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Why are negotiations with Iran classified


Negotiations around the Iranian nuclear program are very nervous. Each side tries to push an opponent into additional concessions.

For several days, the world has been waiting for the end of negotiations between the Six and Iran, which are taking place in Lausanne. However, the parties can not reach a compromise solution. There are very few official comments, but according to unofficial data, among the main problems for which it is not possible to agree is the procedure for lifting sanctions as well as the period during which the Iranian nuclear program will be partially frozen. Meanwhile, the negotiation period ends on March 31. About why the parties can not come to an agreement and what happens if this agreement is not reached in an interview with “Expert Online” told Iranian, visiting researcher at Georgetown University Sevak Sarukhanyan.

Why can't the parties agree for so long? What is the catch?

In that the deadline expires only 31 March, and therefore the Iranians will pull with the agreements until the last moment. Now, judging by the press reports, the Iranian negotiators have begun to say that there are certain forces inside the country that will fail to ratify an unprofitable agreement, therefore it is necessary for the Western countries to make maximum concessions. And judging by the recent statement by Netanyahu, the Iranians manage to force the Americans to make concessions. This is partly why at least most experts believe that the agreement will eventually be signed the other day, I have some doubts. Seeing that their strategy is working, the Iranians want to knock out a few more weeks to discuss the interim agreement.

What exactly is this "disadvantage", which is pushing the Iranians?

Tehran advocates that its "sovereignty is not limited." According to the preliminary draft agreement, the Islamic Republic should freeze part of its nuclear program for 10 years. The Iranians want it to be about 10, and after this period, all restrictions on them (for example, in the area of ​​uranium enrichment) would be automatically removed. After this period, the West wants another 5-year interim period, during which, under the IAEA control, the Iranian program will be defrosted gradually, step by step. The Iranian side is not directly, but through the deputies of the Mejlis or other officials, states that 10 has already been a concession from Iran for years, and it will not make big strides in this matter.

Do Iranians understand that this strategy carries significant risks? And that she can simply disrupt the entire negotiation process, as well as the signing of an agreement?

If you look at the course of all negotiations, without a final agreement, Iran has already removed the cream from them in the form of partial relief of the sanctions regime (and, apparently, irrevocable), withdrawal from isolation, partial recovery of oil exports. Yes, theoretically, with the full lifting of sanctions, Iran will be able to restore oil exports in full, but how profitable is it, given the current level of prices for "black gold"? A number of Iranian economists say that at such prices even a full recovery of export volumes will not return Iran to the “pre-sanctioned” period of 2009-2010. Then, after all, there were not only high oil prices, but also huge gold and foreign exchange reserves - about 90 billions of dollars. Instead of spending them on structural reforms of the economy, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad sent them to support social stability and subsidies. He wanted the people to feel the care of the president and allowed Ahmadinejad to hold the post of the next successor to his protege Esfandiyar Rahim Mashai. So that no one bothers him to spend money, Ahmadinejad even eliminated the Iranian Planning Organization, which has been responsible for major government spending since the 50s. And in the end, up to today, the Rouhani government rakes the rubble of the economic policy of its predecessor - including trying to find papers on where these or other billions of dollars went.

Is a wider lifting of sanctions not interesting to Iran either? Apparently, there is no talk about the full one - the Congress simply will not vote for the lifting of the restrictions it imposed.

Having taken a tough stance on negotiations and actually turning off the process, Congress itself deprived himself of the opportunity to fail the deal. After Netanyahu’s speech at the Capitol, Iran publicly expressed its concerns regarding the US’s ability to implement the agreement, and the parties agreed that the sanctions would be lifted at the UN Security Council, the European Union and the US president would remove what he could lift from the American side. Since the Iranian economy is primarily associated with the EU, China and the Persian Gulf, the preservation of some of the US sanctions on Iranians will not be particularly affected.

And how did Iran accept the congressional statements that the deal will be valid only while Obama is in power?

With humor. Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif even began to teach Congress about US law. In general, this discrepancy between the White House and the Capitol played into the hands of the Iranians: Iran took advantage of this situation in order to knock out additional concessions from Washington. In Iran, for comparison, such discrepancies no longer exist. During the last two months (that is, when the negotiations reached the finish line), spiritual leader Ali Khamenei supported the negotiating team, and a number of representatives of conservative circles began to say that they did not doubt the devotion of team members to the ideas of the Islamic revolution.

However, the congressional position is gradually changing. Netanyahu’s speech was a sort of peak of anti-Iranian sentiment. Now a number of congressmen began to change their position, including, by the way, because of Netanyahu. A number of African-American congressmen who had previously supported Israel angered the Israeli Prime Minister’s words about voting Arabs (on election day, he said that his rivals from the left-wing camp were trying to bring Israeli Arabs to the polling stations to get more mandates - Expert Online) and said de facto cease support for the Netanyahu government. And, apparently, will change the attitude to the transaction. Thus, if the final version of the agreement does not hurt his eyes much, then there will be no strong opposition on the Capitol.

Against the background of the nuclear talks that could prevent a major Middle Eastern war, everyone somehow forgot about the interests of Iran in Yemen, which in the long term are capable of causing this war. How does Tehran assess the situation in this country? And how far is he willing to go in support of the Hussites?

This support really exists, but it is not worth exaggerating its degree. Tehran does not need to arm the Hussites, since they dragged so much from Yemen’s military arsenals weaponshow many Iranians would never even have been able to theoretically supply them. So Iranians help at the diplomatic level as well as in the field of military counseling.

As for the assessment, the statements of the Iranian side are rather restrained. Iran views Saudi actions as a violation of Yemen’s sovereignty, but if the Saudis hope that Tehran will get involved in the conflict and thus jeopardize a nuclear deal, then this will not happen.

Firstly, because the Hussites are not so close to the core. Yes, formally they are Shiites, but not from the point of view of classical Iranian Shiism. For example, the Zaydites recognized Wahhabism as a legitimate branch of Islam, which Iran has never been and never can have. Yes and no they have age stories interactions with Iranian Shiites, such as those of Iraqi.

Secondly, for Iran, Yemen is a periphery. Tehran is now solving a more fundamental task in Iraq. For him, this is the primary area of ​​interest, and Yemen is the secondary. However, in the future, the importance of Yemen may increase. After the Iranians finish nuclear talks and deal a decisive blow to the IG, they will more actively use Yemen to destabilize the situation in Saudi Arabia.

If only Saudi Arabia during this time does not deal a decisive blow to the Hussites.

Well, Saudi operations in Yemen will not end quickly. First, it will not be easy to deal with the wrangling because of their extreme militancy and aggressiveness. They, for example, can become the imam of anyone who rebelled against injustice and against the enemy, so war is seen as a kind of social elevator. The Turks, by the way, experienced the hard way - at the beginning of the 20th century, they were faced with the Zidite uprising, and simply could not suppress it. A few years ago, Abdullah Gul was in Yemen and visited a memorial dedicated to tens of thousands of dead Turkish soldiers and officers.

In addition, Riyadh will have to strike not only against the Hussites - against the background of the aggressive anti-Shiite rhetoric of Saudi Arabia and its actions, all Yemenite Shiites have rallied around the Houthites.

And can Iran raise, along with Yemen, the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia?

Theoretically, it can - a huge resource for destabilization. Unlike the late King Abdullah, who did a lot to reduce the contradictions between Saudi Shiites and Sunnis (for example, he opened branches of the National Assembly in Eastern Province, where they discussed including the problems of the Shiite community), the new King Salman is a radical. We have already begun to talk about the fact that he can abolish all moderate reforms of his predecessor, concerning both Shiites and, for example, improving women's rights. And if after the liberalization of life there is a reaction, then it causes more rapid resistance than the one that would have been without liberalization.

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  1. Magic archer
    Magic archer April 2 2015 18: 17
    The new King Salman is a radical ... Does this mean that the Saudis are no longer allies of the states ?! After all, at the moment, it is the United States, according to the radical currents of Islam, that is the aggressor country!
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets April 2 2015 19: 13
      Quote: Magic Archer
      The new king of the Salman radical ..

      Before him, there were only liberals. smile
    2. sent-onere
      sent-onere April 2 2015 19: 40
      Why is it immediately classified? Every day in the news
      .In American: "We have made progress in negotiations with Iraq. Although there are still a number of disagreements."
      In Euronews "Moscow promotes progress in negotiations with Iran ..."
      According to the BBC, "The United States managed to outline the main points by agreement with Iran .."
      According to Al Jazeera: "Iran has succeeded in changing many points of the agreement. And bargaining for additional concessions from the American side, which the American Congress does not really like."
      The funny thing is that all the parties say that they managed to advance ... find a common point ... achieve mutual understanding, and so on, like the American one. Like everyone else. It turns out that things are moving forward. And things are still there.
      I would suggest to lock all the negotiators in the room until that time. When they really reach an agreement. And do not "move forward in the negotiations." As was the case with the last Minsk agreements in Belarus. And not feed until they are signed.
    3. Eugene-Eugene
      Eugene-Eugene April 2 2015 20: 52
      New King Salman-radical

      This means his position on the Saudi Shiites and nothing more. If the former king made certain curtsies towards the Shiites ("liberal"), then the new monarch backtracked on that issue ("radicalized"). That's the whole point of his radicalism in this context.
      1. Magic archer
        Magic archer April 2 2015 22: 12
        Maybe you are right. But most of all I am surprised by the reaction of the minusers! Without saying anything to set,. Shyness and meekness, this is the only thing that can not make such people enter into a dispute! hi
        1. Revolver
          Revolver April 2 2015 23: 16
          Quote: Magic Archer
          Cowardice and wit the only thing what can not make such people enter into a dispute!

          I agree to all 100. drinks
          Although no, cowardice and foolishness are not one reason, but two.laughing
        2. Vladimirets
          Vladimirets April 2 2015 23: 16
          Quote: Magic Archer
          Cowardice and low mind, this is the only thing that can not make such people enter into a dispute!

          Nevermind. wink
    4. Shirioner
      Shirioner April 3 2015 02: 35
      An agreement has already been signed with Iran. Time will pass and this agreement will take its place in the shameful row with the Munich agreements, and Obama’s name will be on a par with the names of Chamberlain and Daladier
  2. Vityura
    Vityura April 2 2015 18: 18
    The fact that anger is a bad adviser, in the West they know, that's okay. The whole trouble is that anger does not wait when they ask her for advice, but imposes these tips without demand. negative
  3. Revolver
    Revolver April 2 2015 18: 25
    Thus, if the final version of the agreement will not be too pricky, then there will be no strong opposition to the Capitol.
    Will be. Republicans have a majority in both houses, and will use every opportunity to give Obama a kaku, simply because they can. Add to this the Jewish democrats, for whom the security of Israel is more important than Obama’s reputation, and even with the Clintons to the heap. This is practically a guarantee that Congress will not ratify the looming agreement, or even more favorable for the West. Rather, they will impose new sanctions on Iran, and this step, as the Iranians themselves have already stated, will frustrate both the agreement and any possibility of further negotiations.
    AIR ZNAK April 2 2015 18: 33
    Iran will enter if it enters the oil and gas market, then it will start supplying gas through Turkey to Europe. And the cost of gas in Iran is lower than in Russia they do not have permafrost. How much does Iran chop off the European gas market from us? How much will the price of oil fall if a large amount of heavier and less sulphurous oil is released onto the world market? So we consider the benefit to anyone who successfully negotiates and lifts Western sanctions.
    1. hrych
      hrych April 2 2015 18: 52
      Yes, what is .... sanctions do not apply to imports from Iran, but relate to exports to Iran. Quote:

      Sanctions against Iran prohibit the export to Iran of atomic, missile and a significant part of military products, foreign direct investment in the gas, oil and petrochemical industries of Iran, export of refined petroleum products, as well as any contacts with the Army of the Islamic Revolution Guards, banks and insurance companies, financial transactions and cooperation with the navy of Iran

      No one has removed Iran from the market; everything it produces is successfully and fully sold.
      Iran's export partners: Japan 16,9%, China 11,2%, Italy 6%, South Korea 5,8%, Turkey 5,7%, Netherlands 4,6%, France 4,4%, South Africa 4,1 %, Taiwan 4,1%

      Where will it go to the market? He is already there. They don’t give him weapons and technology ... EVERYTHING.

      Russia is a self-sufficient country, now import substitution is underway, after 5 years Russia will get its own, and there is no need to trade in oil, most importantly, we have enough. You have been so brainwashed that if we don’t sell the bowels for cut paper, for some reason we will end.
      1. Revolver
        Revolver April 2 2015 19: 09
        Quote: hrych
        He is not given weapons and Technology .
        In particular, the technology of oil production and refining. Therefore, production is steadily falling. And they import most of the fuel. This is because the equipment delivered during the check was worn out, and spare parts cannot be bought.

        Quote: hrych
        Where will it go to the market? He is already there.
        To Europe with gas, as soon as they are allowed to stretch the pipe and buy pumping equipment, and the pipes themselves - they can’t do them in Iran. And it will start pumping more oil if it can buy the equipment it needs. Well, where will the oil and gas prices go? And the ruble exchange rate?

        Quote: hrych
        Russia is a self-sufficient country, import substitution is underway, in 5 years Russia will have everything
        That's when it will be, then say it’s self-sufficient. But good intentions can’t be put on store shelves, they just know where to pave the road.
        1. hrych
          hrych April 2 2015 19: 24
          Now it is self-sufficient, still self-sufficient, there is no such independent country in the world as Russia. What are good intentions? The GDP has already done everything for you, and rocket submarines have spread chicken too. What else is needed? Everything that Europe does not give, gives China, Japan, Russia. They forgot that they even built a nuclear power plant. What gas is supplied to Europe, if it supplies its northern regions by purchasing gas from Turkmenistan, a mountainous country, however, is more profitable. The pipe does not go in a straight line, but goes around mountains with thousandths along the gorges, dives and rises along the relief, and the evil Kurds sit around there ...
          So invest, invest in the Iranian economy, in 20 years there will be a result. Let me remind you of the pipelines of the USSR, so that now Russia is nervous about Europeans, built how many years ago?
          Iran launches rockets into space and what can not do lousy rig and rocking chair, only shah junk?
      2. midshipman
        midshipman April 2 2015 20: 10
        Ay YOUNG !!!
    2. Revolver
      Revolver April 2 2015 18: 56
      Quote: AIR-ZNAK
      who benefits from the successful conclusion of negotiations and the lifting of Western sanctions

      The benefit is primarily to Iran. Purely in a monetary sense. Well, in reputation too.
      Obama personally, in terms of reputation, also benefits. Well, to his team, and to the next shitty candidate, whether it's Clintons or someone else. But America, unlike Obama personally, is, as they say here, "mixed blessing". Gas station prices will fall. But the oil industry and that part of the economy that is tied to them will sneeze.
      The EU is mostly profitable. They do not want to fight, but want cheap energy. They will receive energy. But no matter how they got into the load, and hezbalons, exploding and shooting everyone and everything that he or their Tehran curators across character. On the newfound Iranian well-being, they can turn around so that Charlie seems like an innocent childish prank.
      Russia, with a budget and ruble exchange rate tied to oil and gas, will find yourself know where. About the same place where the USSR was under Humpback, when the Saudis collapsed the oil market.
      Saud from any direction in jo ... where the sun does not shine. Deep and immediate.
      Israel is about the same, though not immediately and not so deeply. And this could lead to an unnatural alliance today between Israel and the Sunni monarchies of the Arabian Peninsula, with Jordan and Egypt to the heap. And if it comes to a full-scale Shiite war against the Sunnis + Israel, I will probably bet on Israel.
      1. aksakal
        aksakal April 2 2015 23: 43
        Quote: Nagan
        They will receive energy. But no matter how they got into the load, and hezbalons, exploding and shooting everyone and everything that he or their Tehran curators across character.
        Why are you shoving old Israeli tales here? First, give examples of terrorism from Iran, and then throw accusations. For example, I can well justify that the state whose citizen you are supports terrorism, but I'm not sure that you can justify it in relation to Iran. Indeed, there are simply no such facts in history, but it’s already considered, it’s already generally accepted that give only slack to Iran — and it will immediately engage in terrorism, it only dreams about it, and only dreams about breaking free of sanctions. And by the way, Hezbollah, besides Israel, is nowhere recognized as a terrorist organization due to the fact that it is not. In general, how do you Westerners find it so easy to blame those who would like to live by their own rules and traditions of what they never did?
        Of course, Iran has its interests in the BV, like Israel or the Saudis, and it has exactly the same right to take these interests into account. Will receive equal rights to such accounting - there can be no destructive actions on the part of Iran. But so, pinch Iran, so that you can’t breathe, and when he begins to resist with what he can in his situation, hell also blame him for that laughing Quite amersky.
        Nagan, it's time to think with your own head, and not like a parrot repeat the thoughts driven into your head by frantic propaganda. Make a depressing impression. What reason is there to blame Iran for terrorism? What will level Israel? But Porosenok repeated a dozen times that he would raze Moscow to the ground, mouth, unlike Iran, says this more than once in his hearts, but quite coldly, and confirms this also with deeds, real politics - for some reason, no one in Ukraine doesn't see potential terrorists laughing
    3. maxxavto
      maxxavto April 2 2015 19: 06
      we should not exclude from the fact that Russia is the main negotiator on Iran, and without Moscow they will not risk much harm to us, especially since we are allies
    4. hrych
      hrych April 2 2015 19: 08
      They will die without our oil and gas, and not we, if we do not sell them, the oil will remain with us. And now in the world the most valuable is not gold, not diamonds, but oil and once again oil until they invent antigravity and cold thermonuclear fusion. Why are the staff members climbing on Bl.Vostok, peeping and climbing, but for oil, and we have it. So rejoice, not panic, that someone’s oil will be pumped forward. Yes, when the Russian Federation died, the GDP started a new development due to the hydrocarbon trade, but now we are trading in bread, to tighten the electronics and the number of beef and EVERYTHING.
      Oh, how hard it is for you gentlemen ...
      1. Revolver
        Revolver April 2 2015 19: 22
        Quote: hrych
        Oh, how hard it is for you gentlemen ...
        Overlay the graph of the ruble exchange rate for the last year on the graph of oil prices for the same time, which you can understand.
        And no, I'm not gloating. In geopolitical terms, the weakening of the Russian Federation is beneficial only to the Islamists and China. It’s a pity that Obama doesn’t get it.
        1. hrych
          hrych April 2 2015 19: 36
          Enough to quote Kudrinskaya blizzard. Everything, a modern, speculative dollar economy is ending. The United States itself will refuse it, for its debts are already unbearable. Now valuable is not finance, but the bowels. What Obama, what Islamists, what China? Russia has retained the old nuclear missile forces, built new ones. No one in the world can compare with this. Everything, the genie came out of the bottle, at least some Friedman spells can be thrown back, you can’t put it back in. Read the news of Military Review and everything will become clear ...
          Byad, all the Lexuses in Russia sold out ...
          1. Xergey
            Xergey April 2 2015 21: 59
            No, our people just want such a quick one so that in 10 years the economy will become stronger than Amers, lobbying and corruption will completely disappear, production will recover, factories will be built, and all this was done by one president and several loyal assistants, when the rest will fly on holidays Cyprus, the Emirates or to Europe, buying Lexus or Mercedes, investing in real estate abroad, not denying yourself anything, you just need to understand that you won’t please everyone, you’ll write everything correctly Hrych, one GDP will not be able to do everything against all to go, he has done so much for the country LIFTED FROM KNEE to be honest.
        2. Deniz
          Deniz April 2 2015 19: 48
          In geopolitical terms, the weakening of the Russian Federation is beneficial only to the Islamists and China.

          As for China, you need to think about it. After all, after us, they must understand this, their turn will come.
          1. hrych
            hrych April 2 2015 19: 56
            Amendment, we are after them ... We can skip our Maoist brothers in the heat without queue.
            1. Revolver
              Revolver April 2 2015 20: 21
              Quote: hrych
              We can skip our Maoist brothers in the heat.
              That rare case when I agree with you on all 100
              1. hrych
                hrych April 2 2015 20: 24
                =============== drinks
                1. vladkavkaz
                  vladkavkaz April 2 2015 20: 30
                  Are Americans "Friends" for Russia?
                  Well, thanks for nothing, such dubious buddies are not needed, it’s better with China than with America
                  1. hrych
                    hrych April 2 2015 20: 38
                    Not only the Scots, but the English themselves, must be freed from the Windsor-Coburg yoke. Just kill a couple of dozen rat-men led by the queen and there will be peace on Earth. There are 200 million Caucasians in the USA, they cannot be wet, they must be freed and their brains corrected. There steelmakers, farmers, etc. ordinary people. It is necessary to educate, they are not hopeless.
  5. Vadim12
    Vadim12 April 2 2015 18: 42
    Russia benefits from sanctions against Iran. It may sound ugly, but it is.
  6. Krio
    Krio April 2 2015 19: 01
    Why do they say "African American congressmen" in Russia in Russia because the word "Negro" is not insulting and Negroes were not lynched 50 years ago? And in general, it is their sin, let them at home and atone for it and do not climb with their words to other countries, but in Russia it is not necessary to express it this way towards the enemy :)
    1. Dryuya2
      Dryuya2 April 2 2015 20: 44
      Quote: Krio
      in Russia, after all, the word Negro is not offensive
  7. maxxavto
    maxxavto April 2 2015 19: 02
    I think Iran will squeeze everything. Naturally with the help of Moscow. Remember that contract for the purchase of oil from Iran for goods?
  8. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter April 2 2015 19: 14
    Iran and "through" the sanctions sold oil, bought technology and weapons. Therefore, if sanctions are lifted from Iran or not, nothing special will happen, it will not cause a collapse in oil prices. And nothing special will happen. Therefore, the twist with negotiations - this action has the goal of winning as many concessions and political points as possible.
    MIKHALYCH1 April 2 2015 19: 26
    They are trying to push Iran away from Russia .. (buy, intimidate, etc.) Who is interested in this? I think everyone knows .. The only camp in the region (well, Syria) that resists, despite the sanctions and the threat of bombing .. They are afraid that Russia will equip weapons with modern Iran, especially air defense! It’s not possible to bomb with impunity, well, nuclear weapons may appear there, like in Israel and Pakistan .. (I think the Saudis also have)
  10. v.yegorov
    v.yegorov April 2 2015 19: 41
    For us, the conflict is beneficial, especially if it enters the territory of Saudi
    Arabia At least the ruble will rise.
      MIKHALYCH1 April 2 2015 19: 51
      Quote: v.yegorov
      For us, the conflict is beneficial, especially if it enters the territory of Saudi
      Arabia At least the ruble will rise.

      Well, the ruble is not the ruble, and oil will definitely rise in price .. And most importantly, they may forget us for a while and stop poisoning .. Russia needs time to win! Ukraine needs to be reassured, etc. hi But I think this game is aimed at Iran and Syria .. (they are the only ones who hold on against the "coalition") Russia is also tied there and we will not give up!
  11. saag
    saag April 2 2015 20: 32
    in the article, negotiations end on March 31, the old article
      MIKHALYCH1 April 2 2015 20: 45
      Quote: saag
      in the article, negotiations end on March 31, the old article

      Here on the forum, usually with a delay .. (check, etc.) Here the Israeli comrades are silent, something ... They didn’t agree ... And Lavrov fell ahead of the time ahead of the negotiations (leaving the deputy) A major kneading is planned in the region .. I’m thinking ! The Saudis are already negotiating with Israel on the sly, as they did a year ago .. Russia, too, is leading its own line and not only .. Let's see who is who!
  12. INFOLegioner
    INFOLegioner April 2 2015 21: 34
    Iran is a pandora's box. you’ll open and fuck then you’ll close and cry - even Jews in the matskva know this.
  13. Vundervaflya
    Vundervaflya April 2 2015 22: 12
    And what is the US way out of the situation with Iran? Americans do not want to see nuclear Iran. They imposed the most severe sanctions against him, and the Arabs, even despite this, came as close as possible to the creation of nuclear weapons. So what's the point of strangling the Iranians further? It is already very clear that Iran will have its own bomb, no matter what. Apparently the states decided to at least have something to do with this situation - they screwed up with the nuclear program of Iran, and in doing so they set up their key allies - Israel and the Saudis, but you can spoil Russia! Now Iranian oil and gas will go to Europe!

    Well, woe liberal economists thought to sit out low oil prices? They thought we would wait a year and a half, and then everything will be as before? All! The end of the freebie! Now you have to work. Truly work ...
  14. Rodriques
    Rodriques April 2 2015 22: 50
    Quote: hrych
    if we don’t sell the bowels for cut paper

    Hehe, soon, the bowels will not be in fashion, the country's ability to feed the population in adverse conditions, so to speak, will be in fashion (understand how you want). hi
    1. hrych
      hrych April 3 2015 16: 57
      With grain, we normally (export), self-sufficient in chicken and egg, now we go to pork too, now we need milk and beef, it takes four years (we don’t have to grow up and grow sharply).
      In short quote about the doctrine:
      The Food Security Doctrine lists products critical for Russia and the minimum level of their own production. These are grain (95%), sugar (80%), vegetable oil (80%), meat (85%), milk (90%), fish (80%), potatoes (95%) and salt (85%) . For all these products, the minimum level of domestic production is either achieved or practically achieved. The only point of the doctrine on which food security is not yet ensured is milk and dairy products. Our production covers 80% of the needs, while according to the plan, 90% needs to be closed.

      In general, the Colleague, again Russia, in spite of everything, has enormous chernozemic lands, immeasurable water reserves, in general, our country can face hunger only if its government tries, like the Bolsheviks, fed the floor of the parasite world, and its people constantly went hungry, even in the era developed, prosperous, Brezhnev socialism managed to buy grain for petrodollars (from the main enemy - the USA belay ). And with the peasant they simply fought for destruction up to Khrushch and even under Brezhne the people fled from the village. There are still reserves, if necessary, a bunch of people have the opportunity to move "to the land", the benefit is where.
    SAHALIN April 3 2015 06: 39
    Why are negotiations with Iran classified? Yes, because at these negotiations the mattress was No. 16, and Russia dictated their conditions to them, and yet they, oh how they do not like it, but have to obey, I think in the future the West will understand that the world should not be unipolar am