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History of loan interest: from dawn to dusk

Loan interest as the basis of world economic and political governance: past and present. Problems of loan interest: historical decisions and the impossibility of their decision in the present and future. The impossibility of further bank lending based on loan interest.

The institute of crediting for a certain percentage, not dependent on the borrower's profit, could not appear before such institutions as state registration of private property, legal proceedings, insurance, notaries and some others, for example, the system of bailiffs and the system of execution of punishment (prisons, hard labor, public executions) without which crediting at the professional level would be very problematic.

So that the scale of property flowing into the hands of usurers does not take on catastrophic scales for the state and population, this not very noble and pious deed was allowed (before the Reformation) to engage a limited circle of “professional financiers” - Jews practicing Judaism and constituting a relative minority of the indigenous population. But such a restriction in the Middle Ages led to mass discontent of the subjects of the European monarchies, which often went out of control and ended with pogroms, which were called “Jewish” (in the Middle Ages, the entire Jewish community was fed by the Jewish community (Jewish quarter) therefore, all members of the Jewish community got it indiscriminately).

Although usurers in particular, and Jews in general, were a constant excuse for discontent of the population of European states (mainly due to the fact that Jews preferred to engage in “chosen” professions and had more income than ordinary urban and rural residents), European monarchs were forced to endure, because the Jews paid a lot of taxes, and with their loans they stimulated trade and crafts, also financed the expenses of European aristocratic houses.

1492 year is officially recognized as the year of the end of the Reconquista and the formation of Spain as a single state. Apparently, on the occasion of this public holiday, the married couple King Ferdinand the Second of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile signed the Alhambra Decree on the expulsion of Jews from Spain, Sardinia and Sicily.

“The prerequisite of exile were powerful anti-Semitic sentiments in Spain of the 15th century, which were based on social conflict between the predominantly peasant indigenous population and the small Jewish community, which was actively involved in trade and usury, and also penetrated into many areas of administrative management, including financial management. Usury was forbidden to Christians as a sin, but was widely used by Jews and by the end of the century led to severe social conflict ”(Wikipedia).

The myth that Jews rule the world is just a myth, or at best part of the truth. If Jews ruled the world from time immemorial, then history would not have known such concepts as “the outcome of the Jews”, “Jewish pogroms”, “Holocaust”, “anti-Semitism”, “Judaism”, “Jewish world conspiracy”, “Zionism”, “ beat the Jew - save Russia ”and“ if there is no water in the tap ... ”

No people of the world enjoy such “love” from the side of the indigenous population as Jews. And these are the rulers of the world who own all the riches and destinies of all the peoples of the world! There is clearly some kind of trick, which, however, lies on the surface.

Jews as a world lending institution and his face do not really have the supreme authority over world finances. Just as Western politicians are not the SUPREME political power in their countries. A president or, in other words, a chairman is a person who sits in front, that is, a public person. And the one who controls it is behind it, in the shadow, behind the scenes.

Someone is very convenient that all the bumps got to the Jews. If the Jews really belonged to all (or almost all of the world's finances), then the Jewish image would appear to us not as a comical person in a hat with a beard, facets and glasses. The role of the Jews, more precisely, its world-wide Zionist elite is to be a lightning rod, a global and universal scapegoat (with facets and a beard), which the Jews are quite able to cope with.

If the Jews really ruled the world, the state of Israel would be the oldest and most powerful state in the world with an uninterrupted history. World Jewry and the modern state of Israel is just a financial and military-political tool in the hands of the real masters of the Western world. It can be assumed that the old European aristocratic dynasties have not lost their power in the Western world. And the Jewish banking houses both served them centuries ago and continue to maintain their loyalty to this day.

Of course, among the Jews there are very rich and powerful people. Formally, they own almost half of all that is on the globe. But between the formal and the actual power is a very big difference. Try to make a request in Yandex “Abramovich Kosh ...”, and Yandex will have a hint: “Abramovich Putin's wallet”. What mission does Roman Arkadyevich perform in London and why he needs the English Premier League football club, three giant yachts and several billion dollars, we can only guess.

And if someone thinks that the figures of Rothschilds and Rockefellers are certainly the stars of the first magnitude in the global structure of the world, then it means that someone really needs someone to think so.

There can be no exceptions: the real founders and beneficiaries of the Western world order will not shine either on the political or financial scene. Because the things they do through their "top managers" in politics and economics do not give them the slightest chance to come to the surface from the shadows, at least in daylight.

The problem of loan interest as a global institution of management is that it is not tied to the results of the borrower's activity. The behavior of usurers in the economy is like cancer cells that kill a healthy body. In order to preserve financial management tools based on loan interest and not destroy their national economies, the owners of the Western world had no choice but to organize world wars in foreign territories as a means of writing off their accumulated debts. But the presence of nuclear weapons more than one country has torn this convenient historical way of solving the problems of loan interest.

The example of Russia and China, when the country is governed through the institution of a national leader, is a nightmarish reality for the modern West and its founders. After all, the essence of "democracy" is a departure from personal responsibility through fictitious elections and the nomination of whipping boys as heads of states and governments. With such a scheme, the state cannot accumulate more funds than private financial structures. The state should be subordinate to private capital. Otherwise, what happened in Russia will happen: the state starts to dictate its will more and more firmly to private capital. The institute of lending interest served precisely for dragging cash and financial flows from the state treasury and the pockets of citizens into private banks. And the maintenance of the activities of state institutions and pants among the population was carried out at the expense of loans and a permanent decrease in the loan rate to almost zero, the reserve for reducing which has already been exhausted.

Military debt relief on a global scale is no longer possible.

To abolish the lending rate is the strengthening of the state and the weakening of private financial institutions, which is like death for the West.

To move from a “democratic” management scheme to direct management with the institution of a national leader is no longer a gateway from the point of view of Western civilization.

But in Russia, deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation are already considering bills for the appearance of Muslim banks in the territory of the Russian Federation, which are based on no loan interest. At first, these will be Islamic foreign banks, primarily Arab states on the territory of the Russian Federation, in order to run them into the work of Islamic banking in Russia. And then it will be the law, which will ban the loan interest and its derivatives not only in our country, but also in all countries of the world (including the states of the West as the losing party).

Borrowers of Muslim loans give the bank as a reward for its financial services a portion of the profit on transactions or development projects for which the loan proceeds. And if there is no profit, only losses, then there is no obligatory liability to the bank with its property or the property of the heirs. Muslim banks are not driving their borrowers into debt bondage. In essence, Muslim bank lending is a venture investment with a high degree of risk: you need to work not only with the borrower's documents, but with the person himself, and carefully study his case.

The imminent financial collapse of the Western world (we already see its agony) will entail widespread abolition of loan interest. And this will be followed by the abolition of complex taxes, sharpened by the institutions of loan interest. Most likely, taxes from private business will constitute a smaller part of revenues to the state budget. Because it will be taxes on small and medium businesses. But big business will have only state registration and state financing. The situation when businessmen and citizens pay interest to banks on loans more than taxes to the state is absurd, and this state of affairs cannot last forever.

Loan interest has no prospects for overcoming the crisis. A fairer BRICS bank will tear off third world countries from their former metropolis once and for all. Europe and in the Middle Ages could not live without goods from Asia, and now oil and gas from the Middle East and Russia have been added to Asian goods. It’s time for Europe and America to understand that they have a COMPLETE dependence on the rest of the world, and their global financial institutions of management are only programs in computers and rooms with specially trained personnel. Creating an alternative to these technologies will not be difficult for countries such as Russia and China.

Not ten years will pass, as the loan interest will be finally buried, and the world will become fairer and less bloodthirsty.

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  1. saag
    saag 23 March 2015 07: 28
    "... In less than ten years, the loan interest will be finally buried."

    In Islamic banking there is no such thing - loan interest, there is equity
    1. Skif83
      Skif83 23 March 2015 09: 22
      And in what way are the Arabs profiting, the essence, also the Semites? You want to say that Arab banks are equity-based? The essence of banks in lending and making a profit !!!
      If you read the article on the Wiki, then this is not a dogma, it is, more, a profanity.
      Because, declared
      The Islamic economy is in the position that money smells.
      But what about the money made on the blood? You will say that directly the Arabs do not make profit from terrorist attacks or terrorist organizations. But why then is this activity? To capture the world, but for what, in turn, the capture of the world? I hope you are far from thinking that for global prosperity ?!
      For the rule of some, of which one, over others, of which billions.
      And I agree that Semitic the idea of ​​loan interest must be buried.
      1. INTER
        INTER 23 March 2015 11: 48
        Quote: Skif83
        And in what way are the Arabs profiting, the essence, also the Semites? You want to say that Arab banks are equity-based?

        Arabs are not Islam; Islamic economic law is ideal on all sides. In Islam, the loan percentage is called RIBA and is one of the most serious sins.
        Usury (riba) has different types, but we will touch on the most common one - this is ribal karz (percent). To lend at interest or borrow a loan at interest is a serious sin, which is very common today. Some do not consider this a sin, and how wrong these people are! For in the hadith transmitted by the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) it is said: “Riba (usury) has seventy gates of punishment, and the easiest one is like committing adultery with her mother ...” (Imam Hakim).
        1. hrych
          hrych 23 March 2015 18: 01
          However, we see an almost privileged position of Jewish communities, both in the Caliphate and especially in the Ottoman Empire. And, of course, they were not very involved in loans, but they were delegated the slave trade, the noblest cause for an ideal system ... And oh, the horror of the Sultan's court, one of the God's chosen ones held a monopoly on the supply of the forbidden ... vin. In Europe of the Middle Ages, the Knights Templar, Lombardy, Genoese, Venetians were engaged in large banking. The Jews were engaged in petty money changers, junk, and in fact, buying up stolen goods, burned liquor, and so on. The rise of their capital happened, just in the new economic formation, and they beat them for something completely different. And in general for "Exposing the neophyte".
          Jews paid considerable taxes, and stimulated trade and crafts with their loans, and also financed the expenses of European aristocratic houses

          Ah, how beautiful it sounds, but in reality it’s bribes to nobles, which made it possible to rob citizens with impunity, and talking about stimulating crafts and trade is really fantastic, there is no bigger stranglehold on these sectors than loan interest. The Rockefellers are certainly Satanists, but ethnically not Jews.
          1. hrych
            hrych 23 March 2015 18: 45
            The persecution after the reconquest is already mentioned, it is worth mentioning that when they founded the Western Caliphate from Spain, the Islamic occupiers encouraged Jewish merchants and merchants to settle in Spain ...
            What is occupation, punishers, etc. is clear. Under the domination of Muslims, in Spain, the Jews distinguished themselves a lot, well, when the owners were knocked out, some had to flee, and Isabella, by her order, rather saved these "they are children" from the lynching of ordinary inhabitants ...
            1. tamanski
              23 March 2015 20: 27
              Good point ...
              1. Throw
                Throw 24 March 2015 01: 08
                Abramovich - kosh .. Putin?

                Abramovich privatized before Putin. And only then GDP ordered to share .. bully

                Jew wrote an article ..)
                1. Talgat
                  Talgat 24 March 2015 01: 19
                  but in general, read N Starikov - interesting - about the emergence of the "world government FRS" and the current masters of the world - the "gods"

                  It began in the Middle Ages - the time of the Reconquest - Jewish usurers moved to England and founded the Bank of England - this was the "embryo" of the current FRS
  2. bubla5
    bubla5 23 March 2015 07: 50
    It’s high time these Jewish cans on Kukan put insolent c-ki, you take 4 rubles for 20 years and give 12 yes plus insurance, you need to hang up or shoot bankers as in 90
    1. soviet skytourist
      soviet skytourist 23 March 2015 08: 17
      Everything is just according to the textbook and you will lend them and you will own them. The biblical doctrine of the enslavement of the world by the method of cultural cooperation. The Cold War was invented much earlier.
      y-vekami-byli-stranoy-dolzhnikom.html Credit history of Russia: as we have been a debtor country for centuries. The great credit history of the Russian state originates from the mother of Empress Catherine II. In 1769, the Russian Empire lent gold for the first time abroad - from friendly Holland. By 1815, the amount owed exceeded 100 million gold guilders. The grandiose war with Bonaparte, which had just ended, and its attendant expenses prevented not only the repayment of the debt, but even the establishment of any realistic terms for this payment under the previous conditions. Debt, as they say, was restructured.
      To protest against the revision of the Dutch debt obligations was, to put it mildly, not with one's hand. In 1810, Holland surrendered without a single shot to Bonaparte's mercy and became part of his empire. To demand immediate financial satisfaction from the victorious power would be strange .......................... The final fate of the "French loan" was decided in the nineties of the last century. Once again, “punching a window into Europe,” Russia recognized not only the USSR's debt obligations, both external and internal, but also returned to the debts of the tsarist government. Under conditions of a reasonable restructuring, of course. It was extremely beneficial for the West to maintain the current political course of the Russian Federation. Democratic transformations that looked like a series of financial disasters from the inside were encouraged from the outside by humane concessions. Once again, world capital showed a “human face." Thus, Russia allotted only 400 million US dollars for settlements with the heirs of the French debt, holders of bonds of “Russian loans”. According to the calculations of the Association of Holders of Tsarist Loans - this is one (sic!) Percent of the amount that the Association was counting on in principle. However, officially the debt is considered fully paid.
      Without a doubt, it is this pliability of our dear creditors that explains that strange appeasability, reaching to the spinelessness, in external matters, typical of the Yeltsin administration. In a civilized society allowed, debts written off - for a ridiculous one percent. Therefore, we wisely do not pay attention to the bombing of Serbia, NATO at our very borders and much more ...
      I want to believe that these were the last humiliating troubles associated with the notorious "French loan."
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 23 March 2015 15: 18
        And Catherine II, the banker was a man, a Jew by nationality, whom she exported from Europe for herself as her financier, passing him off as a German. Catherine’s personal debts were comparable to public ones. And the personal state of her financially trusted person during his life in Russia grew to unimaginable (!) Sizes. However, after his death, everything disappeared - it turned out to be in the Jewish community in the West. How do you like it?
      2. Tatyana
        Tatyana 23 March 2015 15: 18
        And Catherine II, the banker was a man, a Jew by nationality, whom she exported from Europe for herself as her financier, passing him off as a German. Catherine’s personal debts were comparable to public ones. And the personal state of her financially trusted person during his life in Russia grew to unimaginable (!) Sizes. However, after his death, everything disappeared - it turned out to be in the Jewish community in the West. How do you like it?
    2. Rostislav
      Rostislav 23 March 2015 10: 12
      So don't take it. Why shift the responsibility for your decision to "take a loan" onto others?
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 23 March 2015 07: 50
    Not ten years will pass, as the loan interest will be finally buried, and the world will become fairer and less bloodthirsty.

    I disagree. This very "loan interest" can be buried only when the capitalist countries disappear, or the social system in these countries changes, which is unlikely.
  4. iner
    iner 23 March 2015 07: 53
    10 years is more than optimistic.
    Interestingly, how does the author imagine such a global redivision of the world, in such a short time?
    It’s easier to imagine the third world in all its glory than the voluntary departure of the current financial system and those who run it.
    But with the concept that the loan interest is evil, I agree 100% and that it’s time to get rid of it a long time ago.
    1. kaa_andrey
      kaa_andrey 23 March 2015 09: 45
      The redistribution is even faster than we expected. Last week there were two major events in the field of international finance. At first glance, they are completely unrelated to each other. But this is only the first. The financial world has changed in a week. The Bretton Woods world, founded by the Anglo-Saxons on the dominance of the dollar, took another very significant step towards the end of its existence. The yuan is gaining weight and strength, and Russia helps him in this. Yes, and Western partners join the Chinese alternative to the World Bank called the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).
      “Contrary to the recommendations of the United States, Western European countries join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.
      20 March 2015, the presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus discussed “how to overcome the crisis phenomena in the economies of the countries of the Customs Union, how to raise mutual trade and when to switch to a single currency.
      From 1919 to the present, the so-called London Gold Fix system operated at the precious metal market - a pricing system that set a certain average price twice a day and was administered by London Gold Market Fixing Ltd. Experts believe that this will not be just some banal technical change, it will be a real turning point in the history of gold. And here's why: London Gold Fix, which will cease to exist on Thursday, allowed only four participants to set the price of gold, which, of course, allowed for the necessary manipulations. This system will be replaced by a specially designed auction, it will be as transparent as possible, and as many participants as possible will be admitted to it.
      these are all real signs of a serious weakening of the dollar monopoly, and in general the Anglo-Saxon monopoly on the world financial system.

  5. Serge Mikhas
    Serge Mikhas 23 March 2015 08: 21
    ... give the stranger to growth so that the Lord your God bless you in everything that is done by your hands, on the earth into which you go to possess it. ” (Deuteronomy 23:19, 20.)
    1. Kassandra
      Kassandra 23 March 2015 08: 35
      there is such a thing, but ...

      yet vi only wrote about Deuteronomy 23:20, and at 19 it is written:

      19. Do not give to your brother growth neither silver nor bread nor anything else that you can give to growth ...
      (Deuteronomy 23: 19)

      it was also impossible to have Jewish slaves. and in other countries such distinctions in relation to their own were not usually made. from large nations, with the possible exception of only Russians.

      Islam arose later than Judaism and forbidden usury among Muslims.
  6. Gardamir
    Gardamir 23 March 2015 08: 22
    And otherwise, the trial interest cannot be canceled in any way? Must there be Muslim banks? And that non-Muslims can take loans there? And the "brothers" will keep their money there too. they are also true believers.
    1. EvgNik
      EvgNik 23 March 2015 11: 44
      That's it. I also wanted to emphasize this point. According to the article - everything turns out smoothly. The West will fall, and we are all in chocolate. As if this was not the beginning of the Islamization of all of Russia.
      1. kaa_andrey
        kaa_andrey 23 March 2015 18: 03
        Moreover, Islamization, in the history of Russia there was an example of the Old Believers: The economic basis of the Old Believers was social consumption funds, including cash, goods and services. The most important political and economic consequences of their occurrence were: the accumulation of funds for the habitat of an aggressive natural environment, the capitalization of funds for successful competition, the separation of the functions of ownership, disposal and use of property, the formation of a confessionally closed interest-free, and often irrevocable loan money system, the creation of their own distribution systems , control over the pricing process.
  7. Volzhanin
    Volzhanin 23 March 2015 08: 29
    Would already be sooner...
    There is absolutely nothing complicated, and it will be possible to raise our economy quite quickly.
    1. Babr
      Babr 23 March 2015 15: 56
      Quote: Volzhanin
      and our economy can be raised quite quickly.

      And whose is "our"?
      In Russia, 0,2 percent of Jews, and in leadership positions, 80.
      Name the oligarchs, not the Jews.
      Who owns factories, houses, ships? Built by our fathers and grandfathers.
      In science, solid Jews. On the stage, they are rhodium. One, Evdokimov, managed to make his way there, and they banged him. The media belongs to them.
      Yes, everyone has Russian surnames. Here in Russia.
      And in Israel, already Jewish.
      So who owns Russia? Russian people?
      But after all, the people are just a carpenter slobber.
  8. Ev58
    Ev58 23 March 2015 08: 40
    I do not like bare words. Let's operate on the facts. First of all, I remember very well the times of the USSR, when Sberbank issued an interest-free loan and people could buy expensive (then) color TV, household appliances, furniture, even clothes. The idea of ​​loan interest is not new, but it is not news the provision of interest-free loans in our country.
    As for the Jews and Judaism, the religion of the greedy conqueror, here are the facts:

    10. When you approach the city to conquer it, then offer him peace
    11. And it will be, if he answers you with peace and opens you, then let all the people who are in him pay you tribute and serve you.
    12. If he does not surrender to you and wage war with you, then besiege him.
    13. And when God, your Almighty, gives it into your hands, then kill all men with his sword tip.
    14. Only women, and children, and livestock, and everything that will be in the city, take all its prey, take it for yourself, and use the prey of your enemies, whom God, your Almighty, has given you.
    15. So do with all the cities, very distant from you, which are not from the cities of these peoples.
    16. In the cities of these peoples, which God, your Almighty, gives you as an inheritance, do not leave a soul alive.
    17. But destroy them: the Hittites, and the Emorians, the Canaanites, and the prize winners, the Hebrews, and the Jebusites, as God Almighty commanded you.
    18. So that they would not teach you to do like all their abominations that they did for their Gods, and you would not sin before God, your Almighty.

    The Pentateuch and the Haftaroth. The book "Dvarim", Shoftim XX, 10-18, 1210-1211s.

    And the purpose is clearly defined in the Torah, which is, in fact, the main scripture for the Jews:
    2. For behold, darkness will cover the Earth and the gloom are the nations, but the light of God will shine on you, and his glory will appear on you.
    3. And the nations will walk in the light of yours and the kings - in the splendor of your radiance.

    11. And your gates will always be open, neither day nor night will they be shut so that they bring you the wealth of nations, and their kings will be brought as slaves.
    12. For that people and that kingdom that will not serve you will perish, and these peoples will be destroyed.

    The Pentateuch and the Haftaroth. The book "Dvarim", Yeshayahu LX, 2-3, 1286 s, Publishing house "Bridges of Culture", 2004, ISBN 5-93273-047-1.
    1. Kassandra
      Kassandra 23 March 2015 08: 52
      well, yes, humanely so "do not take prisoners"

      and the inhabitants of this horde were generally happy? all the more so right away like that to pay some kind of tribute?
      maybe they were warned by someone what will be the consequences if "no"? I think - vryatli.
      1. corn
        corn 23 March 2015 19: 36
        Quote: Kassandra
        Firstly, I remember very well the times of the USSR, when Sberbank issued an interest-free loan

        Do not spread myths:
        1. In the USSR there was no Sberbank (after the Second World War - for sure), but there was a savings bank.
        2. The issuance of interest-free loans was arranged by many conditions, according to which not all could receive it.
        3. Credits existed both for enterprises and for people (there were practically no concepts of individuals and legal entities). There was even a system of putting on a "counter" in case of delay in loan payments.
        It only seems to you that you remember very well, but I know and it does not seem to me.
  9. Ev58
    Ev58 23 March 2015 08: 41
    Yet? You are welcome. Jewish theologians, for example, Maimonides: "If a heretic falls into a ditch, you do not need to free him from there, and if there is a ladder in the ditch, you must pull it out, saying:" I am doing this so that my cattle will not get there "" (Aboda Zara, folio) [Brenier F. "Jews and Talmud", 1928, 112 p., p. 91].
    "The commandment" Thou shalt not kill "means that it is impossible to kill the son of Israel, and the goy and the heretic are not the sons of Israel" (Jad chag., Hilch Rozeach et hilch Melachim) [Brene F. "Jews and Talmud", 1928, 112 p. , c. 90].
    Developing this idea, he wrote: "If you pull the goy out of the pit. Into which he fell, then by this you will support the person in idolatry" (Aboda Zara, folio 20a) [Brenier F. "Jews and Talmud", 1928, 112 p. , from. 90].
    In the Talmud there are also such thoughts: "He who sheds the blood of the goyim. Makes a sacrifice to God" (Jakut Simeoni. Ad Pentat., Folio 245, col. 3; Midderach Bamidehar rabba, p. 21) [Brenier F. "Jews and Talmud", 1928 , 112 p., P. 911]
    "Whoever wanted to kill an animal and accidentally kill a person, or whoever wants to kill a goy and kill a Jew by mistake, is innocent and does not deserve punishment" (Traite Sanhedrin, folio 78 b) [Bregnier F. "Jews and Talmud", 1928, 112 p. ., from. 91].
    There is a statement that the commandment of Moses "do not covet your neighbor's wife" does not apply to the relationship between a Jew, a man and a woman-goyka. Maimonides said: "It is permissible to deceive a woman who is not a Jewess" (Jad chag., Hilch Melachim) [Brenier F. "Jews and Talmud", 1928, 112 p., P. 93].
    And Abravanel said: "To hate, despise and destroy everyone who does not belong to the synagogue or have fallen away from it" (Jad chag., Kilch Aboda Zara) [Brenier F. "Jews and Talmud", 1928, 112 p., P. 90].
    Good sources, right?
    1. the villain
      the villain 23 March 2015 12: 28
      Quote: ev58
      Good sources, right?

      Yeah, and in UK R.F. I think most of the thoughts that
      Quote: ev58
      Meet in the Talmud

      there is a related article.
  10. Ev58
    Ev58 23 March 2015 08: 41
    As for the current situation in general. We came close to the brink of military confrontation with the United States, Britain and NATO countries, since Russia became strong after the collapse of the USSR Gorbachev and the creation of favorable conditions for the social division of the nation by Yeltsin and the burden of Russia with international debt obligations. Now a turning point has come when Russia can freely and firmly pursue its own policies, social and economic reforms. The moment has come when the global financial pyramid is cracking and this crack can turn into a chasm not only for the USA, but also for all EU countries. And for the existence of this financial pyramid any money will be laid out, any, even the craziest, actions will be taken, right up to the outbreak of the third world war. What you observe in the world is the activation of the components of this aggressive machine to maintain US global domination and its own financial dictatorship, which determines everything: race value, exchange rates, politics, economy and social structure of each dependent country. Despite what is happening in today's Ukraine, the USA and other countries, I understand that politics is done by politicians, not people. I have no hatred for ordinary citizens of the United States or Ukraine, since each person grew up not only in a certain social unit-family, but in the country around the world, where certain values ​​acted and instilled and a limited information field was created that was necessary for the ruling class. Undoubtedly, I love my Motherland and will defend it in difficult times for the country, but without hatred, but only because it is my land, the land of my ancestors, my children grew up here, so that on this earth the life of our Family continued, there was peace and happiness in my country, which I love very much, despite all the distortions in social inequality, regardless of the statements of other people and the praise of Western values. I am a Russian, the most ordinary, rationally minded person. That’s the whole secret, in which there is no secret.
  11. Val roman
    Val roman 23 March 2015 08: 45
    For the first time, we observed information calculated for a wide audience about the interest rate in the massively distributed brochures of the structure under the KOB brand, about 10 years ago, including at economic forums in St. Petersburg. It also, simply and intelligibly, dealt with this topic. Apparently, it should be noted that the solution to the problem of the most successful economic model of development is multivariate in all senses and it has yet to be resolved for this stage of development of society. The technical prerequisites have been created at the moment. But, in general, this process is continuous.
  12. ava09
    ava09 23 March 2015 08: 55
    I would like to ask a single question: So who is he, the Global Predictor? If the author claims that someone is behind Baruchov, Kunov, Leebov, Rothschilds and others, then he must know who. Otherwise, he is not entitled to such allegations.
    1. saag
      saag 23 March 2015 09: 17
      Quote: ava09
      If the author claims that someone is behind Baruchov, Kunov, Leebov, Rothschilds and others, then he must know who.

      Unknown Fathers, yes, reality began to look more like "Inhabited Island" :-)
    2. uhu189
      uhu189 23 March 2015 11: 38
      And this is comparable to models in quantum physics - with the help of modeling and mat. analysis, you calculate that there must be some, not yet open particle with a set of certain properties, otherwise the process is not possible without it. Then, in practice, during the experiments, either find it or you understand that the model was not correct. So searched the notorious Higgs Boson.
      The same logic in the assertion of the existence of a Global predictor. The authors do not say that they personally know a group of people who carry the functions of conceptual management, but analyzing the course of events in world history they come to the conclusion that such a group exists. And it is a group, not just one person. In principle, if you accumulate and analyze information, you can try to specify them, but I can’t say how much such work is being done.
  13. arkady149
    arkady149 23 March 2015 09: 07
    10 years is certainly good, but whether it will be possible to limit the consumption resulting from the "loan interest". It will be very difficult to wean a woman from shopping, pilling and other consumer perversions, and a clerk from the habit of changing iPhones and cars according to the latest fashion trends.
  14. Begemot
    Begemot 23 March 2015 11: 08
    The article put a minus. Until this phrase
    Military debt relief on a global scale is no longer possible.
    It was generally not bad, but then everything crumpled and turned upside down.
    Even as possible. For what the Americans need a big war, that you can credit both of them, and then sell at exorbitant prices goods that there is no one and nowhere to produce in the destroyed territories, it has been 2 times already.
    Now they can pit Russia and Europe, China and Japan from Southeast Asia, and under the guise of strangling their creditors. Even as possible!
    Muslim banks are not fundamentally different; in the event of a default on a loan, the bankrupt business is completely taken away and sold. In case of a successful project, they sit down to profit. Well, yes, they are interested in what and how, and let's call them "Christian" banks do the same. From what to call the seizure of business income in favor of the bank, only kosher or halalism changes. In general, the lending interest played a positive role in the development of mankind, but it was crippled by the creation of the FRS. The FRS is, of course, quite a logical stage in the development of the joint venture, but here I agree with the author, she will become his gravedigger. In essence, money that comes out of nowhere undermines the foundation of lending. There is a temptation to give out as much as possible in order to get interest, turn money back into the air, but already having a profit on your pocket. Overcoming this temptation was not within their power. And then they stopped recycling money out of thin air. As a result, the economic essence of the loan was undermined: it does not matter that you cannot repay the loan, the main thing is to pay the interest, and we will draw as much credit as necessary. Do you want another loan?
    Well, I finally decided to put a minus for 10 years allotted to the joint venture and the entire system sitting on it. Unreasonable optimism.
    1. tamanski
      23 March 2015 11: 34
      When Brezhnev died, no one thought that in 10 years the USSR would die too (Gorbachev and the USA had nothing to do with it - our party-nomenclature elite SAMA wanted this).
      The fundamental difference between Muslim banks and Western-style banks, let’s say, is that they increase the money supply only for real goods. A loan issued to them is not a basis for issue. Lending at the mandatory interest rate without an unsecured issue is not possible. And if the loan interest is already over and the rate of 0% does not bring profit to the bank, then it remains only to artificially increase the value of securities on the Dow and wait for this MMM pyramid to fail. Well, still print dollars (zeros in the computer) and stupidly buy back the Treasury.
      How long can this go on? 10 years is very optimistic. Everything will happen much earlier.
      1. Begemot
        Begemot 23 March 2015 16: 55
        I first heard about the imminent collapse of the USSR from a major who gave us a course of lectures at military training camps in 1983. In November 1982, my father said verbatim: now the Union will begin to be pulled away in national apartments. For me it was really unrealistic, I did not believe them. The Muslim banking system, with all its merits, did not give impetus to the development of the productive forces of the Islamic world, did not become a factor in natural selection, when only the one who produced more, better quality and at lower cost survived, due to which, among other things, the West advanced. I’m not a Westerner, but you won’t erase words from a song. The joint venture worked quite efficiently until the Fed began to stamp unsecured candy wrappers, which then multiplied a hundred times in the leverage and derivatives.
        As for the financial system based on the joint venture, then offer your vision of such a lightning collapse step by step. I hope you do not expect that it will collapse in one moment and everyone will say: yes to hell with her, burn all with a blue flame! no one will swallow one another, a fight for tidbits will start, no real capital flows (not derivatives) will begin, no one will buy forests, mines, lands, resources, islands, factories, ships. Alive, sick, half-dead all fall and die at the same time? This does not happen. The livestock capital is tenacious, will cling to the last. 10 years will not be enough.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  15. epsilon571
    epsilon571 23 March 2015 12: 09

    In 946, the Russian prince Svyatoslav Khorobry defeated Khazaria, a state that built its economy on usury, the slave trade, and control of the trade artery of the Great Silk Road. Svyatoslav, the son of Prince Igor and Princess Olga, freed Russia from the yoke of the Haganate, strengthened its power and brought it to a leading position in world politics of that time. Since childhood, Svyatoslav was brought up as a warrior. His mentors were Asmund and Governor Sveneld. Entering male age, Svyatoslav continued the work of Prince Oleg - the unification of Russia. The first testimony to this effect is connected by the “Tale of Bygone Years” with Oleg, who, having sent the embassy to the Radimichs, demanded that they stop paying tribute to the Khazars, saying “Do not give the Kozars, but give me”.

    Through the centuries, the description of Svyatoslav’s appearance, left by the Byzantine Leo Deacon, passed on to us: “Of medium height, with a wide chest, eyes are blue, thick eyebrows, beardless, but with a long mustache, there is only one lock of hair on a shaved head, which testified to his noble origin. In one ear he wore an earring with two pearls ... ”Adds strokes to the portrait and the famous“ I'm coming to you! ” which Svyatoslav, observing the code of honor of the Slavs, sent a warning message, going on a campaign.

    It is interesting that our ancestors called enemies on “you”, and now it is a word of respectful reference to a stranger or to elders. Separately, following the code of honor, Svyatoslav introduced a sentence for usury, claiming that it corrupts souls with monetary slavery. Those who gave money at interest, as well as those who took them, chopped both hands, considering both sides equal in crime against the covenants of their ancestors. Natives of the Khazars, who traded in Russia by lending, chained to a raft and rafted along the Dnieper to the Black Sea.
  16. NordUral
    NordUral 23 March 2015 13: 49
    Fine! Just yesterday I thought that the lending rate and the entire Western lending system are dying. And here is such good news. It is necessary to climb on the Internet, to get acquainted in more detail, the idea is tempting. No wonder it has been wandering for several centuries in the minds of sound economists, not to mention industrialists. And I hope, about the thought that this is not a duck.
  17. Enoch
    Enoch 23 March 2015 14: 24
    If the Jews really ruled the world, then the state of Israel would be the oldest and most powerful state in the world with an ongoing history. World Jewry and the modern state of Israel are just a financial and military-political instrument in the hands of the true masters of the Western world.

    Jimassons are simply applauding! - they do not exist ???

    “Only a small part of the Jews, faithful to the prophets, understood the true meaning of their chosenness by God. The bulk of the Jews, not accepting Christ, under the influence of the devil, continues to wait for the“ other ”, the earthly“ messiah ”- moshiach (antichrist), who will lead this is the Jewish people: "I came in the name of My Father, and you do not receive Me; but if another comes in his own name, you will receive him" (John 5:43). "

    Israel for the "rulers of the world" is just a historical homeland, and their regional committee in the United States is robbers. As soon as someone pricks this homeland, an echo rushes throughout the Euromir, including ours.
  18. Intensive
    Intensive 23 March 2015 14: 43
    The myth that Jews rule the world is just a myth, or at best part of the truth.

    If the Jews really ruled the world, then the state of Israel would be the oldest and most powerful state in the world with an ongoing history.

    And if someone thinks that the figures of Rothschilds and Rockefellers are certainly the stars of the first magnitude in the global structure of the world, then it means that someone really needs someone to think so.

    Yes, not everything is so monosyllabic. The fact is that Jewry and Judaism are somewhat different concepts. And the problem is not the Jewish affiliation to their nation, but the fact that a Jew is forced into a system of ideological values ​​called Judaism from birth. Judaism is the doctrine of the chosenness of the Jews. According to the same teaching, Jews are destined to become kings of the earth and nations. And the Jews also await the coming of their messiah, who will become their king and will sit in the third temple of Solomon. Who will refuse such a sweetie to become the king of any nation? Of course, there were individuals on like Spinoza who tried to get off the orbit of Judaism, but they were unleashed, from the side of the priests of Judaism, such persecution and pressure in all directions that such examples are rare. The Jews have a strict and tight internal organization - Kagal, which controls the entire life of the Jews. And the kagal will always be over any of the Jews, no matter what position he occupies. Whether it is Rockefeller or Rothschild, it does not matter that they all serve the interests of the kagala or the so-called ideological elite, whose personal composition is not promoted anywhere.

    Someone is very comfortable that all the bumps went to the Jews.

    In such a massive, multi-level and branched organization, all sorts of punctures, disturbances, disassemblies are inevitable, but this is only a “ripple on the water” that breaks into the press and on TV screens. Of course, we can observe some competition or even mutual opposition of political groups, such as Rockefeller and Rothschild, but this is just a rivalry between two brothers or a rivalry of two athletes of the same team for gold and silver.

    In order to preserve financial management tools based on loan interest and not destroy their national economies, the owners of the Western world had no choice but to organize world wars in foreign territories as a means of writing off their debts.

    Judaism is now completing the task of seizing all resources under its control. Loan interest is still serving this purpose. With the help of the banking system, there is a global monopolization of the world economy and every crisis is another redistribution of property in favor of the Jews. But since the "unselected" eyes gradually open to what is happening, a situation arises in which acceleration of processes is required, otherwise the speed of their "insight" may interfere with the implementation of the plan. In addition, it is not enough to establish control over resources. We also need legitimation, i.e. recognition of ownership of this property by the international community. But with this, the problem can only be solved in such a way that there will be no “not elected” people remembering the old world structure.
  19. Intensive
    Intensive 23 March 2015 14: 43
    Not ten years will pass, as the loan interest will be finally buried, and the world will become fairer and less bloodthirsty.

    Yes, correctly, with supermonopoly, any need for competition disappears, in flirting with slaves, in the need to keep them in such quantity. There is no need for a market economy and democracy, as in the accelerators of the process of monopolization of the world.
  20. sunzhenets
    sunzhenets 23 March 2015 18: 33
    In Libya, under Gaddafi, banks did not take a loan interest.
    And here we have (with which I recently encountered work):
    But banks are simply modest compared to microfinance organizations. Where fools are mercilessly milked! There 550% per annum is the norm. And the courts consider this legal - freedom of contract.
  21. user
    user 24 March 2015 11: 20
    Maybe I missed something?

    There are no comments, let's say, of persons of Jewish nationality. I'd love to hear their interpretation. Usually you can’t stop them, but here nobody.