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Ziguyut all!

Ziguyut all!Yes, dear readers, if you will soon see people on the streets with pots, bowls and colander on their heads, do not be alarmed. It is the patriots who feel they will start beating soon. Literally. On the head. And therefore they are protected, as it was on the Maidan-2013 / 2014, when they themselves scorched about the imminent attack of the "Golden Eagle" on the barricades of "ryvolyutsiyi gnosti". Today, despite the defeat of the "Berkut", the situation has become even worse. Now you can ogresty anywhere and from any person. And the situation with helmets is still tense..

They, helmets, are available only to those who have escaped from the front of the punitive anti-terrorist operation in the Donbass and who have entered the service of politicians and oligarchs who want to get “theirs”. But not in the trenches in the ammunition with the victorious "Colorado", but on the streets of Kiev, under the Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration, in the territories of the enterprises of the "enemies", which must be "squeezed out" by order of raiders.

Here are ordinary patriots who scoop the love of "nenke" on the Internet and get scared. In addition, if you do not hit, then a colander on your head will simply help keep the attic, which flies away or flows. But not everyone is as lucky as Tymchuk, whom the helmet generally replaces the brain with.

But the fact that patriots will soon start beating is a fact. Because this is a natural reaction of the people who slowly but surely wake up and do not agree with the fact that those who receive American cookies themselves are building in Ukraine, but do not want to share them with others.

And they are building this. The leader of the Ukrainian Choice Public Movement, Viktor Medvedchuk, on the International Day against Fascism and Anti-Semitism, which is celebrated around the world on November 9, recalled itself and said that Ukraine, having learned all the horrors of the fascist regime and occupation, would never support neo-Nazi movements, which means neo-fascism in Ukraine will not be strengthened. Right, oh, right in the future, looking at the former “evil genius of Ukrainian politics,” her, one might say, “demon” - they will not strengthen in the country. Because they do not need it, they are already in power. Still, it is true that they did not quite strengthen and did not cut the pharynx with all those who disagree, but already in government offices of all levels.

Medvedchuk is sure: “In the elections to the Verkhovna Rada, our citizens issued a political verdict to right-wing political parties and organizations of a nationalistic nature. None of these forces could go to parliament. ” But this is the main methodological error in evaluating political parties that passed to the new Verkhovna Rada, but did not reflect in their names the commitment to neo-Nazism and neo-fascism. Winners of the October 26 early parliamentary elections of October 2014 cannot be judged by name. It is also impossible to judge the failing 5 percent barrier "Freedom" and "Right Sector". They, too, are denoted quite decent words.

The neo-Nazi party of the deceased Jorg Haider was also called the Austrian Freedom Party, which for the first time set a prosperous European Union on its ears, where flirting with neo-Nazis and neo-fascists is considered a move. The “golden dawn” is also called the modern neo-Nazi party, which almost made Greece an outcast in Europe. A party with the same name "New Force" in Italy and Spain? In short, with the exception of idiots and marginals who want to shock the voter with their frankness, after the Nuremberg process, which banned Nazi and fascist ideologies, all such parties, the last children of Hitler and Mussolini, on the national ground of their states, try not to reflect the essence in the name. At best, they will use the word “national” or add the definition of “great” to the name of the country. And that's all.

Alas, Ukraine is no exception. Here, even “Freedom” was formed on the basis of the Social-National Party of Ukraine (SNPU). So that it means to disguise itself as “Drang Nah Osten” - to the central and eastern regions, where people do not like very much, or rather do not like (or dislike?) The Nazis and fascists.

Here we take the “six pervachs”, which were held in the Rada of the new convocation. Names: “Petro Poroshenko Bloc” (BPP), Popular Front (NF), Samopomich, Opposition Bloc (ON), Radical Party (RP), Batkivshchyna. All this - the names of the parties, in which everything is linguistically very, very decent. But in essence ...

It may be objected that nationalism and patriotism are different from Nazism-neo-Nazism and fascism-neo-fascism. Yes, they are different. The fact that they are based on the love of their nation and their homeland, and not on the hatred of foreigners and other states. This is a very fine line between love and hate, which also mean so much in politics. Because they define the ideology and the real behavior of politicians.
Practically all parties that passed to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine profess:

- Russophobia. These are varieties of Ukrainian nationalism and xenophobia, which basically have a hatred for Russia, Russians and everything Russian. “Get the look of Moscow!”, “Ponad Ukraine!” And “Ukraine is not Russia” - these are just two poles of this phenomenon. From irreconcilable to liberal;

- ethnocide, against Russians and Russian speakers. The war in the Donbass aims not only to suppress manifestations of separatism, but also to destroy the non-Ukrainian identity of the inhabitants of this region with the destruction of the entire infrastructure of these people’s lives. Residents of Donbass have a terrible fate in Ukraine: either to be exterminated, or forced into emigration, or intimidated and depressed and prepared for total Ukrainization in the event of an ATO victory. Therefore, Kiev does not make any talk about federalism and even repeals the scanty law on the special status of Donbass. Therefore, the current and, possibly, the future prime minister of Ukraine, the leader of the NF Arseniy Yatsenyuk, declares that Kiev will not finance the elderly and children of the rebellious regions. And his colleague in the NF and the speaker of the “dead” Rada, Oleksandr Turchynov, calls not to negotiate with the militias, but to crush them with force;

- racism and ethnocracy. The main slogan of Ukrainization and the construction of "Ukrainian Ukraine" - "One krayina - one mova - one nation" is practically written off from Hitler's "One country - one nation - one führer". Here are just "Fuhrer" in Ukraine surplus. They can not choose the one and only. But Crimeans who went to Russia always remembered their potential fate in Ukraine: “The Crimea is abo ukrayinsky, or deserted”. Now, it seems, it is realized in the Donbass. And President Petro Poroshenko recently confirmed: only Ukrainian will be the only state language. This is ethnocracy in the construction of the state;

- A bet on the strength and priority of the state, based on militarism. Recently, the same Turchinov told TSN that the main task of the Verkhovna Rada is “the creation of the strongest army in Europe”. Earlier, the deputy head of the Presidential Administration Dmitry Shimkiv reported that in Ukraine the number of military personnel will be increased from 2,8 to 7 people per 1 a thousand population. Spending on defense will grow from 1% to 5% of GDP. And by 2020, according to the plan of the country's leaders, Ukraine should become a “military state”;

- anti-communism. Everybody started with this: the Nazis and the fascists and all their neo-Nazi and neo-fascist followers in all countries of the world. For this they were paid especially generously when the USSR and the socialist camp existed. Fear then caught the eyes of the capitalists and imperialists, and they generously financed anti-communist traffickers. Now it seems all the capitalists, but the fear and political atavism of anti-communism, it seems, remained in Ukraine. Turchinov has already urged to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine through the court. Now, after the elections, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentin Nalyvaychenko has returned to this issue. The manifestation of this was not only rewriting stories and "Leninopad", but also the destruction of any legacy of bygone days. And the monuments of those who defeated Hitler’s Nazism cause particular hatred. They are next in line, apparently. In Odessa, for example, they stole the bust of the “marshal of victory” Georgy Zhukov. Neo-Nazis have longtime scores with him after what he did with their idol in Germany in 1945;

- the suppression of any dissent and the permanent search for "enemies of the state". Neo-Nazi and neo-fascist states cannot exist without “enemies” who allegedly threaten the state and on which it is actually convenient to dump all the failures of the authorities. Aggression and the "eternal struggle" are the internal engines of state formations, the ideology of which is intolerance to "strangers", "aliens" and "dissidents". All the same Turchinov boasted that he had not signed the law on amnesty of members of the militia of the self-proclaimed DNR and LNR. “Voted for the law on amnesty ... But there were no prerequisites, followed by an amnesty. I did not even sign it, ”said the speaker of the parliament proudly. It says a lot ...

Are all the winners of the October 26 election in Ukraine inherent in it? In varying degrees, alas, no doubt everyone. Regardless of the name. Of course, I would immediately single out from this six ABOUT. At least for the fact that its members are the only ones who unequivocally supported the end of the civil war in the Donbass. And for the dialogue with the local leaders. But only for that. In all other respects, “obeshniki” are allies and comrades of others who have passed to the Rada. They, too, - "for food edge." At any price. Now the price of unity is war and bloodshed. In election battles OB was against the war. Because members of the OB are able to count money and understand what losses they and the whole country are suffering. But now, in parliament, when they are in the minority, and the brutal field commanders of the ATO and the “Heroes of the Maidan” will take them for the gills and even something lower, the “obeshniki” will vote for the racially correct laws as soon as they run ...

And all because neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, gregarious or personal vocational, demonstrative, outrageous and demonstrative love for the fatherland and racially correct compatriots - it is also an attempt at the state level to overcome the complex of personal and state inferiority, to establish itself exclusively at another's expense. Plus the fear of not being noticed and appreciated. Plus impunity in conditions when xenophobia and persecution of “strangers” become the main motivators of activity and bring dividends for “love”. To the racially right homeland, of course ...

However, Medvedchuk, who, alas, almost the only one who raised his voice against neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, also noted: “... Carriers of misanthropic ideas are still leading the struggle for power, trying to divide the Ukrainian citizens into their own and others, depending on what region they live in, what language they speak, what church they go to. ... Radically-minded forces, representatives of the "war party" seek to intensify the split, bring the country to collapse, promote aggression and violence. But the Ukrainians, who have become one of the peoples who defeated fascism, will do everything to prevent the revival of the misanthropic ideology. ”

And the Ukrainians are already doing. This is not only the Crimea and those rebellious parts of Donbass, where the DPR and LPR, which with the weapons in the hands of defending their rights to self-identity. This and rumors about the partisans, leading the fight against the official Kiev in the areas of the south-east. This and support for the communist rally 7 November. And on the evening of the International Day against Fascism and Anti-Semitism in Kharkov, the rock bar “Wall” was blown up, in which fans of “Ukrainian Ukraine” loved to gather and from which 14 March 2014 was shot by militants from the Right Sector and Patriot Ukraine organization movement "Defenders of Kharkov."

Even more revealing for the rejection of the course of modern Ukraine on neo-fascism and neo-Nazism are the results of voting for the new 26 of October Rada. The people of the south-eastern regions, despite any pressure, voted with their feet - they came to the polls for a little more than 30% of voters. Odessa and Nikolaev, Kherson, Kharkov and Zaporozhye voted not only for the “patriots”, but also for the “obeshchnikov” and self-promoted activists, who, out of fear, self-nominated, but represented the overthrown power. Figov, I must say honestly, the corrupt and little thinking power of the people. But they voted for her in protest. Because it was not neo-Nazi and neo-fascist, although it frankly flirted with this part of the political spectrum.

And if you remember all the years of independence of Ukraine, the Ukrainian leaders have always flirted with the neo-Nazis and neo-fascists, hidden under the patriots and nationalists. So, for example, in negotiations with Russia, they justified their obstinacy on a particular issue: they say, give in to us, and you see who can come. So they finished it - they came. Through an armed coup ...

In fact, a kind of hidden inclination to the vile fascist and Nazi past always showed through the gestures and antics of Ukrainian politicians. Something "generic" appeared in their gestures and flap of arms. It is now the current "ziguyut", throwing up his hands in the Roman greeting "descendants of Hitler and Mussolini," almost in the open. But their predecessors, too, was not all well in this regard.

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  1. Dezinto
    Dezinto 12 November 2014 07: 31
    Goodbye Ukraine.
    1. Dezinto
      Dezinto 12 November 2014 07: 33
      That clerk. I hope so ....

      See through !, deceived ....

      1. Natalia
        Natalia 12 November 2014 08: 13
        Maybe not in the subject but ...... winked
        1. Miron64
          Miron64 12 November 2014 16: 21
          Yes, what is connected with the Ukrinsk Rada? wassat
    2. nikrandel
      nikrandel 12 November 2014 07: 37
      Nah, time will show and heal! smile
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 12 November 2014 09: 03
        song of the enemies of New Russia with 0.44 (with greetings from the IRA):
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 12 November 2014 10: 00
      The Nazis did not last long in power, it was always like that.
      1. Lukich
        Lukich 12 November 2014 15: 21
        Quote: Thought Giant
        The Nazis did not last long in power, it was always like that.

        but a lot of blood will be shed sad
      2. Oldwiser
        Oldwiser 12 November 2014 17: 07
        However, Franco in Spain and Salazar in Portugal lasted long enough. Just like Peron - in our beloved Argentina recently ("beauty Christina")
    4. The comment was deleted.
    5. Lukich
      Lukich 12 November 2014 15: 20
      Quote: DEZINTO
      Goodbye Ukraine.

      no, rather already goodbye
  2. vladsolo56
    vladsolo56 12 November 2014 07: 33
    There can be one of two things, either the people will beat, those whom the oligarchs hire and who shouts the most about patriotism, or the people will understand that they betrayed him and will beat the oligarchs and their hangers-on. No other is given.
  3. el.krokodil
    el.krokodil 12 November 2014 07: 35
    soon everyone will beat everyone there ... and then BCH will come and give everything to an adult, only poop will fly! am
  4. grog_bm
    grog_bm 12 November 2014 07: 35
    Well, do you all think they can handle it themselves ??? Will they clean themselves ???? History says the opposite - Hitler came to power in the same way, but the Germans understood his inferiority only after the red flag of Yegorov and Kantaria was hoisted over the raistag ....
    Something like this..
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 12 November 2014 17: 10
      and then not all and not in the right amount
  5. terrible
    terrible 12 November 2014 07: 38
    forelocks liked the Germans, especially their women. and a tribe of half-breeds has grown. Call of Vaterland)))
    1. Tyumen
      Tyumen 12 November 2014 12: 29
      You shouldn’t be so. Did you really have nobody who fought? They would tell you how the Ukrainians fought in the ranks of the Red Army. In vain did you ...
      1. terrible
        terrible 12 November 2014 15: 18
        They told how they were draping at the Germans and at the huts.
      2. The comment was deleted.
  6. Leonidych
    Leonidych 12 November 2014 07: 38
    for these ridges, it is necessary to chop hands so that it wasn’t
    1. Balamyt
      Balamyt 12 November 2014 07: 54
      Right! And then on the shoulder immediately! Let ziguyut that between the legs))) ..... laughing wassat
    2. P-38
      P-38 12 November 2014 09: 35
      Quote: Leonidych
      for these ridges, you have to chop hands

      No, photos with these ridges should be published as much as possible on the Internet resources of Germany, Great Britain, France, Norway, and Europe in general. Let your heroes know
  7. rassel0889
    rassel0889 12 November 2014 07: 54
    As you can see, Ukraine is no longer whole, and this is only the first reaction to fascism. As fascism intensifies, anti-fascism will intensify. Like Newton’s law, and this cannot be avoided hi
  8. Vladimir73
    Vladimir73 12 November 2014 08: 04
    Paraphrasing an anecdote from the Second World War - "ziguya" show to what level of shit Ukraine should plunge.
  9. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 12 November 2014 08: 05
    I have already suggested that all zigas send for a month or two or three to the extermination camp of Majdanek or Dachau. But not on an excursion, but prisoners. And the guards put out of the zigzags. A month later, swap. I think that after that I won’t want to zig.
  10. Denis Tatar
    Denis Tatar 12 November 2014 08: 14
    that's how Kiev looked in 1942 thanks to fascists, will history repeat itself?
    1. terrible
      terrible 12 November 2014 08: 21
      I think that will be so. Kiev became the capital of an enemy state.
    2. terrible
      terrible 12 November 2014 08: 21
      I think that will be so. Kiev became the capital of an enemy state.
  11. The comment was deleted.
    1. Buran
      Buran 12 November 2014 13: 43
      Didn’t I ditch Babamka?
  12. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 12 November 2014 08: 37
    Beat in dill will be not only nationalists, but also all in a row. Including those who thought to sit out on the stove while there is a showdown. So that in the ukropiya political night fell, and on the approaching winter night.
  13. Silumin
    Silumin 12 November 2014 08: 45
    hah, the author gives out the wishful thinking.
  14. taseka
    taseka 12 November 2014 09: 50
    It's already tired to write and say that there is a war of Bendery fascists with the Russian-speaking, Slavic people! The premises and premises are not visible from the EU and the USA with the OSCE - they are in the forehead, what the hell !!! Now we need to explain in schools and institutes - what-who and why !!!
  15. Alfizik
    Alfizik 12 November 2014 10: 54
    Would Ukraine have "zigged" if the "civilized" West had not "zigged" (mentally) with it?
  16. Roman_999
    Roman_999 12 November 2014 11: 13
    Only those who over 35-40 years and older understand that We are one land, one essence and one destiny .... everyone who is younger, and those who are sitting on cookies will never recognize this first out of ignorance, second consciously ...

    My heart bleeds to watch what is now being done in Little Russia, it really hurts. But it gives hope that in the resistance there are not only Soviet Warriors, but also a fairly young generation, this means one thing, in other areas before the beginning of the Western lands there are people who took the Oath to the Soviet Union and its peoples and these Fighters have children. While this is so, this long-suffering Earth has a chance when these people leave. Ukraine will become a lost territory for the Slavic world .... Enemies ....

    Threat Western regions are also not homogeneous:
    1. Transcarpathia
    3. Bessarabia
    They live in historically held nationalities, so the last word is also theirs. The plebiscite as the right of the people to self-determination has not been canceled.
  17. ded10041948
    ded10041948 12 November 2014 12: 30
    Here is my question:
    Where did these "zigging" and other bits come from? From a test tube? Didn't they have grandfathers and great-grandfathers?
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 12 November 2014 17: 13
      come from Galicia (bagpipes)
  18. Severomor
    Severomor 12 November 2014 12: 46
    Quote: ded10041948
    Here is my question:
    Where did these "zigging" and other bits come from? From a test tube? Didn't they have grandfathers and great-grandfathers?

    Of course, they were also zigging. In the Galicia division, 15 thousand were required; Draw conclusions.
  19. Signature
    Signature 12 November 2014 13: 18
    As Vl. Skachko writes, others in Ukraine also think. But "by the power of thought" - you will not stop the tank, you will not turn back the shells and you will not turn a man-hating consciousness into a human consciousness "Svidomo"ukropatriot. And classical Europe has always accepted Nazism as almost the norm, for a very natural reason: capitalism is not an enemy to fascism (practically an ally: both political systems accept as an axiom that" to someone - everything, to someone - complete nothing "(they say, the world stood on that, stands and will stand).

    In principle, I will answer one urgent question raised here: scum are not taken from test tubes. Whose grandchildren were those driving into poverty and abrupt poverty of those who practically built a country that defeated fascism in the 1940s? .. And whose grandchildren brought this country to complete disintegration?
    And also whose brutal great-grandchildren who do not speak Russian, but constantly swearing and preoccupied - American (!) - exclusively by the theme of the water closet / toilet and everything that (sorry) below the belt, they are perplexed and outraged when they hear from me that Ukraine is NOT MY country! Say, like the USSR - maybe someone's country there? No really! Only Ukraine, despite the fact that I have seen it "in a coffin in white slippers" for the third decade in a row. So there is one answer: you need to go to yourself - more self-critical - look closely!
  20. Lukich
    Lukich 12 November 2014 15: 25
    yesterday read on one resource

    Real battles
    deployed in Skadovsk, Kherson region around the monument to Lenin. how
    reported local resident Galina Yaremkevich Ukrainian media, unknown on
    the other day they tied it with a flag. When the skadovanka with a group of other women decided
    sing a hymn under the monument, they were attacked by local pensioners with sticks.

    - The fact that the monument to Lenin was tied with the state flag, we learned from
    Internet and went to see, - said November 9 skadovchanka Galina
    Yaremkevich. - There were few of us - several women with children. Seeing Ukrainian
    flag, we in some emotional impulse put our palms to our hearts and started to sing
    anthem. At this time some grandmothers with crutches came up to us and started us
    beat up. Children were not spared either. It was painful. It really hurts. Only
    respect for the age of women did not allow us to call the police. Grandmothers were
    very warlike and cruel.
    1. Oldwiser
      Oldwiser 12 November 2014 17: 19
      popular denazification and de-Ukrainianization in practice. For now - crutches. bully If they do not "understand" - there will be "devices" and more serious ... am
  21. Yasondinalt
    Yasondinalt 12 November 2014 20: 05
    Look ka - as it began to bake, in the sense of getting colder, so the Ukrainians began to wake up. And I’m sure that if Donbass were drowned in blood, national pride would begin to wake up.
  22. vladimir preden
    vladimir preden 12 November 2014 22: 47
    Ukrainian specifics - ANTI-SEMITES with Jewish roots.