The army will buy simple helicopters instead of expensive ones

The army will buy simple helicopters instead of expensive ones

The export version of the Mi-35 Ministry of Defense chose the latest machines Mi-28Н
The Ministry of Defense decided to purchase a batch of Mi-35М helicopters, an export version of the legendary Mi-24, nicknamed the troops "Crocodile". These helicopters are much easier to learn and can be put into the combat units faster than the latest Mi-28, a source in the military-industrial complex told Izvestia.

The first Mi-35M helicopters, the deliveries of which began this year, will be used to support special forces. The Russian Air Force has so far maintained an acute shortage of modern all-weather helicopters, and to support the special forces, such machines, capable of flying at any time of the day and in any weather, are especially important.

- More sophisticated helicopters - Ka-52 and Mi-28Н are not enough yet, besides, it is more difficult to master them, and for some of them to reach combat readiness they need more time. Mi-35M - a machine created on the basis of a proven and tested platform, its readiness is much higher - said the source of the newspaper.

He also added that the Ministry of Defense has already ordered 20 with more helicopters of this type, and is exploring the possibility of further purchases of this machine.

According to information received by Izvestia in the military department, it is planned to form a special-purpose helicopter unit equipped with transport and combat vehicles as part of the Air Force. Such a unit will be able to perform tasks similar to those in the US Army’s 160 th aviation regiment of special operations.

“This unit will be equipped with all-weather helicopters that will be able to land special forces and support it with fire in all conditions except a hurricane.” As a result, our special forces will be able to solve their tasks much more quickly, and will get a big initiative, the source said.

The attack helicopter Mi-35М, developed on the basis of the late modification of the Mi-24 - Mi-24VP at the beginning of the 2000-s, is one of the best modern helicopters of this class. It is slightly inferior to the newest Mi-28H in flight performance and booking, but surpasses the main American AH-64 Apache helicopter in these indicators, and the Mi-35M equipment allows you to fully perform combat missions in bad weather and at night.

The development of the Mi-24 platform is a sensible move by the Ministry of Defense, says Ivan Kudishin, chief editor of the TsAGI weekly Aviation and Missile Technology.

- This is a machine with unlimited upgrade potential. It is being improved everywhere - from Latin America to Southeast Asia. With the installation of modern weapons and navigation equipment, the Mi-35M is practically not inferior to the latest machines - he said.

In addition to the Mi-35M, the Russian Air Force today also acquires combat helicopters Mi-28H and Ka-52. The supply of combat helicopters for the Air Force in 2011 should exceed 30 units, which will be between a quarter and a third of the total supplies of helicopters in the interests of the Ministry of Defense this year.
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