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Dmitry Medvedev. Russia and Ukraine: life under the new rules

Dmitry Medvedev. Russia and Ukraine: life under the new rulesA year ago, at the end of the autumn of 2013, when the crisis began in Ukraine, no one could imagine the consequences of this “bitter November” of our neighbors.

Split in a society that even went through families. The decline in the economy. Splash of radicalism down to frank flaunting Nazi symbols. Flows of refugees to neighboring countries. The fighting in their own land against their own countrymen. And in the end - thousands of dead people, including civilians.

Only a year - and from that country close to us with which we were friends, we traded where we went to rest and visit our relatives, only memories remained. We in Russia experience these events as our own pain. We even help those who accept this help with a grin, continuing to live under the slogan “Ukraine is not Russia”. I sincerely regret that representatives of the Ukrainian elite have not yet been able to offer or implement another strategic development program for the country. As chairman of the government, I see it every day in numbers that confirm: the most difficult thing for our neighbors, unfortunately, is still to come.

Whatever attacks may sound in our address, we have no right to resist provocations. We have no right to forget: on the other side of the border, people close to us in spirit, culture, mentality live people whose fate will never be indifferent to us.


What determines the special nature of relations between Russia and Ukraine

We really have a lot in common. After all, our relationship has its roots in centuries. Unfortunately, in order to push the two peoples together, objective facts are now being denied in Ukraine. Including - the commonality of our cultures, faith, millennial stories. They speculate on the past, imposing ideological constructs that have nothing to do with historical reality. This is understandable: the closeness that has developed between Russians and Ukrainians is unique and has tremendous power. It was decisive in relations between our states and after Ukraine gained independence, in any case, no less than the economy. And for millions of people from Russia and Ukraine, whose fates, families, family ties were always closely intertwined, it certainly was more important than other factors.

After all, every Russian person is very close and clear Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian folk songs, which we perceive as our own, relatives. Ukrainian land rich in talents has given the world artists, musicians, poets, writers whose creative heritage is our common heritage. An example is the life and work of Repin, Kuindzhi, Yaroshenko, Bulgakov, Babel. Having lived part of life in Ukraine, they retained the warmest feelings for her and expressed them in their paintings, as well as in novels and stories. And how Ukrainian motifs in the works of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Kuprin, Chekhov, Blok, Pasternak, Mandelstam decorated the Russian literature. How can you determine which component is more - Ukrainian or Russian - in Gogol's immortal books!

This culture belongs to both nations. Initially tolerant, open - it always made us together, was a source of agreement between us. We were brought up in us by the same values ​​and ideals, the principles of relations between people, the norms of behavior in society and in family life. All that is impossible to destroy overnight. Even when we began to live in different states, we read some books, loved some artists, watched some films. They spoke the same language, which almost a third of the citizens of Ukraine consider as their own and who understand everything in Ukraine. And it seemed to us that in spiritual, cultural communication between us there are no and there will never be borders.

How was created the Ukrainian industry

We were united not only by common historical and spiritual roots. But the close interconnectedness and interdependence of economies, production and technological chains that have evolved over decades.

It was within the united state with Russia, as early as the 19th century, that Ukraine emerged as the largest industrial region, and the Donets Basin - as one of the main mining and metallurgical centers. Being a part of the USSR, Ukraine not only strengthened its power, but, being an agrarian republic, it also received a developed industry. The largest hydroelectric station in Europe, Dneproges, was built in Ukraine by the whole country. The same shock, under the slogan "Everything for Donbass!", Was the reconstruction of the coal region. The giants of mechanical engineering and metallurgy (Kharkov tractor and turbine, Krivoy Rog metallurgical plants, Zaporizhstal, Azovstal, etc.), transport infrastructure, including a network of seaports, powerful agricultural and military industrial complexes were created. Unique production and scientific-technical centers appeared, including Yuzhmash, Yuzhnoye Design Office, and the Paton center.

As a result, Ukraine has become one of the most developed union republics. The bulk of its industry, agriculture and trade was financed from the budget of the Soviet Union. Through the efforts of many people and enterprises from various republics, the Druzhba oil pipeline was laid, five nuclear power plants and seven hydroelectric power stations were built, which now are the basis not only of Ukrainian energy, but also of the entire national economy. Also, thanks to the scientific and technological potential created in Soviet times, Ukraine still has basic aerospace technologies, competitive products in certain segments of the aircraft industry. Indeed, almost a third of all the enterprises and design bureaus of the rocket and aviation branches is now located in Ukraine.

How Russia supported the Ukrainian economy

After the collapse of the USSR, all of this (including the gas transmission system) was inherited by Ukraine. In addition, Russia took over all the debts of the USSR. And Ukraine entered its new history, not burdened with any debt payments. That is why in 1991, the starting conditions for its development were among the best in the post-Soviet space. Due to this, the economy of independent Ukraine remained “afloat”. And until recently, Ukraine enjoyed the results achieved in the past. She continued to rely on cooperation with Russia. Used our resources.

In the most difficult period for Russia itself, in June 1993, our country allocated a loan to Ukraine - about 250 billion rubles. The special support of Russia allowed the successful development of many sectors of the Ukrainian economy, including the aviation and space industries. As a result, the first national space program of Ukraine was created. The level of technological ties, including nuclear energy, between our countries was higher than that of many European countries within the EU. Deliveries to Russia contributed to the successful development of the eastern regions of Ukraine.

An important role for the Ukrainian economy, and above all its basic industries, was played by Russian investments in engineering, metallurgy and metalworking, aircraft manufacturing, shipbuilding, and refining. A serious factor that strengthened the banking sector, also became Russian investment. Moreover, the most significant of them were made in the context of the global financial crisis of 2008 – 2009, when credit institutions of Ukraine experienced the greatest stress due to the massive loan defaults and depositors' raid.

Only for Ukraine were created exclusively preferential conditions in the energy sector - such an energy exclusive. For a long time (up to 2006), the cost of gas for it was extremely low - 40 – 50 dollars per 1 thousand cubic meters. The volumes of the supplied raw materials exceeded those that Gazprom sold to Germany and Italy combined. Thus, our country, in fact, for decades supported the Ukrainian economy.

Since there was no separate transit contract, we paid for it directly with gas from the pipe. At the same time, Kiev took away more gas than Russia owed Ukraine for transit. From this constantly growing Ukrainian debt to Gazprom. If we limited supplies, the Ukrainian side began to unauthorized select, and to be more precise, steal gas intended for European consumers.

Of course, Russia tried to reach an agreement with Ukraine on civilized principles of cooperation. Including during the negotiations of Presidents Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yushchenko in 2005, when the Russian side proposed to abandon barter schemes and switch to cash settlements, to separate the issues of supply and transit. However, Kiev behaved extremely unconstructive, demanded special conditions for themselves. I wanted to establish a European price level for transit, while maintaining the preferential price for Russian gas. The Ukrainian side rejected almost all of our offers (including the provision of a loan in the amount of 3,6 billion to repay the debt). But even in such conditions, Russia continued to make compromises.

I note that Ukraine has become the last republic of the former USSR, with which Gazprom switched to market relations in the gas sector. In 2009, for the first time in the history of relations with this country, a long-term contractual base was created that fully complies with many years of international practice in the gas business. On January 19, 2009, after negotiations between Vladimir Putin and Yulia Tymoshenko, Gazprom and Naftogaz signed new long-term contracts. The gas price and transit rate began to be calculated according to generally accepted European formulas. But even after that, Ukraine continued to violate its payment obligations, illegally taking gas. In 2010, President Viktor Yanukovych and I signed a new package of agreements - the Kharkov ones, according to which Ukraine extended the stay of the Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol for 25 years, and Russia reduced the cost of 1 thousand cubic meters. m for $ 100

Constant interruptions in payments only accumulated Kiev debt. By the autumn of 2013, it had already reached 2,7 billion dollars. But even then the Russian side had provided Ukraine with substantial support. Since January 1 2014, Naftogaz was supposed to pay 268,5 dollars for 1 thousand cubic meters. m, that is, to receive gas at a significant discount. This would allow Ukraine to save about 7 billion dollars annually. In addition, the Russian government provided Kiev with a loan for 3 billion dollars, which, among other things, was to be used to pay off gas debts. But no one was going to pay. Therefore, in April 2014, we were forced to cancel the “December” discount. And go - strictly in accordance with the current contract - at a price of about 485 dollars for 1 thousand cubic meters. m, which did not suit Ukraine. And later (from June), Gazprom transferred Naftogaz to prepay supplies. The debt of Ukraine at that time was 4,5 billion dollars.

At the same time, the Russian side never used the economic factor to resolve any political issues. Thus, questions about the signing by Ukraine of the Charter of the CIS, the establishment of the Russian-Ukrainian state border or the presence of the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea were decided on the basis of international law.

It is clear that any step on the part of Russia, if desired, can be interpreted exclusively in a negative way - “expansion”, “dependence”, which some now do. Ignoring the fact that we are talking about jobs, wages of Ukrainian citizens, taxes in the Ukrainian budget. But the truth is that the economy of independent Ukraine was created largely thanks to the support of Russia. And the sum of Russian investments, concessional loans, and supplies on concessional terms has far exceeded one hundred billion dollars. Only due to low gas prices, Ukraine saved more than 82,7 billion dollars. Not a single republic of the former Soviet Union received such support. We did not just help the Ukrainian economy, but, one might say, actually contained it. It is unlikely that from any other country besides Russia, Kiev could receive such gifts for decades. But, unfortunately, this economic reality was not adequately perceived by the Ukrainian leadership.


What led Ukraine to the edge of the abyss

The outgoing year will go down in the history of Ukraine as one of the most difficult and tragic. President Yanukovych negotiated for association with the EU, promising the country a “European choice”, while trying to continue the game with Russia. In the end, after an economic analysis of all the risks and possible consequences, and realizing that there are no guarantees of serious and quick injections from the West, he slowed down the process of association with the EU. As a result, 22 February in Kiev, there was a violent seizure of power.

Further actions of the leadership of Ukraine, including the military, led the country to the economic abyss over which it stands now.

I will not go into detail in the social and economic statistics. Moreover, many countries of the world, and not only Ukraine, are experiencing difficulties today. Including Russia. However, in any case, this is not an absolute drop in GDP on 7 – 9% (estimated by the IMF and the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine), not a 20-percent annual inflation rate, not a decrease in almost 40% of foreign exchange reserves, and no appreciation of utility payments by 1.5-2 times, no closure or actual bankruptcy of large enterprises. And the problem of external debt, which does not hang over the country, is unclear how to pay and which at the end of this year will exceed the volume of GDP. Apparently, our neighbors have to go through the "second 90-e." And, unfortunately, the problem of default, and, more generally, the everlasting threat of the socio-economic collapse of Ukraine, is not the invention of "Kremlin" or any other political technologists. By the way, a significant part of the debt package is in the hands of Russia. Only recently, Russia has invested about 33 billion dollars in Ukraine. It is the capital of banks, loans and the money of Gazprom.

The Ukrainian elite reassures themselves and the population by saying that “everything will be fine”. And it will be good thanks to the “European choice”, the Association Agreement with the EU and the achievement of “independence” from Russia.

Who dictates the rules of Ukraine

Many of the problems of Ukraine began at the very moment when the Kiev leadership — with the obvious suggestion of Western partners — began to talk about the need to reduce the notorious dependence on Russia. Then politics prevailed over the economy. Large projects, including economic ones, began to be viewed through the prism of a possible change in the balance of political forces in the world. After 2009, through the format of the "Eastern Partnership", Ukraine and a number of other countries, in fact, imposed the idea of ​​reducing cooperation with our country.

In economic terms, the approach of Europeans was altogether reminiscent of "dictation." Ukraine is simply dictated, and in detail, everything that it must do in almost all areas of life. And this is not about a small European country with a population of several million people, but about one of the largest states on the continent.

This position is clearly reflected in the Association Agreement with the EU. It requires - without joining the EU - to bring national legislation into full compliance with EU standards in the framework of a “deep and comprehensive free trade zone”. And further take into account the current changes in EU legislation. In essence, the absolute priority of European norms and directives is established over national legislation, and at the same time over national interests. Only one example - the obligation to adopt a law on restitution may lead to complete confusion in property matters. Moreover, not only citizens of Ukraine, but also the majority of citizens of Russia, Poland and other countries whose property belonged to the ancestors before 1940, can claim the right to property.

From the point of view of economic cooperation, the attitude of the EU towards Ukraine is more like neocolonialism. Under the guise of “fair European-like” competition, one-sided advantages were pushed for European and Ukrainian companies closely associated with them. Ukraine needs the European Union primarily as a source of certain types of raw materials. And, of course, as a market for European companies. Let's look at the structure of Ukraine’s foreign trade with the EU: the overwhelming part of imports comes from end-use goods (food, medicines, cars, electronics, household appliances, etc.), while commodities dominate exports.

A significant part of Ukrainian enterprises in their own market will not withstand competition with European goods, which will flood it with the introduction of a free trade regime, since under the terms of the Agreement, Ukraine almost completely cancels import duties. And what happens in this case with the Ukrainian manufacturers - no one seems to have miscalculated. No one can say what prospects, in turn, will open in exchange for Ukrainian enterprises in the highly competitive European market. The amount of preferences that Europeans will provide to Ukraine is estimated at 400 million euros per year. But this could hardly compensate for even a few percent of future losses. A consequence of tariff liberalization, which will cover up to 98% of goods from Europe, will be the gradual ousting of European products by competitors from the Ukrainian market. And the second wave of the European trade "tsunami" will bring all this volume to the markets of the countries of the Customs Union, which will worsen the business conditions within the CU. Of course, we will not simply observe this process, but take retaliatory measures, the result of which will be a drastic decline in the export of Ukrainian goods to Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan. In this case, the loss of Kiev can be up to 15 billion dollars.

If we talk about the agrarian sector of Ukraine, which accounts for 17% of GDP and 27% of national exports, its prospects are also not very bright. And this is in a country that has always been the breadbasket and was famous for the best yields. And now, Ukrainian agricultural producers, through no fault of their own, find themselves in a deliberately losing position. Including - because of the subsidies that are allocated to European farmers, about which Ukrainian can only dream of. And this is despite the unique quality of agricultural land and the recognized high qualifications of the Ukrainian peasantry.

According to experts, in the framework of the Association Agreement with the EU, Ukraine receives a discriminatory quota system that does not comply with the principles of the free trade zone. For example, the annual import quota for wheat is set at 950 thousand tons with an increase over 5 years to 1 million tons. Thus, without export duties, Ukraine will be able to import into the European Union only 50% of the supplied wheat. The rest of the volume will be taxed at the rate of 95 euro per ton, which will increase the price of Ukrainian grain for the consumer at least one and a half times.

Separate efforts and enormous costs will require a transition to European technical standards and norms, according to which industry and agriculture will have to work within a few years. In some industries, such a replacement will need to be carried out even faster. For example, mechanical engineering will have to fully switch to EU standards in two years. The path that the industrialized countries of Europe (Germany, France, Holland, etc.) went through in 5 – 6 decades, Ukraine must overcome in 5 – 10 years. To assess how realistic this is, it suffices to recall that a considerable part of Ukrainian enterprises are equipped with Soviet-era equipment and use the technology of the same years.

Perhaps the cost estimates for these transformations, which were called the Yanukovich government, from 160 to 500 billion euros over 10 years, are too high. But in any case, this is associated with very large allocations. It would be naive to wait for compensation of these costs from the European Union.

Why Ukraine is not expected in the EU

It is characteristic that the further, the more modest are the statements of the West about the amounts allocated to Ukraine. The US guarantees (I’m stressing the guarantees, not the money itself) for 1 billion dollars were described as if it were a question of a new Marshall Plan. But when Ukraine needed 1,45 billion euros to prepay Russian gas - either as a loan or in some other form, the Europeans responded by saying: yes, we need help, but we are not ready to give money. And Kiev had to declare: we will pay from our foreign exchange reserves. Although these reserves are also largely dependent on external assistance.

In fact, no one is eager to give Ukraine money, even for urgent needs. Europe, at the very least, can allocate a loan to cover a debt that is about to be in default. The economy of Europe itself hardly gets out of the crisis. And Brussels will not help Ukraine in the same way as it helped during the 2008 crisis of the year regarding Greece, Spain, Ireland and others. And this step demanded lengthy negotiations from the European Union. Not all “European brothers” were willing to give their taxpayers money as an aid to another country. But then it was about EU members, and now only about a country that no one is going to accept into the European Union.

Speaking about the “European choice” and the possibility of a soon, within a few years, the country's accession to the EU, the leaders of Ukraine in something, perhaps, repeat the mistake of Yanukovych. With only one difference. Yanukovych, realizing his mistake, found the strength to try to suspend this process. And the current Ukrainian leadership does not focus the attention of its people on the “little things”. It does not say that Ukraine has all the standard obligations of a candidate for the EU, but the status of the candidate itself is not. In Ukraine, there was neither a public discussion of the association document, nor an honest analysis of all its pros and cons - for the economy as a whole, for individual enterprises and industries, for various groups of the population. For a long time there was not even a translation of the text into the Ukrainian language.

The Association Agreement with the EU does not contain not only obligations, but also references to the prospects for Ukraine’s membership in the EU. Nor is it a question of possible representation in the European Parliament and other governing bodies. Not to mention the possible provision of citizens of Ukraine equal rights with EU citizens, medical and social services according to European standards, as well as a visa-free regime.

The EU is in no hurry to invite Ukraine to the table of the European powers as an equal partner. He does not even put a side chair, but purposefully keeps her on the rights of "poor Lisa": dates that will never end with a wedding. Just look at Turkey: it signed the 51 Association Agreement a year ago and is still not a member of the European Union. This has even become a topic for jokes. At one time, Viktor Chernomyrdin, when asked about when Ukraine will become a member of the EU, replied: “After Turkey”. - “And when will Turkey be?” - “Never.”

Kiev would also need to look at the experience of those of its south-western neighbors, who nevertheless joined the EU. Assess what has changed since that time in their economy, whether their GDP increased after that, how much income the population grew or fell, and what is the dynamics of unemployment. And, most importantly, how many foreign investments have come to them over the years, or, conversely, the volume of investments has decreased significantly. For example, in Bulgaria, after the country's accession to the EU in the 2007 year, over the 6 years, unemployment increased from 6,9 to 11,8%. Foreign investment inflows declined almost 9 times over the same period (from 9,051 billion euros to 1,092). But these countries are no worse than Ukraine, they are roughly comparable in terms of the level of development and natural and climatic conditions.

Separately, it should be said about the role played by the EU aspiration - even during the times of Yanukovych - to promptly push Ukraine towards the Association Agreement. Let me remind you that Russia, as the largest trade and economic partner of Ukraine, then repeatedly proposed to discuss in a tripartite format (Ukraine, Russia, and the EU) the problems arising in this connection. And every time the European Union, through the mouths of its high-ranking representatives, declared: Russia has nothing to do with it, this is a bilateral process, let Moscow wait on the sidelines. We did not want to hear. What this sudden loss of hearing has led to is already well known. Even to the new Ukrainian authorities, who have replaced Yanukovych, it becomes obvious that Russia’s position cannot be ignored. Otherwise, trilateral negotiations between Ukraine, Russia and the EU on the issues related to the association would not have taken place in Brussels in July of this year, and in September the parties would not have agreed that some provisions of the Agreement would not be introduced before the beginning of 2016. But between failure and agreement to jointly discuss these problems lies a chain of dramatic events. And now it is impossible not to ask the question: what if Europe then “condescended” to a joint - in fact, absolutely natural and necessary - discussion? Many tragedies could have been avoided. In eastern Ukraine, there would be no civil war. And hundreds of thousands of refugees would not find shelter in Russia. Of course, we will continue to provide humanitarian assistance to these burning regions. However, the Ukrainian authorities, if they really consider the eastern territories to be Ukrainian, still need to understand that organizing life there is first of all their area of ​​responsibility. As the Russian Federation took the responsibility for improving the lives of people in the Crimea, which in the 16 March referendum returned to Russia. This decision was made, and we consider this topic closed.

Kiev, judging by the last steps, is not ready to take responsibility for the eastern regions. Not ready so much that Donbass and Lugansk find themselves in an economic blockade, which their central authorities have declared to their citizens. Is it not enough that their compatriots shoot at peaceful citizens? It is also necessary to economically destroy people and entire areas? This is an unprecedented case. Or the decree on the termination of the activities of state organizations, the export of their property and documentation, the termination of banks' servicing of the accounts of all enterprises and the population, which deprives people of all means of subsistence, was issued in the hope that hunger and poverty will make the inhabitants of the eastern regions more compliant? Apparently, this is how Kiev understands the peace process. This, of course, is the strongest argument for Eastern Ukraine, in order to convince it to go along the European path with the whole country.


Ukraine puts barriers

The current frame of mind of a part of the Ukrainian elite is fully reflected in the plans to build “walls” of various configurations between Kiev and Moscow. High and lower, with electric current or with barbed wire, with a moat or trench. This props from the political theater is transferred to the real economy.

We hear that Ukraine is supposedly ready to give up any trade and economic ties with Russia: to reduce them to a minimum, and wherever possible, to zero. Zero gas, a minimum of oil, machinery, equipment - because of the "wall", zero engines, a minimum of pipes, metal, building materials - for the "wall".

For example, the Ukrainian leadership, with the support of the United States, has persistently promoted an absolutely non-market project to create the Odessa-Brody oil pipeline to reduce the transit of Russian oil through Ukrainian territory. A lot of effort was spent on the search for alternative supplies of natural gas, which, of course, develop imagination, but have no relation to reality.

Russia will protect its markets

I strongly doubt the ability of Kiev strategists, not only on paper, but also in life, to reset trade and economic ties between our countries. Although serious and even heavy damage they can cause. And both countries already feel this. Russia will worry about the losses, but will survive them economically.

And how, in turn, are those who are mentally living already “behind the wall” going to outlive them? In the spring of this year, our Ministry of Industry and Trade estimated the total portfolio of Russian orders placed at Ukrainian enterprises in 15 billion dollars (or 8,2% of Ukraine’s GDP). Nobody in Ukraine has explained not only to us, but to ourselves, with whom and with whom these orders will be replaced. What will happen to dozens and hundreds of enterprises, with whole industrial areas. What will happen with such unique productions as the same “Yuzhmash”, which now turned out to be on the verge of bankruptcy?

In November, in the Orenburg region, a Russian-Ukrainian Dnepr rocket was launched from the Yasny launch base, which launched a Japanese satellite for remote sensing of the Earth and four more Japanese spacecraft into orbit. The event is not sensational, but in today's conditions it is significant: this cooperation has lined up for decades, and they are trying to destroy it in a few months.

We warned the Ukrainian partners in advance: the deterioration of our relations is inevitable if the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU is used in the form in which it is signed. According to some estimates, the Ukrainian economy will annually lose at least 33 billion dollars. Russia will protect the interests of its producers and markets.

In September, I signed a decree on raising the rates of customs duties on goods imported from the territory of Ukraine to Russia to the level set by the Customs Union for non-member countries. It will be applied if certain provisions of the trade and economic part of the Agreement with the EU take effect early, and not from January 1 of 2016. We also launched a system for monitoring the implementation of the economic part of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, in order to track the possible appearance of EU goods on the Russian market at dumping prices under the guise of Ukrainian goods. Almost all Ukrainian products - from pork to ships - got into the list for control. In the event of the discovery of such “Ukrainian” goods, they will be subject to a corresponding duty to protect their producers from unfair competitors.

There are other problems that the Agreement with the EU will create. We expect that Ukraine’s fulfillment of its obligations to bring its regulatory framework closer to the norms of the European Union will lead to a sharp reduction in information exchange between our customs services. In fact, it will be about gradual deprivation of the sovereignty of Ukraine in customs regulation. This will significantly complicate the exchange of preliminary information between us, our neighbors, and weaken the system of mutual recognition of the results of customs control, which now makes it possible to speed up the passage of the border control procedure. And this is not surprising. Instead of communicating through long-established channels, Moscow and Kiev will be forced to talk through Brussels, and Ukrainian officials will only do what European bureaucrats prescribe.

Due to differences in many technical regulations, norms and standards, Ukrainian agricultural producers simply will not be able to enter the Russian market. The events of recent months prove this. It was worthwhile to conduct inspections of Ukrainian agricultural products, as systemic violations of our norms were immediately identified - in terms of quality and requirements of consumer safety. Now this sector of economic relations is experiencing hard times. The absence of regionalization in Europe will require us to close our market every time for Ukrainian products, if the disease center is found in the opposite part of the European Union. In this regard, we see significant risks for the economies of our partners in the Customs Union, as well as for other CIS countries. In particular, this applies to Belarus, which has a significant amount of trade with Ukraine.

What risks does Russia see for itself?

A number of problems, although not directly related to the Agreement, are also part of the new economic reality. We watch with great concern examples of the infringement of the property rights of Russian companies on the territory of Ukraine and populist slogans “not to buy everything Russian”. Some cases of pressure were observed long before the events of this year, but they are now becoming widespread. Many businessmen admitted that it is becoming more and more difficult to protect property rights in Ukraine with the advent of the new authorities.

Some cases are generally more reminiscent of the "Makhnovshchina" than the European values. An example of the expropriation of dozens of new "KamAZ" fighters "Maidan self-defense" was widely reported in March in the press. The Russian oil company (LUKOIL), which is quietly working even in Iraq, was forced to sell gas stations in Ukraine. Armed people are attacking Russian-owned banks and enterprises under the pretext that they are financing terrorism. In many cities, vandalism was led by representatives of the Right Sector. Let me remind you that there were no claims of the controlling bodies to the Russian banks and companies - they fulfilled all their obligations. We regard it as a real racket. And the fact that the Ukrainian security forces do not protect Russian entrepreneurs gives the right to assume that this has become part of state policy.

We can not but worry about the desire of the Ukrainian leadership to undermine industrial cooperation in the field of nuclear energy. Attempts to load American fuel into nuclear power units of the Soviet design at Ukrainian nuclear power plants can serve as a dark example on the topic of the dangerous influence of politics on the economy. Moreover, this is not coordinated with our developers and calculators of power units. Experiments conducted under pressure from American manufacturers are not technologically safe. Earlier in Ukraine and in Eastern Europe, for example, in the Czech Republic, they had already tried to replace Russian fuel with American fuel. And these experiments ended with serious technological problems and the shutdown of reactors. It is good that common sense prevailed, and Russia and Ukraine managed to reach an agreement on the supply of nuclear fuel for the next year.

I want to remind you that even in the most difficult time of the aggravation of the internal Ukrainian conflict, the Russian side fully fulfilled and continues to fulfill its obligations to Ukraine for the supply of nuclear fuel for Ukrainian nuclear power plants.

Ukraine planned to build its fuel plant with the help of Russia. We in Novosibirsk have already made a number of technological lines for this plant. However, the construction of the workshops themselves in the Kirovograd region and is not going.

Transit risks, and not only pipeline risks, increase visibly in Ukraine. Although the very geographical position of the country allows it to play an important role here. There are questions about the safety of road and rail transportation, as well as the transportation of goods through Ukrainian ports. Many - not only Russia - will probably have to change the routes for the supply of their goods to Central and Southern Europe. Thus, Ukraine’s participation in the East – West and North – South global transit routes is questioned.

And, of course, the problem of gas transit through Ukraine - it must be admitted, the problem that arose far from today has not disappeared anywhere on the agenda. Today the gas issue is settled only temporarily. According to the Brussels agreements, Ukraine must repay 3,1 billion from Gazprom 5,3 billion by the end of the year billion of debt and buy additional volumes from the company for the winter on a prepaid basis. In the period from November 1 2014 to March 31, 2015, Ukraine was granted a discount in 100 dollars per thousand cubic meters. m to the contract price. Thus, the price of Russian gas for Ukraine in November – December will amount to 378 dollars per 1 thousand cubic meters. In early December, Naftogaz paid 378 million dollars as a prepayment for 1 billion cubic meters. m of gas.

The so-called “winter package” of agreements was reached only thanks to the direct cooperation of representatives of Russia and the EU. The European Union really felt the threat to the transit of Russian gas from Ukraine. And he took steps that made it possible to achieve at least a temporary agreement. The conditions for further cooperation are a matter of negotiation and careful adherence to the Kiev payment schedule.

Another element of the “wall” being built is the desire of the Ukrainian authorities to introduce a visa regime with Russia. Someone was counting on what “dividends”, coupled with the general deterioration of relations between the two countries, could it bring to Ukrainians and the Ukrainian economy?

The damage will cause a reduction in remittances from Ukrainians working in Russia. And today only highly qualified specialists and those who work with an official work permit or with patents - almost 400 thousand people. But this is official statistics, which does not provide a complete picture with such close ties and open borders. Experts say that about 6 million Ukrainians come to Russia for seasonal work. I want to note that only from 1 in January of 2014, more than 4 million people entered Russia. This is almost one tenth of the total population of Ukraine. They have a second home in Russia - relatives, friends, work, including seasonal work. No wonder they say that the east of Ukraine works for Russia, and the west - in Russia.

Indeed, for many Ukrainians, work in Russia is the only source of existence. And only thanks to the actions of Ukraine will Russia be forced to block this source. Since 1 January 2015, the “gray” Ukrainian workers, who constitute the main number of those who arrived, will not get a job without a patent in Russia. More strictly, we will also deal with the observance of the terms of stay in our country - 90 days within six months. Previously, it was enough to leave Russia - and again to return back to work here for the next three months without any problems. Now, our border guards will treat such Ukrainians, “travelers” without a patent for work in Russia, with heightened attention.

Possible losses of Ukrainians, if they lose their earnings in Russia, are estimated at 11 – 13 billion dollars, that is, as much as about 7% of the country's GDP. I would like to ask Kiev politicians: has this new load on the state budget been taken into account, not to mention the budgets of Ukrainian families?

New principles of our relationship

Many in Ukraine are now in a revolutionary euphoria. It seems that it is enough to throw in the dustbin of the history of a century of joint past, and everything will start from scratch. Life will be comfortable and prosperous. Here only this sheet will be dirty. There is already blood on it. Ukrainian society is already paying for the illusions with which it is now generously fed by the ruling elites who dream of having European passports in their pockets. We hear about the victims of these illusions every day. Soldiers and civilians of Ukraine continue to die from the "armistice bullets". There will be other victims that are inevitable in a country where people do not have enough money for medicines, food, for raising children, for education. In a word, for a normal life. We are very sympathetic to all of them.

However, the state of Ukraine has made its choice. And even if our neighbors are now poorly aware of the final price that will have to be paid, that is their right. Including the right to make mistakes.

Of course, it is not easy for Russia to accept such a choice, but not at all because of the “imperial ambitions” attributed to Moscow. Still, 360 years from the time of Pereyaslavska Rada, we considered each other as one family, where, it happened, there were disputes and quarrels between relatives. But the difficulties, and even more danger, we always overcome together. And there was one for all and joy, and misfortune, and, of course, victory.

However, the best way to prove that we in Russia respect and respect Ukraine as a sovereign state is the recognition of its right to a choice made. But Ukraine needs to remember that any choice is first of all a big responsibility. In a well-fed European future, you have to work a lot, not “ride”. Want to live "like in Europe" - learn how to pay bills. For a start - in Russian.

Our countries are neighbors and can not cooperate. Just now this cooperation will be exclusively, one might say, “European”, rational and pragmatic. Russia intends to strictly follow its national interests. And it will firmly defend them - as is the case with any other equal partner. Building relationships in new conditions, we will leave emotions and "related feelings" aside. And we will no longer contain the economy of Ukraine. It is unprofitable for us. And, frankly, tired.

Perhaps it was just this — a bit cold — pragmatism in politics and economics that our countries lacked all the years after the collapse of the USSR. And now, after heavy trials and losses, we have a chance to build a truly business, mutually beneficial relationship.

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  1. Samaritan
    Samaritan 16 December 2014 07: 53
    He loves to chat)
    In Ukraine, a new revolution will happen soon, and the main thing for us to save!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 16 December 2014 08: 06
      Quote: Samaritan
      He loves to chat)

      You too! The article was published in 7.48, and you wrote a post in 7.53 after reading the title.
      Now tell me, what is not written correctly in the article? Or your opinion about the article depends on the names of Putin-Medvedev, then maybe it’s not worth writing.
      1. Samaritan
        Samaritan 16 December 2014 08: 20
        And what, excuse me, in this article?
        Author: Captain - Evidence!
        If he wrote "this" in February it would be cool, and every second person in the smoking room can reason like that!
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 16 December 2014 08: 22
          Quote: Samaritan
          And what, excuse me, in this article?

          This is a question for you!
          1. Samaritan
            Samaritan 16 December 2014 08: 27
            It would be up to a fellow writer!
            Why is there no way in our people’s government ace ???
            Let them put up a schedule of work, that is, specific cases, for example, for a month and according to the results, they are counted by the first channel to all the people, and in any language anyone can!
            1. muginov2015
              muginov2015 16 December 2014 09: 21
              It feels like the iPhone-support is working in Ukrainian government, has thoroughly studied everything. Plus, definitely, with a little BUT. If he had been so good at understanding the difficulties of OUR economy, successfully solving OUR problems, I think he would have earned honor and respect. And so, there is no need to mind the water, keeping up with the general trend.
            2. The comment was deleted.
            3. Magadan
              Magadan 16 December 2014 10: 07
              I agree.
              It would also be nice to post a schedule to reduce the dependence of the Russian GDP and budget on oil and gas money.
              And another schedule for reducing the number of officials on 1000 residents
              And the increase in the number of doctors / doctors / scientists
              And% growth in electronics, engineering, aircraft, automotive.
              And yet all that the people in any scenario consider as positive.
              And post every 6 months
              That would be interesting
              1. baltika-18
                baltika-18 16 December 2014 13: 42
                Quote: Magadan
                And another schedule for reducing the number of officials on 1000 residents

                By the way, according to officials. Today we have 2 million. 152 thousand pieces. These are both federal and municipal.
            4. Sendi7s
              Sendi7s 16 December 2014 13: 05
              For Samaritan (3) SU Today, 08:27 AM

              What are you doing?!?! Control, planning and reporting - have long and firmly been ostracized as one of the signs of "scoop". smile
            5. The comment was deleted.
            6. Throw
              Throw 16 December 2014 16: 02
              After all, our relationship has its roots going back centuries.

              What "centuries" ?? For some reason, our politicians stubbornly avoid mentioning the artificial nature of Ukrainians and who and from what pieces their territory was formed. In fig. -16th century, no "kraina" even smells ..
              1. crcomp
                crcomp 24 December 2014 22: 17
                The 16th century is the period from 1500 to 1600, Taganrog, Odessa, Sevastopol are already marked on the map, an error has appeared ...;)
            7. atalef
              atalef 17 December 2014 07: 01
              Quote: Samaritan
              It would be up to a fellow writer!
              Why is there no way in our people’s government ace ???
              Let them put up a schedule of work, that is, specific cases, for example, for a month and according to the results, they are counted by the first channel to all the people, and in any language anyone can!

              In general, the whole article is written in the spirit - someone will be worse than us.
              It reminds a proverb - it’s not a problem that my cow is dead, a problem that my neighbor is still alive
        2. Igor39
          Igor39 16 December 2014 08: 30
          Is the Samaritans a small ethno-religious group of Jews?
      2. smel
        smel 16 December 2014 08: 22
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Quote: Samaritan
        He loves to chat)

        You too! The article was published in 7.48, and you wrote a post in 7.53 after reading the title.
        Now tell me, what is not written correctly in the article? Or your opinion about the article depends on the names of Putin-Medvedev, then maybe it’s not worth writing.

        This article came out 3 days ago. It is quite difficult to read it, and it is not particularly necessary - everything that is written there has long been known and discussed. But it seems to me personally that it is time for Mr. Medvedev to do business inside the country, deal with the contribution of each subordinate (especially Dvorkovich), keep his finger on the pulse of life, and not give press conferences, write common truths and hang around the world. And it would be better for him to rest. Rogozin would have steered better
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 16 December 2014 08: 28
          Quote: smel
          But it seems to me personally that it’s time for Mr. Medvedev to do business inside the country,

          OK, let Putin take a rest so far wink
          Quote: smel
          Rogozin would have steered better

          And what short of words did you see from Rogozin? What does Rogozin do in a bunch of posts? He will post a beautiful koment on Twitter and you are ready to accept it with a bang. What exactly did Rogozin say, only in fact, and not blah blah.

          Now they’ll stupidly make cons, but in fact who the hell will answer, because there’s nothing wassat Glory to Rogozin lol
          1. Igor39
            Igor39 16 December 2014 08: 49
            Rogozin Orsys promotes his plant, not only cares about his homeland, but also does not forget about himself smile
            1. Userpic
              Userpic 16 December 2014 20: 15
              Quote: Igor39
              Rogozin promotes its Orsis plant
              Dmitry Viktorovich Livanov (born February 15, 1967, Moscow, USSR) is a Russian statesman, scientist, and theoretical physicist. Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation since May 21, 2012 [1].

              Born in Moscow on February 15, 1967 in the family of MATI student Viktor Livanov - subsequently, since December 1995, the general director of the Aviation Complex named after S. V. Ilyushin, who in turn was the son of Vladimir Borisovich Livanov (1907-1999) - colonel of the KGB of the USSR [3] [4]. The wife of father Dmitry Livanov - Filippov (Rogozin) Tatyana Olegovna, was born on January 24, 1953 in the city of Chkalov, Doctor of Economics, President of Titan-Aero Airlines, is the sister of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Rogozin
          2. smel
            smel 16 December 2014 09: 19
            Now they’ll stupidly make cons, but in fact who the hell will answer, For there is nothing Slava Rogozin
            Yes, not Rogozin ... Rogozin as an example. At least more patriotic than the overlying bosses. Although personal meetings (though in the distant past) left good impressions. But the meeting with Dvorkovich when he was in the President’s protocol is a song ... It’s better to be a seamstress ... (remember?) And as for Putin, everyone has his own opinion. I have never voted for him, but he is the President of my country. Hence my attitude towards him. And if he ever leaves this post - it will happen NOT ACCORDING TO WASHINGTON
            PS I didn’t set minuses, as well as the pluses
            1. wk
              wk 16 December 2014 09: 43
              Quote: smel
              At least more patriotic than the overlying bosses.

              may be better like this: "at least a more patriotic thief than the superior bosses"
              Yes, it is worth noting that Rogozin, who is the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, has only two "overlying" ones ... Medvedev and Putin ... well, somehow call the GDP overlying ... I think the GDP will not be delighted with such honors)))
            2. The comment was deleted.
            3. Ascetic
              Ascetic 16 December 2014 12: 30
              Quote: smel
              At least more patriotic than the overlying bosses. Although personal meetings (though in the distant past) left good impressions.

              A more patriotic does not mean a more professional and effective leader .. Although he does not need energy and pathos, but painstaking and consistent work requires a more careful approach than a snap and a slogan we will tear all ... In such a position, populism and slogans do more harm than good . He is more a politician than a manager-leader, although his ongoing disputes with Siluanov and defending his position deserve respect.

              Now for the article. Medvedev's article is The official position of the Russian state on the Ukrainian issue at the moment. We will proceed from this.
              It would be nice to listen to the OFFICIAL POSITION OF THE GOVERNMENT on INTERNAL ISSUES, in particular, to explain to the people themselves or through the lips of ministers the ESSENCE of the current financial and economic policy. Nabiullina's explanation today is not convincing, to put it mildly. A clear and official position is needed - either the government and the financial bloc are doing everything right and what are the motives for such decisions, or one of two things must be recognized: either the leadership of the Central Bank and Sberbank have round ducks (which is unlikely), or they are the core of the system built to destroy the Russian economy ".
              1. twviewer
                twviewer 16 December 2014 13: 22
                Quote: Ascetic
                one out of two

                there is an option both that and another here a similar example
              2. Alekseev
                Alekseev 16 December 2014 15: 10
                Quote: Ascetic
                A clear and official position is needed — either the government and the financial bloc are doing everything right and what are the motives for such decisions

                Yes, that's for sure!
                There is no clear answer from our financiers.
                They do not keep the ruble exchange rate ... But can it be in conditions when oil has become less than $ 60?
                Undoubtedly, the floating rate is an economic barrier to Western goods and services, an incentive to expand its own production. Perhaps the expectation is that, ultimately, this course will lead Russia out of the so-called globalization under the auspices of the United States?
                The next step is the abolition of the desire for the free conversion of the ruble. Now there are simply no conditions for exchange exchange.
                It seems that we have to remember about the hard currency ruble for foreign trade operations.
                Step back? Nothing, the situation is now ...
                The monopoly of foreign trade, though not complete, is also on the line.
                Painful? Yes, we will lose some quality goods and services. But this is a chance to create your own.
                And there seems to be no other way out. The West does not want to play fair.
          3. Magadan
            Magadan 16 December 2014 10: 11
            Quote: Alexander Romanov
            And what short of words did you see from Rogozin? What does Rogozin do in a bunch of posts?

            There are no complaints against Rogozin. Russia's 20% increased EXPORT of armaments, while worldwide sales fell!
            AND THIS IS A STUPID FACT IN FAVOR OF Rogozin, because we know that Rogozin is just busy with the defense !!!
            And I believe stupidly what I see. And I do not care how Rogozin achieved this. The main thing is the RESULT.
            And I see the results of DAM and his liberal team. And I also FIGURE why. It didn’t work out - it means a LOSER. And let it mean hell.
            1. Throw
              Throw 16 December 2014 16: 18
              Since when is the state of DEFENSE evaluated and measured by TRADE ??
              Rosoboronexport is great (what does Rogozin have to do with it?), But selling is not about developing and building. 20%? So if they trade 400 and "Bulava" they will master 100% of the growth. Only who will give them ..
              And what% of the manning of the troops, at least with what we sell? % "Ratnikov" from the fighters? % coverage of the territory with air defense zones? .. Ay, Dima! ..
            2. Ascetic
              Ascetic 16 December 2014 18: 28
              Quote: Magadan
              There are no complaints against Rogozin. Russia's 20% increased EXPORT of armaments, while worldwide sales fell!
              AND THIS IS A STUPID FACT IN FAVOR OF Rogozin, because we know that Rogozin is just busy with the defense !!!

              Rogozin has nothing to do with the sale of weapons. Chemezov, Isaikin and Moscow Region are relevant to this issue. Rogozin oversaw the military-industrial complex and the construction of the Vostochny spaceport. The President of the Industrial-Industrial Commission had to head, and the Eastern ... regular breakdown of deadlines for objects and non-compliance with technical specifications on a number of them ...
          4. dmb
            dmb 16 December 2014 10: 34
            Romanov. I did not expect from you. Something you and the leader will kick. He knows how to write on Twitter, bears the proud title of a patriot, which means it’s already good. And you from Dima still require some accomplishments.
        2. aleks_29296
          aleks_29296 16 December 2014 08: 34
          But it seems to me personally that it is time for Mr. Medvedev to do business inside the country, deal with the contribution of each subordinate (especially Dvorkovich), keep his finger on the pulse of life, and not give press conferences, write common truths and hang around the world

          Mr. Medvedev should have been busy for a long time, he sat in his place, and the result is not that zero, but already gone to minus.
          1. twviewer
            twviewer 16 December 2014 13: 34
            Quote: aleks_29296
            But it seems to me personally

            that it’s better for Mr. Tweet not to do business, especially domestically :)
            but he’s not the only one, this alone cannot be pulled
        3. mak210
          mak210 16 December 2014 10: 20
          Rogozin, Doctor of Philosophy. He studied at a specialized school number 59 with in-depth study of the French language. In 1981 he entered the international department of the journalism faculty of Moscow State University. He was a trainee correspondent in the main editorial office of the Central Television of the USSR State Television and Radio Broadcasting and in the main editorial office of the News Agency of Latin America. He has a philological and economic education. In 1986, he graduated with honors from the international department of the journalism faculty of Moscow State University. In 1988, he graduated with honors from the Economics Department of the University of Marxism-Leninism at the Moscow City Committee of the CPSU.

          And where in this education and work experience do you see the potential for the rise of industry, is he not even a fashionable economist now (they will be remembered by night)? The language is suspended, yes, but is this really enough to work in the military-industrial complex? Poor defense industry!
          1. Magadan
            Magadan 16 December 2014 11: 21
            Nevertheless, facts are stubborn things! With this kind of education, for some reason, for him, everything turns out in the military-industrial complex. And even the export of our weapons grows by 20% when it falls all over the world!
            I stupidly believe the results. And not crusts.
            1. mak210
              mak210 17 December 2014 07: 04
              Nah, everything's fine. Now the chief physicians are in hospitals with an economic education. And rightly so, who, if not managers, can determine how to properly treat patients? Philologists, definitely. And what kind of meetings they hold, you will hear. Something about war horses and patriotism, helps seriously ill patients, pulls.

              I also note that under Medvedev the dollar-euro was 30-40, oil 110, Ukraine was fraternal. Nanotechnology, again. Of course this is his merit. And you swear here. In vain.
      3. Magadan
        Magadan 16 December 2014 10: 03
        This article was yesterday in Rusvesn. So many have already read it. Although the title is clear that DAM crawls where it is not necessary. It would be better to think about the Russian economy, which he banged completely with his liberal sidekicks.
        But you see you need to write something clever and correct. To be, so to speak, in a "trend" (from the word "tryndezh" probably)
      4. uhu189
        uhu189 16 December 2014 11: 26
        Everything in it is written correctly, only it’s very late written
      5. pensioner
        pensioner 16 December 2014 12: 18
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        The article was published in 7.48, and you wrote a post already in 7.53

        He attended speed reading courses at a local housing office.
        Hi Sasha! drinks
      6. solkhat
        solkhat 16 December 2014 12: 21
        Everything is written correctly. We won’t support the Russophobic regime. Why? We wanted freedom from us, we got it. We don’t need to blame Putin for this. We still didn’t demand debts.
      7. SveTok
        SveTok 16 December 2014 12: 55
        First of all, Medvedev had to show that he had done something useful for his economy, why it has been treading water since he headed the government, why it is not able to withstand attacks from outside and it is finally necessary to learn how to be responsible for its work in its sector responsibility.
      8. Absurdidat
        Absurdidat 16 December 2014 15: 16
        Well, the problem is considered as always one-sided - what will happen to poor nenka after copulation with the EU, but Ukraine does not have to sell the same wheat to Europe for more than 1 million tons, other countries rake wheat with it and this year all records are broken despite to war. Yes, a lot of exaggerations, as they say poor Krajina would be bad without us, they bury and bury everyone, but she will not die at all. And no egg is not a prime suicide bomber, kamikaze, and there are few fascists in parliament, and they don’t smell like a third maidan .... and so on.
      9. Russkiy53
        Russkiy53 20 December 2014 00: 43
        our opinion depends on whom Medvedev put as the Minister of Defense ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 16 December 2014 08: 17
      Indulged in tolerance and waking up. And loans were issued taking into account theft and kickbacks. But they calmly looked at how the Ukrainians were being zombified against Russia.
    4. vodolaz
      vodolaz 16 December 2014 14: 45
      Quote: Samaritan
      He loves to chat)
      In Ukraine, a new revolution will happen soon, and the main thing for us to save!

      Is it possible to write more constructively? The answer is just about nothing, demagogy alone. The article, by the way, is quite specific. It will be hard for us, but we will get out and build our enterprises, but I don’t know what Ukraine will do.
    5. vezunchik
      vezunchik 16 December 2014 15: 08
      in this situation, the prime minister must file a reminder, as is done in all countries.
    6. Buran
      Buran 16 December 2014 16: 02
      In fact, find in this world at least one person who ruled the state in the given geopolitical and geoeconomic conditions. Putin and Medvedev, for today, are those who truly rule the world. And those who the whole world is looking at. Will they succeed or fail? Today, history is really being made. We do not even see a fraction of what is happening and do not know. It is so global that all the nagging about sleeping Medvedev and the traitor Nabiullina is the simplest form of propaganda, not our propaganda. Geographically, our country cannot be weak; we are the nation occupying the largest part of the land. A nation protected by the most advanced and powerful weapons to date. The nation that owns the richest geological and biological resources. We are a priori great. We must negotiate with us, not we with them. Europe and the USA have so much confidence in their superiority that they completely forgot that they are just technological and financial bubbles. Yes, at the moment they can crush. May ruin our markets and wealth. But how long will they stand it themselves? After all, apart from the food embargo, Russia has not yet undertaken anything. A year, two and the whole world will change, so global and colossal, breathtaking. Right now I realized that in these times it is better to live in Russia, we are just ready for these changes, they are not. Of course, everything that I just wrote sounds very pathos, but I'm sure of it.
      PS Thanks for the cons laughing
    7. ARS56
      ARS56 16 December 2014 17: 21
      In Ukraine, there are problems with the mobilization of the killers of the Russian population, so Dimon made a fuss - guest workers urgently need to be returned to Banderostan, otherwise it’s not enough for the Armed Forces.
      These "guest workers" mainly work in industry. They are engaged in import substitution. It is necessary to be more careful, more thoughtful. However, who am I? He doesn't know a word like that.
    8. ARS56
      ARS56 16 December 2014 17: 21
      In Ukraine, there are problems with the mobilization of the killers of the Russian population, so Dimon made a fuss - guest workers urgently need to be returned to Banderostan, otherwise it’s not enough for the Armed Forces.
      These "guest workers" mainly work in industry. They are engaged in import substitution. It is necessary to be more careful, more thoughtful. However, who am I? He doesn't know a word like that.
    9. Colonel
      Colonel 16 December 2014 19: 44
      Just started to read the comments and immediately stuck.
      Quote: Samaritan
      In Ukraine, a new revolution will happen soon

      Oh how! And when was the old one? In 1917 ??? Or are you talking about February of this year ???
  2. ddglory
    ddglory 16 December 2014 07: 54
    Chocolate Pig -
    The new symbol of Ukraine,
    Just so innocent
    But in my heart it’s angry ...

    Oink-oink-oink - sings to Europe,
    I'll grow fat soon,
    Your business is only for small,
    Ditch all the rebellious ...

    Dark chocolate lard -
    A new kind of delicacy
    Russians - go through the forest
    We don’t want to get along with you ...

    Petya is jumping a pig,
    In front of Uncle Barack,
    Now a bow, then get up cancer
    Do you know that Pete is shining?

    They’ll send Petya to the barbecue
    And fried on a spit
    And fires will count towards you
    Damn everything in the world ...

    In Ukraine - a leader - a bastard,
    And they planted a pig for you
    Say you lived badly?
    You were checked for lice ...
    Everyone wants chocolate
    Living life carefree
    Just reduce the ambition
    You have such a gracious ...

    On the tears of strangers and grief
    You cannot build your happiness
    Let Donbass live alone
    Without good - you're not worth a penny ...
  3. saag
    saag 16 December 2014 07: 56
    "... Many in Ukraine now have a revolutionary euphoria."

    This is not a revolution, but a coup d'etat
  4. Crang
    Crang 16 December 2014 08: 01
    It has long been so necessary Dmitry Anatolich. Keep those who spit on us defiantly? What for? Give them loans? What would they refuel tanks on them and crush us in the Donbass? What for? But Novorossia must be overcome. To the historical borders of the LPR and DPR. They have a special approach. These are our people. Do not push it - people will not forgive you for this.
    1. saag
      saag 16 December 2014 08: 09
      Quote: Krang
      Do not push it - people will not forgive you for this.

      They won’t wring it out, yesterday Lavrov said so that they see the Donbass as part of Ukraine
      1. Crang
        Crang 16 December 2014 08: 12
        You can say anything. The main thing that they did what the people need. Let protect the full territory of the LPR and the DPR as their own.
        1. saag
          saag 16 December 2014 08: 36
          Quote: Krang
          You can say anything.

          This man in the street can say anything, the Minister of Foreign Affairs cannot say anything, he voices the official position of the country, and this message is addressed primarily to the West, to show how good we are, do not put pressure on us with all sorts of things, such as excess oil and other sanctions
      2. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 16 December 2014 08: 17
        Quote: saag

        They won’t wring it out, yesterday Lavrov said so that they see the Donbass as part of Ukraine

        And what of that? Putin did not say long ago that there are no Russian military in Crimea; these are fighters of self-defense of Crimea laughing
        You want only Americans to hang noodles on their ears. We play by their rules. Anyway, the truth in the world is no longer needed by anyone.
        1. saag
          saag 16 December 2014 08: 39
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Putin did not speak long ago

          Putin can say anything, moreover, he can even sign different decrees, but it’s not at all a fact that it will come true,
        2. Gardamir
          Gardamir 16 December 2014 08: 46
          We play by their rules. Anyway, the truth in the world is no longer needed by anyone.

          All this is sad. If good will fight evil using evil methods, then in the end defeat evil.
        3. uhu189
          uhu189 16 December 2014 12: 05
          Will you deny the obvious? Or do you think Donbass is independent? Playing by the rules of others, sooner or later you will lose. According to their rules, playing on good should have been
      3. anip
        anip 16 December 2014 08: 54
        Quote: saag
        They won’t wring it out, yesterday Lavrov said so that they see the Donbass as part of Ukraine

        And who doubted that? Ah, although here, on the site, six months ago, the majority were of such patriots who did not doubt the development of events in the Donbass by analogy with the Crimea. I said back then that there will never be such a thing, there will never be a Donbass as part of Russia, at best case DNI and LC will be independent-did not believe. Is the clarification now?
        1. saag
          saag 16 December 2014 08: 56
          Quote: anip
          Donbass will never be part of Russia

          Krymnash Donbassnenash
  5. Name
    Name 16 December 2014 08: 03
    There are a lot of beeches. It was possible to keep within two lines: "And we will no longer support the Ukrainian economy. It is not profitable for us. And, to be honest, I'm tired of it. " hi
    1. Vasily
      Vasily 16 December 2014 08: 09
      Even these letters are superfluous. Failure of relations with Ukraine. What else to say? They "helped" and raised the Nazis.
      And now abruptly reverse. All these throws are the result of non-professionalism. This is with the LADY constantly. Now he moves the clock back and forth, then he "cancels" the technical inspections, which in fact have to be passed, then he came up with this premium system. All bonuses remain with the management.
      The government of people's mistrust with us.
    FACKtoREAL 16 December 2014 08: 05
    Mind I will not understand
    Arshin in inches - do not measure!
    She is a naive bl.d ...
    He continues to believe in a freebie!
    (almost according to Tyutchev) wink
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 16 December 2014 08: 19
      The slow-witted are usually sent in three letters. laughing
  7. Balamyt
    Balamyt 16 December 2014 08: 07
    Just look at the premiere! Already to write that he is much .... Unless of course he wrote! But in the end, what ???? Around one chatter and nothing but. Nausea already from one of its kind! Populist fucking. Used President! For four years, he messed up with his pseudo-reforms so much that there is still no way to rake them! He grabbed onto the prime minister’s chair like a bug on the carpet, and poured water all over the country flaunting ears with iPhones.
    1. The comment was deleted.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 16 December 2014 08: 22
      Yeah. It seems that the Complete Works of D.A. Medvedev will be released soon. in comics and in 3D format laughing
    3. Crang
      Crang 16 December 2014 08: 30
      But with him, we normally and fairly gave Georgian animals in the face. And do not chew snot as it is now.
      1. aleks_29296
        aleks_29296 16 December 2014 08: 37
        Krang (7) Today, 08:30 ↑ ↓ New

        But with him, we normally and fairly gave Georgian animals in the face. And do not chew snot as it is now

        I doubt that it was his decision.
      2. v1047883
        v1047883 16 December 2014 09: 07
        It could have been brought to the end, if there hadn’t been what we have now!
    4. anip
      anip 16 December 2014 08: 56
      Quote: Balamyt
      For four years, he messed up with his pseudo-reforms so much that there is still no way to rake them!

      Just Medvedev messed up? And the prime minister, who was with him, it seems like nothing to do with it?
      1. Crang
        Crang 16 December 2014 09: 42
        I also think - do not drive so hard on Medvedko. Well, experience has not yet been in some matters. But people tried.
  8. parusnik
    parusnik 16 December 2014 08: 12
    In a well-fed European future, you have to work hard and not “jump”. If you want to live “like in Europe” - learn to pay bills. For starters - in Russian. ... And it's time to pay ....
  9. mak210
    mak210 16 December 2014 08: 13
    It is very similar to the lamentations of an abandoned wife: "Will this little girl cook for you borscht?" We must respect their choice, they want to build the Great Wall of China, let them.

    Take care of your economy, tired of Ukraine. It is very similar to the 90s, but no serious measures have been seen so far, only calls for replacement and inarticulate threats to anonymous speculators, whom they allegedly know, but do not name. But small and micro-businesses were ruined, agriculture, with monstrous interest on loans introduced last night, will fall asleep by spring. The rest of industry and engineering have been celebrated for 40 days.
  10. Name
    Name 16 December 2014 08: 18
    Several, off-topic, but such "brothers" - enemies are not needed, but if Orland is compared with Nazarbayev's words recourse ... Lukashenko is turning the wrong way ..., oh, not at the right time.
    1. saag
      saag 16 December 2014 08: 43
      Maybe he, too, like Yanukovych wants to in Rostov-on-Don? :-)
    2. belovur
      belovur 16 December 2014 14: 22
      It’s time to understand, Russia has no friends and can’t have friends besides us!
  11. Gardamir
    Gardamir 16 December 2014 08: 19
    Why are they always telling us about independent Ukraine. The word Ukraine arose not earlier than the middle of the 19th century. The state was created by the hetman Skoropadsky, and the Bolsheviks supported his idea. But an autonomous territory within a state is not a state. But even if you count for the state, Ukraine will be fulfilled. as a state, 100 years after three years.
    To think that Dmitry Anatolyevich does not know this is stupid. So why does he inspire us about the independence of Little Russia?
  12. erased
    erased 16 December 2014 08: 20
    Previously, it was necessary to change the game. Although even now there is nothing concrete. Where is the debt of over 5 billion? Ukraine did not return him. Where is the Scythian gold that is not returned from Europe? Where is the compensation for the moral and material damage to Russians on Russian soil, where did Ukrainian shells fall? Did the same Kamazes return it?
    After all, they again give gas to Ukraine at a ridiculous prepayment and a lower price. And without debt repayment !!! Is this a European approach? And ukrovoyaki, who were treated with us? Is free!! And the fuel for their nuclear power plants? Did they pay for it?
    Russia continues to sponsor the Nazis in Ukraine, and this is the worst thing, because in general, contrary to all logic. If only this is done to the tune of that same notorious fifth column.
    And at least someone even remembers where this concept came from - the fifth column?
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 16 December 2014 09: 33
      Quote: erased
      And at least someone generally remembers where this concept came from - the fifth column

      Those who taught history "in the Soviet way" remember
      This was during the Spanish Civil War. Then one general (or Franco himself?) Said that he would attack Madrid not only with four "columns", but he also had a "fifth column" in Madrid itself. Those. there are traitors, saboteurs, and other elements that will stab the rebels in the back.
      1. erased
        erased 16 December 2014 11: 13
        Right. Just now, few people know history, much less understand everything that happened before. Slogans, advertising slogans and brands instead of knowledge.
    2. creak
      creak 16 December 2014 09: 34
      Quote: erased
      And at least someone even remembers where this concept came from - the fifth column?

      And why did you decide that no one remembers - the civil war in Spain, the attack on Madrid and the fifth column ...
  13. GLUK79
    GLUK79 16 December 2014 08: 20
    The main thing is that the words do not diverge with the deed. And then our government thinks one thing, says another, and does the third. And with hands that grow from one place.
  14. sazhka4
    sazhka4 16 December 2014 08: 22
    Is the "iPhone guy" out of touch with toys? There were as many interviews and articles in a week as there weren't in a year. For the State began to think? Not mind, but at least glimpses of it began to show. It is commendable of course, only it was necessary to think before. In any case, "State Thinking" is not said about him.
    Still, I would have "obeyed" the "brothers", they say I wanted the best, but here you see what an opportunity happened. Clown
  15. Forest man
    Forest man 16 December 2014 08: 24
    Do you all want life in Ukraine? I live in Russia, but even worse. But you do not know or disadvantageously know.
    1. sazhka4
      sazhka4 16 December 2014 08: 47
      Quote: Forest Man
      Do you all want life in Ukraine? I live in Russia, but even worse. But you do not know or disadvantageously know.

      Go to the outskirts, you will live better. "guest worker" with the Russian flag. Paradox..
  16. Corsair0304
    Corsair0304 16 December 2014 08: 25
    Quote: name
    It was possible to keep within two lines: "And we will no longer support the Ukrainian economy. It is not profitable for us. And, to be honest, we are tired of it."

    The economy of Ukraine will be supported by night laborers in brothels, as it was in the recent past. But the infusion into their economy really needed to be completed earlier - it would be better if they were engaged in the same tenacity.
  17. little thing
    little thing 16 December 2014 08: 31
    What is Medvedev doing in the Russian government? How tired he is !!!!!!!!!!!!
    1. demon1978
      demon1978 16 December 2014 13: 03
      Quote: thing
      What is Medvedev doing in the Russian government? How tired he is !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Maybe waiting for him to give GDP again. belay
  18. sazhka4
    sazhka4 16 December 2014 08: 39
    In the article, the graphs of the Outskirts are very simple, colorful and convincing. Real charts for Russia (not tweaked by Medved and Co) are hard to find. And Google is not an assistant here. I think our picture is even worse. And again the question is, are we measuring our pussy? Who's worse? But We have no War. We have everything that can be thought of from the Mendelev's Table. It is a fact. The steps or "intentions" are not clear. Forgive me Israelis, but we have too many of you in the "government" ..
  19. Leo7777
    Leo7777 16 December 2014 08: 40
    Let Medvedev also talk in detail about the Russian Federation and what he did for the country, except for transferring the clock, which then had to be transferred back, opened Skolkovo and the money went into a black hole right away and transferred the entire government to tweeter, now as small children, they all post everything instead of work what tweets they are great. Putin’s entire environment has long had to change; people don’t want to work.
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 16 December 2014 08: 49
      Quote: Leo7777
      , opened Skolkovo and the money went into a black hole

      What do you know about Skolkovo? Although I’ll answer for you, nothing! Putin here believes that skolkovo works well, strange yes laughing
      Quote: Leo7777
      Putin’s entire environment has long had to change; people don’t want to work.

      One Putin works, and all the rest do nothing wassat Do you hear that yourself?
      1. sazhka4
        sazhka4 16 December 2014 09: 02
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        What do you know about Skolkovo?

        AND YOU ? Share with the People your knowledge of what We do not know. Be so kind.
        1. saag
          saag 16 December 2014 09: 05
          Quote: sazhka4
          Share your knowledge about what we don’t know with the People

          So I know how Ponomarev worked there, already a criminal case was opened for such work :-)
          1. sazhka4
            sazhka4 16 December 2014 09: 49
            Quote: saag
            So I know how Ponomarev worked there.

            Already in Yankee, and already a Citizen and a patriot. I wonder who chose? .. Ce la vie .. "patriot" and "deputy" however. Go to the "elections", well, at least it will be useful.
  20. Forest man
    Forest man 16 December 2014 08: 41
    Do not discuss other people's affairs. Understand your household, although you will find out what it is. Russia is not only the greenhouse in which you live.
    1. sazhka4
      sazhka4 16 December 2014 09: 54
      Quote: Forest Man
      Understand your household, although you will find out what it is. Russia is not only the greenhouse in which you live.

      Bring the Thought to its logical conclusion. Russia is not only ..... what?
  21. Quantum
    Quantum 16 December 2014 08: 42
    I would like more specifics in such treatises! For example, Russia
    for 23g. swelled in Ukraine 200 billion green, and what and how was received
    This act of support? That is, all this time, a crisis was brewing in Ukraine, Moscow looked at it "through fingers", in fact encouraging
    future confrontation? Gas once sold to Ukraine for 30-40 days!
    And now, having realized the indestructible Ukrainian centrifugal mentality, we go
    all in?
  22. Stalnov I.P.
    Stalnov I.P. 16 December 2014 08: 46
    Before writing about Ukraine in your economy, put things in order. With GDP, you completely failed your domestic policy, and in particular the economy and personnel, I’m not talking about anything else, just say one thing, but it turns out as always. And about Ukraine, let them jump, if there are no brains, why should we pull them, yes I respect the Ukrainian culture and people, because I’m so educated, but they don’t respect us in this way, if they don’t go with dill-jumping, maydanuta we are not on the road, let them put things in order, live by the principle there is no eat but bite, and we will not give up the NEWSPAPER, if only our government does not throw something out, then I think tens of thousands of volunteers will spit on it and will go to DONBASS. Like this.
    1. sazhka4
      sazhka4 16 December 2014 10: 17
      Quote: I.P. Stalnov.
      but it turns out as always XP.

      Do not be shy about this Word. It means exactly what it means. Herovo ...
  23. pahom54
    pahom54 16 December 2014 08: 51
    Actually, Medvedev did not say anything new in his article. All these facts, even I, the kitchen politician, knew and predicted.
    Should a politician and leader of this rank be poured from empty to empty?
    1. sazhka4
      sazhka4 16 December 2014 10: 31
      Quote: pahom54
      Should a politician and leader of this rank be poured from empty to empty?

      Not knowing how to do anything else .. Only from "Twitter" quotes to drag .. The guy is clearly not in the "mind". Lost reality. And in the photo it seems like a "normal" person .. Although personally I very much doubt it ..
  24. sazhka4
    sazhka4 16 December 2014 08: 57
    I wake up in the morning, and immediately thought, but what about the outskirts? not frozen, but enough coal and gas. ? Dimon get down to business !!! Mendel, pretzel, how are you, do you care? Take care of Our Retirees, but just about All of Us ..
  25. MSL
    MSL 16 December 2014 09: 00
    "Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia" - the key phrase!
    We need to think more about Russia!
  26. Makosan
    Makosan 16 December 2014 09: 11
    All good
    Someday will end.
    And the most beautiful will come ...
  27. Gray 43
    Gray 43 16 December 2014 09: 11
    As it all strange coincides, Poroshenko’s announcement of another mobilization wave and Medvedev’s article with a run over Ukrainian guest workers who do not go home because they do not want to fight in an incomprehensible war.
  28. os9165
    os9165 16 December 2014 09: 14
    What is Ukraine. The Central Bank at 01.00 raises the rate to 17%. I didn’t put myself in order, but IT TEACHES. I really do not want to go back to the nineties. For example, I am waiting for another article - when 37 Russians become again equal to one American. And so it's blah blah blah. Just a chat. Well, still write, let's tighten the belt to the last hole. No one needs to be taught - show.
  29. Second
    Second 16 December 2014 09: 17
    Why discuss it here? Medvedev is a crook and a cheater. He violated the country's fundamental law - the constitution. In the presidential election, this Mr. Ifhone himself said that I agreed with Vladimir that he is going to the presidency. Those. in the face of a conspiracy. And the violation of the rights of all citizens of Russia, although for Medvedev this is rubbish, not citizens. If the law worked in the country, Medvedev would sit and not give an interview ...
    1. saag
      saag 16 December 2014 09: 58
      Quote: Second
      that I agreed with Vladimir that he was going to the presidency.

      On the contrary, it was Putin who spoke so, after which Bolotnaya arose
  30. Panikovsky
    Panikovsky 16 December 2014 09: 21
    who is older, remembers Konstantin Nikolsky, in the light of what he read, it was recalled: my glass is full, but I won’t make friends with my drink. I love them, God grant them happiness, but let them drink water from the tap.
  31. gorku68
    gorku68 16 December 2014 09: 22
    All is a simple information war, and not only information war. We justify ourselves, explain the next pressure on Ukraine ... thanks to the actions of Ukraine, Russia will be forced to block this source. Since January 1, 2015, the “gray” Ukrainian workers, who make up the bulk of the newcomers, will not receive work without a patent in Russia ...
    And so, yes, the Government would deal with its problems.
  32. Major Yurik
    Major Yurik 16 December 2014 09: 23
    Dmitry Anatolyevich, you almost opened your eyes to me, because without you, neither with sleep, nor with the spirit, and now here’s a sandwich, it’s not getting into your mouth without you! and cry. crying
  33. Magadan
    Magadan 16 December 2014 09: 26
    No, I don’t care .... Dimitri Svet Anatolevich! Go about your business. We are aware of Ukraine. They decided to score points after the collapse of the Russian economy thanks to the rate of your liberoid government from the HSE?
  34. Yun Klob
    Yun Klob 16 December 2014 09: 31
    Great Ukrainian in the comments to the article "What should Ukraine do with Russian migrants after the collapse of Russia?" (September 2013) writes: "Since when did the Ugro-Finnish tribe become the Rusys-Ukrainians brothers, the upscale Golden Horde? We would even refuse to keep you in a stable at the level of ruminants"- and this behavior has already become widespread in Ukraine.

    All right, Medvedev said. Late, early, all one thing - they are not brothers anymore, and it was they who refused to be related. And forcibly (Russian saying) you will not be nice. Great Ukrainian Freebies not just a time, but a long time ago it was time to complete.
  35. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 16 December 2014 10: 35
    Indeed, for many Ukrainians, work in Russia is the only source of subsistence. And only thanks to the actions of Ukraine, Russia will be forced to block this source. Starting January 1, 2015, gray Ukrainian workers, who make up the majority of those who arrived, will not receive work without a patent in Russia

    Abroad will help them, put them on clothes, put them on, feed them and put them to bed, and they will live, live, get some good, and spit on the ceiling.
  36. Alcoholic
    Alcoholic 16 December 2014 10: 36
    Mdaaa .... I have no words.
    In vain I read.
    Now becoming understood why it happened with Libya.
    If this is a feature article, then two points.
    We are very unlucky
    If this is the opinion, then here on the site you can find pearls.
    And I won’t say anything more.
    It’s hard to find words when you are simply framed.
    And the co-ordinator thinks that he is not to blame.
  37. Teberii
    Teberii 16 December 2014 11: 00
    I don’t think that even after joining NATO, the Ukrainians will fight with us. Bender has recently been too promoted brand. In fact, there were less than 5% of the total population. This story we already went through a real Mazepschena. The man who became under Peter I one of the proxies, the betrayer believed Charles XII in the future independence. But whoever doesn’t know the story is doomed to repeat it.
  38. vovan089
    vovan089 16 December 2014 11: 04
    Here is another verbiage of our prime minister, a botanist bear, a "philosopher" who voices the writings of the surrounding gray cardinals like Dvorkovich, Shuvalov and similar theoreticians of the ideas of Marxism-Leninism from the point of view of liberals.
  39. Quantum
    Quantum 16 December 2014 11: 06
    Since January 1, 2015, millions of Ukrainian migrant workers from Western Ukraine,
    think about where to "earn a penny." The EU and Russia are closed, what's next?
    Write letters and demand the separation of 5 western regions from Ukraine with
    last accession to Poland!
  40. Aleksandr12
    Aleksandr12 16 December 2014 11: 21
    When will he (Medvedev) be kicked out? This is not a ruler, but a pest. It is necessary to chase him in the neck until the "deeds" are done. He will sit in the prime minister's chair for another year and we will already chant about the criminal prosecution of a comrade, and not his resignation.
  41. erofich
    erofich 16 December 2014 11: 46
    Aion Trepach. Already about 7 years ago, the beginning of today's day was seen when A.S. was renamed in schools Pushkin, copied textbooks of history. A trepach was in power, but probably played with an iPhone. Today is clever about parmesan. Even 50 years ago they did and there was nothing complicated, but now, technology !!! 37 parrots. Where does the guarantor look?
    1. Sendi7s
      Sendi7s 16 December 2014 12: 58
      For erofich RU Today, 11:46 AM

      The guarantor is one for all. He just physically doesn’t get his hands on everything ... And he is hoping for a team. And they fail. I hope they do not betray.
  42. RSU
    RSU 16 December 2014 11: 59
    The Government of the Russian Federation resigned !!! Shame on Medvedev !!! Nabiulina in the madhouse !!!
  43. Dan Slav
    Dan Slav 16 December 2014 12: 52
    The iPhone has never been independent. Behind him is a figure ...
    So do not reproach him strictly. These are echoes of thoughts not of their own.
    And do not hope for a wise king. Executions of peaceful demonstrations have already been.
    Interestingly, in difficult times, he rushes about the world. Usually something happens in the absence of the main persons.
    What do they want to do here?
  44. ehomenkov
    ehomenkov 16 December 2014 12: 52
    Why did they stick to Medvedev - they found a whipping boy - they forgot that he was president, and not even bad ... With Georgia, if Che, Medvedev figured out, moreover, in the presence of such an army, which is a shame to remember - not a couple of the present. And with our present spirit, it’s not enough for us to shove the presumptuous cad in the railway station ... I’m, of course, not a wise man, but I wouldn’t be too smart ... And sometimes it becomes disgusting from all these diplomatic delights ...
  45. Voodoo
    Voodoo 16 December 2014 12: 55
    A strange decision regarding the restriction of Ukrainians to work and entry (((Yes, half of the servants in the same Moscow from Ukraine))) Well, they will be expelled, most of the "gray" workers, who will do all the "chernukha" ?? Muscovites ?? I beg you))) And so almost all over Russia: almost none of the Russians will go to the dirtiest and lowest-paid jobs, believe me, "I swam" ((I do not want to say that all of Russia is on the Ukrainians, only ordinary Ukrainian a hard worker goes to Russia to earn money in order to somehow feed his family when there is no job in his country and no one needs you with your knowledge and qualifications, while two days in Russia are enough for a Ukrainian oligarch to solve his “selfish” interests. Therefore, ordinary people will suffer ((Therefore, I think the decision of the Russian government is premature, driving the already driven people into an even deeper ass ... Good luck to everyone in the New Year, God bless you !!
    1. Sendi7s
      Sendi7s 16 December 2014 13: 03
      This means that we, Russians, have a lot of room for work in this direction, in order to make "dirty and low-paid work" prestigious. So that it is not the janitors who wave their brooms, but the harvesters to bring shine and beauty to our streets. Well, where are our "kulibins"? Are they able to make a revolution in this area - so that it would be like in Canada?
      1. Voodoo
        Voodoo 16 December 2014 13: 11
        Perhaps so)) Only for the harvester, too, a person needs to be planted ... Guess from three times what will sit ??))
        1. ehomenkov
          ehomenkov 16 December 2014 13: 42
          Yes, and a migrant from Ukraine must certainly be seated behind this combine - otherwise nothing ...
          1. Sendi7s
            Sendi7s 16 December 2014 13: 54
            For ehomenkov KZ Today, 13: 42

            Well, why, they will manage their own harvesters, Russians - I mean the citizens of Russia of any nationality.
        2. Sendi7s
          Sendi7s 16 December 2014 13: 51
          For Voodoo UA Today, 13:11

          And they will teach him! Although, now there are many people with higher technical education who do not work in their specialty. Here they are - and they will sit behind these combines. wink
          1. Voodoo
            Voodoo 16 December 2014 14: 29
            Yes, and I’ll sit down for the harvester, not a question))) If only the salary was more or less normal, in order to live and feed the family at least somehow.
      2. Magadan
        Magadan 17 December 2014 02: 14
        here a revolution in consciousness is needed.
        For some reason, under the kings, the janitor was more than an honorable profession. He was more like the managers of a certain yard. He was responsible for both order and design. He just did not sit in his office, but he also worked!
    2. ehomenkov
      ehomenkov 16 December 2014 13: 39
      No - everything is correct, those "hard workers" who come from Russia after a difficult trip - and make the weather at home, painting all the "hardships" of incredible labor ... So be in charge of the market - or sit at home, or, finally then, feel all the delights of civilizational employment ...
      1. Voodoo
        Voodoo 16 December 2014 14: 32
        Bullshit, dear. Have you ever worked somewhere in another country, so it’s not clear where to live and where to eat than to send home as much as possible to your family ???????? Be quiet better ...
        1. ehomenkov
          ehomenkov 16 December 2014 20: 01
          Yes, no hrena. I work at home, and pay taxes to my own state, and I have the right to expect that my state will pay me pensions and benefits - and I don’t understand why a migrant insulting my state claims the same preferences ...
        2. Magadan
          Magadan 17 December 2014 02: 12
          that's for sure :)

          I’m in the know :(
    3. Magadan
      Magadan 17 December 2014 02: 19
      You are right, my friend ... People, as usual, came under the distribution. But there’s nothing to be done, too much the degree of mutual hostility rises ...
      I personally do not have recipes. The place of Ukrainians will be taken by Uzbeks, there is no problem in the hands of workers ....
      I think it’s just that you, normal Ukrainians, really have no other choice but to demolish the maydaunas. I understand that it’s easier said than done when there are a herd of law-enforcement officers against you under the leadership of the SBU, and even TV hysteria.
      As an option: the opening in Russia of agricultural cooperatives by the same Ukrainians. And try to pull other Ukrainians there. Some kind of crowdfunding to open a company for the production of compotes, which then itself will start to grow fruit itself ....
  46. Sendi7s
    Sendi7s 16 December 2014 12: 56
    I also read this article earlier, in Nezavisimaya Gazeta. I agree with those who think that this whole analysis was done too late. My opinion why it is now written by the LADY is the pursuit of ratings. In order to keep up with the GDP. smile
    But seriously, it turns out that it was the actions of our government for more than twenty years that led to the fact that everyone in Ukraine fell in love with the "freebie". Here is just such a classic example for confirming the postulate: "the road to hell is laid out with good intentions."
    And definitely, to the old - there is no return. Ukrainians did not give a damn about the soul of the Russian people.
  47. saag
    saag 16 December 2014 12: 58
    "Rational and pragmatic cooperation between Russia and Ukraine, which Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev says in his policy article" Russia and Ukraine: Life by New Rules, "said President of the Institute for National Strategy Mikhail Remizov." Http: // politobzor. net / show-39297-zapad-ne-dast-rossii-sohranit-lico-v-ukrainskom
  48. Tribuns
    Tribuns 16 December 2014 13: 04
    I looked at the responses to the message of Dmitry Medvedev, - After all, this is our prime minister, the second person after President Vladimir Putin ...
    Most negatively assess the activities of the prime minister at his post and in society as a whole ...
    And maybe because Dmitry Medvedev openly declares that he is a liberal?
    And, with the liberal economy operating in Russia, we will soon sail to the colonial harbor of the West ...
    Patriots of Russia against!
  49. Dembel77
    Dembel77 16 December 2014 13: 13
    Your will, but what bad is hidden in a person who hides his expression behind a fog of words.
  50. Clueless
    Clueless 16 December 2014 13: 37
    Rarely do I agree with Medvedev, but here I almost agree on his entire report.
    1. Voodoo
      Voodoo 16 December 2014 14: 40
      I agree. I suggest that many who disagree with the Bear here make an exchange - we will send you our idiots from Ukraine in terms of an experiment))) Let's see how you heal after that ... I'm not gloating, but everything is learned in comparison. No wonder they say "... don't be dashing, while it's quiet"
      1. dimasialyt
        dimasialyt 16 December 2014 14: 48
        Beat in your ear while it is deaf.
      2. Magadan
        Magadan 17 December 2014 02: 10
        Better yet, send both yours and ours to the bunk. Then, exactly, neither Russia nor Ukraine will suffer at least
    2. Magadan
      Magadan 17 December 2014 02: 10
      to hell on reports. It is necessary to judge by cases and not by reports.