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Photo report from the 10-th PLA Air Force bomber division

Photo report from the 10-th PLA Air Force bomber division

The crew of the Chinese long-range bomber bomber H-6K is preparing for departure (c)

Chinese military Internet portal published a large photo report of the 10th bomber aviation Air Force divisions of the Nanjing military district of the PLA, partially equipped with the latest Chinese long-range H-6K long-range bombers. Along with them, older vehicles continue to be used in the division, in particular H-6H bombers. It can be seen from the report that the H-6K crews, whose main specialization is the use of cruise missiles, also practice the use of not only adjustable bombs, but also free-fall bombs.

Bombers H-6K (c)

Optical-electronic sighting station bomber H-6K (c)

Service and suspension bombs (c)

H-6K rocket-carrying bombers of the 10-th aviation division of the PLA Air Force (c)

H-6K - a variant of a radical modernization of the basic design of the H-6 bomber (Chinese version of the Tu-16). The aircraft is equipped with Russian D-30KP2 engines, its airframe, especially the nose, has undergone major changes, and the composition of the on-board radio-electronic equipment has been completely updated. The aircraft is equipped with a "glass cockpit" with at least five multifunctional displays. Its main weapons are medium-range cruise missiles such as the CJ-10, while some older bombers, such as the H-6H, have recently been upgraded to use such cruise missiles. The H-6K can carry six cruise missiles on underwing hardpoints and possibly one more in the bomb bay that was preserved on this aircraft.

The H-6K aircraft made its first flight in 2007, and more and more attention has been drawn to it recently. In February 2015, Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the 10th Air Division of the PLA Air Force, and the "glass" cockpit of the H-6K was shown for the first time in television reports on this occasion. In recent months, H-6Ks have begun regular training flights over the "first chain of islands," perhaps practicing cruise missile strikes against Japan from its weakly defended southeast direction. It is assumed that the range of the H-6K aircraft allows it to strike with cruise missiles at all major US bases in the region, including Guam and possibly Hawaii. At the same time, the H-6K lacks the in-flight refueling capability that is essential for a full-fledged strategic bomber. Although theoretically its cruise missiles, which are structurally close to the Soviet Kh-55, can carry nuclear warheads, at the moment nothing is known about such a variant of equipment.

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  1. Internal combustion engine
    Internal combustion engine 5 September 2015 05: 43
    The bastards stole a red star from us. They left some nonsense, three-colored abracadabra.
    1. War and Peace
      War and Peace 5 September 2015 09: 00
      TU16 had a radius of 3000 km, if the Chinese even made 4 thousand km. it’s impossible to reach such bombers in any way, but to Vladivostok, Komomolsk, Irkutsk, they can very well ...
      1. Bersaglieri
        Bersaglieri 5 September 2015 11: 31
        Why get there if you just need to go to the launch line? The range of the X-55 (on the basis of which the Chinese CBRD was created) is more than 2000 km.
        So, just, with a "long arm" they get to Guam and Pearl Harbor. Well, no one canceled refueling in the air.
        1. maxim1987
          maxim1987 5 September 2015 12: 56
          Quote: Bersaglieri
          Well, no one canceled refueling in the air

          read carefully

          At the same time, the H-6K does not have the ability to refuel in the air, which is most important for a full-fledged strategic bomber
          1. Afinogen
            Afinogen 5 September 2015 18: 39
            Quote: maximNNX
            At the same time, the H-6K does not have the ability to refuel in the air, which is most important for a full-fledged strategic bomber

            Strange .... Our Tu-16s refueled in the air, but the Chinese modern remake of our Tu-16 cannot request
          2. Bersaglieri
            Bersaglieri 5 September 2015 19: 18
            Has;) Just a removable bar.
          3. Bersaglieri
            Bersaglieri 5 September 2015 19: 19
            And, again, even without refueling, taking into account the range of the KR, it is quite a "almost" strategist "
    2. vladimirZ
      vladimirZ 5 September 2015 10: 07
      DVS quote:
      The bastards stole a red star from us. They left some nonsense, three-colored abracadabra.

      Can you more clearly write your emotions?
      Who stole? Who was stolen?
      Maybe the Chinese copied?
      Or as I understand it, the liberals stole the symbol of the "red star" from Russia, replacing it with a three-color red-white-blue?
      And so you are so sadly worried about Russia, which has lost its heroic brand?
      1. Olezhek
        Olezhek 5 September 2015 19: 44
        Can you more clearly write your emotions?
        Who stole? Who was stolen?

        Colleague - it was a bitter irony.
  2. bolat19640303
    bolat19640303 5 September 2015 06: 26
    A completely sufficient aircraft to deal with all potential opponents of the PRC - the range is enough even without an air refueling system. That's what can be done from the old man TU-16, and what kind of strategist will the Russian Federation get with a deep modernization of the TU-160!
    1. Bersaglieri
      Bersaglieri 5 September 2015 11: 38
      I think that if the Union had not collapsed, then the Tu-16 of the latest modifications (such as Tu-16-k26) would probably have been modernized like this (with the installation of the D30K DTRD, new avionics, MPKPU for X15 and DB for X55, etc. )
  3. Rash
    Rash 5 September 2015 06: 27
  4. bear
    bear 5 September 2015 07: 29
    Quote: ICE
    The bastards stole a red star from us. They left some nonsense, three-colored abracadabra.

    ICE stop smoking all sorts of nasty things and don’t litter the tricolor star
  5. Igor K
    Igor K 5 September 2015 07: 37
    The PRC is not very concerned with the bombers; to see the nature of the hostilities for which they are preparing is really defensive.
  6. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 5 September 2015 11: 22
    What candy did the Chinese from the Tu-16! Nothing to say, well done!
  7. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 5 September 2015 11: 48
    At one time, the PRC persistently offered Russia to sell several Tu-22M3 with a set of weapons. They were not sold to them. I know what is right.
  8. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 5 September 2015 12: 08
    Not everything is going smoothly with projects in China. No cadres - and no new "strategists". Tu 16 is obviously outdated, and it had problems with fuel efficiency.
    China needs Russia not only as a supplier of raw materials and a consumer of consumer goods.
    1. Bersaglieri
      Bersaglieri 5 September 2015 12: 51
      The engines were replaced - with D-30KP purchased in Russia (the same as those purchased for the Chinese IL-76)
  9. Cap.Morgan
    Cap.Morgan 5 September 2015 12: 24
    Quote: ICE
    The bastards stole a red star from us. They left some nonsense, three-colored abracadabra.

    First, nobody stole it. We gave China a star ourselves, in an era of great friendship. The star is still used in Russia.
    1. wk
      wk 5 September 2015 23: 59
      Quote: Cap.Morgan
      they gave the star themselves

      star before Soviet Russia. was in the USA but the colors and shapes in the USSR and China were a little different ... Vietnam also has a red star but the shape is different .... I don’t remember how many phages in the world there is a cross in one form or another or a crescent with a star.
  10. Jääkorppi
    Jääkorppi 5 September 2015 13: 12
    Yeah! Without Russian military technology, it’s just a paper tiger! (compared with the West, for them with the East).
  11. lilian
    lilian 5 September 2015 14: 30
    Beautiful bomber jacket. They conjured and over the Yak-130, put the Ukrainian engine and the training aircraft became supersonic rate of climb, similar to the fourth-generation fighter.
    Moldovans, it’s wrong to envy them, they deserve respect if they get what they don’t get in Russia, is it worth it to be kidded?
  12. Bayonet
    Bayonet 5 September 2015 20: 26
    XianHong-6K (in Chinese, "Xian Hong-6K") is a subsonic aircraft that carries on board long-range cruise missiles. Due to the use of mainly Soviet technologies of the period 70–80s, an improvement in the characteristics of the machine was achieved, which allowed to significantly expand the capabilities of the old Tu-16. The biggest changes were made to the power plant of the bomber, its armament and electronic equipment. The aircraft was equipped with D-30KP engines, similar to those that had recently been put on Tu-154, Il-76 and several others. The use of new engines instead of those used on previous versions of WP-8 (copied AM-3 engine) with a simultaneous increase in fuel load allowed to significantly increase the flight radius of the car - from 2000 to 3000 thousand kilometers, despite the fact that cruise missiles were placed under the wing (ALCM) ) The car received a more powerful radar - the radar fairing took up almost the entire nose of the fuselage, as a result of which the H-6K lost the “glass nose” specific to previous modifications of the Tu-16. The H-6K carries 6 CJ-10A ALCMs, three on each side, at individual suspension points. Now the aircraft does not have an internal bomb compartment, and EW equipment and a part of the fuel supply are located in the freed up volumes of the hull. The H-6K, unlike some previous modifications, was not rebuilt from old aircraft, but was manufactured from scratch. Given the lifespan of today's heavy bombers, the H-6K has every chance of remaining in service until 2052. It was then that exactly 100 years have passed since the first flight of the Soviet Tu-16.
    PRC President sat in the cabin of the H-6K.
  13. samoletil18
    samoletil18 5 September 2015 21: 35
    somewhat out of topic. 3-4 Tu-154s should remain on Aviakor. And the Chinese have experience using them and the motors are the same as the bomber. Maybe the menagers will offer the Chinese for the PLA? For them, 6-8 green million. Money is not the most critical unit.
    Dreams, however ... Only it seems to me that the An-140 will no longer be produced.
  14. gregor6549
    gregor6549 7 September 2015 11: 11
    What to say? And you can say that the Chinese have once again proved that it is not worth prematurely burying normal equipment if it is capable of performing its tasks. And the tasks of Chinese strategists today do not include strikes against the continental United States. They have more modest tasks. If necessary, oust the United States to Guam and deal with some "imaginary" neighbors. At the same time, they are not only trying to extend the service life of "morally obsolete" equipment, but also to give it new qualities by modernizing it and equipping it with new weapons systems. And what's wrong with that?