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HSE professor “burns”: “There was no war in the Donbass”

The Ukrainian conflict, of course, agitated the minds of the Russian and not only Russian creative intelligentsia (or the "so-called intelligentsia"). On the side, most creative people decided not to stay, but to comment on their position on the Ukrainian conflict in the press, on the Internet, on radio or on television. The creative boiling has reached the point that it seems a little more and Russia will see the “wall to wall” option performed by singers, actors, TV presenters, artists, writers, musicians.

Some decided to certainly go to Ukraine and give a semblance of a concert in support of the Maidan, while accusing others that they did not want to perform in front of the Maidan. The second ones sent the far away first ones, broadcasting wonderful epithets to them and urging them to repent.

Some say that Putin and the part of the Russian people who support Putin are the only ones to blame for all misfortunes. In this part of the creative “intelligentsia”, the Russian people with the “light hand” of the writer Yerofeyev turned into a “coffin with rotting guts”. The other part does not consider it necessary even to comment on this anti-Russian hysteria and urge all the disgruntled, dissenting, dissatisfied to go where they will be pleased, satisfied, and also where they will agree with everything - at least to Ukraine, even to visit “peeing boy ”, Even on the Washington Lawn in front of the White House, even on the Dead Sea resorts.

In general, the spears are broken not childly ... They strive to spit in each other’s face, then pour a bucket of stinking mud at each other, or even “correct” the physiognomy. And many have even forgotten, and why, in fact, the fuss arose ... Already such persons and not up to Ukraine as such - the main thing is to continue the “intellectual hand-to-hand” with opponents, cluttering up the media with statements, disputes, interviews, posts and comments. And at the same time everyone strives to excel - to break out of the "gray mass". Here, Erofeev distinguished himself, got rid of "rotting guts" ... Makarevich distinguished himself ... Ulitskaya excelled ...

"Putin", "the bloody hand of the Kremlin", "Ukraine is the beacon of democracy", "slave Russian people", "stinking Russian consciousness", "imperial ambitions", "thanks to Twitter for a happy old age" - already, it would seem, there is nothing that could give the representatives of our esteemed creative "intelligentsia" food for a new fight with each other, food for protrusion and narcissism.

But no ... There are still too creative personalities that give out simply stunning interpretations of events. On the eve of one of these gentlemen, Sergei Medvedev, notorious in his proposal to share the Russian Arctic with the “world community,” is a professor who is undoubtedly the most advanced university in the country - the Higher School of Economics, distinguished by the presence of equally sophisticated employees. Mr Medvedev, referring in his rhetoric to the French philosopher Jean Baudrillard, declares: “There was no war in the Donbas.”

Full version of the article - on the pages of the Russian version Forbes).

This is what a professor at the Higher School of Economics is trying to convey to his reader: you, reader, think that a civil war was going on in Ukraine; you think that the junta came to power in Ukraine, the backbone of which is made up of oligarchs; sure that the people of Crimea immediately after the change of Ukrainian power was in danger? So, reader, you are a dense fool ... Medvedev declares that all this is a “reality show”, which is promoted by the Russian media. And, according to Medvedev (well, the one that Sergei), even Putin was the victim of a "post-modern simulation." Having seen the releases News and having read propaganda resources, Putin came under their full influence and began to realize what he was inspired by the insidious media owners and other representatives of the media.

From the article by Sergey Medvedev:

(...) The war in Ukraine and with Ukraine was invented by propagandists, along with simulacra of "Crimea", "Donbass", "Novorossiya" and "Russian world", with myths about the "oppression of the Russian-speaking" and "the hand of the State Department". This script was beautifully directed and put in the head of a huge country and its leadership: Putin is exactly the same hostage of a television picture, just like a simple viewer.

In Russia, 2014-th embodied the plot of the film "Tail wags the dog": we Ernst wags Putin.

Oh, you ... the President and of that (by his natural naivety ...) were misled by the TV people. It turns out that everything is very simple (well, Sergei Medvedev himself tells us about it, but perhaps a professor from the HSE can be wrong? ..): such characters as the junta, pravoseki, punitive, Bandera, militiamen are purely fictional, this is a notion of the media and who the media plays along.

From the article by Sergey Medvedev:

It is in the spirit of the times that it (Russian television - note “VO”) adapted plots from fashionable TV shows and computer games for the credulous Russian television viewers. (...) turned Russian television into a gigantic meat grinder about the production of hatred and lies, against which the blunt propaganda machine of the USSR looks the height of objectivity and professionalism.

(...) it can be said that there was no war "in the Donbass", it was born in the inflamed imagination of Russian propagandists and projected by TV people into reality, like on the walls of Plato's cave. She emerged from the head of the political consultant Zeus, like Athena, in full military gear. The result was massive casualties and destruction in eastern Ukraine, refugee flows, a blow to Russia's economy and reputation — but the war “in the Donbas” was and remains a simulacrum, a projection of a non-existent, propaganda scheme that gained flesh and blood.

So the professor from the Higher School of Economics was diagnosed, and all the dots above “Yo” were dotted - the whole thing, it turns out, is in the false and hypocritical work of the media (and only Russian), which

a) forced the naive Russian president (not to mention the people) to believe in the deterioration of the situation in the neighboring state, for some reason showing "non-existent" radicals, throwing "non-existent" incendiary bottles "Berkut" and shooting from "non-existent" sniper rifles both sides of the barricade;

b) they were forced to believe the Crimeans that the new Ukrainian government (white and fluffy by definition) would start oppressing them, and no one was going to oppress the Crimeans - neither the “fictional” Yarosh with the “fictional” Sashko Bilym who promised to send the “friendship train” to the peninsula with non-existent "hundreds of thugs." The evil thugs of the Prosecutor General’s Office did not capture, did not burn people in Odessa, did not shoot ukrovoyaki at veterans in Mariupol on May 9. There was no such ... Computer game, which the Russian media themselves have translated into reality ...

c) suppressed the minds of the population of Donbass and implemented bloodshed. The Ukrainian army was shocked by this - we (the army) are not there, we are fictional, and the masses “zombified by Ernst” are fighting against us, burning our “nonexistent” Tanks, shot down the bombing "make-believe" quarters of Lugansk aircraft.


Our present war is the belated fruit of the provincial Russian postmodern, which seemed to have washed away the wave of crisis in 1998, but which sprouted in our era with the fruits of cynicism, simulation and total propaganda.

Blamed so stigmatized: total propaganda, cynicism, simulation ... The situation is completely different in the Western or Ukrainian media. After all, it's just the bastions of realism, chastity, objectivity and serving the laws of morality. No matter what the material in CNN or on Radio Liberty, there is no doubt a sample of the bare truth, impartiality and directness. And about the crash of "Boeing" they laid out everything on the shelves, and in the residents of Donbass they rightly (and how else) saw the terrorists, and Nuland’s walks on the Maidan were set out as an aid exclusively to bread for the masses. The war in Afghanistan is, the totalitarian regime of Assad is there, the Iraqi chemical weapon, the Iranian nuclear bomb, the North Korean threat to democracy, the non-participation of the United States to the birth of Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS - everything is there. But there is no war in the Donbass ... It's all mean-spirited “Ernst” things to mislead the president, the people, and the whole world. Well, not Ernst, but some Mephistopheles ... Woland ...

The next article by Prof. Medvedev, which is likely to address the problem of “absence” in stories and the Great Patriotic War, too ... Like, they made up “some kind of” Pravda newspaper of “nonexistent” characters and objects (fascists, SS men, concentration camps, policemen, Bandera), and the “dense” Russian people misled and together with him naive Stalin, who was forced to comply with the reports of Soviet newsmen ... And the "world man" Goebbels, because of the Soviet media, was eventually forced to commit suicide - the "poor fellow" ...

HSE professor burns ...

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  1. Standard Oil
    Standard Oil 16 September 2014 09: 13
    Listen, this Higher School of Economics is just a hotbed of chaos.
    1. Turik
      Turik 16 September 2014 09: 36
      Kill the stranger, burn the heretic, destroy the mutant!

      Glory to the Emperor!
    2. Evil Pole
      Evil Pole 16 September 2014 10: 05
      Quote: Standard Oil
      The next article by Professor Medvedev is eagerly "expected", which will probably address the problem of "absence" in the history of the Great Patriotic War too.

      Maybe these "expected" articles should be considered by appropriate bodies such as the FSB or the GRU? You look and write articles loose. Or not democratic and tolerant?
      1. Ayujak
        Ayujak 16 September 2014 11: 52
        This ProfEssor reminds me of something Kolomoisky in his youth.
        "The intelligentsia is the shit of the nation." (c) V.I. Lenin. Not all, of course. But the one that is, stinks pretty.
        1. sash66
          sash66 16 September 2014 14: 37
          all of our Russian great men considered the intelligentsia Mr., beginning with feta and ending with Prime Minister Witte.
          1. Tyumen
            Tyumen 16 September 2014 16: 49
            And when did Witte become great?
        2. alicante11
          alicante11 16 September 2014 15: 09
          "The intelligentsia is the shit of the nation." (c) V.I. Lenin. Not all, of course.

          There is simply a humanitarian intelligentsia and a technical one. The first descended from the court singers of odes (philosophers and pop music) and jesters (humorists and economists). And that's why he grovels in front of the one who pays. If Mikhalkov depends on the government for money, then he "works" for it. And if the author of this wonderful work is paid from overseas grants, then he works them out in the style of representatives of the most ancient profession.
          And the second one came from advanced workers who constantly work in contact with the people and there is flesh from their flesh. And this is a real intelligentsia, even if he does not know which fork to eat foie gras, and which poke a balyka.
      2. Krasnoarmeec
        Krasnoarmeec 16 September 2014 12: 09
        I didn’t read it, it’s too much for my "brainwashed brain" wassat, the author clearly confused Putin with the State Department, basically the State Department likes to take fresh intelligence in mass media laughing
      3. sash66
        sash66 16 September 2014 14: 34
        duck and gdp will eventually have to repeat 37 years. From such nits as Medvedev, Chubais and others like them it is necessary to stop building them a swamp in the full sense of the word. And I think we have enough of them.
    3. SergeyM
      SergeyM 16 September 2014 11: 57
      It becomes "uncomfortable" when such "professors" are allowed to lecture and teach our economists. It's time for the HSE to revoke the license, let them move to the United States and teach the natives there.
      1. cumastra1
        cumastra1 16 September 2014 16: 28
        ... a straitjacket - to the studio!
        1. family tree
          family tree 16 September 2014 23: 59
          Quote: cumastra1
          ... a straitjacket - to the studio!

          What for? A trip to Donetsk for a vacation what
          Although, it’s also useless, probably. Even if he flies out of the tank in confusion, at the last moment he will say that it’s just propaganda that hit my head
    4. goose
      goose 16 September 2014 17: 29
      Could you please tell your colleagues, and for what money does HSE exist?
  2. My address
    My address 16 September 2014 09: 26
    Sorry, I recall Mikhalkov's verse half a century ago: "... where our hayut and scolded, ... and they eat Russian butter!" There are too many of them at HSE, whose godfather is Egorka Daidar. Sneaky intellectual hamlo angry sitting on the neck of a people. Descendants of Vasisualia Lokhankin.

    I draw your attention to the fact that, for example, the historian Gumilyov hi used to say: "Have mercy! What an intellectual I am! I have a profession!"
    1. Turik
      Turik 16 September 2014 10: 04
      Putin is a victim?

      Yeah right now! I will believe so yes laughing

      He is a cunning man, he got America ten years ago, when they were sure that he would follow the course of Borka-Alkash. Recently, the Jewish Union made a fool of it when they missed the concentration of 20 thousand "polite people" in Crimea.
  3. inkass_98
    inkass_98 16 September 2014 09: 33
    The body works out the loot, so it writes articles of similar content. Where is the article published? At Forbes. I have no more questions. Only one thing I did not understand: if there is no war, then with what sanctions should they apply to us? Yet it was invented by political strategists, everything is fine everywhere. Why hang Boeing on us, if the commission reported that it collapsed in the air for an unknown reason? Something in Mus Medvdev does not make ends meet. Or are logic and economics incompatible?
    1. ARS56
      ARS56 16 September 2014 10: 27
      HSE is a hotbed of American liberalism. There are a lot of such Medvedevs. Lies are their specialization. And HSE backers sit high in the Kremlin.
  4. Ronino
    Ronino 16 September 2014 09: 34
    and does this tower prepare economists for the country?
    I can imagine how such specialists will work for the benefit of the state, if they are nurtured by such teachers ...
    Sad ...
    That is (it may sound pathetic), hard workers will work hard, pay increasing taxes, taste the price increase, etc. and these ... somehow I can’t believe that the patriotic impulses of economic individuals will be directed in the right direction, and there may also be sabotage.
    1. Alf
      Alf 16 September 2014 10: 28
      Quote: RoninO
      I can imagine how such specialists will work for the good of the state

      They work for the good of the state. That's just the question, for the benefit of WHICH state?
      1. Bigfoot_Sev
        Bigfoot_Sev 16 September 2014 10: 55
        Quote: RoninO
        and does this tower prepare economists for the country?
        I can imagine how such specialists will work for the benefit of the state, if they are nurtured by such teachers ...
        Sad ...
        That is (it may sound pathetic), hard workers will work hard, pay increasing taxes, taste the price increase, etc. and these ... somehow I can’t believe that the patriotic impulses of economic individuals will be directed in the right direction, and there may also be sabotage.

        I graduated from HSE 11 years ago. there were no liberals there. at least there weren’t any memorable quantities. and in general, students then did not share political views. we shared more on those who like vodka / beer, blondes / brunettes. University as a university in general.

        economists, by the way, work fine. part of his business, from which, by the way, taxes are paid, which go to the maintenance of budgetary sectors. I have not heard of the saboteurs. But about the friends from May, who still can't settle down with the "bloody regime" ... which, in general, still doesn't give a reason to say that May is shit. :-)
  5. Drmadfisher
    Drmadfisher 16 September 2014 09: 34
    not HSE, but LICE (man..avoshki)
  6. Imperialkolorad
    Imperialkolorad 16 September 2014 09: 35
    Well, I don’t know, I don’t know. You won’t be fed up with television alone. I have acquaintances directly from Ukraine or whose parents stayed there. So they, as eyewitnesses, argue that there really are war and defeated cities and towns. So a very smart uncle would do well to chew, not grind rubbish.
  7. tolyasik0577
    tolyasik0577 16 September 2014 09: 35
    I did not read to the end, and so everything is clear. Looks like the guy got out of the basement. How do people then turn to carry out sheer nonsense? Paranoid, and also a professor.
  8. kimanas
    kimanas 16 September 2014 09: 41
    For a scruff and to Lugansk!
    1. klavyr
      klavyr 16 September 2014 15: 18
      For a scruff and to Lugansk!
      - yes or to the "peaceful" Donbass
  9. Executer
    Executer 16 September 2014 09: 42
    If this particular Medvedev is in the photo (the press cannot be trusted!), Then, damn it, where did we come ??? !!!
    This snot is a professor ??? !!! Yes, blzt, such a professor would have to be near Lugansk - dig trenches without cover! Well, at least for a week. And after that, make him repeat everything that he, bastard, worked up!
  10. padded jacket
    padded jacket 16 September 2014 09: 45
    Which war is not:
  11. Bob
    Bob 16 September 2014 09: 45
    ".... the most advanced university in the country - the Higher School of Economics"
    Advanced in the collapse of education in the country, in restructuring it to the western way. And as a result, instead of specialists, universities began to prepare unfinished (incomplete higher) bachelors and unfinished (failed candidates of sciences) masters. It must also be said that the creators of the HSE did with secondary vocational education and secondary education ...
    It must be said bluntly that the HSE subversive activity knows no examples in history on the destruction of the basic institutions of the state, and this activity is directed and directed by our main opponent from abroad.
    I think that sooner or later they will understand this where decisions are made, and the HSE will be destroyed, and this will be the beginning of the restoration of the education system in Russia. I can only say that education reforms in the Russian Federation are still being developed at the HSE, and these reforms have shown their complete failure. Drive the likes of S. Medvedev with a filthy broom, and the HSE (as a repository of foreign agents) in the trash of history.
  12. dmitriygorshkov
    dmitriygorshkov 16 September 2014 09: 50
    You listen to such eccentrics (m), and it becomes a pity for our guarantor of the constitution. He sits for days on end, watches television without looking up from the screen .... but how can you get distracted? And, all of a sudden, why ??? He has neither intelligence, nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor advisers with analysts, no-and-go !!! Only he and the box with Erst !!! A nightmare!
    In my opinion you need to be at least Svidomo ukrom, that would believe in this!
  13. Sochi
    Sochi 16 September 2014 09: 51
    Professor? - no, it’s ordinary.
  14. Good cat
    Good cat 16 September 2014 09: 58
    I repeat my opinion, the current so-called "creative intelligentsia" is just some kind of g .. but, just any louse can now express their crazy versions and the more fantastic the version, the more the journalists cling to it. And about all these "actors-musicians" so we ourselves have created idols in Soviet times. Now we are surprised, but think about it, both an actor and a musician (especially pop music) are not male occupations, respectively, and representatives of these professions (many, though maybe not all) behave as they should. And we perceive them by their positive roles. For example, I do not want to say anything bad about the actor Ulyanov, but he is not Zhukov, well, nothing.
  15. VSZMK
    VSZMK 16 September 2014 10: 05
    Let him see this dog in Donetsk.
  16. Koshak
    Koshak 16 September 2014 10: 18
    The "Matrix" is resting!
  17. Vasia1
    Vasia1 16 September 2014 10: 19
    I can imagine that he bears lectures in front of students. Shame !!!
  18. parusnik
    parusnik 16 September 2014 10: 22
    HSE professor “burns”: “There was no war in the Donbass”
    Well, yes ... there was no earthquake, but there is a victim ..
  19. Executer
    Executer 16 September 2014 10: 25
    Quote: Bob
    ".... Drive the likes of S. Medvedev with a filthy broom, and the HSE (as a repository of foreign agents) in the trash of history.

    Both of them. Without any S.
  20. padded jacket
    padded jacket 16 September 2014 10: 25
    Appeal of militias to the Ukrainian military:
  21. Manners
    Manners 16 September 2014 10: 26
    Those like him should be deprived of everything: property, positions, ranks, awards and sent after the sentencing of high treason, for example, to build Russian military bases in the Arctic ...
  22. kirgudu
    kirgudu 16 September 2014 10: 32
    HSE is a branch of the State Department in the Russian Federation. Drive with pissed rags.
  23. 3vs
    3vs 16 September 2014 10: 33
    Judging by his face, he somehow does not look like Medvedev.
  24. Zerstorer
    Zerstorer 16 September 2014 10: 44
    Quote: Standard Oil
    Listen, this Higher School of Economics is just a hotbed of chaos.

    Quote: Sochi
    Professor? - no, it’s ordinary.

    Quote: Vasia1
    I can imagine that he bears lectures in front of students. Shame !!!

    I know a little about HSE - I talked for a long time with a girl who studied there and almost became my wife (Thank God she didn't!). Well, this is such a lyrical digression ... In fact, the HSE is actively used as an incubator for the new "elite" (well, they themselves think so). Remember the open debates at the Higher School of Economics with Navalny, McFaul's press conference, and so on. Further, the most "distinguished" students are sent over the hill for "internships" and "exchange studies."
    So I see the picture like this.
  25. givigor71
    givigor71 16 September 2014 10: 44
    Fuck, another moron got out. But how many more of you are still in our Russian open spaces, is it not time for the special services to deal closely with these freaks?
  26. ava09
    ava09 16 September 2014 10: 48
    The activities of such scum should be given a legal assessment.
  27. falikreutov
    falikreutov 16 September 2014 10: 55
    Next time, a woeful professor will prove that he himself does not exist! And our life itself is a computer game.
  28. fktrcfylhn61
    fktrcfylhn61 16 September 2014 11: 04
    Only under such economists what could happen to the Soviet Union !!!
    1. atos_kin
      atos_kin 16 September 2014 11: 38
      Quote: fktrcfylhn61
      Only under such economists what could happen to the Soviet Union !!!

      I'll correct it a little here. The predecessor of the HSE can rightfully be considered the HPS (Higher Party School) under the Central Committee of the CPSU. Here are the graduates of the Higher School of Arts and Crackling the USSR.
      Wikipedia example: Lithuanian president "Grybauskaite worked at the Vilnius Higher Party School, where she taught a course in political economy until 1990. In 1988, at the Academy of Social Sciences under the Central Committee of the CPSU (Moscow) she defended her thesis for the degree of candidate of sciences (in Lithuania, the degree was nostrified (confirmed) as a doctorate) and worked as a teacher in Caller ID. "
  29. onega67
    onega67 16 September 2014 11: 13
    It seems that this is not a professor, but some dunce. Or decided to promote. How many bastards came to light. Hard times always reveal such mutants!
  30. Russian Uzbek
    Russian Uzbek 16 September 2014 11: 15
    a professor of the same kind as Ponomarev, who, without a higher education, read "lectures" for a Nobel laureate's fee! They tried to slip this clown S. Medvedev to the Supreme in the early 2000s as an "economic advisor", but the jester was exposed, caught in corruption and fled to Deutschland, where he now obtains a grain of bread for himself the same way that a certain Suvorov-Rezun earns - throws mud at Russia and its president, taking advantage of the fact that he is a "former confidant"
    an ordinary weapon is infoware, but not for Russia, where this clown is well known, but for the West ...
  31. Pissarro
    Pissarro 16 September 2014 11: 25
    this is the same professor Sergey Medvedev whom Putin called a moron live on his proposal to give the Arctic. In my opinion, there is nothing to add to the highest epithet laughing
  32. kontrol
    kontrol 16 September 2014 12: 07
  33. redrik
    redrik 16 September 2014 12: 32
    just sur somehow. This is how far from reality you need to be in order to write this ... And another professor.
    . There are no normal words, only swear words
  34. padded jacket
    padded jacket 16 September 2014 12: 48
    Stripping the positions of the Ukrainian military by the Militia:
  35. pravednik
    pravednik 16 September 2014 13: 18
    Why is it that our taxpayers' money contains these creatures who dream of destroying us Russians. And to hell with us then this is the government, which is obviously turning it around.
  36. borru74
    borru74 16 September 2014 13: 26
    He fulfills the Eurodollars invested in him!
  37. chelovektapok
    chelovektapok 16 September 2014 13: 37
    The Russian Land is rich in everyone! Including traitors. They were there before. For example, the intelligentsia of Tsarist Russia sent congratulatory telegrams to the Japanese Mikado with the defeat of the Russian Fleet at Tsushima. V.I. Lenin very aptly characterized the very phenomenon of the intelligentsia in Russia: "This is not the brain of the nation, this is nation" (c). Russian doctors, scientists and others who really worked were offended when they were called the intelligentsia. "Excuse me, I have a profession" (c)
  38. argon
    argon 16 September 2014 13: 58
    A question to the Ministry of Education and Science, how are such "HSE" licensed if its professors (degrees received by order from the storeroom) are publicly carrying such nonsense?
  39. padded jacket
    padded jacket 16 September 2014 14: 04
    The Communists are just great. I hope the law will be adopted.
    The Communist Party proposes to protect volunteers from the Russian Federation, helping militias.
    MOSCOW, Sep 12 - RIA News. Volunteers from Russia who help the militia of southeastern Ukraine should be protected by law, the Communists are preparing a bill, said State Duma deputy, deputy chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Vladimir Kashin.
  40. Leader
    Leader 16 September 2014 14: 08
    Is his last name exactly Medvedev?
    He really looks like Holstein ... or Rabinovich ...
    Not everyone taught the Holocaust to the mind ...
  41. padded jacket
    padded jacket 16 September 2014 14: 12
    Nlvorossia News:
  42. padded jacket
    padded jacket 16 September 2014 14: 14
    Volunteer Militia:
  43. padded jacket
    padded jacket 16 September 2014 14: 22
    The sappers are working:
  44. padded jacket
    padded jacket 16 September 2014 14: 24
    Donetsk after shelling by punishers:
  45. e_krendel
    e_krendel 16 September 2014 15: 31
    HSE is a school of what no one has a clue about.
  46. mackonya
    mackonya 16 September 2014 15: 48
    Maybe then the "entoma" professor "feel" the "face", and then say that it seemed to him and all this is a myth.
  47. padded jacket
    padded jacket 16 September 2014 15: 57
    The battalion "Azov" filmed his own defeat
  48. oracul
    oracul 16 September 2014 16: 15
    Honestly, it doesn't deserve any words other than the obscene HSE and its professorship. Too much in their assessments, to put it mildly, is alarming. And nevertheless, they always shine on TV screens in the role of experts on a variety of issues, as if there are no scientists from Moscow State University, Moscow State Technical University, MIPT, St. Petersburg State University, Novosibirsk University and other equally deserved universities. Or maybe because Medvedev, this "beacon" of science, attacks TV because his task is to divert attention from it. For many programs on TV cause nothing but bewilderment.
  49. nov_tech.vrn
    nov_tech.vrn 16 September 2014 16: 22
    "The next article of Professor Medvedev is eagerly awaited" - or maybe that's enough, everything is so simple, check his dissertations, a glamorous professor, fosterlings of gaydars cannot be plagiarized, this is their lifestyle, and first present evidence, and then, so politely , under the backside of the knee, even the relatives of the victims can sue for libel, in general this creature needs to be shown its place
  50. special
    special 16 September 2014 17: 51
    It is high time to disperse this HSEEEEE as a hotbed of infection ...