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200 th emergency response squadron RCBZ

Writes dervishv: 26 June 2011, a group of journalists and bloggers, at the invitation of the press service of the municipality, visited the 200 squad of RCBZ.
Of stories Chemical Defense Forces: The foundation day for radiation, chemical and biological defense troops is considered to be 13 November. It was on this day in 1918 that the order of the Revolutionary Military Council on the establishment of the chemical service of the Red Army was signed and, apparently, it was not by chance that this was done a day after the end of the First World War, during which the first cases of mass use of chemical weapons. In recent years, new, new tasks have been set before the troops of radiation, chemical and biological protection, in particular, to counter chemical and biological terrorism.

And here we are at the checkpoint.

We are met by the deputy regiment commander.

After dating and briefing, we go to the places of study.

Lesson with the soldiers of the spring call.

Next training point.

200 th emergency response squadron RCBZ

Everyone listens carefully to the officer.

And the most interesting was waiting for us at the third training point. Fighting robots

Soldiers prepare the robot to work.

The authors of this miracle, engineers from MSTU. Bauman

The robot is controlled from the car, where the operator is located, can be used to evacuate and destroy explosive devices.

It was so easy to lift a dangerous bar and you don’t need to touch it)))



The commander is always there, if that helps.

And the work began to boil ...

They already know where to attach.

Decontamination point. The filling station is designed for complete decontamination, decontamination and disinfection of weapons, military equipment and transport, decontamination and disinfection of the area with liquid solutions, transportation and temporary storage of liquids, degassing (deactivating) substances and solutions, filling small shells with liquids, as well as transferring fluids from one container to another. The filling station is a set of special equipment mounted on the chassis of a KAMAZ vehicle

The latest instructions.

Degassing technology. Because of the heat, the soldiers were allowed to do this work without gas masks.

Team "Gaza!"

The crew, on the machines! Intelligence chemical machine РХМ-4-01 based on the BTR-80.

Report to the commander on readiness.

And KPVT is stored in a warehouse.

Shooting a flag, infected!
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  1. NickitaDembelnulsa
    NickitaDembelnulsa 3 January 2012 10: 41
    Somehow everything looks modern here, you come to our eastern district and see what equipment we have here. But the robots are really cool