Military Review

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 10 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 9: 03

Message from residents of Kharkov

"We watched a train heading southbound tanks and ZILs, there were also about ten armored personnel carriers. On the tanks it was written "On Horlivka."

Yesterday at 9: 58

Message from residents of Kramatorsk

"Occupants during exercises from quarries fired on the territory of PJSC NKMZ. Bullets of large caliber were found. Glass was broken in some premises and workshops. There was no massive shelling, there seemed to be no casualties. Among the factory workers, there are those who were shelled and forced to hide from bullets. "

Yesterday at 10: 20

Message from Jan militia

"During the day, tensions remained, the Nazis again shelled the outskirts of Donetsk.
Under the Red Ray, the militia artillery, the enemy convoy was destroyed, marching on the march from Slavyansk. According to preliminary data, the enemy’s 90% armored vehicles have been destroyed, there is no information about the number of 200’s; however, it is safe to say that the result of the artillery division did not even leave the 300's platoon.
The third wave of the sweeps started in Krasny Liman, now the Nazis are focusing on those who even helped the militia.
18: 00 (NR) On the East (Mariupol), the battle began, and the work of the AP-30, machine guns was heard. In the village of Sakhanka heard the work of artillery.
19: 10 Shooting was heard in Mariupol near the airport. Howitzer artillery is heard.
The transfer of fascist troops to Mariupol and Donetsk continues.
19: 30 In the Volnovaha cannon, there is a battle with the use of rifle weapons and artillery.
20: 20 The work of artillery is heard in Mariupol.
21: 55 In the area of ​​the airport restless, breaks also in Petrovka.
22: The Nazis struck Dzerzhinsk with the MLRS against Gorlovka. "

Yesterday at 10: 51

Summary of military events for yesterday from "colonelcassad"

"The army of Novorossia continued to record the violations of the truce by the Ukrainian military, who continue to conduct shelling of settlements. There is an intensified reinforcement of the APU's armored vehicles in the ATO area and the erection of fortifications on the front line. The Kyiv authorities are apparently preparing a new wave of counterattacks on the lands of New Russia.


There was a violation by the individual units of the enemy ceasefire regime.
Shelling underwent Kiev district. As a result of hitting the shells, Donetsk Specialized Secondary Boarding School №22, located at Lesnaya 1 street, is damaged.
In addition, according to the City Council, two nine-story houses were damaged, as well as two houses of the private sector. "The woman was injured, she was taken to the hospital with a fragmentation wound.

In the Donetsk direction, the Ukrainian troops continue to deploy troops, occupy advantageous areas and lines, conduct reconnaissance.
The sabotage and reconnaissance activities of the security forces in the areas of Amvrosievka, Vodyanoi, and Svetlodarsky were intensified. There, according to local residents, enemy mobile sabotage and reconnaissance groups were seen. In the course of carrying out measures to neutralize them, an exchange of fire with a militia unit took place in the Water district. Destroyed one vehicle of high cross. One militia wounded. The saboteurs managed to escape.

N.P. Spartak - came under fire from the direction of the settlement Avdiivka.
3-th East m / r - came under fire from the direction of the settlement Light Way.
The western outskirts of the city - came under fire from the direction of the n. Marinka. Repulsed the attack on the militia checkpoint. 6 APU fighters taken prisoner.

The Ukrainian military conducted shelling of Gorlovka with the help of mortar guns and the MLRS "Grad".

In the village under Amvrosiyivka movement of armored vehicles and manpower of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was recorded. They settled down outside the village of Elizaveta-Nikolaevka right behind the hills. Possible attacks: Blagodatnoe, Stepan-krynka and Ilovaisk. "

In the Mariupol direction, the situation has not changed significantly.
After leaving the National Guard under, the militia units occupied the settlements of Krasnoarmeyskoye, Kulikovo and reached the left bank of the Kalmius River.

The build-up of armored vehicles and personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the north-west direction and by sea in Mariupol continues. Liquidated checkpoint APU. Destroyed 1 tank, 3 punisher injured. The city itself again came under fire from the MLRS "Grad" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the part of the settlement. Zyrka

On the eve of the division of the DPR army conducted a successful operation, during which the enemy convoy was intercepted. The 2 units of the MLRS 9k58 - Smerch and 5 trucks with ammunition for the above-mentioned MRLS became trophies of the army. It is reported by the political department of the Ministry of Defense of the DPR.

In Donetsk, in the territory of the stadium "Donbass Arena" found a food warehouse. From the territory of which the delivery of provisions to the Ukrainian armed forces took place.

Energy supplying enterprises carried out work on the renewal of power supply to substations and the restoration of power lines in the Petrovsky district and the city of Mospino. Total in the city remain de-energized 44 transformer substations.
Specialists of PJSC "Donetskgorgaz" connected to the gas supply 98 consumers of apartment buildings in Kuibyshev and Kiev districts. In the first half of the day, the specialists of the power supplying enterprises energized one substation in the Kievsky district and four transformer substations in the Petrovsky district.
In addition to the restoration work on damaged networks in Donetsk, the planned preparation of heat supply sources for operation in the autumn-winter period continues. Currently, 73 boiler houses of the Donetsk-Gorteploset KKP operate, providing hot water to city residents. Another 21 boiler is under scheduled maintenance to prepare the boiler equipment for the heating period.


In the Luhansk direction, the enemy continues to build up a grouping of troops northwest of the capital of the LPR.
In the Stepnoye area, two servicemen of the 51 Mechanized Brigade laid down arms and went over to the side of the militia. They have confirmed information about the enemy's reserves, including armored vehicles and artillery, to continue the ATO.

Confirmed information about the mining powerpower of thermal power plants in the area of ​​the settlement of Happiness. According to intelligence data, foreign mercenaries, some of whom are snipers, are operating in the CHP area.

Under the control of the militia moved the village of Forest.

The Luhansk People's Republic does not intend to give Kiev control over the border between the territory under its control and Russia, said the head of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky

- I have already stated that all attempts to turn the Minsk Protocol against us will not pass. We signed this protocol as an agreement on peaceful coexistence. Isolate and strangle us will not work. We will not give up our borders with fraternal Russia under hostile control, he noted.
"In the Luhansk People's Republic, the ban on leaving male persons from its territory has been lifted. The corresponding order was signed by the head of the LPR, Igor Plotnitsky.
- Our republic has someone to defend. Unlike the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we do not call up to the army by force, ”said the head of the LC.
The order will take effect on September 10. In accordance with it, the ban on leaving military service of men aged between 18 and 50 years beyond the limits of the LC is lifted. "


Kiev disown the funeral of "heroes" of Ukraine. Kiev authorities have announced that they will not hold a free burial of the National Guard under the soldiers killed in the fighting in the south-east of Ukraine. Thus, the relatives will have to pay the funeral services themselves in full.

At the airport of Kharkov, 2 landed two military transport aircraft Hercules (USA), unloaded 2 installations of LAROM MLRS (Romania) and one Teruel-3 (Spain), as well as a large amount of ammunition. This is stated in the message received from the militia. Further, the RSZO moved forward along the bypass road in the direction of Starobelsk.
2 landed foreign aircraft with armored vehicles at Kharkiv airport. "

Yesterday at 10: 58

Message from the militia headquarters

"During the night, the enemy continued provocations and baseless accusations of the armies of the Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics of violating the agreements reached at the negotiations in Minsk. According to generalized data from the areas of direct contact of the militia positions with the enemy, five cases of violation of the armistice agreements were recorded."

Yesterday at 12: 16

Novorossia Army Information Bureau Newsletter for the night of September 10

"The command of the army of Novorossia recorded five cases of violation of agreements on an armistice by separate divisions of the junta forces:

- in 14 hours 40 minutes from the side of Happiness (LNR) with small arms was fired at a checkpoint units of the Army of the Southeast in the area of ​​Merry Mountains;

- In 16 hours 30 minutes from the Upper Krynka (DPR) side there was an artillery raid on residential areas and social infrastructure of Khartsyzsk;

- In 18 hours 20 minutes with Nazi mortar shells were fired at school number 10 in the village of Zugres (DPR);

- in 20 hours 10 minutes and in 20 hours 50 minutes, residential quarters of Makeyevka and Nizhnyaya Krynka respectively came under mortar fire (DNR).

Civilian casualties and destruction are being clarified.

According to intelligence data, in the Donetsk direction, the forces of the junta continue to deploy troops, occupy advantageous areas and lines, and also conduct active reconnaissance of the area.

Under the control of the national militia forces, the abandoned settlements of Dokuchaevsk, Razdolnoye and Solntsevo passed.

In the Luhansk direction, the situation has not changed significantly.

According to the residents of the village of Nizhny, the men of the punitive battalion "Aydar" stationed in it constantly get drunk, engage in looting and harassment of the local population.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces units located in the neighboring village of Toshkovka attempted to stop the unlawful actions of representatives of the punitive battalion, as a result of which a clash occurred with the use of small arms.

In the Mariupol direction, the situation has not changed significantly. The main efforts of the invaders were focused on strengthening their positions in the Mariupol region. "

Yesterday at 13: 35

Message from the militia headquarters

"The troops of Novorossiya captured nine Cougars in the course of the battles of Telmanovo, which were in service with the National Guard. This armored vehicle with a wheel formula 4 × 4, developed by the Canadian company Streit Group, is manufactured at KrAZ.
During the tests carried out by the militia, the high mobility of the cougars was noted, but our specialists considered the booking insufficient and in vulnerable places it would be reinforced by additional armor plates, between which layers are placed trophy bullet-proof vests. Now Cougars will go into service with sabotage and reconnaissance groups. Three cars have already received a militia group with the call sign "Abkhaz."

Yesterday at 14: 17

Photos from the militia Berezina

Fresh photos of fierce truce in the Mariupol direction.

Reports from the militia of New Russia for 10 September 2014 of the year

Yesterday at 14: 35

Video from the militia

Yesterday's oath to replenish the brigade of the Brain "Ghost."

Yesterday at 14: 49

Message from the militia "Borisycha" from Shakhtersk

"The mood of the guys is such that it is the calm before the storm. I read news, here and there, shooting and explosions. It cleared up, apparently because the shining "January" returned from dismissal. Militiaman "Engineer" said recently: Ukraine does not exist. There is a territory seized by the United States and Germany that must be liberated. "

Yesterday at 15: 18

Message from the militia Prokhorov

"In the village of Baranikovka (near Belovodskoye - the occupied north of the LC), the partisans blew up the Ukrop border guards on a landmine. By interceptions - 3" 200 "and 2" 300 ", there is a video (see below).
The truce is in full swing.
Ukry tried to get through to the Donetsk airport, and they were twice covered with the Grad MLRS BM-21 near n. n. Thin. From the artel were fired positions near n. The village of Peski, Avdiivka and on the territory of the airport in Donetsk.

Motorola squad occupied Komsomolskoye, captured by the national parks in the beginning of the month

The defense of the enemy in the Volnovakhi area is being felt - the scouts attacked the fennel positions in the district hospital area.

Ukry from Popasnaya continued to fire on Pervomaisk (somewhere in the evening on 11 in the local way) - they received an answer.

What resources to recommend to get relevant information about the war? And who knows - "all lie" (c) Dr. House.
Here until you see with your own eyes, you cannot touch it with your hands - you cannot believe. And the situation is changing just like lightning.
Of the real (that is, I vouch for the information - because the mat is on the air in the morning), the latter - the Cherkasy terbat refused to fight (they were in Volnovakha) - they wrote a report in full force. These are volunteer units. But they may come under mobilization (3-I was over yesterday, but the call started, if they can be forcibly summoned up to 25 years). "

Yesterday at 17: 26

Message from journalists

"Between the soldiers of the volunteer battalion "Aidar" and the regular part of the APU, a clash occurred with the use of weapons, informs the information bureau of the army of Novorossiya with reference to the residents of the village of Nizhneye, which is under the control of the Kiev armed formation.
According to the residents of the village of Nizhny, the men of the punitive battalion "Aydar" stationed in it constantly get drunk, engage in looting and harassment of the local population. The Ukrainian Armed Forces units located in the neighboring village of Toshkovka attempted to stop the unlawful actions of their colleagues from the punitive battalion, as a result of which a clash occurred with the use of small arms. "

Yesterday at 17: 56

Message from Gennady Oak

"In the city of Komsomolskoye full order, the mayor-regional, who collaborated with dill escaped, deputies and ordinary employees work as usual. Attempts of looting under the guise of representatives of the DPR were stopped immediately and no longer repeated. Motorola is not only an excellent military, but also a talented civilian manager . "

Yesterday at 18: 14

Comments from military analyst "colonelcassad"

"1. The battles of those did not stop, just the intensity and scale of them decreased. The" truce "at the grassroots level is successfully violated by both parties, and since it was impossible to reliably determine who first started to shoot at fighting, the ground for mutual accusations a fertile squad does not particularly believe in the "truce" with either side, and those troops of the junta and the army of Novorossia, which are poorly subordinate to the central command, usually do not consider the "truce" as something essential. scrap, both sides are set to continue the war, looking impatiently at politicians.

2. The junta continues to concentrate forces, in general, the huge hole between Yelenovka and Mariupol has not yet fully covered, but the junta has significantly strengthened its position here and the options for throwing to the north of Mariupol at Berdyansk have now receded into the background. Mariupol itself is no longer de facto blocked and it is quite possible to drive there, the territory to the west of the DRG city of Novorossia is very conditionally controlled, as is the case with the junta, which for the time being simply lacks the strength to create a solid front. The size of the theater of operations is generally superior to the current capabilities of the parties.
nevertheless, at this stage the junta is building up forces somewhat faster than the militia, so that in a few days it will already have enough forces to counterattack in attempts to seize the operational initiative. Our attacks in the Mariupol area are not particularly afraid of us, there is reliance on the border of the Russian Federation, therefore even a rush to the border through Telmanovo does not solve the task of surrounding the New Azov group. But junta factions north of Donetsk fear, with reliance on the Debaltseve area, new attempts to cut off the Gorlovsky ledge and break through to Yenakiyevo are quite possible. In the LNR, the enemy as a whole has moved on to strategic defense and so far strengthens the front in anticipation of a possible offensive of the militias in order to liberate the territory of the LPR.

3. History with severed heads, our sources could not confirm, although as they say such rumors go, but no one has seen. On the other hand, they confirmed the story of the execution of several prisoners of the militia under Novosvetlovka and the serious losses of civilians and militia under Marinovka, where the junta covered a column of trucks from the MLRS. They were buried there now in a mass grave (the majority did not have documents), perhaps we will try to help with the establishment of a monument or a cross. Plus, we went to Izvarino, where St. George's crosses were given to distinguished militiamen for military merit like the 105-fighters destroyed under the Novosvetlovka tank.

4. The upgraded tanks in Kharkov, which yesterday flashed on the photographs, are the modernized T-64 "Oplot" from the Thai contract. Several cars were delivered to the customer, the rest was held and now they are hastily driven to the front. That is exactly the same thing that happens with the Mongolian Mi-24B, which the junta is now trying to buy, repair and use in future battles.

5. For foreign technology (NATO tanks, which Vitrenko and the MLRS in Kharkiv were talking about) it was not possible to obtain reliable information. It is possible that the tanks of NATO took the upgraded T-64, which are for the uninitiated person an unusual look. About foreign MRLSs in general, everything is vague, just like with information about the supply of Polish ACS "Dana" through the port of Odessa. In general, the information is in the nature of unverified.

6. By the number of artillery and the MLRS junta in the Donbass, about which the dispute went yesterday, such an amount as in the article most likely reflects the staffing, but not real possibilities of the junta, taking into account those units that could potentially be taken from storage depots and assigned to the belligerent units, but in reality, they are either in the recovery process, or they are not fully capable, so the claimed number seems to be overestimated in 2, although there is a tendency to increase the number of barrel and rocket artillery units on the main axes.

7. The mobilization of the 3 th wave of special increase in recruits is not the case, the stated numbers in 100-120 are thousands of new recruits that would increase the first-line parts in the Donbas to the desired 80-90 thousands of soldiers, and remained in the fantasy of the junta leaders. In fact, the current number of junta groups in the Donbass, taking into account the reserves, remained at the level of the beginning of July, which is to blame for both the losses incurred and the failure of the 3 th mobilization wave. This, however, should not discourage a new wave of mobilization is not far off. Obviously, with the current strength of the group, the junta will not be able to achieve significant strategic results in the Donbas (the active option of military assistance from the outside is a separate conversation). The recruitment of the army of Novorossia, although not as strong as on the days of a victorious offensive, is quite sufficient for arming new recruits, so the army of Novorossiya is slowly but surely increasing, despite the losses incurred.

8. According to unverified information, Dremov was reassigned to the headquarters in Krasnodon, whereas he had previously been associated with Ataman Kozitsyn. Kozitsyn, however, continues to play his own war, the benefit of his once small detachment, has now grown to a full-fledged brigade, which perhaps lacks armored vehicles (there are no equipment supplies to it, fighting by pressing in the junta’s boilers). Since there is a war and no one wants to fight with him openly, this liberty continues to suffer, and although the stability of its parts in defense is rather doubtful, they de facto continue to cut sections of the front over and over again, because there is no one else to put there.

In general, both sides are waiting for a cheap circus with a "truce" to end and fighting will resume. The political leadership of the junta and Novorossia has already quite clearly indicated the non-overlapping objectives of the war, about which there will be no compromise. "

Yesterday at 18: 25

Message from Igor Druzya

“Igor Strelkov rejected a proposal from several central TV channels to organize an interview in exchange for a reward of 50 thousand dollars per hour of conversation. Several TV channels offered decent fees for interviewing him - from 50 thousand dollars. Hour talked, and already 50 thousand dollars. And more you can take it off others. But he laughed and said that, no matter how loud it sounds, he thinks about the fate of the Fatherland, and he doesn’t trade for such nonsense ... Moreover, he never took money for what you basically should do for free. Episode from the TV channel Mi shows that Strelkov arrived in Donbass not for the purpose of enrichment, although he could have had such an opportunity there many times. Now Strelkov is preparing new projects. "

Yesterday at 18: 31

Message from the headquarters of the MO DNR

"The administration of the settlements of Debaltsevo, Zhdanovka, Dzerzhinsk and Volnovakha expresses concern about the atrocities committed by units of the Ukrainian security forces. Over the past two days, representatives of local governments have officially recorded eighteen cases of robberies by the Ukrainian military of residents living in these settlements. From the moment of the truce, military units of the 25-th airmobile brigade, 11-th battalion of territorial defense "Kievan Rus", deploying I Debaltsevo, as a result of drunken fights regularly lead chaotic shooting from small arms, including each other. In Volnovakha drunken punishers of 51-th mechanized brigade opened fire with mortars on the private sector. Information on casualties or damage to be confirmed. "

Yesterday at 18: 36

Message from Dmitry Steshin

“Poland has stopped gas reversal to Ukraine. Now the Independence“ PTN PNN! ”Is deciphered-“ Putin, forgive us, it’s cold! ”And in Novorossia gas pipes are being pulled from Russia - they themselves saw, there are several kilometers left to the border.”

Yesterday at 18: 50

Message from bloggers

"From the area of ​​the Mariupol airport, dill are applied with an arthur, the direction of the blow has not been clarified. In the area of ​​Old Crimea, the placement of dill manpower for planting is recorded."

Yesterday at 19: 05

Video from the militia

18-year-old militia saved 17 fighters who were surrounded, and received for his feat George Cross

Rocket launcher "Small". Again a trip to Ilovaisk ... A very young militia approaches the humanitarian group and journalists. Please introduce yourself. Name is Andrey, call - Small. He says that he was not “lucky” right away, only on the third attempt he was recorded in the militia, because of his age, only 18 years. He received the cross for helping the lads, the 17 group of people, out of the environment.
“I myself am a grenade launcher,” says Maloy. - I left to cover the boys. For this, and gave the cross.
In one particularly "hot" battle, many of his friends were killed. He fought in Nikolaevka and Slavyansk. Then transferred to Donetsk. Now I would like to stay in Ilovaisk. Here he met a girl, is going to build a family.
Such as Malaya, hundreds, thousands of other boys today, in arms, defend the independence of Donbass. Kowtow to them for that.

Yesterday at 19: 50

Summary of the Southeast Army Information Bureau

"The cease-fire regime was generally respected, but some units of the junta's forces, ignoring the formal orders of Kiev, are attempting provocations.
In the area of ​​16 hours of the day, small-arms fire was fired upon at the militia positions in the north-western outskirts of Donetsk.
Somewhat later, for half an hour, punitive tanks and armored personnel carriers fired on the southern outskirts of Enakievo.
From the 18 clock on the part of Nikolaevka, the fascist artillery opened up indiscriminate mortar shelling of the residential areas of Dokuchaevsk. The militiamen, trying to prevent the breakdown of the agreements reached, did not react to the provocations of the enemy.
According to intelligence information, junta units in all directions regroup forces in order to occupy more profitable areas and lines, measures are being taken to restore combat capability and strengthen groups in threatened areas by transferring newly formed units, primarily from western Ukraine.
There is information about the preparation of sabotage groups that will conduct reconnaissance and subversive activities under the guise of local residents, including at housing and utility facilities. "

Yesterday at 20: 02

Evening tour map overview

Yesterday at 20: 18

Video from journalists

"Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity on Sparrow Hills in Moscow and put a candle. When asked by journalists about who he did, the Russian leader said:" For those who suffered, and those who gave their lives defending people in New Russia. "

Yesterday at 20: 25

Photo from the militia

Avdiivka after the attack of Ukrainian punitive.

Yesterday at 21: 18

Message from military analyst "colonelcassad"

“I will note the Brain’s speech during yesterday’s oath taken by recruits, where he once again confirmed that there will be no truce.
According to the technology, it is noticeable that the Brain, unlike the “Oplot” or “East”, obviously does not have much.
I remember a group of women during the passage of the column. That is to say, refute the thesis that war is not a woman’s business.
In general, the units of the Brain are evolving more clearly from partisan groups into a full-fledged unit. "

Yesterday at 21: 56

Statement by the Speaker of the DPR Parliament Boris Litvinov

"Donetsk People's Republic is ready to pay pensions at 1800 hryvnia (about 120 dollars) per month. To do this, you need to write a statement. The authorities of the DPR do not mind if pensioners can also receive pensions from Ukraine. While the authorities of the republic have problems with the databases of Ukrainian offices The pension fund, whose employees do not fulfill their functions, therefore, it is impossible to automatically calculate pensions and personal treatment of citizens with documents is necessary. "

Yesterday at 22: 20

Message from Jan militia

"Tensions still persist, at night there was shooting in Mariupol, in Donetsk and suburbs restlessly.
The movement of Nazi units, the accumulation of enemy units in the Volnovakhi area continues.
The village of Pervomayskoye (Telmanovsky district) came under the control of the DPR militia.
The battalion "Cherkasy" refused to participate in punitive operations near Donetsk and left the disposition location.
In Donetsk, in some areas there is still no water.
At about half past three (HP) the Nazis opened fire at Textile workers at noon, several explosions thundered, automatic shooting was heard, a battle was started. "

Yesterday at 22: 47

Message from journalists

“The situation in the ATO zone makes the Ukrainian punitive take their own lives and replenish the thousands of victims of the Ukrainian regime on their own. The Ukrainian media report. According to their information, the ensign of the so-called territorial defense of the Kharkov battalion committed suicide, not enduring what he saw in the conflict zone in the East.
From the message of the regional media center of the Ministry of Defense, it became known that the gunman was found dead on Sunday, and a Kalashnikov assault rifle was lying next to him.
"Previously, this event was qualified as suicide, the military prosecutor's office is also considering other options, including inaccurate handling of weapons," said Dmitry Gorbunov, head of the media center.
According to him, until tomorrow the body of the 30-year-old warrant officer will be delivered to Kharkov, where they formed the 22 battalion of territorial defense. The deceased himself was born in Khmelnitsky, and lived in the capital. According to the colleagues of the deceased thriller, his psyche could not stand because of what he saw in the ATO zone.

Yesterday at 22: 51

Message from the famous militia Sergeant

Clarification of information from the original source, the hero of Saur-Grave, and the Peresvet's foreman on yesterday's news:

A large column of Ukrainian security forces was crushed near Mariupol today. According to operational data near Mariupol, when trying to break through the territory controlled by the militia, a large column of the Ukrainian army was destroyed.
One of the soldiers of Novorossia, the hero of the defense of Saura, reports directly from the battlefield (the vocabulary is preserved):
"In short, the column was defeated by the Ukrainian. 4 T-64, 2 BTR, and about a dozen supply vehicles. The T-64 from RPG or ATGM scatters fly to shreds. The towers fly, I .... Just ... Spectacle ... Our arthur I covered the dill with 4 tanks. There were fireworks there too ... "

The fight, described in the previous post, occurred 5 days ago 6.34 in the morning in Moscow, and not yesterday ... Losses from our side - according to Tymchuk, that is, no. He played the factor of surprise and poor intelligence and military escort by ukrov. Senior Officer Peresvet is looking for a cord to take pictures ...

"About life:
- I live in a trench, do not wash, nothing, steppe, and in the village there is no water ...
- I got ukropsky bronik. Complete nonsense, they all go to this shit ... I do not wear it. I also serve as a machine gunner (PKM krasauucheg).

- On semi-bottom fodder, ukrodoshirak, etc. trophy yalovitchina (hohlotushenka)

About the sea:
- Azov stinky sea ... "

Today in 0: 22

Message from Dmitry Steshin

"They clinked glasses with Motorola glasses, I - kvass, he - currant juice."

Today in 0: 44

Photo report from the militia

"Our Amvrosievka!"
Militiaman from a large-caliber machine gun knocks ukro-flag.

Today in 1: 01

Message from Jan militia

"In the Nazi-occupied territories of Novorossia, the situation with the population of the occupying authorities is aggravated. The third wave of arrests of people seen in anti-occupation views or who have ever helped the militia began. In particular, Krasny Liman, Slavyansk, Artyomovsk and other cities of Novorossia. Therefore, please Citizens of Novorossia should be more careful in statements in social networks and local forums.
The looting of personal vehicles on the roads between the settlements in the zones of occupation by the Nazis became frequent. A number of Nazi units set up ambushes, rob houses, beat people. Drinking and immoralism thrives in the enemy’s rear units. The use of drunken units has become more frequent.
The strengthening of the Nazi combat positions in the settlements adjacent to the front continues.
On the whole, the situation is calm, but the tension remains.
In Lugansk, the frequency of shelling has decreased, there is gas, serious interruptions in water and electricity. A number of substations, unfortunately, cannot be repaired, methods for restoring communications are being sought.
Today, the Nazis fired at their own positions again, the outskirts of Karlovka were subjected to artillery strikes. "

From the militia.

According to intelligence data, about 30 Ukrainian tanks are located in the very village of Volnovakha. Also there is a large number of infantry stationed there (many unmarked and masked).
They dig in equipment, dig trenches. In the Volnovakhi area in 15.00 (Moscow time), movement of the Ukrainian military column was recorded.
From the side of Rybinsk the column passed in the direction of Vasilyevka.
The column consisted of 4 ACS, 1 GRAD, and also 29 units of equipment (URALS and buses) with personnel, food, ammunition, and so on.

Today in 1: 40

The shocking confessions of residents of Ilovaisk (DPR)

A resident of the city of Ilovaisk Donetsk National Republic talks about the horrors that occurred in her hometown. “It all began on August 5 when the drone arrived. After shelling began from the castle. Punishers killed children, women, pensioners. Many dead.
Kiev authorities created such terrible things in the Donbass that hair stand on end. People were collected in bags and buried under the entrances. Is it all worth it to even more fill their pockets with money? Power, greed, venality - makes people suffer. But, the truth is with us, and, despite all the horrors and pain, we will defeat the neo-Nazi filth!

Today in 2: 25

Message from the militia Alexander Zhuchkovsky

"The longer I have been here, the more I am convinced that Igor Strelkov was the core of Novorossia.
It was not worth it to take out. NOT WORTH IT.
While continuing to "gritting his teeth" work. (There are still many of us left with whom we "started".)
"There was no rebound, the struggle continues!"

Today in 3: 07

Message from residents of Kirovskoye (DNR)

Truce speak? They called from the nearby Enakievo: from Enakievo, a number of troops in 3: mercenaries - Poles, Swedes, second row - Kolomoitsy and after natsyk. All on us.
In the morning a couple of times in the city of Kirovskoe were heard volleys. What a truce? This is all for viewers on TV and excuses. While accumulating. All strengthen the position, digging trenches and trenches. Cover them tried. Does not work. For a month, they strengthened and chose good positions behind the waste heap - they leave to bomb and hide.
We all 3 weeks were thrashed from many points: Debaltseve, Artyomovsk, Zhdanovka, in front of Enakievo Maloorlivka (Broad) and Poltavskaya mine, Kommunar.
Three weeks of shelling in the city of Kirovskoe killed 27 civilians, 53 received fragmental wounds.
23 and 24 August, on Independence Day, my city was bombed on a grand scale. In the evening, the National Guard under congratulated the miners on the day of the miner 31 on the same scale. I may be exaggerating, but this is more like a Sabbath of Sabanists. Natsyky not fought, they stupidly bombed in response, not the DNI in the fields, and our city.
The worst thing is that the national community pays local drug addicts, homeless people for 1000 uah. for 1 device for the orientation of the shelling, one can find 5 pcs. One such device was found by the watchman on the fence of one building in front of my house and crushed. They say a small device such as a diode of some kind. One was so caught, searched, even stripped - nothing. A militia of a cigarette he took a smoke, and there 4 pieces. Militias such catch. They peel them so that the bones crunch. One hand was broken, so that it would not be commonplace, and sent to Donetsk.
In the village of Grabskoe near Ilovaysk, 8.09.2014 was the first to bring humanitarian aid during the war. Residents survived hell. The National Guard under killed children, women. Residents of the village Grabskoe told: the National Guard under buried their soldiers along with animals - cows, pigs. All in one hole.
See photo. ATO results. Mine "Komsomolets Donbassa" after the National Guard under shelling. Kirovskoye city after the National Guard under shelling. Apartment for departure. Here the owner of the apartment made a wave. She is alive, but all turned gray.
As a result of the bombing, the Vyshenky Kindergarten burned down, the houses in the 16 quarter and 18 quarter were damaged, the city center was also broken, and indeed in the quarter almost all the houses were bombed. A city without light, water, in some places there is no gas. The temple, hospital, shops, one restaurant, a stadium, one of the largest mines in Ukraine were destroyed ... not to mention how many residents of the city suffered! Killed children and adults, many wounded.
Save our city! Why is the city of Kirovskoe being shelled? It does not have any heavy equipment DPR, nor a large cluster of militia. For a month now, residents have been sitting in basements, bomb shelters without electricity, water, no food! This hell does not stop, old people and children are dying, the largest mine is being destroyed! And no one cares about the fate of abandoned people. And the national guard, located in the neighboring village in 5-km, which bombards the city with mortars and hail, responds to local villagers that they are shelling their children in the city because they have an order! Near the town of Enakievo, in it peace and quiet, people go to the market, work shops. Our city there is no one to protect !!! Save our fellow countrymen, save our town from total destruction! Mine "Komsomolets Donbassa" already flooded to the mark 600! People will not have work, moreover, they will flood the city and nearby territories! "

Today in 3: 44

Message press center DNR

"Fierce truce" is gaining momentum.
At night, there was another unsuccessful attempt by punitive to break out of the encirclement at the Donetsk airport. In response, the security forces began shelling the Putilov microdistrict (the type of ammunition is unknown: perhaps it was incendiary PD, perhaps the so-called “chandeliers” to intimidate the civilian population). Also during the shelling of the Kiev district, a 1 civilian was wounded.

In Makeevka (Guards) area, clashes of the invaders with the defenders of the city occur periodically. In the afternoon, artillery and mortar shelling of Gorlovka (from the direction of Dzerzhinsk), respectively, the artillery response of the militia at the firing points of the Ukrainian troops, occurred.

During the day, shelling of Khartsyzk, Zugres, Konstantinovka, Dokuchaevsk, urban-type settlement Novotroitskoy continues. According to preliminary data, there are no injuries, but in Debaltseve, as a result of the shelling of the railway station, 3 civilians were injured.

Under the cover of the “cease-fire” treaty, Ukrainian troops make unsuccessful attempts to enter the city of Yasinovataya.

In n. P. Yelenovka, the National Guardians shot their colleagues (either for an attempt at desertion, or an attempt to go over to the militia side) in the amount of up to 30 people. Also, the column of Ukrainian reinforcements, which was moving to Mariupol, was almost completely destroyed by the fire of the Ukrainian security forces from the RSZO “Grad”. Losses are specified.

Ukrainian troops retreated from n. Kulikovo (Novoazovskiy district) and n. Krasnoarmeyskoye settlement (Slavyansky district). Villages are under the control of the militia.

The arrival in the temporarily occupied Mariupol of the so-called President of Ukraine Poroshenko was marked by inhuman provocation by the troops entrusted to him - the dam on Pavlopolsky reservoir was significantly damaged by fire from tanks.

In general, the front line remains unchanged, active hostilities are not fixed. Pulling up of punitive reserves continues.

Today in 3: 47

Crimes of Ukrainian punishers against civilians

Ukrainian punitive regularly shelled residential areas of the cities of Donetsk People's Republic. The correspondent of the State Information Agency of the DPR was able to take comments from the victims of the shelling. They are being treated in Donetsk hospitals.

“August 15 in my car I drove a friend to Yasinovatsky railway station. Returning back to Vasilivka, I heard an explosion. The shell exploded behind me, after which I felt a blow to my shoulder and lower back. I stopped the car and called my son on my mobile phone. After that fainted. I woke up when my son was standing next to me, and with him several militias. At first I was taken to the Yasinovataya hospital, and then to DOKTMO, ”said Gennady.

“On August 22 I worked at my summer cottage located on the territory of the Druzhba cooperative (Yasinovataya). The first shell hit the house of neighbors, after which it caught fire. I began to put out the fire. The second ammunition exploded already in the territory of my site, where I was injured. Shards fell into lower limbs. I independently put a splint on my legs, after which I called for help. At this time in my basement there were residents of another house who were hiding from the shelling. They took me to a safe place and treated the wound. When the shelling was over, the militia took me to Donetsk, ”said Alexander.

“August 23 Petrovsky district of Donetsk was subjected to shelling. When the explosions were heard, I went down to the cellar. Half an hour later, I went upstairs and saw that my neighbor was wounded. I called him a doctor. A few minutes later the ambulance arrived. At this time, explosions sounded again, but they were already firing from a grenade launcher. This time I was injured. I was taken to the hospital to them. Kalinin, who was also soon shot at. Fortunately, none of the patients and the medical staff was injured, ”said Alexander.

Press Center DNR

Today in 4: 26

Interview of voenkar Alexander Barkov with Lugansk militia. "Only victory!"

At one of the roadblocks, near the village of Rubezhnoye (on the outskirts of Lysychansk), I was introduced to the militia Sergey, a native of the city of Stakhanov, Lugansk region. Sergey does not look like a pumped up guy. Medium height, 57 years old, with glasses, hair is greyish, plump. At first I treated him somehow frivolously.
Then, talked to him, and realized: Sergei - a convinced militia, was in many serious battles. Commanders speak very well of him, as a disciplined brave fighter.
There is a real civil war in Novorossia, age, and even more, physique is not the main thing. The main thing is the strength of the spirit of the militia fighters. And Sergey has great strength of mind!

“Tell me, why did you decide to go to the militia?”
- I lived in the city of Stakhanov until 33 years. I was not bad here, pretty comfortable. Then he went to Moscow. Liked there, stayed. Got married He worked as a taxi driver near Rublevka, on Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. May 20 on the Internet saw artillery firing at Slavyansk. I knew the local population. Himself local. I could not understand this: what is happening? They shot at civilians of the city. I went to the hometown of Stakhanov to enter the militia.

- And you were accepted?
- I was personally acquainted with the commander of the garrison of Severodonetsk and Lysychansk Pavel Leonidovich Dremov. He is my countryman according to Stakhanov. Came to him. He remembered me, he recognized me. Recorded in the militia. Issued weapons - SKS: Simonov's self-loading karabiner of the 1944 model of the year (SKS - box-shaped two-row karabiner, loaded on 10 cartridges. - Auth.). Prior to that, fired a weapon only three times, before taking the oath. He served in the army in the construction battalion. Never again did I hold a gunshot in my hands. Now learned and own. I shoot accurately.

- What duties do you perform in the militia of New Russia?
- Now I stand at the roadblock. Check the car. He was in serious battles in Izvarino, was in Dyakovo. Seen how afraid of us. Although there were more. A lot more. Ukry-trained guys, young. Although at a personal meeting, the fear they appear. I saw it. I saw the stoned and crushed ukrov who are fighting with us. Although after the cuff something woke up in them.

- How did your relatives feel about your decision to go to the militia?
- My wife is waiting. Son is waiting. Call up. Very worried about me.

- Tell us about the memorable combat episode.
- Detained one Ukra from the group "Aydar". I look at him - a very charged guy. I like him and say so - he does not want to understand anything. Well, gave him a slap. Then he tore the cross from his chest: "You have no right to carry the cross - you are at war against your people!" Nothing. Heal up. Young still ukr. Well, he didn't seem to kill anyone. Maybe he will be fine.

- What do you want to wish New Russia?
- I wish complete victory. No half contracts. Behind them is new blood. I do not want more blood! People don't know what it is. And I saw and I know ...

Today in 4: 55

Report from sec. Grabskoe. At the 64-year-old woman, Ukrainian punitive practiced hand-to-hand combat techniques

Grabskoe. The road of death is called 4 km of the road that separate this village from Ilovaisk. On the side of the road there are broken, mutilated cars, burned buses mixed with wrecked tanks and armored personnel carriers, and scorched earth. The village itself - solid broken roofs, burned houses.

Here, under Grabsky, fierce merciless battles were fought a week ago. Day after day, all the power of Ukrainian armored vehicles rumbled over the houses. Hundreds of shells flew toward Grabski, where, hiding in cellars and cellars of houses, they were sitting ... No, not the militia, not armed to the teeth people.

Old men, children, women sat and huddled in fear towards each other.
It was their entire week long shot by the Ukrainian army, with those who heroically fought oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people.

Sadovaya Street, 1. Once upon a time this, such a friendly address by its name alone, was a kindergarten. Only the flags at the entrance, fluttering in the autumn wind, and unpretentious drawings that have been preserved in some places on the walls of a destroyed building today remind us that only recently voiced children's voices were heard.

The school is beautiful, the pride of the whole village, suffered the same fate. Under her collapsed walls, mountains of debris, plaster buried the remains of those who were hiding in the basement.

One of the local women is trying to tell her that her fellow villagers, who had taken refuge in the basement, survived, but her voice breaks down, only fragments of phrases sound:

- In the basement there were old men, children, women. They were shot, they did not regret anyone ...

Not protected.

Two men, local, one older, the other younger, say at random, interrupting each other. They try to understand for themselves whether it is possible to call the people who have done all this, people. One of them says:

- I have a mother, her 64 of the year. She was beaten with rifle butts, worked on her sweeps, physically mocked in every possible way. Here I want to ask them: you are like warriors, sort of like the Ukrainian army. Why did you mock an elderly woman?


“I don’t know how to call the man who led the troops on women, old people and children.” No such words. Grandmother, an old woman, twisted with old age, was pitied by all the inhabitants of Grabsky, and was beaten. Two women were torn to pieces by a shell - one came out to pick up tomatoes in the garden ... All the houses are broken, burned, there is no place to take shelter from the rain, and winter is ahead. No, in our Ukraine the president's name is not Poroshenko. Our president is Potroshenko.

Locals also talked about “orders” in Grabsky “liberated” by the Ukrainian troops. How Ukrainian “liberators” used to catch chickens and pigs in the streets, as they immediately gutted and slaughtered, as four of them kept a cow and milked one. How household appliances, furniture, even children's things were carried out from the surviving houses ...
The deputy of the Novorossiya parliament Rustam Abdulayev in front of a car with humanitarian aid, which local people helped to unload along with the militiamen and volunteers who came to help, says:
“It’s hard to listen to what the locals told us, but it’s impossible to imagine how they survived.” Old-timers who remember the Great Patriotic War, who were under the Germans, say today that the Nazis did not behave so brutally.

Now we are unloading a car with humanitarian aid at an empty surviving house. Tomorrow, the locals, who are today in Grabsky about two hundred people, will decide how to distribute products.

See for yourself, unload by the light of lanterns. There is no light, no water, no gas. Food is cooked on fires, water is worn from the surviving wells. XXI Century…

In one of these wells, the inhabitants of Grabski do not take water. Somebody threw a corpse there, it is still there. Another corpse that day has been lying on the outskirts of the village. He was identified - a Polish mercenary, fought on the side of the Ukrainian army.

“Our guys, the militia of one of such Poles, were taken prisoner the day before, asking why he came to fight on the land of Donbass,” the residents say. - And you know what he said? He said that they, mercenaries, needed the skill of war. You see, they practice with us.

- Yes, they are not people, - continues the villager. “A hundred of their dead were buried at the farm nearby, along with the cows.” Do not believe? You can check it! We buried our own people together with the cattle. Who are they after this?

The press service of the Parliament of New Russia, 09.09.14.

Today in 5: 26

Overview of the combat situation from the militia Prokhorov

The truce rant continues.
Skirmishes in the Volnovakhi area have already escalated into battles using Gradov (they covered the Kharkov-1 terbat’s positions in the south of the city).
From Krasnogorovka ukry shelled Donetsk - received otvetku.
The truce continues with the use of artillery in the Kirovsk-Zhdanovka area.
Continuing shelling of Pervomaisky and otvetka on the roadblocks of the National Parks in Gold and Popasna.
By the way, they reported an intensive truce in the village. Red Partizan (near Gorlovka) and Debaltseve.
In Donetsk and Makeyevka there is a truce. Went otvetka, especially got 25-th in the Lower Krynka.
Reported - in Kramatorsk guerrilla raid. In the center of the city (school area number 5) shootout.

Ukry published the number of militia and civilian activists they have - 311 people. The data is not surname (just the total), the militia took a pause to verify their data. Today, the transfer of prisoners was not - moved to tomorrow.

However, ukry increase the number of those arrested in the most vile way. I already wrote that in Zaporozhye in the dispensary, where there were refugees from the Donbass, Ukrainian football fans (semi-official Nazi attack aircraft in the occupied cities of Novorossia, an analogue of the Red Guards) got kicked out by the refugees for the song “Putin, la la la” .
So, the SBU arrested 20 refugee men from this dispensary (many did not take part in the brawl - they grabbed everyone) and all were accused of working for DPR intelligence and terrorist activities.
By the way, in the LC / DPR, the relatives of the sbu-shnikov, who remained loyal to Kiev, live in peace, nobody touches them.

But there is also good news - stupidity among Khokhlo warriors is growing like an epidemic. Kharkov terbat (No. 22) also achieved the transfer of tanks to them
They are now north of Lugansk - while specialists in armored vehicles. so that - "sat-go" they do not. So - a few units of armored vehicles, consider neutralized.

Speaking of technology, expert opinion.
As a result, the official army of Ukraine was left with almost nothing, 80% of the technology that was at the beginning of the campaign, remained in the southern boilers. That forced the military to leave the south-east by bus and buy body armor at their own expense.

There is a clear split between hired bats and ZSu - Porosenko seriously considers them a threat and began a campaign to destroy them. Moreover, it is completely legal for real crimes.
From the media: "The Prosecutor General of Ukraine, Vitaly Yarema, said that his department has evidence of the numerous crimes of volunteer soldiers participating in a special operation in the south-east of the country.
- We have the facts that representatives of volunteer battalions committed offenses against the local population. We are starting a large-scale investigation and will ensure that no one escapes responsibility, the official said.
According to experts, the official Kiev took this step in order to eliminate the armed forces of the National Guard. The journalist of the Independent Military Review, Viktor Myasnikov, believes that in this way the military leadership of Ukraine takes revenge on volunteers for being accused of treason.
- Volunteer battalions really committed a lot of crimes - both military and criminal. It is for certain known that they took out household appliances and valuables from the wealthy houses of the civilian population of Donbass by truck. The National Guard under resorted to torture and executions without trial. But Kiev turned a blind eye to all this, until the combatants began to accuse the General Staff of treason in large numbers, the expert explains. “Already, there are calls to change the leadership of the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff of Ukraine, as well as the threats of the new Maidan, to which armed people will come out with front-line experience behind their backs.”

Criminal bat Shakhtersk already threatened with dismissal and maintaining independent military operations (most likely - not at the front, but in the rear)

More about the good news - the continuation of the woman's riots.
Wives, mothers and daughters of Ukrainian soldiers blocked the road on the central highway of Kiev - Vokhuduhflotskom avenue. All those gathered at the rally are relatives of soldiers of the soldiers of the 12 Battalion, which was created specifically to guard Kiev.
Women claim that the men were sent to the front fraudulently. The military were secretly taken to the territory where military operations are taking place, while not providing either body armor or maps without instructing. According to women, the Ukrainian soldiers are already on 90 days in the Luhansk region.

Well, still - Australopithecus promised ukram warm clothes.
Choto antipodes generally went into the dressing. It is clear - they are a proxy of the USA, but still there is a framework of propriety

Charming. Do not fight - prison, you fight - anyway prison? Why pay more?
Mass media: “Instead of vacation, the soldiers of the 51 mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine found themselves in the detention center of Starobelsk, Lugansk region. They spent 4 months on the front line, and now they are charged with disobedience. Soldiers who held their positions at Lugansk airport face up to 7 years in prison. reports officer tore ...
According to the data given by the Volyn Regional Military Commissariat in late August, during the ATO, this brigade lost its fighter to the dead 51. Finally, it was disbanded and assigned to the 128 th mechanized brigade. Relatives complain that now the guys are “suspended in the air” through these perturbations.
Mariana, the wife of Yuriy Yurkiv from the village of Drozdovichi, Lviv region, says: "They wrote reports on the holidays, in which they indicated that they no longer have the strength to stand up morally and physically. They asked to go home for 10 days. The report stated that they would return to the place of their deployment after the holidays, but they were constantly denied. Those reports were torn to pieces. They were told: no home.
The military is incriminated to the article 402 (2) of the Criminal Code - insubordination, that is, an open refusal to execute the order of the commander, committed by a group of persons, entailing grave consequences. Such offenses are punished with imprisonment from 3 to 7 years. The Starobelsk SIZO now has 12 military personnel suspected of this crime. "

A few nice messages on a dream coming from ukrov:
"The ATO forces in the Debaltsevo area are surrounded on several sides by enemy units," Butusov.
“Geletey must be destroyed! It is necessary to make a decision in Debaltseve. It is necessary for the President to take the problem under his control,” Semenchenko.
Panic is good.

Opensource, I was an optimist, and even comrades misinformed. Nevertheless, ukram today handed over their captives - 20, which were kept in Donetsk, and 6 from Gorlovka. Ukry did not give anyone.

Still, again about T-72 not confused.
Here is the tank baht Dnepr-1 (see photo). These photos are straightforward eye candy. More in the crooked handles of mercenaries - less in ZSU. and that, in the 300 tank training center, there were a total of X-NUMX T-10. This, it seems, already from Europe. Or dill decided to score a bolt on the Ethiopian order.


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  1. belovur
    belovur 11 September 2014 07: 47
    And this is called a truce ?!
    1. Kibalchish
      Kibalchish 11 September 2014 07: 53
      This is called "chhat should have been for all the truces", especially those offered by enemies from Kiev and outright traitors from Moscow.

      Fascists never stop killing! Only the dead !!!

      I’m not a bit Stalinist, but I can’t imagine that Stalin could give such an order at a decisive moment near Stalingrad or Kursk.
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 11 September 2014 08: 21
        Quote: Kibalchish
        and outright traitors from Moscow.

        And who in Moscow is an outspoken traitor who is now influencing the situation in New Russia?
        1. coolvoldik
          coolvoldik 11 September 2014 09: 05
          Yesterday, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met with Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov.
          1. Alexander Romanov
            Alexander Romanov 11 September 2014 10: 02
            Quote: coolvoldik
            Yesterday, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko met with Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation Vladislav Surkov.

            And who is Surkov? Zurabov has even more influence.
    2. mirag2
      mirag2 11 September 2014 08: 44
      The one that shot down the flag with captive dill:
    3. Giant thought
      Giant thought 11 September 2014 08: 56
      The junta is still violating the truce, preparing for the offensive and for crimes against the people. We wish the militias patience and victory.
  2. VICTOR-61
    VICTOR-61 11 September 2014 07: 48
    Good luck to the valiant militias to break this fascist scum fascism will not pass
    1. Edvagan
      Edvagan 11 September 2014 09: 03
      Strelkov is now preparing new projects
      Only this fall! From the creators of "Defense of Slavyansk"! New hit of the season - "Kharkiv is waiting!"
  3. shishakova
    shishakova 11 September 2014 07: 52
    Putin recognized New Russia before God.
    Courage and final big victory to you, dear militias.
    God bless you.
    1. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 11 September 2014 08: 00
      Quote: shishakova
      Putin recognized New Russia before God.
      Why does Lavrov not recognize?
      1. Alexander Romanov
        Alexander Romanov 11 September 2014 08: 22
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        Why does Lavrov not recognize?

        The time will come, accept!
        1. andj61
          andj61 11 September 2014 08: 35
          Quote: Alexander Romanov
          Quote: Thunderbolt
          Why does Lavrov not recognize?

          The time will come, accept!

          Time comes people lose their heads
          Snow mountains melt and not to sleep
          The time comes from the south the birds arrive
          And this time is called spring

          So, wait until spring?
        2. nimboris
          nimboris 11 September 2014 09: 19
          Lavrov and then a diplomat to hide his thoughts
    2. Angro Magno
      Angro Magno 11 September 2014 08: 06
      Then we will deal with God. UN first.
    3. zao74
      zao74 11 September 2014 08: 06
      Putin recognized New Russia before God.
      Yesterday, when it sounded, I flinched ... So we will fight for New Russia to the end!
  4. Chaika
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    Article plus !!! Thanks to the author !!!
  5. parafoiler
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    A fascist can only be good dead ...
  6. saag
    saag 11 September 2014 08: 10
    "It is noticeable from the technique that Mozgovoy, unlike Oplot or Vostok, clearly does not have much of it."

    An interesting thing, you see the number of armored vehicles depends on how "correct" the position of the unit commander?
  7. saag
    saag 11 September 2014 08: 11
    Quote: shishakova
    Putin recognized New Russia before God.

    What can’t you say for the electorate :-)
    1. Alexander Romanov
      Alexander Romanov 11 September 2014 08: 23
      Quote: saag
      What can’t you say for the electorate :-)

      And what does the electorate have to do with it? Not only have you heard it, but also in the EU and Washington.
      1. andj61
        andj61 11 September 2014 08: 38
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        Not only have you heard it, but also in the EU and Washington.

        Apparently, it was for them that he said. And also for Kiev.
      2. saag
        saag 11 September 2014 08: 43
        Quote: Alexander Romanov
        And what does the electorate have to do with it?

        For a politician, the electorate is very involved, both domestic and foreign, attracting foreign electorate to their side, thereby taking away votes and support from current import leaders, and this is sensitive for them, with the domestic electorate a little differently, his sympathies are important, but only as a background, Putin will not really rely on the people, but on those who have either resources or power support, he will not be able to rely on the people - there is no such center of support, as the Communists had in the form of a party organized from the bottom and ideology
        1. Alexander Romanov
          Alexander Romanov 11 September 2014 10: 04
          Quote: saag
          there is no such center of support, as the Communists had in the form of a party organized from the bottom and ideology

          Perhaps that is why everything fell apart.
    2. Drunya
      Drunya 11 September 2014 08: 33
      Quote: saag
      What can’t you say for the electorate:

      by this he said - I KNOW. I SUPPORT. !!!
  8. Drunya
    Drunya 11 September 2014 08: 11
    I don’t understand how they then Novorossia (one whole) then again the LPR and the DPR - again, some sort of divide
    Is there something ?????? request what
  9. Loner_53
    Loner_53 11 September 2014 08: 15
    What OUR PRESIDENT said is GREAT! N O W O R O S S AND I! soldier hi
  10. sanja.grw
    sanja.grw 11 September 2014 08: 15
    Here along the way, as the NATO summit took place:

  11. surovts.valery
    surovts.valery 11 September 2014 08: 28
    "Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity on Sparrow Hills in Moscow and put a candle. When asked by journalists about who he did, the Russian leader said:" For those who suffered, and those who gave their lives defending people in New Russia. "

    This is Putin’s true attitude to the war in the southeast of Ukraine. The way he said it, with pain, but also with determination speaks volumes. We believe and hope for victory.
  12. Alexander67
    Alexander67 11 September 2014 08: 35
    Guys here about the conversation about the exchange of prisoners. The DNI army is letting dill out, but how many of our guys have they let go? And what is their condition? What an unhealthy silence!
  13. Drunya
    Drunya 11 September 2014 08: 42
    Taimuraz Mamsurov awarded the medal "For the Glory of Ossetia" 10 defenders of the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics

    On September 10, the “For the Glory of Ossetia” medal awarded 10 residents of the republic who voluntarily participated in the protection of civilians, women, the elderly and children in Donetsk and Lugansk. The corresponding decree was signed today by the head of North Ossetia, Taimuraz Mamsurov. Three of the volunteers were awarded a posthumous medal. Among them are Vladimir Kostionov, the marching chieftain of the Vladikavkaz district of the Terek Cossack Army, who died in July near Lugansk, and Akhshar Agayev, Cossack of the Kirov Division of the Alan Republican Cossack Army.

    Earlier, Taimuraz Mamsurov repeatedly expressed his attitude to the facts of the presence of Ossetian volunteers in the southeast of Ukraine as part of the militias of the DPR and LPR. In particular, at a press conference in ITAR-TASS, the Head of North Ossetia said the following: “We see what is happening - in Ukraine they are destroying their own people. They say this is our internal affair. But each person’s internal business is to go wherever he wants and do what he wants. Someone wants to go and stand next to people protecting their homes. Such, probably, are. Their names and numbers are unknown to me, and I would really like them not to die, not to lose their comrades there. But this is the choice of people, and I do not condemn this choice. ”

  14. Drunya
    Drunya 11 September 2014 09: 05
    positive from "Grisha" (Graham Phillips) -
  15. Iskander 090
    Iskander 090 11 September 2014 09: 05
    Ukraine does not exist. There is a territory occupied by the US and the EU that needs to be liberated, "and then probably move on.
  16. kill the fascist
    kill the fascist 11 September 2014 09: 40
    calm before the storm. I hope this time the punishers will tear from New Russia, and their clown commanders, as usual wounded in the ass at the crucial moment, howl from the TV about betrayal and fraud.
  17. Gomunkul
    Gomunkul 11 September 2014 09: 57
    Today, such information appeared on Vzglyad:
    Russian volunteer Alexander Zhuchkovsky, fighting on the side of the Donetsk militia and organizing the delivery of assistance from the Russians to the rebels, said that Sberbank had blocked the donated card.
    “Today, for the first time in four months of fundraising, our Sberbank card was blocked. I was informed by telephone that I was suspected of fraud, although the reason is most likely political. They promised to give all the explanations to me at a personal appearance at the bank, ”Zhuchkovsky wrote on his page on the VKontakte social network.
    He recalled that “previously our accounts on PayPal, Qiwi and twice on Yandex.Money were blocked.
    Zhuchkovsky said that at the moment he uses another Sberbank card and address on Webmoney to raise funds for the needs of the militia.
  18. fax66
    fax66 11 September 2014 09: 58
    Maybe I don’t know the whole situation that was, but ... Sooner Putin came up with his armistice initiative, he had to wait at least a week for the Academy of Sciences to take Mariupol into a tight ring and leave and gain a foothold in the south on the border with Zaporizhia. Then they would feel more confident.
    1. Mariupol is strengthened and pumped up by the sun. Now they will tinker with it until "next spring" ... But this is an important strategic point not only for Novorossia, but for the whole of Ukraine.
    2. Continuation of the truce plays into the hands of Kiev: reserves from other parts of Ukraine are being pulled up, defensive fortifications are being created, shock groups are being created ... and the more time the “truce” passes, the stronger the Armed Forces of Ukraine becomes. In the most optimistic scenario, how many people and equipment will the militia put in to grind it all now ?!
    Of course, the army of New Russia is also not sitting idle, but the pace can not be compared with the Ukrainians ...
    If the "truce" drags on until the onset of cold weather, then Novorossiya will forever remain within the currently existing borders of the controlled territories (absolutely unviable).
    1. g1v2
      g1v2 11 September 2014 14: 10
      Well, now it seems ours are dragging on time to restore as much infrastructure as possible and regroup vsn. I could be wrong of course, but it seems ours decided not to back down from the crown tactics - wait for the next ukrovsky breakthrough, exhaust them on the defensive, and then surround and cook in the boiler. Since it is already clear to everyone that dill will try to cut off Novoazovsk and the coast from Volnovakha and squeeze between marik and the group from Volnovakha - that is, use our tactics. Well, from the north there will most likely be a breakthrough from Debaltseve towards the group in Zhdanovka and an attempt to surround Gorlovka. Ideally, according to their plans, they will cut off 2 of our serious groups. But most likely, ours have already prepared for a breakthrough and will let them through some distance, and then they will cut themselves off and they will have 2 new boilers. That's just shitty that the existing boilers were not cooked, hell knows what problems they can cause.
  19. feel1990
    feel1990 11 September 2014 10: 20
    Every time I wake up in the morning I go to the site of the top war, the Russian spring ... And every time I am afraid to see the phrase "Novorossia was merged" ... "Verbal" truces on paper did not lead to anything good. What is everyone waiting for? Lavrov has already given a statement that "Russia is concerned about the pulling together of the Ukrainian army near Donetsk," and everyone is waiting in Novorossia. I feel it smells like a change of plans ... It will be sad if people who hoped for the best, believed, and never see rebuilt houses, infrastructure, beautiful cities and a high-quality future. The people have been living in fear for more than 4 months! Maybe it's worth making a normal Novorossia, in the end, by cutting off the LPR and DPR from the huntoarmy, and not a training ground by means of truce and so on ... angry
  20. PROXOR
    PROXOR 11 September 2014 10: 32
    Pancake. What are the militias waiting for? Ukrainians gather forces for a new blow. It is urgent to take measures to prepare for defense and conduct reconnaissance. Damn YES THIS IS THE SECOND KURSK ARC WILL BE !!!! And then it turns out that either the Ukrainians will break the backbone of the militias, or the militia will grind the entire Ukrainian army.
  21. Rock2
    Rock2 11 September 2014 11: 13
    "Mummers" are again in their repertoire. I want to fight here, I want there ... I obey this, no ... Some bullshit ...
  22. Appius
    Appius 11 September 2014 11: 35
    How long will the so-called truce last? It's time for the militias to prepare to repel the attack of the Ukrainian Nazis and go to Kiev.