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2015 aerobatic teams will participate in the Army-3 forum.

Immediately 3 aerobatic teams will show their skills to the participants of the international forum "Army-2015", which will be held in the summer in the Moscow region, the newspaper said MIC with reference to the representative of the Air Force Igor Klimov.

2015 aerobatic teams will participate in the Army-3 forum.

“Three aerobatic teams will take part in the air part of the program:“ Russian Knights ”,“ Swifts ”,“ Golden Eagles ”. Each of them will carry out programs that are as rich as possible with the group and single aerobatics, ” - said Klimov.

According to him, the demonstration flights will be carried out by the crews of Su-30CM and Su-35С fighters, Su-34 front-line bombers, and also Yak-130 combat trainers. In addition, Ka-52, Mi-28Н, Mi-26Т and Ansat-U helicopters will fly into the air.

He noted that "flights will take place on each of the days of the forum."

"All modern aviation equipment, as well as the latest models of anti-aircraft missile forces equipment and the latest radar stations will be presented on the ground for a static display to the guests of the event. Pilots will tell viewers about the features of the operation of each type of combat aircraft and helicopters ”, - added the representative of the Air Force.
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  1. Portoss
    Portoss 11 March 2015 17: 56
    It's time for the guys to transplant the SU-35S and MIG-35! And then the aerobatic teams still fly on outdated SU-27 and MIG-29.
    1. bort4145
      bort4145 11 March 2015 18: 04
      sou-cats - beautiful "birds"
      1. wow
        wow 11 March 2015 19: 17
        The plane is not just beautiful, it is phenomenally beautiful, especially when the pilot is sitting in the cockpit with a capital letter !!!
    2. Giant thought
      Giant thought 11 March 2015 18: 10
      Our aces pilots will once again show aerobatics, the best pilots in the world on the best aircraft - what more could Russians want?
    3. The comment was deleted.
    4. 11 March 2015 18: 11
      Flight training needs to be further strengthened good The more pros, the calmer you sleep good [email protected]And given NATO's appetites, it won't be long to wait for guests soldier soldier soldier
  2. Motherland Russia
    Motherland Russia 11 March 2015 18: 00
    If only to try to "keep the trump cards up my sleeve" ...

    What if I had to meet with NATO in a real situation (God forbid, of course) to demonstrate to them the remaining possibilities.
  3. Vezhchel
    Vezhchel 11 March 2015 18: 01
    Let the potential adversary look at our technique. The main thing is that saliva does not choke laughing
  4. Boos
    Boos 11 March 2015 18: 02
    I would like to, and from the aviation of the semblance of "tank biathlon", so that not just aerobatics, but also the defeat of targets in combat. And whatever the army aviation! Shoigu can.
    1. Funnels
      Funnels 11 March 2015 18: 08
      The Air Force has Aviadarts, the same thing happened last year. In general, now each type of the sun has its own "competition".
      1. Dryuya2
        Dryuya2 11 March 2015 20: 27
        Quote: Funnels
        The Air Force has Aviadarts, the same thing happened last year.

        Part one

        Part two
    2. YohanPalych
      YohanPalych 11 March 2015 18: 15
      Quote: Boos
      I would like to, and from the aviation of the semblance of "tank biathlon", so that not just aerobatics, but also the defeat of targets in combat. And whatever the army aviation! Shoigu can.

      summer promises to be hot:

      1. "Tank Biathlon" - competition for tankers.
      Venue - Alabino (Moscow Region).
      2. "Aviadarts" - pilot competition.
      Venue - Voronezh and Ryazan regions.
      3. "Suvorov Onslaught" - a competition between motorized rifle units.
      Venue - Moscow Region.
      4. "Open water" - competition of pontoon ferry units.
      Venue - Murom (Vladimir region).
      5. "Safe Route" - competition between engineering units.
      Venue - Murom (Vladimir region).
      6. "Masters of Artillery Fire" - a competition of artillerymen.
      Venue - Saratov.
      7. "Masters of armored vehicles" - a competition between the crews of auto-technical and tank-technical support.
      Venue - Ostrogozhsk (Voronezh region).
      8. "Excellence in military intelligence" - scout competition.
      Venue - Novosibirsk.
      9. "Masters of anti-aircraft combat" - a competition of anti-aircraft gunners.
      Venue - Yeysk (Krasnodar Territory).
      10. "Safe environment" - competitions of the RChBZ divisions.
      Venue - Alabino (Moscow Region).
      11. "Caspian Cup" - a competition between the crews of landing ships.
      Venue - Caspian Sea.
      12. "Baltic Derby" - competition for the Marine Corps.
      Venue - Kaliningrad region.

      In addition to the International Army Games, contests of a lower rank will also be held:
      - "Keys to the Sky" - All-Russian competition among the crews of anti-aircraft missile forces. The venue is the Telemba training ground (Transbaikalia).
      - Competition in field training of radio engineering crews. Venue - Ashuluk training ground (Astrakhan region).
      - "Army Reserve" - ​​All-Russian competition for MTO specialists. Venue - Luga (Leningrad Region).
      - Competition for the title of the best specialist of the railway troops in memory of the Hero of the Soviet Union Viktor Miroshnichenko.

      Feel the scale? !!! hi
      1. Blackwizardru
        Blackwizardru 11 March 2015 18: 22
        Yes, no luck Berdsky SpetsNaz belay
        Scouts match and right at their side, and even go to the Shilovsky training ground bully
      2. MORDVIN13rus
        MORDVIN13rus 11 March 2015 19: 27
        belay Baaa, dear Teleba !!! good As I remember, I remember, I assfrozen there in February 2009, when I urgently served in Transbaikalia, in the General Health Administration !!! crying
      3. Boos
        Boos 11 March 2015 20: 42
        Thank you for the clarification. Fine!
  5. Ruthless
    Ruthless 11 March 2015 18: 05
    The sight will be bewitching! good
  6. Linkor9s21
    Linkor9s21 11 March 2015 18: 14
    The USA purchases 700 F35 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin for an amount equal to the entire budget of the Russian defense industry, aren't they fucking?
    Russia will purchase about 7 thousand for this amount. Cu35s which are a million times better than this expensive * ram
  7. Yuri11076
    Yuri11076 11 March 2015 18: 30
    Quote: bort4145
    Su-shki - beautiful "birds

    Great video thanks !!!
  8. Sergey-72
    Sergey-72 11 March 2015 18: 48
    The USA buys 700 F35 fighter jets from Lockheed Martin .... well, aren't they fucking?

    They expect to sell them to their "smaller brothers" in the future, there is probably a queue already lined up. If they do not take, they will turn off the gas (s) laughing
  9. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr 11 March 2015 19: 16
    They fly beautifully.
  10. Barakuda
    Barakuda 11 March 2015 19: 25
    Really beautiful, even just to look at the head can go around.
  11. Knight Rider
    Knight Rider 11 March 2015 20: 21
    And then there is the "Falcons of Russia" from Lipetsk ...
    Show in Krasnoyarsk, great video, beautiful music, beautiful planes and the best aces good