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The EU's Armed Forces: are we called again to Berlin?

The EU's Armed Forces: are we called again to Berlin?

EU bureaucracy will stop at nothing to survive

8 March 2015 of the European Commission (EC) President Jean-Claude Juncker made a very interesting statement that he considered it necessary to create a pan-European army. The main task of such armed forces, according to Juncker, should be the containment of Russia. News particularly noteworthy in conjunction with the work on the creation of the EU Energy Union, whose goal is to create a pan-European body that will fully control and coordinate the energy policies of all countries of the Union. What will such global steps lead to, and what goals can they pursue?

New "Soviet" European Union

Over the past year, it has become clear to almost everyone that the sovereignty of the EU member states is very low, and does not allow any of them (even the leader - Germany) to make independent foreign policy decisions. This showed the unanimous adoption of anti-Russian sanctions and the refusal of Bulgaria from the South Stream - many EU countries “voluntarily” refused billions of euros for their citizens and budgets. And if there are still some countries that at least somehow cast their vote against what is happening (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece), then after the creation of the common armed forces and the Energy Union, European countries will have no sovereignty at all. In fact, the status of small EU countries will be the same as that of the Soviet SSR. In fact, the policy of the whole EU will be "driving" in Germany and, in part, in France. The UK is unlikely to agree to such conditions, and, most likely, will then be released from the EU (this idea is already popular in Foggy Albion). That is, in fact, we are witnessing an attempt to close the power over the lion's share of European countries in the hands of Germany alone. Already, there is a decline in production in small countries and new EU members, due to flooding them with more competitive goods from Germany and France. At this rate, it will be possible to reach even a certain analogue of the planned economy - Poland produces agricultural products, Germany is engaged in mechanical engineering, the Baltic sprats, etc.

NATO without the USA or against the USA?

Juncker's idea of ​​creating a single EU army probably comes from the German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who actually “arranged” the policy for the position of President of the European Commission. Immediately the question arises - what is the purpose of creating such troops, if the overwhelming majority of EU countries already belong to NATO? It would seem, where else can you get a more anti-Russian organization, and even with such a powerful ally, as the United States? It becomes clear that the voiced goal of containment of Russia has no real grounds and was uttered to distract the eyes. And how can one, in general, by military means restrain a country possessing enormous strategic nuclear forces? By the way, for small tasks, such as peacekeeping missions, the EU already has EUFOR (European Union Force) rapid response forces, their numbers are about 10 thousand people. Apparently, those same Germans were very tired of existence in the format of a partially occupied country, which still disintegrates the “fruits” of the Second World War. NATO, in combination with the network of American bases in Europe, is one of the main instruments for monitoring the “behavior” of Germany. In fact, we can talk about a sort of attempt at revenge and the acquisition of lost sovereignty, as well as the "soft" capture of Europe.

That is, the overall picture and goal can be this: create common EU Armed Forces, motivating them with the threat posed by the Russian Federation, thereby trying to "put dust" in the eyes of the US, and then begin to slowly withdraw from NATO, remove American bases, etc. As for the purely military capabilities of such a bloc, they are very large. Germany has an excellent school of ground-based technology, France has the ability to create modern fighter jets, and most importantly nuclear weapon. That is, the EU will not have problems with equipping its troops - there would be means and desire. The number of such aircraft, if necessary, can be enormous - the population of the EU countries is now more than 500 million.

Back to Berlin again?

In fact, the above scenario represents a threat in the future, both for the United States and for the Russian Federation. The Russians are not able to tell about what the Germans are capable of, if they “get into a passion”. And what is most interesting, in the long term, the strengthening of independent German Europe may again bring together some of the old allies in world wars, at least temporarily. Of course, the United States, as always, will try to get its benefit from the situation, while at the same time weakening Russia to the maximum. By the way, it’s not necessarily a global war, it’s possible to increase the number of large local conflicts in neutral countries, an attempt to pull countries from one camp to another, economic wars are all the tools that appeared after the creation of nuclear weapons. True, unlike the world wars of the twentieth century, now another powerful player has appeared in the world - China. And this time, in the rear of the Russian Federation, there is not hostile Japan, but quite a practical, ready-to-cooperative, Celestial Empire.
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  1. 2sila
    2sila 10 March 2015 14: 57
    Yes, they just zadolbali mattress covers of all, even loyal to them "Europeans".
    1. Vend
      Vend 10 March 2015 15: 03
      Quote: 2sila
      Yes, they just zadolbali mattress covers of all, even loyal to them "Europeans".

      That’s for sure and the EU’s fucking will be for a long time. No armed forces of the EU will be. The United States has not yet signed a peace pact with Germany. Germany is occupied by the USA, as well as Japan.
      1. volot-voin
        volot-voin 10 March 2015 15: 09
        Quote: Wend
        . The United States has not yet signed a peace pact with Germany. Germany is occupied by the USA, as well as Japan.

        Moreover, the whole of Europe is under the heel. It is difficult to conduct an independent foreign policy, with the NATO bases located in the country (USA).
      2. takeoff
        takeoff 10 March 2015 19: 23
        Quote: Denis fj
        Based on the fact that the EU countries are almost all NATO countries, the creation of common armed forces will ensure their optimal formation. Those. avoiding unnecessary duplication of military units necessary to defend Europe as a whole, rather than a single country. It will also save military costs. From the point of view of Europeans, this is the right step.

        An interesting offer from Junker. It seems that the dominance of the United States in Europe by Europe itself is already quite tired. NATO in these conditions is the club of the United States for Europe, a tool with which the United States dictates its will to European politicians. An indirect confirmation of this can often be made by statements of European leaders, which at first glance seem insanely devoid of any logic. You can talk as much as you like about growing insanity, but insane people would simply not be allowed to rule the state. Perhaps Europe is seriously considering a scenario in which Americans, in the event of a grandiose schukher, are blamed away from sin for themselves in a puddle, allowing their partners to heroically defend American interests. It’s a very realistic scenario, given that the United States is conducting military operations against states that are unable to provide adequate resistance.
        Or maybe a supranational entity called "EU" now also wants its own armed forces in order to diminish the role of national armies and take away from the EU member states another part of sovereignty.
        1. Throw
          Throw 10 March 2015 21: 02
          Interestingly, European ethnic Turks, blacks, Arabs, etc. also happily join the ranks of this Euroarmy? I don’t think ..))
        2. matross
          matross 10 March 2015 21: 20
          Quote: take-off
          Perhaps Europe is seriously considering a scenario in which Americans, in the event of a grandiose schukher, are blamed away from sin away from their puddles, allowing their partners to heroically defend American interests.

          Well no. In the article, to summarize - Germany intends to send tries to its overseas partner. So - the "partner" leaves nah, Britain too, Franco-German Europe becomes an independent force. Europe united in one way or another, as usual pulls into drang nach osten, our "eternal allies" the USA and England at the last minute enter the war as winners ... Spirals of history, damn it!
          And, I forgot, my Chinese friends, hiding in the rear, are waiting for how it will all end and dream of making a noise of samurai ... but they do not dare, afraid of the USA - in short, the still crouching tiger, hidden dragon (s)
          And ... I forgot it too - the Islamists are hard on everyone, not excluding the Chinese, because they get in the way)
    2. kr33sania
      kr33sania 10 March 2015 15: 04
      Everything is falling into place ... This army will be called VERMAHT, and Russia will perforce have to take Berlin over again.
      PS Deja vu, damn it ...
      1. inkass_98
        inkass_98 10 March 2015 15: 17
        Quote: kr33sania
        This army will be called VERMAHT,

        They may not be in time, they themselves put another force on their own head, which is much more purposeful, it simply has not yet found its Ayatollah.
      2. tol100v
        tol100v 10 March 2015 21: 58
        Quote: kr33sania
        Everything is falling into place ... This army will be called VERMAHT, and Russia will perforce have to take Berlin over again.

        Perhaps not only Berlin, but also ALL other European capitals! That there would be no misunderstandings in the future! It is at least!
    3. Fantomac
      Fantomac 10 March 2015 15: 08
      Geyrops have a centuries-old tradition of receiving p-s from the Russians every 100 years.
      1. Zoldat_A
        Zoldat_A 10 March 2015 16: 51
        Quote: Fantomac
        Geyrops have a centuries-old tradition of receiving p-s from the Russians every 100 years.

        In the 20 century, they managed to do this twice. The Treaty of Versailles, signed by Germany, although without the participation of Soviet Russia, was concluded, but paid with Russian blood - don’t cry!
    4. Denis fj
      Denis fj 10 March 2015 15: 26
      Based on the fact that the EU countries are almost all NATO countries, the creation of common armed forces will ensure their optimal formation. Those. avoiding unnecessary duplication of military units necessary to defend Europe as a whole, rather than a single country. It will also save military costs. From the point of view of Europeans, this is the right step.
      1. figter
        figter 11 March 2015 18: 37
        This is a fairly sound idea on the part of the EU, and above all, on the part of its material and technical support and manning with weapons and military equipment. In addition, a unified approach to the combat training of troops will be adopted, unified staffs of units and subunits will be adopted. But most importantly, for the combat use of troops in operations there will be no need to obtain permission from the heads of various states, a puppet decision of the EU head, completely controlled by the United States, will be sufficient.
        All this is taken against the backdrop of the concentration of NATO troops in the Baltic states. At the moment, a threat is being created for NATO forces to occupy the disputed territories of Russia and Latvia located in the Pskov region, according to the scenario of the Crimea. Considering that no one will dare to use heavy weapons and aviation on our side in NATO forces in this situation, because the gut is thin, a rather delicate situation will be created with a referendum on secession from Russia, infringement of human rights in this territory with monitoring of events around the world and etc.
    5. Motherland Russia
      Motherland Russia 10 March 2015 15: 30
      Yeah, containment.

      Who needs to be restrained then?
      Who pushed to our borders?
      Are they really called?
      1. The comment was deleted.
    6. Defense
      Defense 10 March 2015 15: 43
      The Joint Armed Forces of the EU: are we again called to Berlin?
      1. Starover_Z
        Starover_Z 10 March 2015 16: 17
        Chic composition! laughing good
        Quote: air defense
        The Russian people are still the most hospitable! Not only warmly greets, but also escorts to the house!

        But this time, do not give us the Apocalypse in the form of World War III, Europeans, as punished little rascals, should be sent home with kicks, but those who are sitting across the oceans and pushing everyone against each other must be broken! am
        1. Erg
          Erg 10 March 2015 19: 44
          I agree, that's why our North Pole is "living in". From there to the "tip of the needle" by the state's hand soldier
        2. Serega78
          Serega78 10 March 2015 21: 29
          May be so
      2. STi_v
        STi_v 11 March 2015 04: 40
        The Russian tricolor over the Reichstag will look no less beautiful than the red banner.
  2. avvg
    avvg 10 March 2015 14: 58
    Will have again Berlin brother.
    1. PATTIY
      PATTIY 10 March 2015 16: 21
      Quote: avvg
      We'll have to take Berlin again.

      no .. right now we behind The English Channel will stop.
      Even the Emperor of all Russia said: - "English shit."
      The common expression denoting predominantly implicit actions (diplomatic, economic, espionage, propaganda) of Great Britain against Russia ...
      The French agree with us:
      Anglophobia in France has a long tradition. It dates from the beginning of the Hundred Years War for the expulsion of the British from the original French lands, when the activities of Joan of Arc developed. It deepened after what happened in Mer el-Cabir on July 3, 1940, when the English ships destroyed part of the French fleet, killing several thousand sailors, while the French admiral was mulling over the British proposals. A few years later, journalist Jean-Erold Packy in Vichy began to add a call to his statements.
      : "England, like Carthage, must be destroyed."
      1. s.melioxin
        s.melioxin 10 March 2015 18: 17
        (PATTIY) We'll have to take Berlin again .... and stop behind the Channel. Class. Walk so walk. Let in Berlin and London listen to "Farewell of the Slav" and watch the parade.
      SAXA.SHURA 10 March 2015 18: 32
      And we’ll call Washington Washington. That's it.
  3. Velizariy
    Velizariy 10 March 2015 14: 58
    Not to Berlin ... To London and Washington ... and to Berlin like that ... stop, drink beer and more)
    1. Penzyac
      Penzyac 11 March 2015 00: 15
      Quote: Velizariy
      Not to Berlin ... To London and Washington ... but to Berlin like that ... stop, drink some beer ...

      To Oktober Fest? ...
  4. andrei332809
    andrei332809 10 March 2015 15: 00
    Let's see Europe without passports and visas feel
  5. Good_Taxist
    Good_Taxist 10 March 2015 15: 01
    Repost from "Russian Spring":

    Human civilization did not see more scum than the armed forces of Ukraine!
    The Ukrainian army, brawling in front of cameras and collective farm women, mocking the dead, boldly torturing prisoners, bravely shooting civilians from afar, screeching from enemy militia soldiers, panicky shoots everything it sees, angrily, like a pug, looks at Russian soldiers in Crimea from - behind fences with olfactory pants. Cowardly fleeing from the militias into a hated country that is alien to them, throwing not just tanks, but even personal weapons, flaunting later that this is a trick. Whining at the first-aid posts and gorging on those who fled from them the day before .. But the most disgusting is a mixture of shit, snot and tears captured by the militia of Ukrainian trash soldiers, ready to eat each other's dung at the mercy of the winner, crawling on their knees in dust and their own feces in moaning about "moms-babies-want-to-live-and-work." But it is worth letting go - they again turn into that evil scum, torturing the unarmed, killing women and children. Even the wildest fundamentalists or fascist tribes in Africa have notions of military honor. Truly, there is nothing more disgusting, disgusting and despicable than the armed forces of Ukraine.
    BATTLE - this is a good definition for the outskirts of the outskirts ...
    1. lunoxod
      lunoxod 10 March 2015 15: 05
      still from there.

      Well done hohlops!
      Year of Nambo VAN:
      In the first year of the "lightning-fast three-week" ATO you lost:
      industry - 25%, all social programs, hryvnia - 4 times, killed and wounded
      - tens of thousands of people have become a beggarly beggarly bankrupt country,
      Crimea fell off, Donbass fell off, lost "to enter CEEuroppa",
      lost "enter NATO", the IMF, the EU and the USA sent you to ... y / y with "credits",
      sane neighbors began to build "dividing walls" with you and laugh, twirling their fingers at their temples and so on .... other ...!
      Year Nambo tU:
      - skip on!
      Glory to Ukraine !!!))))
  6. GrandsonUncle Vasi
    GrandsonUncle Vasi 10 March 2015 15: 01
    Or maybe you really have to "repeat" the Reichstag?
    Are you tired of teasing with your jackal fun in the form of an entry into the Black Sea?
    "Comrade Warrant Officer, can we bang?" soldier
    1. Erg
      Erg 10 March 2015 19: 50
      "Early, Petka. Early" soldier
  7. lunoxod
    lunoxod 10 March 2015 15: 01
    Or maybe NATA2.
  8. ILYA M
    ILYA M 10 March 2015 15: 04
    That's right. In the short term, an independent player will appear, in the long term hemorrhoids for us. Mattresses will not calm down and will pit us to the end. And there will always be an ok type of sakashvili-parasen with whose hands the transatlantic bastard will rake.
  9. slizhov
    slizhov 10 March 2015 15: 04
    I think this is a move from the patronage of the United States!
    How much can you lie under the State Department and the Pentagon?
    1. guard
      guard 10 March 2015 16: 06
      The EU and Germany in particular cannot afford to directly say that they will ensure security within the EU themselves, in the wake of anti-Russian hysteria and, hiding behind it, they want to create their own army, then it would be logical to show the pentagon at the door that they say we have an army, and you have to go home, but in the State Department they propose such a scenario and try to prevent it .. There is nothing wrong with the fact that Europe will be independent, especially if we go to a multipolar world, Europe should be independent, but on the other hand they say about specific goals, restrain Russia. Most likely it will turn out that they just want to increase the Western army, the militarization of Europe is not zogora ...
  10. moskowit
    moskowit 10 March 2015 15: 07
    Honestly, TIRED! What do they want?
  11. kursk87
    kursk87 10 March 2015 15: 08
    They’ll get into the pocket of taxpayers again. And invest in NATO, and even feed the EU army
    1. Genych
      Genych 10 March 2015 15: 48
      There will be no EU army, the dough is not enough, and the owner will not allow it.
  12. Tatar 174
    Tatar 174 10 March 2015 15: 09
    So we see that changes in the world are inevitable, they are happening. Here the work fell to our all services and S.V. Lavrov. The USA has brewed everything, but the situation is beginning to get out of their control. The year will be more difficult and saturated than ever.
  13. fomkin
    fomkin 10 March 2015 15: 13
    What are we going to do? The first time or something. Along the way, a joke from Y. Nikulin. Briefly, the matter is in a concentration camp. Russian to one of the allies, well, kick me. Kicked, crumbled all. And before that? And you don’t kick us yet!
    I think that they will force us soon.
  14. nord62
    nord62 10 March 2015 15: 15
    What a short historical memory Westerners have! It never happened that the Slavs fell under a foreigner. No matter how badly we live, no matter how we scold our government, but in case of trouble (and now it smells very strongly), all as one stand up to defend our land from the "happy and well-fed" life that the "good" invaders carry!
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 10 March 2015 16: 21
      Quote: nord62
      What a short historical memory Westerners have!

      What "historical memory" did you see in the EPROM? Geyropa is now a primitive unit driven by mattress mats. Only the stability of the "firmware" decreases day by day, and each time Washington has to apply for "burning" more and more "bending" power. When will they overstrain?
  15. o.sawi2011
    o.sawi2011 10 March 2015 15: 16
    but 500 million people is already a really good figure, considering that we have about 150 million people. It is urgent to breed gentlemen so that there is someone to fight if that hi
  16. attuda
    attuda 10 March 2015 15: 23
    EU Energy Union, whose goal is to create a pan-European body that will be fully

    Where it was until now with those
    who tried to fuck from Russia ...
  17. forester
    forester 10 March 2015 15: 25
    This idea will remain in words, with the current disagreements, and with the most terrible bureaucracy of the EU, this is impossible. And where will they buy weapons? America will no longer sell modern, they will not buy from us, they certainly cannot do with their capabilities. The EU is full of figures with crazy ideas, they justify their chairs and salaries with some obscure gestures. Such an EU and its super-army of Russia are not terrible. But all sorts of such muddy conceptions are very useful. This is how much squabble, strife and intrigue will appear in the EU again! A fair wind, so to speak, in a hunchbacked back.
  18. Heinrich ruppert
    Heinrich ruppert 10 March 2015 15: 29
    It is interesting that the author smoked, that he claims that Merkel arranged Juncker. These were "passionate enemies". While in Brisbane, the three of Putin, Merkel, Juncker did not talk. And after that, Merkel became Juncker's "friend". But in fact he has a grudge against him. Their programs are very different.
    1. Erg
      Erg 10 March 2015 20: 00
      What programs are you talking about? In the past, Vitaly Churkin noted that in Europe there is no one to talk to (about independence), and it is better to speak directly with the owner. That is, with Washington. He said this, by the way, to the entire Eurosentarism right at the session
  19. Denis fj
    Denis fj 10 March 2015 15: 29
    We will restore the Warsaw Pact and the CMEA. And expand.
  20. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 10 March 2015 15: 32
    41 years old will not be allowed! It was then, with heavy battles and losses, they retreated to Moscow and began to drive away from it. Now let's start right away with the Balts, if the Germans did not understand everything, then the price of this people is worthless and the French prostitutes will let us in so long as we don't ruin the rusty Efelis tower - the English Channel and the island in front of us is one hydra head that needs to be cut off! No one says that it will be easy, but wash, we are not left with a choice! Although NATO may be kicked out, they are tired of paying money, but it is hard to believe that "our overseas partners" took it by the throat
  21. Tribuns
    Tribuns 10 March 2015 15: 35
    Vitaly Tretyakov reminds: “... As you know, NATO was created by the Americans in order to keep the United States in Europe, Russia (originally the USSR) outside Europe (by the way, this is about Western European and Gorbachev's dreams of a common European home), and Germany - The authorship of this formula is attributed to different people, but no one disputed its content.The Anglo-Saxons were always afraid of Germany (and Germany confirmed this fear), therefore, all the post-war years did not want any, except for economic, strengthening of the FRG ... Merkel at first continued the policy of bringing Germany to the global political level with the help, in particular, of strengthening the economic and political union with Russia. What happened there with Chancellor Merkel a year and a half ago, you can guess for a long time, but the result of such a metamorphosis is unambiguous. Merkel, contrary to the wishes of many German politicians and entrepreneurs, has actually become the main opponent of Moscow and Putin personally, with whom she was almost friends ... "
  22. sledge
    sledge 10 March 2015 15: 36
    Americans will be against
  23. Cananecat
    Cananecat 10 March 2015 15: 37
    Quote: lunoxod
    Or maybe NATA2.

    Get NATE (you) 2.0
    1. Egevich
      Egevich 11 March 2015 09: 51
      Quote: Canecat
      Quote: lunoxod
      Or maybe NATA2.

      Get NATE (you) 2.0

      HATE - hate ...
  24. lexx2038
    lexx2038 10 March 2015 15: 40
    I wouldn’t really hope for China, it is cooperating, while our resources are cheaper for them than for Russian citizens, as soon as I feel the power in my legs, let's see what kind of cooperation it will be. Well, as for the EU, I doubt that the Americans will allow them to create something on their own, and if they persevere, then in different quiet European places, all sorts of revolutions will start to flare up, especially since there are plenty of reasons and prerequisites. For every Western initiative, Russia should take another submarine into operation, then there will be peace.
  25. The comment was deleted.
  26. pts-m
    pts-m 10 March 2015 15: 50
    First of all, it’s necessary ... to employ the Fifth Colon ... because the railway is planned to be laid to the Bering Strait. There will be more sense from it, of course, not to grind slogans with the tongue, but with a file under the supervision of overseers with clubs for motivation. well and then Alaska meets his historical friends and further builds democracy, because niggas in Ferguson are offended. However.
  27. 34 region
    34 region 10 March 2015 15: 56
    There is no news that America is against the EU army yet. So America is FOR. Very comfortably. The war of the European Union, Russia, Islam. And America will help everyone a little. Especially the winner. Especially in the final stage, so that the winner does not get everything. Then they will declare themselves allies with the winners and divide the world until the next war.
  28. Far Republican
    Far Republican 10 March 2015 15: 57
    And this time in the rear of the Russian Federation is not hostile Japan, but the Celestial Empire, which is quite practical and ready for cooperation. And the second is not fully in control of the situation in the Far East, and it is such that there is a quiet systematic expansion of border areas by China, in the near future 2020-2025 there you can create Autonomous Chinese Districts. And there is a referendum and reunion with the historical homeland, which doesn’t resemble anything. VVP is trying to appease the dragon with the transfer of land along the Tumannaya-Primorye River. The Chinese government has plans to build a port and this is competition for Vladivostok. Greater Ussuri - Khabarovsk could expand and expand China. Locals in all as opposed but didn’t hear our opinion, but Crimea and Donbass are hearing. And VVp thought that if tomorrow Krasnoyarsk asks for wide autonomy, then he will give it to them, no, here’s Donbass for you. The Far East is being handed over without a fight, but in various ways it’s not free, but we won’t know about it.
    1. alexvdv78
      alexvdv78 11 March 2015 01: 59
      That the people were against the transfer of the islands to China near Khabarovsk did not interest anyone. V.I. Ishaev, when he was the governor, spoke on TV, where he said that he offered various options for using the Bolshoi Ussuriysk and Tarabarov Islands so as not to transfer them to China, but the top officials considered it their own way and did the opposite. We were all shocked when we learned about the transfer of the islands. And at the same time, the Japanese became more active in the so-called northern territories. And during this time, China has built a bridge to its side of the island, a large airport with all the infrastructure. Ours with grief mastered the bridge in half, which is half the length of the Chinese one and twice as expensive as its own. They also carried out bank protection works, as a result of which the channel of the river will gradually shift in our direction, increasing the Chinese part and reducing ours. So China is pursuing its policy of quiet expansion of the Far East. We drive them oil, gas. We sell electricity at prices lower than our tariffs for the population, and after that we are surprised at the prices of their goods? When our enterprises are pressured by exorbitant tariffs, we talk about the competitiveness of our products. As for China, look at their maps, where the territory to the Urals is marked as theirs. China is not an ally for us, but a fellow traveler in this area of ​​time. We appeased him for a while with our concessions. Why isn't the price of the gas contract with China announced? IMHO, but China has pushed through a very profitable price tag for itself, and ours, realizing that they have sagged, are hanging noodles on the ears of the population, that such cooperation is beneficial to us. And China is waiting for its moment when we will be busy with showdowns in the gamerops, and God forbid, we will be drawn into a military conflict, then I would not be surprised that our "partner" will thrust a Chinese sword in our backs. Let's not forget Damansky Island!
  29. vanavatny
    vanavatny 10 March 2015 16: 06
    all this until the staff of the OPK doesn’t let Europe go, so if that happens, then again on our head
    1. 10 March 2015 17: 19
      Quote: vanavate
      again on our head

      Dear, if you look carefully at your picture, you will undoubtedly see that Hans has a tape powered machine, not a disk store. I offer a domestic picture to replace yours. Only the soldier’s name will be Russian, let's say Ivan.
  30. andruha70
    andruha70 10 March 2015 16: 09
    The Joint Armed Forces of the EU: are we again called to Berlin?
    yeah, they’re calling ... to sign the surrender again lol
  31. WHG
    WHG 10 March 2015 16: 13
    Quote: PTS-m
    First of all, it’s necessary ... to employ the Fifth Colon ... because the railway is planned to be laid to the Bering Strait. There will be more sense from it, of course, not to grind slogans with the tongue, but with a file under the supervision of overseers with clubs for motivation. well and then Alaska meets his historical friends and further builds democracy, because niggas in Ferguson are offended. However.

    I also say that we still have a northern road unfinished. 5th column in the ICP!
  32. Old warrior
    Old warrior 10 March 2015 16: 14
    Yes, they are going against us with all of them! NATO has already become huge and if, in the near future, they do not prove the necessity of their existence, they will simply fall apart. And how can you prove "necessity"? Only by intervention against us. So we teach materiel and Combat Manual. The more we kill them at the border, the less likely they will trample Our Earth with their nasty boots.
  33. Viktor Kudinov
    Viktor Kudinov 10 March 2015 16: 17
    The European Union is doomed to the integration of states along the lines of the Soviet Union. What they previously fought with, now they create with their own hands. However, the contradictions that exist in Europe are by no means less than they were in the Soviet Union. Therefore, neither the creation of a common Wehrmacht, nor a single energy system guarantees that the time will come when Europe will move from integration to disintegration. In this, by the way, the States will actively help her, because United Europe today is already economically superior to the States, and this is a mess. Until the States make Europe poorer, they will not calm down. By the way, the euro has significantly lost weight, and soon its rate will drop to the dollar. hi
  34. Hort
    Hort 10 March 2015 16: 48
    what a good idea! Just need to give the idea that the combined forces of Europe will be under Russian flags
  35. Sasha 19871987
    Sasha 19871987 10 March 2015 17: 02
    tease-just visit guests)
  36. oleg-gr
    oleg-gr 10 March 2015 17: 17
    We must offer travel agencies together with Shoigu to organize excursions to Berlin on the T-14 (Armata).
  37. Indifferent
    Indifferent 10 March 2015 17: 55
    You might think the United States will allow them to do something! Laugh! There is NATO and there will be NATO and nothing else! And everything else is weak battalions for talking.
  38. heccrbq06
    heccrbq06 10 March 2015 18: 28
    Sofa warriors, you have an aggravation or something? Have not forgotten how many deaths of the Slavs paid for these "cheerful" pictures of the Red Army in Geyrop in 44-45 years?
  39. 3axap
    3axap 10 March 2015 19: 07
    This is nonsense. Lately, European politicians have such a whitewash that you can’t take their word for it. It seems that there is not a single politician who is competent and responsible for his words. Some unconventional and balabol. hi
  40. avia12005
    avia12005 10 March 2015 19: 25
    Let the enemies remember it,
    We do not threaten, but we say
    We passed, half the world passed with you,
    If you need to repeat.

    This is just for the EU, and for the Ukrainian SS fool
  41. Crown
    Crown 10 March 2015 19: 30
    It will be easier to flock to spud bully
  42. Truth
    Truth 10 March 2015 19: 40
    Who cares what they will be called - NATO or EU?
    The main thing is that they will die, and it will be incomprehensible to die for what ...
    Dying for Your country - you are a hero (albeit posthumously) ...
    And die for the EU, who will you be?
  43. torkov66
    torkov66 10 March 2015 20: 01
    With the battle we took Kiev, Kiev all passed and the last street name was read .... Lviv Road to Berlin! - YouTube
  44. valentina-makanalina
    valentina-makanalina 10 March 2015 21: 07
    Only the crowd can confront Russia.
    And the gut is thin by itself.
  45. drags33
    drags33 10 March 2015 21: 17
    And the story seems to really develop in a spiral. Well then, have to
    go to the next round ...
  46. bannik
    bannik 10 March 2015 21: 35
    If the States feel even the slightest threat to their hegemony in Europe, they will quickly build and level up those who violate the order. Perhaps they need a stronger Germany (under their control) with a weaker Europe as a whole, but they will not allow Germany to use nuclear weapons, as it seems to me.
  47. Barakuda
    Barakuda 10 March 2015 21: 47
    Only the crowd can confront Russia.

    Just the crowd will not work. If in peacetime they squabble, then there will be tryndets when the first missile defense and air defense systems in Poland, etc. they’ll be covered with a copper basin, in which case .. I think enough eskanderov.
  48. act
    act 10 March 2015 23: 22
    They decided to show us their independence, but why, when there is NATO and the states, the prisoners will not let go.
  49. red_october
    red_october 11 March 2015 02: 33
    No, they’re not calling us to Berlin. Russia is the same reason for this pan-European army as Iran was for the USA at one time, against which the US missile defense was allegedly directed. In reality, I hope that I'm right, the Germans want to transfer the entire volume of political and military activity to the framework of the new European organizations, but about NATO and the Americans will simply be forgotten, remaining members of NATO on paper, but not particularly in a hurry to carry out Washington’s crazy initiatives. Yeah, like we run and stumble ...
  50. Wolka
    Wolka 11 March 2015 07: 28
    the idea of ​​creating a single EU army is not feasible for one reason, the Yankees just will not let you ditch NATO ...