He lived and will live

He lived and will live

Izhevsk Machine Building OJSC develops fifth-generation Kalashnikov assault rifles at the request of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
The Russian military department has formulated new requirements for the characteristics of the small arms models required by the army in modern conditions. The management of the enterprise has set the task for the weapons design center to develop, by the end of 2011, the initiative to develop prototypes of products for these requirements in accordance with the best world samples. In the new fifth generation, the performance and ergonomics should be significantly improved, and the AK reliability should be maintained. In 2012, it is necessary to prepare them for participation in state trials, on the basis of which Izhmash expects to receive a positive opinion and return to supplies to the Russian army.

In response to statements by a number of media outlets about the withdrawal of the Kalashnikov assault rifle in connection with the refusal of the Russian Ministry of Defense to purchase this type of weapon, the company's press service stated: “Izhmash is the only developer and manufacturer of automatic weapons systems of M.T. Kalashnikov and a wide range of civilian weapons produced on its base. The Kalashnikov assault rifle today is the most common, most reliable small arms in the world. Currently, the plant produces AK series “100”, the fourth generation, commissioned by law enforcement agencies and special forces of the Russian Federation, fulfills major contracts in the field of military-technical cooperation. An extensive portfolio of orders in the field of civilian, hunting and sporting weapons has been formed. ”

The report notes that Izhmash constantly carries out work to modernize and update the characteristics of the weapons produced. The AK-74 machine gun, which became the next modification of the AK family, was put into service in the 1974 year and was produced for the needs of the army before the 1991. In 1991, the modification of AK-74М was adopted. Currently, it is the main sample of small arms in the Russian army. In the course of further work on improving it on Izhmash, the “hundredth” series of Kalashnikov assault rifles was developed and put into service in 2001. Today, these samples are made by Izhevsk Machinery for the security forces of the Russian Federation, and are also the main ones for deliveries through the VTS line.
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