Donbass liberation day. That sun, then the rain over the sacred height

Truly, the living stood in one row with the dead. Today's warriors of Donbass together with the guys who hold portraits of their grandfathers-veterans. Here are the graves of those who died last year, defending Novorossia and defending the right to life for all its citizens. From the sky look those who fell during the Great Patriotic War. The immobile soldiers of the monument, crippled by shrapnel, look at the crowd of many thousands. And that huge, poured out of metal, warrior, from which after last year’s fights only a boot remained - he is also here in this sacred place, whose name is Saur-Tomb.

What kind of banners there are in the hands of those gathered! Of course, the red flags of the Victory. Flags of Donetsk People's Republic. State flags of Russia. Cloths of the Soviet Union with a hammer and sickle. Imperial flags. And those that people did themselves.

And the weather on this day is varied. It is cloudy, then rain, then the sun will look out. As if heaven itself wishes to congratulate people on a holiday, it mourns the fallen.

At one time, even when no one thought that events in Ukraine would lead to a neo-fascist coup, as well as to the return of Crimea to Russia and the creation of Novorossia, Ukrainian communists put forward the initiative to erect a stone slab in honor of the friendship between Russia and Ukraine at the foot of the great monument. The slab stands now, but now it is like a gravestone ... For the Maidan led to a sad result ... Now, right behind this slab is the graves of those killed by the Ukrainian army. Some of these graves are nameless. Only punched helmets lie on them and low-key flowers grow from the sad land.

On September 7, thousands of people came to Saur-Mogila from Donetsk, Makeyevka, Snezhny, Shakhtersk, Zugres, Dokuchaevsk, Debaltseve, Torez and other cities, as well as from small villages. We arrived at the broken monument and fresh graves. Brought baskets of flowers and modest bouquets. For the heroes of both wars.

First there was a concert. Sang front songs. And sad, and funny - because, as now, then there was also a place for joy. Even on the hardest days ...

People danced to “Smuglyanka” and “Katyusha”.

The boys showed genuine interest in armored vehicles of the Great Patriotic War.

Then the clergy held a memorial service for all those killed. Just at that time it started to rain.

Head of the Republic Alexander Zakharchenko arrived at Saur-Grave. After the requiem, he addressed the crowd:

- In 1941, a cruel, treacherous, powerful enemy came to our land. The German fascist invaders treacherously penetrated our homeland. 700 days our land was under occupation. 700 days of inhuman cruelty, during which tens of thousands of our countrymen were destroyed. Tens of thousands of women, old people and children were hijacked. But 8 September 1943, our grandfathers and great-grandfathers, like lousy kittens, threw the invaders from our homeland.

In 2014, the enemy again came to our land, and in the military reports the cities of Enakievo, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Debaltsevo, Uglegorsk sounded. We had to pick up again weapon in this holy land. And we honorably adopted the banner of our grandfathers and great-grandfathers. In 1941, the Donbass could not be brought to its knees. Not set in 2014-2015's ...

Then the Head of the Republic led the column, which climbed to the top of the legendary kurgan.

Throughout the whole procession the processions were quite young.

A huge number of flowers brought people to the Eternal Flame.

Here, on top, the defenders of Saur-Mogila, who fell in 2014, are also buried. Including - legendary commander Oleg Grishin with the call sign "Bear". This he caused the fire on himself. Commander, who was deeply respected by his fighters.

People come up, stand near the graves ...

Go down. There, according to tradition, celebrate the holiday in a closer circle.

Among the truly living stones, among the ruins of the monument, among the armature and the crushed steps - the banner of Victory and the banner of the Donetsk People's Republic proudly fly. It smells of steppe grasses that preserve the memory of battling battles.

But there are those who can not celebrate the holiday along with all the Donbas. And it's not even about the fallen. They are just along with the living, and this is felt in every raindrop, every gust of wind ... It’s about those who are in the territories still occupied by the junta. And I want to believe the words of Alexander Zakharchenko, said to those who came to Saur-Grave this day: “The day will come when military reports will sound:“ During the six-day or even daily combat, Kramatorsk, Slavyansk, Konstantinovka, Krasnoarmeysk were liberated , Kurakhovo.

(Especially for the "Military Review")
Photos used:
Elena Gromova
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  1. parusnik 8 September 2015 07: 24 New
    • 5
    • 0
    Thank you ... people live, people cannot be defeated ..
  2. Nonna 8 September 2015 07: 25 New
    • 6
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    Eternal memory to the soldiers of Donbass! Let the earth rest in peace.
  3. Volga Cossack 8 September 2015 07: 59 New
    • 5
    • 0
    even Nebushko mourned the slain - those who died for their dart! Hold on to Donbass! You and I - Weathered!
  4. MIKHAN 8 September 2015 08: 08 New
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    • 0
    Eternal memory to the fallen heroes for a just cause! Hold on and God bless you! It will all be over soon!
  5. provincial 8 September 2015 08: 19 New
    • 4
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    1 couplet

    Mom, how are things in the land of steppes and terikons?
    I heard that enemies have come to our land and want to destroy everyone as soon as possible ....
    Mom, here every city I’ve known since childhood
    Druzhkovka, Slavyansk, Kramatorsk
    now on the news feeds,
    Donbass save your children!

    Get up Donbass! Get up my native land!
    Get up Donbass! Drive the junta together!
    Get up Donbass! Mother Russia is with you!
    You will become a new Brest!

    2 couplet

    Mom, how are the hard workers and miners?
    When we walked on the Maidan, our people worked hard and loafers fed ....
    Mom, Slavic holy mountains will help us all.
    And these are our cities and will be ours forever!
    We will not give up to their enemies!

    Get up Donbass! Drive the junta together!
    Get up Donbass! You will become a new Brest!
    Get up Donbass! Get up my native land!
    Get up Donbass! Mother Russia is with you!

    3 couplet

    Mom, life went on from Donetsk to Odessa!
    And the cities turned green, carried coal trains smoked pipes as always ...
    Mom, how in 41 from the west demons came to us
    Already standing at all doors, shooting wives and mothers
    They burn people alive ...


    Get up Donbass! Drive the junta together!
    Get up Donbass! You will become a new Brest!
    Get up Donbass! Get up my native land!
    Get up Donbass! Mother Russia is with you!
  6. Vladimir Vasilich 8 September 2015 12: 38 New
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    The answer to those who are "panicking" about the "coup"
    1. elenagromova 8 September 2015 12: 58 New
      • 2
      • 0
      This is just another question. Which I deliberately do not touch, because I can not judge it.
  7. Eragon 8 September 2015 17: 09 New
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    This ... No words ... Thanks for the article.
    1. padded jacket 8 September 2015 19: 11 New
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      Those who are left who are fighting for the freedom of Donbass are real heroes, they are now saving us from the “brown plague” that the rulers of the USA, EU and Israel want to destroy us in order to destroy our country and complete what they could not do during the time of perestroika and subsequent " reforms "Gorbachev, Yeltsin, Gaidar, Chubais, Berezovsky, Gusinsky and the like thieves.
      And thank you Elena for another wonderful report.