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Results of the week. “Do you have brains or kyu in your head ?!”


The week was marked by the creation of an impressive “choir” of performers, stating that they would by all means strive for the creation of the so-called international tribunal for the collapse of MH-17 near Donetsk. Thus, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that she was going to New York to “enlist the support of colleagues at the UN site” to establish an international tribunal. According to Bishop, she will make efforts to endorse the creation of a tribunal by the UN Security Council in order to bring to justice those responsible for the tragedy that took place on July 17 of 2014.

In the UN Security Council, the week was hot. Dolls, puppeteers and other mummers staged a grand performance: "We want a tribunal." We don’t want to publish the results of the investigation, of course, we don’t want the truth either, but take out the tribunal, you know, put it ... The Russian representative in the UN Security Council cut this “hot dog”, which caused an enchanting howl in the camp of tribunalophils. Now with clipped Wishlist and run on social networks and media. And, understanding that through the UN Security Council, their ideas should not be dragged through, they are looking for other ways for the judgment. Looking at this, you understand that the unruly so simply will not calm down, and therefore need enhanced therapy with the use of appropriate decoctions, tinctures, leather belts, and even ... a lobotomy.

Comments from our readers:

For some reason, other cases of accidents with passenger aircraft are investigated in a matter of days, a maximum of months, here we see just plain muddy historywhich has been bored there for more than a year, and they don’t show anything to anyone as evidence!

Only stubborn unsubstantiated accusations in the direction of Russia, which began literally an hour after the disaster !!! In an hour! Already all the Western news agencies were babbling about the pro-Russian .... something there ... it doesn't matter - the main thing is to crawl the words of the PRO-RUSSIAN on the man's brain ... and the fallen plane ... And the next day the covers of all the major magazines of the West came out with corresponding illustrations !

Given the fact that they have the experience, the following can happen. The peaceful Ukrainian rocket was attacked by a passing Boeing, captured by terrorists in the number of 298 people.

You do not understand why the fuss. After all, the Tribunal will immediately begin to demand that all militia commanders be brought in for trial. A full and comprehensive report will go only to the Tribunal. The rest is only general. The perpetrators are already there - the militia. That's all the babble about cleanliness. The findings of the investigation will be available only to the Tribunal. Investigations will be available only to the Tribunal. The rest is not necessary to know. Churkin, our representative, immediately reported. This is what a huge cat in a black bag prepared that they are afraid even to familiarize the UN Security Council with the report. Shouler warning in advance, but turn the right solution does not work. From this it becomes clear: THE TRUTH NEVER WILL TELL.

Uniform shame

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine held a presentation of the new form for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The presentation was also attended by the President of Ukraine, who said that the Ukrainian army today also needs to "replace ranks" and "form new military traditions." On his Facebook page Poroshenko wrote:
We need to introduce new Ukrainian titles. Replacing the "junior lieutenant" with the "cornet" is fully in line with Ukrainian traditions and NATO standards.

Changing the form and military ranks is just that ... You can simply revise all Hollywood movies and sew costumes a'lya "Star Troops", "Police Academy", "People X" or even "Spiderman." The scale is serious, but there are still spheres and more abruptly. - A few days ago, a creative representative from among the bureaucrats of Zhytomyr region suggested that Ukraine should be renamed. And what? .. A new form for a new (renamed) country! .. Ours, Dmitry Anatolyevich, as they say, nervously smokes on the sidelines with his “police-police”. After this, Ukraine will only have to submit an initiative to rename the planet Earth, for the Earth, as the advanced ukrocheny have already established, from prototype particles was collected by proto-Ukrainians in a secret laboratory almost immediately after the Big Bang, renamed Ukrainian science historiography as “Universal Protomaydan”.

Comments from our readers:

They need to replace the brain!

The main thing was to remove the five-pointed star, and in its place a cross to attach! And RIGHT! They do not deserve the beautiful stars of the Soviet Army. Crosses - just right! The cross was put on the "Army Square", the cross and installed on the graves.

Something strongly doubt that the standards of NATO have at least somewhere the title of "cornet." And it does not reflect the current Ukrainian realities. Now it is necessary to urgently introduce the titles of “unholy” and “sub-hollow” 1, 2 and 3.
And also separately:
"gruppensnicers" - for Poroshenko,
"grupenshuller" - for Yatsenyuk,
"group" for Klitschko,
just "grouped" - for Lyashko.

"The ungrateful well ..."

The deputy head of the mobilization department of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Alexander Pravdivets, expressed bewilderment about the reluctance of citizens to serve in the army and the constant complaints of soldiers about poor nutrition.

The man with the surname Pravdivets is reasonably perplexed - “well, sure, you know, well ...” - Petro Alekseich creates all conditions for the service - and half a dozen waves of mobilization, graves, refrigerators, and beautiful lists of missing people - everything is according to European standards ... And they, Herods, all do not want to serve in the surpassing Ukrainian army - well, ungrateful ...

Comments from our readers:

Are there not too many 6 mobilizations for a single “counter-terrorism” police operation?
In order to quickly peremoga Parashenko decided to change the military titles and epaulets under the standards of NATO.

And, perhaps, the case is true in upbringing: many do not go to war, because they do not want to kill other people and to be killed it is not known why and for what ... for screamers and capitals ...

Major Yurik
Somewhere I have already heard this - they say, no luck, bad people, I think, got caught from the rich-mord Gaidar reformers. Also, it happened, caviar will get drunk with oysters, and let's complain what this people are queuing for the bones for soup is choking, ungrateful! Educated were horny, at least where!

Affairs shepherd

23 July, the citizen journalism agency “Reedus” published a material entitled “Applicants against the Moscow State University Faculty of Journalism: they don’t take us to the prestigious university for“ Our Crimea ”. The fact is that one of the main stages of entering a university at the Faculty of Journalism is a creative competition. The creative contest also includes an oral survey of applicants. It was during the oral survey that one of the applicants received a very provocative question of how she relates to the fact that Russia is fighting in Ukraine. The applicant reasonably replied that she had not heard that Russia was at war with someone. The examiner concluded that the applicant is not ready for admission.

Results of the week. “Do you have brains or kyu in your head ?!”

Of course, it is hardly to be judged throughout the university on the basis of a single case. The patriotic teachers at Moscow State University, of course, did not translate. But here again the “black sheep” question. If it started up in a herd, then the wise shepherd will quickly do his job, and the "unwise" will continue to sleep in the bushes on the hillock.

It is important that the issue of administrative-territorial belonging of the Crimea has already become an indicator, according to which any black sheep is calculated with ease. The main thing is that the "shepherds" do not sleep ...

Comments from our readers:

For certain it is known who sows discord in the minds of foolish youths. Here they should be removed, starting from the top of the uni. Including in this article, there are already a couple of last names, but in reality there are dozens of frank and hundreds of hidden supporters. Intellectuals and patriotism once again proved to be diametrically opposed.

The problem is very important! Indeed, we completely ignore the world experience of all "revolutions" ... It is the students who begin to "stir up". And then organized provocateurs come into play. I think? it is necessary to use the article of the Criminal Code on subversive activities more often. Otherwise, not only ideologists of the struggle against Russia will constantly appear from this environment, but also rotten people, who will do their work on the ground.

Ukraine has been reproached many times "for walking around the grable" ... And themselves? ONE FIELD OF BERRIES, that YOU, that WE.
We do not learn lessons from history; we don’t learn from examples of how not to do, from the past ...
What is it about me ... Yes, at least about the same notorious "student circles", which with the connivance of the tsarist secret police flooded the city of Ingushetia. Remember the "student strikes" in universities, "Enlightenment activities", "working circles", where all the same loafers practiced verbiage ... All the same "Prosvita society" and a lot more then ... Then, the empire could "shake off "...

Doctrinal question

July 26, Naval Day fleet, it was announced the approval of an updated version of the Marine Doctrine of the Russian Federation. Given the events of recent years and changes in the world situation, the military and political leadership of Russia decided on the need to finalize a document defining national maritime policy. Further development of the navy and related areas should go in accordance with the provisions of the updated doctrine.

Interestingly, in the United States, the creation of the new Maritime Doctrine of Russia was called the “step towards confrontation”. You would think that before this, the United States and Russia were truly intimate friends, and here — bang — a new doctrine, and the confrontation begins ...

And by and large statements in the style of “We will have a new Maritime doctrine” are perceived too loud. It is clear that the information war is in full swing, and that the enemy needs to beat his PRweaponsbut still in this case it would be better to calmly complete the planned rearmament of the army and navy. And even if an indispensable announcement of plans is needed to confront "friends" in the oceans, then a much quieter "doctrine" would be quite appropriate - the struggle against Somali pirates and the threat of Atlantic dolphins from maneuvering Saudi tankers and American aircraft carriers ...

Comments from our readers:

Judging by the doctrine, our leaders decided that we need an ocean fleet. In this regard, parses curiosity, if I live to the moment when at least one destroyer will be laid on the stocks. Already hear: "while there is no money." But in this I do not believe. Enough to listen to competent people who are not included in the cooperative to rob the country. Judge for yourself, the 4 generation destroyer of the Arly Burke type costs 1,2 billion dollars. Abramovich's yacht costs about half of this amount.

Well, it is not clear what kind of doctrine it is ??? .... what exactly are we going to build? in what count-wah ... priority to which ships, fleets? The development of bases on distant shores will be or not .... What will happen to USC? ... After all, with that pace and rollbacks, all the doctrines into the furnace ...

Platon Viktorovich
You can declare a lot - and the doctrine to announce a new one even every year - you need a specific economic development program - it doesn’t exist - the Americans will now naturally build muscle while weakening our economy and opportunities - what about oil prices, and how will we harm amerikosy? .. let's go under China ... let's not go to Ukraine ... Put on duty a couple of rockets and plan the construction of ships for 2025 year! It is necessary to realistically assess the resource, and in the West it is now more - the race is initially simply impossible - parity is only due to nuclear weapons - everything - but how long it will last is not clear ...

Special status

The next "jolly" was staged by the radicals to the Ukrainian president this Sunday. In general, to have fun, to chant the song, to break the harem pants in the gopak - this is what they like in Ukraine. What can you do, life becomes gloomy, and I want to live. So they invent a sort of "jolly" supposedly inside Ukrainian. And in fact, worldwide.

"Veselukha" - Kiev's statements that he had started the implementation of the plan for the "demilitarization" of Shirokino and about withdrawing the equipment with a caliber less than 100 mm from the contact line. Only here is bad luck - “contact” happens even after “withdrawal” ... It happens “to touch” in such a way that the line from “demilitarized” Shyrokyne to “heroically left bridgehead” red-hot under Debaltseve. But this is not the whole "jolly". The Constitutional Court of Ukraine recognized the draft amendment to the Constitution of Ukraine, implying a “decentralization” and a “special status” not contradicting this very constitution. Well, firstly, the ukrokonstitutsii, as it turned out, does not contradict even the unconstitutional coup, and, secondly, the "decentralization" in the independent Petro Lekseich now understands that he can remove any "decentralized" head of the region and the municipality conveniently time. Such, you see, a decentralizer and a special statusr ...

Comments from our readers:

And in the autumn there will be all the same shelling of the civilian population of Donbass, the oath declarations to Europe that the Minsk agreements are being carried out exclusively by Kiev, the periodic collections of national groups in the squares of Kiev, etc. But winter is near, and I don’t want to pay for gas, and it has already been announced that Ukraine can safely do without Russian gas. Well, of course, new mental aggravations of both ukrovlasti and Natsik.

Well, what can you say ... they will withdraw the main forces to the outskirts, and in the village they will leave observers and advanced positions and flags around the "F-B" ... and will shout every time that "Great Peremoga", and Poroshenko, will sigh and declare that this is "the will of the people", we are Evropa, everything is democratic, did not want the "people" to go out of Shirokino, it means to be so, and in the "Minsk agreements" nothing about the "will of the people" is not said ...

I hope that in the fall, if there will be an aggravation, then it will happen as usual, on Independence Square. I hope that as a result of this aggravation, the agility will be diminished.
I hope that this aggravation will be the last straw in the cup of patience, and the West will begin to curtail the flow of hallucinogenic cookies to the neighboring country.

Monument to sanctions! ..

How much we wrote about sanctions that should somehow make our lives worse! According to Western commentaries on these restrictions, it turns out that we already really should eat a moss. Who happens on Ukrainian sites, understands where this information comes from. In short, everything should be bad.

26 July 2015, the exhibition-fair "Agro Omsk 2015" finished its work.

The exposition combined more than 150 units of agricultural machinery and equipment for the whole range of agricultural work, including milking equipment, tractors, soil tillage and sowing equipment, grain-flow machines and equipment. This year 370 enterprises from 18 regions of Russia, the Republic of Kazakhstan and Belarus took part in the exhibition. More than 45 exhibits are on display at the exhibition for the first time, 23 of them - assemblies of enterprises of the Omsk region.

And again, it turns out that the sanctions “to build and live help us” ... That's how I want to come up with the initiative - to erect a monument to sanctions somewhere on the western borders. Tall such, from import-substituted granite ...

In the meantime, it turns out this way: there were no sanctions - we even didn’t even guess that piglets can be grown under Omsk or Voronezh, and that chicken legs do not grow on overseas palms ... And now - there are sanctions - we guess ... Well, if for ours " conjectures "lacked exclusively sanctions, then for God's sake ...

Comments from our readers:

Yes, all we can not worse than in geyropah. Power on the ground would not interfere. And not only in the field.
My address
The trouble of Russia is not fools. No more of them than others.
The trouble of Russia is not on the roads. Bad roads are a reason to make them good.
The trouble of Russia is that the rich can not get drunk.

"According to Western commentaries on these restrictions, it turns out that we already really should eat a moss."
Well so ... I, for example, marina hedgehogs for the winter ...
And according to the article ... After all, we can, when the pickled hedgehog begins to prick.

Our Kiev - our rules ...

A spokesman for the ex-chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Mykola Azarov spread the message that Azarov, together with former people's deputies of Ukraine Oleg Tsaryov, Igor Markov and Vladimir Oleinik, create the “Committee for the Salvation of Ukraine” - a variant of the “government in exile”.

We have their president "in exile", why pass by the possibility of creating a government "in exile." In principle, the idea can be made altogether global - right up to the constitutional court and the Supreme Council of Ukraine in exile. And after all, there is a place suitable for the work of these institutions in Russia - the Kiev settlement of the Kosinsky District of the Perm Territory. Our Kiev - our rules ...

Comments from our readers:

The British arranged such numbers with the governments in exile. And then they drank the blood. For example, the Polish government in London, without coordination with the Kremlin, rebelled in Warsaw raised during the Second World War. And then they screamed that we did not help Warsaw and filled it with blood — we gave the Warsawians into the hands of the SSovtsy. Until now, the brains endure.
So, Yanukovych, as chosen by the people, can still play a role against Maydanovtsy. Poroshenko let him shake - as he removed the old, so he can in the same way (only he is unlikely to be needed).

Azarov at the post of Prime Minister Ruins showed himself well, so he and the sword in hand. But yes, this government should have been declared immediately after the coup. And we would have an extra trump card in the game. And the testimony of Yanuca no one needs, his train has long gone nowhere. He is now only a retired wedding general.
The more dissatisfied with the current regime of high-ranking officials, current and former, announce the real crimes of the junta, the easier it will be to convey to the current sponsors of this chaos that they can take the infection home with their own hands, and in the end can bring their countries at least an all-European war.

33 Watcher
There is no chance of recognition, but there is an opportunity to influence the minds. Officially, of course, no one recognizes them, but I think that Western European journalists will not refuse to chat with them. So, simply, a cheerful reportage, an interview ... And, what to do with the poor ruin after that? Following the Russian and all European media ban?

Raw pessimism

Experts at Morgan Stanley Research predict the coming fall in world oil prices. The recession, according to analysts, may be the worst in the last 30, and even 45 years. In the Western media, the capacious noun “The Crash” is replicated on the front pages. The fall in demand and prices will contribute to the growth of stocks of "black gold" in the United States, and then entering the Iranian market. In Russia, with its raw materials economy, the ruble may collapse.

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development, Alexei Ulyukayev, tried to reassure the Russians, saying that the ruble would be “within its fundamental values” if “no force majeure circumstances connected with some additional turbulence in the global capital market intervene intervene sovereign borrowers of their obligations, sovereign or corporate defaults. " He further noted that the main factors determining the ruble exchange rate are the cost of oil and the balance of payments: “We see that there is a decline now: now 54 is the current price of a barrel of our oil, the average annual is 57. If the dynamics are the same - 57 will remain or so, then the exchange rate ratios will be approximately the same as we are seeing today. ”

This statement, as we see it, is an open official admission that the ruble in Russia is “converted” only into oil. However, there can be no other way - with the raw material distortion of the economy, “oil” built into the world economy and gas.

Igor Yushkov, a leading analyst at the National Energy Security Foundation, who answered the questions of the Free Press, clearly described the possible financial consequences of a new collapse in prices for citizens:

“The main victims in this story will be the Russian population, whose standard of living will drop significantly. If you import a lot of consumer goods, it is natural that with the weakening of the ruble they will increase in price. If you do not offer an equivalent replacement, people will have to abandon the purchase of some of the goods. ”

To refuse to purchase a part of the goods sounds optimistic. We will assume that the crisis in Russia will come only when citizens refuse to purchase goods at all.

Comments from our readers:

The price of oil is not controlled by the demand and supply, but by interested persons, mostly American-looking. They cannot manage this process in Moscow, and they especially do not want to resist, they have no position of their own, the only option is to avoid dependence on raw materials, they don’t really promote it, they all run with pipelines.

Gasoline will rise in price, and with it buckwheat.

There was a vocal cheerleader band on the site that ached for Iran. What was ordered, then got it, if you please eat.
True, this does not negate the fact that Obama is an eccentric with the letter M. If it were not for his pointing, hell would have Kerry signed with Iran, and certainly not what he signed. Now all hope of the Congress is that they either slaughter the entire treaty or hang it up with such amendments that Iran will scream: “We didn’t agree on this!”

Much to the chagrin, Iranian oil is not everything: they have already expressed their willingness to connect to the Nabucco West gas pipeline, having bought out 20% of shares in this project.

Russian gas? No, did not order

For a whole month in the press there is a dispute about Russian gas and its need for Mother Europe. Some analysts say that the European Union in the near future will live without Russia and its gas, others, on the contrary, vigorously declare the forthcoming increase in the volume of Gazprom supplies to Europe. Still others argue that the gas industry in Russia will soon be eaten by Washington, which is preparing not only to supply LNG to both Asia and Europe, but also to influence the global energy market.

Russia's Gazprom, which focuses on Europe, may face three unpleasant factors in the future: environmental, competitive and political. The first means a quick and effective reduction of the energy intensity of the European heat supply system, the second means competition for gas consumers between the US and the Russian Federation, the third means the desire of the European Union to diversify gas suppliers by any means, including because of the Ukrainian crisis.

Comments from our readers:

I didn’t understand from the article what the alternative to Russian gas is ... Coal is not funny, nuclear power plants are being closed, the fact that LNG from the USA will be cheaper than from a pipe from Gazprom cannot be trusted by the word “absolutely”, and shale gas big doubts ... All alternatives in the form of solar and other energy - utter nonsense. Than to light and heat gathered?

The meaning of the article is this. The refusal of Russian gas supplies is not due to alternative energy sources - nuclear, solar, wind, but due to the increase in the energy efficiency of the economy. I explain. That is, they will strive to reduce the energy consumption of the industry through the introduction of less energy-intensive technologies, total insulation of everything: pipelines, buildings, equipment, metering and use of heat generated by man, equipment, production processes, etc. And due to this, it is possible to reduce energy costs, say, for space heating to a minimum, and the same shale gas or local coal will suffice for electricity production. After all, if less energy is needed, then coal with gas can be burned less. That is, they will come to such a stage, when there will be one FIG, where and what to burn and at what price, even “golden” American gas, when everything is needed, say, 7 billion cubic meters of gas for the whole of Europe per year. Another question is when it will be and how much will it cost Europe?

Greetings to all! It, of course, may be so by the 2050 year, but for now the EU cannot do without Russian gas. Germany is participating in laying the “Nord Stream 2”, France is considering this. And if again the "sticks in the wheels" will insert, so there is a real alternative for them ...

Alexander Romanov
It was 2050 a year. News.
Flights to Mars have become regular, tourist lines are open from the Vostochny space center to the moon.
Politics news. The Ukrainian president said that in 5 years Ukraine will completely abandon Russian gas.

Japanese Autonomous Region

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promised to solve the Kuril issue. Hence, it will diligently pretend that decides. Otherwise, before the party and the people uncomfortable. In the meantime, the Russians decided to develop those islands, which in Tokyo are usually called the “northern territories”, in the socio-economic as well as defense plan. And Mr. Shinzo Abe grabbed his head: after all, the situation, if you look at it from a sharp political angle, is that the Russians are free to build anything anywhere on Japanese lands. From the point of view of the “owner” of the territory, the difference is not felt: on the Southern Kuriles or, say, in Tokyo.

It is unlikely that during the proposed visit of Vladimir Putin to Tokyo, the “island issue” will be resolved. It is unlikely that even some kind of "map" will be outlined for his further decision in favor of Japan. And it’s absolutely unbelievable that the Japanese Prime Minister, in spite of his promises, would suddenly give up the South Kuriles and declare: let us, Russians, firmly make friends and briskly trade, let us forget the old feuds.

The Kremlin will not yield, Tokyo will stand on its own. And the “island problem” will cause someone a headache until the very end of his premiere term. Take Nurofen, Shinzo Abe.

Comments from our readers:

70 years ago, one country dropped two nuclear bombs on their peaceful cities! Thousands of innocent people, Japanese citizens, killed that country !!! So what? Any kind of sound about it? From the proud samurai? Nooo! .. They have to get to our islands!

Not only DAME should go to the Kuril Islands, but also the GDP just before the visit to Japan, and then Shoigu. And such trips should be done twice a year so as not to plunder the allocated money. And we benefit, and the Japanese rinse nerves.

“... but also the GDP before the visit to Japan ...” Not in front of the most, but in the process. Route: Moscow - Vladivostok - Kuriles (South) - Tokyo. And the reverse: Tokyo - Kamchatka - Sakhalin - Vladivostok - Vostochny spaceport - Moscow.


Personally, I don’t mind passing though all the Kuril Islands into the Japanese Autonomous Region. But I strongly doubt that Japan will want to be part of the Russian Federation for this.

Every whim for your money!

A modification of the newest F-35 fighter, which is planned to be delivered to the Marine Corps, demonstrated low reliability during the 12-day sea trials. According to the Pentagon, six aircraft of the most complex and expensive version of the F-35Bs were available for flights only half the time required.

It is also noted that, despite the availability of spare parts, frequent malfunctions prevented the marines from preparing six out of six 2-3 airplanes for departure every day. At the same time, according to the military, in more difficult conditions, training will be much more difficult.

Not all and not always take off, but if they fly, it is only half the time. No problem. The main thing - there are parts. The manufacturer will do as many parts as you want. Every whim for your money!

Recall the cost of the program to create the F-35 Lightning II last year reached 1,3 trillion. $ About it claimed Program Director, Lt. Gen. Christopher Bogdan.

Comments from our readers:

Trifle, but nice.

Same lech
Still, Americans are determined to bring this plane to mind, not sparing the time and money.
The works are carried out in stages and consistently ... So everything is not so rosy for us. Sooner or later they will cure all childhood diseases. We need to prepare to meet with a serious car now, without hats.

Yes, do not gloat, friends, finalize and do. Remember how the Osprey fell and did not fly; now the machine is normally operated. All these are growing pains, the most important thing is that we do not fall down and revive the excellent Yak-141 aircraft. What was a great car that test pilot Sinitsyn and Work at the Saratov factory experienced. And how our enemies killed this car. And now they are honored people.

Barbarians, give "Javelins"!

President of Ukraine published an article in The Wall Street Journal. In the material under the loud title “Message from the Ukrainian battlefield” Poroshenko’s austere warrior asks: “You (the West. - Note.“ IN ”) are barbarians, or do you want peace? Ukraine voluntarily gave up its nuclear arsenal, and in exchange for this, Britain and the United States promised to give Ukraine sovereignty. (...) We need about Javelin 1240, and this is absolutely true. This is necessary in order to deter further aggression by Russia and the terrorists under its control. ”

Poroshenko makes one mutually exclusive statement after another. I would like to give him one cucumber advice: it is necessary to have a snack.

First, the Ukrainian, rushing to the West and pulling people there (“tse Europe”) actually accused the West of barbarism. What does this mean? Illusions dispelled? Or is Obama and Cameron denied civilization? Be that as it may, Poroshenko’s desire for Europe will now look like a desire to ... unite with the barbarians.

Secondly, it suddenly became clear that on this planet sovereigns are distributed by a duopoly in the composition of Britain and the USA. To get what you want, you just need to abandon the nuclear arsenal. Recall, sovereignty, by definition, means the ability of state power to function independently within the country, as well as diplomatically to act outside. And the presence of a nuclear arsenal just helps its owner to carry out these functions. But if the corresponding arsenal is not observed, the country can easily do as with Libya.

Does this mean that 1240 Javelins can compensate Ukraine for its former nuclear arsenal? Or for 1240 Poroshenko just stop calling names "barbarians"?

By the way, it’s scary to think what Poroshenko would have done if he had not “sovereignty”, but a nuclear arsenal. That's where the barbarians' nightmare!

Comments from our readers:

Rostov Papa
And why exactly 1240 pieces? Just like Shura Balaganov, who needed six thousand four hundred rubles to be completely happy.

I was in the detachment (school summer camp) Oleg Pechersky. I went and asked everyone to borrow one penny. To the question: “Why ?!” he replied: “Not enough for the ruble!”
PS In 1975, the ruble, especially for a child, was wealth.

It was the 1240 nuclear warheads located on the territory of Ukraine at the time of the collapse of the USSR (and which were abandoned as part of the Budapest Memorandum). According to Poroshenko, this is a kind of symbol (from Poroshenko’s interview “The Wall Street Journal”).

Chubais being oppressed

Sabrina Tavernyz in The New York Times worries about the fate of A. B. Chubais - "one of the most famous architects of the post-Soviet economic modernization of Russia, who came under the attack of anti-Western hawks in the Russian government." The campaign against Chubais is presented by the journalist as “the last effort of powerful Putin loyalists” to remove “liberal votes” from the public life of Russia. The Russian daily Izvestia, the author reports, wrote that Moscow businessman Dmitry Lerner sent letters to state investigators. The letters contain accusations of Rosnano top managers, including Chubais himself, of involvement in embezzlement of public funds.

It is clear who is in the heroes of the West: this is the late B. Nemtsov, and A. Chubais, who is more alive than all the living. The “antiheroes” for the American media are Putin and his “siloviki”, oppressing the thinning supporters of liberalism and democracy in Russia - like Chubais, “one of the most famous architects of the post-Soviet economic modernization of Russia”.

They say Chubais invented nanoasphalt. Why don't they write about it in the New York Times?

Comments from our readers:

Anatole Klim
Well, unless they write about Chubais in the New York Times, he is a Democrat and an innocent victim of security officials.
“In 2009, by order of Chubais and Melamed, Rosnano entered into an investment agreement with a one-day company LLC GK Novy Kauchuk for the development of nano asphalt for 1,3 billion rubles. Most of this money was gone, and the “New Rubber” went bankrupt.
"Rosnano" ordered "innovative development" for the production of road surface "Unirem" - all of the "innovation" of the coating was to add a coating of crushed tires, which was used in Soviet times.
The legal entity, whose application was approved by Rosnano, was a one-day firm registered in a private apartment and without authorized capital ( 1268574-rosnano-0 /).

We have in the town of almost all red cats Chubais are called ... And they are all surprisingly fat, lazy, arrogant and most importantly - thieving.
PS How do you call a ship, so it will float? Or is this suit so influenced?

I will never forget how this redhead said that we should focus on young people, and people after forty are generally only a burden (((

I will not forget ChubVaucher, and the privatization of the country. Looted, climbed into the prince, destroyed and did not create anything. All that is in the country, despite the efforts of the liberals, was suddenly created.

Strike on sprats

The press service of Rospotrebnadzor reported that since August 1 a ban has been imposed on the import into the territory of the Russian Federation of fish canned products of Latvian production. “The Federal Service for the Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare informs that when exercising state supervision over the circulation of food products during repeated studies of canned fish products produced at Latvian enterprises: JSC Ventspils Fish Cannery, LLC Gamma-A, “Sabiedrba IMS” LLC, “Unda” LLC, “Suldusgalaskombinats” LLC revealed violations of the requirements of the legislation in the field of consumer rights protection (inconsistency of the requirements for labeling, inconsistency by mass fraction of the main product, inconsistency in the mass fraction of the constituent parts of the main product, inconsistency in terms of energy value and organoleptic indicators). Lots of food products that do not meet the established requirements have been withdrawn from sale, ”the Vzglyad newspaper reports.

Latvians, by the way, are sure: what Russia does not take, the Chinese will buy large wholesale. They say there are many Chinese, much more than Russians, they will take even more of our sprats.

However, experts are full of pessimism. The head of the Fisheries Information Agency, the former chairman of the public council at Rosrybolovstvo, Alexander Savelyev, doubted the realistic plans for the supply of Baltic sprats to China. “Latvia supplied sprats to Russia for about 100 million euros, this was a priority market for them. And then the question arises, why the Russians fell in love with this product, stuffed with carcinogen, including the ill-fated benzopyrene. Those who care about healthy nutrition do not eat sprats. Therefore, Estonia and Latvia will not be able to sell this product for the same quality criteria either to Europe, or even to Asia. I would like to look at the Chinese who will eat smoked fish drenched in butter. Is that the verdict of the court ... "- сказал Comrade. Saveliev "Rosbalt".

Apparently, it is not destiny for the Latvians to feed the Chinese with banned benzopyrene sprats. We'll have to eat ourselves.

Comments from our readers:

Casket always ... opens. And the cat is scraping its ridge ... Congratulations to the Kaliningrad fishermen on the appearance of a huge market for the Baltic fish.

Let them now try to feed this carcinogenic rubbish Europe. For some reason, we do not particularly know that sprats are the most dangerous poison. More dangerous than tobacco and alcohol. But if you get pleasure from the latter (in reasonable doses), then from sprats - flatulence and other children's surprises.

SRC P-15
When I was young, I heard that a sprat cannon is equivalent to 100 smoked cigarettes. So now the Latvians "obkuritsya"!

They have this benzapiren from their ears that will flow if they trade all their foreign trade.

Sasha 19871987
After the purchase of one jar of sprats in tomato paste, I had already personally imposed an embargo on them: there was no meat, the feeling that the fish had been blown up, the remnants of meat were collected somewhere, and the resulting bone dump was filled with sauce and rolled into cans ...

No wonder they were always called the "common grave" ...

Yuri from Volgograd
Similarly! In stores, we always look at the manufacturer, the hand does not rise to buy Georgian or Baltic. The benefit of analogues is more than enough, hunger does not threaten.

For several years we have not taken products from the Baltics - almost inedible. On a jar of 5-6 fish, and they are all shredded, sprat - minced from something incomprehensible, most likely from waste. Let it be sent to the West, maybe it will be to the taste there.

This is secondary. These are ENEMY products. Buying Balt sprat, Ukrainian vodka, Georgian mineral water and wine, you finance the production of weapons manufactured for your (!) Murder. By the way, the reasons for the prohibition of deliveries from certain enterprises mean that there is no embargo. Not countries for their unfriendly behavior were punished, but individual breeders. Which will correct.

How Latvia to beat Russia

The population of the Baltic republics were advised to rally. Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians could combine, for example, target shooting. Russians should learn: from now on, Estonian and Latvian guys are not keen on extinguishing cod with eel head and pickling, but shooting. The Russians will not risk attacking citizens who have rallied into one in the face of the aggressor. “Let Putin feel Stalin’s fear,” advises the Baltic States to old Barry Farber.

Recall Barry Farber (Barry Farber) is the same Mr. who entertained Western radio listeners in the distant 1960 year. He was born in 1930. We hope that Barry today distinguishes the fork from the spoon as well as in the days of his youth, and is able to correctly answer the question of who is now sitting in the White House: Truman or Carter. Simply put, the reader must understand: Barry’s many years of journalistic experience will not allow him to turn off the gauge.

Farber advises all Eastern European countries to take an example from the Swiss. Before World War I, the German Kaiser visited Switzerland and observed army maneuvers there. “Your army is brave, but small: only half a million,” said the Kaiser to a Swiss general. “What will you do if I attack you with a million people?” The general replied: “Each of us will fire twice.”

We are not going to count Farber for counting how many times brave Latvians or Estonians will have to fire into the Russian army, as well as how many rounds of ammunition training they will take. The funniest thing about Mr. Farber’s note is that he can’t understand what it means: it was the United States that pulled the Baltic republics and Eastern European countries into NATO. The reverse can not be simply because there can never be. Only a psychiatric patient can declare that Slovakia, Poland, Bulgaria or the Baltic States put pressure on Washington in order to penetrate NATO or that they deceived the headquarters of the alliance with the “Russian threat”. It's funny in Farber's article and the way he advises Eastern Europeans to resist Putin. All anything, but only Putin does not draw at night maps with arrows, dreaming about the capture of Warsaw.

Comments from our readers:

SRC P-15
Putin has one fear - no matter how inadvertently you step on this “cohesive formation”.

"Let Putin feel Stalin's fear." I did not understand: what was this fear in? In my opinion, here others have fear, and in a paranoid form.

33 Watcher
Here, too, I wanted to clarify: what, Stalin was afraid of the Baltic?

Andrey Yuryevich
Go on a weekend to shoot, or what? Just in case (suddenly Estonians will attack?)

Do not be afraid. When you get there, your children will be retired.

Well, why should we attack them? The simple closure of borders and the cessation of all economic relations will reduce them to zero better than any aggression.

Insurgent LC
You do not understand anything. Attacking them is manna from heaven. When the USSR attacked them, the RAF plant appeared, the Dzintars perfume, Riga liqueur, sprats, Russian soldiers went to cafes, their families to hairdressers, cinemas, bought apartments, built roads, power stations, etc., and now what? Nobody even needs sprats. Resorts are empty, and with their pockets. Russians! When will you attack us? We get poorer! What's not clear?

* “Do you have brains or kyu in your head ?!” - a phrase from the movie “Kin-dza-dza”

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  1. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 2 August 2015 06: 04
    But they, Herods, still do not want to serve in the overwhelming Ukrainian army - from the same ungrateful ...
    Even as they want, even express a desire, the cream of Ukrainian society wassat
    1. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch 2 August 2015 07: 16
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      But they, Herods, still do not want to serve in the overwhelming Ukrainian army - from the same ungrateful ...
      Even as they want, even express a desire, the cream of Ukrainian society wassat

      Is it time to disperse the chicken coop? AU, Vladimir Vladimirovich! Well, you see, you’ve got anyway, you’ll have to feed these parasites in any way. And the brains set too poor. Here is a pimple on the stern - Ukraine, and you won’t get rid of it. Massaraksh.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 2 August 2015 07: 53
        Quote: iliitch
        Well, you see, you’ve got anyway, you’ll have to feed these parasites in any way.

        And how to disperse this chicken coop?
      2. cosmos111
        cosmos111 2 August 2015 08: 00
        “Do you have brains or kyu in your head ?!”

        FUNNY ???

        BUT HERE, much FUNNER negative fool crying
        "news" from May 29, 2015
        In an interview with the German radio station WDR 5, the head of the Russian Sberbank German Gref said that his department did not plan and does not plan to enter the peninsula while it is part of the Russian Federation.

        To the question of the leading WDR, the head of Media Training Devision DW-Akademie Udo Prenzel, why there is no Russian Sberbank in the Russian Crimea, German Gref answered:

        “That's why it’s not because Crimea is the territory of Ukraine, from the point of view of the international financial sector, and we adhere to this position. To put it simply, Crimea is not Russia for Sberbank,” said German Gref.

        Host: "How, then, should we understand your position on Crimea, in relation to the entry of Sberbank into South Ossetia and Abkhazia, because from the point of view of the West, these territories are Georgian?"

        German Gref: "There is a slightly different situation. I would not like to comment on this."

        Host: "And yet ... Sberbank has plans to open its offices on the peninsula in the future?"

        German Gref: "Today we have no such plans

        info from: http: //

        on the site of the actual Russian Sberbank does not give the addresses of branches in the Crimea, you can check !!!
        1. cosmos111
          cosmos111 2 August 2015 08: 34
          01.08.15 Donetsk. Shelling in the village of NORTH 3: 00
          In Donetsk, houses are blazing due to shelling of ukrfashistov ...

          02.07.15 Donetsk. Summary from the military commanders:

          - st. Mom’s Sibiryaka, 12 - damage caused by a direct hit by a mine
          - st. Lutugin, No.? - getting into the garden, damaged glazing and the facade of the house

          - st. Mirgorodskaya, 52 - getting into the house with subsequent fire
          - st. Mirgorodskaya, 54 - a man is wounded in the head, hospitalized
          - st. Mirgorodskaya, 60 - direct hit, 2 person died
          - st. Mirgorodskaya, 63 - getting into the house with subsequent fire, a girl (14 years) was shell-shocked. The fire spread to the neighboring house number 61 (?)
          - intersection of Marshal Zhukov Ave. and st. Red Banner - getting into the roof of the hostel of the railway (from the side of Marshal Zhukov Ave.)
          - Marshal Zhukov Ave. - hit in the transformer substation, the high-voltage cable was also interrupted (the Zastantsionny settlement is temporarily disconnected)

          KIEV DISTRICT:
          - st. Hungarian - getting closer to the street. Artyomovskoye (15y site is also temporarily de-energized).

        2. northern
          northern 2 August 2015 08: 46
          In an interview with the German radio station WDR 5, the head of the Russian Sberbank German Gref said, blah blah blah

          This interview has a bunch of reprints in various media, but not a single link to the source, where and to whom this interview was actually given. Initially, this fake surfaced on entertainment portals. So for 99% - stuffing.
          1. tol100v
            tol100v 2 August 2015 20: 20
            Quote: north
            . So for 99% - stuffing.

            And ten nines in the period!
          2. Mordvin 3
            Mordvin 3 2 August 2015 20: 56
            Maybe a stuffing, but a friend returned from Crimea 2 weeks ago. When he ran out of cash, he had to swim to the mainland to cash out a Sberbank card. This is despite the fact that Sberbank assured him by telephone that he could withdraw money from a card in Crimea without any problems.
          3. Surg
            Surg 2 August 2015 22: 42
            The stuffing is not a stuffing, and Crimea and Sevastopol as such are not even in the choice of regions with bank branches.
        3. The comment was deleted.
        4. dvg79
          dvg79 2 August 2015 09: 45
          To send Gref to Mashenka Gaidar for help. After such statements in Russia, he has nothing to do. But our president does not give his ...
          1. ermolai
            ermolai 2 August 2015 18: 13
            Quote: dvg79
            But our president doesn’t give up ...

            this is probably not the case, they released the hodor, now there are problems, and this is under supervision, and the time will come to dispossess us and ask for everything. the redhead is spinning like a frying pan today.
          2. tol100v
            tol100v 2 August 2015 20: 24
            Quote: dvg79
            To send Gref to Mashenka Gaidar for help. After such statements in Russia, he has nothing to do. But our president does not give his ...

            Before making any decision, even in the form of comments, you must check the source of the information and its veracity! If these rules are not followed, then your statements are worthless!
        5. APASUS
          APASUS 2 August 2015 10: 01
          Quote: cosmos111
          on the site of the actual Russian Sberbank does not give the addresses of branches in the Crimea, you can check !!!

          Guys stop nonsense to suffer, Sberbank has long been a joint stock company and belongs to shareholders, for which the main indicator is the rate of return.
          1. AleksUkr
            AleksUkr 2 August 2015 11: 50
            Quote: APASUS
            Sberbank has long been a joint stock company and is owned by shareholders, for which the main indicator is the rate of return.

            And naturally, the main shareholder is PEOPLE? And he, of course, needs a profit. And the people-this is not the Crimea, including?
            1. APASUS
              APASUS 2 August 2015 15: 04
              Quote: AleksUkr
              And naturally, the main shareholder is PEOPLE?

              The people - but not that!
              The one who lives over the hill, whether he is sad for the inhabitants of the Crimea, but he is almost waist-deep for our whole people. Go and see what kind of mess has become in this bank, optimization has led to scoring cute guys who can’t really solve the elementary task.
              I received a salary card 10 years ago, almost 6 hours, I thought everything changed and then again they began to issue these cards. Nothing has changed !!!
        6. vladek64
          vladek64 2 August 2015 13: 16
          I would like the Kremlin to solve this strange dilemma: either Sberbank of Russia is not a Russian bank, or Crimea is not Russian territory.
          With relevant findings.
          1. APASUS
            APASUS 2 August 2015 20: 05
            Quote: vladek64
            I would like the Kremlin to solve this strange dilemma: either Sberbank of Russia is not a Russian bank, or Crimea is not Russian territory.
            With relevant findings.

            I believe that the state has done a lot of stupidity in the part related to the sale of Sberbank. The state should always have a tool in its hands, and not just control. The state should guarantee a minimum package of financial services to all citizens, regardless of location, political situation and the sanctions announced.
            And now this bank may refuse to serve even for example the residents of Moscow, on the basis that the Americans do not like them! laughing laughing laughing
        7. Andrey591
          Andrey591 2 August 2015 14: 00
          Not on the website of Sberbank !!!! Why come up with !!!!
      3. Revolver
        Revolver 2 August 2015 08: 12
        Quote: iliitch
        Is it time to disperse the chicken coop?

        Perhaps more of a cockerel.

        1. The comment was deleted.
      4. g34tsdh
        g34tsdh 3 August 2015 03: 50
        The easiest way to quit smoking! I quit in just 2 days and radically changed my life, now I want to advise everyone. I learned about this method from the blog -
    2. spech
      spech 2 August 2015 07: 26
      Damn him for pedophilia period must be rolled, and this bastard give weapons am
      although Mishiko is not judged, what the hell is worse than a Georgian.
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 2 August 2015 08: 20
        Chubais being oppressed

        Speaking of Chubais:

        22.07.2015 - 20: 29
        "Where did Kvachkov disappear? - a lawyer told" Russian Spring "all the details of the mysterious disappearance of a retired GRU colonel | Russian Spring

        As already reported by Russkaya Vesna, retired colonel of the GRU, Vladimir Vasilievich Kvachkov, accused of attempted armed rebellion, mysteriously disappeared from colony No. 5 in Mordovia.

        The editorial staff of the portal managed to contact Oksana Mikhalkina, the lawyer of Vladimir Vasilyevich, and here is what she said:

        “Where he is now, neither we nor relatives know for certain. We appealed the decision of the Moscow City Court to recognize the movement “People’s Militia named after Minin and Pozharsky” as a terrorist organization (Kvachkov was its leader - approx. RV). The administration was to ensure his participation through video-conferencing. But to the requests of the Supreme Court came the answers that Kvachkov V.The. in IR-5 UFSIN of Russia in the Republic of Mordovia is absent. Allegedly, he “departed”. Where and why - is unknown. And the spouse who called the administration was told that they would not give information about the whereabouts of her husband, although in accordance with the legislation this information is not closed and should be provided even by phone call. Before that, Vladimir Vasilievich was in the prison hospital, where he underwent surgery, but according to the information of the Federal Penitentiary Service he is neither in the hospital nor in the detachment. ”

        Whether this is some kind of operational game by the administration of the correctional institution, or the mysterious colonel really disappeared, is currently unknown. "

        Again the hand of Chubais?
        1. cosmos111
          cosmos111 2 August 2015 10: 09

          after the shelling, the ukropithek was destroyed again, just the restored channel "Severny Donets"
          1. cosmos111
            cosmos111 2 August 2015 10: 19
            On 1 of August, Ukrainian security officials violated the silence regime in Donbass more than 80 times, five civilians were seriously injured, including an 12-year-old girl ...

            The National Guard guarded Gorlovka with cynical jokes and laughter
        2. AleksUkr
          AleksUkr 2 August 2015 11: 52
          Quote: СРЦ П-15
          or the mysterious colonel has indeed disappeared, is unknown at this time. "

          He went underground !!! It’s probably also in the colony ... Probably the aliens hid it ... Good luck to him !!!
        3. wolf7
          wolf7 2 August 2015 21: 57
          With his training and experience, somewhere in the partisan partisans ...
  2. Federal
    Federal 2 August 2015 06: 09
    Thanks Alexey and Oleg for the weekly results, it is always interesting to read your articles and publications.
    Airborne with the anniversary! Successes, good luck and all earthly blessings. FOR THE AIRBORNE FORCES!
    1. g1v2
      g1v2 2 August 2015 19: 10
      By the way, another result of the week. Schoolchildren from Russia won the Informatics Olympiad in Kazakhstan Russian schoolchildren won three gold and one silver medal, taking first place in the number of medals won at the International Informatics Olympiad in Kazakhstan. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
  3. Shiva83483
    Shiva83483 2 August 2015 06: 11
    Yes, the week turned out to be pure ... these insane people will not find peace in any way, and therefore we will not give us a whirl. That same peace ...
  4. Infinity
    Infinity 2 August 2015 06: 13
    The Russian representatives in the UN Security Council cut this "Wishlist", which caused an enchanting howl in the camp of the tribunalophiles. Now with a trimmed Wishlist they’re running around on social networks and the media.

    laughing In any case, all kinds of tribunals from Ukraine are legal for us. they don’t have much strength, for it’s clear to the hedgehog that there will be no representatives of Russia, and that the investigation has not yet officially ended, and not all versions have been fully considered.
    About sprats. I recalled a statement by their president about the unproductive counter-sanctions. What do we need to watch, mouth agape, how the flow from Europe goes, and our manufacturers can’t sell anything? And yes, where are we without ashtrays from Latvian sprats? smile
    We need about 1240 Javelins, and this is absolutely true.

    But what about Stugna-P? And the Javelins are worth the money! Nobody will just give them!
    Enchanting week stood out!
    Happy Airborne!
  5. apro
    apro 2 August 2015 06: 19
    The veto against the tribunal tribunal is certainly a bold step, but how did Moscow decide to find the guilty and defend its interests? Conduct a sensible investigation? Or think it will resolve itself? Where is Moscow’s intelligible explanation of what happened? The arrest of Yumukhin, who I wrote, I think is a good book about this provocation and convincingly outlining the whole course of the event, looked strange. Not defending and not attacking Moscow itself brings itself to the role of the culprit.
    1. Infinity
      Infinity 2 August 2015 07: 03
      Alternatively, a "shootout" by the tribunals will begin. That is, everyone will accuse each other and everyone will not admit the accusation of the other side. But Moscow also attacks and defends itself actively. We are the first to publish a wide variety of information about what happened. If this had not happened, then the tribunal, I think, would have taken place long ago. And it would be nice to be politicized, turning into a show.
      By the way, I didn’t know that Mukhin was arrested belay . I like many of his publications (although there are those with which I strongly disagree)
    2. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 2 August 2015 11: 57
      Quote: apro
      Without defending or attacking, Moscow itself brings itself to the role of the culprit.

      Do you propose going forward to complete defeat? I, and many, have no doubt that Moscow has not laid out its trump cards on this issue. After all, the United States did not post anything ...
      Significant silence causes unrecognized mistakes of the enemy, which may be in our hands ... We are waiting ... s.
      1. tol100v
        tol100v 2 August 2015 20: 36
        Quote: AleksUkr
        Waiting for ... s.

        I am deeply convinced that all objective data on the shot down is available, and they are just waiting in the wings! Spoon the road to dinner! In the meantime, only an aperitif! Pandora's box is apparently too early to open!
    3. Arikkhab
      Arikkhab 2 August 2015 14: 22
  6. dvg79
    dvg79 2 August 2015 06: 19
    The roof to the west and their singers have been blown away for a long time, we are watching how it flies into the distance waving its wings. The declaration of renunciation of Russian gas strongly smiled, however, the truth is that the coming ice age does not know about it.
  7. 2 August 2015 06: 29
    The review, as always, is excellent, short and with humor good Thanks Alex and Oleg! hi
  8. Name
    Name 2 August 2015 06: 32
    What can I say, what can I say ... from parasenko, except for delirium, you can not hear, as well as from his owners; although here is "new":
    Poroshenko came to the people. Addresses the crowd of those gathered:
    - Well, people, tell me directly - what do you think of me?
    From the crowd:
    - Let us better say that we do not think about you - to do without a mat.
    1. AleksUkr
      AleksUkr 2 August 2015 12: 04
      Quote: name
      Poroshenko came to the people. Addresses the crowd of those gathered:

      Who stole my underpants while I was sleeping? Again, Putin's special forces are naughty !!!
      They had the audacity to hang them on the fence at the presidential palace ...
      That's it, I DECIDED: We need about 1240 Javelins, and this is absolutely true. This is necessary to restrain further aggression of Russia and the terrorists controlled by it. ”
  9. Egoza
    Egoza 2 August 2015 06: 43
    Thanks to the authors! Summit review!
    My 5 cents ...
    Dutch activists intend to hold a referendum and achieve the cancellation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. Ukrainian political scientist Vladimir Kornilov believes that the Netherlands is far from the last country in Europe in which such initiatives will sound.
    The Dutch "Committee of Citizens of the European Union" will seek the cancellation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union. A group of activists launched a massive campaign for a referendum on the ratification of the agreement.
    Supporters of the referendum are convinced that it is "provocative" and poses a threat to the well-being and well-being of both Europeans and Ukrainians. This document has already provoked a crisis in Ukraine, which has led to a deterioration in relations between the European Union and Russia. Activists will need to collect 300 signatures within six weeks.

    In early July, the country's parliament approved an association agreement between Ukraine and the EU. The document was signed by the King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander, but so far it has not entered into legal force - this requires ratification of the document by all 28 EU member states.

    Ukrainian political analyst Vladimir Kornilov is skeptical of the possibility of holding such a referendum now.
    “It is unlikely that it will be possible to carry out technically, and it will come to a referendum. But the fact that this agreement was talked about aloud in the Netherlands is already the result of this initiative. Since the entire ratification process in the Netherlands was quiet, no one wrote a line about it . There until now no one knew that this agreement was being signed, and what it is fraught with, including for the citizens of the Netherlands, "Vladimir Kornilov said on the air of Sputnik radio.
    According to him, in order to cancel the agreement, in principle, enough efforts within one country are enough.

    “The activists themselves do not hide that this is such a trial balloon. This is an exclusively Dutch initiative, but if one country blocks the ratification of the agreement, it will be canceled. So, in principle, there are enough efforts in this matter within the framework of one country. that now, in the "dead" season, when the Netherlands is practically empty, everyone went on vacation, and few people are concerned about political issues, it will be very difficult to collect signatures. I doubt that activists will have time to collect the necessary 300 thousand signatures in a few weeks, " political scientist.

    However, he does not exclude that other European countries may follow the example of the Netherlands.

    "Now the initiative of Dutch activists is unlikely to be crowned with success. But this does not exclude the fact that activists from other European countries will follow the same path. In general, the Dutch initiative testifies that the citizens of Europe, to put it mildly, are not happy with this document," believes Vladimir Kornilov.

    In his opinion, the main thing that prompted Dutch activists to insist on the cancellation of the agreement with Ukraine is the fear of an influx of refugees.

    “There are two countries on the continent that are ardent Eurosceptics - Great Britain and the Netherlands. And if earlier the headache of these countries were refugees from North Africa and the Middle East, now the main problem is migrants from Eastern Europe. Can you imagine what a stream of beggars , embittered by the war, migrants from Ukraine will rush to these countries - this, of course, causes serious concern among people. Therefore, it was the Netherlands that started this process, "the political scientist concluded.
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 2 August 2015 09: 17
      Down and Out trouble started. If not the government, then maybe even the people began to see clearly? But in principle, the usual selfish interest, we do not want a crowd of migrants.
  10. Egoza
    Egoza 2 August 2015 06: 48
    Well, and I repeat ...
    BBC Radio announces the hospitalization of Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk to a hospital in Kiev with a nervous breakdown.

    "Our correspondent in Kiev reports that several teams of emergency doctors were called to the building of the Kiev government. According to a high-ranking source, who wished to remain anonymous, the doctors arrived to assist the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, who, apparently, has a nervous breakdown and, obviously, his mental health is undermined.

    An ambulance was called by government officials, at the request of several ministers at once, since the state of Arseniy Yatsenyuk aroused great concern - his behavior was unstable and, in general, inadequate. We will follow the development of events "- concludes the BBC presenter.
    According to Ukrainian TV channels, not a word about this, but they are showing intensively the performances of the Senya of previous days, posing as the latest news. Meanwhile ...
    The epidemic of African swine fever in the Kiev region got them out of control.
    As RusNext already reported, in the Kiev region an epidemic of African swine fever broke out, the authorities intend to destroy 60 thousand animals.
    The representative of the State Service for Food Safety Sergey Melnichuk in an interview with Ukrainian television channels said that the situation remains extremely difficult.
    According to him, the sanitary service will spend 45 million UAH to fight and prevent the spread of the virus. “The largest outbreak is the Kiev region, the Kalityansky pork complex, where this big emergency happened two days ago. Now we will block the whole area. There is a killing of all these animals, burning. The situation is very complicated, ”Melnichuk said.
    “From the current situation, an investigation is underway whether there was a removal of these products or live animals from the territory of this plant. Now we are monitoring all these points and blocking all possible ways and vectors along which this infection can spread throughout Ukraine, ”the Ukrainian official said.
    In other words, it is about whether the workers sold the pigs “to the left” and whether they are being transported now all over Ukraine. Judging by the fact that the first case of African swine fever was recorded in the neighboring Chernihiv region, the answer to this question is likely to be positive.
    This means that the situation has gotten out of control, and large numbers of pigs across Ukraine are under threat of infection.
    1. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 2 August 2015 11: 03
      "Fresh" video from the hospital yard about the state of the canopy of Yatsenyuk the rabbit. Video filming with a hidden camera.
    2. seregga
      seregga 2 August 2015 11: 30
      Senya Kuliavloba began to mow under the fool to skillfully blame Ukraine for treatment and, as a result, for retirement
  11. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 2 August 2015 06: 48
    The authors are great! All covered. And about the "oil needle" and sanctions, as well as the "sharp drop in the standard of living" - to people who have survived and completely, after the Gaidar-Chubais "economy" - nothing to fear. And the situation is not the same now. Russia is completely self-sufficient and will be able to feed itself. And this is the main thing. Even Ulyukaev says that the ruble exchange rate depends on .... And the balance of payments! While the balance is positive, corporate debts have decreased significantly, and continue to decline (they cannot be made anymore due to sanctions!). Gold reserves are kept at the same level.
    And the military-industrial complex drags along with itself machine tools, and instrument making, and metallurgy, and chemistry, and microelectronics. This is in addition to the fact that Russia has long been SELLING grain, and not buying!
  12. mamont5
    mamont5 2 August 2015 07: 22
    "This makes it clear: THE TRUTH WILL NEVER BE TELLED."

    And who would doubt it! Unless our evidence will be laid out. And I am sure that we have them and are waiting in the wings.

    "You can just watch all Hollywood films and sew suits a'la Starship Troopers, Police Academy"

    So what? It looks like the last episode of the "Police Academy" is being filmed on the Ruin right now.
  13. Egoza
    Egoza 2 August 2015 07: 24
    I propose supporting a glorious initiative!

    Hitler, Poroshenko and Dom-2 garbage bins installed in Dagestan
    Unusual garbage containers were installed in Makhachkala - with images of Adolf Hitler, Petro Poroshenko, a hundred-dollar bill and the logotype of the Dom-2 television project. The head of the Kirovsky district of the capital of Dagestan hopes that these images on trash bins will help make the city cleaner. In addition, in his opinion, the new containers are more practical and harmoniously fit into the architecture of the city. - Result: aesthetic appearance, lack of unpleasant odor and animal access to garbage. All this is done so that our city is clean. I hope that the townspeople will treat them carefully, and will also observe and maintain cleanliness in our capital, ”said Salikh Sagidov. The district administration said that there are 12 such containers, some of which are for household waste, and some for bread. In size and shape, the innovative trash cans are the same as everyone else in the city.
    1. T-73
      T-73 2 August 2015 09: 17
      It happened! The merits of Dom-2 are recognized almost officially. But someone in this tank is missing. Or does lustration already seem to me everywhere?
      1. tol100v
        tol100v 2 August 2015 21: 09
        Quote: T-73
        But someone in this tank is missing

        Probably KS!
      2. vlad63
        vlad63 4 August 2015 17: 52
        Here, hundreds of tanks will be few.
    2. alone
      alone 2 August 2015 11: 50
      Quote: Egoza
      Hitler, Poroshenko and Dom-2 garbage bins installed in Dagestan

      It would be better to provide the Dagestanis with work. In Dagestan, a large percentage of the unemployed. That is why the youth of the underground underground are recruited.
  14. Egoza
    Egoza 2 August 2015 07: 26
    Is that what Petya is being blamed for? we are working! So work!

    The Ukrainian leadership intends to develop a “road map” for granting Crimea the status of national-territorial autonomy within Ukraine, said President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, speaking to participants in the Second World Congress of Crimean Tatars. “We have created state institutions that are engaged in the implementation of state policy regarding the Crimea. Our plans include the development of a “road map” for granting Crimea, in the historical homeland of the Crimean Tatar people, the status of national-territorial autonomy as part of the Ukrainian state, ”Poroshenko said in a statement on the website of the President of Ukraine.
  15. mamont5
    mamont5 2 August 2015 07: 30
    Do not gloat, friends, they will finalize and do it. "

    They will, of course. That's just the question - when? And then they can both become outdated and die without being born.

    "Let Putin feel the fear of Stalin," old Barry Farber advises the Baltics.

    Yes, Stalin was afraid, and especially the Baltic states. He took it without war and no one dared to utter a word.
    1. iliitchitch
      iliitchitch 2 August 2015 08: 14
      Achtung! One and a half large-caliber ATV chukhony dangerous weight.
  16. iliitchitch
    iliitchitch 2 August 2015 07: 42
    "MH-17 Tribunal" ...

    He has not fallen yet, and already began to scream, who is to blame, demons. Are they people at all?
  17. morozik
    morozik 2 August 2015 07: 59
    Anthropology riddle

    Two girls - Nadia and Julia.
    The representative of the European people and the representative of the * Tsapo-Tatar-Mongol horde.

    Everyone guessed where Ukraine and where Russia?
    1. T-73
      T-73 2 August 2015 09: 56
      Quote: morozik
      Two girls

      I see only one girl, the second person is not so tolerant to be called, because we don’t know how she feels. So to speak. In the photo there is one person and one Girl))) And why guess))))
    2. vladek64
      vladek64 2 August 2015 13: 19
      In the photo on the right is the face of a typical Jewish girl. Does the Israel Army participate in the riddle?
      1. mejik
        mejik 2 August 2015 14: 07
        Quote: vladek64
        In the photo on the right is the face of a typical Jewish girl. Does the Israel Army participate in the riddle?

        The photo on the right is a pretty famous person. Julia Tselinskaya. Here is her VKontakte page:
        1. vladek64
          vladek64 2 August 2015 19: 55
          So it turns out I guessed right. laughing "Tselinskaya" is a typical Jewish surname yes She was also born in Odessa good
          And the fact that she is a famous person - does it somehow deprive her nationality? hi

          Hastening to accuse me of anti-Semitism: I wrote nothing bad about the girl and about the Jews tongue

          And for anthropological puzzles, you need to carefully choose photos. Whatever happens, they guessed one nationality, but guessed a completely different one.
   3 August 2015 11: 54
            According to my father, I am a crest; according to my mother, Finn;RUSSIAN (not Russian, namely Russian)who was born and raised in the Far East! hi
            1. vladek64
              vladek64 3 August 2015 21: 24
              Where are you in the photo? smile
       4 August 2015 08: 32
                I mean, maybe she has Jewish roots somewhere, but this is a RUSSIAN GIRL, study her biography a bit!
      2. Scraptor
        Scraptor 4 August 2015 08: 49
        and kashcheistoy ...
  18. staryivoin
    staryivoin 2 August 2015 08: 08
    [quote = Fidget]I propose supporting a glorious initiative!

    Hitler, Poroshenko and Dom-2 garbage bins installed in Dagestan
    And what is normal and positive. In the spirit of the times, human rubbish and household rubbish. The other day I saw a Land Cruiser on the streets of Perm sweeping the streets with a "stars-striped" flag. You look at that and we will come ...
  19. The comment was deleted.
  20. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 2 August 2015 08: 12
    You can't say more precisely. It's a shame that there are no more people. Broken destinies, crippled destinies. That's in my concept. I'm exaggerating, but still. THE COURT, the judge came, listened to the sides of the lawyer, the prosecutor, witnesses, read, specified, the last word to the accused "he certainly did not take." After a break in the verdict, the THIEF SHOULD SIT IN PRISON. Handcuffs, camera. What happens now? Already 20 judges will come running, all with their dissenting opinions. Sorry for the Relatives. And it's a shame for the dead that only a "cow" would be like this
    1. PValery53
      PValery53 3 August 2015 23: 48
      The cow will not understand: is the girl a fool? - Maybe give her milk, wiser?
  21. Mordvin 3
    Mordvin 3 2 August 2015 08: 14
    The neighbors are annealing. And where is this invisible nanoasphalt? I can offer to roll someone with a brazen red face there. Uncle Vasya’s troops on the anniversary. drinks
  22. victorsh
    victorsh 2 August 2015 08: 31
    Happy Airborne Forces, Day of the Railwayman and Elijah the Prophet. Not in the subject. I watched the performance of the chewing tie in Izmail. How "good" the katso-doctors lived with him. They get from 5 thousand to 15 thousand bucks. Au forum users from Georgia!
  23. siberalt
    siberalt 2 August 2015 08: 51
    The swimming season in the Kherson region without the Crimea. laughing

  24. Mark Alekseevich
    Mark Alekseevich 2 August 2015 09: 32
    “Do you have brains or kyu in your head ?!”
    1. T-73
      T-73 2 August 2015 09: 58
      I killed it. +100500!
  25. atamankko
    atamankko 2 August 2015 10: 20
    As always, the selection is excellent.
  26. Tusv
    Tusv 2 August 2015 10: 37
    Somehow the news about renaming Ukraine did not make it into the top week.
    I, as a Russian, of Tatar-Jewish nationality, demand tribute for 7 centuries in exchange for a label of a great reign and protection against the claims of all neighbors of political and other moronic races to your territories.
    And also I will return the chernozem stolen by the Wig for nothing.
    PS: I win my candidacy for a great reign drinks
  27. rruvim
    rruvim 2 August 2015 12: 47
    It’s a pity that the protoukers of the Sea of ​​Azov were not completely dug up, shallow ... Not that black. But the Vikings blame, they came to understand the Dnieper and the cue stuck. HAPPY VDV!
  28. Vlasemich
    Vlasemich 2 August 2015 14: 03
    How all this is not good. No one can understand that we were stupidly raped, so raped ... Sprats, gas like this is all petty ... The people who were one stupidly divided into quilted jackets, ukrov, Baltic states, and we seduced, each of us seduced, seduced in Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine (I write specifically as it was in the USSR), in other OUR lands ... now we scratch comments, maliciously rejoicing that something is wrong with our neighbor, grabbing our guns and bombing cities, who once built together. We have one ancestors, we even have the same surnames ... Our grandfathers fought together, saving each other, serving in the army whom we only didn’t have, Ukrainians are Westerners in my company (then we didn’t even know that there were any) , Kyrgyz, Turkmens, Armenians and a bunch of other nationalities. The company commander is Belarus, the platoon is Moldovan, the political commander is Armenian. Nobody wants to understand that we have one enemy, with a star-striped flag that we hate, and it has corroded us, and we forbid each other to take throats with gnaws and sprats ... In fact, this is a harmful article, it seems to me ... Information war is needed, but in my opinion - bust
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 2 August 2015 21: 19
      Quote: Vlasemich
      and bomb the cities

      Dear, you specify who and whom are bombing! It seems that you are starting a psycho-information war, especially not owning the topic!
      1. Vlasemich
        Vlasemich 2 August 2015 21: 32
        Ukrainians bomb Donetsk, we hollowed Grozny, and they both built together. And I’m not fueling anything, but expressing my thoughts. I am disgusted by Maidan and Poroshenko, a Komsomol member in the Baltic states, and many other things. But savor it all ...
    GENERALISIMUS 2 August 2015 16: 58
    For: BMP 2 "gruppensnikers" - for Poroshenko,
    "grupenshuller" - for Yatsenyuk,
    "group" for Klitschko,
    just "grouped" - for Lyashko.

    Thank you old man, it was something with something. Pleased. Especially with gruppentupen he is in Ukraine "Zlatoust". And all the "group" ones are well chosen.
  30. Zhaman-Urus
    Zhaman-Urus 2 August 2015 18: 19
    All good. Sorry for the off top. Tell dear comrades. I was born in the USSR and live in Kazakhstan. I regularly read the news of politics, economics in Russia, Kazakhstan, of course Ukraine. And do you know what idea came to my mind today? We all fucked up the GREAT COUNTRY, and today we flop on its wreckage, rejoice at some trifles, gloat over the trouble of our neighbors. BUT, all our body movements are just agony. You will say that Russia "Rises from its knees" "Kazakhstan alga", etc. But in fact, we are citizens of the empire, the time of Alarikh, we remember the glory times of our fathers and grandfathers, we are proud of them, and behind the gates there are already those who will turn the page of history for whom we are just NOTHING. And I'm scared to think about what awaits my 12 year old son and 8 year old daughter.
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 2 August 2015 21: 24
      Quote: Zhaman-Urus
      You will say that Russia "Rises from its knees"

      Russia not only rose from its knees, but also put some in a knee-elbow pose! You just have to wait a bit! Everything has its time!
      1. Zhaman-Urus
        Zhaman-Urus 3 August 2015 18: 12
        LATERAL !!! Catch a plus from me personally ...
  31. gosha1970
    gosha1970 2 August 2015 18: 57
    Insurgent LC
    You do not understand anything. Attacking them is manna from heaven. When the USSR attacked them, the RAF plant appeared, the Dzintars perfume, Riga liqueur, sprats, Russian soldiers went to cafes, their families to hairdressers, cinemas, bought apartments, built roads, power stations, etc., and now what? Nobody even needs sprats. Resorts are empty, and with their pockets. Russians! When will you attack us? We get poorer! What's not clear?
    Well, why didn’t the simple thing happen to the Russian layman (and this is almost 100% on this site) or another tradesman — yes, these rafs, dzintars, and vefs were not needed. Well, the country itself would figure out what to build. Without the help of the USSR. Well, they themselves would build roads, power plants, etc. And then what did not capture Switzerland? AND? It’s also a small country. Sprats suddenly remembered. Let Latvia not die without sprat export. I will not argue with uryaurya. There will be no sense. BUT!!! I can hack anyone with anything that will pass 10, 50, 100 years and the EU will exist.
    1. Scraptor
      Scraptor 4 August 2015 05: 25
      Let him get out of NATO, make Russia the 2nd state, and then it can also last as long, although usually flies do not live as many, especially when they behave badly. bully
  32. Chef
    Chef 2 August 2015 22: 21
    An article in the style of "what they are stupid, not like us." Why are the comments of the Kremlin bots, and not the common Russian people, given in it?
    1. Scraptor
      Scraptor 3 August 2015 05: 45
      ad-rossiey /

      In addition to the inclusion in the first positions in the MH-17 tribunal of an investigation article (any, and right so right away) "weapons smuggling to Ukraine", and all that other on this link:

      "The head of the OSCE service for monitoring the observance of human rights in the zone of the Ukrainian conflict, Michael Bortsyukiv. That is, this is the very person who must find out whether there are Bandera members in Ukraine or not.
      Incidentally, he was in charge of the OSCE and the Boeing investigation on the spot.

      This wonderful man, Mykhailo Botsyurkiv, was born in Canada, in the family of a Bandera, a prominent figure in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church. His father, Bogdan Rostislav Botsyurkiv, was born in 1925 in Galicia, in what was then Poland. By the beginning of the German invasion of Poland (1939–41), the father of the current head of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine was studying at a university in Germany, in the city of Frankfurt am Main. The collapse of the "second Rzecz Pospolita" gave him the opportunity to actively join the Ukrainian national movement. "

      Eat-Sniff your compote yourself ...

      It’s not necessary for Churkin to go there, but simply “Mister no” (Gromyko), Churkin talks and is indignant too much.
      1. Scraptor
        Scraptor 3 August 2015 06: 14
        While "everyone" has long actually known who (Su-25, detected and identified by radio signature) than (cannon), and how (with 30mm shells, the holes are identical, and in general Buk's shrapnel is much smaller):
        14-16th minute
  33. KBPC50
    KBPC50 3 August 2015 11: 09
    It became interesting about the Moscow State University. It is very interesting which state belongs to the Moscow State University, that some bum has the right to ask the applicant such questions as ??? Answer the guys from the "internal organs". Well, what state does NTV belong to, if Grachev, who squealed on the Maidan, is the host of the Coffee with Milk program in the morning ???
  34. sellrub
    sellrub 3 August 2015 14: 57

    I believe that the state has done a lot of stupidity in the part related to the sale of Sberbank. The state should always have a tool in its hands, and not just control. The state should guarantee a minimum package of financial services to all citizens, regardless of location, political situation and the sanctions announced.
    And now this bank may refuse to serve even for example the residents of Moscow, on the basis that the Americans do not like them! laughing laughing laughing

    Well done, colleague! WELL DONE!
    Indeed, for the past 24 years, the PROPAGANDA machine of Democratic losers has been engaged exclusively in SPELLS.
    Lies about average wages.
    A lie in relation to housing for the AWAITING 70 years of war veterans.
    Lies in relation to average pensions for which you can live humanly.
    Lies in relation to the RISING gasoline in the country BOATING in oil.
    Lies in providing young families with ACCESSIBLE housing.
    Lies about the fact that the standard of living is better than in the Eurozone.
    Lies, lies, lies ...

    Although ... BEAUTIFULLY we rub points to the world community by holding various sports forums.

    True ... ARE ABLE to get rabid grandmothers to pay to unsuccessful athletes and foreign trainers.
  35. Support
    Support 3 August 2015 15: 18
    Something like that, we all have laughter ..... and there people die ...
    1. Scraptor
      Scraptor 4 August 2015 02: 20
      and this is characteristic of ...
  36. Tektor
    Tektor 4 August 2015 23: 53
    Everything would be fine, but only with the courses "missed":
    ... This statement, it seems to us, is an open official recognition that the ruble in Russia is “converted” only into oil. However, there can be no other way — with a raw material bias in the economy “built into” the world economy by oil and gas.
    The ruble has two borders: 50 rubles per dollar and 63 rubles per dollar. The Central Bank does not give a steeper 50, although it will not "stand" for this level "to death". Well, below 63 - the volume of gold and foreign exchange reserves does not drop, since dividing M2 by gold reserves we get 63. Therefore, if oil falls further, i.e. below 50, the rate will remain at 63, not counting short-term overshoots. Well, if oil flies to 100, then the Central Bank will buy back the currency, like a lion, but it will not last long (for example, the Central Bank of Switzerland). In the range of 45-63 rubles, and the industry feel comfortable. What more could you want?