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Hybrid war against Russia

Hybrid war against Russia

Geletay defeated the vile separatists in the east, but at the last moment the insidious Russia began a hybrid war against the Nazis. Now, this means that the courageous people of Ukraine will have to fight the hordes of hybrid airborne troops klyatyh Muscovites.

As if the Minister of Defense of practically the legitimate authorities of Ukraine is an interesting character. He often has bouts of unstoppable euphoria, for example, he quite seriously talked about the Ukrainian military parade in Sevastopol (as if they didn’t have enough in Donetsk). And then he has the strongest panic attacks - no other than the nuclear bombing of the Lugansk airport can not be explained. My neighbor has about the same situation, although he suffers from a brutal appetite during such experiences, but he is not the Minister of Defense, at least until he smokes something completely radiant.

In one, the ukroministr is right - Russia wages a war, and he called it very successfully, translated from geleteysky into Russian, multi-level and complex. Only now she wages war, as always in her stories, defensive, and, as usual, the enemy is rushing from the West. And surely the treacherous and dangerous adversary will be defeated, and his leader will commit suicide in an underground bunker or will yearn on some uncomfortable island in exile.

The aggressor always has the initiative, proceeding from his own trump cards and weaknesses of the potential victim, he makes the first move. If on his side an advanced victorious strategy and a factor of surprise, then tank wedges will be torn to Moscow until the very Berlin surrender. After that great war, we made the most tanks to protect our cities, then the enemy, with the support of the fifth column, attacked from the information and ideological front, knocked over the shelves of our ideals and crushed the redoubts of patriotism, as a result of which the enemy entered the operational space and quickly took key positions . It would seem that our final defeat and non-existence awaits us, but the enemy, as always, underestimated the Russians, and our country is more and more viewed not as an evil empire, but as a light at the end of the tunnel, as an alternative to the so-called. new world order. Even more fierce battles await us on this front, but the victory will be ours, the enemy will be put to shame, and the phrase "Russians were right", believe me, more and more painfully destroys our partners' enemies from the inside than the winged "Russians are coming."

The West, first of all the USA, analyzed, scanned Russia about weak points, painful points, and decided to hit us, but as always, did not take into account something ephemeral, incomprehensible, unreadable for us. We will definitely defeat and win, although it will be incredibly difficult to survive, thanks to Geletey for the term in this hybrid war against Russia. The West chose Ukraine as a ram, and I completely misunderstand the enthusiasm with which the svidomy and svidomye destroy their country, not realizing that they are acting in the interests of others. I wouldn’t have smiled at all to allow the battle of gladiators or tank biathlon in my garden.

So, ukry is infantry, meat, without which no war can do. As one foreign mercenary said: “Ukrainians are almost Russians, so let them fight with them themselves.” In the West, there are few people who want to fight against us, but to please two parts of one mighty people, but you can always push and control yourself from the shadows.

The minimum task that was set before Kiev was for the “great transit power” to turn into a minefield between the EU and the CU. The construction of the wall, the moat on the eastern border of Ukraine is completely in the context of this logic. The maximum task is to open Russia as a ram, to export chaos from Ukraine to the adjacent regions and then everywhere, right up to the ukrokitay border. Let us remember that immediately after the February coup in Kiev, provocations began in the frontier, letters came — threats to the governors, and when it seemed to the enemy that a little more and Donbass would fall, the maydaunies landed en masse in the Kaliningrad region, apparently chosen by the following target . If it were not for the war in Ukraine now, we would have had serious problems inside the country, but for now our enemies are busy with Novorossia, and this is another reason to render all kinds of assistance to the DPR and the LPR.

Another front of the hybrid war against us is in the ideological sphere. Russia is the “empire of evil”, “aggressor”, “antidemocratic regime” and blah blah blah. In short, nothing new since the days of Fulham speech. States cannot simply say “you are guilty because I want to eat” and sing the same song about human rights, democracy, etc. On this front, the United States cannot boast of major successes in recent times, despite total control over the Western media. Too clumsy, straightforward and sometimes cynical their actions, and their faith is less and less. In our country, the situation around Ukraine and the annexation of the Crimea only consolidated the nation, led to an unprecedented rise in patriotism, and the role of all kinds of NGOs and other grant-eaters became obscenely repulsive for most of us, so thank them very much. Someone from the “analysts” in the States must surely be fired for the fact that Russian monarchist-Rulers together with the National Bolshevik-Limonovites defended the monuments of Lenin, and Russian and Caucasian soldiers instead of killing each other in the mountains from the Black to the Caspian Sea, together resist the common enemy.

The West is gradually ceasing to be the one force, the monolith that opposes the "demons of the Kremlin." Now, not only Europeans, but business and, scary to say, many Western politicians are asking uncomfortable questions to their governments about the endless pressure on Russia and gradually realize that we are not cinema villains, but a country with our own interests, with our own foreign and domestic policy. .
In short, on this front, the West is not very ...

Already an accomplished fact: we broke through the information blockade, they hear us, they understand us, they reckon with us. Let not all and not always, but the first step is the worst. The only place where we totally lost on this front is Ukraine, the long-term injections into Russophobia made themselves felt, and now the war there from an ideological propaganda channel has resulted in direct and bloody military actions. I hope our authorities will treat this kind of confrontation with the enemy with understanding, in order that this will not happen again in our land.

Realizing that the dill is not able to achieve its goals, and in the wake of this crisis, the situation inside Russia is clearly not working, the West has moved to a full-fledged economic war. And this part of the insidious hybrid plan seems to me the most dangerous for our country.

The sanctions imposed against us were, as the beginning of the bombings by ukrovoyak of the cities of the east, empty “economic discs” that did not affect the interests of really serious companies, banks, and persons. It was as if they were saying to us: “Fear, Russians, we will soon“ bomb ”all your economy as well.” In response, we put a sanction on Obama, the congress and his administration in the form of a ban on visiting bars, restaurants, transportation by minibuses in a good sense by creative citizens.

Then the “sanctions shells” became more bulky, and they became closer and closer to the enterprises of the domestic defense industry, oil production and large banks ...

The United States is coordinating the pressure of the “democratic community” on Russia, “bombarding” with the most powerful financial artillery in the world, simultaneously commanding the batteries of banks and corporations of its vassals. Even America in this war performs the same role as the National Guard in Ukraine, that is, it is a sort of barrier to Europe, forcing and urging the latter to take action against Russia.

It is the “economic battalions” of the EU that enter into a direct clash with the Russian economy, and it is they who suffer the main losses. In August, for example, several European countries found themselves in a real “food pot” from which everyone could not get out. As in actual hostilities in Ukraine, it is from the West that pressure is being intensified, and the Russians, in Novorossia, which are in big Russia, do not want the conflict to escalate. Maybe Poroshenko will remind them that later they will still have to negotiate, and already under obviously worse conditions?

The very fact of the beginning of the economic war is very remarkable. After all, earlier, to lure Russia into the pool of the world economy, this was out of the question. The West was quite happy that we were significantly lower in the “food chain,” and, in order not to scare the victim away, we were “forgiven” by 08.08.08 and the rapprochement with China, and the nuclear power plants in Iran, and Syria. But nobody will give Ukraine to us just like that, at best in parts, seriously battered, torn down, with an embittered and hungry population.

Here I would like to say about our "warriors of the economy" opposing the West. “I am a patriot of my money and serve the place where they feel good,” said one of our oligarchs, and this is the common position of our big business. Since all their money is held hostage in Western banks, the morale of the fighters on this front is extremely low. I don’t think that any of them will receive the title of “Worker of the Rear” in this war, none of them will want to share the harshness of war with the whole country. Under the conditions of a real economic war, they, “business captains,” are not allies to us, but potential traitors, and if in peacetime the country could still tolerate them, then now having a fifth column inside the country is, to put it mildly, stupid.

Meanwhile, on the hottest front of the hybrid war, in Ukraine, there is now some kind of truce, already aptly called bitter. It seems that the leaders of the Ukrainians have no one to fight, and especially nothing, and it is impossible not to fight, since tens of thousands of armed and human-tasted goons realized that “a rifle gives rise to power”, and now they, together with the fast cold, are the main headache of official Kiev . The situation reminds 1917 year in Petrograd, and Poroshenko - the same Kerensky, he came to power in the same February, and October is getting closer, he is inevitable, and soon the government quarter of Kiev will take obvious radicals, and the interim president has yet to reach to your VIP plane.

I think this version of events completely suits the United States, because otherwise it is impossible to explain why billions of dollars were spent to incite Russophobia and other democracies, the February coup was allocated only a couple of blankets and night apparels for Poroshenko’s stormy ovation. visions - probably so that the frustration government sees the approaching game over not only during the day but also at night.

Now the territory of the former Ukraine can be safely divided into four parts: “as long as Ukraine”, i.e. most of the territories controlled by Kiev, "liberated from the separatist territory" (land of Donetsk and Lugansk regions), defended by the militia embryo of New Russia and the Crimea.

After the completion of the first stage of the war, recorded in Minsk, residents of all these territories have the opportunity to compare the quality of life in different parts of the former country. The ability of the authorities to adjust and maintain the daily life of the population, comfort and safety comes to the fore.

For Poroshenko’s Ukraine, the key words will soon be two phrases: “Why is the winter so cold?” And “good to eat,” and for the lands of Donbass temporarily held by Ukraine, “when will they kill these national gads, where are ours?” For these territories, the main thing now is the basic human needs: personal security, the availability of heat and food.

The chocolate president, the gas princess, and local Natsik, regardless of their sexual orientation, that is, almost all political forces fighting for votes, are not only different factions of war hawks, but also representatives of the cold party.

Almost a year ago, even under Yanukovych, in the article “The Party of Heat Will Win in Ukraine”, your humble servant wrote that practically all political beau monts are anti-Russian and anti-people forces, whose actions will lead to frozen pipes of Ukrainians, and only unconditionally pro-Russian forces will ensure normal relations with the northern neighbor, and, as a result, affordable and uninterrupted heat in the homes of citizens. We can safely say that soon, in addition to the conditional batch of heat, the All-Ukrainian movement “I Want to Eat” and the Strelkov-Brain block “For politeness” will gain more and more popularity.

Of course, Novorossia will experience similar problems, but nobody canceled and canceled humanitarian convoys, and, more importantly, from Russia, hastily pulling power lines and gas pipes. Jumping to warm up, there will not have to. The problem of personal security from Ukrainian bombs and missiles remains, but sooner or later the army of the militia will decide it, if the diplomats fail.

Another piece of the former Ukraine, still an “island”, Crimea, looks like an example of prosperity and well-being against the rest. I would like to separately thank the ancient ukrs, who, as you know, dug up the Black Sea, and so conveniently dug around the peninsula that it is very convenient to defend them from their arrogant descendants. Given that there will be a reinforced group of Russian troops, the Crimeans can sleep well and prepare, as opposed to the people of Kiev, for the winter, and not to the ground.

Here I want to make one small digression: many here in Russia are grumbling with displeasure that our authorities are investing a lot in Crimea. Any agronomist will tell you that a greater effect is achieved when fertilizers are applied (in our case, money) to fields that have not been fertilized for some reason. And about why this pearl of the Black Sea coast in the last 23 of the year was very withered, it is better to ask the authorities of Kiev. Large-scale costs are needed here, as probably nowhere else in the country. Many will say that half of the “fertilizers” are being plundered, but this is a common and painful topic of our entire farm, and there is something to be done for the chairman, the watchmen, and for us, the simple workers.

It should be noted that the oil and gas oilseeds play a disproportionately large role in our crop rotation, to the detriment of other equally valuable crops bred and successfully cultivated by Soviet farmers.
Personally, I am surprised by the commitment to growing low-calorie, but bright and catchy "eggplant". A lot of fertilizers were introduced into “2014 eggplant”, and we will spend even more on “Eggplant - 2018”, although our, the world's largest economy, still has many fields that have not seen even a fraction of valuable substances for a long time. But this is a topic for a separate, far-reaching conversation.

For some reason, I am confident that Crimea will lead the competition "Safe and comfortable life" in all nominations among the regions of the former Ukraine. Novorossiya, having solved the problem of ukrovoyak almost independently, with our help will begin the restoration of the most important objects of vital activity (mines, boiler houses, pipe-and-gas pipelines, power lines, hospitals and schools). The remnants of Ukraine will live without electricity and heat, with a collapsing economy, and the local population will begin to realize more and more that the light at the end of the tunnel is visible somewhere in the northeast, but not in the west. The most depressing situation is expected on the “liberated from the pro-Russian terrorists” lands, where to the all-Ukrainian misfortunes their own local, front-line, devastation and proximity to the “liberators” will be added.

Ukraine ends with the plus marks of the thermometer, devaluates along with the hryvnia, falls into the abyss along with its economy. The window of Russia (Crimea) against its background will differ favorably by the fact that there the standard of living will not be lower than the pre-crisis one, but rather much higher. In Odessa and other cities, voices were already heard under the jurisdiction of the Crimea, that is, Russia, and these voices would be louder and louder.
After the Minsk Declaration, many will want to get at least the same status as the young republics of the DPR and the LPR, and if it is clear that the punishers of Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk will not threaten them, that there will be no casualties and destruction, then the next day Ukraine will not be .

Therefore, there will be a new attempt to clean up the “terrorists”, an attempt for the sake of an attempt, which is doomed to failure in advance. Belief in a great peremog - the last thing that somehow binds the decaying state. After the militia finally dispel illusions, Ukraine will cease to exist.

In the agony of the Ukrainians, power in Kiev can be seized by any radical force, any narrow-minded prince, who has dreamed all his life to sit on the throne for even a day. When the next Maidan will be turned on the TV screens, the Rada will again converge the wall to the wall, and the troops of Novorossia will march to Kiev, the main events will take place away from the viewer's eyes. Surely Banderfashists and their patrons will try to destroy everything and everyone, so that we can have something to restore later. If big uncles in Moscow and Washington do not agree directly, the retaliators will try to destroy the gas transmission system in order to spoil Russia and Europe (the radicals are now directly talking about the destruction of transit gas pipelines). I am also worried too much about the excessive attention of Pravoseks and American nuclear scientists to the Ukrainian nuclear power plants and the Chernobyl cemetery. Thanks to Geletey for not being clever and raising the “nuclear issue”; now it will be more difficult for his Western patrons to work as a cover in case of provocations and terrorist attacks on these objects. Let's recall the recent provocation against Syria with a chemical weapons the Americans, the use of toxic substances in Odessa by local Natsik ... Ukraine is full of hazardous industries, warehouses of hazardous chemicals, etc., and I would not be surprised at the unhealthy interest in all this of our retreating enemies. They write that Mariupol is mined, rabid dill can blow up half of Ukraine, if you give them free rein.

Ebola fever is suddenly “straining”, and in the case of a completely unsuccessful development of events in Ukraine for the USA, it can appear there at any moment under the heart-rending cries about quarantine, stopping the movement of people and equipment, especially armed ones. I do not frighten anyone, it’s just that the United States will not stop using WMD, especially if it is possible to avoid retaliation: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Eastern Guta. According to indirect data, many epidemics of recent years have American roots. I am sure that our special services and special forces will, as always, be at their best, and all the delta force there, as before, will win only in computer shooters.

If we resist the economic "bombing" of the West, then New Russia will be able to win a real military victory in Ukraine, and we will be a full-scale Victoria on the information and ideological front. Then the whole of Novorossia, Little Russia, and perhaps even Galicia will return to the bosom of the Russian civilization, and the term “Ukraine” will get only to historians, not geographers.

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  1. Magic archer
    Magic archer 26 September 2014 09: 43
    And in the picture Geletey shows such a type of bolt such a bolt to us and not a victory in the war with New Russia))))?
    1. Stinger
      Stinger 26 September 2014 10: 00
      No, he shows the size of a nuclear explosion.
      1. Telakh
        Telakh 26 September 2014 10: 08
        "Yesterday they brought us such a bag of hemp!"
      2. mamont5
        mamont5 26 September 2014 14: 23
        Quote: Stinger
        No, he shows the size of a nuclear explosion.

        Yeah. He says that such a bomb fell on the airport, oooo. fellow
    2. The comment was deleted.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 26 September 2014 11: 52
      Even seasoned criminals are conscientious. But this does not apply to Geletey. The apprehension of the inevitability of punishment seems to haunt him relentlessly. So, isn’t it easier to shoot yourself? bully
    4. sso-xnumx
      sso-xnumx 26 September 2014 13: 03
      In tyrnet there is a video of the theater of Vyacheslav Polunin, opens on the set / Leonid Leikin - "Fly and saw" - YouTube /, although it was filmed a long time ago, but Geleta is all there. I recommend. Apparently the stage masters have the gift of foresight.
  2. VadimSt
    VadimSt 26 September 2014 09: 50
    Don't get it, Geletey the fisherman? What is he showing? What fish in muddy water caught, or with which capsule was an atomic shell fired at the Lugansk airport.
    1. VadimSt
      VadimSt 26 September 2014 10: 12
      PS - that the shell has a fuse, I know.
  3. nvv
    nvv 26 September 2014 09: 50
    Russian historian and political scientist Vardan Baghdasaryan, an expert at the Center for Problem Analysis and State-Management Design, identifies three types of wars, corresponding to three different historical models of society: the traditional, the modern society and the modern, postmodern. These types of wars are distinguished by means and targets of defeat: in wars of the first type individual means of destruction were used (the goal was the physical destruction of the enemy), in wars of the second type - mass ones (destruction of infrastructure). Today, information broadcasting systems come to the fore when human consciousness itself is hit. At the same time, two other goals remain relevant.

    Today wars, of course, are fought for the same reasons as in antiquity. However, nowadays, it is not the seizure of territories or resources that is becoming more and more important, but the suppression of the enemy's will. As before, the great strategist Karl Clausewitz said this in the nineteenth century: “War is an act of violence, with the aim of forcing the enemy to fulfill our will.”

    On the modern war is not always shoot. Rather, they do not shoot right away. The first stage is a powerful information attack. However, many of those who fast in their blogs, without knowing it, are soldiers of one of the warring parties. It is the initial processing of the population through the Internet and other media that is the key to victory. After such a "zombie" the population in the mass is difficult to understand who is fighting for what, where is the truth and where is the lie. And the country is gradually slipping into a state of chaos, internal political confusion and economic collapse.

    “The cunning of a new type of war is that it is not perceived by the masses as war. Moreover, it is presented in propaganda as a desire to avoid war, ”says Vardan Baghdasaryan.
    1. FC SKIF
      26 September 2014 09: 55
      I agree that many writers on the network seem to be participants in the info war. So I shot my article, maybe not very accurately, but in the right direction
      1. APASUS
        APASUS 26 September 2014 20: 57
        Quote: FC SKIF
        I agree that many writers on the network seem to be participants in the info war. So I shot my article, maybe not very accurately, but in the right direction

        In some cases, waging an information war doesn’t even need to pick up fait accompli
    2. The comment was deleted.
      1. nvv
        nvv 26 September 2014 10: 51
        Quote: FC SKIF
        So I shot my article, maybe not very accurately, but in the right direction

        Yes, no, everything seems fine to me. More such shots.
        1. FC SKIF
          26 September 2014 11: 17
          Thank. I went to clean the gun
    3. 222222
      222222 26 September 2014 10: 58
      1. "War is a continuation of politics by other means, namely by violent means"
      2. "Politics is a concentrated expression of economics"
      ... we are changing the means, methods and methods of achieving the goals of the war - we will get ..
      1. nvv
        nvv 26 September 2014 11: 22
        In the information war, everything is so launched with us. The enemy is always ahead.
    4. cat 1970
      cat 1970 26 September 2014 14: 55
      Everything is correct, but I want to add that new approaches to the war also need new approaches to the actions of the so-called super-democratic liberal press, directing the actions of the fifth column and the fifth column itself. Why aren’t we trying to use the press as a means of attack, why are we justifying ourselves by wiping another spit from our faces, as was the case with the allegedly killed Orenburg players. After all, no one is interested in our excuses. Why not write for example: that grandmother Turchinova stole fat from a neighbor, because she doesn’t feed her granddaughter, Yatsenyuk has cancer, and Geletey is looking for a suitable donor in the southeast to replace drunk kidneys, etc., etc. Throw them in hundreds and thousands of publications, let unsubscribe, once there will be dill lying.
    5. Anastasios
      Anastasios 26 September 2014 15: 42
      the opinion of many Germans on the conflict in Ukraine and info war
  4. Russian jacket
    Russian jacket 26 September 2014 09: 53
    Let them bubble like frogs in a swamp. Svidomo howls, the caravan goes. And under the mantra of Pan Geletey, even more interesting is the news from Ukraine. I even found out about inaudible atomic weapons, to my shame. at first the woman with the scythe was going to shoot the Russians, now the Russians are shooting at the nenka, apparently trying to get into the woman with the scythe ... wassat the more clowns in power, the faster they will let this whole booth downwind. hi
  5. parusnik
    parusnik 26 September 2014 09: 55
    In the picture, Geletey shows ... this is a nuclear bomb, Russia used Lugansk, a rubber one ... it’s still jumping over the dill troops ...
  6. vlad0
    vlad0 26 September 2014 09: 56
    It definitely cannot be removed from office. Such clowns are very necessary in the camp of the enemy.
  7. Temer
    Temer 26 September 2014 10: 12
    Competently and without unnecessary "water". +
  8. region46
    region46 26 September 2014 10: 13
    while reading did not understand what does Crimea have to do with Ukraine? It is necessary to forget that Crimea was Ukraine, but here some kind of analytics is based on the fact that Crimea is part of Ukraine
    1. FC SKIF
      26 September 2014 10: 23
      A part of the former Ukraine wrote about the Crimea in the article in the context. Type compare different fragments
    2. The comment was deleted.
  9. A1L9E4K9S
    A1L9E4K9S 26 September 2014 10: 13
    Poroshenko refused to shoot Geletey, where he would still find such a loyal fool, an intelligent person would come, and he would express a desire for a presidential seat.
  10. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 26 September 2014 10: 15
    Maybe someone has not seen yet:
  11. Nychego
    Nychego 26 September 2014 10: 17
    What is Fulham speech? I know Winnie Churchill's Fulton speech, but I don’t know the evil-extreme (free translation fool-hem).
    A maxim on the topic of having done a bunch of tanks and immediately miscalculating the ideological war also touched: where did the forty years of armed confrontation around the world and the arms race, throwing from one military doctrine go?
    Agitators, do not forget to learn history, please.
    1. FC SKIF
      26 September 2014 10: 27
      If I painted all the nuances, it would turn out to be long and unreadable. And with the name of that town lukuhal. I agree
      1. Nychego
        Nychego 26 September 2014 10: 35
        Duck correct the text.
        (alas, I can’t delete my comment)
        1. FC SKIF
          26 September 2014 10: 49
          After the publication is no longer possible
        2. The comment was deleted.
  12. SHOCK.
    SHOCK. 26 September 2014 10: 21
    The world will not end with the ruffian. They were created like cannon fodder for the war with Russia. And if we consider that the Ukrainian is not a nationality, but a diagnosis, then nothing good can be expected from the "nenki", at least until Berlin, that is, Kuev will not be ours.
    1. Sergey-8848
      Sergey-8848 26 September 2014 12: 40
      The stupid state, which set only one goal - the barking at its neighbor - has no prospect. It’s like all the Great there, and even the Commonwealth, having reached the point that they were divided several times. These will also be divided, but the very piece - no one will take. That will be the most unfathomable land, that is - nobody needs x ... p.
    2. Egoza
      Egoza 26 September 2014 15: 57
      Quote: Sh.O.K.
      .And if we consider that a Ukrainian is not a nationality, but a diagnosis, then nothing good can be expected from "nenki"

      From "nenki" I agree, but people's brains wake up. A sketch from life ...
      The military registration and enlistment office ... the 20 man came - in principle, everyone with specialties received when they served. Men of years on 30-40. It turns out a military commissar (physiognomy - you can’t drive around on a tractor) Invites you to sign up as volunteers, well, just to the army ... they sent me in unison, turned around and left. True, two agreed to volunteers. But compared with 3, months earlier, there is clear progress.
  13. Crimea-nyash
    Crimea-nyash 26 September 2014 10: 30
    What will happen if "unknown terrorists" launch a missile strike, for example from submarines, on oil production in Qatar or Saudi Arabia? or will they completely block the Strait of Hormuz? or will they finance the guerrillas in Nigeria to destroy the American oil fields? After all, America is waging a war, and war is like a war, including the partisan movement in the states themselves.
  14. FC SKIF
    26 September 2014 10: 51
    Not our method. Then between the Anglo-Saxons and us put an equal sign
    need to be taller
    1. FC SKIF
      26 September 2014 11: 55
      What are you minus? It will take a ride two times, and then nobody will believe as amers, and all of us will despise and hate us. Do we need it? Then we will be guilty of everything. And so the states get involved in everything that is possible, and we are all in white.
      1. nvv
        nvv 26 September 2014 12: 06
        Correctly Skiff and the information we can only win the truth.
  15. Curt
    Curt 26 September 2014 11: 05
    You write the author well, understandably and with humor)
    1. FC SKIF
      26 September 2014 11: 21
      Thank. I think humor is a more formidable weapon than anger. Would yell curses at the enemy, but the point? Now, if it turns out to make fun of hostility, then this is something
    2. FC SKIF
      26 September 2014 11: 21
      Thank. I think humor is a more formidable weapon than anger. Would yell curses at the enemy, but the point? Now, if it turns out to make fun of hostility, then this is something
      1. Erg
        Erg 26 September 2014 11: 38
        Thank. Good thoughts. Slightly warps the word * America *. You understand that the states are a fist. And evil is in the brain. When will we hear the names? What do you think? Or is it a taboo? Then why all this squabble? hi
  16. Nina Zima
    Nina Zima 26 September 2014 11: 32
    Putin conducts a bloodless purge of the elite
    Editorial Tomorrow
    September 23, 2014 5
    A fragment from a speech by political scientist and journalist Alexander Morozov at the Ukraine-Russia: Dialog congress, which opened the process of forming Putin’s new elite:
    Question: Will this “closure of Russia” cause a rebellion of elites against Putin?
    AM: No, it won’t. Because Putin is carrying out a bloodless purge. He offers to leave to everyone who does not want to remain in the author's system. As a result of such a policy, a critical mass of dissatisfied elites never forms. Already left, for example, Chirkunov and Koch. And these are people who sponsored liberalization and modernization programs in Russia. We are used to measuring modernity by the standards of the states, where the overwhelming part of the elite is grouped within the country to protect their interests (as in Egypt or Turkey). But we live in a post-community situation, when the dissatisfied simply leave. Now in Russia there are practically no stories about raiding, people voluntarily go to the cache when they come to them with offers from the Chekists.
    And for those who want to stay with Putin on the boat, he offers to pick up capital from the West, voluntarily take on the restrictions on the departure of relatives and transactions. He wants to create a new team, a new "Order of the Sword-Bearers" to replace the former, represented by the "Lake" cooperative. And he creates a new loyalty through these restrictions on relations with the outside world.
    These are the layouts. In general, people who are thinking something else, not completely blinded by Russophobia, but Russophobia-minded people are now terribly despondent - they see that Putin’s Russia has chosen a strategy that is almost impossible to beat without a radical restructuring of the West. This strategy is consolidation inside and confrontation outside. "His - everything, a stranger - only smell from afar." And it works. Dissatisfied were squeezed out, and with those outside, the conversation was completely different, without give-ups and condescension.
    Speaking frankly, rejecting euphemisms - Russia looked at the shameless lies and distortions of the West for so long, making sure that it was useless to appeal to logic, the letter of treaties and “equality before the law” that it decided to answer the West with the same coin. "Tarantino's re-quarantine."
  17. Nina Zima
    Nina Zima 26 September 2014 11: 32
    The West, having received the answer with the same coin, was simply at a loss. He tells conditional Putin how to lie like that, and Putin laughs. “It’s possible, we are scouts.” You're lying - why can't we? Yes, we know how to lie better than yours. And you catch, hahahaha.
    Well, what should the West do?
    And now the fool Psaki stands on the podium and says that the troops sent by Kiev only defend the storage of weapons and do not attack anyone - and they shoot on TV how these same troops capture militia checkpoints and shoot at civilians. Nuland shakes a photograph of a bearded Cossack, claiming that he is "an officer of the Russian GRU named Babai" - and Babai gives out interviews in which he laughs at Nuland and claims to have served as an emergency motorized rifle back in the 90s, and since then has been close to army did not fit. The US State Department officially declares that there are no American mercenaries in Ukraine - but they still see pictures where these people are unloaded at Ukrainian airports, and then they are also captured by federal rebels, and mercenaries dressed in the form of Ukrainian special forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs find nothing better how to present passports of American citizens. Nightmare and facespalm.
    This is all - the sheer disgrace of the United States, the constant disclosure of their lies, and against this background, the US cries about the “lies of the Kremlin” look like a wretched attempt to shift it from a sick head to a healthy one.
    Here is Crimea - he took it and went to Russia. Without a single shot, with a referendum that voted “for” 98 percent of the vote. So what to do about it? If the Russians at least brought in tanks, shot, killed someone - we could say that they are invaders. If death row exploded every day in “captured” Crimea, as in Iraq occupied by the USA, it would be possible to say that this is an occupation. But this is nothing. And the United States looks like idiots when they start shouting that they say "the Russians occupied Crimea" - because they themselves had taught the whole world 20 years before the permissibility of "humanitarian bombing" and "democratization through occupation."
    The USA cannot directly say that “yes, it is possible for us, but it is impossible for you”, because then the last illusions about the “free country” will collapse. And they are forced to spin and twist, coming up with some kind of “special cases” - which causes laughter in any intelligent person.
    They made a bet that the domestic Russian elites would drop conditional Putin if he goes against the United States - but in their greed, these elites fed little from their table, and when the elites began to choose with whom they - the “American piece” did not look for They are quite significant.
    What can I say - even if the goods turnover between Russia and the USA looks ridiculous (it is 10 times less than with China and 25 times less than with the EU - well, EU, the goods turnover between Russia and the USA is equal to the goods turnover between Russia and Poland), if centers of the real economy flowed into Asia and Europe - what can the United States offer these elites? A house in Miami, where the former Russian oligarch will be strangled on a scarf, like Berezovsky?
    Putin's new elite
    The Russian elites chose - and chose Putin, not Obama. And those few who were tightly kept in the United States on compromising evidence were forced to either leave in a good way, like Koch, or leave in a bad way, like Khodorkovsky. The current imposition of sanctions is already a hysteria, the US’s attempts to “punish the disobedient” elitists for the “wrong choice”, but the result is exactly the opposite - even those who doubted now see that the US cannot be trusted in anything. These people lie like they breathe, they throw the “partner” not even out of profit, but simply because they can throw it.
    1. bubla5
      bubla5 26 September 2014 13: 54
      That's it all is done in Russia for selected elites, and for the population as there was an increase in tariffs and prices, it remained
  18. Explore
    Explore 26 September 2014 12: 05
    Back in May, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation appealed to the Ministry of Economic Development with a request to reserve the right of Russia to negotiate after January 1, 2015 on revising tariff obligations to the WTO, deputy head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Viktor Yevtukhov told correspondents of the newspaper Vedomosti.

    “The rules of the World Trade Organization provide for the opportunity to negotiate revisions of agreements to protect the market once every three years, and the next three-year period will begin just next year,” he explained. “In July, the Russian delegation to the WTO issued a corresponding statement and thereby provided Russia with the opportunity to negotiate.”
    Last week, Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov discussed this issue with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the newspaper said. It is reported that the Ministry of Industry and Trade is currently developing a list of goods.
    As the representative of the Ministry of Economic Development pointed out, first it will be necessary to come to an agreement with Belarus and Kazakhstan: the decision on the adjustment of rates will be made by the Eurasian Economic Commission after the approval of the relevant issue by the members of the Customs Union.
    Experts believe that the discussion within the World Trade Organization will also be difficult. “The party that intends to change the fee notifies the WTO secretariat of this, and that of the other members of the organization (in a secret document), then bilateral negotiations begin. As a rule, during such negotiations, a country that wants to raise duties must either provide a good justification or offer partners for whom such an increase will be tangible, something in return, ”explained Natalya Volchkova, professor at the Russian Economic School.
    The multilateral trade system led by the WTO has come to a standstill, a senior federal official told the publication. In addition, Russia's foreign partners violated the rules by introducing sectoral sanctions. The country gives them an equivalent answer.

    Original article:
  19. Explore
    Explore 26 September 2014 12: 11
    According to Golovkov, the incident occurred at about three in the morning. Law enforcement officers reported the incident to residents.

    As the owner of the office said, the windows were knocked out by a blast wave, part of the wall and a car standing nearby, on which the candidate carried humanitarian aid to the ATO zone, were damaged. At the time of the explosion, the office also kept things intended for soldiers of the Ukrainian army - helmets, thermal underwear, uniforms, etc.

    An investigation team works on the spot.

    “On September 26, at about 02:45 a message was received at the duty station of the Komintern RO that there was an explosion in a residential building on Lebedinskaya Street. During the collection of primary information, it was found that unknown persons fired, presumably from a grenade launcher, in the direction of the ten-story building. As a result, on the 1st floor, the window opening of the office of a private lawyer was damaged, and the windows in four windows were broken. There were no injuries, no one sought medical help. Material evidence was taken from the scene, ”the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kharkiv region said.

    Reference. Oleg Golovkov is a candidate for people's deputies in the extraordinary parliamentary elections in the district No. 169.

    Born on July 3, 1973 in the city of Odessa, lives in Kharkov, head of the law firm Outsourcing Service Group, which specializes in collection services, provides legal defense and accounting services. Non-partisan, self-nominated.
  20. Explore
    Explore 26 September 2014 12: 22
    The warships of NATO countries participating in exercises with the participation of Ukraine in the Black Sea basin returned to the Mediterranean Sea. These are Canadian, Spanish and French ships, Interfax reports with reference to the General Staff of the Russian Navy.

    “NATO ships leave the Black Sea. The Canadian frigate Toronto and the Spanish frigate Almirante Juan de Borbon returned to the Mediterranean the day before. Two days earlier, the French Corvette Commando Biro was heading south, the Navy said.

    According to the fleet, the French electronic intelligence reconnaissance ship, which entered there on September 21, remains in the water area.

    Earlier, Russia expressed concern about NATO activity in the Black Sea and Baltic basins.
  21. Explore
    Explore 26 September 2014 12: 26
    Lukashenko Asks.
  22. dchegrinec
    dchegrinec 26 September 2014 12: 28
    Now catch any bichara on the street, put camouflage on it, give a microphone and listen to all sorts of nonsense and laughter ... these are now Ukrainian politicians and Geletey, he invented a surname for himself in delirium ..
  23. postoronim V
    postoronim V 26 September 2014 12: 33
    Nuclear threat from nuclear power plants and other chemical, but everyone is silent about 8 US biological laboratories on the outskirts.
  24. Explore
    Explore 26 September 2014 12: 52
    About Vasilyeva.
  25. vetlan19
    vetlan19 26 September 2014 13: 04
    I liked about "... but this is a common and painful topic of our entire state farm ..." and "low-calorie eggplants", about the light at the end of the tunnel - it really is born in the East, and fades out in the West and the fact that "... Ukraine ends with the plus marks of the thermometer ... "
    The outskirts will die "... After the militia finally dispel the illusions ..." when in the minds of the majority of aborigines the MYTH about its exclusiveness and power collapses completely.
    Extremely needed Victory over the myth.
    Maybe it will come to spring, no?
    1. bubla5
      bubla5 26 September 2014 14: 00
      As one cartoon hero said, don’t tell my horseshoes, this is a nation when he wakes up, just Ukrainians will always blame Russia and think that it owes them everything for free
  26. Explore
    Explore 26 September 2014 15: 38
    A bill has been submitted to the State Duma of the Russian Federation, if adopted, the Russian authorities will be able to seize the assets of foreign companies. Thus, the country plans to respond to Western sanctions that have affected one of the most important sectors of the domestic economy - energy. According to experts, this will add new problems to Europe, and Russia will somehow win.
    26.09.2014, 15: 29
    photo: © RIA Novosti
    A bill is being considered by the State Duma of the Russian Federation that threatens the security of the assets of international companies operating in Russia, InoTV reports, citing material published in Forbes magazine.

    According to the publication, this is another step in the “battle of sanctions” between the United States and the European Union on the one hand and Russia on the other. If the document is accepted, the Russian Federation will receive the right to confiscate funds of foreign organizations. Forbes emphasizes that the Russian authorities "are not shy about seizing the assets of energy companies that are considered enemies of the state." Information about the new initiative managed to affect global markets and cause a weakening dollar.

    The authors of the magazine believe that the bill is a response to Western sanctions affecting one of the most important sectors of the Russian economy - energy. Experts believe that Europe is most at risk in this situation. “If this situation is not resolved before the start of winter, the European Union will have problems. At this rate, I think, Putin will achieve victory, ”says Jan Den, economist at Ashmore Group, an investment company.

    According to experts, the situation in European markets after the onset of cold weather will worsen significantly. This can only be avoided by concluding a peace agreement in Ukraine, which involves the gradual abolition of economic restrictive measures. According to Forbes, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko will most likely have to make concessions to Donbass militias. He probably will not receive help from the United States, since today their main task is to fight the militants of the Islamic State. The authors of the material remind that last week the Ukrainian leader visited Washington, but this visit did not bring any results.

    Original article:
  27. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 15: 55
    Makeevsky boiler. Part 1. Lower Krynka. Exemption:

    Interview with the DNR militia, call sign "Gabat":
  28. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 16: 00
    Stepanovka. Following the footsteps of the fascist mortars in the kindergarten:

    So you look at the destruction and think that these people will do in the winter?
    After all, they have small children there, old people .....
  29. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 16: 03
    People waiting in line for humanitarian aid from Russia:
  30. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 16: 07
    Fight for Donetsk airport:

  31. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 16: 08
    The militia showed an armored personnel carrier "Crimea is our":
  32. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 16: 10
    Broken Ukrainian column near Novoazovsk:
  33. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 16: 14
  34. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 16: 16
    Sketches "there was a war":
  35. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 16: 29
    Reporting on Ukrainian TV. Dmitrovka after "Smerch", broken positions of the junta troops:
    1. Firstvanguard
      Firstvanguard 26 September 2014 19: 47
      Well, at least not from the Kremlin I saw volleys ...
  36. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 16: 37
    A look at the war from the Ukrainian military:
    1. Firstvanguard
      Firstvanguard 26 September 2014 20: 06
      You look and don’t understand .. It seems that the faces of many people are quite normal, they don’t look like an egg / Klitschko / tyagnibok, they indulge in Russian, in other circumstances, normal men would say. But what kind of eurotroach penetrated so deeply into the brain and how much more do they need to take over the threshing floor so that common sense of the eurotrock slammed ??
      Especially touched, a bike about a Russian tank with a cap, but will be shown later.
      Padded jacket, thanks for the interesting selection of videos.
      1. padded jacket
        padded jacket 26 September 2014 20: 46
        Thank you for watching.
  37. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 16: 44
    Video message from Kharkov Partisans (go to active hostilities?):
  38. brdnxela
    brdnxela 26 September 2014 17: 51
    If this cretin was admitted to the leadership of the protection of the dill, and then the zabroyak of dill, the situation in the leadership of the psychiatric hospital "UKRUINA" became critical!
  39. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 18: 08
    I'll post another song wink maybe it was here, but I missed:
  40. wow
    wow 26 September 2014 18: 10
    To the author - a big and fat PLUS !!!
  41. Denis fj
    Denis fj 26 September 2014 20: 02
    The West will have to respect Russia, because:
    1. Russia defeated the world evil – fascism. The truth later, already at the end of the war, the so-called anti-Hitler coalition, which acted weakly, indecisively, expectantly, sometimes even cowardly and treacherously (and why did they cling to someone else's glory? it is not entirely clear ...).
    2. Russia is a multinational country and acts on behalf of hundreds of national entities of the world.
    3. Russia is the largest country in the world, self-sufficient, without any claims to anyone.
    4. Russia is the most powerful nuclear power in the world ..
    5. Russia leads a line of defensive military doctrine.
    6. Russia is a highly educated country with a rich history of development, the birthplace of the pioneers of space and explorers of the universe.
    7. Russia 5th world economy.
    8. Russia is a preacher of world peace, the right of nations to self-determination, the diversity of world culture and will not allow anyone to have financial, economic and political dictates.
  42. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 20: 48
    Amvrosievsky defeat 72 ombre:
  43. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 20: 57
    Vergulovka under fire:

    Donetsk Airport - inside view:
  44. Nikoha.2010
    Nikoha.2010 26 September 2014 21: 06
    Geletey showed on a large scale what territory of dill will be, if they continue to rob and kill former compatriots! And so it will be, and such an aspen stake will be hammered into his chest, but most likely they will burn their own, just like the Fuhrer in 1945 ...! IMHO!
  45. pest
    pest 26 September 2014 21: 12
    Geletey anneals no worse than Psaki, and in some episodes even surpasses this star with a sharpness of mind. But all the same, in his obituary it will be indicated - he died from diarrhea, and on the tombstone they will write that he did not die as a hero, but died as a zatz.
  46. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 22: 19
    Donetsk battle for the airport:
  47. padded jacket
    padded jacket 26 September 2014 22: 51
    I have not seen such a monster smile :
  48. 33 Watcher
    33 Watcher 27 September 2014 04: 23
    Quote: siberalt
    Even seasoned criminals are conscientious. But this does not apply to Geletey. The apprehension of the inevitability of punishment seems to haunt him relentlessly. So, isn’t it easier to shoot yourself? bully

    Everyone has their own code of honor, different, sometimes peculiar, but there is. Thieves, pirates, mercenaries, even prostitutes have it, the one who violates it is not respected, he becomes an outcast, they have no dealings with him. But the "government" of the ukrobandarostan does not have it, there is none, neither gangster nor thieves, at all! There apparently gathered those who were expelled from everywhere, some for atrocities, some for lack of principle, some for pedophilia, and some simply because they are weak in mind. These people have no honor and no dignity, they are not capable of worthy deeds. No honor, no dignity ...
  49. Owl
    Owl 27 September 2014 09: 31
    The war of the "cultured Europeans" (since the beginning of the twentieth century their descendants - "democratic Americans" have joined them) against Russia has been waged for a very long time, since the beginning of state formation, they (the aggressors) were cut down when landing on the Russian coast and then drowned in 1242 , and the city of Smolensk, they more than once besieged and took, and entered Moscow - but the result and the result was always the same - the Russians won. Now its traitor oligarchs need to be exterminated (Surkov and K, plus their sponsor "plush Dima" -the liberal), then it will be possible to calm the national-Ukrov tendencies and defend Novorossia not "on the far line" and move the enemy away from the Russian border. The war is going on against us, going on constantly, it is just that the ways and methods of warfare are changing.