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Damascus: Moscow saved Syria from foreign intervention

Damascus: Moscow saved Syria from foreign intervention

Russia and the PRC delayed the start of a major war in the Middle East. Representatives of both powers exercised their right to veto when voting in the UN Security Council. The “Libyan scenario”, which has already launched the famous 1973 resolution, at least will not happen again.

The resolution was introduced to the UN Security Council by a number of European countries - France, Great Britain, Portugal, and Germany. The document strongly condemned the “serious and systematic violations of human rights” committed by the Syrian authorities. The authors of the “European” resolution demanded “an immediate end to” the violent actions and called on both parties to reject extremism and violence. It was proposed to start an open political process, free from violence and fear. Direct references to sanctions of the world community were removed from the final version of the document. But it reported on the readiness within a month to consider how Damascus will fulfill the requirements of this UN resolution and, if the Syrian government does not fulfill them, consider the issue of taking “targeted measures”.

In addition to the sponsor countries, five other states voted in support of the draft resolution on Syria - the United States, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Colombia, Gabon, Nigeria. Three BRICS member countries abstained - Brazil, India, South Africa and Lebanon. According to the UN rules, for the document to be adopted, 9 votes from 15 members of the UN Security Council are required, which was done. But provided that none of the permanent members of the Security Council (5 of all states there) will use their veto power. This time, two powers took advantage of this right - the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China.

According to the representative of Russia at the UN, Vitaly Churkin, the “European” resolution was built on the “philosophy of confrontation”, reflected only the one-sided accusatory bias towards the Syrian authorities, and contained an ultimatum threat of sanctions. According to the Russian diplomat, the document did not take into account the proposals of Russia on the wording on the inadmissibility of military intervention from outside. Russia pointed to the need to avoid repeating the “Libyan scenario” in Syria. The situation in the Syrian state can not be considered in the UN Security Council in isolation from the Libyan experience, - said Vitaly Churkin at the last meeting of the Council.

It has been openly declared about “armed gangs”, who are armed with smuggling weapons, sabotage equipment. These gangsters "seize settlements, kill and repair atrocities against law enforcement officers and civilians, smash and burn state institutions," a Russian diplomat said. Therefore, Russia sees the optimal way out of the crisis in that the world community refuses to provoke a confrontation, uniting all the responsible members of the UN to establish the internal Syrian political process. “There is no alternative to dialogue, nor can there be,” Churkin stressed. If the Syrian opposition believes that the system is not perfect, then we must respond to the proposals of the authorities, start a discussion to promote their ideas.

Churkin said that Russia and China had offered their own version of the resolution to the UN Security Council, but it seemed to Western countries “not tough enough.” On the basis of the Russian-Chinese document one could create a truly “collective constructive position” of the world community. And the West is still engaged in "legitimizing unilateral sanctions already adopted and attempts at forceful change of regimes," the Russian diplomat said.

According to Churkin, we see the development of the strategy that has already been used in countries such as Côte d'Ivoire and Libya. Its essence is that Western leaders proclaim the legitimate leader of the country to be illegitimate, and his rivals as the “sole legal representatives.” According to Russia, the legal representatives of the country should be determined not in the West, the people should do it.

The reaction of the West

The position of Russia and China, which thwarted the current attempt to arrange a war in the Syrian state, caused a harsh, almost hysterical reaction of Western politicians. Fell charges of supporting "dictatorial regimes."

Susan Rice, the United States Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said that the Syrian people, who were “striving for freedom”, had been hit in the face by some members of the Security Council. According to her, the people of Syria and the entire Middle East region were able to see who among the UN members "are on their side for a better future, and who are doing everything to protect dictators on the warpath."

The Permanent Representative of France, Gerard Aro, made a promise that: “Veto will not stop us”. True, without specifying what he means.

The head of the US Department of State, Hillary Clinton, said that the Russian Federation should explain to the Syrian people the reasons for which it used its veto against the Syrian resolution, which condemned the suppression of unrest in the state. Clinton expressed regret that the UN Security Council refused to take responsibility for the fate of the Syrian state.

In the West, it is now feared that, having received the support of China and Russia, Assad "will begin an even more ferocious persecution" of the opposition.


Damascus expressed its gratitude to 6 for the UNSC member states that refused to support the resolution, which provided for the possibility of strengthening the sanctions regime against Syria. In particular, the Syrian authorities are grateful to Moscow and Beijing for imposing a veto on the draft resolution.

Syria is confident that Russia's firm position has saved the country from foreign intervention. If it were not for the decision of Moscow and Beijing, then the fate of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan would have been prepared for our homeland, said presidential adviser Bashar Assad Bussein al-Shaaban. Damascus will take advantage of the resulting respite and bring the reforms begun in the state to the end, she said.

The official representative of Syria to the UN said that from the Damascus point of view, the outcome of the vote in the UN Security Council is talking about returning to the world politics the principle of multipolarity. On the world stage, “forces have reappeared capable of protecting nations from injustice, interference, and intervention.” In Damascus, at the embassies of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China, meetings of supporters of Assad and peace in the country were held, they expressed gratitude to the Syrian people in Moscow and Beijing.

One of the representatives of the Syrian opposition said that China and Russia supported Bashar Assad in his "military and fascist project."

What's next?

It is clear that the West will not stop, the process is running. Further, two scenarios are possible, according to the first, Russia and China will be “convincing” to adopt a new resolution. So, Susan Rice has already announced that the issue will again be brought up for discussion by the Security Council in the very near future. In Syria, they will continue to “rock up” the situation in order to present new “evidence of the atrocities” of the Syrian regime.

In the second case, the West can spit on the United Nations and simply begin military intervention, as in 2003, in Iraq. To begin to tighten the sanctions, to organize a major provocation, such as "hitting the Syrian rocket" in Israel. Or present an ultimatum about a military strike if Assad starts a counter-terrorist operation in any city again. And organizing unrest will not be difficult.
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  1. Sergh
    Sergh 7 October 2011 08: 20 New
    Susan Rice still did not see what she had received from the first. Right now, the hair will be torn, it just jumps out of the skin.
    1. His
      His 8 October 2011 13: 22 New
      It is strange that China also opposed, in the West they are silent somehow. And they attacked us.
      1. Banshee
        Banshee 8 October 2011 13: 31 New
        And try Perni in the direction of the Celestial ... And they are "extra" T-bills for payment will present ... the same states. And then what? Again paper green print? So it is enough in China.
  2. wave
    wave 7 October 2011 08: 34 New
    That's right, I think! They vetoed correctly, and Libya could also be saved from these NATO halfwits. But then they missed
    1. Konstantm
      Konstantm 7 October 2011 10: 33 New
  3. Alexey Prikazchikov
    Alexey Prikazchikov 7 October 2011 08: 55 New
    Well done didn’t screw up with us; all the same, the Navy base is all the more so after 080808 the Syrians offered us to place another base with them. It’s necessary to defend one’s ones all the more so in Syria peacefully coexist with many coffees; the Czechs should take an example from them.
    1. Professor
      Professor 7 October 2011 16: 54 New
      all the more so in Syria peacefully coexisting many coffees over the Czechs need to take an example from them.

      Peacefully, this is when 10% of the Alawite population does not allow the Sunni majority to turn around, when Christians massively flee to France, and Pope Assad tanks 12 thousands of Palestinians crushed to death. Straight peace and love.
  4. fellow misha
    fellow misha 7 October 2011 09: 03 New
    The world has not yet recovered from her sister Candolizka Rice now this. But as for Syria, I think the matter is resolved when all this fuss with the UN Security Council ends and for Pindos all political maneuvers fail, they just stupidly start bombing as it was in the SFRY, Iraq, etc. the "golden billion" will have nothing corny to eat soon and here is some kind of Syria fie and there is no problem and there is no last splinter on the Middle East map of oil fields oh yes Iran will finish well with Syria will bring their skills to eliminate the "Arab splinter" to perfection and this bastion the last one will probably fall for sure, but maybe the Turkish comrade has already begun to cost a new Ottoman Empire and apparently they didn’t foresee the emergence of this problem, well, I think they won’t cope right away, of course you need to develop a plan, put money into the budget, etc.
  5. Banshee
    Banshee 7 October 2011 09: 08 New
    I agree with Comrade Misha. It's only the beginning. The French liked to wave their Hamas, and there wasn’t much oil ... Let's see what happens next.
    I am ready to bet that there will be a big provocation, then the United States and France will spit on the UN and go to clean up (oh, of course, defend) democracy.
  6. Net
    Net 7 October 2011 09: 16 New
    The reaction of the authorities to armed rebellion and calls for the overthrow of state power in any country that is democratic or not is suppressed severely and without talking about humanity. The emphasis of our representative at the UN needs to be done on this, and not listen to fairy tales about the democratic aspirations of some ragged people and the Assad regime. Lead counter-propaganda in the media, not all sold out in the end. The veto of Russia and China will not be able to save forever.
  7. itr
    itr 7 October 2011 09: 47 New
    Started as always beautifully even said cool
    that’s just that our leadership will not merge the legitimate authority in Syria
    half a year ago it was already. Only with Libya
  8. Ion coaelung
    Ion coaelung 7 October 2011 10: 05 New
    But to blame the West for violating the sovereignty of the state, for getting into a conflict in the internal? Put sanctions against them!
    1. Konstantm
      Konstantm 7 October 2011 10: 36 New
      If there were Stalin or Khrushchev, they would all be a sniff in a rag.
      1. gans
        gans 7 October 2011 12: 03 New
        we still don’t have enough corncracker, the whole world made fun of him, we still need to look for such an idiot, scum in an embroidered shirt
        1. подводник
          подводник 7 October 2011 12: 23 New
          Yes, such an idiot had to look for? By the way, does it surprise anyone that Khrushchev’s son lives with his family in the United States and has Amer citizenship?
          1. Professor
            Professor 7 October 2011 16: 57 New
            By the way, does it surprise anyone that Khrushchev’s son lives with his family in the United States and has Amer citizenship?

            ... as well as the daughters of Stalin and Lavrov!
            1. Terminator
              Terminator 7 October 2011 20: 41 New
              Khrushchev’s regime broke Stalin’s daughter. He also killed Vasily Stalin, a combat pilot who had on his account several downed fascist aircraft.
              1. Tyumen
                Tyumen 7 October 2011 20: 47 New
                Or maybe. did he just drink too much?
                1. Banshee
                  Banshee 8 October 2011 13: 56 New
                  Tyumenets35, Vasily Stalin did not drink. He was poisoned shortly after his conversation with Voroshilov, in exile, in Kazan. It was precisely because he refused (unlike the sales sister, who "invented" his passport and Khrushchev's blessing for departure, "to correct himself in Khrushchev's style." And Vasily Stalin was by no means Pavlik Morozov. He was a Man.

                  His words: “The daughter who refused from her father is not my sister. I have never refused and will not give up my father. And I have nothing in common with her and never will.”

                  Less listen to all sorts of vyblyadkov type Zalessky or Starostin, who barked for a salary. This is a remote, Khrushchev toadies, capable of nothing more.

                  Vasily Stalin was a good organizer and a good pilot. Yes, after losing his eldest son, his father did not allow him to fly. Vasily flew with his regiment. Read the memoirs of Dolgushin, the commander of the squadron in which Vasily flew. Vasily Stalin flew combat missions WITHOUT PARASHUTE. In order not to repeat the fate of Jacob. Dolgushin also described this. And the Hero of the Soviet Union, Sergey Fedorovich Dolgushin (28 shot down personally) probably knew what he was writing about.

                  Vasily Stalin was not an alcoholic. It is impossible to thump on such posts. Especially during the war. And after the war, too. Where he picked up alcoholism and developed? In the Vladimir prison, for 8 years of being there? Of course, he was guarded by vodka baskets ...

                  Do not be like scum, do not spit in others.
                  1. Tyumen
                    Tyumen 8 October 2011 15: 43 New
                    Zalessky or Starostin

                    Yes, I don’t know who it is. As for the professional qualities of Vasily, I did not say a word, I know that he did not hide behind his back. But alcoholism is not picked up, but developed, each in its own way. I did not offend a person’s memory in a word, it was just a question.
            2. Banshee
              Banshee 8 October 2011 13: 57 New
              Not surprising. To whom is the ticket to the states, and to whom is the grave in Kazan under an assumed name.
      2. ytqnhfk
        ytqnhfk 9 October 2011 01: 24 New
        I agree with you !!!!! Khrushchev would like them as a poker player to do them like children !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He was still a dodger, some inflatable nuclear boats are worth !!!!!
  9. Helmut
    Helmut 7 October 2011 11: 08 New
    What some users here are all the same naive. I explain the situation as it really is. The Syrian veto is a negotiated action by Russia and the United States. The United States does not knock this Syria on the bolt - there is almost no oil there. But it is necessary for both the States and us to keep the brand, so we played a card, such as the States for sanctions and escalation with a regime such as they are fighters for democracy, and we are like a minute! And they, the States, did not fall into another conflict, I’m sure that they asked Russia to block the resolution or at least are glad that the Russian Federation did so. Thus, they preserved the face of the democratizers, plus otmazyvatsya from unnecessary unnecessary (no oil) conflict. Well, I think the pluses of Russia do not need to be said.
    1. LESHA pancake
      LESHA pancake 7 October 2011 16: 50 New
      1. Helmut
        Helmut 7 October 2011 20: 59 New
        Not. Just agreement is in politics.
  10. подводник
    подводник 7 October 2011 11: 19 New
    I didn’t know that Condoleezza had a sister — I looked at the pictures — am I shocked — how many of them are there at all? (Sisters?) (And are they sisters?) American bitch women !!!!
    He looked at situevina in a new way, the following suddenly struck me:
    1. There are banal “raider” seizures (but now they’re not capturing enterprises, but example countries: Libya, Côte d'Ivoire) These countries (enterprises) will now “work out the EU DEBTs to the fullest extent possible (remember that the French francs now belong to Libya 35% of the whole oil industry!)
    2. By analogy with Turkey, the colonial possessions of France are being restored.
    3. The world seems to be on the verge of a new redistribution of property.
    Correct me if I am wrong.
  11. Mesniy
    Mesniy 7 October 2011 13: 36 New
    Moscow just slightly prolonged the agony
  12. baykal79
    baykal79 7 October 2011 14: 23 New
    I think the best option is to send a regiment or some sort of military brigade as an exchange of experience !!! West would impose the bells in the pants !!!
    1. Professor
      Professor 7 October 2011 17: 21 New
      With other people's hands to rake in the heat? Buy a ticket for the flight Moscow - Damascus and help the Assad regime. Weak?
    2. Volkhov
      Volkhov 7 October 2011 20: 22 New
      Already sent to Libya on the side of NATO T-72, T62, M-46, Chrysanthemum - do you think they are controlled by "rebels" with instructions translated by Google?
      Prior to the DSB battalion, 200 wounded had already crashed with IL-76 north of Sabha. Africa is now more expensive than the Caucasus - it is no coincidence that the new head of the GOU has despair in his eyes.
      Moscow is NATO, and Russia is mentally in the USSR.
      1. kosmos84
        kosmos84 7 October 2011 20: 28 New
  13. Hannibal
    Hannibal 7 October 2011 15: 16 New
    Well, we will wait for the next September 21, 2001, so that the Americans begin the fight against terrorism again ...
    That's their vaunted shit democracy.
  14. DEfindER
    DEfindER 7 October 2011 16: 46 New
    Once again, the bourgeois cannot live without wars, Russia has 2 ways:
    1 - Change the regime in the USA using similar methods, but the truth is that we don’t have the audacity to do this, we are not pigs like them ..
    2 - Constantly arm and prepare for war ..
  15. LESHA pancake
    LESHA pancake 7 October 2011 16: 57 New
  16. figwam
    figwam 7 October 2011 17: 16 New
    NATO provocations have already begun.
    Armed people invaded Lebanon from Syria and fired at the Syrian opposition.
    And the invasion, I think it will be, is not the first time they violate world laws.
  17. spirit
    spirit 7 October 2011 18: 37 New
    Provocation-war! provocation-war! Who needs this UN Security Council at ****, how many soldiers did it stop? It’s time to rename it to “League of Nations 2” the same sense from him !!!. only the size of your caliber matters !!
    1. Lexx
      Lexx 7 October 2011 19: 58 New
      The Russian Federation left the USSR two real instruments of a superpower - the nuclear triad and the seat of a permanent member of the UN Security Council. The Security Council decides a lot - without resolution 1973, NATO would not dare to bomb Libya, since their actions from the point of view of international law would be unlawful.
  18. APASUS
    APASUS 7 October 2011 21: 01 New
    Early to rejoice !!
    The absence of a UN resolution did not stop NATO from bombing Yugoslavia!
  19. Whole
    Whole 7 October 2011 23: 49 New
    The UN is already just a rudiment. This organization Nifeyhua is no longer working, so there is only one sign ...
  20. Patriot
    Patriot 8 October 2011 09: 41 New
    Yes, I cannot understand how it is possible to interfere in the internal affairs of individual countries, let alone bomb them and send troops there, but what about the sovereignty of these countries, what right does NATO have to bomb these countries and overthrow their leaders? we still do not live in the 19-20 century but in the 21 ......
    1. PSih2097
      PSih2097 9 October 2011 01: 07 New
      That's when they will bombard, bombard your home from MLRS, tanks, and barrel artillery, then you ask ... and you will answer it yourself ...
      I cannot understand how it is possible to intervene in the internal affairs of individual countries, let alone bomb them and send troops there, but what about the sovereignty of these countries, what right does NATO have to bomb
  21. Bob
    Bob 8 October 2011 22: 25 New
    They said A, I must say B as well - deliveries of S-300 to Syria and Iran would strengthen regional and global security.
    It is necessary to stop the aggressor - NATO, otherwise events like in Yugoslavia will follow, where the United States, in spite of the UN position, has "successfully" carried out an operation to democratize the country - essentially destroying and subjugating it. Divide and conquer - with or without UN cover, the West has declared war on the rest of the world, including Russia.
    Assuming the use of NATO forces against Syria and a missile strike against Israel in response, the world will plunge into chaos - economic, military, political.
    1. Volkhov
      Volkhov 9 October 2011 01: 37 New
      Russia helps NATO, only a squadron can help Syria, if it revolts like Potemkin, but no one reduced the special forces ...
  22. kesa1111
    kesa1111 13 October 2011 04: 38 New
    Mendel made a feat, went against the Washington curator.