Airborne will have helicopter shelves

Airborne will have helicopter shelvesBy the 2020 years, helicopter regiments can be created as part of the Airborne Forces (Airborne Forces), reports Interfax, citing Lieutenant General Nikolai Ignatov, Chief of Staff of the Airborne Forces.

"The reform of the Armed Forces has not yet been completed, the state armament program, naturally, has not yet been completed. Helicopter regiments will be created by the 2020 years, when the rearmament program is completed," Ignatov noted.

As previously reported by the RG, during the reduction in the army of management units and overlapping structures, the helicopter aviation of the Ground Forces and the winged airborne vehicles were transferred to the Air Force. According to the Commander-in-Chief of the Airborne Forces, Lieutenant-General Vladimir Shamanov, this hit the mobility of the "blue berets". The presence of helicopter regiments as part of the Airborne Forces should correct the imbalance. Earlier, Shamanov said that the placement of helicopter regiments at some distance from the location of airborne regiments, divisions or brigades is the most acceptable. In particular, Shamanov proposed the creation of an infrastructure for an air base near Ulyanovsk, where the 31-I is based is a separate assault assault brigade.

It should be noted that a number of media outlets reported on possible plans for the transfer of airborne troops to other troops. However, at the present time there is no talk of disbanding the Airborne Forces and transferring them to other troops, Ignatov told journalists.
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