Russian general: The army is collapsed, and NATO understands this ...

Russian general: The army is collapsed, and NATO understands this ...On the eve of the elections, our President and Supreme Commander Dmitry Medvedev and the “national leader” Vladimir Putin have attended to including the state of the army and the military-industrial complex of the country and assure the trustful citizens of Russia that they will do everything so that our Armed Forces meet modern requirements and timely received new weapons and military equipment.

The Russian media controlled by the government and the president have actively connected to this certification. So, in the final program on NTV 9 of October with Kirill Pozdnyakov, a whole news block was devoted to the Russian military department. It was prepared by NTV correspondent Alexey Pobortsev. And I must say, he did everything to smooth out the sharp corners and problems of the Armed Forces and the military-industrial complex that had accumulated during the reform years, at the same time pushing our “national leader” Vladimir Putin, who this time personally tested the control system of the T-90С tank commander in the tower.

The car is good in all respects: modern communication and navigation system, additional electromagnetic protection of the armored hull, automatic transmission, rear-view camera; the tank is equipped with a complex of guided missiles with a target range of up to 5000 m; according to experts, he has good export prospects, but ... he will not be supplied to the Russian army.

It turns out that our Ministry of Defense is waiting for a fundamentally new model of the tank, the development of which is supposed to be completed by the 2015 year. This is despite the fact that the Defense Ministry refused from the previously developed T-95. Its prototypes were made and passed factory tests - that's all. And therefore, according to the statement of the First Deputy Minister of Defense A. Sukhorukov, it is planned to modernize the Soviet X-NUMX tanks of the T-70: “the price-quality ratio suits the Defense Ministry.” The fact that the facilities of Uralvagonzavod, the last Russian plant capable of producing modern tanks, will stand idle, is not important for our Ministry of Defense.

New Russian tank T-90MS "Tagil"

The matter is further aggravated by the fact that the export prospects of our armored vehicles as a result of the activities of the previous First Deputy Minister of Defense V. Popovkin are very vague. In 2010, Mr. Popovkin gave the mass media the most negative characteristic of our military-industrial complex, assessed almost all samples of our weapons and military equipment as outdated and unpromising, which actually hit all our military-technical cooperation with foreign countries. (Who will buy outdated weapons of military technology?). Mr. Popovkin was urgently transferred to another position - to the “Russian Space”, after which all of our missiles began to fall. I cannot connect all the failures of our space industry directly with the name of Mr. Popovkin, but the fact remains.

"The military does not want to simply order new tanks and aircraft," says A. Pobortsev, "we need modern combat systems and battle control systems." And what does this mean, the military observer V. Litovkin interprets the trusting Russian man in the street: “The tank must be connected with an unmanned aerial vehicle. He must pass the tank coordinates of the target. And the rocket projectile should be brought to the target and corrected by the drone ”.

How this will happen in practice, I, as a military man, cannot imagine. Unmanned aerial vehicles can really be of great help in reconnaissance of targets, but areal: artillery and anti-aircraft batteries, command posts and communications centers, areas of various reserves; they can be used to adjust artillery and volley fire systems from closed firing positions. But finding a single masked target for a tank (tank or anti-tank gun, anti-tank guided missile in a firing position) using a drone and adjusting the fire of a tank gun can only come to a military observer who has never served in the army.

And, of course, such unmanned aerial vehicles can be manufactured only in Israel (which the Israelis demonstrated during the last war in Lebanon, when they lost most of their Merkava tanks that were considered invulnerable).

By the way, the military itself has long been ordering nothing. For them, it is done by completely different people - “effective” civilian managers who have never served in the army, but much better than the military who know financial flows.

The military observer is complemented by another “major military specialist” - Ruslan Pukhov, director of the Center for Analysis of Strategies and Technologies, who justified the need to purchase unmanned aerial vehicles in Israel. Next came the rationale for the purchase of "Mistral" in France, sniper rifles in England. Moreover, A. Pobortsev agreed that the sighting range of our SVD sniper rifle, it turns out, is three times smaller and is only 500 m. Well, how can you be so ignorant in military affairs and prepare a military program ?!

“Today the Ministry of Defense has money,” continues A. Pobortsev, “therefore sometimes more expensive foreign samples are purchased for the army. Soon our motorized infantrymen will ride on IVECO Italian armored vehicles. ” True, they are inferior in maneuverability and maneuverability to domestic Tiger armored vehicles, but surpass them in armor protection (our Ministry of Defense doesn’t bother about the fact that it was they who ordered the machines with such a level of protection). At the international exhibition of weapons in Nizhny Tagil, the Italian armored car could not overcome the obstacles that easily obeyed the "Tigra".

Russian armored car "Tiger"

But like a military man, I have a question: why do we need armored cars for our motorized infantry riders? After all, these are not battlefield vehicles, nor ours, let alone Italian armored vehicles, will overcome an elementary trench without bridges installed through it in advance, not to mention weapons.

Military observer V. Litovkin justified the rejection of the purchase of Kalashnikov assault rifles: “Of course, the“ Kalashnikov ”professional soldier is not suitable. Because the AK has a flaw: one or two bullets go to the target, the rest are going to the side like a fan. ” But this is peculiar to everything, without exception, automatic rifle arms and depends largely on the skill of the shooter. Such a “professional” critic.

As if with regret, A. Pobortsev states that as yet not all types of weapons for the Russian army can be bought abroad, for example, the anti-ship missile X-35. Western partners today will not sell anything similar or more modern to Russia.

The only sober idea in this program was expressed by B. Obnosov, Director General of the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation: “If we expect that someone will sell modern samples on a serial scale, this is nonsense. Everyone is rooting for their security, and we are not so close friends with all our competitors to sell us good weapons. ” Everyone is sick for their safety, except for our Ministry of Defense, unfortunately. As for the “good weapons”, I think that this fully applies to the “Mistrals”, and to the IVECO, and to the English sniper rifles, and to Israeli unmanned aerial vehicles.

And one more very important point. In the course of the reforms, we have eliminated the army system of technical maintenance and troop repair of weapons and military equipment. It is assumed that this will deal with the commercial structure "Oboronservis" and representatives of manufacturers. Arms and military equipment purchased abroad will also be serviced and repaired by representatives of foreign firms in the military, or what?

The First Deputy Minister of Defense easily and naturally substantiated the disruption of the state defense order this year. It turns out that the officials of the Ministry of Defense demanded that the enterprises of the military industrial complex substantiate the prices for all the components, including the screws, in detail. Therefore, most contracts were concluded only by October. Well, who is to blame? Of course, the military-industrial complex enterprises themselves. But it seems to me that if the president had not suddenly remembered about the state defense order, no one would have concluded contracts this year. Interestingly, did the money allocated by the budget for the purchase of weapons and military equipment, all this time lay a dead weight?

Speaking of prices. Is it not known to Mr. Sukhorukov that after paying all taxes, the MIC enterprises have only half of the amount allocated to them (half is returned to the state)? But that is not all. A tidbit of "defense pie" goes to bankers in the form of interest on loans. After all, the allocated money never goes to enterprises on time, and you have to take loans, such is the policy of our Ministry of Finance. And then there are intermediary firms arranging various tenders, for some reason the Ministry of Defense does not work directly with military-industrial complex enterprises. And, of course, the corruption component.

Here are how many problems that need to be addressed at the level of the Ministry of Defense, and not count on the 9 months, how many screws are worth. From really big money (20 trillions to 2020 of the year), our military-industrial complex will receive mere crumbs. But instead, the Ministry of Defense decided to order weapons and military equipment abroad.

So, what do we have today?

This year's defense order is off. Chronic underfunding, or, as this year, its almost complete absence, has led to the fact that the country's military-industrial complex is degrading and rapidly losing the ability to produce new, modern weapons and military equipment. In order for new designs to appear, it is necessary to provide advanced financing for research and development, R & D, and they are generally funded on a residual basis. Non-production enterprises lose skilled workers and engineers, whose training takes many years.

And this situation in our military-industrial complex has developed largely due to the purposeful policy in the field of the state defense order of our own Ministry of Defense. Do not the president and our “national leader” see and understand this? And if they see, why not take any action?

The situation in the Armed Forces is even worse. It is believed that we have a million army, as recalled in this program, Mr. Sukhorukov. Let's count together. According to the state in the army 150 thousands of officers, there are no ensigns at all, they were liquidated. According to the statement of the civilian head of the State Defense Committee V. Smirnov, thousands of contract servicemen serve in the army and navy 184. Total 334 thousands, it means that the remaining 666 thousands of people are conscripts. But so many of them simply did not call. In addition, conscripts serve not only in the army and navy, out of the total number called up to 30%, they serve in the internal troops, frontier units of the Emergencies Ministry, in the presidential regiment, finally. This means that there is a huge shortage in the army and navy, and it will only grow. Autumn call is planned to be reduced almost 2 times. More than 200 thousands of citizens, according to the same Smirnov, evade military service. Spring call stretches until September, and autumn - until March. In the troops, they are only engaged in the fact that, throughout the whole year, small groups admit young soldiers into their ranks, organize single training with them and try to equip units. At the same time, the process of dismissal is also ongoing. Under these conditions, there can be no question of any qualitative staffing of subdivisions. What are the parts of constant combat readiness?

Therefore, NATO military analysts are pleased to note that as a result of the reforms carried out, the Armed Forces of Russia are not able to more successfully solve tasks even in local conflicts, “The Russian army does not have enough vehicles to transport troops over long distances, does not have enough planes and pilots who can fly in any weather, there is no single information system. The army lacks soldiers ... "

The Russian army is collapsed, NATO understands this, but in the leadership of the country?

Lieutenant-General Viktor Ivanovich Sobolev 23 was born on February 1950, in Krasnodar. He graduated from the Baku Higher Combined-Arms Command School, Military Academy named after M.V. Frunze and the Military Academy of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces. He passed positions from the commander of a motorized rifle platoon to deputy army commander. From 2002 of the year - Deputy Commander of the UGV (s) in the North Caucasus. 2003-06 Commander 58-th Army of the North Caucasus Military District.
Since 2006, the main military adviser to the Russian Embassy in India. Left post after reaching the maximum age in December 2010 of the year.
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