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President of the Federation of Tank Biathlon A.N. Stolyarov: “The creators of World of Tanks are going the right way”

The article is posted on the rights of information cooperation.

ANS Stolyarov, President of the International Public Organization “Federation of Tank Biathlon” answered the questions.

What is the significance of cooperation with Wargaming for the Ministry of Defense? Military-patriotic education, PR military theme in general, something else?

The modern world can not be imagined without technology. Gadgets and communication tools are firmly established in our lives. Warfare involves the use of innovation in the first place.

The creators of World of Tanks are going the right way. For young people, whose time in large part, is taking place in the virtual world, this is also a whole range of educational opportunities. The company holds open doors in military museums, participates in the restoration of rare technology, publishes special literature. This brings up patriotism and develops moral values. In our time, such methods of personality formation in no case can not be underestimated. The younger generation must be educated through the knowledge of their stories, for the formation of features inherent to the worthy citizens of their country.

As President of the International Tank Biathlon Federation and as Lieutenant General of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, I can confidently say that cooperation with Wargaming is important to us. We jointly participate in solving all problems, be it "Tank biathlon ”, patriotic education of youth, or other events that go beyond the scope of the game.

Do you think that some of the goals pursued by the Ministry of Defense can be achieved in cooperation with Wargaming? For example, military-patriotic education.

Yes. Military-patriotic education is not the only direction that is carried out within the framework of our cooperation. This includes the study of the most significant events of the Great Patriotic War, the initial issues of technical training, familiarity with the history of the development and modernization of armaments. The game motivates young people to search for new sources of knowledge - the younger generation takes up the book to learn more about the tank, which won in one of the virtual battles, online battles act as an interactive tool of a certain interaction.

Are prospective cooperation formats considered? Should we wait for the transition of games to something more? Creation of tactical combat simulators of a new generation for training military personnel, including collective ones, using technologies of augmented reality, virtual reality?

The combat readiness issues of the Armed Forces would not have been resolved so effectively without aids and specialized simulators. It would be absolutely wrong not to use the opportunities that technological progress gives us.

Using technology, it is possible to prepare well and competently not only one person, but entire crews, subunits and even formations. Simulation of combat and special missions with any set of source data allows you to do this. This is a step forward, and innovation in the military is the future.

Already, in the Armed Forces, we fully use tank and air simulators, with the help of which training is conducted. Just on the “Tank Biathlon 2014” everyone could try their hand at the levers of the T-72B virtual tank.

If we talk specifically about the transition of games to something more, then such projects as World of Tanks make it possible to study the technical characteristics of armored vehicles, tactical teamwork, the battle plan — all this lays a kind of base and is a starting point that can really be useful in real conditions .

In Alabino, in the days of the World Cup 2014 in tank biathlon, an exhibition of innovations was held, which demonstrated that we are keeping up with the times and are introducing the latest technologies in the process of training military personnel.

How do you evaluate the technical equipment of virtual simulators in the Russian Federation?

We have something to work on: there is no limit to perfection. This is the spirit of the times, and the army, which does not keep up with the times and does not rely on modern technology, is doomed to at least fail. This is not typical for our Armed Forces: we are introducing, using and constantly improving everything new in this area.

Tank biathlon as a competition: what to expect from TB-2015? How will the list of participants change?

In 2014, 12 countries took part in the World Tank Biathlon Championship. Initially, there were more applications, but for one reason or another they were unable to qualify. I am confident that the upcoming 2015 competitions of the year will show significant improvements in both the organizational and competitive parts.

First, we expect an increase in the number of countries participating in 2015 competitions of the year.

Secondly, we are considering making some interesting changes to the rules of the competition, as well as the possibility of minor adjustments to the equipment of the tracks themselves, which should give more entertainment to our competitions. And of course, we will not forget about the show component. In 2014, over 50 thousands of guests attended our launches. We will do our best to make the 2015 competition of the year even more interesting and larger - in the spirit of fair-play rivalry, where the strongest wins.

Every year in the army there are more and more officers and soldiers from the "generation of computer games." How does this affect the processes of preparation, combat reconciliation, command and control? Is it possible to say that there is some kind of sharp psychological leap, or is this a more evolutionary process, and the transformation is no deeper than between officers, conditionally, 50-60-x and 70-80-s?

Of course, this is an evolutionary process. The current generation has grown up in the period of active development of electronic technologies, in a few seconds it can even sort out the most sophisticated gadget. However, there is little difference in practical and theoretical training between different generations of the military. It may be noted that now some knowledge base (weapon, technique, tactical actions) is already present. It is possible that it appeared just in the process of virtual battles. Games are an interactive, modern way of communicating and transmitting information, and speaking of war games, it is also an excellent motivation and powerful incentive to love military equipment and protect the Motherland, which has a positive effect on the state of the army and the country as a whole.

Can we say that the people who are now becoming officers are better prepared than those who have never played games and have not used training simulators?

As soon as a soldier on the battlefield began to think about how to charge the store for him - his first bullet. Everything should be brought to automatism. This is achieved only by constant and assiduous training, including with the use of modern devices and techniques.

That is, the game can be no more than a theoretical basis?

This is the most powerful theoretical training. Even more - games give useful mechanical skills. Let's say tank control. The gamer does not think for a second about where to click: everything is perfected and embedded in the head. If he starts to remember how to turn and how to send a gun, the risk of defeat will jump many times.

The questions were answered by the head of the publishing division of Wargaming, Yarantsev A.D.

How was the game invented? Was there any starting idea, starting point?

The idea came to mind immediately when I saw the first release of "Tank Biathlon" on the TV channel "Russia".

The next day, we contacted the organizers of the event and agreed to participate in 2014. We discussed the format: we were allowed to install two game zones - with PC and mobile devices - and make branding of stands and tanks.

We understood that the event, in addition to the staff of the Ministry of Defense, would be attended by ordinary visitors, our target audience. We began to think how to lure her to the stands of Wargaming. Here the final idea was formed to create a mobile game, so that anyone could try themselves and go through all the tests of Tank Biathlon.

What is a "tank biathlon"?

In the game we tried to reproduce the atmosphere of the competition as much as possible. The player can pass six key tests: three types of shooting (guided missile, machine gun, unguided projectile) and three types of riding (snake, rut bridge, escarpment).

As in the television version, where the general tone is largely set by commentator Dmitry Guberniev, an organic voice was created in the game.

Also, “Tank Biathlon” allows you to study the tactical and technical characteristics of the T-72 tank in the virtual encyclopedia and answer the quiz questions. The best results of the disciplines are published in the ranking, respectively, millions of virtual tankers can compare their achievements with each other.

The game is absolutely free and available for owners of iOS and Android devices. I would also like to note that Wargaming takes a very responsible approach to the issue of educating the younger generation, so you will not find blood, toughness or propaganda in this or our other games.

What prompted Wargaming to make a new mobile project?

Firstly, for Wargaming, this project is a great way to reach the target audience, which is interesting for the Tank Biathlon international championship. In addition to the million army of spectators of the television show, there is a large flow of visitors at the event itself (this year it was visited by about 50 thousands of people). And we would not like to miss the opportunity to offer them something interesting from the set of our projects. For us, this is a special way to communicate with the consumer through entertainment.

Secondly, mobile games are one of the key areas of Wargaming. We are not just working on the creation of various mobile applications, but also experimenting with the feed and format. “Tank biathlon” is another experiment that increases the amount of interesting tank content on popular iOS and Android platforms, and also creates for us an interesting business case for the future that will help attract major partners.
Is there no direct conversion from “Tank biathlon” to other projects of the company? It is indirect, it is at the level of general subjects, right?
At the moment, direct conversion of players from “Tank biathlon” into Wargaming projects is not provided. The goal was different - to make a game for the international tank championship, in order to entertain all those who are close and interested in tank themes.

The game is not monetized. What is the benefit of the appearance of this game for the company?

Wargaming was created by a group of enthusiasts united by a common passion for military-historical topics. Over time, this has become one of the cornerstones of the company's philosophy: we consider the preservation of memory and the revival of interest in history really important and do it in all modern ways. First of all, through games, as well as video, transmedia and other channels. "Tank biathlon" copes with these tasks.
Moreover, Wargaming is not just a leader in the gaming industry, but in a certain sense sets the example for other gaming companies.

We were the first to help military museums, hold various events in them, open computer classes, search for and restore unique equipment. As a result, starting with 2010, the attendance of museums and places of memory has grown several times.

Mobile game like “Tank biathlon” is another small step that the game industry takes towards social demands. I am sure that Wargaming will have followers in this direction, as well as in everything that we have been doing and are doing now.

What do you think about the World Cup Tank Biathlon event?

The International Championship “Tank Biathlon” unites nations and develops tank forces of the participating countries. We are very pleased that the Minister of Defense of Russia, Sergei Shoigu, initiated such an event. Few places in the world would be possible to hold international competitions at such a high level. Let better military equipment will compete in sports events than in real events.

How much did the development of "Tank Biathlon"? Which team worked on it?

The whole development took about four months. A small team (up to ten people) worked on the project. In fact, when we got the go-ahead to participate in the World Championship "Tank Biathlon 2014", we immediately started making the game.

What participation in the development of the game took the Ministry of Defense?

The Ministry of Defense provided full information and consulting support. At the start of the project, we were provided with various materials on “Tank biathlon” (rules, map, visual information). In the course of development, the responsible persons gave feedback on the key versions of the application and answered our questions.

You have been cooperating with the Ministry of Defense for a long time. Tell us about the details of the affiliate program with him?

For the first time, we started holding joint events with the Ministry of Defense of Belarus back in 2008, after the launch of the game “Operation Bagration”. Later, we also established excellent connections with the military departments of Russia and Kazakhstan.

The main format of our cooperation is eSports and cultural events. A striking example is the annual international e-sports tournament "Ural Steel".

The Russian Ministry of Defense also helps us a lot in getting access to museums and archives. There is a lot of information there that we can then bring to the attention of our players in the form of articles, documentaries, commercials or books.

How will the project develop in the future?

Our primary task is to leave the game as realistic, fascinating and as close to the Tank Biathlon discipline as possible. Specialists from the Ministry of Defense help us with this advice, because only they know how the route and tests will change in the future, which equipment will take part.

I can identify two key areas in which we would like to develop the game further. The first is to add more mini-games that make up the passage of the biathlon track. The second is to add beautiful and spectacular moments: the destruction of a tank building in motion, large shot gun barrels at the time of the shot and flying apart on the target in slow motion, shooting a panorama of the landfill from a flying helicopter.

Has Tank Biathlon taken something from World of Tanks Blitz or is it completely independent development?

This is an independent development. Moreover, the team had completely untied hands in terms of technology selection, design of interfaces, game design.

How long has the control system been developed in the game? Will it change and improve?

At the moment there are two types of control in the game - arcade and simulation. Depending on the stage of the game and skills, the player can choose which type of control to use.

Developing convenient controls on mobile devices is a difficult thing, as we saw when we were doing World of Tanks Blitz, but with the Tank Biathlon it was all a bit easier. When creating a project, priority was given to the promotion of the very idea of ​​a military-sports event and acquaintance with the tactical and technical characteristics of the machines, rather than the need to teach a person a virtuoso to drive a virtual tank.

Ratings in the game are built as follows. In the game center of the game there is a rating plate in which you can compete in absentia with your friends. Do you plan to introduce the ability to share a rating with social networks?

We have a ready-made solution for integration with social networks and a game center, created for World of Tanks Blitz. But the decision to enter it in the "Tank Biathlon" has not yet been made.

Do you plan further cooperation with the Russian Ministry of Defense? In exactly which direction?

The direction we have identified for a long time. As I said, these are, first of all, cultural (cyber-sports) and military-historical (museums) events.

Wargaming is also working on creating a patriotic web service with a map of memorable places and a mobile application to it. Details we will announce very soon. In the meantime, we can announce that it will cover not only the whole of Russia, but also countries of near and far abroad.

Why do we need social games?

In addition to the functions of entertainment, learning and communication with like-minded people, the games should give humanity an experience that cannot be obtained in ordinary life. In fact, a person should receive new sensations from immersion in the virtual world. For example, the ability to manage modern technology or technology of the future, the ability to explore or even create new worlds, in the end, the ability to express themselves and realize their creative potential. The main thing is not to abuse and not to forget where the games end, but the real work begins, real life.

And finally: why should I download this game?

If you have seen the Tank Biathlon Championship live or on TV, then after downloading the game, you will be able to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of competition at any time, walk again and practice shooting.

If you have never been a tank fan, then "Tank Biathlon" is still worth downloading. The application is free, available in the AppStore and Google Play, contains a lot of interesting information, and mini-games will help to pass the time interestingly.

Good luck to tank biathletes and new victories!

A new mobile game company is already available for download in the AppStore and Google Play

27 November 2014 - Wargaming today announced the release of Tank Biathlon. The new mobile application is an experiment of the company in the genre of mobile entertainment and is aimed at the audience of the military-sports discipline "Tank Biathlon", as well as all those interested in modern armored vehicles.

“Mobile games are one of the key areas of Wargaming. We are not just working on the creation of various mobile applications, but also experimenting with the feed and format. - said the head of the publishing division of Wargaming, Andrey Yarantsev. - “Tank biathlon” is one more step in this direction, which increases the amount of interesting tank content on popular iOS and Android platforms, and also provides an excellent opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of the world championship among tank crews.

The game is based on the principles of the Panzer Biathlon - 2013 all-army competition and allows you to practice high-speed driving and aimed shooting at targets on the T-72B tank, as well as test your knowledge by answering quiz questions about this car.

The best results of discipline are published in the rating in the game center of the game, and virtual tankers from around the world can compare their achievements with each other.

"Tank Biathlon" is available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.

# # #

About the game "Tank Biathlon"

"Tank Biathlon" is a mobile single-user action.

Players can choose one of four tank crews (Russia, Belarus, Armenia or Kazakhstan) and compete in three types of shooting: guided projectile, machine gun, unguided projectile. Driving disciplines of the mobile game include snake, minefield, rut bridge, scarp and drag.
"Tank biathlon" provides the ability to select the type of control. Arcade - is more simple, but with less control of the tank. The simulation is more complicated, but it allows you to fully unlock the potential of the T-72B tank and control the rotation speed of the left and right tracks separately.

Details on the website:

About Wargaming

Wargaming is one of the world's largest publishers and developers in the free-to-play MMO market. The company was founded in 1998 year and during this time managed to develop and release more 15 projects. Wargaming is currently working on a military series of MMO games dedicated to mid-XX century tank, air and sea battles: World of Tanks, World of Warplanes and World of Warships. All three projects will become part of the unified MMO-universe of (, which unites millions of players in the global wargamer community.

In 2014, Wargaming launched two new platforms, releasing World of Tanks: the Xbox 360 Edition and World of Tanks Blitz.

Wargaming is one of the first companies in the game industry, which established cooperation with military history museums around the world, is actively involved in the preservation and restoration of legendary samples of military equipment and attracts the interest of other companies to this topic. All actions and projects carried out by Wargaming in this area are taking place within the framework of the Global Remember we All program created in 2013.

Details on the website:


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  1. Ramses_IV
    Ramses_IV 28 November 2014 07: 58
    Maybe, of course, WOT contributes to some kind of development of understanding of the tactical basis of the battle, but after I was lucky enough to visit the place of a mechanic drive in a real T-72M, I realized that between the WOT and a real tank and even its simulator, to put it mildly, there is a giant abyss, especially in in terms of perception of the surrounding space. Knowing the performance characteristics and the history of this or that tank is probably great, but some of these virtual "tankers" sometimes enrage with their stories that they are close to a real tank ace. So I sometimes play DCS)
    1. wanderer_032
      wanderer_032 28 November 2014 08: 10
      Quote: Ramses_IV
      here are some of these virtual "tankers" sometimes enrage with their stories that they are close to a real tank ace.

      Totally agree with you.
      1. podpolkovnik
        podpolkovnik 28 November 2014 12: 21
        Quote: wanderer_032
        Quote: Ramses_IV
        here are some of these virtual "tankers" sometimes enrage with their stories that they are close to a real tank ace.

        Totally agree with you.
        1. Codename49
          Codename49 29 November 2014 11: 15
          Who is your favorite flies? laughing
      2. Baikal
        Baikal 28 November 2014 16: 35
        Gentlemen, let's be frank and look at things from the perspective of what they are:

        1. The WOT project is, first of all, cutting money in the best traditions. From WOT to patriotism, the distance is approximately the same as from capitalism to communism.

        2. Any games TURN OFF people from real life and the practical benefit from them both to the gamer and to the society ALWAYS LESS OR EQUAL TO "0".
        1. mrDimkaP
          mrDimkaP 28 November 2014 17: 05
          1. In general, yes, it’s cutting money like any major entertainment project, but they are still oriented to the domestic user and carry out various activities, they set the tank on the move ...

          2. Like books, films, music, sleep, war, and much more.
          1. doctor_alex
            doctor_alex 29 November 2014 02: 35
            Books, dear, at least replenish and expand your vocabulary, films are different, including documentaries, which may favorably affect your horizons, music ... well, just do it well can relieve stress, the body needs a dream .... But WOT, I'm sorry the same Line Age, but instead of the fagot look of elves, you slipped the little tanks, which on the whole didn’t change the essence, swing - whipping pink arrows of enemies, you don’t want to swing, you can buy a holy blue sword for the real money and whip the enemies again .. .. So what am I talking about? Oh yes, in general, half of the country pulled on an RPG, better go fix the bench in the yard.
            1. Baikal
              Baikal 29 November 2014 09: 54
              doctor_alex - Bravo, venerable! You can’t say better good
            2. mrDimkaP
              mrDimkaP 30 November 2014 23: 32
              Quote: doktor_alex
              Books, dear, at least replenish and expand your vocabulary

              Well, due to poor translations, you have to learn English, so in this regard, the games also give something. And if you still go to the field of entertainment, then in comparison with books and films, games have a big plus - the choice. Of course you can, say, before going to bed to think: what would happen if ... but the sensations are not the same?

              Quote: doktor_alex
              films are different, including documentaries, which may favorably affect your horizons

              What prevents to make a documentary game? For example, the HoI series.

              Quote: doktor_alex
              music ... well, just do it well can relieve stress

              Well, here's how. And again, what's stopping you from making a soothing game? For example jorney

              Quote: doktor_alex
              , the body needs sleep ...

              Not so necessary. There are people who never sleep, mostly because of a head injury, but there are no more consequences.

              Quote: doktor_alex
              But WOT, I'm sorry the same Line Age, but instead of the fagot look of the elves, you slipped the little tanks, which on the whole didn’t change the essence, swing - whip the pink arrows of the enemies, you don’t want to swing, you can buy a holy blue sword for the real money and whip the enemies again ...

              Women fagot look? I do not know anyone who would choose a male character ... although I'm generally far from the line. But here I don’t argue, here is the usual mmo.

              Quote: doktor_alex
              So what am I talking about? Oh yes, in general, half of the country pulled on an RPG, better go fix the bench in the yard.

              Oh, don't remind me of her!
    2. aleks_29296
      aleks_29296 28 November 2014 08: 44
      Ramses_IV Today, 07:58 ↓ New

      Maybe of course, WOT contributes to some kind of development of understanding the tactical basis of the battle,

      The real battle tactics are very far from gaming, but plus in another. My petty one is not a fan of HERE, but from there he learned a lot from the history of World War II and World War II.
      1. ruslan207
        ruslan207 28 November 2014 10: 30
        but there’s nothing more than modern simulators in the T-72 or Mig -29 army, there are such very moments, for example, an international IL-2 attack aircraft, even pilots participate in it
      2. ruslan207
        ruslan207 28 November 2014 10: 30
        but there’s nothing more than modern simulators in the T-72 or Mig -29 army, there are such very moments, for example, an international IL-2 attack aircraft, even pilots participate in it
    3. user1212
      user1212 28 November 2014 11: 16
      Quote: Ramses_IV
      that between the WOT and the real tank and even its simulator to put it mildly, a giant abyss

      Where has WG ever positioned WOT as a simulator? This is an arcade shooter about tanks. No more
  2. Siberia 9444
    Siberia 9444 28 November 2014 08: 17
    People went crazy with these online toys, not to mention children. If you want a first-person game, come to airsoft.
  3. 70BSN
    70BSN 28 November 2014 08: 19
    Only real games on real tanks (Tank biathlon, training in the tank unit) ..... This is where the concept of all the nuances and the formation of a professional tanker will be ...... soldier
  4. T-130
    T-130 28 November 2014 08: 43
    I think for the creators of the game, when opening events in tank museums and similar institutions, it would be nice to make a quiz answers to which can be found at this event!
  5. arthur_hammer
    arthur_hammer 28 November 2014 08: 43
    there is a great game: T-72 "Balkans on fire"
  6. Nitarius
    Nitarius 28 November 2014 08: 44
    And the most interesting, if not everyone noticed ... at the game you can beat the conditions of a real battle and the future brains of UAVs for tanks and the MAIN THING - a single organized thinking for robots! who needs help from cars is a friend of a friend.
    This is very important indeed. Team work of unmanned tanks - this is the future war!
  7. kapitan281271
    kapitan281271 28 November 2014 08: 50
    Guys, it’s just an arcade, it’s not even a simulator like T72 or something similar, my son (13 years old) plays WoT so I read everything about tanks from home literature, from an Internet, now he reads Stefanovsky, Galaya, Shelest, interest in the principle of military history, and from there without options to history as current, and before that I was forced to read through the carrot, or the whip was different in different ways, and I look at his classmates with them the same thing, so in general WoT developers are not bad guys.
  8. Sharky
    Sharky 28 November 2014 08: 51
    Well, you need to download this tank biathlon and take a look. I hope this is not as bad as WOT Blitz! After a great WOT on PC, this blitz is just some kind of blast. In general, you need to look.
  9. Stirbjorn
    Stirbjorn 28 November 2014 08: 52
    Well, for the Kolobanov medal, developers can definitely say tremendous thanks. To his shame, Zinovy ​​Kolobanov learned about the feat thanks to WoT. Although he studied the history of the war very seriously.
    1. Belopolyak
      Belopolyak 28 November 2014 11: 00
      Quote: Stirbjorn
      Well, for the Kolobanov medal, developers can definitely say tremendous thanks. To his shame, Zinovy ​​Kolobanov learned about the feat thanks to WoT. Although he studied the history of the war very seriously.

      And I knew this incident, but who it was not remembered. Because the memory of details is not so hot.
    2. tokens2
      tokens2 28 November 2014 22: 07
      Well, for the Kolobanov medal, developers can definitely say tremendous thanks

      2 times took Kolobanova.
      Once, with a curiosity, I took it. I stayed against 4 art and heavy. So while they "sawed" time for me, bye-bye. And I was in no hurry laughing
      Here sometimes just stunned how players play harmoniously. Completely unfamiliar.
      And yes, the crayfish alone laughing
      Although ... there are medals in the game and better. Kolobanova.
      Kolobanov Medal

      The player who is left alone against 5 or more enemy tanks or self-propelled guns and who won is awarded.
      Well, it does not fit in with history.
      More likely with a medal - Pula. American tank ace. crying pichal
  10. Mareman Vasilich
    Mareman Vasilich 28 November 2014 09: 28
    Just don't make idiots out of people. First of all, wargaming is looking for where to cut money, to screw up everything else. HERE has no parallels with patriotism. Just think about what kind of patriotism we are talking about if Soviet tanks in one battle beat Soviet tanks together with others. What kind of patriotism are we talking about if they lifted the French, non-existent tanks to the skies for the sake of profit. Friends, do not let yourself be deceived. Gambling addiction, from the arcade, which is imposed by "Wargaming" has nothing to do with patriotism. Be wiser. And why do these "patriots" have their headquarters in London? And her partners "Wargaming Public Co. Limited - a Cypriot distribution company" are also not at home.
    1. Sharky
      Sharky 28 November 2014 11: 56
      Well, there’s no need to drive HER so rashly. There is such a thing as balance. For a second, imagine that all the characteristics are brought to real! Who will play then? Do you really want to go to the position for several hours and then catch the shell from a distance of 2000m, we won’t even see where they fired at you from? Or, let's leave only Soviet tanks and German with the ability to play only for the USSR! And let the Germans control the Germans, otherwise it’s not patriotic to drive around on fascist technology! Relatively speaking, some tanks will not have a chance at all! And people need fun and variety! I don’t see anything wrong with playing for all the tanks you like. And then look for historical information about these tanks, show curiosity, find differences from the original. Not everyone has the opportunity to ride on a real tank, but I am silent about shooting at all - no one will let you shoot from rare tanks at the same museum exhibits for real. And in the game - please, with certain reservations, of course. I do not consider myself an expert on tanks, but before the appearance of this game, I was very interested in tanks (I just like the topic of tank construction and their application). And when the game came out, he started playing because he likes it. And the tank models are made with high quality and close to the original. So whoever likes this topic, he perceives this game as a pleasant addition to his knowledge. Well, whoever just began to learn the world of tanks from the game, then he himself will find the necessary information and supplement his knowledge.
    2. flSergius
      flSergius 28 November 2014 15: 17
      Wargaming is primarily looking for where to cut money, to spoil everything else.

      Wargaming sponsors the restoration and recovery of sunken equipment and the transfer to museums, the game shares are tied to the real operations of the Second World War and accompanies ist. articles (pleasant with useful is the best way to interest Internet shkolota and ordinary people swimming in fat). I’ll tell you a terrible secret - 99% of the world's population is primarily looking for where to cut money, I won’t speak for others, and personally I’ve never been given food in the store because I’m smart and decent.
      1. Baikal
        Baikal 29 November 2014 10: 03
        This is a comment of a layman addicted to the game, nothing more. I will tell you a terrible secret - if in your comment "Wargaming" is replaced, for example, by "Marlboro", then perhaps you will eventually understand how the industry works, in which the second (and often the first) largest departments are engaged Product Promotion and Promotion. At the same time, who are you for them? .. Praaaavilno - Consumer. Or else - Target Audience laughing
    3. Baikal
      Baikal 29 November 2014 09: 59
      Mareman Vasilichwhy are you so gamers stigma yes in gamnetso laughing You see how many minuses have been thrown at you. After all, they are gentle, "patriotic" creatures! Now write shapkozakidatelskie komenty and pump a fascist tank - this is modern, so patriotic and democratic! laughing Ugh ...
  11. Cresta999
    Cresta999 28 November 2014 09: 58
    Of course, the main goal of developers is to make money. And it is right. In other words, people do not stand with outstretched hands, do not ask the state for an apartment, unemployment benefits, or something else. People realized the idea that brings them money. At the same time, other people (their customers) have a joy from the game and, as a side effect, a craving for historical knowledge. For example, thanks to this game, I, my son and brother went to the tank museum in Kubenka. By the way, there we met VERY many people who also came to play this game. Beginning to study the history of battles and tank building, the child necessarily begins to encounter the mass heroism of our soldiers. Further more. Mine has already read the memoirs of Katukov and Guderian. So much for patriotism. Plus history and personality development. The ability to compare and analyze. And scolding a developer company for making money is strange. This is a commercial enterprise.
    1. Astartes
      Astartes 28 November 2014 14: 03
      Gypsies pushing drugs also earn money, they don’t stand with outstretched hands, they don’t ask the state for apartments, and they bring people joy)) You don’t have to lose common sense, no matter how much you like WOT you don’t have to lose common sense))
  12. Nessie
    Nessie 28 November 2014 10: 06
    WoT is an arcade game as readers have already noticed. It is very far from reality. Want a more or less good tank battle simulator go to War thunder.
    1. luiswoo
      luiswoo 28 November 2014 11: 14
      In the Tundra, the majority "graze" in the arcade, where only the technical characteristics are more or less realistic ... And their impulses to break what worked well has become a legend on the local forum. The desire to communicate with their arcade planes, for example, after "improving" control, they repulsed me.
  13. Belopolyak
    Belopolyak 28 November 2014 10: 45
    WOT gives only a brief educational program of real cases of history and all. As a simulator, he cannot even theoretically be considered, if this is considered a simulator, then each of them is a special forces soldier, tanker, artilleryman, ace, another cool spy and programmer who breaks the defense system in 3 seconds. Bret is all, and frankly enrages what they try to present as a useful simulator, even in terms of battle tactics. Let these "tankers" out into a real battle, they will be killed (if they move) like blind kittens!
    1. Syrdon
      Syrdon 28 November 2014 12: 27
      whoever participates in clan battles is unlikely, there is both tactics and strategy, although of course it is far from real control as far as Mars, it gives a general impression of what is happening, such as clearly following the instructions of the commander, working in a group, individual work, using the features of the terrain , taking into account the performance characteristics of the equipment involved in the battle, and therefore the development of a balance, etc. etc.

      PS Remember this summer in Novorosiya and the story about "Bear-1" is in life, but for example in this game (clan battles) this also happens quite often.
      1. Belopolyak
        Belopolyak 28 November 2014 13: 18
        Quote: Syrdon
        whoever participates in clan battles is unlikely, there is both tactics and strategy, although of course it’s far from real control as far as Mars

        Exactly "as to Mars", it is stupid to talk about something useful, when all tactics are built for the specifics of the game, with an unrealistic view, the coordinates of the enemy, etc.
        That is why I say in a real battle such "tankers" will be blind kittens. They also get used to playing the game without infantry and aircraft. About interaction, nonsense "gray mare" too, tk. in reality, the soldier is obliged to obey orders, and in the game they teach to listen to them because there is "freeman". For me, it’s not about usefulness, but about harm. misleads "romantics" and develops wrong habits.
  14. Akos28
    Akos28 28 November 2014 13: 29
    I was born in the USSR in 1985, my patriotic upbringing was instilled with the help of Soviet cinema covering the terrible events of 1941-1945. Such films as "Only old men go to battle" instilled in me a love and interest in aviation, after which I began to go to the circle of aircraft modelers. After watching the painting "Four Tankmen and a Dog" I began to collect a collection of toy tanks, which continued as a teenager thanks to my father's gift. He gave me a combined model of a Soviet wheeled tank BT-5, after which there were more and more of them and there were many such films! They forced us boys to take out of the boards machine guns, rifles with bolted latches and play war until late in the yard :))) There was live communication, mobility and excitement multiplied by interest in stories and stories in books !!! The modern world is not complete without a virtual environment, but the real world is much more interesting and informative !!!
  15. ka2
    ka2 28 November 2014 13: 34
    World of tanks is a form of meaningless spending time dragging young people into the world of virtual illusions.
  16. den4ik
    den4ik 28 November 2014 14: 55
    world of tanks sucks, I deleted it, war thander strength!
  17. Mahamont
    Mahamont 28 November 2014 15: 57
    For more than a year he played in HER, as a simulator he is nothing, there for the sake of balance, so that people do not scatter and cry on the forums that they bend, and sit in the game, cut and so unrealistic characteristics of machines. One health scale is a great profanity. In Var Thunder, balance is ignored; characteristics are closer to historical ones. You play and feel not a nerd, as in HERE, but more like a collector of virtual military equipment.
    1. MORDVIN13rus
      MORDVIN13rus 28 November 2014 16: 49
      Also played in WoT. But after the release of tank battles in War Thandere, I abandoned this game, I go in for a couple of hours a week and then on the weekend, just to drive with friends. I downloaded purely Soviet equipment, and it was made a complete squalor in WoT, especially starting from level 8. For example, the Is-7, the tank is nothing, the cannon is oblique, you can hit the current point-blank, and if you hit it you can’t break even 10,9 and it doesn’t hit anyone on the head except the same Soviet tanks, the lowest alpha level, cd 2 seconds faster than the E100, but you still have to manage to break it, but it sews you into the case from any range. But the IS-7 had the best equipment for the period of its creation in real life, and wiped it off for everyone. And after the introduction of incomprehensible and from the finger sucked Wafer E100 and others like them, the game ceased to exist for me at all. Yes, the arcade, but at first interesting , but not more. There is at least realism in the Tundra. If you ride 34, there’s nothing to go head-on to the tiger, and nobody can punch the IS-4 on the head, because the thickest skin, you have to think about how to fill it up from the stern or side from 1 shot, because if you can, then no other chance is expected))) Vedi carry out with a successful shot and no strip of XP!
      1. MORDVIN13rus
        MORDVIN13rus 28 November 2014 18: 52
        I knew what kind of diarrhea WoT zaminusut laughing
  18. chief.matros
    chief.matros 28 November 2014 16: 17
    These World of Tanks have been completely complete, I’ve been playing for almost a year and I can only see how with each update they reduce the characteristics of the USSR tanks, and the pin_doskie ones disappear, because the owners are A. measures. And I’ll ask for a tank biathlon, where everything is organized in a sporting manner not to be confused, and even more so not even compared with this rotten game.
    1. Syrdon
      Syrdon 28 November 2014 16: 42
      oh well, our tanks are just unrealistic imbs
      1. TiRex
        TiRex 28 November 2014 21: 19
        IS 3 is the best for 8 lion, T-34 is not bad in its own way either, the KV-2 with a 152 mm imba cannon in its own (with the right tactics and straight arms), IS-7 is good, I’ll put a hundred parts on it only, the tower from a distance It is not sewn at all. must be able to play ...
        1. MORDVIN13rus
          MORDVIN13rus 28 November 2014 21: 36
          It’s interesting to hear about tactics, otherwise we don’t know, and about the bravado of gamers that he’lllaughing Given that the frontal armor of the IS-3 did not penetrate KwK75 forehead, and in WoT it was sewn with a gun like cheese with a fork, or take BatChat 25t (and the same barbed barbs that had only 12 shells in the drums in real life and ticked and to tick so that the heels sparkle) any art. you can’t do practically anything, this is the game, and not this pyisochnik with instant repair, like manna from heaven
    2. flSergius
      flSergius 28 November 2014 18: 33
      Nerf cat is this up? T18 can and imba, but for the sandbox. Or a T95 imba? M103 with a toilet paper tower roof? M7? Absolutely secondary mid-level premas? T34 - the price bites. Persh - after the nerf only with gold. There remains the T57 and the branch tower turret. So each nation has its own advantages and distinctive branch. If you follow your logic, the true owners of the French, because Foshchsch, Yolka and Batchat.
  19. 31rus
    31rus 28 November 2014 19: 35
    I see no one has played, and so, 1) there is no age qualification, there is no censor on the mat, the technical data on the technique is distorted, what tactics, what strategy, what are you, an ordinary shooter, about children it’s interesting you saw a chat chat there is a solid mat, plus money for the crew, for equipment, so don’t break the rubbish, an ordinary toy
  20. I think so
    I think so 28 November 2014 19: 44
    Who is the master and dictates the parameters of the tanks. In WoT, the owners are probably not our tanks here. Rewriting history is in full swing, even in places like the game ... Nothing personal - business ... you will not dance to their tune.
  21. kinolog2322
    kinolog2322 28 November 2014 22: 52
    If-what in WWII EA Trophy fought.
  22. Akuzenka
    Akuzenka 29 November 2014 01: 28
    Deep minus. Order 100%. I drive tanks myself. Where are the teams in the random house? Where is the coherence? Where is the team spirit? Where are the crews? Some "soloists"! Usually "drain". The steeper a fighter's stat, the more likely it is to drain! author, drink yada!
    Let's not say who owns WoT. Ahahaha 33 times.
    1. Baikal
      Baikal 29 November 2014 10: 15
      There are still people who have the power to see at the root, so to speak.
      Administration Military Review!
      Deep disrespect to you for such (custom?) Articles, and therefore for trying to drag people into these reality-distorting games. You know very well how this market works, right? I know you know that.

      Feeling frustrated on this site.
  23. tokens2
    tokens2 29 November 2014 11: 31
    Generally limit the number of hours per day. For stubborn gamers. In the game.
    And narrow the game time frame. To play at 1-2-3 a.m. is already a dependency.
    And reduce the "price" of studying tanks by a couple of times.
    Yes ... and the game is certainly not free. But it’s already folk and folk.
    By the way, we have a lot of people at work. In the country. Plays games.
    One of them is 1c bukhgateriya, and a lot of others.
    True to work regulations laughing
  24. Old old
    Old old 30 November 2014 21: 59
    Patriotic education and state. ideology should be in any normal state. Com games can somehow work.
    Opponents of ongo, I ask you to explain why in games the "bad guys" in earflaps with a star, Kalashnikov, MIG or T-80, and "good" - with m-16 and Abrams or F-16?