A new form of military "figure" - all the pros and cons

A new form of military "figure" - all the pros and consAnyone who is in any way connected with the army or state armed units knows about the new form “figure”. For more than 2's, it has been praised and debated. All and sundry gave advice and recommendations, and the armed forces experienced and carried it on themselves.

The appearance of "numbers"

In 2007, the military department signed a contract for a new field design. The result of the project was the everyday form, called the "figure".

The implementation of the "figures" was not easy, but still two prototypes came into being: the first is from domestic materials and as a result is cost-effective, the other is more expensive, from imported material. The manufacture of two prototypes is explained by the unwillingness of domestic factories to produce the necessary materials of appropriate quality and large quantities. But for a couple of years, while the new form was being tested, the Russian industry mastered the production of the necessary materials.

Tests "figures" were held in the divisions of the GRU After testing in 2009, Special Forces soldiers made up their minds about the uniform and asked a lot to replace, remove or return.

One of the first comments is to move the shoulder strap from shoulder to sleeve; it clings to shoulder straps. weapon, knapsacks, backpacks. Stars and signs located on shoulder straps, pressed into the shoulders, there is discomfort, in addition, the straps of knapsacks, clinging to the acute angles of stars and signs, quickly become useless and break. The wide collar was also taken into account by the request of the special forces, the original heavily rubbed the neck, which bound the turns of the head. The proposed linings were removed during the testing process - in cold weather and bad weather did not bring tangible benefits, only hindered and gave more weight to the “digit”. The GRU fighters also insisted on additional inserts on the folds of the arms and legs, and introduced holes in the new shape for ventilation and temperature and humidity control.

At the same tests, the poor quality of the clothes was noticed, the condition of the seams and the quality of the fabric — the fabric was cool and did not hold warm, the threads on the seams diverged literally every day.

The cost of the new form kits is also known - the winter uniform costs 2443 rubles, the summer one - 996 rubles. Buy "figure" will be in retail, the price of the sets at the same time will be doubled. Four companies that won at an auction organized by the military department are engaged in supplying the "figures" to the military personnel.

Positive information on the "figure"

After the form arrived at the military units, a survey was conducted in which the order of 6 000 conscripts from almost 50 military units located in different parts of Russia took part.

Survey results: about 70% of all military personnel (officers, contract servicemen and military conscripts) were satisfied with the quality of the material and its resistance to stretching, about the same were satisfied with wearing the form. Slightly more than half paid attention to the lightness and low weight compared with the old form. About 60% did not experience discomfort when wearing a winter set of form in winter conditions.
Almost all respondents, with a few exceptions, confirmed that the form does not cause discomfort during the whole working day and does not interfere with the tasks assigned.

Some say that they experienced discomfort during a long stay in the air. A third of respondents gave a low rating of thermal insulation insulation in the winter "numbers", especially when performing combat missions in the special conditions of the far north.

A lot of criticism among the military personnel was heard in the address of the length of the summer jacket, which, due to insufficient length, constantly jumps out of the trousers.
The main remark of the officers is the return of insignia to the uniform.

Negative information on the "figure"

Recently scandalous materials were published in which the “figure” appeared - about 140 soldiers were taken to hospital with the diagnosis “pneumonia”. In the course of the investigation conducted by the military prosecutor's office, it was found out that the conscripts went in wet and damp form, as a result of which they became sick.

The incident happened in the military unit 20115, at the moment one of the servicemen died. On this fact, a criminal case, under investigation.
According to the investigation, it was reliably established that there was no heating and hot water supply in the military unit, and this was due to the onset of cold weather and precipitation. Household rooms and dryers did not work, and the soldiers could not dry their clothes.

Investigators also noticed that the form is not quite suitable for everyday wear - the “figure” collects moisture and reluctantly releases it.
The Ministry of Defense issued a special guide for draftees of all types of troops. The manual describes in detail how to properly wear a uniform and use the uniform, which set of uniform and in what weather to wear.

The “figure” form is the same for any soldier, be it a conscript or officer, in the Russian army they serve and serve the order of 400 000 military recruits and 150 000 military officers.

Help on the "figure"

Designers were engaged in form design from the “Yudashkin House” and many other specialists, directly “from Yudashkin” elements of clothing were taken, the fabrics proposed by the designers were completely rejected.

The cost of a complete set of military uniform (both sets, cap, boots, hat, socks, etc.) is about 7000 rubles.
Manufacturers of "numbers":
- Factory "Initiative";
- Factory "Red Weavers";
- CJSC "Uniform Center";
- OJSC "BTK Group".

In total, more than 25 billion rubles will be allocated to the new “digit”. In three years, before 2014, the Russian army will be completely disguised as a “number”.
“Digit” is still not an ambitious project of domestic designers, not a whim of the military department, but still a form that has been tested in various conditions, and it emerged from the experience and skills of fighters of armed units who have combat experience behind them.

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