What is memorable anniversary MAKS

So ended so much awaited by many experts and amateurs MAKS-2011 - the same anniversary aerospace show. As the organizers claim this forum attracted a lot more visitors this time than in previous years, and allowed to conclude contracts for a record 10 billions of dollars. However, despite such, at first glance, the rosy results of MAKS-2011, there are people whom this event has brought, to say the least, to joyless thoughts.

So, let's try to sort out in order the successes and failures of the anniversary tenth of MAKS. Before the opening of the air show in the press, it was rumored that the air show was by no means simple. Here, they say, the organizers will show the world the true masterpieces of world aviation and cosmonautics. But all these wishes and hopes, in principles, did not come true. Yes, let's not deny that the new A380 flew to the air show, which impressed everyone with its size. In addition, the US military "drove" into Zhukovsky a new transport worker, who literally suppressed the runway. And what about ours?

And our somehow all at once went wrong. It started with the fact that the launch of the most powerful communications satellite in Europe, scheduled for the time of MAKS-2011 operation, turned into a real nightmare for developers. For several days, the Russian tracking systems could not detect where the satellite, insured for as much as 7 billion Russian rubles, had disappeared. In the end, the satellite was not found there and not those. It was recorded by American experts in the place of space, where, as they say, “not reach out” to the satellite. Representatives of Roscosmos called this place an unplanned orbit. Speaking in Russian, the super-expensive satellite simply flies around the Earth with a useless piece of iron.

Further, MAKS-2011 failed to conclude long-awaited contracts between the Ministry of Defense and representatives of the Mikoyan Design Bureau. It was planned that a whole squadron of aircraft would be procured for the aircraft-carrying cruiser, but the deal did not go. Once again, the departments could not agree with each other, and when the next negotiations take place, it is also not quite clear. By the way, India has long and very actively been purchasing these planes, and in our country they have been trying to sign a contract for more than a year. The usual problem that hinders the resolution of this situation is once again money, or rather, the notorious greed of military officials. Now, if the money could be “scrolled” and built with a dozen out-of-town cottages for themselves and their families, then our generals would immediately sign everything, and then, you know, all of a sudden, they would wisely manage the military budget. No wonder ... On MAX, everything is like under a glass cap. Therefore, it is not surprising if the contract will be signed in the near future and without so many witnesses. We have not yet invented a vaccination against corruption, so the officials allow themselves “a little extra” ...

One of the most notorious failures of the anniversary MAKS-2011 was a failed attempt to lift into the air in front of everyone that T-50, which waited like a breath of fresh air. What did they not write about this plane alone: ​​and that this is a vivid answer of NATO to all their developments, and that this is the salvation of domestic aviation, and even that this plane is the best in the world. We will not dispute the possible merits of the T-50, but, as they say, it is not necessary, and the "gop" was screaming until the moment of successful take-off and no less successful landing. Oh, our compatriots love to extol their work until the moment when it is successfully completed.

At first, the aircraft of the new generation successfully showed its flight characteristics to specialists, but on the day when tens of thousands of people came to see it, for some reason he did not want to fly. It may be right, and then, you see, they jinx it ... The test pilot, who was fortunate enough to operate this machine, felt during the take-off that the engines were behaving strangely and decided not to risk, stopping the take-off. The people who were preparing to watch the beautiful flight suddenly saw that two fiery tongues were pulled out of the right engine of the T-50 one by one. Although later the media claimed that Sergei Bogdan, the pilot of the demonstration T-50, made an emergency landing on his plane, in fact, the plane did not even have time to break away from the runway. After the release of the brake parachutes, he calmly rolled to the stop. This is where the plane and the pilot were lucky, because if the runway were shorter, the tragedy would have been unavoidable. And the rest, as they say, everything is fine, everything is fine ...

One can imagine what the aircraft designers felt at that moment, because it indirectly strikes at their prestige, and at the prestige of the entire Russian defense industry. Previously, we were not respected, but thanks to this very "defense industry" at least they were afraid, then they stopped being afraid, but they began to respect at least a little, but now they can begin to not be afraid and not respect. As you do not really want to be a garden scarecrow, which the crows fly around only "just in case" before you start pecking tomatoes in the garden.

In general, MAKS-2011 really gave a lot of surprises. However, many experts are not inclined to dramatize. They argue that even a T-50 take-off failure will not be fatal. The plane needs, they say, to give the opportunity to receive from the designers still a lot of elements of a complete set, which will allow it to show their capabilities to the full. After these words, there remains a kind of ambiguous feeling: on the one hand, the belief in the development of aviation in the country is unshakable, and on the other, some little worm prevents us from calmly continuing to think about it. By the way, foreign analysts also cannot decide whether this is another Russian advertising stunt or a T-50 plane, in fact, has not flown.

One of the few advantages of the 10-th MAX is only that the sales of the “Sukhoi-Superjet” seem to be adjusted. These passenger airplanes have contracts for 1,5 billion dollars. Successfully negotiated and concluded contracts for the implementation of MC-21. The total amount received by KLA when selling MS-21 will be 6 billions of dollars. In general, the light at the end of the tunnel disdains. Let's hope that the difficulties were temporary ...

Alexey Volodin
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