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Results of the week. “Apolitically argue, I swear, honest word”

Who does not dig, that Moskal

The recent statements by President Poroshenko that he is going to "revive" the naval forces and develop the port infrastructure on the Black and Azov Seas, have been "appreciated" by experts. The main assessment concerns the fact that Kiev actually lost the possibility of independent use of the Mariupol port, since the ships leaving it towards the Black Sea, like ships going to Mariupol from the Black Sea, now need to coordinate the passage through the Kerch Strait, which belongs exclusively to the Russian Federation.

That is how “lost the Sea of ​​Azov”? It's about who do we allow ourselves to talk such nonsense? About Ukraine? If the Great Protowacs dug shovels made from the bones of tyrannosaurs, the Black Sea (Protocr. - "Chumazsk", new protourocr. - "Barakova"), then their descendants are the most independent citizens, who are also capable of more. If they want to - they will dig a new one - even with wooden spoons. The Great European Wall was almost built. And with such an indestructible desire of the government to master budget funds and Western loans - plans for digging a new sea - that's it! ..

Comments from our readers:

It seems to be our obstacles in entering the port of Mariupol our great ukram not yet repaired. But this is possible with the exacerbation of the situation, there is no odds in the sleeve.

There is no one to fix it. Fleet ukrov no.

Nothing! New dig up.

With Mariupol Ukrainians in general, everything is sad. Mariupol metallurgical plants worked on the coke of Avdeevsky Coke Chemical Plant (front-line city), enriched iron ore was transported across the Sea of ​​Azov from Kamysh-Burunsky mining and processing plant (near Kerch). If Russia breaks this logistics a little bit, then there can be no question of any profitability. Plants will rise, and Mariupol will not have to storm. The population itself will run away from hunger.

Going to the Crimea. Who to ask permission?

June 18 on the website of the so-called interregional public organization “Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights. Social control ”material appeared, while reading which even restrained people would find it difficult to cope with emotions. The material is entitled as follows: "Memo for Russian tourists traveling to rest in the Crimea." It would seem, well, a reminder and a reminder - OZPP should advise how to properly sunbathe under the Crimean sun or not swim for buoys, but no ... The material is entirely devoted to the fact that no Russian tourist has any right to visit the Crimean peninsula without receiving the permission (attention!) of the Ukrainian authorities.

What is strange here? The “foreign agent”, who himself, by the way, admits to this, openly shits Russia and her citizens. Everything is quite in the spirit of grant eaters: I received a grant - I spoiled it ... It would be strange if, with foreign money, these communities really protected the rights of Russian citizens and worked for the good of Russia.

It seems that if it were not for the intervention of the prosecutor's office and Roskomnadzor, then Mr. Anshakov with his OZPP would have published a “reminder” that before visiting the Kaliningrad region you need to ask permission from Frau Merkel, before visiting Kuril and Sakhalin -on Abe, and before traveling to Karelia to notify the Finnish embassy in Moscow.

Comments from our readers:

Alexander Romanov
“Unknown December 26 attacker on Bolshaya Tatarskaya street in Moscow attacked the head of the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights (OZPP)“ Public Control ”Mikhail Anshakov. The incident occurred near 12: 30. A man, seemingly 30 years old, beat Anshakov with a mount. In particular, he was hit on the head. The head of the Society has a concussion and a broken arm. ”

Unknown attacker downgraded and deprived of a quarterly bonus. Mount - and just a broken arm and a concussion What is it, lack of professionalism or slovenliness?

Provocateurs! At all times in Russia there were enough of them, and they were even used, for example, by the Tsar’s security department. It ended with the Great Russian Revolution in 1917. So, leave these "reminders" so simply can not be ignored. There is a call for the separation of its territories from Russia.

Such “defenders”, so to speak, O. Bender advised to shoot with a slingshot as a child ...

"Shredded" Yanukovych, or Two "Bee", One "C"

In the best traditions of British journalism, the results of the interview with the fourth president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych were summed up. An interview with Yanukovych was taken by the correspondent of the British BBC (BBC), Gabriel Gatehouse, who tried to find out where Yanukovych had the money to buy and maintain the Mezhigorye residence, how he got to Russia, how he felt about events on the Maidan, and what he thought about the "Crimean question"?

How much time this interview actually lasted, we never seem to know. Well, it's just that the BBC has such a job - from the interview it was only a matter of what the interview was started for. If there is absolutely nothing to nadezhat, then a clumsy fake is put up, which says that Mr. such and such stated, they say, and that way, - whoever, they say, will check what he said there - take a word. We are "BBC" (two "B" one "C").

They posted a video of the minutes on 20, but during this time they managed to “burn” - typing in two versions (English and Russian) actually different versions of one interview, “carefully” without inserting Yanukovych’s phrase about the referendum in Crimea and more 90% -support of the initiative to seize the Crimea and Sevastopol from Ukraine. Well, freedom of speech! ..

Comments from our readers:

It was a pity to look at Yanukovych - I had to strain my brain, it seemed to have lost the habit, and the most important fear was not to say too much, or Putin would send his beloved to his homeland ...

False Anglo-Saxons all interviews are mounted under their lies.

BBC journalists have only one task - to blacken Russia. And you had to ask what he feels when he looks newsin which they constantly talk about shelling. I had to show him the photos of the children who died from the bombings. And ask if he is aware of his responsibility for what happened and what is happening. Maybe, after years later, Viktor Fedorovich in his memoirs admits his guilt that chaos has swallowed Ukraine, and that he did not stop it. Although it had the authority and capabilities.

Puberty period podzatyanulsya

Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that a gas discount for Ukraine "cannot be the same." At the same time, President Putin instructed the government of the Russian Federation to recalculate the discount, if there is a request from Kiev to provide such a discount. Vladimir Putin is quoted by the Interfax news agency:

With such a serious drop in oil prices, which is reflected in the price of gas, we can not provide a discount in the same volume as before. In any case, the final price for Ukrainian consumers should be at the level of neighboring countries, such as Poland.

After that, the head of Gazprom also, Alexey Miller, turned to the Ukrainian “colleagues”, noting that if they consider the Donbass to be the territory of Ukraine, they must also pay off the debt for the gas that Russia supplied to the region. However, Ukraine, which in fact refused long ago millions of its citizens living in the Donbass, responded in its usual spirit: we didn’t ask you to supply gas to Donbass. We will not pay! - If you want your debts not to grow, - do not deliver. The rhetoric and behavior of a pimply teenager with a clearly prolonged puberty period is no different ... A teenager even in a suit and tie pereoblachil, but somehow he does not sit on it, does not sit ...

Comments from our readers:

Jump on, Banderlog

What other discount? If world prices for the oil industry have already collapsed, has Russia tightened the belt and at the same time feeds the besieged Donbass and a million Ukrainian refugees with humanitarian aid?

Senya, though he realized that there was enough of his gas for the scum-killer, but only for heating the dwelling and water heating - you need 18-20 billion cubic meters per year. Wherein:
a) uneven consumption (much more in winter) - with uniform production.
b) own production - less than 20 billion cubic meters
c) on heating of public buildings and institutions, ZERO remains
d) for heating of industrial premises, ZERO remains
e) for the needs of industry, ZERO remains
e) for the production of electricity, remains zero.

True "Censor" now allocates a thousand cubic meters of gas per second, but this is clearly not enough.

General Detection

Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Alexander Kolomiyets, along with his family, left Kiev and was able to move to Donetsk, saying that he was ready to join the militia of the Donetsk People's Republic. Alexander Kolomiets in Ukraine previously served as adviser to the Minister of Defense.

Results of the week. “Apolitically argue, I swear, honest word”

Imagine for a moment that Kolomiets is a man who, as the current younger generation says, is stupidly fake, and that no he is not a general of faith and truth, but an ordinary defender of Kiev. If so, then what, in fact, Kiev is counting on? The fact that before the retired general of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donetsk will lay out maps of the disposition of the troops of the DPR with red and blue arrows, the keys to the hangars with heavy weapons, will be given a notebook with "passwords", "appearances" and call signs, and then they will entrust the command of the forces of New Russia?

In any case, the general, if, of course, he really pretends to "participate", arrange their "road tests". If Kolomiets is from cossacks sent, but not to “participate”, but from the rank of Minstěts fighters, to throw fakes “in the enemy’s rear”, then to identify these tasks (again, if they exist) .

It is clear that it is better to “perebdet” with Kolomiyets, but it may also happen that the Kiev obscurantism really suffers a person in uniform, and after going through difficult decisions, he came to the idea of ​​the need to get away from those whose cockroaches in his head had grown to indecent sizes.

Comments from our readers:

The urine rushed through the pipes ...

Yes, and, by the way, to those who say that this "Junto-power" is for a very long time ... Do you want an example that this is not the rule and certainly not an axiom? Look at Egypt, and the fate that befell the Muslim Brotherhood ... But after all, there the Americans did ALL THE SAME, in order to make a second Libya, BUT OBLOM ...
Egypt preferred fresh SISI, not some withered Mursi
And what to speak for Ukraine (in any case, its East and South) when Russia is near? ..

Just exp
When one knocks over - he will succeed. When they start dumping en masse, the channels will be dramatically blocked, but on those caught (and there will be many) they will come off in full.

No need for hatreds, comrades. The transfer of the general VSU, who held an important post in the mo, is of course a serious gift for VSN. And about the fact that the University is in a rather bad state, and its prospects are not brilliant, I wrote more than once. And for a long time the idea hovered that in the headquarters of the "atom" there are those who specifically merge Old militia. But this is not a victory or a defeat of the junta. Although almost one after the other, the transitions of representatives of the Soviet Union, the diplomatic mission, the police and the command of the Supreme Court of Ukraine indicate that they do not believe in victory. But this is far from the end and, most likely, not even the middle of the war. The lesson still has Tanks, light armored vehicles and artel, and until they begin to end, urki will resist. But the bell is serious for Kiev - now they cannot even trust the generals.

Historical freemen

Today (June 28), the capital of Russia is meeting the first "gathering" of representatives of the so-called Free Historical Society (VIO). On the upcoming conference of historians who call themselves "alternative", reports to the media one of the founders of the SEC, Nikita Sokolov, who was previously the editor-in-chief of the journal Ottochnye Metiki. What is this Free Historical Society, and who are these “alternative” historians?

A free historical society that emerged in 2014 was called a group of persons, not all of whom are professional historians, but who cite the following idea as the core idea of ​​the existence of their historical society: speaking out against using the spectrum of historical knowledge for political purposes.

It seems that the representatives of this society somewhere itch very much ... It itches that they literally cannot eat, recalling the existence of an article in the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation on criminal liability for the rehabilitation of Nazism. This is what they are going to teach the young generation of Russians if the topic of the ban on public rehabilitation of Nazi criminals makes these gentlemen put together an entire society, calling it "free." Apparently, the freeloader of the 90's, when the whole of Russian history fit into the thesis “we repent for the crimes of the bloody regime”, forces them to reflect and nostalgic, at the same time looking for an opportunity to receive generous funding from foreign admirers of the “alternative” history of Russia. And there are so many such fans! .. True, Mr. Soros? ..

Comments from our readers:

Andrey Yuryevich
Something "bloody gebnya" does not work nifiga, is not it time to do business? Works piled up - no end!

But!!! This gathering is a “backup” of all kinds of liberas-demagogues in order to destroy the fragile consciousness of the youth. Acquaintance with the free interpretation of history plunges into shock the people of the old school. Nothing, as soon as a provocation, such gatherings can not be called!

These "free historians" are sponsored by "free masons" from the US State Department. There are already such historians in 90. Again surfaced. So another "cutlet" in the accounts of these figures.

Laws on the sale of Ukraine does not happen much

During the week, Petro Poroshenko signed the Law No. 510 - VIII "On the procedure for admission and conditions of stay of the armed forces of other states on the territory of Ukraine." The law regulates the conduct of peacekeeping and security operations in Ukraine in terms of expanding the grounds for admitting and staying armed forces of other states on the territory of Ukraine.

This is a million one hundred and first law from the new Ukrainian authorities, which aim to bring Russia out of itself and make, as they say, hysteria. However, like the previous million, one hundred laws, by-laws, decrees and directives lead to an increasing hysterics in the territory of the “most independent”. By the way, hysterics were added by the message of Mr. Lutsenko’s press secretary about the “message” for Ukraine sent to Kiev by US Vice President Joe Biden. While Poroshenko signed something about “input and inevitable help”, Biden said that Kiev could lose all US assistance if it did not save the coalition. Save the coalition after, pardon the pun, plum Nalyvaychenko, after Yaresko’s statements about the high probability of default in July, after attempts by the head of Lugansk Regional State Administration Moskal to tell Ukrainians that criminals can fight for Ukraine (for example, the Nazi unit “ Tornado")?..

So the law behind the 510 number is rather another reassuring tablet for Poroshenko himself, they say, he will rely on someone, if the matter goes to the Zugunder ... Mother-mother, he also sat down on the pills ...

Comments from our readers:

Here we must look: if foreign troops enter the Donbass and are guilty of the death of innocent people, then this is one situation. They are there and grind, and even spread around the world. But if they turn up returning the "annexed lands of the Crimea", then this is another story, this is an attack on Russia. But, as it seems, the presence of foreign military Kiev is necessary for personal protection and evacuation in the event of a large-scale popular revolt.

Very smart
Kuev now accepts any "laws" for any reason. They were not going to pay the money, but the time has come - the interest was unfastened. And other troops such as horse-drawn Estonian sappers or tailed Lithuanian sailors are just a celebration! And all sorts of instructors and instigators from Geyropy and the USA — they are there like fleas on Tuzike and without special laws. AND weapon on the sly chalyat. But nuclear - Americans themselves about ... well, in general, be very afraid. Ukrainians either break or lose.

Forest Park86
And why should Russia not recognize the DPR of the LPR as "moderate opposition" and not supply weapons insolently, like the Americans in Syria? Or are we weak?

Electricity and the Russian army: what is common

The riots in the Armenian capital became one of the main topics of the week. Energy tariffs are one thing, but onizhedeti is another. It seems that the last ones appeared in Yerevan. The protesters began with the requirements to cancel tariffs, and ended with calls for the withdrawal of Russian troops from the territory of Armenia. At least about such "theses" of the demonstrators write analysts. And here it is - the US and British embassies. Those who supervise over democracy condemned not the protesters, but the actions of the Armenian authorities to disperse the demonstrators.

We will give Yerevan one piece of advice. Historical. What ended the "democratic protests" in Libya? And what happened last year in Ukraine, when the fascist dictatorship of Gosdepov’s protege Poroshenko swept the lover of the gold toilets of Yanukovych? State Department is always there! Look, the US embassy called the demonstrators in Yerevan. inspiring. Inspiring for what? To overthrow the president? Whether still will be, oh-oh-oh!

Comments from our readers:

Tatar 174
It depends only on the authorities of Armenia, it seems to me that they will be able to weed this sprout of the “color revolution”. What I want them.

“Komsomolskaya Pravda”, which we so often curse, drove our special correspondent to Armenia.
In a conversation with ordinary Armenians, it turned out: s / n for middle-income Armenians 8-10 thousand in recalculation into rubles (per month). The poor - about 5 thousand. The rent - 4 thousand, of which 1 thousand - electricity. Gas in the winter - up to 3 thousand (heating on gas). What are people doing? Answer: people switch to firewood.
What do we see? Russian prices at Armenian salaries. About birds: electricity is generated by a company that is 100% subsidiary of RAO UES.
The economic component of the protests is. And it is very tangible.
Well, the fact that the technologists of color revolutions will take advantage of a convenient moment is not going to a fortune teller.

Internal combustion engine
The author is right. The current Armenian protest movement began for a reason. This is the work of America. Because spontaneously such a protest cannot happen. We all see it on the example of Russia. Our oligarchs are also ready to tear off the last skin of us, but the people are somehow silent, except that in the evening they will grumble a little in the kitchen, that's all. It is very difficult to raise people to protest for their rights. Only when there is nowhere to retreat, then something happens. And then usually women start. They are bolder than men. And in reports from Yerevan, we see some bearded, well-trained men. It's all organized, and well organized. So can only organize a powerful force. And she is the only one in the world - the West.

Somewhere I have already heard and read it, oh yes, in 2014, someone crucified on the same site about Ukraine. In short, there would be no Russia, everything was fine! The motive is clear, the song is old, that Russia is to blame for everything. True, Russia is just a country, a state in which its citizens live, people. So, the Russians are to blame - and everything from the babies! Next on the script ...
Thus, this is one more confirmation of the fact that a violent change of the lawfully elected government is being organized in Armenia, that is, a coup d'etat. It is organized by terrorists from the US embassy and, apparently, part of the Armenian diaspora, which is very strong throughout the world, especially in France and the USA. Even from the open press, this information climbs like a dough out of a saucepan, and serves as confirmation of all the above.

Again it smells of the yellow press)) What is the withdrawal of Russian troops?)) What are the USA?)) What are the activists from Ukraine?))
The people, the fact that someone is expressing concern in Europe and America, or dill write something at home is not an indicator at all)) We are on the drum, what are they writing and what are they concerned about)) For centuries, Europeans have been concerned about Armenian question, but always limited to just words)) Young people gathered at the demonstration are so clever that any attempt at provocation by common forces is stopped)) The enemy, both internal and external, will not pass)) People simply will not allow them to do so.
Regarding provocative posters ... And in which country are there not paid for or simply dissent? They are everywhere. In Russia, even that “great” fighter for Western values ​​Navalny and a bunch of supporters won. So no need to be surprised. Just not this time. And not with these people. Do not engage in demagogy on "Everything is just beginning." Does not start!

Tense Carter and a relaxed Domreuse

Washington believes that the “tense” relations of the West with Russia will continue at the end of the Putin era. The current president will someday leave the Kremlin, but the cold standoff will remain. The disengagement from Russia can outlast Putin, says US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter. Therefore, the West and Russia will face strong tensions in their relations: NATO’s strategy will be called upon to further restrain “Russian intervention”.

Interestingly, with all this, neither in Washington nor in NATO do they believe in Putin’s desire to “seize” the territory of Ukraine. That is, one might say, they do not believe in the “Russian intervention” mentioned above. Almost simultaneously with Carter, the commander-in-chief of NATO forces in Central and Northeastern Europe, General Hans-Lothar Domröse, spoke and said that the Russians simply would not be able to seize the entire territory of Ukraine: firstly, there would not be enough forces, -Third, the guts are thin: after all, NATO will respond to Moscow’s aggressive actions.

Mr. Carter and Herr Domröse should probably agree on the statements. And then one is repeating practically about the infinite aggression of the Russians, which NATO will bravely confront, and the second, having a direct bearing on NATO, assures the public that even Ukraine is too tough for Russians.

Comments from our readers:

Do not need the territory of the whole of Ukraine. Need Novorossia with its technological and industrial potentials and land bridge to the Crimea. We need an independent and non-aligned central Ukraine and an appendage to civilized Europe in the form of western Ukraine. Hey her in the EU are fed + more and the central part.

Major Yurik
That's literally just finished crying. How can we live without the Yankees, who will carry our brains from morning to night about our change. Russia, which is not one thousand years old, must change for some reason, but a bunch of runaways from the Old World who are several hundred years old are the standard of statehood! Already got the most I can not!

In a word - the eternal confrontation! Only who before in the ass "zasverbit"? We or the West ?! Who are the "secret paths" trying to build relationships, we or the West ?! The big business of the West is louder and louder about the unacceptability of confrontation with the Russian Federation, the need to lift the sanctions - because it suffers huge losses! How the losses of Western business will be calculated with a huge amount, I think, certain conclusions will follow in the state system of Western states! I hope to see the "Maidan" on the streets of Berlin, Paris! ..

Russian children scared Italian

The exhibition of military equipment in the Patriot park near Moscow is discussed all over the world. In the foreign press there are also publications from the series “Deliberately Never Come Up.” The Italian edition of "Il Journal" came out with the article "Russian Park" Patriot "- Disneyland with a military theme." An Italian journalist claims that the president of Russia in the Moscow region opened a “children's park” in which the main targets for “satisfying the interest of Russian children” are cannons, tanks and military vehicles: “Here you will not find the usual stories for Disneyland. Russian children here will not see Mickey and Minnie, but instead they will see Vladimir Putin’s face. Instead of riding on a “roller coaster” you can ride on heavy military equipment or pick up a grenade launcher ... ”

According to the correspondent of the Italian magazine, Russian children “apparently can use the ability to drive a tank and shoot real weapons in everyday life.”

So what? While you are there in Europe, you are busy with your Mickey, sex shops and tolerance, Russian children will learn about grenade launchers. And later, they will roll over the bones of European gays "on heavy military equipment."

This is a joke, of course. "Military Review" peaceful Italians never hurt. You fantasize about our kids with grenade launchers and the “children's park”, we are about a free tour of tanks in Europe, that's all.

Comments from our readers:

Well, there is nothing to compare him with. They have nothing like that.
These are RUSSIAN children, they can fit a lot more in life.
In general, what he wrote, even stupid not to call it, is an UNFINISHABLE FALL.

Grow and take their children to Disneyland Paris ... on "Armatah".

My boy recently went with his wife (I insisted on visiting them) to the museum of military equipment, real, of course. Delight was indescribable! Will come - I will look at the photo report! And in the West, they have the eternal Disneyland in their heads ... And in Ukraine they imposed the same thing!
And I will answer the article like this ... No, gentlemen, we have all the present — military equipment, soul, and so on. Children are our future! That is why you are so angry with us!

The power of a good Russian word

The journalists of the American edition of “Politiсo” were preoccupied with the words of Vladimir Putin expressed in the course of communication with the press in December last year. Recall, then the president of Russia, commenting on the euphoria of the United States over the collapse of the USSR, said that in Washington there are voices of those who consider unfair the belonging of the wealth of Siberia exclusively to Russia. AND added: “Is it possible to get Texas from Mexico?”

Not last six months, as in “Politico” they remembered Putin’s words and decided: the Kremlin owner was going to ... support the Texas separatists!

It is not enough for him, they say, of Siberia, so he also decided to join Texas to Russia. So, probably, argue other Western "analysts".

However, in Texas there is even “Putin’s creature”. This man seems to be afraid of other lines chanting odes to Washington.

Politico refers to the name of Nathan Smith, the "Texas Foreign Minister." In particular, Comrade Smith states: “The residents of Texas consider themselves primarily Texans, but at the same time are forced to remain Americans. There is no democracy in the USA, but a dictatorship. ”

What is the connection with Putin?

It turns out that Comrade Smith recently visited ... St. Petersburg.

Well, now it’s enough for him to visit the editorial office of Politico. Without a revolver, but with only one kind word. True, this word must be said in Russian.

Comments from our readers:

Lavrov has already baked pies, kulebyak and juicy with cottage cheese.

Give thp! Support the people of Texas in the struggle for independence!

In Hawaii, the people also suffered under the yoke of the American imperialists. And the climate is good there.

And how to wait for the landing of polite green men in Haiti! Hopefully, the Haitian sky is being watched in the sky ... The fragrant fog is dispersed by the hands ...

No-no, fragrant fog in Jamaica is dispersed. But they also look with hope ... in the hot sky.

The US Army will contain Europe

A thousand units are not a collection of B. Obama’s school notes. And not the number of mushrooms collected in the Dutch forests by the employees of the strategic departments of NATO. And not even the number of fence boards with which the White House is fenced around the perimeter. The thousand indicated in the title is the number of units of various military equipment that Washington intends to place in the countries of Eastern Europe. The US Secretary of Defense, who suddenly appeared in Tallinn, said that armored vehicles, including 250 tanks, would be deployed in seven European countries. Experts believe that Washington is putting serious pressure on the states of Europe: military equipment is placed almost on a compulsory basis.

Just a year and a half, we add, it took the United States to re-start the cold war and almost bring it to the “hot” stage. And not only the militantness of the US military, forcing the countries of Europe "gladly" to host the military equipment of the "ally", suggests the idea of ​​a new protracted political confrontation between the West and Russia. The decision to extend anti-Russian sanctions from 23 in June 2015 of the year to 31 in January of 2016 of the year, adopted at the EU Council without any discussion scheduled earlier, also speaks about the long-lasting nature of the contradictions between Russia and the “hegemon” that dictates its will to Europe.

Well, Europe will have to get used to the idea of ​​keeping the military equipment of the Americans. Estonia has already flown into forty million euros, which will have to be spent “on developing the infrastructure necessary for the Allies to stay here” (these are the words of the Estonian Defense Minister in the note "Mixer at a meeting with the head of the Pentagon"). The queue for the other "brotherly countries."

Comments from our readers:

... Let the Balts, Poles, etc., acquire targets for themselves and hang them on themselves.

Serge Mikhas
The occupation is on the rise. Europe simply gave up weakly, and the states there can not be considered sovereign. And there is no difference between crazy Ukraine and Germany, or there Poland is not. All of them now - a single territory occupied by mattress.

And we all Stalin hai that missed the concentration of troops near the borders. Now another "friend" is gathering troops ... and also does not seem to be attacking, and there are more contracts possible.
And we cannot be the first to attack, as if we were the aggressors, although this weaponry is clearly directed against us.
I now wonder what the United States would do if we were to drive 1000 units to the Central American state. technology and rocket rockets?

Art news of the week

82-year-old writer V. Voinovich shared his futurological visions with journalist Katie Young from The Daily Beast. The conversation was in the city of New York.

According to Mr. Voinovich, in today's Russia “the President and the Duma have come down to such a degree of idiocy that they constantly take not only senseless, but also harmful measures for Russia itself”. “I think,” said the writer, “that today's reactionary policy will end in complete failure and necessity of the new perestroika; there will be a “troubled time” that could well lead to the disintegration of Russia. ”

On the "unlimited love" of the Russian people to Putin and his 86-percent approval rating, the writer Voinovich said that "the love of the masses is not constant." In his opinion, the love for Putin will soon "burst like a soap bubble." Today, Russia is on the verge of an “uncertain situation,” Voinovich said. And either "everything will end in disaster, or (the best) people will come to power."

Voinovich did not specify who these people are and where they will come from.

With the forecast Voinovich extremely unlucky. As soon as he said something about a “bubble”, Putin’s rating jumped from 86% to 89%. And this number was a record indicator of the president’s popularity!

The activities of Vladimir Putin as president of the Russian Federation satisfied 89% of citizens reported Interfax in the "Levada Center" following the results of the June study. This indicator is an absolute record for all observation time: in April-May 2015, Putin’s activities at the presidential post were approved by 86% of Russians, in January - 85%, in June 2014 of the year - 86%, in June of 2013 of the year - 63%, in June 2012 - 64%.

Comments from our readers:

Pensioners completely stop thinking? Akhedzhakova, Voinovich, Makarevich ... The best people will come to power. The best are who? List in the studio! And we will appreciate.

Voinovich from those to whom any power is bad! When the Union, he was unhappy, and now he is not so! Or maybe the point is not in the government and not in Putin, but in the writer himself? By the way, and the writer, he is not so hot.

Voinovich was quite sane somewhere to the middle of the 60's, then he suffered it. His early prose is very good. "Chonkin" turned his head. Having gone over the hill, to Germany, he worked for Radio Liberty, which says a lot. Well, read his terrible story about how his KGB killed + the story of the struggle for an apartment, much will become clear about the man himself. Abroad, nothing good has been created, “Moscow-2042” is not a dystopia, but a satire. The same “Chonkin” wrote 30 for years, in the end it turned out the UG - something like a slightly developed plan with a couple of sentences for each item.

Damn, well, they envy Putin. Everyone is jealous. Neither a writer, nor an actor, nor any other such thing, so the president, the governor of the country, and what glory! .. They can see clearly that they will be said about them that they lived in the Putin era (not Voinovich, etc., and Putin). Or maybe they are all secretly in love with him? Well, then save the god of our president from such love. This is the love of the mad, we must stay away from her.

Late to drink Borjomi

A military analyst and a lieutenant colonel of the US Army Bill Cowan visited Fox News. According to him, Russia perfectly sees the lack of a unified point of view on a number of issues in the US and the EU, and sees the economic problems of the West, and therefore Washington simply "will not pull the military confrontation with Russia in the current conditions."

Cowen also said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a “bad guy,” but it’s too late for this “bad guy” to try and fight back. The American military expert is confident that the United States could still oppose Russia before the annexation of the Crimea, but now Washington “has no opportunity to show its character.”

Cowan's words are tantamount to admitting that Washington cannot do anything with Russia. Actually, the West cannot do anything at all: “the lack of a single point of view”, ““ will not pull the military confrontation ”,“ “there are no opportunities” ... What kind of character ?! It remains only to be teased - to call Putin the “bad guy”!

Comments from our readers:

In general, I am surprised that the arguments of a lieutenant colonel deserve any attention.
Majors, captains, lieutenants lined up in a queue ... and the old Negro Joe’s barracks cleaner closes the convoy with a mop.

There is no such position as a “bad guy”, as, by the way, a “good” one. There is a President of the Great Country, and the GDP with the post copes well!

For a normal person, the very idea of ​​war is really terrible, so we see thousands of young men who have rejected the call in Ukraine and the Baltic states, in Lithuania, the effectiveness of a sudden returning general call was only 8% ... Nobody wants to wear a kersey and devote the best years to the war not for their interests ... Whatever battle gophers and meerkats of Europe and the United States portrayed, the genetic memory in the glasses plays ... The lieutenant colonel simply voiced the mood in the society ...

* “Apolitically argue, I swear, honest word” - a phrase from the movie “The Caucasian Captive, or the New Adventures of Shurik”
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  1. boa constrictor
    boa constrictor 28 June 2015 06: 48
    Review of the week comment ..... not - not hots !! And so it is clear - with this, everything is fine !! laughing good.... many thanks + !!
    1. SHILO
      SHILO 28 June 2015 08: 08
      Unknown attacker downgraded and deprived of a quarterly bonus. Mount - and just a broken arm and a concussion What is it, lack of professionalism or slovenliness?
      Laughing ... !!!
    2. Kos_kalinki9
      Kos_kalinki9 28 June 2015 08: 28
      Sorry, maybe I’m wedging myself out of business. Let's remember.
      Primakov E.M. everlasting memory.
      IMHO, he was a good man and did a lot for the country.
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 28 June 2015 09: 05
        Also out of topic: the man who survived in captivity in the "Tornado" battalion:
        1. SRC P-15
          SRC P-15 28 June 2015 09: 29
          Russian children here will not see Mickey and Minnie, but instead will see the face of Vladimir Putin. Instead of riding a roller coaster, they can ride on heavy military equipment or pick up a grenade launcher ... "

          Better to be with a grenade launcher in your hands as a child than a "partner" with a dick in the ass in a homosexual family.
        2. Suhow
          Suhow 28 June 2015 21: 44
          Shary, as always, to the point. I didn’t think that brainwashing works like that, I argue on such issues more than once and not only with my relatives, but I don’t know. And then my own sister!? some kind of caput.
        3. German Titov
          German Titov 29 June 2015 04: 52
          Brother! Thank you for the video. "Abelmas" and so "worthy" CHMUDAK, like everything from "Tornado". I haven’t seen it before, I’ll take it "to the point" How are the "dumki" about captivity? Who is going to take you prisoner? RGD to oppu, check to teeth. "Salamchik" Tornado. Separate "Salamchik" Abelmas.
      2. Babr
        Babr 28 June 2015 12: 47
        -23 qualifying.
        Quote: Kos_kalinki9
        Sorry, maybe I’m wedging myself out of business. Let's remember.
        Primakov E.M. everlasting memory.
        IMHO, he was a good man and did a lot for the country.

        Yes, I read praised obituaries .... and what support
        Only a Russian person can praise those who robbed him and continue to rob him.
        How brainwashed. Write a blank sheet what you want.
        1. Babr
          Babr 28 June 2015 16: 19
          For future minus one minus
          Read what smart people write.

          On January 13, 2015, E. Primakov, president of the Mercury Club, spoke at a meeting of his brainchild, where, in particular, he said:

          According to President Putin, according to the worst-case scenario, Russia's exit from the difficult economic zone will occur within no more than two years. But this time must be filled with our activity, primarily for the diversification of the economy. In other words, a turn from its raw material orientation to the development of the manufacturing high-tech industry. And what does this mean in our reality? Even if for the most part we understand that we need to do something, but what exactly?

          1. A significant part of the income from commodity exports should be directed to the development of the Russian economy as a whole, naturally, not forgetting about the social and other needs of the country.
          2. The main problem is that financial consolidation serves economic growth, and as practice shows, this does not happen, since lending to the real sector of the economy is not provided.
          3. One of the main components of the transition to diversification of the Russian economy is effective economic decentralization. In practice, we have clearly moved away and continue to depart from the 1998 Budget Code, which determined the division of the federal budget between the center and the constituent entities of the Federation of 50 to 50 percent.
          4. The thought out line of the socio-economic development of the Crimean Federal District will be of increasing importance. Half of the funds from 654 billion rubles that are allocated from the federal budget until 2020 will have to be spent on the construction of road infrastructure connecting the Crimea through the Kerch Strait with the rest of Russia.
          5. Life puts forward demands to change the position of local government. There are more than 22 thousand municipalities in Russia, the local authorities in which are practically incapable. To all this we can add the ongoing conflicts in 2014 between the heads of the constituent entities of the Federation and the mayors of large cities - centers of such regions.

          Here is a breakdown of his message.
          1. 3axap82
            3axap82 28 June 2015 21: 23
            "The special envoy of the destroyer of the USSR M.S. Gorbachev, E.M. Primakov became a Knight of the Order of Malta for a reason." S.K. Shoigu is also a Knight of the Order of Malta. :)
            1. boris-1230
              boris-1230 29 June 2015 20: 33
              S.K. Shoigu is also a gentleman of the Order of Malta.

              And also Lenin, Stalin and others? This reminds of the situation from the anecdote, "when Omon's platoon destroyed the hemp field, then declared itself a division, and flew away to pacify Alpha Centauri" ... Before dumping your fabrications on the members of the forum - think! We have a free country and there are many places to send and be sent! negative stop fool
              1. 3axap82
                3axap82 30 June 2015 02: 54
                At least you are interested in what happened and is happening in the world.
          2. Angry orc
            Angry orc 29 June 2015 17: 44
            All five points are quite logical and necessary, and everyone can decrypt them in his own way, Primakov simply identified the problem areas, and their solution is not in his competence
        2. 3axap82
          3axap82 28 June 2015 21: 20
          Gorby approved, Yeltsin confirmed that Primakov was a good specialist. No more advertising is required.
          1. cherkas.oe
            cherkas.oe 28 June 2015 23: 52
            Sacher, good to be evil, late, he died. And if you put on a rocket on horseback and run, you still will not get higher.
            1. andrew42
              andrew42 29 June 2015 09: 15
              Well, yes, and also Chernomyrdin is a "strong business executive", Yegor Gaidar is a "genius of the market economy", Anatoly Chubais is a "genius manager", and Borya Eltsin is "the first !!!! President of Russia." These are the D-Artanyans, only the country after them is in jope. Personally, I do not have a single drop of confidence in the persons involved in the Yeltsin era, and I can't even sing praises.
            2. 3axap82
              3axap82 29 June 2015 18: 57
              I have not lost anything from the fact that my avatar served as a catalyst for your erotic fantasies. :-)
        3. Yars
          Yars 30 June 2015 22: 43
          who specifically robbed and how ?? Speak specifically and with evidence and not just empty words to the wind!
      3. go21zd45few
        go21zd45few 30 June 2015 10: 55
        Yes, Russia has lost a great man who was sick in heart and soul for the prosperity of Russia and its people. Evgeny Maksimovich was and is an example of how to love and be considerate
        to Russia and its people. Hold on to Evgeny Maksimovich’s chairman of the government for 7 years, imagine where the Russian economy would be. You, Yevgeny Maksimovich, will forever remain in the memory of the people as a great statesman and a great man.
    3. Observer2014
      Observer2014 28 June 2015 10: 09
      Wow and a week stood out! Survived the flood in Kudepsta. The river rose almost instantly. A straight wave rushed through the microdistrict! When you look about a tsunami or a flood somewhere, it looks completely different. Respect guys and respect to guys !!! Ladies and gentlemen, we have the best Ministry of Emergency Situations. But I’ll just keep silent those responsible for civil defense (civil defense). But the flood in the mountains is already dry an hour later. It took three days to restore everything. So welcome to us in Sochi.
      The great man, the diplomat, the man of the era has died! Primakov Evgeni Maksimovich, eternal memory to you and the earth in peace.
      "Russian children scared the Italian" And to teach children almost from the cradle of sodomy, of course it would be right. So be afraid of macaroni and hedgehog with him. We will bring up our children as we want.
      Well, what about the U.S. Army lieutenant colonel Bill Cowan. So to listen to these deer is so much like the head of a bloody tyrant here. One Michael G. and EBN were well done. Yes they all go ...........!
      Well, and so we are waiting for the next week.
    4. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 28 June 2015 13: 48
      Request for help! For a complex surgical operation on the face and subsequent rehabilitation (removal of traces of many sutures), I, Alexander Romanov, need money. Laser scar removal and procedures alone will cost about sixty thousand rubles. General treatment is expensive, therefore, I appeal to all concerned comrades from the Military Review. Operations will be carried out in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Khabarovsk. Help, if possible.
      Sberbank card 4276 7000 1527 1699
      Yandex 410013268540198

      Really, I confirm !!!
      1. Babr
        Babr 28 June 2015 14: 45
        Some misunderstandings.
        I didn’t receive it myself, but this message was sent to me
        Let's wait for Romanov and ask him.
        1. major071
          major071 28 June 2015 15: 08
          Romanov in the hospital for 21 days. The day before yesterday I talked with him on Skype. Help really needed
          1. Ruslan67
            Ruslan67 28 June 2015 16: 22
            Quote: major071
            Romanov in the hospital for 21 days. The day before yesterday I talked with him on Skype.

            Similarly! I spoke with him on Skype on Friday afternoon. Everything is serious.
      2. Observer2014
        Observer2014 28 June 2015 15: 52
        I just read it now, I’ll study and help the patience of about 10 minutes.
        1. Babr
          Babr 28 June 2015 16: 29
          Quote: Observer2014
          I just read it now, I’ll study and help the patience of about 10 minutes.

          I understood but only tomorrow
      3. Ruslan67
        Ruslan67 28 June 2015 20: 43
        Quote: Nikoha.2010
        Really, I confirm !!!

        I talked with Sasha on the phone. Condition is satisfactory. Transmits to everyone who responded to a request for help. THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! soldier hi
      4. Nikoha.2010
        Nikoha.2010 28 June 2015 21: 39
        I asked you to convey (by phone) to you all THANKS! From myself I will add a low bow to you forum users! hi
      5. The comment was deleted.
      6. German Titov
        German Titov 29 June 2015 05: 10
        I would send. I am p.t. "Solnechny" was built in due time. We, in the DPR, have strained with translations. How to transfer through other channels?
    5. ancient
      ancient 28 June 2015 15: 01
      Quote: boa constrictor
      Review of the week comment ..... not - not hots !! And so it is clear - with this, everything is fine !!

      Review, of course, as always at 5 s +! drinks

      But the section "The puberty period has tightened up" raises "big" doubts recourse

      Yesterday, dear Doctor Livski ... posted this news ... at first I did not pay attention, then I thought, maybe the "urya-patriots" are right and this is another stuffing, so that ... well, and so on, and then ... there it is how ... in short, here is a direct link (with a video about Miller's press conference), read and ... think request
      Explanations in the article. Some kind of "far-fetched" .. this is putting it mildly, this is my opinion.
      In short -
      There is some text drinks
      1. Nikoha.2010
        Nikoha.2010 28 June 2015 19: 59
        Quote: ancient
        Explanations in the article. Some kind of "far-fetched" .. this is putting it mildly, this is my opinion

        Alexander, normal opinion!
        1. ancient
          ancient 28 June 2015 20: 47
          Quote: Nikoha.2010
          Alexander, normal opinion!

          But somehow this does not fit .. "normal opinion". I explain why ... a few days ago there were articles, well, as always in style " fellow "... about ... that Merkel is" ripe "and there will be a second line of the Nord Stream, and Tsipras, almost all of it to Italy is already manually all over Greece request the pipes are pulled, that is, "hkropy" .. hove "a white fluffy animal came and then .. BATS .. such a BREAK .. everything will be TRANSIT and I think so and DISCOUNT, once .. everything is under control and" manual control " .... so I think ... why?
    6. Nikoha.2010
      Nikoha.2010 28 June 2015 17: 27
      Quote: boa constrictor
      Review of the week comment ..... not - not hots !!

      A person can very quickly get tired of doing business that is not interesting to him. Sanya, do something interesting ...
  2. Don Cesar
    Don Cesar 28 June 2015 06: 56
    all to the point! Thanks to the authors for their work.
  3. fomkin
    fomkin 28 June 2015 07: 03
    -20 qualifying.
    To the question of 89%.
    1. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 28 June 2015 07: 25

      Then why is America still alive?
    2. GRAY
      GRAY 28 June 2015 07: 32
      Quote: fomkin
      To the question of 89%.

      Do Catholics really want to destroy the Pope? laughing
    3. Teonanacatl
      Teonanacatl 28 June 2015 09: 10
      To the question of

      About madmen please specify.
      Who are they, where do they live, what religion ...
      Or is it just a slogan on a red background?
    4. Alexey Lobanov
      Alexey Lobanov 28 June 2015 09: 34
      Quote: fomkin
      To the question of 89%.

      God, what kind of nonsense ?! Do you already say "comedy (R)" statuses?
    5. JIaIIoTb
      JIaIIoTb 28 June 2015 10: 29
      On the slippery slope stood. Call almost the entire population of Russia crazy. Then who are you?
    6. bocsman
      bocsman 28 June 2015 11: 23
      Wise men got the (supposedly) clever phrases from the text! Giving out banality for genius!
    7. The comment was deleted.
    8. cucun
      cucun 28 June 2015 11: 53
      In the vast open spaces of books, you can "pull" a lot of all sorts of stupidity and banality, especially if pulled out of context.
    9. Victor-M
      Victor-M 28 June 2015 14: 02
      Rather, it refers to the United States, of which the weak-willed and crazy Europeans created the Messiah for themselves. laughing
      1. skifd
        skifd 28 June 2015 14: 42
        Quote: Victor-M
        Rather, it refers to the United States, of which the weak-willed and crazy Europeans created the Messiah for themselves.

        good good good

        And from Putin, God is trying to create the West with the Ruin to us. Otherwise, they would not have been so much remembered in vain ( laughing ) But he is only the president. And as far as he suits us, just these percentages show. By the way, I'm afraid to render
        wrong, but God doesn’t suit anyone ??? !! repeat
    10. Colonel
      Colonel 28 June 2015 15: 21
      Quote: fomkin
      To the question of 89%

      Mr. Fomkin, who are you to enlist us as madmen? I looked at your profile and was somewhat surprised. Explain how, having only 42 comments and not a single article, get marshal epaulets on the site ??? And what does 23 sheets of deleted comments mean (in your profile) Provocateur ???
  4. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 28 June 2015 07: 08
    Why comment here, all these news were commented hundreds of times during the week, the guys simply combined in one article all the most relevant news and thanks for their work!
  5. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 28 June 2015 07: 10
    As always, not in the eyebrow, but in the eye. From a huge amount of materials we chose the most interesting and important. Respect to the authors.
  6. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 28 June 2015 07: 21
    Cowan's words are tantamount to recognizing that Washington can’t do anything with Russia
    Now, if that would have been recognized in Washington, and not just the Cowen, who you have seen clearly.
    1. Haraz
      Haraz 28 June 2015 12: 15
      In port business
      "President Poroshenko's statements that he is going to develop port infrastructure" - this must be understood according to George Orwell's Newspeak 1984. In Ukraine, there are two bastards from Slovakia as advisers on ecomomia and privatization. Gypsy Mikulas Dzurinda (former Prime Minister) and Bilderberg visitor Ivan Miklos (former Minister of Finance). This Newspeak says that the development will be such that we will present the port and the new owner will develop it (or not, all the same). This is how the bastards did it in Slovakia. For example, Khodorkovsky was presented with Transpetrol, US Steel, a steel plant, Enel power plants, and so on.
      According to the results of the week.
      European Parliament Deputy Richard Sulik from Slovakia was in German TV - state ZDF. I will translate several ideas, No comments.
      5:34 unfamiliar German Guerot: For 20 years we will not talk about Slovozh, Greek, Italian. There will be only citizens of Auroland
      5:44 Richard Sulik: Who will pay the debts? (this is about Greece)
      8:20 Richard Sulik: Debts are growing in all countries. Who will pay the debts? Are you sweet frau?
      8:30 the same: I'm a historian. For 5.000 years, debts have been crossed out through wars and revolutions.
      Well yes. So there will be a war.
      1. kocclissi
        kocclissi 28 June 2015 14: 55
        Royal debts from Russia were badly written off ..... after the revolution and how many wars ?!
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. aszzz888
    aszzz888 28 June 2015 07: 29
    Mr. Anshakov with his OZPP

    From such freaks, people suffer.

    And he also gives GDP advice on how he should understand his antics !!!

    YES, for the most "I don't want" Anshakov should be covered under any sauce, because THESE do not understand anything.
    1. Banshee
      Banshee 28 June 2015 07: 51
      Why cover? The expression of popular opinion mount-very nothing. And even modern. And then we all nod to Alpenstocks ...
      1. Russian phoenix
        Russian phoenix 28 June 2015 08: 03
        Quote: Banshee
        The expression of popular opinion by the mount - very much nothing. And even modern. And then we all nod to the alpenstocks ...

        Yes, but the owner of the ice ax, at one time received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, but for mounting, there is a threat ...
        1. SHILO
          SHILO 28 June 2015 08: 15
          Krasava! Amazing photo! And in the subject!
          To the Authors - leave yanyka alone. He paid a terrible price. Baikal took his son - it was the price.
          1. Russian phoenix
            Russian phoenix 28 June 2015 08: 23
            Quote: SHILO
            To the Authors - leave yanyka alone. He paid a terrible price. Baikal took his son - it was the price.

            And he could (as the son of the Supreme Commander), perish on the fronts of New Russia, or perish (according to an unconfirmed version) in a Nazi camp ...

            Price, price ... Donbass pays the price ...
            1. SHILO
              SHILO 28 June 2015 08: 31
              Quote: Russian phoenix
              Price, price ... Donbass pays the price ...

              We were supposed to Sergei ... Fate!
              1. Kos_kalinki9
                Kos_kalinki9 28 June 2015 08: 48
                Yeah, the awkward attempt of Viktor Fedorovich came out. To whom I wanted to make excuses, to whom to explain ...?
      2. taram taramych
        taram taramych 28 June 2015 08: 44
        The montage, as it is more democratic, than the emasculated ice ax. wink
        1. Russian phoenix
          Russian phoenix 28 June 2015 09: 26
          Quote: Taram Taramych
          The montage, as it is more democratic, than the emasculated ice ax.

          Ice ax became the embodiment of the PUNISHING SYSTEM, and the mounting of what? Gesture of a loner?
          1. SHILO
            SHILO 28 June 2015 09: 46
            ICE-BAR has become the embodiment of the PUNISHING SYSTEM, and with what? Gesture of a loner?

            The punishing loner, identity. The symbol is my friend. There will be a dozen and history will change its course ... And they will be!
  8. starshina pv
    starshina pv 28 June 2015 07: 31
    THANK YOU! very informative!
  9. staryivoin
    staryivoin 28 June 2015 07: 34
    I will allow myself to designate what I read with the words of "not our" poet "songwriter"
    - Do not bend under a changing world,
    Let the world cave in better for us !!!
    Authors plus for the selection - analysis. All readers with Fisherman's Day !!!
  10. wanderer_032
    wanderer_032 28 June 2015 07: 39
    According to the correspondent of the Italian magazine, Russian children “apparently, the ability to drive a tank and shoot from real weapons may be useful in everyday life”

    Perhaps when they are young. After all, the threat from NATO really exists and it can be seen more clearly every day.
    Of course, for the "civilized" Europe and the USA (where parents buy AR-15 or M-4 carbines with the inscription "Hello Kitty" painted pink), it would be better if Russian children (who grow into adults over time) become drug addicts (and for this the "good" uncles and aunts from NATO did a very good job in Afghanistan, increasing the production of heroin by 4 times). Or drank themselves. So that they could not offer any resistance to those who are going to invade the country where they live.

    And while we are somehow aggressive. request Europeans of non-Russian children need to be afraid - a fact. yes
  11. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin 28 June 2015 07: 58
    The recent statements by President Poroshenko that he is going to "revive" the naval forces and develop port infrastructure in the Black and Azov Seas, experts "appreciated"
    That's for sure! The head must be where the head is and think, but @ na where @ @ na and not think, only feel. Then everything will fall into place. Sometimes it just kills that you are Uncle Petya? Or are you pretending? The "hat of Monomakh" is heavy and not a horse feed. And "people" hawala, honestly insulting.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  12. vfqjh
    vfqjh 28 June 2015 08: 04
    I regularly read this section, thanks to the author for his work! He sets out briefly, intelligibly, with humor. You just have fun and at the same time move the convolutions. Thank you very much again!
  13. Egoza
    Egoza 28 June 2015 08: 12
    All barking at Russia need to answer something like this ...
    cc4128 & wnd = 1 [/ img]
  14. Egoza
    Egoza 28 June 2015 08: 21
    A trifle, but nice ...
    Teachers took a portrait of Poroshenko from the board of honor of the school where he studied
    In the city of Bender in Transnistria, at the local school of wrestling, which Petro Poroshenko graduated from, took off from the board of honor a portrait of the president of Ukraine ....

    “We took the photo after the Maidan and his presidency. The coaching council met and asked the question: Can our school be proud of Poroshenko because of his aggressive policy? And everyone voted to take the photo. to be proud ”, - explains the school director Iosif Abramovich Geris.
    A stand about President Putin was hung in a separate corner: “President of Russia V.V. Putin was fighting in Bender! ”According to legend, Vladimir Putin was here 44 a year ago with a group of judokas from Leningrad. There is no exact data on this, but the legend does not need accuracy.
    Joseph Abramovich, like most of the residents of Transnistria, of the two presidents firmly chose Russian.
    The journalist was nearly pushed out of his native school. “We have no teachers left who remember him. There is no archive of those years either. Everything burned out during the war. Our school was at the epicenter of the fighting in the 1992 year, ”the director Lyudmila Alekseevna reprimanded strictly and sent to the city department of public education for permission to visit her school. Lyudmila Alekseevna proudly announced that she has long been Russian citizenship, because Russia is her homeland, and she doesn’t even want to hear about Poroshenko, let alone be proud of him. “We have a completely different opinion about him. By chance, he became president, I would say so, ”the director threw as she cut off.

    The director of the Ukrainian gymnasium, Valentina Vladimirovna, is cordially greeted, but also wary, and reports from the threshold that starting from 1 of September 2014 of the year, “the decision of the pedagogical staff in the gymnasium has taboo three topics: religion, disease and politics.”

    Petro Poroshenko presented the gymnasium with a computer class, as indicated by the tablet in front of the office and a beautiful diploma. Three years later, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Boris Tarasyuk brought a minibus from Poroshenko. For several years, a bus with the inscription “From the Petro Poroshenko Charitable Foundation” transported children to Bender. By the time of the victory of the Maidan and the election of Poroshenko as president of Ukraine, the inscription itself peeled off. At least that's what they say in school.

    1. alone
      alone 28 June 2015 10: 19
      Quote: Egoza
      Teachers took a portrait of Poroshenko from the board of honor of the school where he studied

      laughing You know, this became so bad for billionaire Poroshenko that he cannot sleep for 5 days already))))

      Like adults. Well, let's take a photo from the board of honor. Does this change something?
      1. Egoza
        Egoza 28 June 2015 11: 06
        Quote: lonely
        Well, let's take a photo from the board of honor. Does that change something?

        Changes! This is the education of youth! And they will be brought up on the example of contempt for the "creature", even if it became president.
        1. alone
          alone 28 June 2015 12: 40
          It doesn’t change anything. Look at what is happening in schools with today's youth. 90% of today's youth’s best friend is cigarettes, alcohol and other activities that are inappropriate for schoolchildren. They wanted to spit on the blackboard
      2. Alexander_
        Alexander_ 28 June 2015 14: 10
        Does it change anything? - Of course, it’s a shame :(
    2. Ascetic
      Ascetic 28 June 2015 12: 46
      Quote: Egoza
      A trifle, but nice ...

      In Odessa, the Georgian leading "comrades" came up with the idea that they decided to take away the rods from the traffic police in the framework of the fight against corruption.

      Humorous folk these ukrogruziny ... for a long time did not laugh

      The ban on the use of wands by traffic police from Odessa has already created many comical situations on the road, made confusion in the relationship between drivers and law enforcement officers, significantly complicating the work for the latter. Recall that the new chief of the Odessa Department of Internal Affairs Georgy Lortkipanidze forbade the use of rods to local traffic cops.
      This is one of his first initiatives with a new position.
      The innovation is in effect for a little less than a week, and it has already spawned many comical situations on the road - traffic policemen are trying to stop drivers by waving their hands, many of them, not understanding the point, wave the law enforcement officers in response, writes the Auto Center.
      “I drove up to Odessa from Ilyichevsk. The speed was decent - in a hurry. When the traffic police crew noticed on the sidelines, he did not have time to slow down. Well, I think I got it! Mentally imagined that they were about to slow down, I’ll lose a lot of time for explanations ... Suddenly I see one of the traffic cops standing closer to the road waving at me. I waved back and drove on.
      I didn’t understand anything why the traffic cops started to greet the drivers on the road.
      Later, my driving friends explained to me that in this way he was trying to stop me, and this is an innovation from the new head of the regional police. ”
      - says the local driver Vadim Vorobyov.

      In Odessa, traffic cops and drivers wave their hands to each other
  15. k174oun7
    k174oun7 28 June 2015 08: 23
    In connection with the adoption by Americans of the law on same-sex marriage, overseas people will now develop another hysteria around the world with a call to follow them. Those who do not like gays will be included in rogue lists.
  16. gelezo47
    gelezo47 28 June 2015 09: 02
    Thanks for the interesting review of the week! ... hi
  17. atamankko
    atamankko 28 June 2015 09: 08
    The authors of the article are great
    Thank you, the selection is successful.
  18. Egoza
    Egoza 28 June 2015 09: 25
    A thick hint of subtle circumstances: Take Bandera to Ukraine

    The alarm on the grave of the main Ukrainian hero Stepan Bandera did not work again. Apparently, the stingy relatives of the leader of the OUN spared money for a decent guard, although they promised to "protect" the patriot from unwanted "visits."

    As a result, the grave of Bandera is desecrated for the fourth time in the last two months. It is interesting that the ambassador of Ukraine to Germany to the last denied the fact of vandalism. It is understandable: he did not save the national shrine, although he personally had to be on duty near the crypt of the Hero of Ukraine.

    The journalist Dmitry Likhoviy declassified the incident on his Facebook page. “Another act of vandalism at the grave of Stepan Bandera in Munich. Above on the cross is the date of the bloody day of the Volyn massacre, below is the inscription “Polish Lions” to make us think that the Poles painted the grave. But the “banner of victory," the journalist reports.

    Indeed, the modest tombstone of Bandera was "hanged" with a red banner with Soviet symbols. Obviously, the "provocateurs" cynically mocked the patriots by preparing an entertaining charade for them: on the one hand the "hand of Warsaw" and on the other "the hand of Moscow" are visible. On the third - the German government is inactive, and the Munich police are not knocked down in search of vandals, which means the EU has also leaked. In general, it's time to transport the hero's ashes to a safer place. Patriots demand that the OUN mantle be reburied in their native Ukrainian land, but it’s far from the fact that he will be calmer there.
    1. bocsman
      bocsman 28 June 2015 11: 30
      I know how to protect the ashes of Styopa gray from vandals! Burn what's left and lower it down the drain! Let them then look for a burial place!
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. Ascetic
      Ascetic 28 June 2015 13: 02
      Quote: Egoza
      A thick hint of subtle circumstances: Take Bandera to Ukraine

      And Poroshenko said that Ukraine will gradually enter the "circle of successful countries"

      President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the occasion of the celebration of the 19th anniversary of the Ukrainian constitution said that the reform of the fundamental law is an objective necessity and will be able to guarantee the full integration of the country into Europe, to the "circle of successful countries of the world",

      Poroshenko: Constitutional reform will introduce Ukraine into the "circle of successful countries" RIA Novosti Ukraine:

      At this pace, Ukraine will not just enter, but will will pour in a circle of successful countries with a drain tank speed
  19. papa-billy
    papa-billy 28 June 2015 09: 27
    Good selection, briefly and to the point.
  20. MIKHAN
    MIKHAN 28 June 2015 09: 49
    I look at the cartoons with the topwar logo .. Excellent and the theme! good Alexey, Oleg, as always the highest class! I remember from childhood, my parents (and the majority in the country) were reading periodicals (newspapers, magazines, etc.) in batches, they all read everything, and I too, but the magazine was my favorite Crocodile! Cartoons, humoresques and political and about life .. We will forever remain in my memory! Now we write out a little (a little expensive and not particularly on infa) .. But I still read voraciously, or look at the Internet (my eyesight has fallen a lot and yet ..) Maybe someday the site "VO" and in print we will see (yes it is expensive and yet ...) Good luck to everyone and all the best .. And most importantly, a peaceful sky! hi
  21. Egoza
    Egoza 28 June 2015 10: 19
    "The sea worries once, the sea worries two ..."
    Stepan Poltorak, head of the Ukrainian defense department, said that the seventh wave of mobilization in the country would depend on the current situation.

    Poltorak also announced a meeting in Uzhgorod, scheduled for June 28, during which issues related to mobilization in Ukraine will be considered.

    The sixth wave of mobilization started in Ukraine on 19 in June; it is expected that it will affect about 50 thousand people.

    The ninth shaft will be the last for the existence of Ukraine !!!!
  22. Crimea-nyash
    Crimea-nyash 28 June 2015 10: 31
    as Yanukovych was a fool, he remained so ... why he did not demand his full publication without abbreviations before the interview, and now a good half-nonsense from the BBC has come out ..
  23. eternalmotor
    eternalmotor 28 June 2015 12: 20
    Texas needs to be annexed to New Russia. They (Texans) even have an identical flag. In short, God himself commanded ...
  24. fktrcfylhn61
    fktrcfylhn61 28 June 2015 12: 35
    The American army will be supported by Europe.

    Well, yes, if politicians have no brains, this is first. And there are no funds because the wallet is common, this is secondly. It only remains as in a saying, to feed someone else's army! This is so democratic!
  25. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 28 June 2015 13: 09
    It will be quite hard to live in the world if there is no humor at all. You’ll talk on the site (on this site) with the people, read opinions and it’s easy because you are not at all alone in your opinion, and there are many of us and a lot of healthy humor! Yes, and serious material is enough and a lot of serious analytics. And it pleases! A lot of interesting things, and some things never even crossed my mind before ... and you even catch yourself on that. Last year, this site has become for me a source of information and, as it were, a kind of club even. We will be alive, we will be here!
  26. Starik72
    Starik72 28 June 2015 15: 06
    I read the review. I will not comment on topics, they have already been commented on enough. THANKS TO THE AUTHORS for an excellent weekly review !!! As always, everything is capacious and accurately laid out on the shelves and most importantly with excellent humor !!! Thank you very much again !!! Regards, Old Man 72.
  27. Misha Honest
    Misha Honest 28 June 2015 15: 14
    We are spread rot almost everywhere (in the west) - but we are united! We are waiting for the 3rd world reptile and believe in ourselves and our people!)
  28. Egoza
    Egoza 28 June 2015 17: 27
    Stuck ....
    The Ukrainian police discovered a whole arsenal of weapons and ammunition in the country, which was illegally taken by the militant of the Aidar battalion in the city of Happiness (LPR).
    It is reported by the press service of the chairman of the "Lugansk OVGA" Gennady M.oskal.
    “Among the weapons, 66 grenade launchers of various systems, anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs), Fagot rockets, Utes rock machine guns, 55 grenades of various systems, a ground-based target observation station (mini-radar), several tens of thousands of rounds of various calibers, and other ammunition were found , as well as two trucks and two cars, ”the report said.
    “The seized weapons are not registered in the Aydar battalion, they are stolen or captured - the investigation is now investigating the origin,” M.oskal said. According to him, weapons were being prepared for shipment to Kiev.
    “I once again warn that these“ musi-pusi ”with some volunteer groups, which instead of defending the territorial integrity of the country, are engaged in crime, play politics and prepare weapons for Kiev, can end very tragically for the whole of Ukraine,” declared M.o.ska.l.
    Original news RT in Russian:
  29. Lavrenty Palych
    Lavrenty Palych 28 June 2015 17: 38
    If Yanukovych hadn’t defected, not Donetsk would have been bombed, but Lvov. And most likely they would have gone peacefully.
  30. Dagger583
    Dagger583 28 June 2015 18: 27
    Colleagues .. a bad word of course, but better not yet.
    I always write posts in the mood.
    Better than this Song, you can’t say the mood
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    BAIKAL03 28 June 2015 20: 53
    The final article over the past week really liked, the authors respect!
  32. samoletil18
    samoletil18 28 June 2015 21: 55
    Authors! From me, as always +. Well done!
  33. dimunder
    dimunder 28 June 2015 22: 51
    Quote: Dagger583
    Colleagues .. a bad word of course, but better not yet.
    I always write posts in the mood.
    Better than this Song, you can’t say the mood

    this song, but on the central TV channels !!!
  34. Victor-M
    Victor-M 29 June 2015 00: 33
    Quote: skifd
    And from Putin, God is trying to create the West with the Ruin to us.

    The West, and in particular the United States, are more likely to try to impose on us the image of the antichrist in the person of Putin, because they began to realize that God is indeed on the side of Russia, and this makes them uneasy.
  35. Stasweb
    Stasweb 29 June 2015 02: 05
    Something "bloody gebnya" does not work nifiga, is not it time to do business? Works piled up - no end!

    What are you talking about? Our uranium mines are idle without hands.
  36. Wolka
    Wolka 29 June 2015 05: 34
    yes, it was hard, it means the direction is chosen the right one, we go further, only forward ...
  37. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 29 June 2015 12: 32
    Misha Anshakov, after the publication of your opus about Crimea, said that he himself would have filled his face with this cock, but an unknown attacker would do a good deed, a low bow to you UNKNOWN OTHER, let every stinky, lousy political prostitute know that there are still honest people, who are ready to stand up for the FATHERLAND, if our government does not have enough intelligence to do it, what can you take from them - TWO LAWYERS.