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China has developed its own combat version of the Su-30 - J-11BSM

China has developed its own combat version of the Su-30 - J-11BSM

According to the Canadian online magazine Kanwa Defense Review, China, based on the prototype of the J-11BS two-seater training and combat aircraft (the “China” version of the Su-30), created a more advanced modification of the J-11BSM, which is equipped with domestic on-board avionics, radar, electronic warfare systems and able to use modern types of Chinese aircraft weapons, which was not available for J-11BS / Su-30.

J-11BSM is designed to give the PLA Air Force the ability to perform strategic "offensive and defensive missions." The Chinese Air Force has an inadequate number of Flying Leopard JH-7 heavy fighter-bombers, besides, these planes do not have high combat capabilities. J-11BSM is the "best option" to enhance the capabilities of the PLA Air Force, the magazine writes.

China has invested in the creation of this option "a lot of money." As soon as a sufficient number of J-11BSM appears, this factor allows to eliminate the drawbacks of the PLA Air Force. The aircraft has the ability to refuel in the air, strike at long distances, it will be possible to integrate on them new types of Chinese weapons.

The magazine also writes that Mikhail Pogosyan, head of the Sukhoi Design Bureau, publicly stated that Russia has never made claims against China in “plagiarism” and that he “firmly believes that China is upgrading its aircraft using its own technological components.”
The British magazine Jane's Defense Weekly published an article in which he noted that China had reached a “deep understanding of the Su-27 / 30 technologies” and that the charges of infringement of intellectual rights are “biased”.
Australian magazine Air Power Australia writes that J-11B / BS only looks similar to the Russian Su-27SK and Su-30UBK, but the internal filling is completely Chinese - digital data line, IR detection system, "glass cabin", EW system . According to the magazine, the Chinese versions have "their own unique design." “In particular, J-11B / BS are equipped with modern on-board equipment, which has never been in the Russian Su-27 / 30, moreover, now even the engines have begun to change to Chinese,” the magazine said.

The American aerospace magazine Aviation Week & Space Technology posted comments that the Chinese J-11B fighter, in terms of its technologies and methods of mass production, "distanced itself far" from the Su-27/30 and "became one step closer to Western standards." "If China wants to create a multifunctional fighter, then its capabilities will be equivalent to the American F-15E," the magazine writes. Further, the publication notes that China is currently capable of developing its own new generation fighters, AWACS and control aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft and a wide range of high-precision aircraft weapons. Once the J-11BS / BSM enter service with the PLA Air Force, China will have more opportunities to dominate the Taiwan Strait, East China and South China Seas, the magazine notes.

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  1. Motherland
    Motherland 3 October 2011 10: 45
    China is quietly stealing technology and no one can not answer what has become so strong that the United States only mumbles a little under its breath ...
    1. Vadivak
      Vadivak 3 October 2011 17: 03
      Mikhail Poghosyan has publicly stated that Russia has never made claims against China in "plagiarism", and that he "firmly believes that China will modernize aircraft using its own technological components."

      Maybe the journalists got it wrong. Poghosyan made a statement like that and Petrosyan?
  2. merkawa
    merkawa 3 October 2011 10: 50
    And ours are generally keeping quiet! China created, it's ridiculous! Stole roughly speaking, this is another matter.
  3. svvaulsh
    svvaulsh 3 October 2011 12: 12
    If I were a Chinese, I would be proud of the achievements of the country's economic intelligence, but now I am only bitter for the venality of power and toothless structures that did not prevent the leakage of production technologies.
  4. raf
    raf 3 October 2011 12: 36
    One thing is good, while the Chinese only copy, they will always be behind!
  5. DEfindER
    DEfindER 3 October 2011 12: 39
    The phrase of the Americans is not clear - “If China wants to create a multi-functional fighter, then it will be equivalent in its capabilities to the American F-15E”
    For the Chinese, it’s worse to create an airplane than they have now, if of course the J-11BSM is not very different from the original Su-27, then the F-15 wasn’t lying around.
  6. spirit
    spirit 3 October 2011 14: 28
    Perhaps the Martians are afraid to fly over China !! God forbid, the engine stalls over their territory, in 24 hours the plate will already be on the conveyor near Shanghai wink
    1. Sergh
      Sergh 3 October 2011 14: 56
      Listen, I was bad for five minutes from your jokes! Well done +!
      But here is the case, the most important part of the blade, they can’t do, I repeat, they won’t be able to, why do they buy them in large quantities (Right now Russia has closed) and the whole industry depends on us!
      Only Russia, the United States, France, Germany produces such things.
      Why, and instead of 4000 hours for the Chinese, well, I will not say, dviglo works 200-400 hours. They are not soon to us !!!
    2. escobar
      escobar 3 October 2011 16: 24
      + for a sense of humor)))))
    3. Konstantm
      Konstantm 3 October 2011 17: 06
      +++ For insight !!!!
  7. Ivan Tarasov
    Ivan Tarasov 3 October 2011 17: 45
    I can not find information on the Su-30MKL, can anyone tell if there is such a modification?

    The aircraft presented by China is not bad, however, Chinese engines still have an extremely limited resource.
    1. svvaulsh
      svvaulsh 4 October 2011 22: 22
      Based on the current classification, the third letter of the modification indicates the country of the buyer (MKK-China, MKM-Malaysia). Perhaps, as an option, MKL developed for Libya, although not a fact! Differences in avionics, weapons, absence, or the presence of PGO, UVT.