Chronicle of battles in Libya

Chronicle of battles in LibyaAlarabia confirmed the information received earlier: the PNS commander in Sirte was captured (I don’t know how to call it). Also, more than 700 mercenaries were destroyed, which was already forced to confirm the BBC, more than 800 was wounded. Hospitals Misurata - overflowing. But there is information about much greater losses of mercenaries. We will wait for confirmations, but for now these will be enough.

It must be remembered that the fighting continues, and in a previous post this was emphasized. Fights go to the eastern part of the city. The fact is that the rats with fear climbed into the water tunnel of the city and thus try to avoid retaliation. Here they are from there and smoked. And this business takes time.


Mutassim Gaddafi spoke on the radio today and said that rumors of his capture were premature. And I said hello to everyone! :)


Today, Alarabia confirmed (and this is the first time I hear) that the squad of Sirt city snipers is more than 2000 snipers - women. In addition, there are more that, as I understand it, are being moved around the country, on the orders of the command.



According to the Libyan government representative, Dr. Ibrahim Moussa, the statement about the arrest of Mutassim Gaddafi is a pure lie and made by traitors - rebels and NATO. They took advantage of the absence and suspension of El Ray television. They also stepped up attacks on Sirte by all kinds weapons in order to terrorize the population so that no one will go out on October 14 in protest against them in other cities.


After yesterday Mahmoud Jibril recalled his loyal militants from Sirte, calling the death of 200 fighters for 1 a minute of victory on TV air senseless, deputy commander of the Tripoli Military Council, headed by Abdelhakim Belhadj, of Libyan Irishman Mahdi al-Harati (Mahdi-de-Hélíti-de-Beljadj, Mahdi Al-Harati, a Libyan-born Irishman (Mahdi å élíd de Beljadj) your post. The depletion of the reserve of imported PNS fighters and fierce resistance to attacks in Sirte are forcing NATO to increasingly use special operations units. Today, the SAS paratroopers 16 were captured and 44 killed during an operation in Sirte.

Dr. Christoph Lehmann

Libyan Transitional National Council is in chaos. In recent weeks, PNS has lost 90% of its members. Assassination attempts were also made on the PNS Chairman, Mahmoud Jibril, and the Commander of the Military Council of Tripoli, Abdelhakim Belhadj, who is also known as the leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group; Deputy Commander of the Tripoli Military Council Irishman of Libyan descent Mahdi al-Harati leaves his post. Al-Harati’s decision among Libyans is widely perceived as the evacuation of the notorious rat fleeing a sinking ship.

All this once again demonstrates that the official interpretation of the Libyan Revolution hides the obvious fact that the overwhelming majority of all Allied NATO fighters are recruited from al Qaeda, the Taliban, and various terrorist organizations and paramilitary gangs in the former republics of the Soviet Union on the border with Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and Russia.

Tripoli was shocked last night by heavy clashes between the Libyan army, the liberation movement and the PNS forces. A peaceful demonstration in Tripoli against the PNS and NATO was dispersed by a robbery attack by insurgents on the ground and Apache helicopters from the air, which indiscriminately shot at demonstrators. One man, waving a green flag on Green Square, was not lucky enough to escape fast enough, was caught and beaten to death by “democratic” mercenaries. After an initial attack on demonstrators, heavy clashes broke out in Hadbha, Arada, Abu Salim and other parts of Tripoli.

One of the latest attacks on Sirte led to the death of more than 200 and injuries more than 1000 of the PNS militants, as well as the recall of fighters loyal to Mahmoud Djibril from the attack on Sirte.

PNS forces are trying to regroup, calling on all fighters to join the New Libyan Army. All of this is a reflection of the fact that the PNS does not have a unified military leadership, since there is a serious struggle between Belhadj, Djibril and other factions within the PNS and the Military Council of Tripoli, and not least that NATO and the PNS are lacking reserves. .

Increasingly, there are reports of the presence in the territory of Libya of special forces of NATO, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Israel.

15 PNS militants were killed last night outside Bani Walid. They all had Israeli identity cards.

Both Russia and China protested against the brutal abuse of the UN Security Council resolution 1973 in the toughest terms. The rejection of any UN resolutions on Syria is one of the first obvious consequences of the realization by Russia and China of the fact that the NATO campaign in Libya is ultimately directed against these two states. Yesterday’s seizure of 16 by SAS fighters in Sirte was another indication of the complete disregard of the United States and NATO for UN principles, and another example of the complete disregard for signals from Russia and China that NATO had crossed all borders, diplomatic relations would inevitably suffer. It will be curious to see what the consequences for Russian-Israeli relations will be, the fact that the 15 soldiers killed under Bani Walid had Israeli identity cards with them.

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