Causes of chaos in the North Caucasus

Causes of chaos in the North CaucasusWhat did not survive the Caucasus for all its history. This is a series of wars, and a change of ideologies, and divisions of territories, and mass repressions of entire nations, and an influx of colossal capital, and unemployment, and chauvinism. Caucasian peoples, who, it would seem, God himself commanded to live in peace and harmony, were often taken to sort out relations with each other, to conflict with other neighbors. And the neighbors often did not remain in debt and responded to the Caucasus "reciprocate."

If today you ask the average Russian, with which he personally associates the word "Caucasus", then one hundred people from 90 will answer that this is terrorism and an enormous level of banditry and corruption. And only a small percentage of citizens will remember that the Caucasus is also numerous resorts, hospitable people and unique traditions. I don’t have to speak about foreign citizens at all, because their opinion is not based on personal experience, but from news reports, after which, with the word “Caucasus”, one can get into the corner and cover with a blanket with a head. It has its own truth. However, the causes of the current chaos of the Caucasus are unlikely to be given to anyone.

We will try to analyze the current situation in the Russian Caucasus. The process of universal brotherhood and a single economic space was suddenly interrupted at the moment when the Soviet Union ordered to live long. The empire fell into sovereign states, and after saying that everyone can take sovereignty as much as they please, the Caucasian “princes” decided to fight for independence. One of such ardent supporters of secession from Russia was Dzhokhar Dudayev, who was clearly haunted by the laurels of independent Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan - the Transcaucasian Republics of the former Union. But here it was not as simple as it seemed originally. Those of the Republic were Union, and the Republic of Dzhokhar Dudayev was part of the RSFSR. The first independence, however, was “celebrated” with the proclamation of the sovereignty of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, and then on the map of Russia instead of one appeared two republics - Ingushetia and Chechnya. And the second with this card really wanted to disappear, becoming a truly independent state. Moscow, in principle, did not interfere in the life of Chechnya, led by a former Soviet general, until the notorious 1994 of the year. It is possible that the Kremlin thought that the ex-Soviet soldier, by definition, cannot stand up against the country's leadership. During this time, “non-interference” on the territory of Chechnya even the local currency managed to appear - the so-called “nahars”, which very much resembled US dollars and, by the way, were actively changing them. In addition, Chechnya managed to acquire Muslim ties, which, according to Dudayev, should have returned self-identity to the people of Ichkeria. Finance flows from Arab countries that actively support its independence flow into Chechnya. Under the flag of Islamization and the struggle for sovereignty, peaceful people began to be seized.

The Kremlin could not look at it calmly, and the then President, together with the Minister of Defense, had an idea or an adventurous idea about a short victorious war. History knows many such ideas, which turned into meaningless and merciless bloodshed. In general, December 1994 was the month when real chaos fell on the Caucasus. Russian troops entered the rebellious Republic and, as we all know, were bogged down there for a long time. It is still unknown how many peaceful people and soldiers were killed in that stupid war.

Chaos managed to spread to neighboring regions. The active financial and moral support of the “rebels” from the West and the Arab League put Russia on the brink of collapse. From the TV screens controlled by the West, it was said that the ghost of Stalinism had returned to the Caucasus and there was a real genocide of the people.

Only here the genocide of some people was going on in the Caucasus at that time, they didn’t specify it from the screens. Suffice it to say that the Russian brave generals, as the numerous declassified records show, were actively negotiating with the "enemy", not with the goal of forcing him to surrender, but with the goal of selling ammunition and various types of weapons weapons. 18-year-old soldiers, who held AKM in their hands for the first time, were sent to special operations in those places where Chechen forces already knew about their approach. Caucasian chaos spread to the army and society. Mothers, for obvious reasons, threw themselves at the feet of their sons so that they would not go to the military registration and enlistment offices.

As a result, the hospitals were overflowing, as was the patience of the people. The war was ended, however, the Chechen authorities decided that the Kremlin had surrendered and began to actively recruit members for new campaigns "for the faith." A series of terrorist attacks swept through the cities of Russia. Madness has led to the fact that the once flourishing region has become a stronghold of banditry, extremism and ethnic hatred. “Puppeteers” from Arab countries decided to grab a sweet piece in the form of Russian Dagestan and allocated money to capture several mountainous areas of the Republic.

This moment became the starting point in the new Caucasian history. The people living in Dagestan decided to rally themselves and resist the invasion. This means that the new war was already completely different from the bloodshed of 1994-1996. If the people sided with the authorities, or vice versa, then chaos is easier to extinguish.
As a result, the Caucasian Republics abandoned the ideas of independence, but scattered gangs continue today to conduct local hostilities not only in the Caucasus. The explosions in the metro, in stadiums and in homes, the killing of officials is proof of this.

The situation in the North Caucasus today is similar to how rot formed in a large apple, but nobody knows how to prevent its spread. Delete in one place - it appears in another.

The reasons for the current tense situation: total unemployment, the lack of a comprehensive program for the development of the North Caucasus and, of course, corruption. Many officials continue to cooperate with the militants, receiving from them solid profits. This is superimposed on the continued funding of gangs by Arab extremist organizations.

To cut this knot is truly a daunting task for all of Russia.
Alexey Volodin
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