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Representatives of the VSN command and the authorities of the Donetsk People's Republic cite information received from the DPR intelligence units. These data indicate that Kiev is ready for the beginning of a new phase of military operations in the Donbass. This was stated by the head of the DPR, Alexander Zakharchenko, as well as the deputy commander of the corps of the armed forces of the DPR, Eduard Basurin.

And there is nothing left for them except “to push” ... To push through, trying to feel at least some weak, sigh of American instructors behind their back ... After all, the former US ambassador to Russia McFaul himself said that the States are not ready to fight with Russia Crimea, and indeed to the West, "from someone" has unreasonably high hopes. On yourself, they say, you need to hope for yourself ...

Considering what Mr. McFaul said this in an interview with the Ukrainska Pravda newspaper, news And this “nezalezhnoy” sold out quickly, as did McFaul’s statements that it’s time for the West to look the truth in the eyes and recognize the fact that Crimea is a Russian territory.

Svidomo part of Ukrainian readers (and the publication of the “Ukr Pravda” of those, presumably, the absolute and overwhelming majority) was infuriated after such words of an American diplomat. But did it really naively believe that the United States would indeed send its military contingent in order to fight for Avakov and Lyashkov dupes at the cost of its dup? Well, no, this part of the body of any of the American military is the most valuable ...

Comments from our readers:

Trample, because there is no way out dill. The very existence of the New Russia destroys Urcoin. New Russia is the torment of birth, and Urkoina is the torment of death (as one Ukrainian aptly wrote). Seeing the improvement in the Donbass against the background of the gradual bending of the junta Urcoin, there will be a sufficient critical mass of discontented people who will demolish the power of the Natsik. It's a question of time. And as easily as Sakashvili, the hunts will not get off. Especially every Nazi infantry. They even for the posts in the internet Ukrainians themselves begin to hang.

Tatar 174
The junta in Kiev is now in such a state that it will not be able to fight. They have no choice, and they will definitely go and try to occupy both Donetsk and Lugansk. This, perhaps, will be their last attempt, not for nothing that there are Americans and others there now.

McFaul's revelations for ukroSMI: "Americans are not ready to fight for the Crimea" - THIS IS KREMLIN PROPAGANDA! ..


On April 18, the visit of the Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government Dmitry Rogozin to Spitsbergen took place. Svalbard became an intermediate point of the visit, from which the Deputy Prime Minister went to the opening ceremony of the North Pole-2015 drifting station in the Arctic. A visit to Rogozin of Spitsbergen by the Norwegian authorities was considered unacceptable, since Rogozin is on the “sanctions” lists of Norway.

Considering the fact that there is a Russian settlement Barentsburg on Svalbard, which Oslo considers to be its own, to put it mildly, it is not entirely clear why the hot Norwegian guys suddenly got so angry. If they reread the agreement of the 1920 model for a long time, in which (and in Norwegian, including the language) it is written about the complete equality of economic activity by all the subjects of the conclusion of this agreement (Russia too), then let them open it and reread it. If the norgi aren't going to bother reading historical documents, a Russian mobile group with ballot boxes could well land on Svalbard - after the plebiscite, it would become clear who is actually an undesirable person on the archipelago ...

Comments from our readers:

Alexander Romanov
Better to look at Chukotka and with binoculars in Alaska. I guarantee the headlines of the American newspapers the next day, along with a photo of Rogozin on the front page and the theme of "The Russians are preparing to seize Alaska."

Here we must understand one subtlety. Spitsbergen was once called Grumant. And was a place of fishing Archangel Pomor. The memory of this is preserved in the mining settlement of Grumant, which belonged to the USSR. Yes, Svalbard was a territory with Soviet laws. It is like the Sevastopol base of the Black Sea Fleet in the Ukrainian Crimea. Feel what a breeze blew. And then there's the permanent Russian exercises in the Arctic, the creation of a special Arctic command. Here are the Norwegians and fear that the island will want to reunite with its historic homeland and become a Grumant again.

But in my opinion, someone needs to put a tent at the Eastern cosmodrome ...

To decline

The North Caucasus Federal District "seeks" to consolidate its leading position in the smallest percentage of representatives of the Russian ethnic group. According to the 2010 census, the Russians at that time continued to be the most numerous people represented in the constituent entities of the okrug, but the percentage of Russians is steadily decreasing. In 2010, it was 30,26%. By the end of 2014, it fell by at least another 3,4%.

If we talk about new statistics, the percentage of the Russian population in the republics of the North Caucasus has dropped to levels that are at the level of statistical error. There are about 3,5% of Russians in Dagestan, 1,5% in Chechnya, and 1,2% in Ingushetia. The percentage is reduced not only because the birth rate in Caucasian families is higher than in Russians, but also because the outflow of Russians from the North Caucasus continues today. In some regions (for example, in the Stavropol Territory), there is an outright squeezing of Russian families from a number of areas, which local authorities are trying to look through with their fingers. Where the examination of such a serious situation through the fingers leads, the whole of Russian history demonstrates, including recent ...

Comments from our readers:

Same lech
The massacre in the 90-s of the Russian-speaking population will long remain in the memory of our people, and until there are firm guarantees that this will not happen again, we can hardly expect an increase in the Russian population there.

I prefer not to talk about the details of that tragedy too painful for the soul ... I hope time will muffle this pain.

The roots of the problem were laid back in the Gorbachev USSR, and with the coming to power of the comprador junta junta, an abscess opened up. The Russian people were, firstly, geographically divided into quasi-states and republics, and secondly, they were practically deprived of the main spheres of social and economic life. Indeed, in the USSR the Russians were mainly engaged in the production sector, agriculture, the Armed Forces and the military industrial complex. During the Yeltsin reforms, all the main points of application of creative and labor potential, along with sources of income for Russians, were destroyed. Commerce, financial speculative organizations, non-productive services, various shows and business, where Russians have never occupied leading positions, have come to the fore. Statistics show that in those years the population of Russia was reduced by a million people a year! It was a frank genocide of his own people, mostly Russian.
That's where the root of the problem ... Now, if something has changed for the better, it is insignificant. As before, in the first place is a speculator trader, a banker and a bribe-taking official, and not a worker, engineer or teacher. As long as such a distortion exists, there will be interethnic problems and the outflow of Russians from the semi-feudal formations of the North Caucasus and Middle Asia. When it becomes prestigious in society to be a highly skilled worker, engineer, doctor, teacher, military, and not a trader, speculator, banker or official, then there will be no acute international problems. And this is possible only in a fair socialist society or, at worst, in conditions of national-oriented state capitalism at a transitional stage. In the conditions of the current liberal economy with elements of manual government, these problems can be pushed deep for the time being, but they can worsen at any moment and our enemies will beat this painful point, trying to finally destroy the Russian state and divide its peoples.

We, Russians, need to be an example of morality !!! Caucasians perfectly see how our society has degraded, and this is a reason for confrontation on their part! I think the conclusion is obvious.

Order of Satan

During the week, representatives of the OSCE monitoring group in the Donbas were hit by another shelling. This time the shelling of the mission’s vehicles took place in the area of ​​the settlement of Shyrokyne. Shooting was conducted from the territories occupied by the militants of the Ukrainian Nazi battalion "Azov", in which several dozen foreign citizens are fighting. And it was opened at the very moment when the cars with the symbols of the organization appeared in the village. As a result of the response operation of the militia forces, the Georgian mercenary Azov, Georgy Dzhanelidze, with the call sign "Satan" was liquidated.

Literally the day after the news of the liquidation of "Satan" from Kiev, information came that the "Satan" was awarded posthumously ... And the award took place on behalf of the UOC of the Ukrainian Patriarchate, and even "for sacrifice and love." The church rewards Satan ... In this lies the sacred meaning of all Ukrainian politics and activities of those who, begging weapon foreign countries to liquidate compatriots, call themselves clerics and saints.

Comments from our readers:

... "Satan" is awarded by Filaret "For sacrifice and love" ...
Marasm Strengthens
Philaret is a disguised zaslanets from hell ...

At the last press conference, President of Ukraine Poroshenko assured the world community that the Ukrainian army only opens RESPONSE FIRE.

Judging by the consequences of this shooting, only in the last 24 hours four high-rise buildings, two mines, a hospital, a bus stop and three kindergartens have insidiously attacked the poor Ukrainian army ...

So it was their OSCE mission that fired like ...?

"ONIZHEDETI". Moscow version

We spit, looking at the Ukrainian attempts to revive the misanthropic ideology with all our might. Indignantly in connection with the Nazi marches with torches in the center of Kiev, Lvov, Ternopil. We are trying with all our might to indicate to the Ukrainian people that, with such an attitude towards the common history, the country, to put it mildly, will not go far. At the same time, neo-Nazi evil feels quite calmly and confidently right next to us - mass gatherings, discussion of “vital” topics at round tables and during entire conferences, holding “ceremonial events” in honor of their idol.

The party in honor of Hitler's birthday at a Moscow nightclub located in the theater center on Dubrovka is out of the ordinary. Even more out of the ordinary, that the detainees during the police raid were released from the polling station a few hours later, they say, they didn’t do anything especially они onizhedeti… with trauma and specific literature, to arrange a provocation against honest skinheads tattooed guys ... Many readers of the material, too, you know, were outraged that "the guys were tied for nothing" - Hitler's portrait was turned upside down, and only one injury ... Well, in general m, "onizhedeti" again ...

And then for some reason we are surprised: how is it that in Kiev some thugs tore a St. George ribbon from a veteran and threw a bus with veterans over stones and eggs to the veteran, encroaching on the Great Victory ...

Comments from our readers:

where is the prosecutor's office? Where is the criminal case about the propaganda of Nazism? We are not tearing off this topic until we find out ... The majors are bad.

What the hell are you? They are credited with disorderly conduct, like a yard dresser. And these thugs feel their impunity. The Criminal Code had to be corrected at the dawn of 90, but did it really happen before that?

Such antics must be stopped on the vine. It’s just incredible that this could happen in Russia, where almost every family suffered from fascism (for example, my two grandfathers died in the Second World War).

Bike bike or Warsaw street ...

The news that the Russian Night Wolves bike club is going to hold a motorcycle race across Europe in honor of the 70 anniversary of the Great Victory, has excited Polish politicians. On behalf of the “progressive public” of Poland, petitions and demands to obstruct the biker moto race were poured to the authorities.

As a result, the “progressive public” of Poland was written to the point that the official Warsaw really turned on the red light to the “Night Wolves” motocross through Polish territory. At the same time, the explanations looked very specific: they say that the Russian bikers did not provide us with information about which route they would take and where they would spend the night. And if they "did not provide", then Poland, you understand, will not have the opportunity to ensure the safety of the participants of the motorcycle race.

And then - in 44-45-m - Poland did not refuse passage through its territory ...

The idea to carry out the run of the Victory "Night Wolves", however, did not refuse.

Comments from our readers:

They were frightened that they could be met with flowers. Simple Poles - with not yet destroyed the brain. That would be a performance ...
The gallant Poles at every corner gay_ropy loudly declare that, on occasion, the Russian Army will be tattered to pieces, and some 10-ok motorcyclists were frightened.
I understand that they were going to drive loudly, brutally, and even wearing helmets tank, but to such an extent obos_ya ONLY from one transit passage on 2-wheeled unarmed ashtrays, it's somehow frivolous, not in a European way. Or is it a gene memory that makes itself felt ...

Cossack Ermak
6 years ago, a group of children from 6 to 13 years, artists from Omsk schools of art, toured Europe. Mostly eastern. In Poland, all night long, in the cottage where they lived, the Poles began to break glass, shout out threats to the point of murder, there were even a few shots. A decent crowd gathered. In the morning, the police did not even arrive. The children were terrified, lying on the floor all night. In other countries of Eastern Europe, the tour went well. I heard a story from direct witnesses.

Doghanter Arsen

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, met with Italian politicians in Rome, where he announced a massive counterattack "according to the lies of Russian politicians and the media they bought." Avakov that day was clearly in shock:
I was pissed off by the Russian anti-Ukrainian lie, distributed in Europe through all channels and flavored with Russian oil money. Two days I will spend on a massive counter-attack on the lies of Russian politicians and the media they bought. This is important now and important for the future, when we put down a mad Putin's dog, or she will die!

As they say, piracetam in the studio ... At least ... But the medicine will have to prepare a lot. After all, there is not only half-witted Arsen, but the whole ukrobratiya, which turned out to be completely not in those Ukrainian chambers in which, by definition, should have been. It is possible that only a lobotomy will “save” someone, for the disease has progressed considerably without the necessary treatment at least 2014 of the year from January-February.

Comments from our readers:

Drug addiction seems to have entered the final stage. Apparently, he switched to synthetics. First of all, he is the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and no matter what patriot he considers himself there, he must filter his market!
However, there the former wife of Tymoshenko's lover (some kind of lawyer) openly talked about Avakov’s love for her husband and showed her pictures, and Avakov came to every process ... so, except for drugs, it seemed that the lover threw and seriously injured gentle gay heart.

Born in the USSR
In the past, and for less, wars have been declared ... And today we will not see the ambassador's call for an explanation.

In Europe, there are few fools in the highest political circles, and the people there are tactful, and most importantly pragmatic - they listened to Avakov, maybe they even shook their heads, because this is a general setting, but no more! Everyone there knows very well who Avakov is, and what Ukraine is now. They need Russia more than "the torch of European democracy and the barrier to the barbaric hordes from the East"! Therefore, let them go where they want and carry what they want! Avakov, he is like a snotty virgin for the sake of likes and carried a blizzard publicly in such terms, not realizing that it’s not accepted in the West, and once again exposing the Ukrainian leadership to the near and pitiful!

Africa priid, order povede ...

The source of the NTV TC, close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, stated that with its
A proposal for the provision of "temporary asylum" for African migrants with Italian Prime Minister Mateo Renzi was shared by his Ukrainian counterpart Arseniy Yatsenyuk. We are talking about building with the EU funds in a number of Ukrainian regions temporary camps for illegal immigrants from Libya, Syria, Yemen and other countries of the Arab East.

No, but what ... Ukrainian citizens Yatsenyuk from the country otfutbolivaet, how can, so that the mouths in the country were smaller, and the African invites, because of them with Western money you can put together new radical battalions, as well as additional state. And for the United States - what is not a covert reason to move the ISIL militants to the borders of Russia, not only through Afghanistan, but also through Ukraine. Yatsenyuk ponad use ...

Comments from our readers:

If not fake, then this is the restoration of the slave trade. And in years through 50, our grandchildren (already grandparents) will be watching and crying over the new series: "Slave Isaur 2" ...
If this project is implemented, the “great Ukrainian shaft” will have to be built by Russia to prevent migrants from Africa from flowing smoothly into Russia. Apparently, Arseny stakes on this.

I support this idea of ​​Arseny Petrovich. I consider this a deeply thought out, balanced and, most importantly, tolerant decision. This will greatly help European Ukraine in the development of democracy, human rights and, most importantly, true and non-permanent freedom from barbarous totalitarian Rashka. Multiculturalism and European values ​​are the face of new Ukraine, with which it will proudly enter the European family of nations !!! Dastardly quilted jackets do not understand !!!

Conditional thief on conditional plank beds

On April 23, during a debate in the Presnensky Court of Moscow, prosecutor Vera Pashkovskaya announced demands for the punishment of those involved in the Oboronservis case. Famous artist and illustrious singer Yevgeny Vasilyeva, the representative of the public prosecution offered to find her guilty of twelve episodes of fraud and abuse of office and to sentence her to eight years in prison ... conditionally!

By the way, the damage that Ms. Vasilyeva inflicted on the Russian Defense Ministry is estimated at 3 billion rubles. At least, this is what the investigation considers.

It seems that the prosecutor acts in the best Russian traditions. Recall that in Russia it is customary to punish the guilty persons according to the following scenario: the small fish falls into the nets of justice, and the large prosecutors, and after them the judges, are released.

However, this is only our guess. Ms. Vasilyeva will receive a suspended sentence or, nevertheless, a real one, we will only find out in May, when the trial will be fully completed.

Comments from our readers:

In our state there is a caste of untouchables and cattle. The untouchables are allowed to steal billions, crush people at pedestrian crossings, and they are lightly murmured for it, transferred to other positions, or they arrange a farce like the Vasilyeva trial.
Such farces destroy society and the state more than any opposition and fifth columns. I do not think that Putin does not know this.
When yesterday, this sleek sheep was brought to the “Kalina”, and they were taken to the BMW 7 Long for dinner at a restaurant, it was so cheap, theatrical, that it was very nauseous.

The prosecutor said conditionally - it means conditional!
And you imagine, if Vasiliev at the court will tell the truth, and to which classrooms this truth will lead ...
While he keeps mum, he lives, and he lives much better than the average Russian. Say something extra - or heart attack, or the mind will move ...
In the meantime, the essence of the matter, and amnesty arrives in time, and with a "clear conscience" forward, to London or to France, to Skrynnik. And a fine in a zillion is not for her to paint her nails once ...
A wonderful country, or Wonderland, or a country of fools?

If St. George ribbon became the symbol of the Russian spirit and Russian honor, then Serdyukov with the “poetess” became a symbol of impunity and immunity from the law.

Born in the USSR
The most humane court, humane only to those who stole at least a billion.

The star moment of Russian justice, and if this criminal is not imprisoned for theft on a particularly large scale, it will be a blow to the authority of the state and its judicial and legal system - the thief should be in prison! If this is conditional, this is the right of the richest thieves, and the court allows to steal state funds in unlimited amounts, but at the same time they can condemn for a long time for a bag of potatoes. It turns out that conditional terms are set for stealing from the state - however, there will be a precedent. And to be honest, it becomes very ugly from the actions of the prosecutor's office and leads to bad thoughts that everything has its price, even justice.

The prosecutor demanded for Zheka Vasilyeva champagne, black caviar and cocaine ...

Finns will be friends with both the EU and Russia

In the elections to the Finnish parliament, the opposition Finnish Center won. This party is in favor of active participation in the EU, but against the entry of Finland into NATO. In addition, it is known that Juha Sipilä, who heads the party, supports sanctions against Russia.

Nevertheless, Finland does not intend to spoil, much less destroy relations with Moscow. However, she can not refuse to sanctions. As a senior lecturer at the University of Helsinki, a doctor of political science and political scientist Johan Beckman, told the newspaper Vzglyad, Finland simply cannot abandon all-European policy: “Finland is an EU member. Inside the European Union is a tough discipline. Therefore, Helsinki cannot protest against sanctions against Russia. ”

International lawyer and diplomat Peter Iskola, who has worked for many years in the Council of Europe, called the victory of the “Center” in the elections “a great joy”. The outgoing government, he said, "got what it deserved." “The voters did not approve of the policy imposed by Alexander Stubb, as well as the Minister of Finance Antti Rinne and the Minister of Foreign Affairs Erkki Tuomioia, who represented the Social Democrats. They wanted to make us with Russian enemies. They brought the country to the point that people began to live worse ... "

Let us add that in Finland a new government will be formed in the coming weeks and a prime minister will be appointed. Everyone is waiting for Yuha Sipil to be the prime minister.

Comments from our readers:

Plus for clarifying the situation. Finns are not enemies to us, and we are not enemies to them.

I think that little will change in relation to Russia. A lot of ours (especially from St. Petersburg) visit Finland for the sake of “shopping”. There is the same situation as with Kaliningrad and Poland. With all the negative statements of Poland towards Russia, no one’s cross-border movement from the Kaliningrad region. did not cancel. But dill Poland did not give any concessions when crossing the border. That's the whole Euro-Association! Because it is unprofitable. We buy goods from them and pay for them - this is income to the treasury of these countries from taxes and profits to local merchants. The system is debugged. And Ukrainians do not want to go shopping in Europe ... Everyone understands this. There are already "their" Balts enough.

Still, the Finnish liberals were not able to embroil their country with Russia. Prudence prevailed. And it is not surprising that Finland owes its current prosperity to Russia, which for many years has been one of the main trading partners of the Finns. And the fact that they still support the sanctions, so it is necessary to introduce sanctions against them so that they fall from the heavens onto the sinful earth, and not sanctions, but they began to support their own pants.

Stop TTIP!

In New York this week, the ninth round of negotiations on an agreement on a free trade zone between the US and the EU was held. The negotiations were conducted almost secretly: the press has almost no information. The public is concerned about such secrecy: the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP, TTIP), whose ideas Washington is actively promoting, has sparked further protests in the cities of the European Union countries. However, the governments do not care about the people: the “supranationals” from Brussels want to take their hands off Washington.

We looked through the Russian and Western press. It turns out that experts are well aware where the American “partnership” leads Europe.

The TTIP Agreement will make an appendage of Europe from Europe. Washington’s control over European monetary and exchange rate policies will lead Europe’s complete loss of sovereignty. American corporations will not reckon with European law. These are the opinions of experts expressing the “prospects” of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, which Washington is promoting and which, according to the plans of the White House, should start no later than the autumn of 2016.

And when “liberal” Americans come to the Euromarket that autumn, they will quickly establish their own rules there. Competitive Eurobusiness will not be good. There is nothing to doubt about this: Uncle Sam knows how to walk over corpses.

Comments from our readers:

"The public is concerned about such secrecy." And do not care for nothing. If this project works, then Europe will have to say goodbye to all of its real and imaginary values. And in this case, legally, take a proper position in front of the United States (on all fours one place to host).

There is growing evidence that the US is currently trying to pin down Europe dangling at large. Of course, they act competently, use the conflict in Ukraine, force hysteria, crushing only one Merkel for themselves, they boldly rule the common Europe. But as a matter of fact, having crushed the EU, they will be engaged in us, and China.

Oddly enough, but I see the pros! Thanks to the agreement, Europe will finally be stopped. And the United States will finally stop China, which is beneficial to both Americans and Russians. If we cannot stop China by talking about great friendship (which is far from being the case), then the Americans do not make illusions about China. It must be stopped, reversed and returned to its natural state - as after the opium wars.

Obama was surprised, and the Israelis have jaws dropped

April 19 media reported on the speech of the Israeli Prime Minister. Mr. Netanyahu expressed concern about Russia's deliveries to Iran of the C-300 air defense system. The prime minister also reported on Iran’s increasing “aggression”. Two days earlier, the media filled the rumors that the Israeli Ministry of Defense is studying the issue of supplying various types of weapons to Ukraine. Commenting on various statements about the possible transfer of arms by Tel-Aviv to Kiev, Vladimir Putin said that such supplies would be counterproductive.

And another paragraph. Barack Obama made a short statement about the supply of Russian C-300 complexes to Iran. The US president said that he was very surprised at how long Russia had been postponing the delivery of these air defense systems to Iran. Israeli journalist Alon Ben David was amazed: “He (Obama) is surprised that the Russians observed the agreement concluded with him? That's what amazes. ” And other members of the Israeli press said about Obama’s statement that their jaws had “dropped.”

Recall that the sale by Moscow to Tehran of five C-300PMU-1 divisions (a total of forty launchers) was agreed at the intergovernmental level in 2007. However, 3 a year later, the implementation of the contract worth 800 million dollars was suspended. The reason for this decision turned out to be international sanctions imposed by the West against Iran. Last week, on April 13, President Putin signed a decree that lifted the ban on the supply of C-300 air defense systems to Iran.

The current statement of Obama, therefore, can be called literally political courage. Like, why not delivered? Who were afraid of? That's the same thing. Now Washington has become arrogant with Iran, we are talking about concluding an agreement and lifting sanctions, and now you, Muscovites, can sell something to Iran. Everything is done with the permission of Uncle Sam and under his control.

Obsessively obama. I felt like a real Nobel peacemaker. I wonder who Netanyahu felt like?

Comments from our readers:

Burning Obama!
It becomes clear why psaki was sent to the office of the White House. She will now write him a speech!

Now we must vigilantly ensure that the US Jewish lobby does not overshoot the Russian government.

Alexey Boukin
In Israel, there are very good maxillofacial surgeons. So the jaw droop is not dangerous for them. The main thing is not to keep your mouth open all the time to protect yourself from American propaganda that has flown in there.

The Russians from 1917 proved that the negroes were people too ... But Obama came and finally ruined everything!

SRC P-15
It's very simple: with his statement on C-300 supplies, Obama took revenge on the Israeli prime minister for addressing US senators, ignoring the president himself. As they say, debt payment is beautiful!

Gold instead of dollars

The Russian Federation began to actively buy up the precious metal in the world markets after a two-month break in January and February.

By the way, according to the International Monetary Fund, since 2005, the gold reserves of the Russian Federation have more than tripled! The country purchased a large number of gold bars, despite the collapse of the ruble as a result of lower oil prices and the introduction of international sanctions.

And you say - dollars ... And the ruble is strengthening: the rate of the Central Bank on April 25 is set as follows: 50,25 rubles. for 1 dollar.

Comments from our readers:

Right. And why do we need green candy wrappers? Gold is more reliable ... And the more it will be in the gold reserve of Russia, the less the ruble will be subject to speculative jumps and jerking ... And they correctly say: "Chicken on a grain ..."

To provide the ruble with real value, you need to provide it with gold, not promises, as is the case with the dollar.

To ensure the need first and foremost efficient production. A gold reserve - an auxiliary factor.

Terrible Russian Tsar

Western politicians believe that the Russian president is the inhabitant of a different, special world. The bravest of them admit that Putin still lives in the Soviet Union. Bill Clinton looks further in history - the American ex-president believes that V. V. P. sees a model for present-day Russia in the czarist empire of the 19th century. Putin himself denies such views.

American politicians continue to accuse Putin of either wanting to rebuild the USSR or trying to reconstruct the Romanov empire. Seeing the mote in the eye of Moscow, Western leaders do not notice the log in the eye of Washington. Blaming the Kremlin for striving to revive the “empire”, these people ignore the existence of a very real empire - the United States. The empire responsible for the collapse of the USSR, for the emergence of Al-Qaida, for the collapse of Yugoslavia, for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, for the "democratization" of Syria, and finally for the civil war in Ukraine.

Comments from our readers:

Putin has gathered the government and says:
- Comrades (gentlemen), I see you don’t waste your time, everything is privatized: shops, restaurants, hotels, even airports and railways. It's time to think about the people!
Silence. Voice from the audience:
- Yes, Vladimir Vladimirovich, a 200 shower would not hurt ...

Same lech
And in my opinion, representatives of the golden billion live in another world and are still trying to kick those who want to live in their own way.
The USSR can be revived, but on completely different principles, more attractive to people. This requires the will of the people.
Still, everyone wants to live richly, full of life, not to know the fear of war. That's just how to combine different nations with different traditions, habits, with different levels of development, and so on? A big problem.

Russia lives in its own Russian world and does not allow imposing Western "values" that have always been considered inferior!

Yes, Putin lives in another world. In a world where there is honor, dignity, love for the motherland and its people, pride in its history and its country. In a world where family values ​​are respected. You do not understand this.

By Petin's decree, by Obamina's desire ...

Two noisy announcements were made this week. The first: "At the moment, put the" Mistral "Russia is not possible." This was said by F. Hollande in the presence of the Ukrainian “democratically elected” President P. Poroshenko. And followed by a second statement - from the oligarch-president to the All-Union.

To the courtesy of Monsieur Hollande, Mr. Poroshenko responded with a promise to “make an effort” - no, not to destroy the “separatists” and “Putin’s tank columns” near Kiev, - but to fulfill the “points” of the Minsk Agreements. Specifically: Poroshenko said that ... the work of the OSCE in Ukraine will not be blocked.

Results of the week. "Strangers in the Qu ..."

Previously, official Kiev not only did not contribute to the work of the OSCE mission, but also accused observers of espionage in the east of Ukraine. It seems that today the fate of the Mistrals and the fate of the OSCE mission depend on the will of Poroshenko. Such a powerful influence of the "chocolate king" on European politics is easily explained: behind the figure of a man who had recently eaten in the dining room with American instructors who arrived in Yavorovo, the image of the black ruler of the planet Earth is clearly visible.

As for the sticks Poroshenko put in the wheels to the OSCE representatives, then everything is also easy to explain. First, Poroshenko, as Obama's protege, may not fulfill his promises. Secondly, the Bandera fans impede OSCE inspectors for an obvious reason: they can see that there are no “Putin tank columns” in eastern Ukraine. But there is another: fascist thugs, destroyed houses and civilian casualties.

Obviously, Poroshenko and his gangster fraternity would like to do with the OSCE team in the same way as they did to Oles Buzina. Today, observers are called unkindly “spies”, tomorrow, you see, they will call them “moskals”. Agents of Putin.

Nothing, Obama will write it off. And observers, and "Mistrali." And Hollande. And Poroshenko too.


Comments from our readers:

In Poroshenko's blood, apparently, something to change something, well, and as a deft sharper, he will get passports from the sleeve, then the bus casing.
He would have been in a good way for all his tricks to give him a candelabra on the head to teach the rules of fair play, but he plays with a cover. Well, yes, eternal roofs do not happen, and the time will come when the black owner needs the black owner to disappear, and Pedro will remember the film “Forrest Gump”, and it will sound in his head: “Run, Peter, run !!!”
Well, Ohland finished badly in “both yours and ours”, they are laid up troughs, and in a month I’m leaving 3 idle for a month, and I’d be glad to get off something and even not ready to eat fish, but firmly sat down.
In an amicable way, if Ohland nevertheless decides to transfer, then ours will have to say that they are ready to take them only at the price of the used one. Otherwise, find fault with the acceptance of all that is possible.

common man
But I got the impression that it was Putin who asked Hollande not to supply Mistral. And for this he promised not to demand a penalty. Personally, I would do just that. We will not delve into whether our Navy needs it or not; there are many broken copies. Let's look from another point of view. Suppose we knock them out from France. With difficulties. How to exploit them? Any malfunction will require the supply of spare parts from France. Will we wait for them? If you can still require warranty service under the contract (and wait for deliveries for years), then post-warranty service will be quite a disaster. And they will stand at the pier useless tin.

So there are Finnish engines, and I do not think that our shipbuilders are so crooked that they will not be able to serve French ships. Much of the equipment there is domestic. I do not think this is a problem.

The behavior of France is very ugly, just shameful. In such a situation, her president does not look like an independent politician, but a miserable six who want to do her best to serve America. Roughly speaking, lick it in one place.

* "Strangers in the Ku ..." - a phrase from the movie "Kin-Dza-Dza"
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  1. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter April 26 2015 05: 57
    As always, the analysis is comprehensive and adequate. Authors plus. They are not to blame for such a situation. And yet, the mattresses miscalculated. Most importantly, while the Russian economy was torn into pieces, they accidentally hooked their own. Confused a little. With the growth of their economy - something does not grow together, and the Russian one - something does not collapse in any way.
    1. Sid.74
      Sid.74 April 26 2015 06: 21
      Thanks to VO reviewers, good review! hi

      France and Germany are blocking a joint statement to be adopted following the Ukraine-EU summit to be held on April 27 in Kiev. It is reported by UNIAN with reference to a European diplomat in Brussels.

      As part of the Ukraine-EU summit, they should have considered the 3 issue of EU economic assistance, supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression and preparing for the Rome summit.

      EU Permanent Representatives will try to find a compromise tomorrow.

      “They are now trying to make amendments to the text of the statement that completely level its content,” he explained the situation.

      According to the diplomat, this Sunday, 26 April, urgently convene meetings of Permanent Representatives (COREPER).

      “COREPER will gather on Sunday evening and will try to find a compromise. Now yours (Ukrainian diplomats) are doing their best to save the situation, ”the source said.

      Putin seems to have a very meaningful talk with Hollande! winked
      Tusk also said directly that Europe did not intend to fight for Ukraine. repeat
    2. 0,5
      0,5 April 26 2015 06: 50
      Thanks for the outcome, the week was a rich event. Ukrainian reality has ceased to amaze with its adequacy, but we must pay tribute to the rewarding of the Georgian mercenary with the call sign Satan, whom the head of the Ukrainian church Filaret awarded the church award posthumously and at the funeral of which Saakashvilli shed tears, this is super-cynicism.
      The trip of "the liberator and collector of Georgian lands" Saakashvili was also significant this week, I liked that this valiant son of the Georgian people, praised by the genius of Russian poetry with the phrase: "The battle did not last long: timid Georgians fled ..." remembering their races from the the sky of a Russian attack aircraft, inspired the brave Ukrainian punishers in the deep rear, without showing their nose and close to the front line ...
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 April 26 2015 08: 19
        sooner or later, all the Nazi criminals are waiting for their TRIBUNAL.
        1. lelikas
          lelikas April 26 2015 16: 29
          In the meantime - "Night Wolves" - are already traveling around Poland!
          1. Canep
            Canep April 26 2015 17: 49
            Quote: lelikas
            In the meantime - "Night Wolves" - are already traveling around Poland!

            Those who traveled across Poland have already returned to Russia (Kaliningrad), and the "Night Wolves" will cross the border on Monday morning.
            1. The comment was deleted.
      2. Russian phoenix
        Russian phoenix April 26 2015 09: 40
        Quote: 0,5
        Ukrainian reality has ceased to amaze its adequacy belay request

        Particle "NOT", "QUOTATION MARK" in the text, are you missing?
        1. 0,5
          0,5 April 26 2015 11: 49
          Quote: Russian phoenix
          Quote: 0,5
          Ukrainian reality has ceased to amaze its adequacy belay request

          Particle "NOT", "QUOTATION MARK" in the text, are you missing?

          Always struck by people who tried to pin the opponent's hairpins. I took adequacy as a concept and all forum users understood this, accept the phrase that someone ceased to amaze with their well-mannered perception ... Do I have to put quotes or particles here?
          This is not a site for philologists, and therefore let's not shake with our "scientific" nature.
          I would be silent, but my half a liter after a few half a liter could not resist laughing
          You will press and walk with the "main caliber" wassat
    3. Civil
      Civil April 26 2015 09: 15
      In our state there is a caste of untouchables and. The untouchables are allowed to steal in billions, to crush people at pedestrian crossings, and for this they are slightly choked, transferred to other posts or arrange a farce such as the trial of Vasilyeva.

      According to the guidelines, the answers are as follows:
      1. You are just jealous!
      2. You are just a liberalist and a shit, it was because of you that Vasiliev Yeltsin came up with.
      3. YOU are not kept by anyone here by force, go to your gay Europe to eat jamon and parmesan.
      4. Putin is not required to know about each process.
      5. Your ancestors won the victory, and you are against Russia.
      1. Russian phoenix
        Russian phoenix April 26 2015 10: 04
        Quote: Civil
        According to the guidelines, the answers are as follows:

        Judging by some signs, the "training manual" and reached the site, not long in coming ...
      2. Magadan
        Magadan April 26 2015 11: 05
        and what exactly do you disagree with here?

        Isn’t that bureaucrat who crushed the child?
        Vasilyeva is not given conditionally?
        Kvachkov was not closed for some kind of "coup", which he was going to arrange with the help of a couple of traumatics?
        Guy, that a prostitute Makarevich sprinkled out of a can at a concert, aren't they trying to close now for 9 years?

        You do not see with your own eyes that the nonsense caste of untouchable bureaucrats simply arrogantly neighing the whole Russian people?
      3. Magadan
        Magadan April 26 2015 11: 05
        Damn, I'm sorry, I did not immediately drive in, that it was humor on your part repeat
    4. mihasik
      mihasik April 26 2015 11: 00
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      and the Russian one - something will not collapse in any way ...

      Of course, I apologize, but have you gone outside for a long time?
      Nothing that the country's population 100% robbed? No? And it was not sanctioned. The government in the person of ministers already openly says that the collapse of the ruble is beneficial for these! The ruble collapsed 100%, prices for Russian (I emphasize) goods equated to the dollar. The prosecutor’s office scared the speculators with scares, so what? Any results? In my opinion, prices have risen even further.
      Businesses collapse, people cut, the budget shrinks everywhere. What is this talking about? On the growth of the economy?) On the growing and inevitable prosperity ?!)
      If this government does not begin to move in the near future, it will be demolished and Putin will not help!
      1. Alex
        Alex April 26 2015 15: 29
        Quote: mihasik
        The prosecutor’s office scared the speculators with scares, so what? Any results? In my opinion, prices have risen even further.

        It is understandable - payment for fear.
  2. Andrey Yuryevich
    Andrey Yuryevich April 26 2015 05: 58
    The representative of the state prosecution suggested that the famous artist and famous singer Evgenia Vasilyeva be convicted of twelve episodes of fraud and abuse of power and sentenced to eight years in prison ... conditionally
    In those parts where everything in the world is measured with a wallet, Truth walks barefoot, Rolls lies in a carriage. Lying is always a little ahead of Truth. But do not be afraid: True Sandal wins. (S.Ya. Marshak.) I would like to believe ...
    1. 0,5
      0,5 April 26 2015 07: 32
      Quote: Andrew Y.

      I would like to believe ...

      Faith is gone, it was possible to believe before the speech of the prosecutor, who asked for 8 years CONDITION !!! This is a demonstration of untouchability !!! The phrase itself about the deception of the Minister of Defense by Vasilieva plunges into a flurry, is it a court or a showdown? Did she imitate an orgasm in bed imitating, or did she steal billions from the budget as part of an organized and united gang?
      This is a disgrace to modern Russia, and if the president doesn’t scold, the presumptuous clique is Putin’s personal disgrace !!!
      1. SRC P-15
        SRC P-15 April 26 2015 09: 17

        The source of the NTV TC, close to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy, stated that with its
        the proposal for the provision of "temporary asylum" for African migrants with Prime Minister of Italy Mateo Renzi shared his Ukrainian counterpart Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

        But everything is correct: in addition to the black master, to the Black Sea, to the black earth (chernozem), and to the dark times in Ukraine, it is time to bring in the black inhabitants!
        1. Lelek
          Lelek April 26 2015 13: 49
          Quote: СРЦ П-15
          by the black times in Ukraine, it’s time to bring in black residents too!

          Such an offer, the EU pan Padro made. Now, the remaining enterprises of the former Ukraine on gravel, chernozems will be seeded with GMOs, Chernobyl will be turned into a repository of nuclear waste in Europe and North America, and territories east of Kuev will be settled by refugees from Africa temporarily admitted to EU countries. Oil painting. bully
      2. Andrey Yuryevich
        Andrey Yuryevich April 26 2015 17: 06
        Quote: 0,5
        Quote: Andrew Y.

        I would like to believe ...

        Faith is gone, it was possible to believe before the speech of the prosecutor, who asked for 8 years CONDITION !!! This is a demonstration of untouchability !!! The phrase itself about the deception of the Minister of Defense by Vasilieva plunges into a flurry, is it a court or a showdown? Did she imitate an orgasm in bed imitating, or did she steal billions from the budget as part of an organized and united gang?
        This is a disgrace to modern Russia, and if the president doesn’t scold, the presumptuous clique is Putin’s personal disgrace !!!

        Yes, everything is so ... and there’s nothing to cover. request
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 April 26 2015 06: 06
    Guys, thanks for the weekly analysis.
    Nothing, Obama will write everything off. And the observers, and the Mistral. And Hollande. And Poroshenko, too

    Here without even talking. Only the United States does not need someone, they immediately "wash their hands." Nothing personal - business.
  4. shishakova
    shishakova April 26 2015 06: 11
    Thanks, very interesting)

    The junta, she is the junta, her common sense is useless. Everyone gets what they deserve.

    Vasilyeva is a Russian "soap opera" to distract people from more serious problems, in addition, the opposition also needs "food" - let them discuss it))

    About Hitler. I recall my youth (Nikolina Gora). In a company that was older than us, there were also five people who staged fascist processions at night. We did not understand this and decided that they were cuckoo))
    There will always be "smart people" who are not capable of anything sensible. Don't give a damn about them))
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. Russian phoenix
      Russian phoenix April 26 2015 10: 26
      Quote: shishakova
      About Hitler. I recall my youth (Nikolina Gora). In a company that was older than us, there were also five people who staged fascist processions at night. We did not understand this and decided that they were cuckoo))
      There will always be "smart people" who are not capable of anything sensible. Don't give a damn about them))

      Spit ONCE, spit TWO ... AND OP - PA fellow , Vlasovites with Bandera march along Tverskaya ...
      Ukraine, did not teach anything, spitters?
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. Alex
      Alex April 26 2015 15: 31
      Quote: shishakova
      There will always be "smart people" who are not capable of anything sensible. Don't give a damn about them))

      Twenty years ago, the same was said in Ukraine, like, "Don't mess with fools." The result is obvious: I still had to contact, but the price is different.
  5. Lord of Wrath
    Lord of Wrath April 26 2015 06: 38
    Great review of the week. Well, look 5 season of the Game of Thrones
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt April 26 2015 08: 53
      Yes, there was already one winter, and what's the point? Besides, summer is coming soon, actually bully !!!
      1. Russian phoenix
        Russian phoenix April 26 2015 10: 11
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        Yes, it was already one winter, and what's the point?

        Like what ? Warm Ukrainian (almost broke Brotherly), (chur me-chur), junta, cheap gas ...
      2. The comment was deleted.
    2. ICT
      ICT April 26 2015 09: 46
      Quote: Lord of Wrath
      Great review of the week

      but recently, reviews have become very one-sided and do not cover the whole picture of upcoming events at all
    3. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich April 26 2015 17: 07
      Quote: Lord of Wrath
      . Well, look at Season 5 of the Game of Thrones

      by the way, nothing ...
  6. Egoza
    Egoza April 26 2015 06: 52
    An account has been opened for the killers of Oles Buzina
    Alexander Zhilin - Head of the Center for the Study of Public Applied Problems (TsIOPP)
    His areas of activity include national security, geopolitics, information security, special services, and mass management technologies.
    This person will not deal with cheap fakes and stuffing.
    It is very similar to an organized drain of information on the murder of Oles Buzina from the higher structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine.
    Dead Oles for the junta is even worse than living.

    Alexander Nikishin
    Central News Agency Novorossia
    1. Lelek
      Lelek April 26 2015 20: 47
      Quote: Egoza
      This person will not deal with cheap fakes and stuffing.

      It would be nice with the personal data of the killer. And what Avakov does such things, so he and Nalivaychenko are not used to becoming. I would love to urinate on THEIR graves. Forgive me, Lord.
  7. Egoza
    Egoza April 26 2015 06: 54
    Hungry people go to eat supermarkets!

    Public movement "If you want to eat - kill the bourgeois!" encourages the people of Kiev to go and eat for free in the supermarket. They explain that they want to draw attention to the problem of price inflation.

    "This is not a joke, we will hold the action" Hunger Riot! "- we will go to supermarkets and bite food. If a person steals a stick of sausage or a piece of bread, then this is a crime. But while the goods are in the store, this is his property. Responsibility for spoiling food begins from one hundred and thirty-five thousand hryvnia. Therefore, as in the saying "I will bite what I don't eat," we will simply spoil the goods. And this is not a criminal offense, "says the coordinator of the movement Yuriy Kleinos.

    He adds that as soon as there are two hundred people willing to "bite", they will go to stores. Which ones have not been decided yet. If there are more people, the promotions will be in different supermarkets in the capital. Do this until the establishments begin to reduce prices.

    Anton Karamazov
    1. Kuznik
      Kuznik April 26 2015 14: 30
      Therefore, as in the saying "what I don't eat, I will bite", the goods will simply spoil
      laughing crests burn even when they eat. Previously, they threw mice into the store, now they themselves decided to stick in order to spoil the food. Presumably, only Russian jamon will haw, sniffing a grimace with saliva on the chin and blaming the Moskal havchik laughing
      My 15 points for the news !!! good
    2. Lelek
      Lelek April 26 2015 20: 41
      Quote: Egoza
      Hungry people go to eat supermarkets!

      Well, well-fed traders for pennies will hire canned scumbags with bats and it is not known who is more lucky. angry
  8. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin April 26 2015 07: 00
    This conceals the sacred meaning of all Ukrainian politics and the activities of those people who, begging for weapons from foreign states to eliminate compatriots, call themselves clergy and righteous.
    Everyone, namely, stained with blood or directing and helping, will be rewarded to everyone. Filaret knows about this.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza April 26 2015 07: 12
      Quote: s.melioxin
      Everyone, namely, stained with blood or directing and helping, will be rewarded to everyone. Filaret knows about this.

      He knows that he knows, but not without reason "blesses" Legion "S". Satan or what? No-no-et1 turns out to be the Legion of Liberty !!!! am

      In Chyhyryn (Ukraine, Cherkasy region), the presentation of the “Legion of Freedom”, created by the neo-fascist party “Freedom” by O. Tyagnibok, took place.
      The commander of the “Legion of Freedom” and the punitive battalion “Karpatska Sich” Oleg Kutsin said that the purpose of the audience was to destroy the Russian Federation.
      “Today we came here to pay tribute to those Ukrainian heroes who taught us to destroy the enemy. You have to understand - the war is just beginning. It will not end with the signing of a peace treaty. The task of our generation is to destroy this evil, to destroy the Russian Federation, ”said Kutsin.
      Also during the events, actions were called the “prayer for Ukraine”. The leader of the schismatic sect “Kiev Patriarchate” Filaret Denisenko conveyed his “blessings” to the assembled militants.
      “The aggressor attacked the Ukrainian peace-loving power. The intentions of this aggressor are not limited to Crimea, Donbass, or Ukraine. He wants to regain the glory of the second superpower. He wants to attack NATO countries. Threatens with nuclear weapons, ”Filaret said in his address.
      It is noted that the Legion has already lost 14 militants in the Donbass.
      The “Legion of Freedom” includes 127 deputies of councils of various levels, civil servants, chairmen of regional and district state administrations who are members of the Freedom All-Union Public Organization. In particular, five deputies of the parliament of the VII convocation - Alexei Kaida, Yuri Sirotyuk, Markiyan Lopachak, Andrey Tyagnybok, ex-vice speaker of the Republic of Belarus Ruslan Koshulinsky.
      1. s.melioxin
        s.melioxin April 26 2015 07: 53
        Hello, Elena! Filaret does not carry holy and good from God and protects the flock from Satan, he is Satan himself. Loud, noisy, but I think so, probably YOU. One, EXCEPT! Good luck to you.
        1. Lelek
          Lelek April 26 2015 21: 18
          Quote: s.melioxin

          Pop razstriga, like his friend Turchinov. In a word - SECTANTS.
      2. The comment was deleted.
      3. taram taramych
        taram taramych April 26 2015 10: 01
        Praise the Lord God, we know another "Chigirinsky centurion", this one is NOT EVEN. What words Gogol put into his mouth, how he easily and easily revealed, opened up the Russian soul - "... No, brothers, to love like the Russian soul, to love not only with the mind or something else, but with everything that God gave, that there is nothing in you, but Taras said, and waved his hand, and shook his gray head, and his mustache blinked, and said: No, no one can love like that! I know, meanly it has started now on our land; they only think that they have bread haystacks, ricks, and their horse herds, so that their sealed honeys would be intact in their cellars. The devil knows what Busurman customs; they abhor their tongue; they don't want to talk to their own; they sell theirs as they sell a soulless one in the marketplace. and not a king, but the disgusting mercy of the Polish magnate, who with his yellow chebot beats them in the face, is dearer to them than any brotherhood.But the last vile, whatever he is, even though he was all covered in soot and worship, is also that, brothers, a grain of Russian feeling. And it will wake up someday b, and he, miserable, will hit the floors with his hands, grab his head, cursing loudly his vile life, ready to atone for the shameful deed with torment. Let them all know what partnership means in the Russian land! For that matter, to die, none of them will have to die like that! .. No one, no one! .. They don't have enough mouse nature for that! "
  9. Volga Cossack
    Volga Cossack April 26 2015 07: 08
    thank! Effectively as always!
  10. Egoza
    Egoza April 26 2015 07: 23
    A fighter of the Army of the Luhansk People’s Republic spoke about how the National Guard and “Aydar” shot fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who were going to be taken prisoner by the militia.
    Militia officer: “A comrade told me, he said at night they stood, either holding a checkpoint or some kind of fortification, and before them the battle began.
    It was at night, the battle went on for two or three hours. It was at two in the morning, and by five at seven people came to surrender to them seven Ukrainian soldiers - VSUshnikov.
    Bandaged, bandaged, wounded all.
    And they say that 80 people went to surrender that night, and only seven came.
    This “Aydar” and the National Guard opened fire on them. That is, they’ve soaked their own! ”

    Well! Someone has enlightenment, but “someone” is very afraid of it! It's a pity that so few guys got there, but I hope that both Aydar and the National Guard were battered pretty well!
  11. uzer 13
    uzer 13 April 26 2015 07: 28
    [quote] [/ the damage inflicted on Ms Vasiliev by the RF Ministry of Defense is estimated at 3 billion rubles]

    In Cherepovets, a woman stole a scooter 23.04/16 [23:XNUMX]
    The identity of the suspect has been established. She turned out to be a woman of 58 years. To explain why she decided on such a strange theft, Cherepovets could not. The scooter was returned to the child.

    A criminal case has been opened under article 158 “Theft”. The sanction provides punishment in the form of imprisonment for a term of up to 2 years.
  12. s.melioxin
    s.melioxin April 26 2015 07: 43
    “Is he (Obama) surprised that the Russians complied with the agreement concluded with him?” This is what strikes. ”
    Two people, two presidents. But what all the same they are different. Each of them tries for his country, for his people and how differently it turns out.
  13. Egoza
    Egoza April 26 2015 07: 55
    Today is April 26 - the day of the Chernobyl tragedy! In Ukraine and the media, it’s still quiet. However, if they remember, then following the current Central Administration they will surely blame the USSR and the Russian Federation as a successor. And will they remember the HEROES who, at the cost of their lives, then protected the whole people, and Europe in addition!
    1. andj61
      andj61 April 26 2015 08: 28
      Quote: Egoza
      Today - April 26 - the day of the Chernobyl tragedy!

      Remember, grieve.
    2. APASUS
      APASUS April 26 2015 14: 02
      Quote: Egoza
      Today is April 26 - the day of the Chernobyl tragedy! In Ukraine and the media, it’s still quiet. However, if they remember, then following the current Central Administration they will surely blame the USSR and the Russian Federation as a successor. And will they remember the HEROES who, at the cost of their lives, then protected the whole people, and Europe in addition!

      Elena, I honestly missed this information, but I thought that the second protective sarcophagus had already been built and today I found out that there was no money again. I understood it was stolen. Poroshenko again asks for money from the Europeans.
      But in reality, how are things going there?
      If you do not mind.
      1. Egoza
        Egoza April 26 2015 15: 05
        Quote: APASUS
        But in reality, how are things going there?

        “The infamous Unit XNUMX looks deserted. The rusty walls contrast sharply with the nearby sparkling arch of the new sarcophagus, which has been pushed over the reactor along the rails. People work there, but the facility is so huge that it resembles bugs on bread.
        According to the Chief Engineer of the Shelter Project, Vladimir Kashtanov, the new confinement will be commissioned on November 30, 2017 (previously it was supposed to be completed in 2015, but then the deadlines were postponed to November 2017). The project provides not only for covering the emergency power unit, but also for its dismantling. "The project of the new confinement is divided into two complexes," says Kashtanov. "This is the arch itself and all its systems, and the dismantling of the fourth power unit. The strategy is already in place, but the design has not begun: there is no funding." The new sarcophagus is designed for 100 years, during which the power unit will be dismantled. The old sarcophagus, fortified in 2008, can stand until 2023. The entire project will cost 2 billion euros, one and a half of them - the arch itself. Half of the funds have already been spent. "

        "At the site of the future Centralized Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel, there are only flags - Ukrainian and American - and the first stone has been laid"
        I strongly advise you to follow this link, if anyone is interested, a good article, a lot of photos and details about ISFSF-2
        1. APASUS
          APASUS April 26 2015 21: 53
          Quote: Egoza


          Ukraine is increasingly turning into a nuclear garbage dump, sadly ............ very sad.
  14. Sergey 2014
    Sergey 2014 April 26 2015 09: 03
    Thanks to the guys for as always a brief but very interesting review.
  15. EvgNik
    EvgNik April 26 2015 10: 45
    Our Svalbard even issued their money. I (if not lost) still lie. It seems to be 50 kopecks. It was circulated only on the islands. And thanks for the review, as always.
  16. Magadan
    Magadan April 26 2015 10: 58
    "Where is the prosecutor's office? Where is the criminal case on the propaganda of Nazism? We will not get off this topic until we find out .."
    ... our reader writes about the Nazi "onizhedeyah" who threw a party in honor of Hitler.

    Answer: the prosecutor's office is busy otmazyvanie Vasilyeva and other "untouchables", as well as planting the remnants of patriots like Kvachkov and that kid who dared to spray at Makarevich's concert (they want to close him for 9 years).
    Have you not yet understood that the prosecutor’s office, under the leadership of the liberal liberal Chaika, has turned into a closed-type sect that is engaged in the destruction of all pro-Russian?
    ODERVIT April 26 2015 10: 59
    Thanks for the review.
  18. not Russian
    not Russian April 26 2015 11: 34
    Soon very soon
  19. Boa kaa
    Boa kaa April 26 2015 11: 39
    How long have I lived, I never cease to be amazed at the cynicism and greed of the "exceptional"!
    The US president said that he was very surprised at how long Russia delayed the delivery of these air defense systems to Iran. Israeli journalist Alon Ben David was amazed: “Is he (Obama) surprised that the Russians complied with the agreement concluded with him? This is what strikes. ”
    There is no limit to hypocrisy! Even the Jews were surprised - and this is not easy to achieve, even with all the efforts of the goyim.
    And other representatives of the Israeli press reported on Obama’s statement that their jaws dropped.

    And they are also called the strategic ally of Israel!
    Apparently it is time for God's chosen ones to change their orientation ... Stop engaging in sodomism with the States. It is time for the gayrope to offer "his own gesheft", to recognize Palestine and to make peace with the Arabs. Otherwise, it’s an WRONG hour, the exceptional Nobel laureates of the world of God chosen for the sake of their “national” interests in BV will completely sell, regardless of the Jewish lobby ...
    Or the last resort is to complain about the exceptional GDP so that he punishes him! laughing
    PS / To the statesmen: Calm down! picture - photoshop! This can be clearly seen in the bales on the heads and in the area of ​​the rabbi's index finger. But there is something in it ...
  20. Sendi7s
    Sendi7s April 26 2015 11: 57
    Thanks to the authors for the review! It turns out how many events passed me in five days. But thanks to you - it was possible to fill this gap! smile
  21. Magadan
    Magadan April 26 2015 12: 04
    A strange feeling - I suddenly listened to Alice's song "Red on Black" and sharply recovered my sight - this is about us, and it's about our time, about what is happening now, about what I read in Oleg and Alexei's Review ... One hundred years of this I didn’t hear the song ... and then suddenly it was straight.
  22. olegyurjewitch
    olegyurjewitch April 26 2015 14: 39
    The review, as always, is short but clear. Of course, it would not be bad to add here about Kasyanov's trip to the USA, where he gave a list of journalists and heads of TV companies who should be added to the Magnitsky list. These are eight people, and if Kasyanov gives a ride, he is going to add thirteen more.
    And of course, the sick string is Vasilyeva’s business. A conditional term for some three billion? Come on, we still have it. And if jokes aside, then this is a spit in the face of the entire system of justice, a shame on the prosecutor's office, a blow to the legal foundations of the state. This kind of impunity opens a loophole for our officials to steal state property without fear of punishment. The work of so many people who meticulously collected evidence, everything goes out of the blue?
  23. kompotnenado
    kompotnenado April 26 2015 15: 42
    Barack wakes up screaming in a cold sweat. Michelle: "What's the matter with you Lamb?"
    "Imagine a nightmare. The meeting in the Kremlin. Putin says:" The floor is given to the governor of the North American Federal District. I'm not ready! "
  24. Egoza
    Egoza April 26 2015 15: 46
    New from Vitalik!
    According to Klitschko, even in the Kiev city state administration are engaged in requisitions, about which rumors come to him from time to time. In this regard, the mayor asks all residents of Kiev, who have ever demanded money from city officials, to signal to the Kyiv City State Administration and to him personally. But he promises to “give in the teeth” to those greedy for someone else, and point to the door to colleagues caught by surprise and declare to the prosecutor’s office.

    “Even if one of the small clerks is noticed in bribery, the head of the department or department will be punished, since he is responsible for the work of his subordinates,” the city head said. He said that the efforts of the new government have already uncovered a number of corruption schemes in the city.

    “These are billions of hryvnias that Kiev is so short of in order to put in order roads, infrastructure, and support utilities and institutions. I already said: only the former management of Kyivpasstrans KP robbed the capital budget of 3 billion hryvnias. And that’s not all, ”said the capital’s mayor.

    He added that he had agreed in Poland on cooperation in the fight against corruption: “Recently, I returned from a business trip, during which I agreed on a specific interaction. The Poles are ready to provide legal advice and give their advice on how to get rid of bribery. " Source:

  25. Egoza
    Egoza April 26 2015 15: 59
    Heroes are not heroes anymore !!! But in my opinion they will add a headache (if not on the head) to all kinds of "bosses" together with the president. wassat

    OUN battalion in Ukraine refused to obey Kiev
    The commander of the "Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists" (OUN) battalion, Mykola Kokhanivsky, announced live on April 26 that he refused to become subordinate to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
    “We made this decision because we were disarmed in a rude manner and brought out, violating all our agreements with the armed forces of Ukraine,” he said. He also noted that "if the state does not need volunteers and it does this to the soldiers who protect it," then the soldiers of the battalion do not want to be legalized as a separate unit in this state.

    The statement of Kokhanivsky was the result of an earlier order issued by the army command, requiring the battalion to surrender weapons within two hours and leave Donbass, where the unit fought as a volunteer.
    As Minister of Defense of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak stated the other day, there are no more voluntary associations in the southeast, they are all transferred to the Armed Forces and the National Guard.
    In addition to the OUN, several volunteer battalions such as "Azov", "Aydar", "Donbass", "Dnepr" and others are operating or have operated in Donbass.

  26. Slogin
    Slogin April 26 2015 19: 06
    About the earthquake in Nepal, not a word, about the development of events in Yemen, too.
  27. Mindaugas
    Mindaugas April 26 2015 19: 19
    The current ruling elite of Ukraine needs to remember the history of the 20th century. More precisely - her separate episodes. For example, the history of inciting World War II and how it all ended, but Ukraine is not able to remember history, because it invented its own. Sucked from a finger. He seriously talks about protoukras and other characters of mythical bestiaries. There are no sane politicians in Kiev. And it can't be. There "onizhedeti" of the Maidan sit on top of each other and drive each other. So ... It's all sad.
  28. Victor Demchenko
    Victor Demchenko April 26 2015 19: 57
    Quote: Slogin
    About the earthquake in Nepal, not a word, about the development of events in Yemen, too.

    Do we need it? I personally on the drum, where it shakes and why the Arabs are fighting there! we have to go home at home ORDERING, DO NOT FOLLOW to climb with YOUR CHARTER to other people's monasteries. while the glory of the Lord, the rains of the dormitory fires in the Far East and in Khakassia, that same circus (and otherwise called) with Vasilyeva, and affairs with Ukrainians are not yet understood, these problems must be solved! and it’s interesting to him what’s happening with Yemen ... open the Internet and find in a search engine ... and Google to help you! what
  29. [comment-show]
    evgmiz April 26 2015 22: 32
    Quote: mihasik
    Quote: Mountain Shooter
    and the Russian one - something will not collapse in any way ...

    Of course, I apologize, but have you gone outside for a long time?
    Nothing that the country's population 100% robbed? No? And it was not sanctioned. The government in the person of ministers already openly says that the collapse of the ruble is beneficial for these! The ruble collapsed 100%, prices for Russian (I emphasize) goods equated to the dollar. The prosecutor’s office scared the speculators with scares, so what? Any results? In my opinion, prices have risen even further.
    Businesses collapse, people cut, the budget shrinks everywhere. What is this talking about? On the growth of the economy?) On the growing and inevitable prosperity ?!)

    If this government does not begin to move in the near future, it will be demolished and Putin will not help!

    Who will demolish? Are those scammers and other crooks released under an amnesty for Victory Day, apparently considering them to be involved in it? Where will they go, given that ordinary people have no work? .. That's right, on the street, where we are afraid to stick our nose out at night - there are only urki and cops ...
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    The comment was deleted.
    [/ comment-deleted]