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Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 26 2014 year

Yesterday at 5: 00

Lugansk and Donetsk people's republics switched to Moscow time

On the night of October 26, the Luhansk and Donetsk people's republics switched to a new standard for calculating time, having reached Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol, reports TASS. The changes were approved by the authorities of both republics. Prior to this, the LC and the DPR lived in Kiev time - one hour behind the Moscow time.

Yesterday at 11: 02

Message from the militia

"The night in Donetsk and most other settlements of Novorossiya was relatively quiet. Numerous attempts by enemy enemy reconnaissance and sabotage groups were recorded to penetrate the territory of Donetsk and Donetsk airport. As usual, drones are working on the city. The punishers, who are located under the Sands and Avdeevka, were replenished yesterday in technology and manpower. The enemy is regrouping the troops to a position characteristic of the impending attack. The militia conducts round-the-clock monitoring of movement eniya Kiev punitive troops and take appropriate measures for the possible relief of breakthrough enemy forces. "

Yesterday at 11: 26

Message from blogger Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky

“Under the dome of the circus today, four armies of clown-motorcyclists and several smaller sold-out gangs will collide. The oligarchs, who have already been in power, have been part of Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc. Sadists, media jesters, Nazis and non-traditional orientation members of the Radical Party Lyashko. Party of Rabbits and Pastors "Popular Front". And the undying, unfading Woman with Kosoy Julia Vladimirovna.
And all is joyful. And everything is sunny. And everything is already painted up to hundredths of a percent. And Poroshenko triumphantly throws champagne in the morning, without asking sacred questions - he or I am an aristocrat. I am happy for citizens of Ukraine as a citizen of dead Ukraine.
Because for the first time in the former Ukraine absolutely independent elections are held. Independent of the choice of voters. The true pinnacle of American "democracy."
Soon it will be announced how many citizens of Ukraine are ready to live, die and work for the sake of oligarchs in the form of Petro Poroshenko, and which one for the fag in the form of Oleg Lyashko.
Today is a significant choice. And I am sure that citizens of Ukraine together will hear this choice, swallow it and support it. And even jump to express their approval ... and at the same time get a little warm.
A good day. I'm happy. They deserve it. "

Yesterday at 11: 58

Photo from the militia with the call sign "Fidel"

"Novoazovsk is preparing for the imminent offensive of the junta and is ready to take the battle. As before, the militia controls and patrols the entire territory right up to the settlement of Shyrokyne, the DRG of Novorossia penetrate into Mariupol. The militants of Novoazovsk were brought warm winter uniforms and high-quality suhpayki."

Yesterday at 12: 25

Message from a local resident

“In Slavyansk, almost all election commissions opened today. Information has passed in the city that those who do not come to the polls will be“ woolly ”for separatism, but the turnout is still small, few people go to the polls of the occupying power. The polling stations are guarded by armed people, and this is not the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but units of the Right Sector and the National Guard under. The people are intimidated by ukrami and live in fear since the militia left the city. The acts of looting and kidnapping have not stopped for a single day. Ukry cleaned vacant apartments and houses of those who beige al from the city to Donetsk or to Russia. Allegations of robbery and rape are not accepted, and it is useless to file them: punitive in the lands they occupied is allowed to. "

Yesterday at 12: 46

Comments on elections in Ukraine from political analyst Boris Rozhin ("colonelcassad")

"1. Extraordinary elections in Ukraine are primarily intended to increase the legitimacy of the existing government. Poroshenko has already been legitimized - first he recognized the West, and then Russia. The task now is to legitimize the Verkhovna Rada, whose legitimacy is tainted by participating in a coup d'etat, persecuting deputies and adopting a pack criminal decisions.Novaya Rada should write off at least some of the crimes committed to the previous composition and at the same time rally part of the political and economic establishment around Porosh Yenko.

2. The creation of a parliamentary majority in the Rada gathered around Poroshenko should weaken the positions of rival factions - first of all Tymoshenko and Kolomoisky, who weaken the junta with their fronde. Judging by the fact that Tymoshenko supported the creation of a coalition around Poroshenko, his position is now quite strong and consonant with the interests of the United States, so the "woman with a scythe" that awaits Poroshenko’s fall, as in the "election" of the president in the spring of 2014, demonstrates many appeasability. With Kolomoisky more difficult, he relies on controlled areas of the Southeast and funded punitive battalions, trying to secure his political future, which is very vague in the light of Poroshenko’s heightened conflict with Lyashko.

3. If Tymoshenko and Kolomoisky solve the tasks of political survival, then Poroshenko solves the tasks of uniting in his hands the full power - legislative, executive and, most importantly, military. The new Minister of Defense is called upon to clear out weakly-guided punitive and territorial battalions, and the process is already underway. Politically there is a reel on Kolomoisky, in order to force him to moderate his appetites and stop building his mini-feudal state, spitting on Kiev. The task of creating a proportional parliamentary majority is likely to be solved at the expense of the next "pseudo-democratic coalition."

4. Customers of the next "democratic elections" want to get a fully controlled parliament, without the bald areas left over from the communists and "regionals." The crushed areas of the “Southeast” should represent the same “Party of Regions” under a new sign. Her role should be the same - stopping protest sentiments in the Southeast in exchange for permission to remain in politics (as it was in the spring). Hopes on the "pro-Russian" character of these gentlemen, as before, will remain hopes, apart from their own pockets and pinch of power, they have little concern.

5. Communists could and could overcome the barrier and get back into the Rada, if not for the amorphous position of the Communist Party during and after the coup, which actually evaded the struggle against Ukrainian fascism. Therefore, despite the growing dissatisfaction with the current policy, the Communist Party of Ukraine is unlikely to seriously bite off the protest electorate’s pie, even though it’s not like the Communists, to gather people dissatisfied with the socio-economic situation in the country. Although, on the other hand, with the strongest disappointment in the recoloured regions, specific aberrations of the collective unconscious are not excluded, when the Communists are still pouring votes. But given the controlled nature of these elections, I do not think that elections are held so that Communists remain in parliament.

6. From the point of view of composition and goal setting, this will be the parliament of war, focused on the continuation of the line of the coup d'état, that is, on the further escalation of war with Russia and attempts to return the Donbass and Crimea. Russophobia, a stable anti-Russian position and alarmism, are characteristic features of the future Verkhovna Rada.
On the one hand, the future parliament will be represented by the interests of big capital and the ruling oligarchy, and on the other hand, it will be complemented by quite numerous fascist marginals and punitive heroes. The explosive mixture will still be that.

7. To participate or not to participate the citizens of Ukraine in this farce is a personal matter, especially since, as shown by the “Poroshenko’s election”, the turnout is completely irrelevant.

And yes, the elections on the territory of the DPR and the LPR are not expected to pass, despite all the tantrums on this subject. "

Yesterday at 13: 01

Message from the militia with the call sign "Normann"

"Under the city of Happiness, which is occupied by Ukrainians, the militants of the Batman civil defense battalion during a fierce battle were captured by the fighters of the punitive battalion" Aydar ".

Reports from the militia of New Russia for October 26 2014 year

Yesterday at 13: 35

Message from the militia headquarters

"According to the intelligence of the DPR army, approximately on October 28-30, the troops of the Kiev junta plan to launch an attack on the Donetsk and Lugansk republics."
The main strike is expected in the Donetsk and Mariupol directions.
In accordance with the plans of the Bandera, the troops of these two groups should cut off the militia units defending Donetsk by converging blows and close the encirclement ring around the city in the Ilovaisk region.
At the same time, in the direction of Debaltseve-Uspenk, it is planned to deliver a dissecting strike to the defending militia group in order to divide the armies of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics and to prevent their interaction in the future. In addition, strikes in the direction of Happiness - Biryukovo and Starognatovka - Ulyanovskoe go to the border with the Russian Federation, to establish control over it.
By its actions, the junta once again shows its own venality and neglect of its obligations. Behind the peace-loving statements of Ukrainian politicians are hiding despicable lies and the desire to achieve revenge for previously suffered defeats.
The command of the armed forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk republics are aware of the plans of the enemy and have taken appropriate response measures. "

Yesterday at 14: 45

Video from Gram Phillips

“Maria’s militia is fighting in the militia because she couldn’t sit back and watch Ukrainian punishers kill civilians. Maria’s militia was the girl of the Yalta militia who died during the assault on the Donetsk airport. She also lost her father, who also fought in the militia and died in battle against tank punishers, attacking him with rocket-propelled grenades at the cost of their own lives. "

Yesterday at 15: 10

Morning report from the militia Prokhorov

“Dill are such entertainers. Yesterday nobody touched them in Debaltseve. By lunchtime they cheered up and staged militia positions near the city. They tolerated them for a long time - until the evening 7, then ukry received a response - by interceptions, 8 200 was reported only during the first 30 minutes after response.
And at night, they were already working in the direction of Maloorlovka (Artel and Grad). Similarly, in Popasnaya - after the fire of dill in Pervomaisk, they worked through the village of Stakhanovets (a total of 35 mines) and positions at Popasnaya (the national guard posts - they covered 10 with mines).
They also shot dill at the Village of Luganskaya - three checkpoints from mortars.
Yesterday there was shooting in Slavyansk - ukry with drunken eyes shot at the UAV. But in general, the situation there is tense - on Friday people even crushed several tents of agitators for the elections to the Ukrope parliament, while shouting: "Glory to Russia!" Those who did not participate looked and smiled anti-Aurope :). INFA real - on the interception of the mercenary bat "Volya".

Yesterday at 15: 52

Message from military observer Boris Rozhin ("colonelcassad")

“More or less large and significant units in the militia are now on the order of 30-40. The majority of militia members are not well prepared for assault actions in dense urban areas, there are Motorola, Givi, Abkhaz, and Gloomy teams, which are They got experience and apparently will have to close the most difficult tasks during the storming of Mariupol and Debaltseve. The rest will have to learn in the process. Losses in such battles will certainly be higher than when the BCH were on the defensive.
According to the Cossacks. Some have learned and are fighting. The same Dremov well kept Pervomaisk, and now participates in the attack to the west of Lugansk. The commanders of the Cossack battalion "Don" also spoke well. In general, there is a stratum of Cossacks, who by deed have proved that they are not burdened and are fighting well, although those who just come to show more are much more. But such a problem is not only among the Cossacks, some people just do not understand where they are going.
They ask about the SU-25 captured in the summer. No information on it. Only one sortie and bombing near Aleksandrovka was recorded. Do not fly, whether for technical reasons, or after stories with the "Boeing" they do not want to once again help the junta to blame everything on the militiamen (the "Boeing" was shot down just by the Su-25 attack aircraft). "

Yesterday at 16: 20

Video from Alexey Brain

"Alexey Mozgovoy commented on his TV bridges with ukrami and told why he communicates with the punishers."

Yesterday at 16: 55

Message from journalists

"In the occupied by the Junta Happiness and Volnovakha, the elections to the Rada were practically disrupted. In the district adjacent to the front line No. 105 in the city of Happiness (the occupied territory of the LPR), the Rada of Ukraine decided not to hold elections. Local authorities reported that it was impossible to guarantee the full safety of voters, members of commissions and observers. Under threat of final breakdown and voting in Volnovakha (the occupied territory of the DPR), reports Radio Liberty with reference to Tatyana Changli, a member of the electoral commission in district No. 60. tkah there several commission members and observers, and a hundred sixty-fourth section in Volnovakha and not started. In addition, the city is not handed out invitations and no official programs of candidates for the sites. "

Yesterday at 17: 10

Message from Lugansk militia

"300 Ukrainian volunteers rolled up into the ground + a few pieces of equipment. And ukry gathered to attack Slavyanoserbsk ... have already moved across the river."

Yesterday at 18: 25

Message from the militia with the call sign "Rudolph"

"Debaltsevskiy ukry were delighted. 6 shells, each - in the goal!
Loss punitive: Grad, 2 BMP, SAU, 2 infantry clusters, 2 ammunition depot, and Ural 1-2. 6 shells from our Nona staged there just a branch of hell. "

Yesterday at 19: 55

Message from bloggers

"Near Odessa, local partisans destroyed two recreation centers where members of the Right Sector usually held their meetings. The fire at the Geolog and Topaz recreation centers started as a result of arson. The fire was extinguished for several hours and only managed to localize the fire to 4 in the morning. "

Yesterday at 22: 38

Message from the militia

"In the area of ​​the Airport, as well as Sand and Avdiivka, for now, calmly. During the day, shells sent 4 shells to the Gornyak area and calmed down on this. The checkpoints near Donetsk went under the protection of border guards. In the Volnovakhi area, we fix OSCE activity during 4 days, go back and forth are probably spying for punishers. "

Yesterday at 23: 21

Photo and video from Ukrainian punitive

"Ukrainian punishers filmed their positions after the militia attacked them with counterbattery fire."

Today in 0: 47

Message from the militia Prokhorov

“According to 32, the checkpoint also did not deliver anything to the ukram. The group of sappers and their cars, the armor that covered them — all the Cossacks burnt :). The sappers lost money. The supply convoy did not even leave. Despite the personal order of Porosenko, the dill received nothing - water taken from the swamp, drink, driving it through gas masks.
And the dead - already 14. And this is separate from the losses of the unlocking forces.

By the way, today, apart from the checkpoint №32, there was a disco in Nikishino and Debaltseve. In Debaltseve just the evening began. Dill in three days waiting for the assault Debali. "

Today in 1: 40

Message from the militia with the call sign "Sarmat"

“Today, the OSCE mission is working in the territory of Nikolayevka. Ukry gave us a day of retreat, but no one intends to retreat. Everyone has taken combat positions, our soldiers are ready to tear and toss before the upcoming APU attack. Most likely, the junta army will start the offensive in the next three days, considering that practically every day ammunition and reinforcement in manpower and equipment are brought up in columns at night. "

Today in 2: 40

Video from the militia

"Fun militias. Fighters in free from duty and training time laid out their weapon on the parade ground and depicted the "market".

Today in 2: 54

Overview of the 1 Interbrigade of the South-East:

The past 24 hours on the fronts of Novorossia were relatively calm — all attention was focused on the extraordinary parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

Donetsk People's Republic
Donetsk - no significant attacks over the past day have been recorded, but it is reported on the activation of the Ukrovermht DRG, attempting to penetrate the city itself, and the airport. Also reported on the work of the UAV punitive over the capital of the DPR. In the afternoon, skirmishes in the Petrovsky district were heard, and fighting continued near the airport.
Avdiivka - the situation remains stable, however, punitive artillery has become silent. True, it is reported on the replenishment of ukrovermaht units both with equipment and personnel.
Debalcevo - in the evening, the ukrovermakht intensified attacks on the militia positions, for which the answer was fired from the SAU and the MLRS “Grad”, the punitive 8 was destroyed. Also reported on the shelling of residential areas punitive BTR guns during the night.
Novoazovskiy district - it is known about the application of the artillery strike by the militia forces on ukrovermht positions in the region of n. p. Pavlopol and Kominiernovo. Perhaps the militia tried to make a breakthrough through the Pavlopolskoye reservoir using tanks with the use of tanks. Kalmius. The outcome of this attempt is not reported.
Mining district - continued shelling and fighting in the area n. P. Nikishino (punitive fired at the militia positions at least 6 times per night). Also ukrovermaht struck an artillery strike at P. Maloorlovka and Petropavlovka (as many as 12 times), 4 civilians died, 6 was injured.

Lugansk People's Republic
Kirovsk - short-term local clashes between reconnaissance groups of the militia and Ukrovermakht flared up in the PGT Novotoshkovka area during the night.
Krasnodon - information is received on shootouts in the village Svetlichnoye.
Pervomaisk - at night by the militia forces near n. p. Gorskoe and PGT Toshkovka, Lower fortifications of punishers were fired from mortars. Happiness - at night there was a fierce clash with the punishers from the “Aydar” battalion, several national guards were taken prisoner.
The village of Lugansk - during the night, as many as three checkpoints of punitive units were subjected to mortar shelling.
Perevalsky district - yesterday evening punitive bombarded from mortars and MLRS "hail" n. p. Sofiyivka and Bayrachki (1 militia wounded and an unspecified number of civilians wounded).
Popasnyansky district - after shelling by punishers n. p.Pervomaysk, the militia forces struck back at the checkpoint of the national ambitions in the area n. p.Popasnaya (checkpoint destroyed) and the fortifications in the area of ​​urban-type settlement Stakhanovets. Checkpoint ukrovermahta in n. p.Zolotoe was also subjected to mortar fire.

Thus, today a more tense situation has developed in the Luhansk area. On the Donetsk sector of the front, the situation is heating up in a southerly direction, closer to Mariupol.
Mariupol - the situation in this direction of the front has become aggravated, it is reported about artillery shelling of fortifications of punitive forces by the militia forces (the direction of shooting is not specified).
Slavyansk (DNR) - drunk punishers fired at their UAVs.
Odessa region - in the village of Zatoka by unidentified persons, the arson of the Geolog and Topaz recreation centers was set on fire, where right-handers returned from the ATO zone.

Today in 3: 25

Message from the militia

"Scout groups from the city of Rubezhnoye reported that the National Guard 26 of October went through with Novonikolsk and Kabanya towards Luhansk. More than a hundred tanks and armored personnel carriers left the convoy."

Today in 3: 33

Summary from the "East" on October 26: "The Armed Forces of Ukraine are prepared for the attack and, it seems, the teams are waiting"

“October 25 intensity of shelling on the front line of the Donetsk People's Republic was rather low. The parties carry out rare shelling of positions along the Volnovakha - Avdiivka line. They fall naturally both in Donetsk and its suburbs, ”said an employee of the Information Center" Vostok "with the call sign" Kot ". - Over the past day the sides did not suffer any serious losses on the contact line.
Under Mariupol there are short-term military operations of small militia units with junta units deployed there. Not far from the villages of Olkhovatka and Bulavino, the sounds of battle were heard. The explosions were heard from the villages of Stepanovka and Nikishino. Fighting was also heard in the Debaltseve area. The situation at the Donetsk airport without changes.
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of the junta, whose spans were seen in many places, were activated: over Zhdanovskaya fork; over the Budenovskiy district of the city of Donetsk, one of them went towards the village of Chulkovka, the other towards Starobeshevo; above the village Zaprevalnaya drone flew at an altitude of about 200 m.
Intelligence militia and local residents constantly report on the movement of armored vehicles near Donetsk. So, yesterday from the village of Bogatyr in the direction of Kurakhovo passed Kamaz and the installation of "Smerch", a column of junta consisting of at least 40 machines proceeded from Yenakiyevo towards Donetsk. The formation of a large column of armored vehicles in Volnovakha, near the traffic police post, was noticed. The column moved, presumably, towards Donetsk. Of course, retaliatory measures are being taken. The troops of the junta at Avdiivka, Krasnogorovka and Debaltseve are prepared for the attack and seem to be waiting for the command.
Shelling of Donetsk does not stop. The night from 24 to October 25 in Donetsk was restless, especially in Petrovsky, Kievsky and Kuibyshevsky districts. By evening the artillery of the junta spoke. There was a big glow behind the Second Platform, the area of ​​the fire was very large, everything was in smoke. As a result of hitting the shells, the private residential house located at the 50 str. Of Soviet Ukraine 57 was completely destroyed, and the roof of the repair and fitting shop of the Donetsk State Chemical Plant was damaged. Single shots and explosions are periodically heard in Donetsk. ”

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  1. Fedya
    Fedya 27 October 2014 06: 41
    Oh guys! Stand this winter, no one will take you! Beat the fleeing - save New Russia!
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 27 October 2014 07: 02
      Quote: Fedya
      Oh guys! Stand this winter, no one will take you!

      Message and photo from Dmitry Dzygovbrodsky.

      "Warm greetings to" Svidomo "Nazis.
      The noise of the autumn wind and the distant chatter of guns brought me two phrases ... "Soon everything will begin."
      "Time for Novorossiya to grow".
      Do not even ask what they mean.
      In the meantime, let the ukronacists study in photographs what will soon fall on their heads. In large quantities.
      New Russia to be. UnitedUkraine will be defeated! "

      Sooner or later, I myself think that Novorossia will soon go on the offensive. The shelling got out, as did the ceasefire.
    2. Finches
      Finches 27 October 2014 07: 17
      No, it won’t! In the photo, our rations hi
      I myself enjoy snacking with them!
      1. mirag2
        mirag2 27 October 2014 07: 32
        Voentorg will work.
        After Putin’s recent speech, everyone seems to understand this.
        Ivanov also added optimism.
        Let's not bend, then we have to tolerate.
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      2. krpmlws
        krpmlws 27 October 2014 08: 03
        On the video "She's for Me", the jokes are over. The men are real Russian warriors. Tremble the dill.
      3. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 27 October 2014 08: 18
        Quote: Finches
        I myself enjoy snacking with them!

        And what to eat absolutely nothing more laughing
  2. venzim
    venzim 27 October 2014 06: 46
    Fascism managed to be stopped in 1945 only after reaching the capital of the fascists - Berlin. Now I do not see any other choice, at the borders of New Russia it will not work to defeat the Nazis sad
  3. shishakova
    shishakova 27 October 2014 06: 54
    Victory to you, dear defenders of the Russian World (these are people with a Russian soul)!
    Elections of the Rada is a circus))
    God bless you.
  4. mamont5
    mamont5 27 October 2014 07: 00
    "They ask about the SU-25 captured in the summer. There is no information on it. Only one sortie and the bombing near Aleksandrovka were recorded. It does not fly either for technical reasons."

    Like I read about him back in the summer that "drying" made a couple more combat missions (successful) until the BC ended, and there is nowhere to take a new one. The craftsmen tried to adapt the ATGM to it, but they did not write how it ended.

    "6 shells from our Nona staged there just a branch of hell."

    Is this the same Nona from Slavyansk? They said they were repairing it at the factory.
  5. ImPerts
    ImPerts 27 October 2014 07: 02
    There are normal people in Ukraine.
  6. sv68
    sv68 27 October 2014 07: 07
    I especially liked the photo with the inscription "Voentorg'on Sukhpae." good I wish they had tanks with such beautiful stickers!
    1. Owl27
      Owl27 27 October 2014 07: 48
      There are tanks - no ads.
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  8. Appius
    Appius 27 October 2014 09: 36
    Ahead of the militias are waiting for heavy fighting. Guys, hold on, you have done so much for New Russia.
  9. Prager
    Prager 27 October 2014 13: 48
    after the elections, Novorossia will have an even more bloody meat grinder and a sea of ​​blood - dill has not calmed down, full-scale hostilities will begin again.
  10. Ze Kot
    Ze Kot 28 October 2014 23: 21
    Now Tymoshenko and Kolomoisky should be activated. Otherwise, Piglets will trample them.

    And to the militia - to withstand the forces.