Military Review

Tricky comments. Senya paint us under Khokhloma!

The impression was that in Kiev they did not blow up a grenade. And something like a high-explosive aerial bomb, with kilograms on 250, no less. Inside the Rada. And all there contusion. There can be no talk of brain concussion, it is doubtful that this is possible in principle. Due to the lack thereof. So - a contusion, with violation of both reflex and instinctive actions of organisms.

Tricky comments. Senya paint us under Khokhloma!

The hero of our time, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, brought and laid on the table in his NSDC a draft of a new military doctrine of Ukraine. With the proposal to consider and approve. And send to Peter Lekseichu on signing.

The case, in general, everyday. But here that there navayali, deserves separate consideration. Regretfully.

"The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine recently approved a new military doctrine of Ukraine. In the draft doctrine, for the first time in history independence is a well-defined opponent and aggressor, who is the Russian Federation ", the prime minister said with undisguised pride. And he promised publicly that Poroshenko would sign. Actually, where would Petro go? Of course, he would sign.

That's how we live ... Dolby-dolby, said how many times that Russia is not a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict, does not support the militia and does not send troops to the Donbass, all to no avail. Kiev continues to accuse our country of "military aggression" and regularly "finds" in the east of Ukraine and in the border regions of Russia certain units of the Russian army, although international observers during regular inspections have never detected any undeclared military activity.

Apparently, international observers did not fall under the bombs.

In general, dear Russians, it remains only to congratulate us on this gift to the Day of Knowledge. Knowledge we must be added. We are now all aggressors at the highest Ukrainian level. And since the signing of this masterpiece President Poroshenko we will only feel the awareness of this epoch-making event.

Do you think that's all? And no! The show goes on.

“I want to state clearly: the Ukrainian naval forces will return to the Crimea,” the press service of the Ukrainian Cabinet quoted Yatsenyuk as saying.

If the first delivery could still be sustained, then this is already a clinic. Or on the face. Mr Prime Minister.

I really want to exclaim in the character style of a famous cartoon: "Shaw, again ?!" Again aggravation? Autumn has come, everything, come? More precisely, sailed?

Where are going to sail the Navy of Ukraine? In which Crimea? In our, or what? So as far as I know, not all of the rusty inheritance from them left behind at the receiving points of the fermet was dragged off. Here, too, I have plans to litter our Crimean coast with semi-floating coffins ...

And in general, the Navy of Ukraine, does he really exist?

Probably, this is still the autumn aggravation, plus these maneuvers. In vain they started them, completely blew the roof.

Generally, whose teachings? Joint exercises of Ukraine and the United States? C'mon ... According to the statements of the same press service, thousands of servicemen will take part in them 2,5. Not only from the USA and Ukraine, but also from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Great Britain, Romania, Sweden, Turkey and Moldova. And almost every third military will represent the American troops.

Neither give, nor take, army of "two languages". And Yatsenyuk as Napoleon Bonaparte. Scope of plans is similar, by the way. But here again the question arose.

All right, Americans. Everything is clear with them, they don’t drink their Coca-Cola, let them maneuver. And, if every third person on these maneuvers is from the USA, then the picture is still the same.

I apply terrible weapon - calculator.

It turns out that from 2500 participants around 800 are Americans. The 1700 man remains. On the 9 member countries. This is an average of 200 people per country. Well, in Moldova they will not gain so much, but in general the picture is clear.

The strength is strong, horror casting. It's time to be afraid.

And, frightened, having only completed some exercises, "Interaction-2015", where 200 units of equipment and two thousand servicemen from Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan were involved, immediately begin the following.

"Union Shield-2015". Joint training of the troops of Belarus and Russia. More than 8 thousands of soldiers and officers, 400 combat vehicles, dozens of aircraft and helicopters. On the whole CSTO realized, now, "privately" with the Belarusians. And I pay everyone's attention, without noise, shouts and loud statements.

So if Arseny, "grabbing" adrenaline at the sight of the brave US marines, is slightly confused, then it's nothing. We are from time immemorial and have not heard such in your address. And calmly treat everything for a long time. "Aydar" in Moscow, "painting under Khokhloma" the walls of the Kremlin, it all happened.

Words words...

What about Ukrainian fleet in Crimea, I can advise one thing. I have a friend, Azizbek. He lives in Feodosia. They have a family business there, they take metal. They conduct business exceptionally honestly. I can throw a telephone, they will cut the Saigak Dachnoy in a week and where to send it. Money, of course, is not comparable with budget cuts, but there will definitely be enough for pills.

So there will be a desire - please contact, Arseny Petrovich, I will help you.

And under the "Khokhloma" we do not need to paint. Blue and yellow are not in fashion now ...
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  1. shibi
    shibi 2 September 2015 05: 34 New
    Glory to the Ukrainian Navy!
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 2 September 2015 05: 59 New
      Does the rabbit boast of its size ??? what
      1. Sid.74
        Sid.74 2 September 2015 06: 11 New
        Eshki-Matryoshka! Read this opus and almost fell off the chair. laughing

        “I just returned from Kiev from under the walls of the Verkhovna Rada. Poroshenko’s animal and venal snakes are worse than the unprofitable Yanukovych. A brilliantly planned and realized action against the single Ukrainian-centric force of VO “Svoboda”. We are the only danger to the current government — Putin’s lackey ... The so-called National Guard defends the hucksters, who began the destruction of the unitarity of the Ukrainian State. We will overcome this pa. Da.l. Do not doubt."
        And this is Fahrion ... laughing
        A little more and svobodovtsy will yell - Victor, come back! yes
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. veksha50
          veksha50 2 September 2015 09: 15 New
          Quote: Sid.74
          Eshka Matryoshka!

          Cool kneading ... The current stew-Putin lackeys ...

          PS Putin even knows about this ???
          1. olimpiada15
            olimpiada15 2 September 2015 09: 26 New
            "The current power-lackeys of Putin.!
            Well no,
            this is the largest and most active group of Ukrainian politicians who sign "Putin lackeys", but at the same time considers his opponents to be lackeys as well. Regarding Putin, this is of course a mistake, and the rest is right.
        3. marlin1203
          marlin1203 2 September 2015 11: 13 New
          Is she still not in a straitjacket? Strange .. she bites everyone wassat although it seems to have already bitten ..
        4. Vlad Spain
          Vlad Spain 2 September 2015 13: 02 New
          ... .. for every Ukrainian and a half barrel .... The third Maidan will be like the capture of the Bastille, the scribe will come sooner or later))))))
        5. Cherdak
          Cherdak 2 September 2015 14: 17 New
          Quote: Sid.74
          A little more and svobodovtsy will yell - Victor, come back!

          A video on the song-appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has been published on the YouTube channel of the Right Sector.

          Does the drain begin? See
        6. mikh-korsakov
          mikh-korsakov 2 September 2015 14: 53 New
          Who knows what it means, "well known." Should we expect anything else strange from this lady.
          1. Filxnumx
            Filxnumx 2 September 2015 20: 59 New
            Sufficiently - reliably, accurately, in detail
        7. Aibolit64
          Aibolit64 2 September 2015 17: 14 New
          Not only Rabbit Seni, but this fearsman also had an autumn aggravation. Most likely, all the authorities exacerbated the Ruin. wassat
          1. go21zd45few
            go21zd45few 4 September 2015 08: 07 New
            Yes, she has a menopause, and that's freaking out.
        8. siberalt
          siberalt 2 September 2015 20: 23 New
          According to Farion, Parashenka is not a Nazi. But the huckster is for sure! laughing
      2. vladimirZ
        vladimirZ 2 September 2015 06: 19 New
        “I want to clearly state: Ukrainian naval forces will return to Crimea,” Yatsenyuk quotes press service of the Ukrainian cabinet.
        from article

        The fact that Yatsenyuk is crazy is understandable. But he is in power, and therefore, like the other crazy in power, he can do mischief for other countries.

        In fact, officially declaring Russia "aggressor", "enemy" of Ukraine and stating that "the Ukrainian naval forces will return to Crimea," Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko are on the verge of declaring war on Russia, and this is serious.
        It is necessary to take measures, it is enough to encourage Ukraine with various kinds of discounts on energy resources, to finance them through the branches of Sberbank of Russia operating in Ukraine, etc.
        In the end, it is necessary to seriously fight with them for the time being informationally, economically, to undermine their economic and industrial potential, despite the fact that "ordinary people suffer there." To conduct serious subversive work through people who are still normally thinking there, using special services.
        It’s enough to consider them “partners” and maintain a conciliatory position, we need to pursue a policy of confrontation with them on all issues of “partnership”.
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 2 September 2015 06: 58 New
          Quote: vladimirZ
          It’s enough to consider them “partners” and maintain a conciliatory position, we need to pursue a policy of confrontation with them on all issues of “partnership”.

          If I were presidents, I would have closed the border a long time ago, kicked Gaster from the west of Ukraine and sent them home. I would have broken all economic and political ties with this crazy house.
          But I’m not the president. Many were lucky ......... including in Russia winked
          1. Name
            Name 2 September 2015 09: 02 New
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            Many were lucky ......... including in Russia

            Please announce the entire hypothetical sanction list ... Few little cho .. repeat
          2. shuhartred
            shuhartred 2 September 2015 09: 12 New
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            But I am not the president.

            Silver in captains !!!! (s) fellow drinks
          3. ZKB
            ZKB 4 September 2015 11: 13 New
            Thank God that you are not the president. You need to look wider ... these gastors, without noticing it, become agents of Russia. where there is no work, on Ukroin, where there is, in Russia. where is the standard of living better ??? and even at least part of the population is not subject to diving. By the way, counting on a resource, including human and military, ukrostrategi do not delete these gastors ... will you go to war with a country that gives you and your family to work and live ??? The second, regarding economic ties ... of course you can break. Imagine you lent a decent amount of money to a neighbor. and after that he stopped talking to him and forbade him to come. stupid ... Third, the rupture of ethno-cultural ties is a priority for dill. There are no these connections - you can pour independence and other nonsense into your head, making monsters from Russians. Not for nothing, the idea of ​​the wall was voiced by uknropiteks (it’s another matter that they cannot create). And lastly, and who said that the economic, informational and political war with the Ukrainian language is not being waged by our state ??? Our Crimea, Donbass is a stronghold, the debt for gas is growing, the population is in ruins, it is beginning to rethink what is happening ... and to us mere mortals about all the steps and victories in this war, as well as the plans of the country's leadership are too early to know ... by the way, military sphere, WE ARE READY AND PREPARED.
          4. The comment was deleted.
          5. Iskander-Khan
            Iskander-Khan 4 September 2015 22: 57 New
        2. Mula
          Mula 2 September 2015 08: 13 New
          Is the fleet wound up in Banderostan? This is a world sensation !!!!
          1. The point
            The point 2 September 2015 14: 33 New
            Quote: Mulia
            Is the fleet wound up in Banderostan?

            It grows like yeast. laughing
        3. Vladimir 1964
          Vladimir 1964 2 September 2015 08: 41 New
          It is necessary to take measures, it is enough to encourage Ukraine with various kinds of discounts on energy resources, to finance them through the branches of Sberbank of Russia operating in Ukraine, etc.

          It is clear that politics is a serious matter, but I do not understand the actions of the country's leadership in matters of continuing economic assistance to Ukraine, they are not clear ....
        4. Aleksandr72
          Aleksandr72 2 September 2015 08: 52 New
          Which country is such a government. Each nation and country has the government that they deserve (and which then and ... that nation and country). Proof - Ukraine. I would say that the country and the people of Ukraine have a brain collapse if serious concerns about its presence did not arise. It is rather some kind of collective unconscious (almost according to Freud). 23 years of Independence and intensive brainwashing for a significant part of the population of Ukraine (regardless of age, gender, social status and nationality) were not in vain. The results are visible to everyone except perhaps the people of Ukraine - they simply do not want to see anything. Mostly, unfortunately.
          I have the honor.
          1. Iskander-Khan
            Iskander-Khan 4 September 2015 23: 10 New
            no, Alexander ... the country and people of Ukraine do not have a brain collapse, but a short circuit in it, as well as a cancerous tumor in power, requires surgical and therapeutic intervention ... but it can be treated with other means ... the cold also helps to treat light -heat therapy have an effect-Russia-occupier-treat ... with the above listed means-it can help ... Some people wish it, and so everything is empty, it is glorification and verbiage. That's somehow
        5. Volzhanin
          Volzhanin 2 September 2015 09: 21 New
          Uh, dear, Senya is far from crazy. He knows exactly what he is doing. Rather, the Yankersons tell this walrus to the parfait every day what nonsense to carry. Senya is a purely vile voice and acts according to their principle - the more monstrous the lie, the better!
          Actually the main Jewish and Anglo-Zionist principle.
        6. msm
          msm 4 September 2015 10: 05 New
          Yes, I agree. No matter how we play the game "partners". It's time to pick up other words - great mighty russian language.
        7. goose
          goose 4 September 2015 16: 55 New
          Quote: vladimirZ
          The fact that Yatsenyuk is crazy is understandable.

          Unfortunately, no, although it mows under it. he is a conscious political scavenger.
      3. Neophyte
        Neophyte 2 September 2015 09: 32 New
        Advertising Ukrainian wooden dildos for joint exercises!
      4. PQ-18
        PQ-18 2 September 2015 14: 15 New
        "..a after eUrointegration will be so-so!" wassat
      5. beldiver
        beldiver 2 September 2015 18: 43 New
        Current is not the size, but the possibilities!
      6. Tiamat2702
        Tiamat2702 4 September 2015 10: 51 New
        )))) Just got it - it looks like blowjob courses. ))))
      7. Petrol
        Petrol 4 September 2015 11: 10 New
        about Krol
        as said senin ancestor by blood rabbi bakai

        "Similar to you can kill a wild beast with good conscience and take possession of its forest, you can also kill or expel a goy (Slavs and other nations) and take possession of his property. The property of a non-Jew is like an abandoned thing, its real owner is a Jew, who is the first to seize it. ”
        source - (Baba Bathra, folio 54, b; Choschen Michpot, 156, 1)
        1. Iskander-Khan
          Iskander-Khan 4 September 2015 23: 19 New
          Well, the goyim ... How is life under the rule of the heir of Rabbi Bakai. Is it warm for you ... How is a Europe ... Then who is he ... Yes, so ... guess who
          1. Petrol
            Petrol 10 September 2015 16: 40 New
            in western Ukraine there are almost no Slavs!
            in the name of the country there is a Turkic "U" which means perpetual motion!

            in western and central Ukraine, people speak like Germans, Turks and Uzbeks with a breath of consonants, but unlike the same Germans, the words are different.

            and in Transcarpathia in speech there is a soft “L” like that of Romanians and Magyars of Italians and other Gypsies!
            only Rusyns have Russian speech without an accent.

            last Slavs in western Ukraine crushed in thalerhof
      8. Ordynec1
        Ordynec1 4 September 2015 22: 37 New
        Apparently, Lyashka shows supposedly a muddy evening)
      9. Iskander-Khan
        Iskander-Khan 4 September 2015 22: 50 New
        SENYA-hohmach ... Khokhlovsky YOU HOPPER then you saw Optics ... take off your brains that is, turn it on and think Pug on whom you bark ... They ... behind the Puddle, we are by our side ... by your side If something happens ... you never know whether YOU WILL SUCCESS ... But to answer ... OH = OH = WILL HAVE ... For words and deeds thoughtless, weak-willed for the sake of PI ... committed by the PEOPLE, then scolded-FORCE you will keep the answer for the krovinushka with Pastor and Cockerel ... think ...
    2. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 2 September 2015 06: 46 New
      Quote: sibi
      Glory to the Ukrainian Navy!

      what are the cons? it's a banter! request
      1. inkass_98
        inkass_98 2 September 2015 07: 09 New
        Quote: Andrew Y.
        it's a banter!

        Someone did not understand. Navy Ruins A terrible force. Emphasis on the word scary.
    3. vodolaz
      vodolaz 2 September 2015 08: 26 New
      I don’t look, GDP is to blame for everything. And not even Benya, who took away 2 billion, which, in turn, was provided by the IMF, among other things, at interest.
    4. Borets
      Borets 2 September 2015 09: 27 New
      "Saigak Country" I almost described)))
    5. The Chat
      The Chat 2 September 2015 11: 25 New
      You give increased obligations for the delivery of ferrous metal and color metal !!!
      We will clear the Black Sea of ​​metal !!!
  2. Born in USSR
    Born in USSR 2 September 2015 05: 37 New
    Boy you are a stupid person. Uncle I didn’t beat, I tutbil. Senya what to take from him.
    1. inkass_98
      inkass_98 2 September 2015 07: 04 New
      The idea is clear, but you expressed it very badly.
      1. Panikovsky
        Panikovsky 2 September 2015 18: 20 New
        Quote: inkass_98
        The idea is clear, but you expressed it very badly.

        in my opinion too. I think so that against the background of hysteria, own impotence and absolute incompetence, in anticipation of collapse and the complete collapse of illusions, the paranoia syndrome developed and progresses in an independent camarilla.
  3. vovanpain
    vovanpain 2 September 2015 05: 45 New
    The ruin considers Russia an adversary and an aggressor. Russia considers the ruin rogue and de ..
    1. KBR109
      KBR109 2 September 2015 05: 51 New
      Not this way. The ruin is ordered to consider Russia an aggressor and this justifies the whole fall. The world will lead to the activation of a change of power, and so it will.
      1. Voha_krim
        Voha_krim 2 September 2015 06: 01 New
        Quote: KBR109
        The ruin is ordered to consider Russia an aggressor and this justifies the whole fall.

        Through the mouth of the Seny - the State Department verbs!
  4. PValery53
    PValery53 2 September 2015 05: 53 New
    Glory to the heroes! (from the word "x..r"). For comments - to the orderlies serving Senya.
  5. tracker
    tracker 2 September 2015 06: 11 New
    The rabbit is brave, the loan is postponed indefinitely, you can be bold and carry the snowstorm habitually and the owners in the states are happy and the lawyers will not be offended, but Petya is now tight, he wouldn’t lose his supporters in the Parliament otherwise the scribe would come before frosts
    1. The comment was deleted.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 2 September 2015 06: 23 New
    I want to clearly state: Ukrainian naval forces will return to Crimea

    It's not just funny, but nauseous to nausea. You listen to Yatsenyuk and you are no longer surprised at what happened in Ukraine. In power one scum of a certain nationality and with the citizenship of a foreign country. This is not a 404 country, but a black hole, which if not closed, it will suck all of Europe.
  7. andrei332809
    andrei332809 2 September 2015 06: 23 New
    battle crawl wassat
  8. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 2 September 2015 06: 23 New
    “The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine recently approved a new military doctrine of Ukraine. For the first time in the history of independence, the draft doctrine clearly defines the adversary and aggressor who the Russian Federation is,” the prime minister said with undisguised pride. And he promised in public that Poroshenko would sign. Actually, where will Petro go? Of course he will.
    And to me, to live with these apricots ... it is just right to bark, it came in large numbers, but ... on the other hand, imbeciles, what do you take?
    1. Unclean
      Unclean 2 September 2015 12: 40 New
      And I’ll add to you, I read it on the tape ru. :
      ..President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called on all countries to unite in order to confront Russia. Such a thesis is contained in his appeal to the Ukrainians and the international community in connection with the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II. The text was posted on Wednesday, September 2, on the website of the head of state.

      “The impudent Russian aggression poses a threat not only to Ukraine, but also to the entire civilized world, its security and stability. The bloody lessons of World War II should not be in vain. An aggressor can only be stopped by joint efforts, as it was 70 years ago, ”Poroshenko said.

      According to him, Russia launched a “hybrid” war against sovereign Ukraine. ” The president also pointed out that the democratic world should make every effort to regain confidence in international law, which Moscow "cynically trampled", "annexing Crimea and starting an armed conflict in the Donbass."
      . As you can see, insanity is thriving, and they sing almost synchronously. And all this thistle Padloshenko will sign, any nonsense to Russia, and then he will beg for a discount on gas. And to hint at some geyroppovskie values, they say Russia described and freezes us cold.
      and only, there are no other censorship words. For battle Ukraine, glory to genetals.
  9. parusnik
    parusnik 2 September 2015 07: 21 New
    The show continues .. At Potroshenko’s headquarters, everyone is poorly groomed ..
  10. rus-5819
    rus-5819 2 September 2015 08: 07 New
    Apparently, international observers did not fall under the bombs.

    They are well fed in the center of Donetsk and the shells somehow do not reach the hotel ...

    Knowledge should be added to us. We are now all the aggressors at the highest Ukrainian level. And from the moment of signing this masterpiece by President Poroshenko, we only need to be imbued with awareness of this epoch-making event.

    The main thing is that those in power are concerned about this "knowledge" and stop feeding this "Eurasian scum." Ordinary Ukrainian people are unfortunately sorry, but every nation has those rulers (who have it) that it deserves.
  11. duschman80-81
    duschman80-81 2 September 2015 08: 16 New
    "And under the" Khokhloma "we do not need to be painted. Blue and yellow are not in vogue now .." - you can’t say better, heartily and in the face! stop
  12. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 2 September 2015 08: 29 New
    I remember a certain chief of the Armed Forces General Staff promised a parade in Sevastopol. And the "rabbit" is there too. But all this camarilla that rules unhappy Ukraine has been hanging out in power for a long time. Well, just for decades. Transferring from one chair to another. Apparently, it is very satisfying and warm. Nothing takes them. Cockroaches right.
    1. atos_kin
      atos_kin 2 September 2015 09: 50 New
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      a certain chief of staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine promised a parade in Sevastopol

      Clarification: US Defense Minister Geletey
      1. Mikhal
        Mikhal 3 September 2015 21: 40 New
        Geletey "Ilovaisky". laughing
  13. aszzz888
    aszzz888 2 September 2015 08: 45 New
    Autumn, autumn well, why are you blowing down the roofs!
    And then there is crap ripening "garne", so that the flowers in front.
  14. cuzmin.mihail2013
    cuzmin.mihail2013 2 September 2015 09: 08 New
    Crimea is not a point of reception of ferrous metal! Nothing to do there all sorts of tuck palms. Address to China, it is possible to agree with them, even, on shipment at own expense.
  15. veksha50
    veksha50 2 September 2015 09: 12 New
    "they will cut the Saigak Dachny in a week and where to send it ..."

    The entire Ukrainian fleet in a week ... Cool ...

    This Azizbek should be aimed at other ships taking part in the Sea Breeze ... At least for a couple of months the company will get work ...
  16. Vladimir Pozlnyakov
    Vladimir Pozlnyakov 2 September 2015 09: 20 New
    I have an IZH-43 safe, which has not been fired once in 23 years! With his bloodlessness, if it were required, 99% of Zrada would be preempted with pleasure!
  17. The comment was deleted.
  18. Zomanus
    Zomanus 2 September 2015 09: 33 New
    Oh, I imagine what will start early next year. When we block our import of Ukrainian products. Then there will really be screams and screams. In the meantime, this is a game for the voter.
  19. wild
    wild 2 September 2015 10: 39 New
    It’s not funny enough, since, apparently, the Nazis are serious and for a long time, the whole point of their existence will be in preparation for the war with the Russian Federation. What is the whole enlightened liberal west will be happy to help them. And the time will come X and grief will come to our homes. Until then, we will be given them gas at a discount, coal and electricity at domestic prices, and there the population is pumped up with harsh Russophobic propaganda. They are not relatives to us, but enemies and they must be crushed by an adult.
  20. Leader
    Leader 2 September 2015 10: 41 New
    Question to our leadership: when will you wake up, ssss ....?
    The attempts to reason the lost "brothers" are already ridiculous. Their militancy is the result of your attempts to appease the "European community."
    And the reason for your fear is that your money is in foreign banks. And all your hopes for the future are connected with abroad.
    I hope that you, Russian bourgeois, do not have long to eat pineapples ...
  21. Vega
    Vega 2 September 2015 11: 16 New
    As a preacher and a true “democrat,” white is black and black is yellow and further in the spectrum !!
  22. Taygerus
    Taygerus 2 September 2015 11: 19 New
    ward number 6, what else to take from them, yapping and sprinkling with saliva, and winter is near
  23. GYGOLA
    GYGOLA 2 September 2015 11: 37 New
    there’s nothing to even comment about the article, humor, fun, clowns ... Rubric is a minute of humor in VO.
  24. Vladimir1960
    Vladimir1960 2 September 2015 12: 19 New
    Schedule of meetings of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine:
    Wednesday - Consideration of sanctions against Russia.
    Thursday - Consideration of an appeal to Gazprom for a discount on gas prices.
  25. press officer
    press officer 2 September 2015 13: 17 New
    Quote: vovanpain
    The ruin considers Russia an adversary and an aggressor. Russia considers the ruin rogue and de ..

    We are their rogues and de ..... lam? recourse Duck they are! yes they tell us that we have a "scoop" in our heads! This is it in their heads and not only in their heads! Everywhere! You look what they did with the Crimea for 23 years! There, only Gorbachev is not enough! There is a pure Soviet Union! wassat They are naive as we are in the 90s (Crimeans)! And they still live somewhere somewhere ... Therefore, they (dill) are so attracted by the geyrop, they think that there is a beacon of democracy and happiness with lots of money! Horror! fool They don’t see reality! They have good zombie TV of course! Such a picture about us has been painted over all these years, that they believe that we still live in the 90s !!! fool And besides everything else, it's them ..... hmmhmmhhh (hard-to-translate mat shoemaker) they really think that we don’t have any fish (we buy it in the Nikolaev region. laughing ) no meat, no chocolate either .. yes, in general, there is nothing besides hedgehogs !!! and they really still feed us ........ what fool laughing what can I say ..? one mat left .. winked and administrators scolded me for it .. request
  26. drags33
    drags33 2 September 2015 15: 10 New
    And after such statements of the canopy rabbit, they want discounts on gas, coal and electricity at a cheap price, diesel fuel on ATO, etc. ??? Or maybe it’s time to finish feeding the fascist scum in dill and block all channels with this under-state populated by idiots and Nazi-Ukrainians to a vigorous hair dryer? How much can Russia tolerate this !!! ??? Can they show them at least for an hour how the Russians really are advancing?
    1. tundra
      tundra 2 September 2015 16: 41 New
      You’re not a maniac, right laughing And there you can connect with MOTOROLA, we are not animals.
      Sami die.!
  27. tundra
    tundra 2 September 2015 16: 37 New
    A little off topic, the deputy’s son is happy, celebrated the wedding in CRIMEA!
    Well, what kind of people is not shame, not conscience, nor pride.
    Just a flock, w .... h, pah on them again, that’s an abomination.
  28. beldiver
    beldiver 2 September 2015 18: 39 New
    "I want to make it clear: Ukrainian naval forces will return to Crimea" to ask to be part of the Russian Navy!
  29. Vlad5307
    Vlad5307 2 September 2015 19: 03 New
    Quote: Andrew Y.
    Does the rabbit boast of its size ???

    No, it shows what size he can swallow on the cheek! laughing laughing
  30. PValery53
    PValery53 2 September 2015 21: 49 New
    Limit the presence of carrots and fresh grass in the diet of the Rabbit! - Let them know their place!
  31. mr.vasilievich
    mr.vasilievich 2 September 2015 22: 17 New
    I’m scared that Yatsenyuk is led by people with atomic weapons.
  32. cap54
    cap54 3 September 2015 08: 32 New
    In the photo, Senya shows how big his brain is! And he explains that this is still a big size ... Others have even less !!!
  33. eye276
    eye276 3 September 2015 11: 11 New
    Maybe he’s just talking about another Crimea? Who knows, they all have different cards and the story is different.
  34. 1982dimarik
    1982dimarik 3 September 2015 18: 20 New
    Peace, labor. Navy Ukrviny not watching. it does not exist, these remains on which they float will be sunk.
  35. vlad7777kul
    vlad7777kul 3 September 2015 19: 05 New
    Well written article. Thank you very much.
  36. Evgtan
    Evgtan 4 September 2015 10: 24 New
    Jews became all from grief
    black ...
    "How to live further?" - froze in
    Discovered by Ukrainian scientists,
    That Jesus was Ukrainian
    Christ! They found straight
    proof of,
    What was not only Ukrainian
    Now in full print
    What was Ukrainian
    Tutankhamun. What Buddha grew up in
    the city of Chernihiv,
    And, like Christ, on mov
    And in Rome I delivered pepper
    And later the Cossacks
    headed, Sarmatians, Scythians,
    Cimmerians, arias -
    Ukrainians were in the bud,
    And if someone was born suddenly in
    That he had in Hohland
    relatives! Yes the Lord himself how
    says the scripture
    He wears harem pants and a mustache.
    And Ukraine is a universe:
    From stars to Poltava
    sausages! Seas went from her
    embraced by the dawn
    And birds and different nations
    countries ...
    Came from aliens!
  37. AdekvatNICK
    AdekvatNICK 4 September 2015 18: 40 New
    what were they going to overcome the Crimean "Bastion"?
  38. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 5 September 2015 01: 30 New
    to hell with them .. with these patients on the head. I am interested in something else - what will be the response of the Russian leaders? They will growl again - let's guys live together?
    And just as before, Sberbank of Russia will pay for the production of weapons in Ukraine?
    Ah, Mr. Gref?
  39. yuriy55
    yuriy55 5 September 2015 04: 45 New
    Senya will sign us under Khokhloma! laughing
    First, let him wipe the whole green stuff out of his face ... tongue