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How Tuku "Tuknul" in a puddle

I sit on the couch and solve the most acute problem. Emerged from nothing. And the problem is global. We need to repair two rooms in the apartment for the arrival of the "refugees" and buy an army tent for their friends and relatives. Expect a large influx of unhappy people. Given that my head is all right, then of course, a certain question arises.

How Tuku "Tuknul" in a puddle

Thanks to the Internet, the answer is found. And he was found, as happens quite often, on Ukrainian sites. Or rather, on the website of the new governor of the Lugansk region of Ukraine Georgy Tuk.

Well lucky Luhansk, the fact that they remained under Ukrainian control, with the governors.

Past, Moskal, opponents almost on camera chomped. And how many helpers "lost" people, and do not want to count. This is exactly about whom the Ukrainian Maidan shouted for sure: “Moskalyaku to Gilyaku” ... Only instead of this very Gilyaks sent Moskalyaku to Transcarpathia. There it means "to impose order." But today it is not about the old. Today we are talking about the new.

I already wrote about “what is Tuk” ... No, of course, he is “who such”, but I regard this as precisely “what is”. It is so arranged in nature that even those who are "who," in the process of life produce "what" ... Nobody is "what" in the toilet calls "who" ...

So, the politician of a "new wave", not system. In a sense, to Maidan only in the internet and "sistemil". A prominent figure in the volunteer movement of Ukraine. More precisely, the spokesman of the "necessities for ...". The creator of the famous art site "Peacemaker". The frequenter of the Censor, which is not ... The founder, or rather the co-founder of the main national award of Ukraine - the People’s Hero ... The list goes on. But why?

Signed up, pre-established Tuka to public office. And not just any, but the whole "prince of an individual". Became a journalist governor! Career, I will tell you ... The pokhlesche of the late Evdokimov will be. From dirt to Kings...

And this Tuku came to the office ... And there ... Only moskalskoe everything remained ... There are all kinds of papers. Orders ... He could not even imagine that the Muscovites had built a nest in the very heart of the Luhansk region.

The very first public performance of the new governor, probably, led me to the idea that it was time to put up tents in the yard for refugees.

“First, we will destroy this infection, and then, together with you, we will think: we need growth and what to do with it?” Said Tuk in Lisichansk. I came to participate in the rally and ... said.

No, of course, after one and a half years of constant shelling, after the closure of many enterprises, Lugansk, of course, will not argue with Rostov-on-Don with wealth and other "future trophies." Like it or not, but in Rostov everything was, is and will be ... a lot. “Mom” won Mikhailovsky of Odessa on his knees, but he won’t work with “dad”.

Probably, now the Rostovites are tying knots and packing suitcases in large numbers ... Trains are being besieged by crowds of people distraught with fear. The Cossacks pull grandfather's checkers out of the storerooms and put old tunics on a big-bodied body ... I’m even afraid to call friends there.

Why is there Tuck this. We have been living on a barrel with gunpowder for a long time ... Dmitry Yarosh directly spoke and spoke. War with Russia will be necessary. Let these (in the sense of us), descendants of the Tatar-Mongols, return the originally Great-Greatan lands of the Kuban, the Voronezh and Belgorod regions.

When this Took was a blogger-journalist, all his statements and articles caused only a sad smile. Well, "left the roof in his old age." It happens. And often. Even the term is - senile insanity.

But now Tuk is already a government official. And a very high ranking official. And now I consider his "statement" as a statement by the leadership of Ukraine.

This part, please seriously read.

The Lugansk governor cannot but be aware of what he is talking about. And to understand that Russia will respond adequately, should in theory. About Kuban, Belgorod or Voronezh refugees is simple. You will not succeed. Even shoot the second time will not work.

To find a hundred, or maybe a thousand "thugs," who risk crossing the border, will succeed. So what is next? And then, “in response,” so many different things will arrive that not only the “Thugs,” but also the dust from the APU in these areas will remain. The same will happen if some kind of ukropatriotic scum climb into the Crimea.

Russia is not able to and will not play "war games" as it is done now in the Donbas. And will not attack. What for? We have repeatedly written that "the winner pays for a banquet." Russian Ukrainian banquet is not going to pay. We have no desire to help those who "shit" their neighbor in favor of the overseas host.

We perfectly understand what these statements are designed for. Not at us. And not even the Americans and Europeans. This is a “product” for internal use. A year and a half of defeat. A year and a half of "draining" of huge funds into the army. A year and a half of Ukrainian humiliation in the Donbas.

They will ask for it. Already in the social. networks and some Ukrainian media such issues are not uncommon. Already, the rating of power is simply disastrous. The insects remaining in the houses are already crawling below this rating.

What is Tuka on political "Olympus"? This is a complete failure of the Ukrainian statehood. When the situation in the economic, social, and other areas of life is put on, a populist is put in a position ... Why? It’s just that, apart from populism, the authorities can give nothing to the Ukrainians. The power of "exhausted."

Tuk's statement is nothing but a deception of its own citizens. Direct and cynical deception. Attempt to convince them that ukroarmiya growing. So, there is no defeat in Lugansk and Donetsk. So, LDNR is a temporary condition of "some areas" of these areas.

Even the purpose of this deception is clear. Simple goal. Implementation of the 12 clause of the Minsk agreements. It is 12, not fulfilling all the previous ones. In this way, Kiev hopes to "circle it" and the LDNR, and Russia, and all the "guarantors" from the Quartet. Give the border to Ukraine and then LDNR will turn into a big "pot". And it will be possible to eliminate the boiler without haste.

Only here any military who a little inquire about the state of the Ukrainian army, will laugh in the eyes of all these militant statements. Yes, over the past year and a half, the Ukrainian army has learned to fight. Yes, the army of the LC and the DNI is not so easy to resist dill. Yes, today there have been some changes in the equipment of units and divisions.

But in general, the Ukrainian army, as it was, remains "for internal use." Aviation Hardly ever. And what is, even if "it" is repaired, is not suitable for war in modern conditions. Armored forces are not just out of date. They are catastrophically behind all the armies of Europe. Outfit of the army in an archiploach state. That is why any “handout” from “friends” is so rejoicing in Kiev. Even if this "handout" is written off even a dozen years ago.

About the Ukrainian fleet and say nothing. Somehow still floating (I can’t write a “walker” precisely because the sailors always correct the “landkeepers”: swims ...) “Getman”, a pair of the most ancient recreation centers ... and a bunch of rubber boats. I do not even want to touch on the "naval" theme.

But the most important thing is not even this. The army of Ukraine has no promising command personnel. Do not prepare "sovremenny" officers now in Ukraine. Even the Ukrainian “horse” of the Soviet period, artillery and reconnaissance, have been lost. And in the modern army without a good education, the Suvorovs and Kutuzovs are no longer being brought up.

And finally, I will write the reason why Ukraine will not be able to defeat not only huge Russia, but also small LDNR. This reason everyone knows. More precisely, feel. Like dogs. I understand, but I can not say. I will help "materialize" feelings into words. Never beat those with higher motivation. Those who know why he dies and kills his enemies.

Donetsk residents know why they are going to die. They know what to protect. And the Russians know. Therefore, one cannot see victory for their enemies.

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  1. Name
    Name 29 July 2015 06: 23
    The ruin is probably the first place on Earth where madness is transmitted by airborne droplets. Although it may be the usual hysteria in connection with the approach of the inevitable "kaput" for the Ukrop junta.
    1. ermolai
      ermolai 29 July 2015 10: 41
      Quote: name
      with the approach of the inevitable "kaput" for the Ukrop junta.

      Yes, they learned one Geyropovskoy truth language at least strike a lick, do not give free rein. and they’re casting out who better licks a cookie for him.
      1. Varyag_1973
        Varyag_1973 29 July 2015 11: 13
        The author is a huge plus!

        As for the Rostovites, I speak as a Rostovite, we are looking forward to our "dear guests"! My family did not let me go to Donbass at one time, but if banderlogs are invited to visit me, then we will meet in full! They will also have "borscht with pompushkami" and "bacon with pepper"!

        P.S. In general, the Ruin has recently turned into a country of undeterred and * d * and * o * t * o * in!
        1. xan
          xan 29 July 2015 15: 15
          I remembered: "The whole world is a theater, and only Ukraine is a circus."
    2. APASUS
      APASUS 29 July 2015 21: 41
      Quote: name
      madness is transmitted by airborne droplets.
    3. Baikonur
      Baikonur 30 July 2015 18: 36
      The ruin is probably the first place on Earth where madness is transmitted by airborne droplets. Although it may be the usual hysteria in connection with the approach of the inevitable "kaput" for the Ukrop junta.
      call UKAIN whatever you like, but not - RUIN!
      I repeat once again -
      In fact, the term "Ruin" was originally applied on the Internet "offensively" - to Russia (Internet domain - .RU, - RU + Internet), and many began to apply it to Ukraine!
  2. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 July 2015 06: 29
    Never defeat those with higher motivation.

    The author is right, 100% right. And Tuka is another Maidan miscarriage, which does not even have time to get stronger. Respond to the next so-called showdown Ukrainian politicians are more expensive.
  3. svp67
    svp67 29 July 2015 06: 32
    You listen to this figure and you understand that he is not there for long. That in the fall he will be accused of breaking the "Minsk agreements" and that he is an "agent of the Kremlin." It will be funny if he gives a fight to Russia ...
    1. Sirocco
      Sirocco 29 July 2015 15: 04
      Quote: svp67
      You listen to this figure and understand that he is not there for long.

      The familiar word Tuk, I did not puzzle for a long time, and found out what it is. Wikipedia
      Tuk (plural. Tuki) - a rarely used name for fertilizers for agriculture
      Tuk is an Old Slavonic word meaning fat (hence the word cloud, and the expression fat man, fat cornfields)

      So, either fertilizer or fat instead of gray matter.
      As you call a ship, it will sail.
  4. mahnabar
    mahnabar 29 July 2015 06: 33
    In principle, it wasn’t worth expecting anything new from dill. Therefore, Puke needs to work out the post, if not cool. And the biomass hung ears
  5. Same lech
    Same lech 29 July 2015 06: 50
    Ukraine will not be able to defeat not only huge Russia, but also small LDNRs.

    so it is so but yesterday again ...
    During the day, there were 48 shellings on the territory of the LPR, and 9 clashes were recorded.

    The losses of the LPR Armed Forces - 3 killed, 26 wounded, the enemy destroyed our BMP, two dozen armored vehicles were damaged! "

    am How long it will be going on??????
  6. VadimSt
    VadimSt 29 July 2015 06: 50
    No wonder they both sat near the emergency exit! You may have to pull that handle over your head.
  7. Zomanus
    Zomanus 29 July 2015 07: 03
    Well, here you still need to understand that Ukraine is a country of kamikazes. She has been assigned a goal and she is moving towards this goal. Not looking at the losses, not thinking about the future (the future as a country), not thinking about the attitude towards yourself. And she will not be allowed to get off this path herself. Of course, there is an option to make a demarche under Nazi banners, but then the attitude towards it will be unambiguous as an enemy. Moreover, the common enemy, not supported by anyone.
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 29 July 2015 07: 24
    They will clone clowns as governors, and then they will suffer with them ..
    1. 2С5
      2С5 29 July 2015 07: 42
      ... not only to governors. There are still many who do not see the coast in the heat of bank wassat

      The Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine began a check on the visit of a delegation of French deputies to Crimea. The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from the Popular Front faction Georgy Logvinsky said this on his Facebook page, on the initiative of which an audit is planned.

      "We've got it. The French are in danger from 5 to 8 years. According to my appeal to the General Prosecutor's Office of Ukraine, a check has already begun. All those who were part of the French delegation, all those who allowed themselves to cynically spit on Ukrainian laws and conduct" negotiations " with the invaders, who, without a twinge of conscience and not appreciating their personal reputation, violated the borders of our country - they will all be held accountable, "the people's deputy said.

      According to him, the French deputies stepped over the requirements of the current legislation.

      "In accordance with Article 332-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, such actions are criminally punishable - from 5 to 8 years in prison with the deprivation of the right to hold certain positions or engage in certain activities for up to 3 years and with the confiscation of vehicles," said Logvinsky.

      Earlier, the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine promised to punish the French deputies for a visit to the Crimea. The Foreign Ministry said that the trip will not be without consequences.

      ... as Zadornov said, these are not deputies, but TATUPEDS ..
  9. Colonel
    Colonel 29 July 2015 10: 04
    Not about the governor, but in the subject. Follow the link, you won’t regret it!
  10. Bagnyuk
    Bagnyuk 29 July 2015 10: 57
    my friends are very afraid of the Croatian scenario ... no matter what happens .. they’ll create a 5-7-fold superiority and hit the bastards .... but what the hell is going on this arctic fox .... I hope my money went to the right cause ...
  11. IAlex
    IAlex 29 July 2015 11: 11
    Well, and what of this, the British colonial imperial armies existed for several centuries, the colonies lived in complete shit, but they fought normally both inside the country and outside it ...
  12. maks197010
    maks197010 29 July 2015 11: 21
    Quote: name
    with the approach of the inevitable "kaput" for the Ukrop junta.

    Iron caput! wassat
  13. Belousov
    Belousov 29 July 2015 11: 25
    Another cry Svidomomaydanutogo. And why is there an entire article to write for this? Maybe enough already to respond to each of their squeaks?
  14. Zingvar
    Zingvar 29 July 2015 12: 42
    Negative selection affects.
  15. Gray 43
    Gray 43 29 July 2015 14: 36
    One more must be taken "on a pencil", otherwise he will suddenly decide to "visit grandma" in Russia
  16. evil partisan
    evil partisan 29 July 2015 14: 52
    Thanks Domocles. hi
  17. chehywed
    chehywed 29 July 2015 16: 15
    Quote: Posted by Domokl
    But on the whole, the army of Ukraine was and remains "for internal use." There is practically no aviation ... Armored forces are not just outdated. They are catastrophically lagging behind all armies in Europe. The equipment of the army is in an extremely deplorable state ... There is nothing to say about the Ukrainian fleet ... Even the Ukrainian "horse" of the Soviet period, artillery and reconnaissance, have been lost.

    How? How so? But what about this:
    The Ukrainian army today is one of the five strongest on the continent. This was reported at the National University of Defense of Ukraine President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenkoreports UNN.

    "The Ukrainian army has gained invaluable combat experience. I can say that today our army is one of the five strongest armies on the continent," he said.

    President of Ukraine told a lie? Did the descendant of the great beetles simply lie? recourse My life will never be the same ... crying
    1. evil partisan
      evil partisan 29 July 2015 16: 21
      Quote: chehywed
      My life will never be the same ...

      And I also have a liver ... sad
    2. domokl
      domokl 29 July 2015 17: 04
      Quote: chehywed
      My life will never be the same ...

      Well then, should I write an article about Ukrainian medicine? lol
      And the great Ukrainians do not lie ... they fantasize ... And a lot, and so that they themselves believe .. laughing
      1. chehywed
        chehywed 29 July 2015 18: 58
        Quote: domokl
        Well then, should I write an article about Ukrainian medicine?

        God forbid! It’s not worth it for me alone to step on the throat of your own song ... feel
  18. egor1712
    egor1712 29 July 2015 17: 46
    It seems to me that in Ukraine the doors are open in all mental hospitals. And various Napoleons, Tutathomons, aliens from the Centaur star occupy leading positions in the country. To explain more such stupidity is simply not possible. Sick people.
    1. aviator65
      aviator65 29 July 2015 21: 02
      Yes, no. These are all the consequences of burning hemp fields, and fires around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Smoke, you see, is still blowing away to Kiev. wassat
  19. l_dmitri
    l_dmitri 30 July 2015 04: 24
    I read it, I liked it, I agree!