The USSR was a harmonizing start on the planet.

The USSR was a harmonizing start on the planet.

The death of the USSR and the Warsaw Bloc sharply destabilized the situation on the planet. In the opinion of the majority of Russian citizens (according to the VTsIOM study), which the authorities do not take into account, our country lost from the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact (ATS), and life was safer at that time. In addition, half of the population believes that Russia needs to create a new international military-political bloc (such as ATS or NATO). Indeed, if the time comes when people on planet Earth will become real sane people, they must erect a giant monument to the Soviet Union in gratitude for its great contribution to creating conditions that made world wars impossible on our planet, and also prevented a host of regional conflicts on religious, national soil.

The foundation of the world system, where a huge number of people forgot about the horrors of war, laid the greatest contribution of the Red Empire to the defeat of Hitler’s Europe led by Germany, as well as its contribution to the defeat of militarist imperial Japan. This created the conditions for long decades of peace on a huge part of the planet. The creation of Soviet nuclear scientists weapons helped to contain the aggressive aspirations of Western civilization, allowed countries and peoples to choose the Western path of development, the Soviet model, or even try to find their own - the “third way”. Several generations of people were born in the world who did not know world war, could live in relative safety.

And the voices talking about the “huge price” that the USSR and its peoples had to pay for this security do not understand the obvious - if the Stalin leadership did not industrialize, collectivize, destroy the “fifth column” as soon as possible, creating a powerful military and economic potential , spent a lot of resources on the creation of nuclear weapons, we would probably have been crushed. Western civilization would win in the middle of the 20 century - and its “New World Order” would lead to a colossal “sweep” of the planet from “handicapped people”.

This great feat of the peoples of the Soviet Union, who saved not only them, but also other nations of the world, also justifies all the difficulties that the citizens of the Union faced in all the post-war years because of the enormous resources and strength they had to spend on increasing the defensive power of sustainability under the most adverse scenarios. Most likely, it is this impossibility to put the peoples of Russia-USSR on their knees, to establish their order on the planet and is the main reason for the terrible hatred of the past Red Empire, the ideals of communism and socialism, the victories of the Red Project. True, there are other reasons for hatred of the USSR: this country and its multinational people showed the whole world with their work that the problems of mass poverty, homelessness, lack of a universal education system, good medicine, make the life of the overwhelming majority of people safe, develop science, etc. can be solved. D. The people of the Soviet Union (not counting its late period) had a goal, their life was meaningful.

This is confirmed by the VTsIOM poll, while the Russian authorities are flirting with NATO to create a common missile defense, the citizens of our country have nostalgic feelings about the time of the ATS existence: 80% of citizens surveyed believe that our state only lost by dissolving this military-political alliance, and only 20% sure that Russia has benefited from this. More and more people do not feel safe seeing an increase in the threat to Russia, according to 55% of respondents (in 2007, those were 47%), in the 60-80-e 20 centuries the world was more secure, and the situation is stable, calm. It is believed that at the time of Yeltsin it was safe, only 4%, and now 28% (in 2007, 34%).

Thus, the Soviet era is considered the safest, and the time of Putin’s rule was calmer than the rule of Medvedev. Although it was under Putin that there was a second war in Chechnya, and Medvedev takes a more compliant position with respect to the West - an agreement on strategic offensive arms was signed, the so-called running "Reset" in relations between the US and Russia, are actively negotiating with NATO on missile defense. There is an understanding that the tougher Russia is against the Western world, the more secure our citizens feel themselves. It was precisely the policy of M. Gorbachev, and after him B. Yeltsin, V. Putin and today - D. Medvedev actually turned out to be a policy of destroying security and stability in the world, in Russia, although all the time politicians spoke, it seemed, to the opposite.

So, 89% of citizens believe that the Warsaw Pact Organization "was of a defensive, peace-loving nature." And even more than that, "thanks to her, she managed to avoid a nuclear war, to maintain peace and stability on the European continent for a long time." It is believed that the police department wore a militaristic, aggressive nature, provoked an arms race, limited the freedom of Eastern European countries, only 6%.

Eight out of ten citizens of Russia are sure that our state only lost from the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact Organization (80%). Only 20% are convinced of the opposite today. After the destruction of the USSR and the Warsaw Pact, wars came to Europe, which they had forgotten for as many as four decades. And the events in Kosovo, and tensions in Transnistria, etc. They say that it is likely that there will be new wars. And the North Atlantic Alliance has become the center of a hypothetical threat, a real danger, an aggressive alliance that unleashes and leads wars across the whole territory of Eurasia.

That is why 51% of our citizens believe that it is necessary to create a new “international military-political bloc, similar to the Warsaw Pact”, against this proposal - 23%. Moreover, supporters of the main Russian parties, parliamentary and non-parliamentary, support this proposal. Citizens of Russia believe that it is necessary not to seek an agreement with NATO, but to create their own military-political bloc. True, over the past years we have lost almost all the allies, or even simply betrayed, like Gorbachev, the regimes of the socialist bloc in Eastern Europe.

And until Russia creates its military-political alliance, capable of equal resistance to Western civilization, its military alliance, and will also naively believe in the possibility of agreements with the North Atlantic Alliance, security, tranquility and stability on the planet and in Europe will be possible only nostalgically recalled as part of the Soviet past.
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