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Pacific Fleet ships and submarines took part in WWO exercises

Shock groups of submarines and ships of the Russian Pacific fleet attacked the air and sea targets of the conditional enemy during the Vostok-2014 exercises in the territory of the Far East. Guards missile cruiser Varyag participated in the maneuvers, which hit targets with cruise missiles.

Pacific Fleet ships and submarines took part in WWO exercises

"Shipboard shock groups consisting of anti-submarine and rocket ships, fired onboard complexes of cruise missiles and anti-aircraft missile systems at sea and air targets," the RIA press service reports. "News".

Nuclear submarines attacked ships with cruise missiles, and coastal forces hit the enemy from S-300 anti-aircraft missile systems. From the air they were supported by marine aircraft aviation.

Large-scale strategic command and staff exercises "Vostok-2014" are held in Eastern Siberia and the Far East from 19 to 25 in September, completing the complex of checks and maneuvers of the current year.

According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, more than 155 thousands of military men, 8 thousands of military equipment and weapons, including 632 aircraft and helicopters, more than 4 thousands of armored combat vehicles and 84 ships participate in the exercises.
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  1. Giant thought
    Giant thought 24 September 2014 10: 07
    Let our enemies look at our teachings and conclude that they will wait for them here if they want to fight with us.
    1. volot-voin
      volot-voin 24 September 2014 10: 24
      Quote: Thought Giant
      Let our enemies look at our teachings and conclude that they will wait for them here if they want to fight us

      If it weren’t for our army and navy, Russia would have long been butchered like a tusik heating pad. And we would have Ukraine No. 2, Libya, Iraq and Somalia in one bottle. Not in vain in the 90s the enemies tried so hard to destroy our armed forces, with the help of traitors.
      1. cosmos111
        cosmos111 24 September 2014 10: 35
        missile and cannon firing ... of ships of the Pacific Fleet ... during the Vostok-2014 exercise ...
        1. MIV999
          MIV999 24 September 2014 10: 46
          Thank you for the video drinks
          The live picture from the exercises inspires even greater respect hi
      2. Balbes_I
        Balbes_I 24 September 2014 10: 52
        In the whole world we have only two faithful allies - our army and navy. Everyone else, at the earliest opportunity, will take up arms against us. - Alexander III.

        Observing the picture of the exercises in which such a colossus smashes a conditional enemy to smithereens, you involuntarily begin to tremble in your knees to be afraid of the ukroarmii, which managed to "hang lyuley" the army of their northern neighbor 15-20 times in a month ... lol
  2. SmacXnumx
    SmacXnumx 24 September 2014 10: 10
    Fine. Learning hard is easy in battle.
  3. skylare
    skylare 24 September 2014 10: 10
    While they are fighting sanctions. I doubt that they will decide on an open conflict with Russia, even in view of their numerical superiority.
  4. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 24 September 2014 10: 11
    Massaaaba, breathtaking. good
  5. enot73
    enot73 24 September 2014 10: 19
    The attack groups of submarines and ships of the Russian Pacific Fleet attacked the air and sea targets of the conditional enemy during the Vostok 2014 exercises
    The same exercises on interaction with ground forces should be carried out with the rest of the fleets.
  6. dr.star75
    dr.star75 24 September 2014 10: 19
    But if the iskander shies, will it be intercepted by the c300? Well, like who is stronger than a whale or an elephant? Seriously.
    1. muginov2015
      muginov2015 24 September 2014 11: 57
      Yeah, meet in the sky, s-300 ask, where are you, brother? Yes, they sent to Brussels for the water company. Oh! I am with you for company.
    2. The comment was deleted.
  7. Bronik
    Bronik 24 September 2014 10: 23
    As the saying goes - "you can't spend on drink", so there is a development of skill and skill.
  8. vass
    vass 24 September 2014 10: 24
    The scale is truly breathtaking. Only this is just the scale. The Pacific Fleet today, after more than 20 years, is rather a coast guard fleet. She can probably compete with the Japanese Self-Defense Forces, but she has nothing to do with it. This is how to "make friends" with "developed to the last gay" democracies. Now we will learn and build new equipment. There is a positive point! We can immediately build a fleet and an army - the last generation. There is experience, there is a military-industrial complex, and most importantly, we ourselves realized that Russia has one ally - our armed forces.
    1. nfoma80
      nfoma80 24 September 2014 11: 21
      Yes, the state of the Pacific Fleet leaves much to be desired. We hope that we can quickly rebuild at least to the Soviet scale, now it is 4 times smaller than the Soviet one, and this is sad.
    2. bars876
      bars876 24 September 2014 13: 58
      But it’s not necessary to do much more, it’s very expensive, and we’re not going to attack anyone !!! Please note that the exercises on protecting the coast from attack ... And God’s God’s striking force ... Do not forget that it’s ordinary charges in exercises ... if everything is serious, then that on boats, on the cruiser there are missiles with a nuclear warhead ... And one of these is enough to destroy an aircraft carrier group ... Then, strategic, and then the whole world to dust))) So this is so, we show both friends and enemies that if anything, UN peacekeepers will not be able to accidentally land in our territories, under the pretext of protecting tigers or leopards from the Russian genocide)))
  9. Wedmak
    Wedmak 24 September 2014 10: 24
    I’m just wondering what the 667BDRM was doing (flashed in the frame, you won’t be confused with anything) in that area on the surface? Or have Dolphins already been armed with cruise missiles?
    1. Severomor
      Severomor 24 September 2014 10: 47
      Quote: Wedmak
      Or have Dolphins already been armed with cruise missiles?

      Rather "Squids", "Dolphins" in the North.
      So they also need to go to sea. Mzht as a PLA of the enemy, for practicing anti-submarine missions.
  10. Severomor
    Severomor 24 September 2014 10: 26
    "Varyag" is a handsome man. After all, Soviet shipbuilders had a second (or third) higher education in design. :)))
    It is a pity that the 4th corps "Admiral of the Fleet Lobov" remained in Ukraine. In 93, with 75% readiness, there was no money, and then everything started running in Ukraine.
  11. Dormidosha
    Dormidosha 24 September 2014 10: 29
    Good and sad news at the same time! Voynushka on the nose comrades! Therefore, not only the army, but we all need to prepare ourselves and our families, both morally, spiritually and physically, for the upcoming trials!
    1. WAN
      WAN 24 September 2014 11: 13
      The sad news is that the Marines died during the exercises.
      Land they rest in peace ....
  12. ohotnik101
    ohotnik101 24 September 2014 10: 52
    "Mosquito" along the shore ??? Journalist, study the materiel!
  13. alex80
    alex80 24 September 2014 11: 24
    "The guards missile cruiser" Varyag "took part in the maneuvers and hit the targets with cruise missiles." - What kind of cruise missiles are we talking about? I don’t remember that there were
    cruise missiles installed. Anti-ship - yes, anti-aircraft - yes, winged - no.
    1. Severomor
      Severomor 24 September 2014 11: 28
      Quote: alex80
      I don’t remember something, so that cruise missiles were installed on Varyag

      Sorry, but the anti-ship missile is not a cruise missile ??? SCRC Basalt, Granite and Volcano are not cruise missiles?
      1. The comment was deleted.
      2. alex80
        alex80 24 September 2014 13: 29
        I meant that usually lately usually just a term
        "cruise missile" refers to missiles against ground targets, and anti-ship
        and indicate - anti-ship.
  14. ISKANDER25
    ISKANDER25 24 September 2014 11: 36
    Hello! Yes, the scale of the exercises is grandiose! There is still gunpowder in the flasks! The main thing is to keep it dry! soldier
  15. Roman 1977
    Roman 1977 24 September 2014 12: 14
    The news is undoubtedly joyful, but not so simple ... If in Soviet times the Pacific Fleet was the strongest fleet in the Pacific Ocean, now it is even tired of the South Korean fleet, not to mention the Japanese and Chinese Navy, surpassing only the Taiwan and North Korean Navy.
    The flagship of the fleet is the Varyag RRC (formerly Chervona Ukraine), armed with 16 Vulcan P-1000 KR. The cruiser is the third ship in the project (commissioned to the Navy in 1989). The ship "underway" went to Mediterranean last year, this year to Shanghai for exercises with the Chinese Navy and is now participating in exercises in Kamchatka. 2006 to 2008 underwent repairs at Dalzavod with replacement of the power plant.
    However, next year the Pacific Fleet is planning to transfer a similar RRC "Admiral Ustinov", which is currently undergoing medium repairs with the modernization of the navigation complex at "Zvezdochka". I strongly doubt this, taking into account all the problems and delays during the repair, as the sixth gas turbine generator intended for Ustinov was ordered by the fleet to be used on another ship, so the time for its installation was shifted to the end of September. Already for half a year the Taganrog Krasny Hydropress has been delaying the delivery of the desalination plant. These system-complete wires prevent builders from welding process cut-outs. As a result, the start of work on the formation of engine rooms, posts and gas ducts is delayed, and electrical work is also difficult.крейсера

    RRC "Marshal Ustinov" pr. 1164 under repair at the wall of JSC "Ship repair center" Zvezdochka ", July 2014
    Well, let's hope for the best ...
    Aircraft carrier pr. 1144.2 "Admiral Lazarev" (formerly Frunze ") is non-combatant (decommissioned into a state of long-term conservation, was laid up in the Abrek Bay). The issue of scrapping the cruiser was being decided, but it seems that a decision was made to modernize it and the aircraft carrier was installed to the floating dock. Hope for the best again ...

    "Admiral Lazarev" in the PD
    After the completion of the modernization in 2018, the Pacific Fleet is planned to transfer the aircraft carrier "Admiral Nakhimov" (former Andropov "), which has been undergoing modernization since 1999. True, in fact, it began only in 2012.
    The main acquisition of the cruiser will be UKSK - the newest universal shipborne firing systems. In the same launch containers it will be possible to install Onyx or Caliber missiles, which will become the main weapon. In addition, air defense will be strengthened: the S-400 and new melee air defense systems. In total, including anti-aircraft missiles, the cruiser will carry over 300 missiles of various types.

    On June 14.06.2013, XNUMX, a contract was signed with the Moscow Region for the repair and modernization of the cruiser. Prior to this, JSC "Sevmash", in fact, carried out work on dismantling the equipment and systems of the cruiser on its own initiative.
    1. Roman 1977
      Roman 1977 24 September 2014 12: 42
      Large anti-submarine ships of the project 1155. The Pacific Fleet has 4 of them, but only 3 are combat-ready: "Marshal Shaposhnikov" (delivered to the fleet in 1986); "Admiral Vinogradov" (delivered to the Navy in 1988); "Admiral Panteleev" (delivered to the Navy in 1992). In fact, the "workhorses of the fleet". It is planned to carry out modernization. The BOD will be equipped with modern A-192 cannons, Caliber missiles and the latest air defense and missile defense system with S-400 Redut missiles. To introduce modern weapon systems, the ship's control system will also have to be changed, that is, almost all electronics. Thanks to this alteration, the BOD will become de facto destroyers and will be able to destroy not only submarines, but also surface ships, aircraft, missiles and ground objects. That is, they will become universal combat ships of the Admiral Tributs spacecraft (commissioned to the fleet in 1986) since the end of 2013, the ship's technical readiness is being restored with an extension of the overhaul period by 5 years at the Zvezda shipyard. The renovation was supposed to be completed before the end of this year, but was extended until July 30, 2015.

      BPK "Admiral Tributs" at the repair embankment of Dalzavod
      Destroyers pr. 956. The Pacific Fleet also includes 4 units, but only 1 - "Fast" is combat-ready (commissioned to the fleet in 1989).
      "Combat" (commissioned to the fleet in 1986) since 1998. Since 1998, withdrawn to the reserve due to lack of funds to replace pipes in the main boilers. Wasted in Abrek Bay. Repair and modernization is still planned. However, given the condition of the destroyer, I am afraid that it will suffer the sad fate of the "Rapid" from the Northern Fleet, which was dragged to the ship's cemetery in Kronstadt last week.

      Burny (commissioned to the Navy in 1988). Since 2005 it has been under repair at Dalzavod. The main power plant has already been repaired in the shops. Must undergo modernization and will be back in service by 2020.
      a-sever-vtoroy-na-vostok /

      "Fearless" (handed over to the fleet in 1990) In anticipation of repairs, a reserve was withdrawn and stands in Fokino. It is planned to carry out modernization and return to service by 2020.
      1. Roman 1977
        Roman 1977 24 September 2014 14: 48
        The strike forces of the Pacific Fleet are 4 MRK pr.12341 "Ovod-1": "Smerch" (1984); Hoarfrost (1987); "Frost" (1989); "Razliv" (1991), in the 66th division of small missile ships of the Kamchatka flotilla of various forces.

        11 RCA Ave. 12411 (P-79 Ave. 1241Т with 4 RCC П-15М, used for training purposes) as part of the 2-th Guards Division of missile boats of the 165-th brigade of surface ships (Ulysses Bay).

        Moreover, the RCA P-29 Ave. 12411M transferred to the fleet in 2003

        Anti-submarine forces: 8 IPC pr. 1124M, 1985-1991 the buildings.

        However, even here, not everything is as good as we would like, since the Amur shipyard regularly breaks the deadlines for the construction of corvettes of the project 20380. So "Perfect", laid down on June 30.06.2006, 9, is planned to be lowered only this year, and transferred to the fleet next year (20.04.2012 years !); "Loud" was launched only on XNUMX; "Frisky" and "Strict" are not even laid yet ...
        And all this despite the fact that the NEA doubled the cost of corvettes, which now amounts to 13 billion rubles.

        Corvette "Perfect" under construction project 20380 in the slipway of JSC "Amur shipbuilding plant".
        1. Roman 1977
          Roman 1977 24 September 2014 15: 32
          Minesweepers-9 (7БТЩ + 2 МТСЩ).
          7 base minesweepers pr. 1265 "Yakhont", 1984-1991 the buildings)

          2 sea minesweepers pr. 266ME "Aquamarine", built in 1989.

          True, it is planned to build 6 base minesweepers of the new project 12700 "Alexandrite" for the Pacific Fleet.

          2 PrDKA pr. 21980 "Grachonok" -2 (P-377 transferred to the fleet in 2013; P-420-24.02.2014). At present, the 3rd Grachonok (serial number 8004), laid down in December 2012, launched on July 4.07.2014, XNUMX, is undergoing GKHI.

          Airborne forces of the Pacific Fleet.
          BDK-4: 3 Ave. 775, 1 Ave. 1171
          BDK pr. 775: BDK-101 "Oslyabya" (1981); BDK-98 "Admiral Nevelskoy" (1982); BDK-11 "Peresvet" (1991). According to some reports, BDK-11 "Peresvet" is under repair.

          BDK pr. 1171 "Tapir" - "Nikolay Vilkov", transferred to the fleet in 1974

          D-57 pr. 1176 "Akula", transferred to the fleet in 2007
          D-107 pr. 11770 "Serna", transferred to the fleet in 2010
          This year the Pacific Fleet was supposed to receive the first UDC of the Mistral project - Vladivostok, let's hope that the French will fulfill their obligations and the DKA pr. 21820 Dugong - Ivan Kartsov, (laid down in 2010; launched 30.09.2013). However, information appeared that the DKA would be sold to Vietnam.
          The landing boat "Ivan Kartsov", which is being tested in the Pacific Ocean, may be exported to Vietnam.
          The newspaper "Krasnaya Zvezda" was informed about this by the representative of the Yaroslavl shipyard Vladimir Popov.

    2. Severomor
      Severomor 24 September 2014 14: 21
      If so, then by 2018, two Glories and Orlan. Nice, but for a very long time ... again, if you're lucky.
  16. kyznets
    kyznets 24 September 2014 13: 06
    And this is now in Petropavlovsk.
  17. kyznets
    kyznets 24 September 2014 13: 09
    The fleet makes us happy!
  18. The comment was deleted.
  19. kyznets
    kyznets 24 September 2014 13: 16
    For comparison with a transport ship.