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The Pacific Fleet ships conducted a training battle and destroyed a conditional enemy.

As part of the verification of the combat readiness of the BBO Pacific ships fleet destroyed the conditional opponent, transfers RIA News with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

The Pacific Fleet ships conducted a training battle and destroyed a conditional enemy.

As part of the verification of combat readiness of the air defense system, the ships of the Pacific Fleet destroyed the conditional enemy, reports RIA News with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

It is reported that the ships of the Pacific Fleet "left the bases in the conditions of mine danger and took measures to protect ships in an unprotected raid."

“Small anti-submarine ships worked out the organization of the anti-submarine guarding of a detachment of ships using various methods of searching for submarines of the conditional enemy. During the exercise, the ships conducted a training sea battle with the implementation of practical artillery firing at sea targets. ”- reads the press release of the military department.

In addition, anti-submarine ships supported by aviation fleet, worked out arrangements for the organization of air defense, as well as for the protection of basing points in conjunction with coastal artillery.

"During the performance of training tasks in the Primorsky and Kamchatka operational areas, missile launches of coastal operational and tactical complexes Redut and artillery firing of volley fire systems Grad, which are part of the missile and artillery formations of the Coastal Forces of the Pacific Fleet, were conducted"- According to the website of the Ministry of Defense.

"Ship grouping struck blows at reconnoitered targets imitating ship assault enemy attack groups"- adds the press service.

In order to find targets, the latest radar intelligence systems and unmanned aerial vehicles were used. All the information about the targets flowed to command posts in real time.

A sudden check of the entire composition of the BBO troops is carried out from 11 to 18 September. According to the Ministry of Defense, the Eastern District "consists of four combined-arms armies, the Third Command of the Air Force and Air Defense, and the Pacific Fleet."

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    TECHNOLOGY 17 September 2014 09: 57
    Mattrasniks there their ships have counted everything? "A purposeful goal" - few hints! Quite good guys joke around! My relatives from Sakhalin are calling me - fun there now!
    1. subbtin.725
      subbtin.725 17 September 2014 10: 02
      When I see our modern military equipment, Sorry for the pathos - pride bursts for our Motherland. And rearmament is really going on, a witness to that.
    2. Zlodeey
      Zlodeey 17 September 2014 10: 32
      Bastion Shooting Video:
      1. tlauicol
        tlauicol 17 September 2014 11: 17
        it is strange that the Pacific Ocean is written. There are no Bastions. Or Black Sea Fleet or a mix from different firing
        1. tlauicol
          tlauicol 17 September 2014 15: 32
          exactly mix: start from the Bastion, and two Mosquitoes hit
          1. tlauicol
            tlauicol 18 September 2014 04: 41
            I’m lying, start with the S -300 SAM. But anyway Pacific Fleet. These are not Bastions, but Mosquitoes are beating the floating ship
  2. evilrussian
    evilrussian 17 September 2014 09: 57
    "The ships of the Pacific Fleet conducted a training battle and destroyed the conditional enemy" - how could it be otherwise? The charter is not supposed to lose
  3. Ober.K
    Ober.K 17 September 2014 09: 58
    God grant that there are only conditional opponents !!! Let Russia always have a powerful army and navy, but there will never be a need for them !!! (Both literally and figuratively ...) Peace to your home !!! drinks soldier
  4. yulka2980
    yulka2980 17 September 2014 10: 06
    Just yesterday, from the window I saw how our handsome helicopters flew, probably coming back from the exercises! fellow
  5. IGMIT
    IGMIT 17 September 2014 10: 08
    The more they shoot, the more accurately they beat. Tested on their own experience, and anti-submariners need to work more with boats, this is their direct purpose.
  6. sanya0974
    sanya0974 17 September 2014 10: 15
    everything would be fine, but in the photo it’s like a Chinese man, a 2-tower turret and a missile launcher look like a French naval-crotal, can I be wrong?
    1. desertfox
      desertfox 17 September 2014 10: 39
      I also somehow cut through the eyes of such a picture
      The search shows that the Chinese:
    2. tlauicol
      tlauicol 17 September 2014 10: 40
      don't be mistaken. Chinese photo
  7. asar
    asar 17 September 2014 10: 31
    Happy for ours! I'm not afraid to say - a grandiose "nix" was brought up! The Yankees are on the hook! Well done boys!
    TECHNOLOGY 17 September 2014 10: 32
    Sanya0974! Right! This is better!
  9. Starover_Z
    Starover_Z 17 September 2014 11: 01
    But should it be otherwise? Why did officers study and serve, recruit contractors, call on youth?
    Is it really just for serving time in outfits and restoring order with tidy?
    The army and navy MUST maintain alertness, be alert and
    to be able to reflect any inclinations of potential "partners" to our territories and our citizens!
  10. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 17 September 2014 12: 38
    Our fellows show good results in exercises and this will give good results if in which case
  11. Dormidosha
    Dormidosha 17 September 2014 13: 25
    Am I mistaken ?! Or is this all real preparation for war! All the same, in old age you have to wave your fists!
  12. Bersaglieri
    Bersaglieri 17 September 2014 14: 57
    The article is about the teachings of the Pacific Fleet of Russia, and the picture shows the frigate of the Chinese Navy. Oh no no no...