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Holiday in the frontline city. Donetsk celebrated the Day of Slavic Literature and Culture


Despite the “Minsk truce”, the sluggish war unleashed against Donbass continues to take lives of people — as defenders of their land who stood up for it from weapons in the hands, and absolutely peaceful citizens. But even in these conditions, people want to live, have fun and celebrate holidays.

24 May Donetsk, despite all the pain of heavy losses, widely celebrated the Day of Slavic literature and culture. The main festivals took place on Pushkin Boulevard, which is very symbolic - the best place for such a day than the boulevard, named after the largest Slavic poet, is not to be invented.

In the afternoon there were mass folk festivals and entertainment for children, in which, however, the buffoons actively attracted adults.

“Each letter of our alphabet carries a tremendous meaning,” said the presenter, showing a sign with the letter “P”. Tell me, what does our city need now?

- Victory !, Holiday! - there were shouts from the crowd.

- Well, here is the letter "M" ...

- World! - Without thinking, both children and adults unanimously picked up.

There was a hitch with the letter "Y", but someone nevertheless exclaimed:

- Generosity!

The appearance of newlyweds, who were cheerfully congratulated on the creation of a new family, caused a special enthusiasm among all those present. If at this difficult time, people still "meet, fall in love, get married" - it means that the struggle for Novorossia is not in vain.

The Deputy Chairman of the People’s Council of the DPR Denis Pushilin, who came to congratulate the townspeople on the holiday, was also involved in the general fun. Joyful children immediately surrounded him, and the buffoons quickly put in a general round dance.

There were songs, people danced merrily. Nearby was a fair of handicrafts.

Toward evening, everyone moved a little further along the boulevard - to the building of the Donetsk Drama Theater, opposite which is an amphitheater and a monument to Pushkin. There was a gala concert. But first, a short solemn part was held, during which Denis Pushilin handed diplomas to the best students and their teachers.

Young poets - students of Donetsk Medical University - presented a collection of poems published by them. They read their works, mostly about their hometown.

One of the most famous young poetess in the Donbass, Anna Revyakina, performed. Here are the piercing lines of one of her poems:

The birds left the city, went to the front,
I wander along the borderline, squeeze an umbrella
and with unseeing eyes looking for your mark.
This city was abandoned by birds, leaving bread
dry out and mold on my palms in the spring.
I can not hear the songs, and the air smelled of war.

Right on the steps of the amphitheater, two groups of painters competed with each other - from the Art and Architectural Schools. Their task was in a short time to portray what they see as Slavic culture.

Then they showed the audience what they did. Some guys drew directly from life and depicted an amphitheater, stage and celebration.

Others are Slavic gods and heroes.

Creative groups from neighboring cities, Makeevka and Zugres, performed.

And when a folk group of remarkable women was singing from the stage, suddenly there was a rumble from afar - the fighting nevertheless reminded of itself. But no one ran away - these sounds have become familiar to the city, scorched by war. The ensemble finished the song, as if nothing had happened.

The most impressive moment of the concert was, perhaps, the hot and passionate Dance of Fire, performed by a young man and a girl. Spectators sitting on the steps of the amphitheater were asked to rise higher so as not to be scorched in the literal sense of the word.

When the time of celebrations expired, the guards asked to disperse - people need to have time to get home, and transport goes to 20 hours of the evening. The organizers (in the role of which the movements “Donetsk Republic” and “Young Republic” took the floor) asked for more time to properly round out. Security forces went to meet and allowed to sing a few more songs. Moreover, the people did not want to disperse ...

During the years of “Ukrainization”, they tried to deprive these people of their roots, to tear them away from true Slavic culture, to drive them into a common European “paradise”. But Donbass did not allow it to create with itself, and now its inhabitants are celebrating the Day of Slavic literature and culture in full accordance with their moral right, despite all the pain that has befallen them.

Get up, Donbass!
Let's chase the junta together!
Get up, Donbass!
You will become a new Brest!
Get up, Donbass!
Get up, my native land.
Get up, Donbass!
Mother Russia with you, -

floated over the wounded city sounds of the song born in the current battles.

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  1. domokl
    domokl 27 May 2015 05: 38
    This holiday is now much more important than all local victories in skirmishes with dill. The holiday, which by its existence tells Donbass, we live no matter what. Well done!
  2. SergeySeverny
    SergeySeverny 27 May 2015 07: 19
    Donbass lives, restores the destroyed, works, celebrates, well done!
  3. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack 27 May 2015 07: 20
    and the city lives! and People live! and remember that they are Slavs! Hold on Native!
  4. fomkin
    fomkin 27 May 2015 07: 53
    Well done for holding the tail with a pistol. Who is sincerely interested in the fate of Novorossiya - on the Internet TV channel "Krasnaya Liniya" yesterday "Point of View" was published with the participation of Oleg Tsarev.
  5. tundra
    tundra 27 May 2015 08: 41
    As recently as yesterday, a relative (the administrator of the boarding house) asked me to drive two 19-year-old girls to the bus station (they were running a late business) on the Donetsk bus.
    We talked along the way, I’m not sweet with them,
    They yes we are already used to.
    I’m glad there DUKES FULL.
    It was necessary to hear and see how they are in two voices at the same time. This is not with us WE are from Donetsk.
    I finally believed that from a dead donkey ears and not New Russia, a Ukrainian .. P.I. GET.
    There, and youth is not a finger made.
  6. Batia
    Batia 27 May 2015 09: 09
    I look at the holiday and I can’t believe that every day shells and mines are torn there. People’s faces are bright and there isn’t that blackness that is rushing from dill reports.
  7. Ansete
    Ansete 27 May 2015 10: 31
    The number of people attending this event speaks for itself.
  8. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 27 May 2015 11: 23
  9. Kalinvagen
    Kalinvagen 27 May 2015 16: 09
    Peaceful sky to Donbass!
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 27 May 2015 17: 41
      Donetsk and Lugansk regions must be accepted into Russia if they ask about it.
  10. Elena2013
    Elena2013 28 May 2015 00: 40
    And someone was not lucky at all ... crying

    PS How much will this genocide of the population be ignored? They provoke someone, but kill someone and KAMACHET! angry
  11. ProtectRusOrDie
    ProtectRusOrDie 28 May 2015 06: 31
    Together with everything else - in this celebration there is another very important point.
    It is Slavic writing and culture!

    I think the leadership of our country should introduce a similar holiday in Russia!
    It will help a lot with the national idea and education of youth. As well as with the perception of national identity!

    There are more than enough moments of our history and culture - which should be covered regularly and at the state level (there is not enough WWII)!

    Enter a holiday! After all, usually people just do not have time!