not to catch up, but to run across.
  22. Mainbeam
    Mainbeam 11 September 2015 17: 51 New
    Posted by Thomas Newdick

    The author’s foreign origin explains why there are so many inaccuracies in the article. Stupidly collected info from Google.

  23. zoknyay82
    zoknyay82 11 September 2015 18: 06 New
    Quote: Aspeed
    Eh hehe ... in this country, the best fighters made Yak. It is unfortunate that in the 60s, clearing the field for Mikoyan, Yakovlev’s design bureau was actually removed from business and Lavochkin was generally thrown into rockets. Happiness that at least Sukhoi managed to survive.

    Do not get me wrong, the MiGs are very good - but the Yaki drowned in their favor were still better. The Yak-30 was better than the MiG-15, the Yak-140 was better than the MiG-21. And to work enad a new, light fighter, I would definitely attract KB Yak.

    I beg the source (if any) :-)
  24. remont2207
    remont2207 11 September 2015 18: 15 New
    “When Russia invaded Crimea in February 2014” - who saw or can guys participate in this event, was it enlighten?
  25. skifd
    skifd 11 September 2015 18: 34 New
    Here about the handsome "MIG-35" it was:

    Technical characteristics of the MiG-35 are as follows:

    The crew is 1 or 2 person based on the modification of the MiG-35 / MiG-35D.
    Length - 17,3 m.
    Height - 4,73 m.
    The wingspan is 11,99 m.
    Wing Area - 42 m²
    Normal take-off weight - 17500 kg, empty - 11000 kg.
    The maximum take-off weight is 23500 kg.
    2 engine turbofan engine with AE “RD-33MKV”.
    Maximum traction - 2 × 5400 kgf.
    The maximum thrust on the afterburner is 2 × 9000 kgf.
    Thrust vector deflection angles: ± 8 ° in any direction, ± 15 ° in the vertical plane.
    The thrust vector deflection rate is 60 ° / s.
    The engine weight is 1055 kg.

    Flight performance characteristics:

    The maximum speed at the ground is 1400 km / h.
    The maximum speed at altitude is 2400 km / h.
    The practical range of the aircraft with the PTB is 3000 km.
    The practical range without PTB is 2000 km.
    The flight duration is 2,2 hours.
    The practical ceiling is 17500 m.
    The thrust-to-weight ratio at maximum take-off weight is 0,77.
    The thrust-to-weight ratio at normal take-off mass is equal to 1,03.
    The wing load at maximum weight is 618 kg / m².
    The wing load at normal takeoff weight is 468 kg / m².
    Maximum operational overload is 9 g.


    Built-in 30 mm gun GSH-30-1 with ammunition on 150 cartridges.
    Suspension Points: 10.
    The combat load is 6500 kg.
    Short-Range Air Defense Forces P-73.
    Medium-range missile defense missiles RVV-AE and P-27.
    X-35 and X-31A anti-ship missiles.
    X-31P anti-radar missiles.
    URVP: NAR, X-29, X-25.
    Missiles of the air class X-29L, X-29T, X-25ML, RVV-AE, R-27.
    Adjustable and free-falling bombs, aircraft mines.


    Radar station with AFAR Zhuk-A.
    The maximum detection range of a ground target is up to 60 km.
    The maximum detection range for an aerodynamic target is up to 200 km (for export, up to 148 km).

    The main tasks of the MiG-35:

    interception of air targets;
    air superiority;
    battlefield isolation;
    suppression of air defense systems;
    direct aviation support;
    striking at sea targets.
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    2. exalex2
      exalex2 18 October 2015 08: 46 New
      Does the F-16 stand nearby? The experience of the F-16 is much more than that of any Russian Aircraft (unfortunately) Well, we’ll measure the applications .. We always have .. time.
  26. I doubt it
    I doubt it 11 September 2015 19: 12 New
    Such machines should be built "not instead of" Sushki, MIGs and T-50, but in addition to them. Enthusiasm for the use as a combat, similar to the enthusiasm for the fighting qualities of Po-2. Yes, in difficult times for the country, it is possible for certain tasks. And it is very good that the designers provided for this. But not a replacement for either attack aircraft or fighters. To each his own. As the pickup with a machine gun and armored personnel carriers, the Gas-66 with the ZU 23-2 and BMP will not be equal in combat capabilities. Although the former are cheaper and have great firepower, this is an ersatz technique, no more.
    And for small countries, smoldering or civil conflicts - this is really an option. And training, and combat, and three pieces for the price of one.
  27. family tree
    family tree 11 September 2015 19: 15 New
    If suspended on the Yak-130 two two hundred kilogram bombs, a gun and a couple of fuel tanks, its maximum combat radius is almost 700 kilometers. It a very solid indicator compared to the F-16Which with two 900-kilogram bombs, two AIM-9 Sidewinder missiles and a pair of outboard fuel tanks will have a radius of 1 kilometers.
    belay Et cho? Features of the English language, or an indicator of the quality of translation? what Although, to compare a subsonic combat training with a supersonic multifunctional, the task is not standard, without liters, it is unlikely drinks
    1. aviator65
      aviator65 11 September 2015 22: 04 New
      Someone has been too clever. fellow
    2. Gomel
      Gomel 12 September 2015 01: 04 New
      fear has big eyes....
  28. Tusv
    Tusv 11 September 2015 22: 17 New
    I liked the comparison of the puck with the raptor of one American. Like Absolutely identical cars - it is not known who will win. But right there, Amerikos notes the advantage of our car - the dinosaur is limited in speed by 2 M due to design features and maneuverability, and the weapons on the T-50 are aimless (you don’t need to deploy the plane to the adversary), which the Americans are waiting for only in 2017.
    Who will win? And what are the chances of a pair of pterodactyls versus a chick? There are no chances for a flock of prehistoric ones. And if they fly behind a normal "school desk", four dinosaurs will die at once
  29. Old26
    Old26 11 September 2015 23: 19 New
    Quote: MIKHAN
    I will not argue, but I like him and he has a great prospect for sure ....

    Our Air Force has already abandoned the combat aircraft-light attack aircraft based on the Yak-130, that is, from the Yak-131. With a satisfactory combat load, the Air Force does not satisfy the pilot's security
  30. Gomel
    Gomel 12 September 2015 01: 03 New
    The article is an inaccuracy:
    Aermacchi slightly reduced the Yak-130, put on it a new digital electrodistatic control system and a modern cockpit with displays

    slightly reduced THE WEIGHT aircraft (due to the wider use of carbon fiber and other composites)

    did not new, OTHER EMDS and digital cab ...

    "a mustache shaob zanyavzhits ..."
  31. Abakan
    Abakan 12 September 2015 04: 28 New
    When Russia invaded Crimea in February 2014 (words of the author) who Fedya invaded where !!!!
  32. exalex2
    exalex2 12 September 2015 07: 54 New
    The article itself is about nothing. But the fact that the plane is good in any form is pleasing.
  33. sergerz
    sergerz 12 September 2015 08: 15 New
    Probably the SU-39 is completely forgotten, and despite its less aesthetic appearance, it is better and protected and armed with respect to the Yak-130.
    ALEA IACTA EST 12 September 2015 08: 54 New
    Even a training aircraft causes diarrhea in the west. belay
    1. iouris
      iouris 12 September 2015 17: 12 New
      The impression is created that we always want to convince ourselves that we are the very best. This is easy to achieve with complete disregard for statistics. Of course, any information that can be regarded as success, which has almost become the gas station of the West, the country, causes polar emotions from different sides of the barricade, but one must be based on facts. The Russian bear was too long in hibernation and was very thin.
    VECHESLAVIAN 12 September 2015 13: 25 New
    Forgive me the esteemed comrades-in-arms of VO, but I cannot help speaking out: the author of the article is Ch.M. O underdeveloped, with one phrase - "... Russia invaded Crimea in February 2014 ..." described himself and his writings as another horror story for the biomass, to cut more money from the military budget of S.Sh.P for fake weapons of the NATO gang. I would like to ask a counter question to this felt boot: what the hell are the Yankees doing in Texas, Hawaii, the Philippines, etc.? ..
  36. Kaiten
    Kaiten 12 September 2015 16: 43 New
    A little familiar with this machine in its Israeli version. Question: Do the engines of his Russian brother allow them to switch to afterburner mode?
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    2. exalex2
      exalex2 18 October 2015 08: 28 New
      Export never .. Well, what we have is stored .. The war didn’t end ..
  37. antikilller55
    antikilller55 12 September 2015 18: 28 New
    When Russia invaded Crimea in February 2014
    You confuse something. Thomas confuse the honest word. stop
  38. code54
    code54 13 September 2015 11: 48 New
    "When Russia invaded Crimea in February 2014, Ukraine stopped military cooperation with the Kremlin." ??????? also noticed.
  39. polkovnik manuch
    polkovnik manuch 13 September 2015 14: 10 New
    A training aircraft can be combat training and no more!
  40. Wolka
    Wolka 14 September 2015 05: 57 New
    each solves his own problems in his own way, and this "little sparrow" becomes a very popular bird and it pleases ...