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“White-faced bone”: what are the differences between volunteers and MAT?

What is the difference between “volunteer” battalions / regiments / corps and soldiers of the regular army? Officially, the junta claims that this is the same thing. This is supposedly one well-coordinated mechanism, which has only one goal - serving the Motherland. But, if you look, the differences are cardinal. Moreover, these parts are incompatible in one structure because they differ in literally everything: thoughts, software, tasks. That is absolutely all different. And not just different, but the opposite. Do not believe? Let's compare.

“White-faced bone”: what are the differences between volunteers and MAT?

1. Tell me who your commander is and I will tell you who you are

The army is rotting from the head, and the Hunt United Army is falling apart from the command. There can be no army in which units do not submit to the supreme commander or his authorized persons. The hierarchical structure of any army is very tough, and non-compliance with the order is the gravest crime that is punished very harshly, like treason to the Motherland.

In fact, it is so. The country has authorized the commander-in-chief to defend its sovereignty, and everyone who, while in the army, does not obey the supreme and his appointees - the chief of the general staff, the commanders of the units and "sectors" - is a traitor to the oath (if he gave) or an armed gangster gave).

The last example — the withdrawal from the battle zone of the Azov regiment and the Donbass battalion in Shirokino — once again showed that the “volunteers” are only conditionally subordinate to command. Repeatedly ignoring the order for withdrawal, threats, rallies in support of his line ... In any other army, this would be called Bunt. But not in the United Army. Here it is a manifestation of patriotism and ... an example to follow.

By the way, yesterday the Donbass battalion returned to the battle zone, referring to the disposal of the sector commander. In this case, the "volunteers" did not require a written order. They just did what they wanted. And whether there was an order or not, no one will understand anyway.

All this happens because these units are de facto not subject to a single command. They lead their war together with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, only coordinating their actions. The apotheosis was to be a separate volunteer general staff, which, it was, began to form "volunteers" in Dnepropetrovsk. But Kiev, or rather, Washington did not allow the situation to reach the point of absurdity.

Another thing with parts of the APU. Here everything is clear and understandable. There is a clear subordination. The vertical of power is not contested.

And if riots take place in parts, the reason is completely different. Soldiers are asked to bring them home, not to the front. It's funny, but the revolt of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is completely opposite to the riots of "volunteers."

2. Attitude of the authorities

Can you imagine a situation where drunken soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine cut through an SUV with the numbers of the “72 Brigade” somewhere in the vicinity of Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Lvov and other cities, sending everyone away and everything to the Deputies? In the car they have a lot weaponsup to heavy machine guns and grenade launchers? And in the case of "graters" with the local police, the military prosecutor's office, the SBU for the commission of armed assaults on civilian objects in the deep rear (for example, in Mukachevo) would they not be detained and allowed to quietly hide? You can continue to continue. I think the reader understood what I was talking about. Yes it is impossible. But if instead of the Supreme Court of Ukraine we put “volunteers”, then it becomes not only possible, but also typical.

If a company / battalion of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine surrendered to the prisoner or left the position without an order, then they are “traitors” who are tried by the court, and volunteers who left the front line in whole units ... usually heroes “abandoned by the authorities”.

3. Heroes of the rear battles

A significant part of the "rear units" of the "volunteers", sometimes constituting up to 90% of the whole part, are engaged in robbery. And robbing is not captured from the enemy of the city, and the most that neither is their own, which are their bases.

The regiment "Azov", which has its own "interests" in Kiev, Zaporozhye, Mariupol, does not surprise anyone and no longer confuses. The Dnepr-1 regiment (which also disappeared into the shadow after Kolomoisky’s retirement) has serious interests in the Dnipro region. But everyone was outnumbered by the “Right Sector”, which has “interests” everywhere and from which at the front it is fighting much less than 10% of its members. Most of the paramilitary units are engaged in logistical and ... elective affairs. But, as we understand, these interests are not the interests of the parts themselves, but their “patrons”, on whose money the parts were created, and, accordingly, whose interests they defend.

It is difficult to present the 92 brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in full armament on the "graters" in Kharkov, and especially in Kiev. Lustrations and business protection for them ... "unknown" tasks.

4. As a result of "cruel and bloody" battles

What most often require soldiers APU? That's right - rotations with the requirement to take them to the rear. "Azov", "Aydar", DUK PS always ask to leave them at the front, sometimes even with weapons in their hands, resisting withdrawal.

The explanation for this phenomenon lies in the features of the acquisition of these parts. How do these units recruit recruits?

APU. The military commissars, in order to fulfill the recruitment plan, often tell future soldiers: “You will not be sent to war without your consent. You will not kill, and you will not be killed. You will quietly and peacefully sit in the rear. " But even this does not help. Each new wave brings reprimands and penalties for them. Including in the form of punishment business trip to the front.

Why is that? Yes, because each new battle brings a loss. New and new coffins bringing home “heroes” sober and frighten future “cyborgs” and their family members. Returned alive, but crippled mentally "demob" frighten them even more. Everyone understands that this is a one-way ticket, and if you are not killed there or physically crippled, then you will never be returned mentally normal. They are afraid of this, normal people are fleeing from this, who want to remain normal people.

A completely different principle of advertising from "volunteers". Only drive, only blood, only being in the thick of it.

The “Aidar” battalion was very popular in the summer of 2014, while it was the only “assault” battalion of “volunteers” at the front. Actually, it was the first division that began to rapidly acquire new recruiting in the “advertisement”. "Aydar" quickly reached an astronomical number. In fact, it was already a regiment, although by the end of the fighting the battalion had turned into a reinforced company. Only a small part of them fought at the front, but before 1000 the fighters were solving “combat” tasks of command in the rear. And all the young scum dreamed of getting a crust personally from the hands of their idol - Melnichuk. The scandal that broke out in the winter and especially in the spring of 2015 of the year destroyed, first, the “reputation” and then the number of the unit. All the “heroes” quickly ran to change the “registration” to a more “decent” one. And the main "hero" was deprived of immunity at the request of the GPU.

The battalion "Donbass" is generally a separate история. It was created by the fraudster Kostya Grishin. A talented cheater, I want to tell you. The battalion was not particularly distinguished at the front, except for the massive "drape", but it was so popular from May 2014-th to spring 2015-th, which allowed Kostya to recruit composition after composition, merge it into another "brilliant operation" and again find hundreds of idiots who were led to his fascinating fascinating stories about "Donbas heroes". After several scandals and a departure from the leadership of the writer and mastermind Semen Semenchenko (he had officially changed his name and surname by that time), the Donbass began to fade and deflate. No drive - no replenishment. Now it is the usual small unit that is trying to subscribe to any drive. Just not oblivion, meaning death.

The regiment "Azov". The 2015 raid on a neutral Azov strip in February confirmed the status of the regiment given to Azov and doubled its number (mainly due to defectors from other parts). Fighting for Shirokino, senseless and bloody, resulted in a further increase in the number of the regiment. Not so rapid (losses, however), but, nevertheless, the number of Azovites constantly increased. And now, when the regiment decided to take to the Zaporozhye region, Andrei Belitsky ... saw in this the desire of the command of the APU to destroy the "combat ready unit." And he is right. A couple of months sitting deep in the rear and doing nothing will play the same bad trick on this part. All fans of the “drive” will gradually leave it. They went to the Donbass not for digging trenches. They were driving ... to kill.

But the most successful advertising campaign does not belong to these "illustrious" battalions and regiments, but to the whole KORPUS of volunteers who have emerged from nowhere. "Right Sector" was formed on the Maidan. Successfully PR on lustrations and the fight against fragments of the former regime. In time, picked up the idea of ​​forming combat units. Became the most powerful of them. But after a few scandals quickly blown away. The units that actually fought at the front (before the battalion), fled to other units, and the rest appeared before the society, like another gang of robbers and murderers. Yes, they were otmazma from the events in Mukachevo, but it still was the verdict of the organization. The aura of “heroes” faded, and then evaporated along with the captured children-hostages. Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk "forgive" the crime to the bandits, but the people did not forgive. The fate of DUK PS has already been inscribed. He is waiting for self-destruction and oblivion.

5. War and peace: attitude to "Minsk"

And hence the attitude to the establishment of order in the country and the peace process.

"Volunteers" Peace and order are not needed. There will be a WORLD, the order will come - for that train of crimes, which began on the Maidan, will have to answer. Sooner or later. And therefore I never wonder that in all the hot spots on the Donetsk front ALWAYS on the edge (provoking a conflict) are “volunteers”. And this is understandable. Well, who were they before the civil war: losers and criminals, fraudsters and hooligans. And now they are “melnichuki”, “belitskie”, “seeds”, dear and rich people, members of parliament. And their subordinates from the yard punks and outcasts of society turned into heroes, to whom GLAVA.

True, not all (Melnichuk).

And this is the fault of the WORLD, which made them unnecessary and even dangerous for the state.

Most of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on the contrary, are eager for peace and the fastest return home to normal life, where they are still waiting. War for them - the source of all misfortunes.

Thus, we see that no United Army of the Junta exists in nature and cannot exist in principle. Too different are the motivations and goals of soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and "volunteers." This is a big problem for a regime that seems intractable.

But ... they are looking for and trying to find new forms and new tasks for the existence of gangs of "volunteers".

This will be discussed in the following material.

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  1. svp67
    svp67 19 August 2015 05: 25
    This difference did not appear today or even yesterday. In any of the wars, except for the regular troops, "volunteers" or "partisans" begin to act, whoever likes to call them whatever. Much depends on the strength of the state, how it will be able to "introduce them into the framework" so that these "initiators" do not fall into ordinary banditry. Previously, the junta could not have resisted without the "dobrobats". But as time passed, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard gained strength and gained combat experience and the need to have such a "freeman" fell. But the junta cannot disperse them without good reason, which means it will put them on the "hottest areas" in order to physically destroy them as much as possible.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 19 August 2015 07: 47
      The author suggests some kind of intraspecific difference in the goals of the murder of his fellow citizens. As the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine die for a just cause, and the banning for the drive and gain winked Oh well.
      Let's start with the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine "protect" not the people, but the fascist Kuevo junta. The main bloody atrocities against civilians are committed by them, since they have at their disposal aircraft, art and tanks. Let's not forget that the Constitution of the Okrug prohibits the use of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the people. Then it turns out that these ragged forces are deliberately carrying out criminal orders to destroy the population. The fact that the SS punishers were state-owned did not change their nature as murderers. So it's not about the difference in the goals of killing with or without robbery, but about the unity of fascist ideology.
      1. ispaniard
        ispaniard 19 August 2015 09: 24
        With all due respect to the author and his attempt to analyze the composition of this combined hodgepodge called "The Armed Forces of Ukraine and Co."
        First, pay attention to the photo to the article. And as it says FIND differences APU from PS from Ter. baht from Nat. Guard, did not find? And during the battle, it’s not until the determination of which he is a nobly moderate enemy from the Armed Forces of Ukraine or a frostbitten Nazi from the PS or National / Ter. bata ... If the person on the other side is HE ENEMY. How do you see the identification of the enemy during the battle, like this?

        Begins VSUshnik nobly addressing the opponent:
        -Hey lad! Are you Ukrainian or Russian?
        -Yes, oh ... l, or what? I am a former Ukrainian from Donetsk!
        -Well, show your passport with a residence permit!
        -Yeah, and you strip to the waist suddenly you have PS tattoo!

        Yes, it is clear that I want to separate / save from the stigma of fascist / Nazi / murderer as many people of Ukraine on the other side as possible. But tell me, is the artilleryman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who covered a whole family in Gorlovka at night from the "Peony" who slept in their apartment in any way different from the frostbitten PS?
        Of course, you can say that it is easy to judge "sitting on the couch" ... But then the question is, the people themselves who are "kind of Ours", who are like "More brothers", who are kind of forced, who are kind of deceived, who are kind of intimidated, who seem to think that everything will work out. Are these people completely lacking, let not a sense of conscience (let's say goodbye), let not reason, let not thoughts about who will take care of your loved ones if you suddenly become the "Hero of Ukraine", but at least basic sense of self-preservation? .. The bullet can still choose, but there is no fragment from the howitzer shell or MLRS ... The responsibility lies with everyone who serves the current junta with weapons in their hands. The difference exists only between those who:
        -Fights against the fascist "Junta"
        -He left / escaped in order not to take blood in his hands and save himself and his relatives
        - Those who, having fallen to the front line as soon as possible crossed / surrendered to militia of the LDNR
        -On the battalion’s order to open fire on residential buildings, he spat in the battalion’s face and discharged the entire store of his AK
        -Well, and accordingly all other categories (combined into one -for not by words but by deeds ...) i.e. Crying, BUT FIRING at "Separov" conscripts, sincerely believing that they are defending the homeland of Nat / Ter. Batovtsy, sick in the head and greedy for swag PSy.

        That's the whole difference ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. dobryak19
        dobryak19 19 August 2015 20: 12
        that’s kind of like that, but ... for the Donetsk or Luhansk residents, exactly what kind of bastard shot from the guns that destroyed their house or killed them - crippled their loved ones ... for them that the APU that the battalions are all the same - PUNISHERS ...
    3. antikilller55
      antikilller55 19 August 2015 10: 33
      Quote: svp67
      In any of the wars, except for the regular troops, "volunteers" or "partisans" begin to act, whoever likes to call them whatever. Much depends on the strength of the state, how it will be able to "introduce them into the framework" so that these "initiators" do not fall into ordinary banditry.

      That is, in your opinion, in the Second World War only the power of the state restrained the partisans from banditry, and not the desire of the people in the occupied territories to defeat the enemy and free their land? Something you are here too clever comrade.
  2. kebeskin
    kebeskin 19 August 2015 05: 28
    Mostly soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine die in this war, where people of different views on this war are actually. But real fascists in volunteer battalions. If the case smelled of fried immediately slowly throw APU. They clearly do not like each other. But the militia in moral terms, all are well at war for their land
  3. afdjhbn67
    afdjhbn67 19 August 2015 05: 33
    unfortunately these "dobrobats" are the most motivated and effective for this, and in general this is the second similar article for today. the overall result, everything is fine - the militias will tear the APU like a hot water bottle ... God forbid
    1. Altona
      Altona 19 August 2015 12: 31
      Quote: afdjhbn67
      unfortunately these "dobrobats" are the most motivated and effective for this,

      I think that the volunteers are motivated to robbery and the whole war for them is a source of trophies and property, basically ... Post-fireballs, of course, too, but in the form of a safari, to fight against a deliberately weak target that will not give a crushing rebuff is like before checkpoints with a small guard, a small patrol or reconnaissance group ... When a large and fluffy polar animal approaches, the "dobrobats" tick and hustle, having previously promoted themselves as "yak cyborgs and peremozhnikov" ... In general, the article is an old legend about " SS and the Wehrmacht, "the SS allegedly killed on purpose, and the Wehrmacht occasionally, as part of military operations as a collateral cost of the war ...
  4. Strezhevchanin
    Strezhevchanin 19 August 2015 05: 39
    As soon as the phrase was heard the National Guard immediately it became clear what people trust weapons! What unity are we talking about? There, just do few people understand that he is fighting with himself and along the way from behind the puddle they are moving at us. And as time has shown, they have only slogans in common, and everyone has different goals.
  5. fomkin
    fomkin 19 August 2015 05: 39
    I generally do not understand such structures. They are dangerous in every way.
  6. vitalikodin
    vitalikodin 19 August 2015 05: 54
    Not everything is so simple and unambiguous, in the National Guard and "dobrobats" there are no heavy weapons. The question is, who then shoots at cities and villages? That's right, only the APU! So there are enough covs there! The National Guard is the usual troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (cops, military men, how want) Their functions are not defense of the front line, but the protection of law and order in the front-line zone, just a klondike for robbery !!! And battalions just need to be hung up, or in some kind of cauldron (only all at once) !!!
  7. 65 Centurion
    65 Centurion 19 August 2015 05: 59
    Ukraine has no army! Absolutely no! Not a single civilized state uses an army (which, incidentally, is supported by the money of taxpayers - citizens of this state) against its citizens on their territory! The army can only be used to repel an external attack, to protect these very citizens, and not to destroy them !!!
    1. afdjhbn67
      afdjhbn67 19 August 2015 07: 29
      Who fought in Chechnya ?? wassat follow the meaning ..
      1. V.ic
        V.ic 19 August 2015 08: 16
        Quote: afdjhbn67
        Who fought in Chechnya?

        Mabut not getting drunk in the morning? Give the quote you are challenging, then put forward the "April thesis".
        1. afdjhbn67
          afdjhbn67 19 August 2015 08: 29
          But didn’t the Russian army fight in Chechnya? patriotism patriotism idiocy idiocy
          1. V.ic
            V.ic 19 August 2015 09: 30
            idiocy idiocy

            Learn to insert quotes. When you write a comment, then click on the icon with the image of "blots" (it is the second from the right, between the icons А and T. Using quotation allows you to understand exactly what you mean. By the way, in the Soviet school we were taught to start a sentence with CAPITAL letters and end a sentence with a "dot" (.)
            1. afdjhbn67
              afdjhbn67 19 August 2015 09: 41
              Thank you teacher.. hi But if you discard the syntax and punctuation, I'm right ..
              1. V.ic
                V.ic 19 August 2015 12: 40
                Quote: afdjhbn67
                But if you discard the syntax and punctuation after all

                Try to guess (from three times) where you need to put a comma. Still, syntax, spelling, and phonetics must be present when competent design your thoughtforms.
      2. Passer
        Passer 19 August 2015 18: 07
        Quote: afdjhbn67
        Who fought in Chechnya ?? wassat follow the meaning ..

        But did Chechnya pay taxes then? Remember the background of the conflict ...
      3. Resident007
        Resident007 19 August 2015 18: 19
        in Chechnya, she fought on the Army against her people, and one of the peoples (and his mercenaries) against the Army of the country. These people staged the genocide of the Russian population. The people who used faith as warlike jihad against the infidels, in general, there it was all in bulk. Including the betrayal of their citizens and soldiers by the Russian government. It is regrettable to recall this ...
  8. moskowit
    moskowit 19 August 2015 06: 39
    Everything is correct. Volunteer battalions are staffed with "ideological" figurants who fiercely hate the Russian people, and all sorts of bastards looking for thrills. The Armed Forces of Ukraine is a "gray cattle" recruited by conscription, not willing to fight. And as for the performance of combat functions and shelling and maintenance of military equipment, then the factor of fulfilling the order, oath and military discipline is simply triggered by people who are constrained and due to the peculiarities of regulations and responsibility for their violation.
    Everything is written correctly in the article, everything is examined in detail. A plus.
    1. sl22277
      sl22277 19 August 2015 11: 36
      I agree with the Author and agree with the Analysis of the article. I think I did it right. I will add, perhaps, the Armed Forces and volunteer battalions together temporarily. While it is beneficial to the Kiev junta. Absolutely different views and tasks. After fulfilling their specific goal, these battalions will be recognized as war criminals. With all the ensuing consequences. You just need a "Scapegoat" on which you can blame your failures and crimes against your people. whitewash yourself before the West.
  9. Bronik
    Bronik 19 August 2015 06: 59
    These gangs will still show Piglet Kuzkin’s mother.
  10. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 19 August 2015 07: 40
    Great article, even nothing to add. good
    1. V.ic
      V.ic 19 August 2015 08: 16
      I agree, a good analysis.
  11. Belousov
    Belousov 19 August 2015 07: 52
    Well, this is still at the forefront calm of the Terbats and is torn there. And as soon as it smells fried, they will immediately run to Kuev sparkling with their heels.
  12. Wolka
    Wolka 19 August 2015 08: 05
    in short, from the readings it turns out hodgepodge sir, there are regular units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the destiny of which is to somehow keep the front of the ATO or its semblance, there is a criminal assassin, these live only by robbery and robbery, they do not care about politics, they are led by a thirst for profit, there are also ideological PSs put on the needle of fascism, generally hopelessly frostbitten, they kill ideologically, and all this ukrosbrod bristled against Donbass ...
  13. Kirych
    Kirych 19 August 2015 09: 15
    Hmm, everything is fine in the article, bad "volunteer bats" and almost good "peaceful" APUs ... But where did the "volunteers" get so many large-caliber artillery systems and MLRS from?

    In Nazi Germany, too, not all of the troops were entirely of ideological SS men, there were also "ordinary" Wehrmacht soldiers. And these "ordinary" soldiers came to our land and killed our citizens. But it is worth reading the memoirs of the Wehrmacht soldiers, it turns out that no one dreamed of war. Most of them “yearned for peace”, well, maybe after a quick victory, but still “yearned for peace” ...
  14. Nyrobsky
    Nyrobsky 19 August 2015 09: 45
    What is the commander in chief, such an army ....
  15. akudr48
    akudr48 19 August 2015 09: 52
    "No United Army of the Junta exists in nature and cannot exist in principle."

    I would like to believe.

    But suddenly this is a network structure, modeled after the new generation wars, without a single control center, without a single goal and without a single brain (i.e., completely without brains)?

    How to fight with such cyborgs, if only something can be done with the spinal cord, somehow crossed, so as not to twitch ...
  16. wild
    wild 19 August 2015 10: 21
    And the funniest thing is that most of the composition of these terbats is Russian. And Ukrainians on the blocks are rowing cabbage.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    ROMAN VYSOTSKY 19 August 2015 12: 06
    I observed this from Azov in Shirokino. Packed to the fullest - like the Hollywood Rangers. But, here on the "front" are weak: they prefer contact at a long distance, and if they go on the attack, then either drunk or stoned, in balaclavas with phosphorescent skulls, shoot in all directions, in general, - murderers. Cinema, wine and dominoes.
    1. Altona
      Altona 19 August 2015 12: 44
      in balaclava with phosphorescent skulls, they shoot in all directions, in general - killers. Cinema, wine and dominoes.

      Rather, TsPKiO and the circus tent ... As they say ... Only a shooting gallery with plush toys and attractions are actually deadly ...
    ALEA IACTA EST 19 August 2015 13: 16
    APU, pravoseki - what's the difference? They die the same.
  19. Aristide
    Aristide 19 August 2015 16: 53
    Reasonable reasoning based on analysis of freely available materials. But it’s a pity that the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine so far cannot psychologically resist the voluntary bandbattalions. Indeed, at present, only armed groups can establish a peaceful order in the remaining territory of Ukraine, excluding, of course, the Donbass.
  20. asar
    asar 19 August 2015 18: 00
    And for us all of them were and remain scum, even though they are "drivers"!
    Of looting, rape and other trash, of course, the bulk of people are engaged in non-people from different .. baht! Drunk and dope, I agree with Roman Vysotsky!
  21. The comment was deleted.
    1. pilot bin-bom
      pilot bin-bom 19 August 2015 22: 14
      There is such a thing. We have to write about the leadership of the Ukrainian Caliphate - a person of non-Ukrainian nationality. Moreover, a Slavic word of three letters is banned, denoting this nationality in Ukraine. Probably they don’t know history, that in Kiev, even before Prince Vladimir, there was already a ghetto "Zhidove", according to the first three letters of which they began to call this nation in Russia.
      Note: the ghetto is a Jewish word, denotes a closed enclave in the territory of another country, city, with its own laws.
      1. AlexSK
        AlexSK 19 August 2015 22: 27
        So the thing is that the site’s rules say that you can’t say the same words as: h..ol, lab..s, insult the Americans, but here it is all along. It turns out double standards or one of the administrators God-chosen. Or a lover of this.
  22. pilot bin-bom
    pilot bin-bom 19 August 2015 22: 07
    Another thing with parts of the APU. Here everything is clear and understandable. There is a clear subordination. The vertical of power is not contested.

    Of course not in dispute. To create a unity, some left, others cleared, and the Great Ukrain of Jewish origin to do so weakly.