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And the sons go ... Where?

I recall only the well-known: the sons of Joseph Stalin, who are still afraid of democratic children, Jacob Dzhugashvili and Vasily Stalin went to the front during the Great Patriotic War and fought. Jacob was captured and killed. According to legend, his father refused to change him to field marshal. In the same war, Leonid Khrushchev, the son of the changer and executor of Stalin, Nikita Khrushchev, died. Stepan, Vladimir and Alexey, three sons of Anastas Mikoyan, the official bosses, who served in top positions in the CPSU and the USSR served "from Ilyich (Lenin) to Ilyich (Brezhnev) without a heart attack and paralysis" also fought.

Vladimir Mikoyan died in 1942 year 18 years old. The fourth son of Mikoyan, Ivan, who is not capable of fighting in early childhood, became a mechanic in the regiment where his fellow pilots served and fought. The son of Mikhail Frunze, the red commander and liberator of the Crimea from the White Guards Peter Wrangel, Timur was brought up in the family of the "red marshal" Klim Voroshilov, but went to the front and died 19-year-old.

Children and other party and Soviet bonzes fought — the future pre-council Nikolai Bulganin, the USSR prosecutor Viktor Bochkov, the secretary of the Central Committee and the first secretary of the Moscow city committee of the CPSU (b) Alexander Shcherbakov, the “red hero” Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev, etc., etc. foreign communists and their children also spared themselves. In 1942, 22-year-old Ruben Ruiz Ibarruri, the only son of the Spanish "Passionaries" Dolores Ibarruri, died near Stalingrad. The country and its leaders together won the war and paid dearly for the victory ...

Of particular note is Artem Sergeev, the son of the founder and leader of the Donetsk-Krivoy Rog People's Republic (DKNR) Fedor Sergeev, better known as Artyom. After the death of his father, his little son took Stalin himself into his family and raised him with his children. However, already 26 June 1941, the platoon commander 152-mm M-10 howitzers Artem Sergeev engaged in battle with the Nazis, who so inspire today part of the ruling Ukrainian elite, leading a civil war against the Donbass.

Artem in the battles was captured, fled, fought in one of the partisan detachments, was taken out of the front line. He defended Stalingrad, fought for the Dnieper, liberated East Prussia, Hungary, Germany. In total, 24 had injuries, including two heavy ones: a bayonet in the stomach and a fracture of the hand. The victory was met by a lieutenant colonel, the commander of an art brigade. For the Great Patriotic War, he was awarded three Orders of the Red Banner, the Order of Alexander Nevsky, two Orders of the Patriotic War, I Degree, two Orders of the Red Star. As well as the medals "For Military Merit", "For the Defense of Moscow", "For the Defense of Stalingrad", "For the Liberation of Warsaw", "For the Liberation of Prague", "For the capture of Koenigsberg". This is the winner’s iconostasis. This, and therefore so hated in today's post-revolution Russophobic Ukraine ...

Why am I leading all this? Very simple: recently, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko admitted the possibility of a full-scale war. With whom? Do you think with the fascists or their political and spiritual heirs in Ukraine or abroad? No matter how wrong! With Russia. “I have no fear of war with the Russian troops, and we are ready for the scenario of total war. Our army is in much better condition now than five months ago, and we have the support of the whole world. ... We want peace, but we, unfortunately, must consider the worst scenarios. ... We do not want war, we want peace and we will fight for European values. But Russia does not adhere to the agreements reached, ”he told the German (funny and symbolic, yes?) Magazine Bild.

And even earlier, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, appointed by him, Stepan Poltorak, directly stated that the ATO forces in Donbass need to prepare for combat operations. Because de Russia is building up the forces of the DNR and LNR terrorists, as well as its troops. “... We clearly track movement and know about their locations. And, of course, we expect unpredictable actions on their part. ... The situation is absolutely controlled by us. We are ready to react to a change in the situation, ”he reassured everyone.

On top of this, the president announced 21 November “a day of dignity (“ gnosti ”) and freedom”, for which modern Ukrainians are supposed to fight, appealing to the calls of “guid’s bottles” and stories about the courage of the military. Well, “dignity” and “freedom” are good words, it would be worth fighting for them. However, in my unenlightened view, it is also important to answer at least three questions.

First: Is there anything to fight in reality, and not only in the words of generals and army officials? There are big and big doubts about this. Yes, the Ukrainian army used the truce and calm, granted by the Minsk Protocol of 5 in September, to regroup and build up forces in the ATO zone. Yes, there, most likely, they pulled together everything that the Ukrainian industry could supply for the needs of the army and that secretly NATO advisers and allies, who had announced the creation of several trust funds to assist the Ukrainian army, could scrape together.

I even fully admit that there is some lack of truth in the words of the supreme commander and minister of defense. But here’s the trouble: in the same way (now it’s obvious), the militia of the DPR and LNR acted, who in the summer of this year didn’t leave a stone on a stone from the Ukrainian army groups, “welding” them into all kinds of “cauldrons” of their own ability to fight for their land and the complete profanation of the Ukrainian command. That is, the force will again face the force, and this is new blood and tears. And death ...

Second: who is ready to help Ukraine and for what? Talk that Russia is providing all kinds of, primarily military assistance with equipment and troops, has already become a favorite song of Western politicians. The American hawks, of course, led by Senator John McCain, who, they say, may even become the head of the Senate defense committee, are “singing”. Mr. McCain is still hysterical: “Russia has violated the ceasefire and is again supplying military equipment and weapons to pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine. It was no surprise to anyone that the large columns of Russian tanks, artillery and military personnel returned back to eastern Ukraine. ” He also said: “The United States must provide Ukraine with military capabilities in order to protect its sovereign territory and counter Putin’s aggression. ... If this is not done, Putin will continue to try to absorb more and more of the territory of Ukraine for his new Russian empire. ... The United States and Europe should stop believing that the provision of lethal military assistance to Ukraine will provoke Putin to further aggression. ... Most of all, Putin is provoked by the unwillingness of the US and the EU to take these steps. ”
The new High Representative of the European Union, Vice-President of the European Commission Federica Mogherini spoke in the same vein. She called the rumors about the Russian troops in Ukraine "alarming factor."

But that's all! Because the task of the allies is clear - the United States and the European Union “fastened” to them — not really to help Ukraine, but to kindle the opposition as much as possible, in order to draw Russia into the conflict and punish her for this with new sanctions. The weakening of Russia at any cost, at the cost of the lives of all Ukrainians - this is the goal of the civil war in Ukraine, for which the Kiev authorities are for some reason submissively led. “If this (Russian troops in the Donbass. - Auth.) Is true, then this will be the last and most convincing reason to believe that the cease-fire agreement (Minsk Protocol. - Aut.) Has actually died. If this information is confirmed, it should lead to an immediate tightening of the US and EU sanctions, ”said McCain frankly. Ms. Mogherini only dutifully and sadly urged Russia “to take responsibility, including preventing any further movement of the military, weapons or fighters from their territory to the territory of Ukraine, to withdraw any troops, weapons and equipment that are under its control, from Ukraine. ” And also to use their influence on the DPR and the LPR, so that they “conscientiously fulfill the commitments made in Minsk”.

And then there is the well-known political scientist and adviser to several US presidents Zbigniew Brzezinski scaring and so unfortunate and weak-willed Europe with the fact that Vladimir Putin wants to destroy the united Europe as a strong player in the international arena, and also to separate it from the United States. According to “Zbig’s grandfather,” Putin understands that the EU is not too integrated, since it has a large number of countries, which means it can easily collapse. And at the same time, the “hawk” warns: they say, if Putin does not want to understand the concern of the West, then the West will change its decision and start arming Ukraine. As they say, that in the forehead, that in the forehead ...

The third: and what about the personal example of the Ukrainian leaders, who in their words so zealously defend "hydranity and freedom"? Beginning with the 2004 year and the first “messiah of the young Ukrainian democracy” Viktor Yushchenko, with this the leaders of the color revolutions and coups in Ukraine have certain tensions. Yushchenko did not bother at all with such trifles and “yaki nothing ne krali” hands, as he rowed everything that was badly laid down, so the son, who was called as a joke “son of God”, allowed everything.

And what about the rest of the "Hero Maidan"? What was their “heroic” fate? Let's put it straight, in different ways. But the light of the fight against the separatists in the ATO zone was clearly extinguished by many. For example, quite recently a clash occurred on the territory of the Kiev-based private enterprise Modern Technologies. And you know, between whom? Between two groups of citizens, one of whom called herself one of the "hundreds of Maidan" and declared that she was protecting the territory in agreement with the owner. And the other turned out to be a group of people who called themselves “participants of the ATO”, who had allegedly arrived from Donetsk and decided to restore justice, which they violated, as it seemed to them, with another group of citizens of this object. So informed the public this pleasant and symbolic news one of the advisers to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the reincarnation of “heroes” into banal gangsters and racketeers-raiders.

Almost did not disappear without a trace in Frankfurt am Main (more precisely, at its airport, which has long been transformed into “alcoholic Bermuda” for many Ukrainian politicians), Semen Semenchenko (Donbas), Yaron Berez (“Dnepr”) and Andrey Teteruk ("Peacemaker").

Kombat flying instructing in the United States, seemed to go to the local library to refresh English, drank ... sorry, read grams ... sorry, 500 on the snout and missed their flight to Washington. Ukrainian diplomats in Germany had to make efforts to, as you understand, extract people with mandates from the library and arrange them for the night in a local hotel. Sema Semenchenko, and so uncomfortably feeling himself without a balaclava on his face, joked about it in social networks: “The giant queue and personal politeness did not allow the Semenchenko, Teteruk and Bereza combats to climb through the queue.”

As for the rest, the combatants are already settling down on the grant field of the country. A trip to the USA was paid for them (without power) by the Ukraine-relation relation fund. In Frankfurt itself, they, according to their own words, also pulled off pretty well on the ball: as Semenchenko noted, they took advantage of their stay in the city, where there are still so many Hitler Youth, "got the contacts of local active Ukrainians, foundations and public organizations." Yes, there are many of them ...

And this is despite the fact that in just ten years since the Orange Revolution a generation of boys and girls, also someone’s sons and daughters, has grown up, ready to flood the law enforcement officers with Molotov cocktails, throw explosive packets, beat them, unarmed, with bits and scrap metal pipes, shoot and burn their fellow citizens who do not agree to build "Ukrainian Ukraine" with American money.

Some of these "children of Orange" really volunteered to join the army. Some became cartels and policemen in the "voluntary" and "territorial" battalions of oligarchs and political parties. But the bulk continues to “nimble” at home, where no one will give up and you can work in packs, “collective” for one. Not for nothing, I remind you, the president of 23 of July of this year signed the law No. 1595-VII “On the approval of the decree of the president of Ukraine“ On partial mobilization ”. In accordance with it, mainly officers and sergeants of the reserve of all military specialties were called up to 45 years, the rank and file of all military specialties were up to 40 years, and also the highest officers of all military specialties were up to 60 years ...

... In short, the post-coup Ukraine in the struggle for American interests needed both old and young. Why? Indeed, with dignity, sorry, "gidno." For this, too, stood euromaidan ...

PS Here, in fact, all the "gidnist." And thank God that not everyone understands it in a fashionable way. As required by the Maidan:


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  1. Lukich
    Lukich 19 November 2014 05: 49
    dill will soon be finished and bombed. with each shelling, more and more enemies are making themselves in the Donbass. now more and more "moyahataskrayu" are getting the idea that you can't sit out in huts, the war will find everywhere. and I do not envy the punishers, death now awaits them around every corner, every turn
    1. Giant thought
      Giant thought 19 November 2014 09: 47
      The Ukrainian fascists started a hopeless business, soon they themselves will be convinced of this, but the Rubicon has been crossed, and there will be no mercy for them.
  2. Same lech
    Same lech 19 November 2014 06: 01
    Very simple: recently, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko allowed the possibility of a full-scale war. With whom? Do you think with the fascists or their political and spiritual heirs in Ukraine or abroad? No matter how! With Russia.

    The USA has achieved its goal in UKRAINE.

    Now they can fight with RUSSIA by OTHER HANDS ... not now, of course, but when they will really prepare the army of UKRAINE for military operations with RUSSIA.
    Therefore, we have no choice but by any possible means as long as there is time to turn the tide in UKRAINE in our favor
  3. The comment was deleted.
  4. Zomanus
    Zomanus 19 November 2014 06: 22
    Yes, it’s not Donbass that you need to be afraid of dill, but your own fascists. Donbass now has a problem, to survive the winter. The main thing for them is to recapture the enemy beyond the borders of their land and restore normal life. And Ukraine will now have to learn a bunch of cool things. In particular, universal denunciation, reprisals against the disloyal, without trial and other, and so on.
    1. the polar
      the polar 19 November 2014 07: 00
      Khrushchev's son Leonid did not die in the war. He was shot down, captured, began to work for the Germans, spoke on the radio in the frontline zone. Nikita was crawling on her knees in front of Stalin, begging to buy her son.
      The chief of the Central headquarters of the partisan movement Ponomarenko was ordered to recapture the younger Khrushchev from the Germans.
      The order was carried out, Panteleimon Kondratyevich Ponomarenko reported to Stalin that the traitor had been captured and could be delivered to Moscow, to which Stalin replied, "We will not risk the pilots, let him be tried on the spot, according to the laws of wartime."
      In the partisan detachment that captured Leonid Khrushchev, the military tribunal tried the traitor and sentenced him to the highest measure for treason. The sentence was carried out.
      1. iwakura
        iwakura 19 November 2014 09: 03
        The version that L.N. Khrushchev was a traitor was sucked from the finger and is not confirmed by anything except the speculations of its authors. While the version of his death: "In 2000, the remains of a Soviet plane and the remains of a pilot were found, the examination established that the remains belong to Leonid Nikitovich Khrushchev" (in 2000 his son Yuri Leonidovich was still alive, there was someone to compare with).
        This does not negate the negative attitude towards Nikita Khrushchev, in which all the negative traits that "urban" like to endow the so-called "village" with are really concentrated.
      2. pensioner
        pensioner 19 November 2014 11: 19
        Quote: Polar
        Khrushchev's son Leonid did not die in the war. He was shot down, captured, began to work for the Germans, spoke on the radio in the frontline zone. Nikita was crawling on her knees in front of Stalin, begging to buy her son.

        No need to retell unfair fabrications. S. Mikoyan said enough on this subject. A little, but authoritatively. Therefore, it is enough.
  5. Akvadra
    Akvadra 19 November 2014 06: 49
    What rulers of the ruins cannot do? Right, build and grow! There are due to war, chaos and nonexistent threats! And they simply have no other way. And therefore, like a whore in a tavern, they will beg for a slap in the face and scandal. This must be understood and prepared for this.
  6. asar
    asar 19 November 2014 07: 30
    "A civilization that puts violence above the good of the peoples is unable to lead humanity forward. Ideals and morality can be outraged, and this will be justified by words about the benefit of the nation. Solemn promises can be trampled underfoot, lies, deceit and murder, insidiousness and hypocrisy are allowed .." . "F. Nansen
  7. fomkin
    fomkin 19 November 2014 08: 07
    Once upon a time he served in Ukraine. Now I read about current events with surprise, all of a sudden have seen. 30 years ago it was very clear to me how they hate us there. Suddenly, nothing is being done.
    1. Penelope
      Penelope 19 November 2014 14: 32
      It was not so obvious, but it was.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. pahom54
    pahom54 19 November 2014 09: 29
    An article about everything, and at the same time - about nothing ...
    Examples of homeland defenders from among the sons of senior politicians and businessmen, we will most likely never wait (and this is just a fact of the unity of society) ...
    That. that in Ukraine they managed to educate a generation of young people who fiercely hate Russia and Russians, as a people — unfortunately, the success of their ideology ...
    That. that we partially ... educated YOUR youth, allowing it to the state of a Pepsi and Coke generation - this is our problem, which must be urgently and by all means eliminated.
  9. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 19 November 2014 09: 40
    Maybe it’s time to stop calling Ukrainians fraternal people, they are not brothers and sisters, and when they weren’t, they were always on our minds, let's call them the worst neighbors who at all times saw in Russia a parasite living at their expense .
  10. VadimSt
    VadimSt 19 November 2014 11: 59
    the president declared November 21 “a day of dignity (“ guides ”) and freedom”

    Probably not in vain the words "gidnost" (dignity) and "gidota" (abomination), in the Ukrainian language, have the same root! There is really one step from dignity to abomination, and this step has been taken by official Ukraine and the West that does not notice it.
  11. Rusts
    Rusts 19 November 2014 12: 49
    I actually on the third issue of the topic ... Even earlier there were conversations that they say in Ukraine, officials of their children are hiding from the army. I think for everything else, the Ukrainian people will be interested in the review, analysis, in the light of military mobilization, and the fate of the children of Ukrainian military servicemen.
  12. Yasondinalt
    Yasondinalt 19 November 2014 14: 40
    It is one thing to unleash a civil war, another thing is to fight in it for the thing that you consider right. Separate the fate of the people and the country. And these bastards a little bake will be cut off somewhere abroad, where they will be accepted. Or they will stagger like Srakashvili, without the Fatherland, as an outcast. But, probably, they are hoping for their billions to get somewhere. So they do not care about the fate of Ukraine and its people.