The threat to Iran from the base of the United States and the United Kingdom on the Chagos Archipelago

The threat to Iran from the base of the United States and the United Kingdom on the Chagos ArchipelagoThe Great Prophet 6 maneuvers recently carried out in Iran using ballistic and cruise missiles clearly demonstrated the growth of its military power. They used the Persian Gulf missiles (anti-ship missile with a range of up to 300 km), Thunderstorm (anti-ship missiles with a range of up to 200 km), Shahab-1, -2, -3; At the second stage of the maneuvers, several types of coast-to-sea cruise missiles were demonstrated. True, the radius of the tested ballistic missiles is limited to two thousand kilometers (according to other sources, 1900 kilometers). Moreover, the Iranian military and politicians said they did not intend to increase the range of Iran’s missiles. Although, it is clear that increasing the impact capabilities, including missile range, is a vital necessity for Iran.

The missiles that are in service with the Iranian Armed Forces can inflict certain damage to the US bases in the region and strike the oil-producing infrastructure of the Arab countries - allies of the USA; the Shahab-3 missiles can fly to Israel. But this is not enough to really stop the threat of an attack by the United States and Israel. The United States has sufficient reserves of fuel and its sources to survive the crisis in the Persian Gulf, and the difficulties of European countries, China is even a plus, competitors will be worse. Now, if Iran’s missiles could finish off to the US base on the Chagos Archipelago (Diego Garcia Atoll) in the Indian Ocean, this would be a different alignment.

The US military base on the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean is currently the main arsenal for rapid deployment forces in this region and one of the largest US Air Force bases in the world. In addition, there is an advanced base station of the US Navy, which is capable of receiving ships and vessels of all classes. On the basis of the Navy Diego Garcia are based 2 squadron of ships, warehouses, which are intended for the early storage of military equipment, weapons and logistics for the advanced strike groups of all types of US Armed Forces. So, on the ships of the warehouses of one of these squadrons a whole brigade set of military equipment, armaments and support equipment for the US Marine Corps brigade is calculated from the calculation of actions for one month. On the ships of the second squadron of ships, warehouses placed equipment, weapons and logistics for armored and mechanized brigades, as well as units of the Air Force. The transfer of these two squadrons of warehouse ships to the Persian Gulf region can be carried out within one week. A military airfield on Diego Garcia is able to receive and serve all types of combat aircraft. For example, the famous “veterans” of the US Air Force, the strategic bombers B-52, are periodically based here. In addition, even during the campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States began to deploy B-2 strategic bombers here. Previously, the B-2 Northrop bombers were not used by the United States in foreign military campaigns, it is one of the most technologically sophisticated and expensive US aircraft. Periodically, the base is used as a secret prison of the CIA. The military base of the closest ally of the USA - Great Britain is also located here, the official name of the British territory is British territory in the Indian Ocean.

This base is a strategic stronghold of the Anglo-Saxons in the Indian Ocean. And after the completion of the so-called. In the Cold War, this base not only did not lose its significance, but, on the contrary, the United States only strengthened its positions there. The base is very conveniently located - between the African continent, India and Australia. According to many analysts, the raids of US and Israeli aviation, strikes of sea-based cruise missiles will not solve all problems, since Tehran in a number of cases has covered the most important objects, including nuclear, underground, at great depths, or in mountain shelters. Therefore, without strikes with the help of strategic aviation, the war cannot be resolved. The fact that 2010 delivered special power bombs to this 387 base was specifically announced for the destruction of fortifications and large enemy targets at great depths (of which: 195 are high-precision Blu-110 smart bombs) ; 192 is the 2000lb Blu-117 heavy bombs. It is clear that such weapons are not designed to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan, their targets will be objects in Iran. For example, Dan Plesch, director of the Center for International Studies and Diplomacy in England, actually admitted that "bombs were made specifically for the destruction of Iran."

Therefore, Tehran needs missiles capable of hitting 5 thousand. Km, such an argument would make the enemy think, and it is worth it.

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