Iran demonstrates air power: Clones of the forgotten F-5

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, the second stage of the large defense exercises of the Air Force “Sky Defenders –3” began. According to the Iranian Ministry of Defense, the Sa'eqeh (Thunder Strike) fighter-bombers take part in it. The Iranians have made every effort to surround the project with a cover of mystery. They themselves claim that the blow's power "similar to the technical characteristics of the American F-18 fighter." Aviation specialists, however, have a slightly different opinion. They point to the amazing similarity of the Thunder Impact with the F-5 Northrop light fighter, whose first flight It was back in the distant 1959 year. Shakhi Iran received 140 airplanes of this type, about 70 of them are still in service.Photos, proudly published by Iranian news agencies, demonstrate not only the blessing heroic Iranian ayatollah pilots, but also the tremendous wretchedness of Iranian military aircraft equipment .

Iran demonstrates air power: Clones of the forgotten F-5

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