The new enemy of the United States, or the threat of nuclear war

The new enemy of the United States, or the threat of nuclear war

Judging by the recent statements by the American authorities, they have found a new enemy for themselves in the world after Hussein and Gaddafi. In recent years, a situation has clearly emerged that shows that the United States cannot and does not want to live without an external enemy. The search for enemies on the territory of other states has long been a part of foreign and domestic policy of the United States. America is thirsting for blood, like a real maniac of national importance.

So, Pakistan was unexpectedly declared a new enemy of Washington. Yes Yes! That same Pakistan, which until recently was even funded directly from the US state treasury. The very same pakistan that has nuclear weapon. That same Pakistan, which for many years the Americans themselves called the bulwark of stability in the region. So what influenced Washington?

Hillary Clinton, as well as representatives of the Pentagon, unexpectedly told the world community that Islamabad actively supports terrorists in Afghanistan and almost at the state level indulges the Taliban activists. They say that the Taliban cross the Afghan-Pakistani border in order to "rest" in Islamabad and other Pakistani cities from fighting with the forces of the combined NATO contingent. Such accusations were not only heard by the Pakistani authorities, but they also reacted harshly to them. That was what the States needed. Like, you still snap!

After Islamabad’s harsh reaction to accusations against them by the United States, military officials, and the US Department of State declared that they no longer intend to tolerate the Pakistani regime. Here it is the moment of truth!

In Libya, all things have been done, Afghanistan has already hypothetically prepared for the withdrawal of American troops. Therefore, a new adversary is needed today for airing out budgetary funds from semi-comatose American economy and distracting from real financial problems. Barack Obama today needs, by all means, to convince Congress that whatever the crisis, and the Pakistani security threat is much more dangerous. Of course, Congress will once again allocate billions of dollars to the fight against "Pakistani evil" in the form of attacking "peaceful" NATO forces in Afghanistan. After all, in the US Congress, there are people who need to sell weapons, build up their fortune at any cost and create geopolitics with someone else’s hands, which is beneficial only to them. This is where Pakistan turned up.

In such a situation, Hamid Karzai, the head of Afghanistan, who is clearly not enthusiastic about the fact that the Americans wanted to leave him alone with the Taliban, deprived of all funding, could sigh with full breastfeeding. Apparently, the Americans are still weak in these intricacies of Asian politics, when in the morning the Afghan police are actively helping NATO, and in the evening the same cops can slash a dagger into the throat of a US lieutenant.

It seems that the Americans are becoming victims of their own chosen geopolitical tactics. They are ready to rush literally into anything that is moving somewhat in the wrong direction, which seems to them beneficial. However, the situation with Pakistan is fundamentally different from all that was before.

Imagine for a moment what could happen if the American authorities are smart enough to launch an operation against Islamabad. Pakistan can just take it, and it can even fire its own nuclear weapons anywhere. It is unlikely that it will fly to the United States, but to the very same Israel - completely. I do not even want to think about the consequences of this blow. One can imagine how India, for example, is now feeling itself, for which it has its own bills with Pakistan. Two nuclear powers with a common border, and even not capable of resolving territorial disputes peacefully - this is a real boiler. After all, if the United States accuses Pakistan of aiding the Taliban, then Islamabad can really begin closer cooperation with the terrorists. What can it lead to? And besides, in the hands of the Taliban will be a nuclear bomb, and this is a real threat to all mankind. Everyone remembers how the Taliban staged mass executions in stadiums and blew up Buddha statues. And, if they had a weapon of mass destruction, they would arrange a real big-bang of the Universal scale.

Do the Americans decide on this deadly adventure with a military operation in Pakistan? I do not want to think that the White House, along with the Pentagon, has survived out of his mind, but that is what is being diagnosed so far.
Alexey Volodin
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