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US trying to "fasten" Russia and Iran to the coalition against LIH


After the Cold War, American diplomacy almost lost its literacy skills in forming coalition formats.

Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke at the Eastern Economic Forum. Along with a number of issues relating to the economic situation in the country and in the world, oil prices, the policies of Ukraine, Europe and the USA and migration issues, he touched on the issue of combating the Islamic State (IG - a structure banned in Russia). The day before, Israeli media reported that Moscow had decided to send combat to Syria Aviation to fight jihadists. This information was circulated by some Russian publications, which, citing "authoritative Kremlin sources", stated that "Russia will not act in the ranks of the American coalition, but on the basis of the Treaty of Friendship and Mutual Assistance between Syria and the Russian Federation." Perhaps this is why the Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook decided to make a statement, who noted that Washington “would welcome Russian accession to the coalition in the fight against ISIS.” Later, the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov disavowed this information, although there was no clarity in the situation.

And that's why. In late June, while accepting Syria’s Foreign Minister Walid Muallem in Moscow, Putin made a sensational statement: “We believe that in order to effectively combat terrorism and extreme manifestations of radicalism, it is necessary to combine the efforts of all countries in the region. All our contacts with the countries of the region, and we have very good relations with all countries without exception, suggest that with such an organization as the so-called "Islamic State", everyone is ready to contribute to the fight against this evil. This also applies to Turkey, this concerns Jordan, this concerns Saudi Arabia. And in this regard, of course, we urge all our friends, including in Syria, to do everything to establish a constructive dialogue with all countries interested in the fight against terrorism. It is clear that with neighbors always or often, in any case, there are some misunderstandings, frictions, problems of a current nature, but in the name of fighting the common evil, of course, you need to combine efforts. ” At the same time, Moscow will continue to support the "leadership and people of Syria who oppose the aggression of terrorists."

In other words, the Kremlin proposed to form a coalition to combat the IG as part of Russia - Syria - Turkey - Jordan - Saudi Arabia, but no one understood whether it was a question of creating a new format along with the already existing “broad coalition” of almost 60 states led by the United States, or the “sub-coalition within a coalition,” since Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Jordan are already members of the “broad coalition” put together by the Americans. It seems that it was all about the second option. “We are taking certain steps, and we are doing this in public. If you are interested in details, then I can tell you, we really want to create an international coalition to combat terrorism and extremism, the Russian leader said at the Eastern Economic Forum. - To this end, we are consulting with our American partners. I personally spoke on this issue by telephone with the President of the United States. I spoke on this issue with the President of Turkey, with the leadership of Saudi Arabia, with the King of Jordan, with the President of Egypt, with our other partners. ” At the same time, he noted that it is still premature to talk about the possible participation of Moscow in military operations against the "Islamic state".

Nevertheless, the chances for the implementation of this scenario existed. Back in the spring of 2015, US Secretary of State John Kerry acknowledged the need to establish a direct dialogue with Syrian President Bashar Assad on CBS News. According to him, “we [the US] will eventually have to negotiate with Assad,” and “we were always ready to negotiate in the context of the Geneva-1 conference on Syria”. Thus, prospects opened up to re-launch the political process on a Syrian settlement with the simultaneous formation of a “broad antiterrorist front on an agreed international legal basis in order to put a reliable barrier to terrorists in Syria, Iraq and other countries of the region.” But after Turkey decided to join the international coalition to combat IS, and its aircraft began to bomb IS positions in Iraq and Syria, President Recep Erdogan said that, first, Ankara "is fighting terrorism under the auspices of the West" and and, secondly, allegedly “Putin has changed his attitude towards the Assad regime.” The latter was not true. It was not by chance that, at the beginning of August, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussed with Kerry and his colleagues from the Gulf countries measures to combat the Islamic State without the participation of Turkey. At the same time, according to Putin, "if today it is impossible, as they say, to organize joint work directly with each on the battlefield between all countries interested in the fight against terrorism, then at least some coordination between them should be arranged." But is it possible when, again, according to the Russian president, “there are different approaches to the events in Syria,” and “people are not running from the regime of Bashar al-Assad, they are running from the IS, who seized the territories, including significant territories in Syria, Iraq ".

The situation in the Middle East is changing rapidly. After the signing of the Vienna Agreement with the "six" on the nuclear program, Tehran’s policy on the Syrian direction became noticeably more active. On August 12, Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif submitted to Syrian President Assad a plan for resolving the conflict in Syria. It includes measures such as an immediate ceasefire, the formation of a unified government and the amendment of the country's constitution, as well as the holding of elections in the presence of international observers. Damascus decided to support “constructive political initiative from Iran,” since Tehran, like Moscow, by the way, initiates a dialogue between representatives of the Syrian government and the opposition, although the Iranians clarify that they are ready to cooperate with oppositionists who live in Syria and belong to “internal opposition. “External opposition”, in the opinion of the Iranian leadership, does not enjoy the support of the Syrian people and expresses only the position of the West. But the problem is in the desire of the United States to reckon with the mediation of Iran in conducting peace talks on a Syrian settlement, as this could ruin the international coalition they lead. That is why in the Western media with regard to Tehran, as with Moscow, there is often misinformation about the alleged existence of a “backstage plan” involving Assad’s departure and transfer of powers to the transitional authority, and on this basis, backstage dialogue between Russia and Iran with the United States. Therefore, Russian President Vladimir Putin once again decided to remind that President Assad is legitimate, and the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, stated that "we will never go on about the Americans as regards Syria and Iraq."

Add to this the policy of Cairo, focused on the restoration of dialogue with Damascus, which does not preclude in the future the creation of a contact group on Syria with the participation of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran, which can be considered the main intrigue of the situation, since outwardly such proposals completely fit the framework of the projects, previously proposed on this issue by a number of countries, including Russia. In this regard, Putin noted that "the fight against terrorism must go along with the political process in Syria, and the head of this state, Bashar Asad, is ready for certain steps in this direction." In our opinion, the problem is that after the Cold War, American diplomacy practically lost the skills of literacy in building coalition formats. So, in the Middle East during the operation of the Arab Spring, especially in connection with the Syrian crisis, the emergence of IS, the polysubject nature of the political space disappeared from the US, and the coalition players, in particular Turkey, turned out to be in a state of internal and external conflict, since they began to impose a policy of implementing others, not their national interests. The United States and Turkey are bombing the territory of Syria without the consent of Damascus and without UN sanction. Western media cite convincing evidence of jihadists supporting Turkey at a certain stage, and now Ankara is participating in hostilities on three fronts at once: in Iraq against the Kurds and the IG, in Syria - against the IG and with a view to the Syrian Kurds, in the south -Eastern with detachments of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

While Washington does not hide the fact that it supports Syrian Kurds, to whom Assad granted de facto autonomy, Erdogan unexpectedly declares that “Western countries do not bring peace and freedom to Iraq and Libya, but seek to seize the oil wealth of these countries”, and hints that "Turkey will continue to fight terrorism even if it remains alone." In turn, a number of European politicians and authoritative American experts declare the failure of US policy in the Middle East, which turned out to be a strategic catastrophe, because in this region "the balance of power that had existed for more than half a century was upset." These are real signs of the collapse of the international coalition to combat the IG, in order to somehow preserve this structure, in the Western media there are “leaks” of information, as if Russia and Iran are joining it. Let's see what happens. In the meantime, jihadists have published a religious decree (fatwa) on social networks, according to which Turkish President Recep Erdogan is called "apostate, shedding the blood of Muslims and sold Christians, Alawite and Jews," and "if he does not repent, inevitable death awaits him."
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  1. prosto_rgb
    prosto_rgb 7 September 2015 05: 33 New
    After the Cold War, American diplomacy almost lost its literacy skills in forming coalition formats.

    This is far from the case.
    US trying to "fasten" Russia and Iran to the coalition against LIH

    So it seems like quite a few photos of our military in Syria literally in the last 2 weeks?
    That is, they were already able to “fasten”?
    1. Zoldat_A
      Zoldat_A 7 September 2015 05: 47 New
      Quote: prosto_rgb
      US trying to "fasten" Russia and Iran to the coalition against LIH

      So it seems like quite a few photos of our military in Syria literally in the last 2 weeks?
      That is, they were already able to “fasten”?
      Those who play snoring know the term helicopter. For the rest I’ll explain - there really isn’t any card on my hands - "Flew away, I’m not alone in the field somersaulting!" Many people "sit down", but you can’t refuse, the procedure is mandatory. The practical goal is to raise the bank.

      So here - they can’t do anything normal, so fasten as many people as possible to this epicafe, so as not to flounder alone in the dustbin of history. And there - who knows, maybe, by the noise and get out yourself ...

      I think so about Syria - we don’t have ours there - to send that America to the address. There is - to tell their "lame duck" that we in Syria "are fighting terrorism, bringing democracy to the people of Syria." Yes, we shouldn’t talk about it in VO, but ask the world in front of their Negro GDP in some Reykjavik: “Come on, friend Obama, let’s sit side by side and count how many countries you have brought democracy over the last 70 years and what came of it? And we’ll count how many American troops are around Russia and how many Russian are around the USA. And who is going to fight "And tell me, the black monkey, that you are a peacemaker - your grandchildren do not care ... at your grave."

      They will not hear us at VO, and the whole world will hear us about the GDP in Reykjavik. Hunchback was heard at one time ... True, he said what the West wanted to hear. But nonetheless...
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 7 September 2015 06: 09 New
        Quote: Zoldat_A
        I think so about Syria - we don’t have ours there

        1. There was almost nothing about Syria on TV news. Everyone forgot about it and all of a sudden, military commanders from the LPR and the DPR are thrown there.
        2. A little time passes and the landing ships with everything that is possible went there in a new fashion.
        3. Photos from Syria are not photoshop, ours are there, another question is why it is so urgent.
        4. The fact that Russia does not recognize sending military there, so we never recognized their sending, anywhere.
        1. Dryuya2
          Dryuya2 7 September 2015 08: 37 New
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          and suddenly, military commanders from the LPR and the DPR are thrown there.

          LifeNews tracks Syrian Christian militias fighting ISIS

          Syrians go on a trick to escape from ISIS territories
        2. rotmistr60
          rotmistr60 7 September 2015 09: 54 New
          all of a sudden, military commanders from the LPR and the DPR are being thrown there.

          Correctly analyze the situation. This is really "very strange." And if we proceed from intelligence signs, this indicates the preparation of certain actions.
        3. g1v2
          g1v2 7 September 2015 14: 11 New
          Everything in my opinion is simple. The sequence is simple. The Mediterranean operational and tactical squadron of the Russian Navy was created - it needs a permanent base. Tartus is small for this - a week ago they announced an agreement with Syria to build a new base of our navy south of Latakia. The territory must be secured - a limited contingent of our troops, together with the SAA, is beginning to clean up the two provinces of Syria that are of interest to us - Latakia and Tartus. As a result, we get a territory controlled by us with naval bases and an airfield and a friendly population. As far as I looked at the map of Syria, the main population of these provinces - Christians and Alawites, both of them, will gladly accept our protection from the Islamic State and other militants. This is extremely beneficial for Assad - he no longer has a headache for protecting co-religionists and 2 provinces - he can use part of the troops from there in other places. Plus, we cover our facilities and the entire Syrian coast with our air defenses - he receives protection from NATO air strikes - I don’t think that they would risk hitting near us. Accordingly, there will be less work for Syrian air defense - we will cover from the west from aviation, from the east Iraq and IS - there remains the south (Israel) and the north (Turkey), and they are unlikely to go on to mass bombing in such a situation. In general, my opinion is that we are cleaning up the coastal provinces of Syria and building our base there. Plus, we help Assad, and even if he manages to merge, we will get a new Abkhazia with a friendly population under our control. In general, it seems that our Navy has returned to the Mediterranean Sea for good - with all of which I congratulate you. By the way, it would be nice to invite the Christians of Syria to go under the Moscow Patriarchate, then we can still declare the protection of co-religionists.
      2. anokem
        anokem 7 September 2015 07: 35 New
        There is another question. Do Russian guys need to die at this dog wedding in Syria. What will the inveterate inconsolable say, why did their children die in Syria?
        1. lukke
          lukke 7 September 2015 12: 09 New
          There is another question. Do Russian guys need to die at this dog wedding in Syria. What will the inveterate inconsolable say, why did their children die in Syria?
          there should be no talk of sending contingents there, and narrow specialists have been working there from the very beginning.
          Of the estimated 300 thousand Chinese military men, I would create PMCs in Syria) under the leadership of the Syrian and our "vacationers" - that would be a machine-roller to restore order)
          just kidding ...
        2. Zoldat_A
          Zoldat_A 7 September 2015 12: 23 New
          Quote: anokem
          Do Russian guys need to die at this dog wedding in Syria. What will the inveterate inconsolable say, why did their children die in Syria?

          Just yesterday I watched the film "Munich" Spielberg. Your Gold Mayr in 1972 asked such questions? We must - let's go and do the work. Any war is just a job. And when they begin to breed snot type “What were you fighting for?”, Yes “How could you send the boys to death, then how to look into their mothers eyes?” - the army ends and any war is lost. It is not for Israel, with the Holocaust and the Six Day War, to talk about "why are they sending us to the war." You will ask 149 Jewish Heroes of the Soviet Union - what did they fight for? They would tell you ...

          The mentality is too different, the skull is filled with the current democratic Israel and “Asian totalitarian Russia”, so that someone in the West, even a Russian-speaking one, can understand why the Russians are fighting. Listen to M. Bernes singing "Do the Russians want war?" - maybe it will be easier to understand us ...
          1. anokem
            anokem 7 September 2015 23: 23 New
            Zoldat_A, you did not understand me at all. I am an officer in the military units of the Israeli army and have risked my life more than once, and I will certainly be there. But this is for the safety of Israel, and not at a distance of 3000 km from my country in an aspen nest, where there are no good and bad. For what Russian guys will die in Syria? For one villain to defeat other villains? This is what I meant. I would never in my life go to a foreign war that has nothing to do with my country (like the Russian-Ukrainian war). I sincerely wish you all the Russian guys to return home, although I understand that this does not happen in the war, therefore it is better that they did not come there, there’s a dog’s wedding without them
            1. Basil50
              Basil50 9 September 2015 10: 54 New
              Israel shed a lot of blood of its neighbors, so now the Jews will have to defend themselves until the last Jew. Hatred of the Jews was long and painstakingly brought up by Israel itself. No need to give advice, it is not to the invaders.
            2. The comment was deleted.
        3. Volzhanin
          Volzhanin 7 September 2015 12: 51 New
          It’s just that you don’t quickly train Syrians in modern Russian weapons. Hence the specialists.
          And none of the Russians is going to die there - do not dramatize. Better take care of Israel’s very vague fate in connection with the new international geopolitical situation. Jews have enough weapons and people for everyone?
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 7 September 2015 14: 57 New
      On BV troubles with Europe and the States. Let them figure it out themselves, but Russia will rest for now. Enough for us alone Outskirts.
  2. with
    with 7 September 2015 05: 41 New
    Russia is trying to find a mutually beneficial format of cooperation with various countries. But many countries are accustomed to vassal dependence and therefore are in no hurry to part with either the "big brother" or the concepts of dependence, remembering the fate of Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.
    Countries began to impose a policy of realization of strangers, and not their national interests. The USA and Turkey bomb the territory of Syria without the consent of Damascus and without UN sanction. Western media provide compelling evidence of Turkey’s support for jihadists at some point.
    Now we need to get out of all this bloody chaos, implicated by the CIA for their "friends."
  3. bronik
    bronik 7 September 2015 05: 53 New
    and now Ankara is participating in hostilities on three fronts at once: in Iraq against the Kurds and the Islamic State, in Syria - against the Islamic Republic and with an eye on the Syrian Kurds, in its southeast with the detachments of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

    And the United States is involved in any conflict in the world from at least two sides.
  4. Amurets
    Amurets 7 September 2015 06: 06 New
    Remember Hitler. He knew that fighting on two fronts of death is similar. However, he got involved and his fate is known. The same awaits Erdogan. Once he was called an apostate, he came to an end. The United States will also turn his ass on a very sharp adventure. I will not do the analysis, and so everything is clear.
  5. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 7 September 2015 06: 18 New
    "fasten" is the author’s personal opinion, is there any specifics?
    1. Grbear
      Grbear 7 September 2015 08: 22 New
      Quote: afdjhbn67
      "fasten" is the author’s personal opinion, is there any specifics?

      The specifics lies in the fact that the Israeli media "placed" Russian planes in Syria with pilots, the American - instructors, and the soldier Igil - "sing" either about the "shaitan-arba", or about the "hellish" flamethrower (not the states sold them to Assad).
      So it turns out that they are trying to “fasten” - to increase their own status in a failed “air” fight against ISIS such as: Russia is with us, bearing in mind that success is a coalition (USA), and failure arose with the advent of Russia and its politics in region. Statements of Lavrov and Putin are not taken into account. hi
      1. afdjhbn67
        afdjhbn67 7 September 2015 12: 53 New
        Never convinced hi
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 7 September 2015 06: 39 New
    Washington "would welcome Russia's accession to the coalition in the fight against IS"

    First we did things as usual, brought everything to an extreme point, and now we would like Russia to get in there too. Normal move. We are sanctions you, Ukraine, and you still harnessed the war with those whom we gave birth.
  7. 31rus
    31rus 7 September 2015 09: 08 New
    The title of the article is out of place and the expression “fasten” does not fit at all, neither Iran (because it is already fighting in Syria and Iraq) nor Russia can be drawn into a coalition without serious explanations to its countries. It’s another matter to create a coalition with clearly distributed functions and tasks, and even from the UN side (humanitarian measures), this is a comprehensive international approach (not building a single state’s policy, namely, the fight against ISIS), maybe this will be a new coalition, it will be difficult politically, and the military will agree quickly, that's just the way it is possible to crush and destroy these zarey
  8. NordUral
    NordUral 7 September 2015 10: 06 New
    Somehow you yourself slurp your porridge, without us.
  9. roskot
    roskot 7 September 2015 11: 19 New
    Why should Russia flattery in this weld. We have our own interests there. And the fire must be extinguished at its borders.
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 7 September 2015 11: 31 New
      Quote: roskot
      Why should Russia flattery in this weld. We have our own interests there. And the fire must be extinguished at its borders.

      It’s absolutely not right - if we don’t help Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah and Iran fight terrorists in the BV, then we will have to sacrifice the lives of our soldiers when these terrorists supported by the USA, Israel and Wahhabis attack us directly and it’s unlikely that someone will help us because Syria and Iraq will no longer be and Iran itself will fight back from them.
      1. padded jacket
        padded jacket 7 September 2015 12: 47 New
        So simple for information:
        War in Yemen: Islamic theologians see signs of the end of the world
    2. Intrudeude
      Intrudeude 7 September 2015 16: 25 New
      If now Russia doesn’t get into BV, time will be lost, with Assad it will be the same as with Gaddafi, Hussein or Milosevic, and you can forget about any interest in this region for a long time ... for a very long time ... well, later this "happiness" will have to be met in Central Asia and the Caucasus ... no, it’s better to push the hydra now
  10. xolod_22
    xolod_22 7 September 2015 11: 33 New
    It is unlikely that any of our troops will appear there, there is someone there to fight and fight well. Technical support is much more effective and much needed, which, as I understand it, is happening. As to why climb, listen to ISIS statements about our Caucasus.
  11. akudr48
    akudr48 7 September 2015 11: 40 New
    If there was a war in Ukraine, the turbulent Caucasus, which had become turbulent in Central Asia, in the regime of sanctions and economic failures, getting involved in a war with ISIS would be the height of not even stupidity, but betrayal of Russia.

    Let them deplete themselves there, ISIS or not ISIS, let them accept refugees, if the West started such a war, let Europe solve the ISIS problems posed by the USA with its peoples.

    Our task is to help Syria, be friends with the Persians, supply weapons and watch from the side when the corpse of Western democracy swims by.

    In the meantime, maneuvers and statements about joint actions with the Saudis against ISIS are similar to a game of giveaway so beloved by the authorities, than it, the authorities, is now engaged in in the Donbass, losing everything.

    Lose with ISIS.

    It is necessary to seriously engage in your country and economy, to eradicate the 5th column and treason in Moscow, and not to search for enemies around the world.

    Indeed, one can find them, even where they did not smell ...
  12. Zheleznyak
    Zheleznyak 7 September 2015 12: 15 New
    "Washington" would welcome the accession of Russia to the coalition in the fight against IS "- We are in no way, in any case, can not support the Anglo-Saxons. Because it means supporting the crimes that they have committed and are committing. Lose authority, independence, lose yourself.
    In addition, their behavior is similar to that of a sociopath. I remember somewhere a year and a half ago, our President in his hearts said the phrase after all, “we assume that these are decent people. Well, he’s lying. And he knows that he’s lying. It’s sad” to the President and others who did not notice: the Anglo-Saxons do not distinguish falsehood and expediency - in them, everything that is expedient is right. Moreover, they themselves believe in their lies.
    This behavior is due to the property of the English language - a way of creating meaning in it. And this is the most dangerous trait of a person’s character for society - in fact, this is sociopathy. It is practically impossible to do business with the type of aggressive person who constantly violates social norms - he lies, is hypocritical, unable to build trusting relationships. With them, even a purely formally not visible opportunity to conduct a common cause.
    One way or another, for the further positive development of the world, the Anglo-Saxon subculture should be freed from the "burden of a white man." The world is ready for this, it remains to prepare the "burdened".
    We can cope, our ancestors coped and not so, we can cope together. The main thing today is endurance and composure, everyone is obliged to work in their place with full dedication.
    For this, civilizations should also be united, one of the extreme forms of manifestation of which, as a result of despair and hopelessness, is the "Islamic State".
    After all, the “Islamic State” is a heterogeneous entity, according to the media there is presence and officers who studied with us. They should begin to lead a discussion with them (also with the Taliban), thereby giving hope, to influence them in a positive way. This is by the way in the traditions of our state.
    For that matter, we will be able to speak with them on equal terms - our grandfathers also cut the throats of enemies who threatened to destroy us.
    But here's what we can never do (and thank God) - to be on an equal footing with the Anglo-Saxons - because this is a degradation to the level of barbarism.
    The fundamental property of the Anglo-Saxon subculture is a constant violation of social norms: deceit, hypocrisy, incapable of building trusting relationships - this is the opposite of the concepts * underlying any civilized society.

    * also business: the slave trade on an industrial scale, the distribution of blankets infected with smallpox, atomic bombs to cities as an experiment, depleted uranium with known consequences (a sign of genocide) ....
  13. Asadullah
    Asadullah 7 September 2015 13: 26 New
    but no one understood if they were talking about creating a new format along with the already existing “broad coalition”

    Most likely, this is an attempt to reconcile Assad and the Saudis. Based on some kind of consensus. I would advise you to be very careful in these movements. And yet, Satanovsky needs to be involved not only in “meet-talk”, but in decision-making. Today it is one of the most competent specialists in the Middle East. Of course, he is still that bug, but it must be lured, at least by some trick. I don’t know, create a commission under the government, invite as a member, then elect a chairman, then empower the commission. Then I am 100% sure that the decisions will be as balanced and as possible as possible.
  14. Cucumbers
    Cucumbers 7 September 2015 14: 28 New
    This is not our war. Assad to support one thing, but to fight with the Islamic State is completely different. The Americans have muddied, let them dissolve now. I don’t believe that the world hegemon (USA) can’t deal with these pogroms myself. Assad, we will Ukraine, or the lifting of sanctions, or something else, the devil will take them.
  15. yan 2015
    yan 2015 8 September 2015 12: 03 New
    here it is very important that the button fastening the fly does not tear.) a scam field at the other end of Eurasia. in the West.