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5,45 caliber arrows, siege weapons and chariots


All historical and factual errors in the text are either artistic devices - or the inborn ignorance of the author. Or is it the hand of imperial censorship.

It was still relatively warm in the south.

General Proconsul Publius Quintillian North woke up quite early - here, in the south, daylight was relatively longer, and the conditional “warmth” outside the window allowed local nomarchs to say that fireplace heating is an inaccessible and unnecessary in military conditions luxury. Moreover, the firewood for the fireplaces somehow ended up on enemy territory - the Tumidians were standing on the west bank of the Lower Dnovts and were not going to take any active actions until spring. And it was the worst of all.

Previously, olive oil and industrial wood were floated along the Dnova from the Capital. It was already some impossible time now, when everywhere in Tumidia one could still see stellae with the inscriptions “Tumidian and Roman are brothers forever,” and no one had yet felled the monuments to First Caesar with hemp ropes and a crowd of excited “real Tumidians.”

"Who does not jump - he is a frost!" What a stupid slogan, noted Publius.

Merzlyak sounded equally foolish and disgusting, evoking associations with "bastards" and on a dank morning, which gradually brightened outside the window of the proconsul’s dugout. “Frosted” now called Romans in Tumidia - despite the fact that even now half the inhabitants of Tumidia were ethnic Romans, and just a quarter of a century ago, before the Great Decay, all the inhabitants of Tumidia were citizens of Rome.

Now everything has changed. Olive oil became a luxury, instead of the commercial wood of Rome, local kings proposed to the Tumidians to jump, to tumble down Roman monuments - or to cut low-growing trees, twisted by time, trees in the flood plain of Lower Dnovts.

However, on the side of Publius there was not even such luxury. There was only a bare steppe. And almost five million "separatists" of New Rome, whom Tumidia has been trying to "bring the original crown of rulers of Tumidia to power" for six months already.

It is clear that the Tumidians never had any mythical “crown”. It was the Wild Field, where Rome came in due time, knocking out the slaves of the Porta slave traders. But - to whom now what and where will you prove. After the Great Decay, Tumidia contacted Cartagena - and Cartagena was now quite a successor to the old Porta, who did not disdain any false and vile methods of manipulating her vassals.

An example of such a false and vile manipulation was the “revolution of the birthright”, which agents of Cartagena turned in Tumidia. Publius had a bad idea of ​​all these intricacies of Tumidian policy and the rights of succession to the throne - but he understood very well that the actions of the new “sovereign” Tumidia were unequivocally hostile to Rome. And this was enough for him to, without doubt and without hesitation, faithfully follow his Roman oath. And protect the Romans wherever they are now. Even in the ephemeral “Tumidia”, which will not be on the map tomorrow, as it was not the day before yesterday.

Publius squinted at his lorica segmented, which hung near the head of his bed. The bed was uncomfortable, and Lorica segment was ridiculous. The capital now already made completely different models, lighter and more durable, which were comfortable to wear and easy to repair. But Lorica Publius was an old model - the one that was used before the Decay. On the front chevron, which was attached to it, there was an inscription in classical Latin “call sign Ravenna”.

“Thank God it's not Damascus!” Publius thought.

The conspiracy of finding a limited Roman contingent on the territory of Tumidia was forced and necessary. After the collapse, the then First Consul foolishly signed the Cartagena Consensus, which legally established the status of Tumidia separate from Rome. And now, Publiya, as well as hundreds of other “volunteer-vacationers”, had to disentangle that old drunken stupor, the idiocy of the First Consul, who had a decade rested in Peace.

"Vacationers" were transferred to the insurgent part of Tumidia secretly. They really were all volunteers who volunteered to help with military construction in New Rome. After all, this is exactly how the insurgent part of Tumidia was called, which the Capital strongly supported after the Novorim uprising against the oppression of Tumidia.

The Romans were here - and there were an overwhelming majority of them. But the quarter-century dominion of Tumidia and Cartagena was already clearly felt here — signs everywhere were barbaric, “spoiled” Latin, and instead of the imperial eagle, the ancestral tamga-trident of the “original Tumidians” came across.

But the worst was not that. In New Rome, it was necessary to practically rebuild an army — and to build it literally “from scratch”.

All volunteers from the local were poorly trained in the handling of imperial technology. No one really imagined how a siege cannon works — or how to control a real war chariot. Tumidia loved parades and uniforms — but she did little real doctrines, if not to say that she didn’t do it at all. As a result, local volunteers were certainly motivated to protect their homes and cities — but they clearly lacked specific military skills.

As a result, wherever it was possible, we had to use “vacationers”. And along the way, explaining to the Novormalians that their task is reconnaissance, advanced units, light infantry, and possibly accompanying chariots. But working with siege weapons or driving the chariots themselves is better left to the people of Publishers. Just as it is necessary to rely on them in matters of staff work, organization of supply and give them the unified leadership of the new army.

In addition, the problem was that the people of Public could not directly come into contact with the Tumidian battle formations. And, moreover, they had no right to be captured.

The problem of interaction with the Novorilians was complicated by the fact that Publius and his people were not officially in the territory of New Rome. He was a ghost man whom all of his interlocutors knew exclusively as Ravenna. His title as Proconsul General was forbidden to be mentioned here on pain of decimation of the faulty unit. Here, to be honest, there were the orders of Primordial Rome - the bodies of inquiry and the court organically combined with the punitive machine.

The problems of New Rome were monstrous. In the first period of the war, the Tumidian nobility captured almost all the army arsenals. Fortunately his weapons For a quarter of a century Tumidia did not create, therefore its arsenals were filled with the same Roman piluma, lorik and arrows. There were all the same rusty chariots of war and siege weapons, and the observation balloons of Tumidia would now simply not be able to be repaired without the help of Rome.

Therefore, immediately after the start of the Novorim rebellion in the capital a simple but very effective plan has matured. Directly, because of the fool and drunkard of the First Consul, the Capital could not interfere in the internal affairs of Tumidia. Cartagena consensus, your mother. Well, the Cartagena spies under each bush - even in the newly declared capital of New Rome.

I had to use workarounds in this war. And to invent, as always, the "Roman bicycle" - literally on the knee.

Initially, of course, helped the Island of Rome. This southern province of Tumidia broke away from it a month earlier before the uprising in New Rome. There, similar events took place almost without bloodshed, as a result of which the mass of the old Roman junk from the same Tumidi warehouses fell into the hands of the Capital. His condition was terrifying, the Tumidians did not do anything on it, except for inscriptions on spoiled Latin for 25 years, but the Capitals workshops quickly put in order about a dozen chariots of war that stood before this in the mountains of the Island of Rome.

It was these chariots that they then threw over the insurgent Novorilians at the beginning of June through the Blizzard.

A similar situation was with siege weapons. All that the Capital in New Rome could not deliver officially was heavy catapults that would have hit the operational depth in Tumidian constructions. But the rebels of New Rome received light and medium catapults in abundance - in the same way as the projectiles to them.

Yes, thought Publius. “Few people know how many missiles are needed according to the military roman charter to suppress the command post of even one cohort. How much a supply needs to be organized across border rivers, how difficult it is then to create at least an operational supply of stones for catapults and sharpened stakes for a ballist! But even one shot of Grad ballista is almost 5 tons of sharpened stakes, packed in special boxes ... "

These sad numbers constantly, every morning spinning in the head of Publius. Tons and tons of ammunition - from arrows of the 5,45 caliber and ending with stakes for the Gradov - went across the border. For the third month already they tried to take the border of the Metropolitan Lands and New Rome under “international control”. Phew. “Present only!” Thought Publius. “The Cartagena Falcons of intelligence will circle above the Capital Lands! There will never be such a shame. ” It’s better to help New Rome with my volunteer vacationers, it’s better to clean up all the rusty chariots from the capital’s warehouses right up to the Riphean mountains - and even to the Outskirts Ocean, called Great and Silent, it’s better to constantly risk with supplies stuck on the fords of the border rivers - but here are these Cartagena creatures in the land of New Rome — and indeed there should not be any Tumidia.

And in the coffin, I saw the First Consul and his Cartagena Consensus drenched in blue in his native city!

“Damn it with the vacation. There is no money here anyway and there will not be - this is the condition of the Capital. Maybe - they will give the Consul General for good service - well, thanks for that. ”

Thus began another difficult day, General Proconsul Publius Quintillian of the North, on the newly acquired capital of New Rome.

On the issue of "Voentorg" and "vacationers" ...

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  1. Alex_Popovson
    Alex_Popovson 30 October 2014 06: 55
    the author - wants, pesos looking.
    1. Oleg NSK
      Oleg NSK 30 October 2014 07: 10
      yes ... something like this I imagined ... only this is what to do with the brains of the Tumidians ... they sincerely believe that they are a nation, and not just anti-Romans ... but only in the form of anti-Romans, everyone needs them. .. otherwise their existence does not make sense .... i.e. without Rome, they are impossible
      1. vostok1982
        vostok1982 30 October 2014 14: 56
        You need to save what else can be saved - that is, all the provinces of New Rome. And there it will be seen. Cartagena is pouring, perhaps in a generation only monuments will remain from the hegemon. But definitely - no games in tumidization, which with the light hand of the Primordial Rome were held on the land of New Rome. Only correct Latin and correct Roman history.
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. sergey72
      sergey72 30 October 2014 08: 47
      Quote: Alex_Popovson
      the author - wants, pesos looking.

      Type in a search engine: http: // and enjoy!
      1. Alex_Popovson
        Alex_Popovson 30 October 2014 13: 27
        Gut, thanks!
  2. parusnik
    parusnik 30 October 2014 06: 58
    Funny ... the hand of imperial censorship has worked smile
  3. vdtomsk
    vdtomsk 30 October 2014 06: 59
    ..and it’s good that the Lord of the Metropolitan Lands helps the New Rome with volunteers, chariots and carts. And it will help, and rightly so.
    for there is no land of Cartagena in New Rome, except the one into which their corpses are buried.
    And "according to the rules" svidomye kartagena will play in their sandbox.
  4. Old Man Leader
    Old Man Leader 30 October 2014 07: 01

    Says the fighter who last left 32 roadblocks
    1. Serge Mikhas
      Serge Mikhas 30 October 2014 08: 29
      Yeah, the excuses are harsh. Eat little, no cigarettes, they said they would kill ... Fighting, definitely, no desire to be observed. Weak in the knees.
    2. revnagan
      revnagan 30 October 2014 10: 45
      Quote: Old Man Leader
      Says the fighter who last left 32 roadblocks

      "... those who survived the cataclysm,
      arriving in pessimism ... "
    3. warrior1979
      warrior1979 30 October 2014 17: 57
      Pretty boy! Commanders are the best !!! People were exhausted !!! They were not prepared !!! They did not perform any functions !!
      Here it is the reality of the APU !!!
  5. The comment was deleted.
  6. Turk
    Turk 30 October 2014 07: 06
    How much supply you need to organize through the border rivers, how difficult it is to create at least an operational supply of stones for catapults and sharpened stakes for ballista!
    1. KEX
      KEX 30 October 2014 11: 26
  7. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 October 2014 07: 14
    It is written well, with all my heart. With which I congratulate the author. Continue in the same spirit.
  8. warrior1979
    warrior1979 30 October 2014 07: 25
    Satire to the grudge of the day !!! hi Many thanks to the author! soldier
  9. Temer
    Temer 30 October 2014 07: 27
    Author, well done! Respect !!!! Talent !!! Huge plus to you !!!
  10. SAM 5
    SAM 5 30 October 2014 07: 40
    The author is a young man, performed good
  11. nivander
    nivander 30 October 2014 07: 45
    delirious. but fun waiting for the sequel-
  12. Oznob
    Oznob 30 October 2014 08: 16
    Is the consul Igor Ivanovich? )
  13. Andskobka
    Andskobka 30 October 2014 08: 20
    "Cartagena must be destroyed!" lol

    A test article with excellent censorship. good
  14. northerner lech
    northerner lech 30 October 2014 09: 07
    Heh, spoiled Latin, and the tribal tamga-trident, well, who is the Tatar-Mongol horde? laughing
  15. Moore
    Moore 30 October 2014 09: 14
    It seems that the Lord of Parthia, chosen by this strange people from the wild and black people of the Nubians, could not convince the pliable and inspired leader of the Frank tribe not to transfer to Rome those liburnas, which they say are intended for robbery and robbery.
    The good queerites in Rome are now pondering why the barbarians offered Rome these ships, why so many solidi were paid for them, but above all - how these liburns managed to cause such an incredible production of obscene winds, loudly emitted now both by the rebellious umber and their Parthian rulers, who bribed the leaders and their priests with the "jump-bounce" spell from the cult of Hades?
    It's five...
  16. avia12005
    avia12005 30 October 2014 09: 38
    Glory to Tumidia! Glory to heroes! Tumidia has not died yet!
  17. Omskgasmyas
    Omskgasmyas 30 October 2014 09: 46
    Soldiers of couch troops! I appeal to you.
    In addition to information support, do not forget to provide material support to the fighters of New Russia!
    Details for help can be found in LJ Alexei Anpilogov and other patriotic resources.
  18. Prager
    Prager 30 October 2014 09: 49
    I didn’t understand a lot of things in this article. but, however, thanks to the author.
  19. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 30 October 2014 10: 56
    Well, another classic tale from the past of the great warrior of the Proconsul General Publius Quintilian of the North:
    From tacitus
    [the beginning of the passage is lost] The mentioned Pashts are very warlike people, and their country is covered with mountains and impassable. Shortly before, they completely expelled the Parthians from their borders. The Pashtas adopted from the Parthians a special bow called “kulaysh,” and in dealing with it they soon surpassed the Parthians themselves.

    The Romans began to fight with them due to the fact that the Pusts hid a villain who they refused to give out. Seeing, however, the wildness of the morals of Pushto, the Romans decided to bring them their own peace and law; Pusts, as is characteristic of barbarians, either pretended to adopt the law of Rome, or fiercely opposed it, uncompromisingly fighting against their own good. The Romans had to keep a permanent army in their country.

    At this time, the Romans had a quarrel with the Parthians over a certain Saak, king of Colchis. This Sahak, although he was born among the barbarians, was a perfect Roman with posture and speech, and after living in Rome for several years, he was able to win over the hearts of senators. Knowing the magnanimity of the Roman people, he asked for help in teaching his people Roman law, promising to be Rome the most faithful ally. The Romans did him honor and considerable help with weapons and money. This Sahak was a warlike man; They say about him that, being cramped by enemies, he savagely bit the edge of his toga, to which custom everyone was very surprised. From him went the expression "chew toga," that is, be in a difficult position. They also say that when he heard the whistle of the Parthian arrow, he rallied the warriors around him, menacingly looking from the middle of a living, shining weapon of the fortress; stories about this feat went around the world.

    Sahak fought with the two kingdoms, putting them as his deposited and rebellious tributaries - with Alans and Apsny, wanting to return them under his power. Alans and Apsny sought the help of the Parthians, who once ruled the country of Kolkhov. For a long time Sahak could not subjugate them to himself, but then, having received help and assurances of friendship from Rome, he decided to go on a campaign against Alans. Having fired at their capital from catapults, he moved troops; Alans, warlike people, but few, dying on the streets of their city, loudly called for the Parthians to help. Sahak believed that the name of the Romans was so great that the Parthians, knowing about his friendship and alliance with them, would not dare to do anything.
    1. Roman 1977
      Roman 1977 30 October 2014 10: 58
      Soon, however, the Parthians in many chariots, with catapults and cavalry, marched against Sahak, and having completely dispersed his troops, not only gave aid to Alans, but also went deep into the country of Kolkhov. Sahak, not the name of the forces to drive away the Parthians, appealed to the Romans, saying that he was fighting for the Roman law, and that the Roman honor demanded that the princeps legions should come to his aid. He also pointed out that the frantic Parthians completely plundered many shells, shields, swords and pilums donated to him by the Senate and the people of Rome, and brought into his country eight special war chariots, called "hammer", made by skilled Roman gunsmiths; when the Roman envoys demanded that they be brought back, the Parthians answered in their dialects, from which those who knew it concluded that their respect for the name of Rome was not as great as before. Pointing to this - and another, similar - Sahak demanded help for himself.

      The princeps, however, could not give him this - his legions were busy fighting in the countries of Pushto and the Arabs. In addition, the advisers instigated the princeps to quickly begin a campaign against the Persian kingdom, until it, having armed itself, became invincible. Therefore, the trailer was limited to verbal expressions of anger.

      Meanwhile, the victorious, it seemed, the Parthians, found an enemy within their own walls. For the youths, the offspring of noble families of the Parthians, and even some of the mature husbands, deeply grieved over the quarrel with Rome, saying, “Alas for us! Now we will be ordered to Cheerful Corinth! We will not see the Italic villas! ”They were especially grieved by the rumor that the Prefect of Londinium forbade the Parthians to enter the famous Londinium markets, where they bought their favorite raspberry togas, golden chains and other elegant decorations. The mayor of the capital, wishing to console them, promised to build such lupanars on Ponte Evksinsky that these residents of merry Corinth would weep at the impossibility of coming to them. Notable Parthian youths said that Pont - atstoy [probably, the author uses the Parthian word - translator's note]. They were repeated by the merchants, saying that trade and crafts would finally disappear from such boast. People are military, on the contrary ... [end of passage is lost]
  20. Tyumen
    Tyumen 30 October 2014 12: 29
    Some nonsense.
    1. RBLip
      RBLip 30 October 2014 13: 30
      Quote: Tyumen
      Some nonsense.

      if something is not clear to one, this is not necessarily rubbish to others ...
    2. B.T.V.
      B.T.V. 30 October 2014 13: 49
      Quote: Tyumen
      Some nonsense.

      I started to read and repent, I thought so too, but at the very end I read two magic words that translated the entire text into the right plane.
      Auto RU- hi.
  21. Alexey RA
    Alexey RA 30 October 2014 12: 36
    Publius squinted at his lorica, the segmentate that hung near the head of his bed. The bed was uncomfortable, and the lorica of the segment was ridiculous. The capital has now made completely different models, lighter and more durable, which were comfortable to wear and easy to repair.

    Lorika Segmentate, say ...